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Here is a listing of the titles, authors and dates of publication of more than 3,600 books in the Carpenters' Hall library. Some volumes are one-of-a-kind; others may be found elsewhere. Resources of the Library are available to scholars and qualified researchers with written permission from the Chairman of the Managing Committee.

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Title Author Year
Upland and MeadowAbbott, Charles C.1886
LightAbbott, Jacob1871
Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young.Abbott, Jacob.1872
Daniel Boone, The Pioneer of KentuckyAbbott, John S. C.1872
Life of Rear Admiral John Paul JonesAbbott, John S. C.1874
History of Napoleon Bonaparte. (2 vols.)Abbott, John S.C.1855
Roman Question: Translated from the French of Edmund AboutAbout, Edumund; trans. Mrs. Annie Wood1859
Roman Antiquities: or an Account of the Manners and Customs of the RomansAdams, Alexander.1842
Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, comprising portions of his Diary from 1795 to 1848. (4 vols.)Adams, Charles F.1874
Works of John Adams — Second President of the United States by his grandson Charles Francis Adams. (10 Vols.)Adams, Charles Francis1856
Queen of the Adriatic; or Venice Past and PresentAdams, Davenport1869
Warriors of the CrescentAdams, Davenport W.H.1892
Charlie Lucken at School and CollegeAdams, H. C., M. A.1887
Lives of James Madison and James Monroe, fourth and fifth Presidents of the United States.Adams, John Quincy1850
Life of John AdamsAdams, John Quincy and Charles Francis Adams1874
Aunt Hepsy's Foundling.Adams, Mrs. Leith.1887
Records of Noble LivesAdams, W. H. D.1868
Lighthouses and LightshipsAdams, W. H. Davenport1870
Spectator. (2 Vols.)Addison, Joseph1851
Elbow Room.Adeler, Max.1876
Tragedies of Aeschylus, literally translated with critical and illustrative notes and an introductionAeschylus1856
Louis Agassiz, His Life and Correspondences. ( 2 Vols.) (2 copies)Agassiz, Elizabeth1886
Louis AgassizAgassiz, Elizabeth C.1886
Seaside Studies in Natural HistoryAgassiz, Elizabeth and Alexander Agassiz1871
Geological SketchesAgassiz, L.1871
Principles of ZoologyAgassiz, L. and A. A. Gould1854
Structure of Animal Life — Six Lectures Delivered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in January and February 1862Agassiz, Louis1874
Journey in Brazil, AAgassiz, Louis, Professor and Mrs.1868
Days of Bruce, The: A Story from Scottish History.Aguilar, Grace.1866
Memoirs of the Court of Elizabeth Queen of EnglandAikin, Lucy1870
Auriol, or The Elixir of LifeAinsworth, William HarrisonNA
Poetical Works of Mark Akenside, with a Life of the Author.Akenside, Mark. A. Dyre, Editor.1856
Three Years in Japan. (2 Vols.)Alcock, Sir Rutherford1863
Little Women, or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.Alcott, Louisa M.1890
Little MenAlcott, Louisa M.NA
Aunt Jo's Scrap -Bag: My Boys, etc. Two Volumes.Alcott, Louisa May.1872
From Ponkapog to PesthAldrich, T.B.1883
James Wilson, Patriot and the Wilson DoctrineAlexander, Lucien Hugh1906
At BayAlexander, Mrs.1885
History of the Carpenters' Company, A.Alford, B. W. E. and T.C. Barker.1969
Mystic Numbers of the WordAlford, Rev. L. A.1870
Electric Light: Its History, Production, and ApplicationsAlgave, E. and Boulard, J.1884
Luck and Pluck; or, John Oakley's InheritanceAlger, Horatio, Jr.1869
Miscellaneous EssaysAlison, Archibold1853
Man Wonderful in the House Beautiful: Teaching the Principles of Physiology and Hygiene and effects of Stimulants and NarcoticsAllen, Chilion and Mary Allen1883
Nineteenth Century 1800 to 1900 AlmanacAllen, Lane, and Scott1800-1900
Miss Eaton's Romance: A Story of the New Jersey Shore.Allen, Richard.1890
Book of KnotsAllen, W. H. and Company — London, England, publishers1892
Philosophy of the Mechanics of Nature, and the Source and Modes of Action of Natural Motive-PowerAllen, Z.1852
Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors. (3 vols.)Allibone, S. Austin1871
Prose Quotations from Socrates to MacaulayAllibone, S. Austin1876
Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste.Allison, A.1854
American Petroleum IndustryAmerican Petroleum Institute1936
Carpentry and Contracting. (5 vols.)American Technical Society.1919
A Memorial of Alice and Phoebe CaryAmes, Mary Clemmer1873
Military Life in Italy — Sketches.Amicis, Edmondo De1882
Old Navy and the New; with an appendix of personal letters from General Grant.Ammen, Daniel Rear-Admiral1891
Fifty Years of the English Constitution: 1830-1880Amos, Sheldon1880
Lake Ngami, or Explorations and Discoveries during four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western AfricaAnderson, C.J. with introduction of J.C. Fremont1857
Story of My LifeAnderson, Hans Christian1872
Prohibition Movement — In Its Broader Bearings Upon Our Social, Commercial, and Religious Liberties.Andreae, Percy1915
Brazil: Its Conditions and ProspectsAndrews, C. C.1887
Bygone EnglandAndrews, William1892
Physical GeographyAnsted, David T.1869
Manual of Grecian Antiquities, With Numerous Illustrations.Anthon, C.1852
Nile Journal, AAppleton, T. G.1876
Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men. (2 vols.)Arago, Francois1859
Decisive Events in HistoryArcher, ThomasNA
Early Literature of TobaccoArents, George1983
