Carpenters' Hall

Carpenters' Company Charter


An Act
To Incorporate
The Carpenters' Company
of the
City and County of Philadelphia.

WHEREAS, it appears to this Assembly that, in the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty-four, a number of the House Carpenters of the City and County of Philadelphia formed themselves into a Company, for the purpose of obtaining instruction in the science of architecture, and assisting such of their members as should by accident be in need of support, or the widows and minor children of members; and for the furtherance of the said charitable and useful designs, did for many years pay into the hands of the masters of the said Company considerable sums of money; a great part whereof was expended in the relief of their unfortunate members, and the remainder was appropriated, in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine, to the obtaining a large lot of ground, on which were several buildings and other improvements, and towards the erecting of the house known by the name of the CARPENTER'S HALL in the said city: And whereas, the members of the said Carpenters' Company have prayed that they may be incorporated in such manner as to secure the said estate to them and to their successors, in order to further the useful and charitable design of the institution; And whereas, this Assembly is disposed to exercise the power vested in the legislature of the commonwealth for the encouragement of useful and charitable purposes: Be it therefore enacted, and it is hereby enacted by the representatives of the Freemen of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That, for the purpose of promoting the useful and charitable objects before mentioned, the present members of the Carpenters' Company, that is to say,

Isaac Zane, John Mifflin, Joseph Thornhill, Benjamin Loxley, James Worrell, Gunning Bedford, Thomas Nevell, James Armitage, Samuel Griscom, James Pearson, William Roberts, Richard Armitt, James Potter, George Wood, Joseph Rakestraw, Silas Engles, William Lownes, Samuel Powell, William Robinson, James Bringhurst, James Graisbury, Thomas Shoemaker, David Evans, William Colliday, William Ashton, Samuel Jervis, Samuel Wallis, Matthew McGlathery, Thomas Proctor, Adam Zantzinger, John Keen, John Lort, Jo seph Govett, Joseph Ogelby, William Williams, Robert Allison, George Forepaugh, John Smith, Mathias Sadler, James Gibson, George lngles, Frazer Kinsley, James Corking, Joseph Rakestraw, Junr., Joseph Thornhill, Junr., John King, Andrew Boyd, Conrad Barding, William Garrigues, John Rugan, Mark Rhodes, Robert Evans, Joseph Wetherel, Hugh Roberts, Isaac Jones, Samuel Pancoast, Mathias Val Keen, Wm. Stevenson, Robert Morrel, Richard Mosley, John Reinhard, Samuel Pastorius, Josiah Matlack, John Piles, Joseph Clark, William Zane, Benjamin Mitchell, Thomas Savery, Nathan Allen Smith, Samuel Jones, John Hall, Joseph Howell, Junr., Israel Hallowell, John Harrison, Ebenezer Ferguson, John Cooper, William Linnard, Jonathan Evans, Joseph Worrell, James Boyer,

be, and the same persons are hereby created a body corporate and politic in deed and in name, by the name and style of "The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia," and by the same name they and their successors are hereby constituted and confirmed one body corporate and politic in law, to have perpetual succession, and to be able and capable to receive any sum or sums of money, or to receive, purchase, have, hold and enjoy any goods, chattels, lands, tenements, rents, hereditaments, gifts, devices and bequests, of what nature soever, either in fee simple, or any less estate or estates, or otherwise; and also to grant, alien, assign, or let the same lands, tenements, rents, hereditaments, and premises, according to the tenures of the respective grants and bequests made to the said corporation, and of the estate of the corporation therein: Provided, That the clear yearly value of such real estate exceed not the value of one thousand pounds lawful money of this commonwealth.

SECT. 2. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said corporation, by the name, style and tide aforesaid, be and shall be for ever hereafter, able and capable in law to sue and he sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in any court or courts, or other places, and before any judge or judges, justice or justices, or other persons whatsoever, within this commonwealth or elsewhere, in 0 and all manner of suits, actions, complaints, pleas, causes, matters and demands of whatsoever kind or nature they may be, in as full and effectual a manner as any other person or persons, bodies politic and corporate, may or can do.

SECT. 3. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said corporation shall have full power and authority to make, have and use one common seal, with such device and inscription as they shall judge proper, and the same to break, alter or renew at their pleasure.

SECT. 4. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That, for the well ordering of the affairs of the said corporation, there shall be a general meeting held of the members, on the third Monday or second day of the week in January, in every year hereafter, at the CARPENTERS' HALL, or such other place as they may direct, when a majority of those convened shall choose by ballot a president, a treasurer, and such and so many assistants, and such other officers or committees as they may judge necessary or useful; and shall have full power and authority to order quarterly and special meetings of said corporation, and do and transact all business and matters appertaining thereunto, agreeably to such rules, ordinances, regulations and by-laws as may hereafter be made concerning the premises: And the corporation at any of their said meetings shall have full power and authority to make and ordain such rules, ordinances, regulations and by-laws as a majority of the Company met shall from time to time judge necessary or convenient, and the same to put in execution, or to revoke, disannul, alter or amend at their pleasure: Provided always, That the said rules, ordinances, regulations and by-laws relate only to the useful and charitable purposes before mentioned, and be not repugnant to the laws of this commonwealth.

SECT. 5. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the duties and the authorities of the officers, the times of meeting of the corporation, the admission of members, and the other concerns of the said corporation, shall be regulated by the by-laws and ordinances thereof: Provided, That no by-laws or ordinances of the said corporation shall be binding on the members or officers unless the same shall have been proposed at one regular meeting of the corporation, and received and en- acted at another, after the intervention of at least thirty days; and that no sale, alienation or lease for more than two years of any part of the real estate of the said corporation shall be valid, unless the terms or nature of such sale or lease be proposed at a previous meeting of the corporation as aforesaid.

SECT. 6. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That no misnomer of the said corporation and their successors shall defeat or annul any gift, grant or bequest to the said corporation, if the intent of the donor shall sufficiently appear by the tenor of the gift, testament or other writing, whereby any estate or interest was intended to pass to the said corporation; nor shall any non-user of the rights, liberties, privileges and authorities, or any of them hereby granted to the said corporation, create or cause a forfeiture thereof.

SECT. 7. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That, the president, assistants, wardens and committee appointed by the Company, at their meeting on the eighteenth day of January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, shall continue to act in their several stations, and do and perform the duties assigned them for and during the remainder of the year, or unto the third [Monday for second day of the week] in January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-one.

Signed by order of the house.

Enacted into a law, in Philadelphia, on Friday, the second day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

(Signed) PETER ZACHARY LLOYD Clerk of the General Assembly.

Inrolled 7th June, 1790.

I, Mathew Irwin, Esquire, Master of the Rolls, for the State of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify the preceding writing to be a true copy [or exemplification] of a certain law inrolled in my office.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my [L.S.] hand and seal of office this 26th day of July, Anno Domini 1792.


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