Carpenters' Hall

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Convention Center Area

  • On Lok House (exterior renovation), 219 N. 10th St.
    T.N. Ward Company
  • Chinatown North Housing, 8th & Vine St.
    J.J. DeLuca Company, Inc.
  • Vine Expressway (public environmental design)
    Kise Straw & Kolodner
  • Police Administration Building, 8th & Race St.
    Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham
  • Hilton Garden Inn (new hotel), 11th & Arch St.
    Cope Linder Associates; L. F. Driscoll Company

Carpenters' Hall, 320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Open free to the public daily, except Mondays (and Tuesdays in Jan. and Feb.), from 10am-4pm

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