Books, Manuscripts, and Drawings Relating to Tobacco — From the Collection of George Arents, Jr. — On Exhibition at the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C., April, 1938Arents, George, Jr.1938
The Practical Draughtsman's Book of Industrial Design,... (translated from French)Armengaud, M.1863
Memoirs of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Nine Volumes + Map. 1876-1895Armstrong, Edward, Editor1868
Red Thread, Autobiography of Thomas F. ArmstrongArmstrong, Thomas F.1942
Thekla: A Story of Viennese Musical Life.Armstrong, William.1887
India RevisitedArnold, Edwin1886
Great Exhibition (The) with continental SketchesArnold, Howard P.1868
Light of the World or the Great ConsummationArnold, Sir Edwin1891
Orange Blossoms: Fresh and Faded.Arthur, T.S.1871
Smithsonian Institution. Bulletin No. 45. "Monograph of the North American Proctotrypidae."Ashmead, Wm.1893
Science of NutritionAtkinson, Edward1896
Oriental and Western SiberiaAtkinson, Thomas Witlam1858
Stucco House, The: A Book for Those about to Build: Owner, Architect, BuilderAtlas Portland Cement Co., publisher1921
General and Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian TumorsAtlee, Washington L.1873
Atwood's Modern American HomesteadsAtwood, Daniel T.1876
Quadrupeds of North America. (3 Vols.)Audubon, James and Rev. John Bachman1851
Desmond Hundred, The.Austin, J. G.1882
Betty Alden: The First-Born Daughter of the Pilgrims.Austin, Jane G.1891
Dr. Le Baron and His Daughters: A Story of the Old Colony.Austin, Jane.1890
Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith, by his Daughter, Lady Holland. (2 Vols.)Austin, Mrs.1856
Ortheopist, The: A Pronouncing ManualAyers, Alfred1882
Verbalist, TheAyres, Alfred1882
Two Last Centuries of Britain, TheBabcock, Wm. H.1890
Report of Education in Europe to the Trustees of the Girard College for OrphansBache, Alex. Dallas1839
Physics and Politics or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection" and "Inheritance" to Political SocietyBagehot, Walter1873
Daniel Boone and the Hunters of KentuckyBagort, W. H.1854
Wonders of ElectricityBaile, J.1872
Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions, The Pursuit of Truth.Bailey, Samuel.1854
Our Own Birds, A Familiar Natural History of the Birds of the United StatesBaily, William L.1869
Biography of an Idea, the Story of Mutual Fire and Casualty InsuranceBainbridge, John1952
History of the Huguenot Emigration to America. (2 Vols.)Baird, Charles W.1885
Modern GreeceBaird, H. M., M.A.1856
History of the Rise of the Huguenots of France. (2 Vols.)Baird, Henry M.1879
Annual Record of Science and Industry for 1871-1875 Baird, Spencer F.1872
Baist's Property Atlas of the City and County of Philadelphia, Penna.Baist, G. Wm.1895
Running to Waste: The Story of a TomboyBaker, George M.1874
TurkeyBaker, James1877
Life in South Africa.Baker, Lady.1877
Cast up by the SeaBaker, S. W., Sir1870
Rifle (The) and the Hound in CeylonBaker, Samuel W.1869
Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia and the Sword Hunters of the Hamran ArabsBaker, Samuel W., Sir1872
Ismailia: a Narrative of the Expedition to Central Africa for the Suppression of the Slave TradeBaker, Sir Samuel1875
Albert N'Yanza: Great Basin of the Nile, and Explorations of the Nile SourcesBaker, Sir Samuel W.1869
His Majesty, Myself.Baker, W. M.1889
Ancient America (in notes on American Archaeology)Baldwin, John D.1872
New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States, giving a full and comprehensive review of the present Condition, Industry, and Resources of the American ConfederacyBaldwin, and Thomas1854
Wonders of Acoustics, or the Phenomena of Sound.Ball, Robert1870
Deep Down: A Tale of the Cornish MinesBallantyne, R. M.1869
Wild Man of the West: A Tale of the Rocky Mountains.Ballantyne, R.M.NA
History of CubaBallou, M. M.1854
Due South; or, Cuba Past and PresentBallou, Matarin M.1887
Treasury of Thought, Forming and Encyclopedia of Quotations from Ancient and Modern Authors.Ballou, Maturim M.1872
Due North: or Glimpses of Scandinavia and RussiaBallou, Maturin1887
Due West or Round the World in Ten MonthsBallou, Maturin M.1887
Two Brothers, The.Balzac, Honorˇ De.1892
Speeches, Correspondence, and Political Papers of Carl Schurz: Volume I, October 20, 1852 to November 26, 1870Bancroft, Frederic, ed.1913
History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent. (8 Vols.)Bancroft, George1843
Bicyclers and Three Other Farces, TheBangs, John Kendrick1902
Healthy Homes and How to Make ThemBardwell, WilliamNA
Curious Myths of the Middle AgesBaring-Gould, S.1868
Station Life in New ZealandBarker, Lady1872
Voices, TheBarlow, Warren Sumner1874
National Education in Europe.Barnard, H.1854
School Architecture or Contributions to the Improvement of School Houses in the United StatesBarnard, Henry1854
History of the Philadelphia BrigadeBarnes, Charles H.1876
Border Shepherdess: A Romance of Eskdale.Barr, Amelia E.NA
Treatise on Physical GeographyBarrington, A.1850
Personal Sketches of His Own Time; Sir Jonah Barrington, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty in Ireland.Barrington, Jonah1853
General, The; or Twelve Nights in the Hunter's Camp: A Narrative of Real LifeBarrows,William1871
Lectures on ArchitectureBarry, Edward M.1881
Specifications for Practical ArchitectureBartholomew, Alfred1846
Dictionary of Americanisms: A Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually regarded as peculiar to the United StatesBartlett, John R.1860
Lives of the Brothers Humboldt, Alexander and WilliamBauer, Juliette1853
Spain. (2 Vols.)Baxley, H. Willis, M.D.1875
Lessons From My Masters, Carlyle, Tennyson, and RuskinBayne, Peter1879
Bazar Book of the Household, Marriage, Establishment, Children, Servants, Home Life, Company, Housekeeping.Bazar.1875
Endymion.Beaconsfield, K.G., Right Honorable Earl of.1881
Open Door at Home, The: A Trial Philosophy of National InterestBeard, Charles A.1935
Eating and Drinking, A Popular Manual of Food and Diet in Health and DiseaseBeard, George M.1871
From Wheat to FlourBeardsley, Josephine B.1937
Poetical Works of James Beattie, with a Memoir of the Author.Beattie, James, and A. Dyce.1854
Illustrations of Switzerland. (2 Vols.)Beattie, William1834
Aunt Judith: The Story of a Loving Wife.Beaumont, Grace.1889
Botany of the United States, North of VirginiaBeck, Louis C.1856
Charicles: Illustrations of the Private Life of the Ancient Greek; with Notes and Exercises from the German of Professor Becker.Becker, Prof.1854
History of Inventions, Discoveries and Origins. (2 Vols.)Beckman, John1846
Lecture-Room Talks A Series of Familiar Discourses on Themes of General Christian ExperienceBeecher, Henry Ward1872
Lectures to Young Men on Various Important Subjects.Beecher, Henry Ward.1873
Mutineers of the bounty and their Descendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk IslandsBelcher, Lady1871
History of Independence Hall: From the earliest period to the present time.Belisle, D.W.1859
Art and Science of Carpentry Made Easy.Bell, William.1868
Miss Ludington's Sister: A Romance of Immortality.Bellamy, Edward.1890
How Not to be Sick — A sequel to "Philosophy of Eating"Bellows, Albert1869
Old Worlds (The) in its New Face. (2 Vols.)Bellows, Henry W.1868
Age of Electricity from Amber-Soul to TelephoneBenjamin, Park1886
Choice of Paris, The: A Romance of the TroadBenjamin, S. G. W.1870
Winter in the South of EuropeBennet, J. Henry1865
Eleonore: After the Sermon of E. von RothenfelsBennett, Frances Elizabeth1872
Union League During the War; Paper prepared by the United Service ClubBenson, Edwin N.1888
Thirty Years' View; or, A History of the Working of the American Government for 30 Years from 1820 to 1850Benton, Thoams H., Senator1854
Blue Dragons, TheBerg, Curt1938
Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge.Berkeley, George.1874
French Humorists From the 12th to the 19th CenturyBesant, Walter1874
Monks of Thelema.Besant, Walter and James Rice.NA
Armorel of Lyonesse.Besant, Walter.NA
Adventures of a young NaturalistBiart, Lucien1872
Young Carpenter's Assistant, or a System of Architecture adapted to the Style of Building in the United StatesBiddle, Owen1805
Animal Magnetism.Binet, Alfred, and Charles Fˇrˇ1890
Pennsylvania Iron Manufacture in the Eighteenth CenturyBining, Arthur Cecil1938
Golden ChersoneseBird, Isabella (Mrs. I. L. Bishop)1883
Skeleton Construction in Buildings. Second Edition.Birkmire, William H.1894
Thousand Mile's Walk Across South AmericaBishop, Nathaniel H.1872
Magnhild.Bjšrnson, Bjšrnstjerne.1883
Ten Laws of Health, or How Disease is Produced and Can Be PreventedBlack J. R.1872
Green Pastures and Piccadilly.Black, William.1892
Donald Ross of HeimraBlack, Wm.NA
Scottish Orphans.Blackford, Mrs.1874
On Self-Culture: Intellectual, Physical, and MoralBlackie, John S.1874
Clara Vaughn. (2 Vols.)Blackmore, R. D.1872
Commentaries on the Laws of EnglandBlackstone, William, Sir Knt1859
How to Get Strong and How to Stay SoBlaikie, William1879
Personal Life of David LivingstonBlaikie, William G.1881
Twenty Years of Congress from Lincoln to Garfield. (2 Vols.)Blaine, James G.1884
Arctic Experiences: Containing Capt. George E. Tyson's Wonderful Drift on the Ice-FloeBlake, E. Vale1874
Four Phases of Morals: Socrates, Aristotle, Christianity, Utilitarianism.Blakie, John Stuart.1872
Tarantella.Blind, Mathilde.1885
Chemistry: Inorganic and Organic with ExperimentsBloxam, Charles L.1883
Metals: their Properties and TreatmentBloxam, Charles Loudon1872
Key to the Knowledge and Use of The Holy BibleBlunt, J.H.1869
Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, and Schools of Religious Thought.Blunt, John Henry.1874
Bedouin Tribes of the EuphratesBlunt, Lady Anne1879
Studies in the Mountain InstructionBoardman, George Dana1881
Architectural Graphic Standards.Boaz, Joseph, AIA, Editor. NA
Public Economy of the AtheniansBoeckh, Augustus1857
Concise History and Analysis of the Principle Styles of Architecture, to which is added a Sketch of the Architecture of England.Boid, Edward.1835
Business Man's Commercial Law Library, 1922, 7 vols.Bolles, Albert S.1922
Smithsonian Institution. Bulletin No. 46. "The Myriapoda of North America."Bollman, Charles H.1893
The Story of the Invention of Steel PensBore, Henry1890
Life of Samuel Johnson. (10 vols.)Boswell, James1853
Hand Book of Universal LiteratureBotta, Anne C. L.1873
Sketchings and Rambles in Holland. Illustrated by Edwin A. Abbey.Boughton, George1885
Famous London Merchants, A Book for BoysBourne, H .R. Fox1869
Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle AgesBoutell, Charles1871
Sweet WilliamBouvet, Marguerite1891
Law Dictionary Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America. ( 2 vols.)Bouvier, John1876
Across the Continent: A Summer's Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific StatesBowels, Samuel1866
John Adams and the American RevolutionBowen, Catherine Drinker1951
Pictorial Sketch-Book of PennsylvaniaBowen, Eli1852
Open LandBower, B. M.1933
A Girl's Life Eighty Years Ago, from the letters of Eliza Southgate BowneBowne, Eliza Southgate1888
Leisure Hours in TownBoyd, A. K.1869
Boyd's Business Directory of Philadelphia City.1892-1918Boyd, S. Fred.1892
Boyd's Co-Partnership and Residence Business Directory of Philadelphia CityBoyd, S. Fred. Compiled and copyrighted by Wm. H. Boyd's Son1895
Goethe and SchillerBoyesen, Hjalmer H.1879
Persons and Places in the West.Brackenridge, H. M.1868
Education of American GirlsBrackett, Anna C.1874
Mitchell's New General Atlas containing maps of the various countries of the World, Plans of Cities, etc.Bradley and Company, publisher1882
Palace of Darkened Windows.Bradley, Mary Hastings.1914
Memoirs of Joseph John GurneyBraithwaite, Joseph Bevan1862
Information About TexasBraman, D.E.E.1858
Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art, comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of Every Branch of Human Knowledge.Brande, W. T.1852
Open Timber Roofs of the Middle AgesBranden, R. and J. A.1849
Byways and Boulevards in and about Historic PhiladelphiaBrandt, Francis B., and Henry V. Gummere1925
Last VoyageBrassey, Lady1889
Around the World in the Yacht "Sunbeam"Brassey, Mrs.1879
Time Telling Through th AgesBrearley, Harry C.1919
Book of FlowersBreck, Joseph1866
Homes of the New World, The; Impressions of AmericaBremer, Fredrika1854
Under the Water OaksBrewster, Marian1892
More Worlds Than One, the Creed of the Philosophers, and the Hope of the ChristianBrewster, Sir David1854
Rebels and Gentlemen: Philadelphia in the Age of FranklinBridenbaugh, Carl and Jessica1965
Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania, from 1883 to 1887Brightly, Frank1883-1887
Myths of the New World: A Treatise on the symbolism and mythology of the Red Race of AmericaBrinton, Daniel G., A.M., M.D.1868
History of French LiteratureBrisge, Christiana1874
Five Years in an English UniversityBristed, Charles A.1873
Chronological History and Graphic Illustrations of Christian Architecture in England...Britton, J.1835
Kenneth, My King.Brock, Sallie A.1873
Walter PowellBrockett, L. P.1872
History of the State of New York First Period from 1609 to 1664Brodhead, John R.1853
Tenant of Windfell Hall.Brontˇ, Anne.1876
Jane Eyre. (2 copies)Brontˇ, Charlotte.1877
Wuthering Heights.Brontˇ, Emily.1876
Theology in the English Poets: Cowper — Coleridge — Wordsworth and BurnsBrooke, Stopford A.1875
Popular Guide to the Terms of Art and ScienceBrookes, C. Bankes1879
General Gazetteer Improved: or a new and compendious Geographical DictionaryBrookes, R. M.D.1812
Son of Issachar, A; A Romance of the Days of Messias.Brooks, Elbridge, S.1890
Seven Month's Run Up, and Down, and Around the WorldBrooks, James1872
Designs for Cottage and Villa Architecture, Containing Plans, Elevation, Sections, Prospective Views and Details for the Erection of Cottages and Villas.Brooks, S. H.NA
Historical Sketches of Statesmen who Flourished in the Time of George III. ( 2 vols.)Brougham, Henry Lord1854
Experiences of a Century: 1818-1918Brown Brothers and Company (privately printed)1818
Sketch of the Official Life of John A. Andrew, Governor of MassachusettsBrown Jr., A. G.1868
Forum (The), or Forty Years Full Practice at the Philadelphia Bar. (2 Vols.)Brown, David Paul1856
Two College Girls.Brown, Helen Dawles.1886
Spare Hours. (2 Vols.)Brown, John1873
Dervishes or Oriental SpiritualismBrown, John P.1868
Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge or Dictionary of the Bible, Theology, Religious Biography, all Religions.Brown, Rev. J. Newton, Editor.1865
Sacred ArchitectureBrown, Richard1845
Life of Rufus ChoateBrown, Samuel G.1870
Life and Times of Hugh MillerBrown, Thomas N.1858
Adventures in the Apache CountryBrowne, J. Ross1874
What Girls Can Do: A Book for Mothers and DaughtersBrowne, PhillisNA
Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett BrowningBrowning, Elizabeth Barrett1871
Fourty-Four Years of a of a Hunter's LifeBrowning, Meshach.1883
Places, Persons, and Things. By popular writers, Bruce and others.Bruce and others1878
Century: Its Fruits and Its Festival — Being a History and Description of the Centennial ExhibitionBruce, Edward C.1877
History of Egypt Under the Pharaohs. (2 Vols.)Brugsch-Bey, Henry1879
Report of Study for Restoration of South Doorway, Carpenters' Hall.Brumbaugh, G. Edwin, FAIA.1964
Counter Revolution in Pennsylvania, The: 1776-1790Brunhouse, Robert L.1942
Orations and AddressesBryant, William Cullen1873
Land of Lorne: A Poet's Adventures in the Scottish HebridesBuchanan, Robert1871
Shadow of the Sword.Buchanan, Robert.1877
Hazard of the Hills.Buck, Charles Neville.1932
Theological Dictionary.Buck, Chas.1853
Milwaukee Under the Charter from 1847 to 1860Buck, James S.1884
Fairyland of ScienceBuckley, Arabella1879
Winners in Life's Race, or the Great Backboned FamilyBuckley, Arabella ( Mrs. Fisher)1883
Nile (The): Notes for Travellers in EgyptBudge, E.A. Wallis1890
Ole Bull, A MemoirBull, Sara C.1883
American Cottage Builder, The: A Series of Designs, Plans, and Specifications from $200 to $20,000 for Homes for the PeopleBullock, John1854
Historical Characters: Talleyrand, Cobbett, Mackintosh, Canning. (2 Vols.)Bulwar, Henry Lytton1868
Alice — or the Mysteries — A Sequel to Ernest Maltravers.Bulwer Lytton, Sir Edward.1869
Life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston. (2 vols.)Bulwer, Henry L.1871
Riversons, The.Bumstead, S. J.1890
Memoirs of Baron BunsenBunsen, Baroness Frances1869
Pilgrim's Progress.Bunyan, John.1853
Be Your Own DecoratorBurbank, Emily1922
Public and Domestic Life of Right Honorable Edmund BurkeBurke, Peter1853
American Manual, or, The ThinkerBurleigh, Joseph B.1851
Building Construction. Putnam's Elementary Science Series. (2 vols.)Burn, Scott.1873
New History of Sandford and Merton.Burnand, F. C.1872
Little Lord FauntelroyBurnett, Frances Hodgson1890
Haworth's.Burnett, Frances Hodgson.1879
Jewel: A Chapter in Her LifeBurnham, Clara Louise1903
Miss Bagg's Secretary: A West Point Romance.Burnham, Clara Louise.1892
Poetical Works of Robert Burns. (3 Vols.)Burns, Robert.1863
Thoughts and Things at Home and AbroadBurritt, Elihu1854
Signs and SeasonsBurroughs, John1887
Results of the system of Separate Confinement as administered at Pentonville PrisonBurt, John1852
Lake Regions of Central AfricaBurton, Richard F.1860
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and MeccaBurton, Richard F., Lieutenant Bombay ArmyNA
Cyclopedia of Wit and HumorBurton, W. E.1872
Bismarck in the Franco-German War, 1870-1871 (2 vols.)Busch, Moritz1871
Analogy of Religion to the Constitution and Course of NatureButler, Joseph1877
Wild North Land, TheButler, Major W.F.1874
Inner Rome: Political, Religious, and SocialButler, Rev. C.M.1866
Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. (2 Vols.)Butler, Samuel.1853
Miss Molly.Butt, B. M.NA
Zigzag Journeys in Classic LandsButterworth, Hezekiah1881
Zachary Phips.Bynner, Edwin Lassetter.1892
Practical Metal Worker's AssistantByrne, Oliver1851
Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, Engine Work, and Engineering, Illustrated by 4000 Engravings on Wood. (2 Vols.)Byrne, Oliver, Editor.1852
Creoles of Louisiana, TheCable, George W.1884
Archaeological Studies of the Susquehannock Indians of PennsylvaniaCadzov, Donald A. (Publications of Pennsylvania Historical Commission, Volume III)1936
Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars...Caesar, Julius1855
Adventures of Captain Mago, or A Phoenician Expedition B. C. 1000Cahun, LeonNA
Social Charades and Parlor OperasCaldor, M. T.1873
In A Grass Country.Cameron, Mrs. H. Lovett.1888
Department of State Reports upon the Survey of the Boundary Between the territory of the United States and the Possessions of Great Britain ...Campbell, Archibald, and Captain W.J. Twining1878
History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of VirginiaCampbell, Charles1860
Vittruvius Brittanicus, or the British ArchitectCampbell, Colon1731
Mrs. Herndon's Income.Campbell, Helen.1887
Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell, with Notes and a Biographical Sketch.Campbell, Thomas; and W. A. Hill, editor.NA
Life and Writings of DeWitt ClintonCampbell, W.W.1849
American Quarterly Review — 1827-1837 (22 vol.)Carey, Lea, and Carey, publishers1827
Queenie's Whim.Carey, Rosa N.1888
Barbara Heathcote's Trial.Carey, Rosa Nouchette.1885
Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry.Carleton, William.NA
Critical and Miscellaneous EssaysCarlyle, Thomas1853
Peace Through Victory: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Yearbook for 1918. Number Seven.Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.1918
Philadelphia Carpenters' Company, Register of Visitors, 1876 by the monthCarpenter's Company1876
Inner Life of Abraham Lincoln, Six Months at the White HouseCarpenter, F. B.1868
Popular Readings in Prose and VerseCarpenter, J. E.NA
History of Massachusetts from the Earliest Settlements to the Present TimeCarpenter, W. H.1865
History of Connecticut from the Earliest Settlement to the Present TimeCarpenter, W. H. and T. S. Arthur1865
History of Pennsylvania from its earliest settlement to the present time.Carpenter, W. H. and T.S. Arthur editorsNA
History of TennesseeCarpenter, W.H.1857
History of GeorgiaCarpenter, W.H. and T.S. Arthur1861
History of IllinoisCarpenter, W.H. and T.S. Arthur, editors1857
The Constitution of the Incorporated Practical House Carpenters Society of the City and County of Philadelphia together with Rules and Regulations for Measuring and Valuing House Carpenter's WorkCarpenters' Company1812
Account Book to Incorporated the Carpenters' Company: By=Laws, Rules and Regulations. Reminiscences of the Hall. Extracts from the Ancient Minutes and Catalogue of Books in the Library.Carpenters' Company.1873
Next to Nothing House, TheCarrick, Alice Van Leer1922
Ab-Sa-Ra-Ka Home of the Crows, being the experience of and Officer's Wife on the PlainsCarrington, Margaret I1869
History of the 100th Anniversary of the Constitution of the United States. (2 Vols.)Carson, Hampton L., Editor.1889
Herodotus, A new and literal version from the text of Bache, with a geographical and general indexCary, H.1854
Vision of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise of Dante AlighieriCary, H. F.1856
Illustration of Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America,Cassin, James1856
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War Correspondence of the "Daily News"Forbes1877
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Correlation and Conservation of ForcesGrove, (et al)1865
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SunGuillemin, Amedee1871
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Consecrated WomenHack, Mary Pryor1882
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In His Name: A Story of the Waldenses Seven Hundred Years Ago.Hale, Edward E.1890
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Lives of the Queens of England Before the Norman ConquestHall, Mrs. M.1854
True Protestant Ritualism-being a review of the book entitled "The Law of Ritualism"Hall, Rev. Charles H.1867
Papers for Home ReadingHall, Rev. John1874
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Sleep: or the Hygiene of the NightHall, W. W.1871
Fun — Better Than Physic; or Everybody's Life PreserverHall, W. W.1871
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One of the Duanes.Hamilton, Alice King.1885
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Study of Architectural DesignHarbeson, John F.1927
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Passe Rose.Hardy, Arthur Sherburne.1890
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Alone.Harland, Marion1873
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Crusade of the Excelsior.Harte, Bret.1887
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Seas and Its Living WondersHartwig, G.1873
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General Theory of Bridge Construction.Haupt, Herman.1853
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Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, relating to all ages and nations ...Haydn, Joseph1851
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Storm-DrivenHealy, Mary1877
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History of the Sioux War and Massacres of 1862 and 1863Heard, Isaac V. D.1863
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Meditations and ContemplationsHervey, James1862
Life of Prince BismarckHesekiel, John G.L.1870
Verlagskatalog Buchhandlung fur Architektur und KuntsgewerbeHessling, BrunoNA
How Will It End?Heywood, J. C.1872
Hicks' Builders' Guide.Hicks, I.P.1894
Memoir of Rachel HicksHicks, Rachel1880
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Builder's Guide; or A practical Treatise of the several orders of Grecian and Roman Architecture.Hill, Chester1844
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Old Northwest with a View of the 13 Colonies as Constituted by the Royal ChartersHinsdale, B. A., Ph. D.1888
Life in NatureHinton, James1872
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American Architectural Books: A list of books, portfolios, and pamphlets on archtecture and related subjects published in America before 1895.Hitchcock, Henry-Russell1962
American Architectural Books: A list of books, portfolios, and pamphlets on architecture and related subjects published in America before 1895.Hitchcock, Henry-Russell.1962
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What is Darwinism?Hodge, Charles1874
Carpenter's Steel Square (The) and Its Uses.Hodgson, Fred T.1893
Old Countess, TheHofer, Edmund1870
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Recollections of Past LifeHolland, Henry1872
Arthur BonnicastleHolland, J. G.1877
Mistress of the ManseHolland, J.G.1875
Josiah Allen's Wife as a P. A. and P. I.Holley, Marietta1878
Story of Five, AHolloway, Charlotte Molyneux1890
Country Seats: Containing Lithographic Designs...Holly, Henry Hudson1863
Chateau D'Or: Nora and Kitty CraigHolmes, Mary J.1880
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Not for Him; The Story of a Forgotten HeroHolt, Emily S.NA
Tangled Web, The: A Tale of the Fifteenth CenturyHolt, Emily SarahNA
Self-Help a Hundred Years AgoHolyoake, George J.1888
Cyclopedia of Commerce and NavigationHomans, J. Smith1859
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Iliad of HomerHomer,1853
John Lothrop MotleyHomes, Oliver Wendell1879
Our Own Correspondent in ItalyHonans, M.B.1853
World of Anecdote (2 Vols.)Hood, Edwin P.1872
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Little People and Their Homes in Meadow, Woods, and WatersHook, Stella L.1888
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Till the Doctor Comes and How to Help HimHope, George1871
Wild HyacinthsHope, LadyNA
Historical Essay on Architecture.Hope, Thomas1835
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Old England: Its Scenery, Art, and PeopleHoppin, James M.1868
Life of Andrew Hull FooteHoppin, James Mason1874
Walks in Florence. (2 Vols.)Horner, Susan and Joanna1873
Original Lists of Person of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men sold for a term of years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and others who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations.Hotten, John C.1874
Moral and Intellectual Diversity of RacesHotz, H.1856
One SummerHoward, B. W.1877
Fellowe and His Wife, AHoward, Blanche W. and William Sharp1892
Aulnay TowerHoward, Blanche Willis1885
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Annie KilburnHowells, W. D.1889
Italian JourneysHowells, W.D.1867
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Art Student in Munich (An)Howitt, Anna Mary1854
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Seven Weeks' War. (2 Vols.)Hozier, H.M.1867
May and December: A Tale of Wedded LifeHubback, Mrs1866
United States Department of Agriculture. Insects Affecting the Orange.Hubbard, H. G.1885
Journalism in the United States from 1690 to 1872.Hudson, Frederic.1873
Art of Prolonging LifeHufeland,1854
School Days at RugbyHughes, Thomas1871
Destroyer of the Second Republic being Napoleon the LittleHugo, Victor1870
Andrew Marvel and His Friends: A Story of the Siege of Hull.Hull, Marie.1885
History of England from the Death of George the Second to the coronation of George the Fourth. (4 Vols.)Hume, David1835
Aladdin in LondonHume, Fergus1892
Loyal Mountaineers of Tennessee, TheHumes, Thomas W.NA
With Hammer in Hand: The Dominy Craftsmen of East Hampton, New YorkHummel, Charles1968
Campaigns of the Civil War. Volume XII: The Virginia Campaign of '64 and '65 — The Army of the Potomac and the Army of the James. (13 vols.)Humphreys, Andrew A.1883
Report Upon the Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi RiverHumphreys, Capt.1867
Worth and Wealth; a Collection of Maxims, Morals, and Miscellanies, for Merchants and Men of BusinessHunt, Freeman1856
Short History of the Church in the United StatesHurst, John F.1890
This FreedomHutchinson, A. S. M.1922
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On the Origin of the SpeciesHuxley, Thomas1870
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Japan.MacFarlane, C.1852
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Sam's SweetheartMathers, HelenNA
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Getting on in the World or Hints on Success in Life.Mathews, William.1873
Words: Their Use and AbuseMathews, Wm.1877
En Avant, Messierus!Mathias, Rev. G. H. D.1867
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Responsibility in Mental Disease.Maudsley, Henry, M.D.1875
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Society As I Have Found ItMcAllister, Ward1890
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Planting the Wilderness, or the Pioneer Boys: A Story of Frontier LifeMcCabe, James D., Jr.1870
History of Our Own Times From the Accession of Queen Victoria to the Berlin Congress. (2 Vols.)McCarthy, Justin1880
Emotions, The.McCash, James.1880
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Life of Prince Talleyrand...McHarg, Charles1857
Wonders of the MoonMead, M. G.1873
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Children of Wilton ChaseMeade, L. T.1891
Thirty Years in the Harem, or the Autobiography of Melek-Hanum, Wife of H. H. Kibrizli-Mehemet-PashaMelek-Hanum1872
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CentennialMichener, James A.1974
Architect and Builder's Miscellany or Pocket Library.Middleton, Charles.NA
Grecians Remains in ItalyMiddleton, J.J.1812
Nordurfari, or Rambles in IcelandMiles, Pliny1854
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Footprints of the Creator, or the Asterolepis of StromnessMiller, Hugh1854
First Impressions of England and its People.Miller, Hugh.1853
Harriet MartineauMiller, Mrs F. Fenwick1885
Bird WaysMiller, Olive Thorne1885
Bench and Bar of Georgia. (2 Vols.)Miller, Stephen F.1858
Picturesque Sketches of London, past and present ...Miller, Thomas1852
History of the Jews from Earliest Period Down to Modern Times. (3 Vols.)Milman, Henry Hart1874
Gallery of NatureMilner, Thomas1852
Poetical Works of John Milton. (3 Vols.)Milton, John; J. Mitford, Editor.1853
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Planetary and Stellar WorldsMitchell, O. M.1863
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On the Genesis of SpeciesMivart, George1871
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Imogen; or, Only EighteenMoleworth, Mrs.NA
Supplement to the Legal Intelligence, Volume 49, No. 53: Advance Reports, Philadelphia, Friday, December 30, 1892, Reported by James MonaghanMonaghan, James1892
MisunderstoodMongomery, FlorenceNA
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People, The SovereignsMonroe, James1867
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SeaforthMontgomery, Florence1879
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PansiesWhitney, Adeline D.T.1879
Metallic Wealth of the United StatesWhitney, J. D.1854
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Scrambles Amongst the AlpsWhymper, Edward1873
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Historical and Biographical Memoirs, Essays, Addresses, etc., etc.Wood, George B.1872
Address on the Occasion of the Centennial Celebration of the Founding of Pennsylvania Hospital delivered June 10, 1851 by George B. Wood, M.D.Wood, George B., M.D.1851
Dispensatory of the United States of AmericaWood, George and Franklin Bache1873
Art of Interior Decorating, TheWood, Grace and Emily Burbank1917
Treatise on Therapeutics...Wood, H. C.1874
Thermic Fever or SunstrokeWood, H. C. Jr.1872
Homes Without Hands, Being a Description of the Habitations of Animals, classed according to their principle of constructionWood, J. G.1870
Lectures on the Principles and Practice of PerspectiveWood, J.G.1844
Mosaic History of the Creation of the WorldWood, Thomas1831
Personal Recollections of the StageWood, William B.1855
Fankwei; or the San Jacinto in the Seas of India, China, and JapanWood, Wm. Maxwell1859
Wandering Sketches of People and Things in South America, Polynesia, California ...Wood, Wm. Maxwell, M.D. Surgeon U.S. Navy1849
Woodward's Country HomesWoodward, Geo. E. and F. W.1865
Woodward's Graperies and Horticultural BuildingsWoodward, George E. and F. W.1865
Woodward's Architecture, No. 1.Woodward, George E. and F. W. Woodward.1867
Communism and Socialism in Their History and TheoryWoolsey, Theodore1880
First Century of the Republic: A View of American ProgressWoolsey, Theodore D. and others1876
Electricity in the Service of ManWormell, R.1893
Interior Decoration for Modern NeedsWright, Agnes Foster1917
Threshold of ScienceWright, C. R. Alder1891
Principia of Basis of Social ScienceWright, R.J.1876
History of France, TheWright, ThomasNA
Atomic TheoryWurtz, Ad.1881
Poetical Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt, with a Memoir.Wyatt, Sir Thomas.1854
Swiss Family Robinson, The, or Adventures in a Desert IslandWyss and Montolieu1872
Agreement of Science and RevelationWythe, Rev. Jos. H.1872
Hour Will Come, The: A Tale of an Alpine Cloistervon Hillern, Wilhelmine1880
History of Mediaeval Artvon Reber, Franz1887
History of Texas from Its First Settlement in 1685 to Its Annexation to the U. S. in 1846Yoakum, H.1856
Treatises of M. T. Cicero on the Nature of the Gods...Yonge, C. D.1853
Cameos from English History: Reformation Times. Yonge, C.M.1879
Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. ( 2 vols.)Yonge, Charles Duke1876
Two Penniless PrincessesYonge, Charlotte M.1893
Culture Demanded in Modern LifeYoumans, E.L.1872
Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay from 1623 to 1626Young, Alex.1846
Poetical Works of Edward Young. (2 Vols.)Young, Edward.1854
Around the World with General Grant, 1877, 1878, and 1879. (2 Vols.)Young, John Russell1879
Real Estate Practice in PennsylvaniaZepp, Edward G., realtor1957
"Garland" All-Hot-Top Hotel Gas Ranges and Appliances NA
"Laramier"; or, The Queen of Bedlam: A Story of the Sioux War of 1856 1892
"The Georgian Period," Being Measured Drawings of Colonial Work. (6 vols.) 1898
"Una and Her Paupers." Memorials of Agnes Elizabeth Jones. 1872
"Unto This Last," Four Essays on the First Principles of Political Economy 1883
1892-1893: Columbian Year; Executive and Legislative Branches of the Government of Philadelphia and World's Fair Commissioners. 1893
200th Anniversary of the Institution of the Carpenters' Company and the 150th Anniversary of the First Meeting of the First Continental Congress. 1924
A Palace-Prison: or, The Past and the Present 1884
A. M'Elroy's Philadelphia Directory for 1839 to 1857 1839
Abstract of the Twelfth Census, 1900. 1904
Advice to a Wife on the Management of her own Health... Pregnancy, Labor, and Suckling. 1871
Album of Agricultural Statistics of the United States 1889
Alec Forbes of Howglen NA
Alhambra, The 1853
Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse — Princess of Great Britain and Scotland, Biographical Sketch 1885
Amer Jou of Science. April, 1901. — 1903 1901
American Annual Encyclopedia and Register of Important Events of the Year 1861-1866 1865
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American Journal of Science. March, 1901 -Feb 1903 1901
Among My Books 1871
Ancient and Modern Familiar Quotations From the Greek, Latin, and Modern Languages 1876
Anecdotes for the Steam Boat and Rail Road, Selected from the best Authors, by an Old Traveller 1854
Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood 1872
Annals of Philadelphia being a collection of memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City, and its Inhabitants, from the Days of the Pilgrim Founders. 2 copies 1830
Annals of the War, Written by Leading Participants North and South, published in the Philadelphia Weekly Times. 1879
Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institute Proceedings of the Board for the Year 1857 thru 1892 1857
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Fairmount Park 1878
Apprentices' Library Company of Philadelphia Ninty-Sixth Annual Report. Pamphlet. 1916
April Hopes 1888
April's Lady. 1890
Around the World on A Bicycle: From Teheran to Yokohama. (2 Vols.) 1887
Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue 1851
Art Journal. (5 vols.) 1849
Articles of the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia and Their Rules for Measuring and Valuing House Carpenter's Work 1827
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the attempted Assassination of William H. Seward Secretary of State and Frederick Seward, Assistant Secretary on the evening of April 14, 1865. 1867
Astoria 1854
At Last. 1873
Atlantic Monthly The: A Magazine of Literature, Arts, and Politics 1857-1900 1858
Atlas of West Philadelphia and Environs. (8 Vols.) 1872
Aunt Jo's Scrap -Bag: Shawl Scraps. Two Volumes. 1873
Ayer's American Almanac — 1889 1889
Aztecs, The 1887
Ballads and other Poems 1908
Barnaby Rudge. NA
Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves, 72nd Regiment, Pennsylvania; 50th Anniversary, 1861-1922, Association of Survivors 1911
Bay-Path, The: A Tale of New England Colonial Life 1871
Bear and Forbear; or, The Young Skipper of Lake Ucayga 1871
Beauty's Daughters. 1888
Berlin and Sans-Souci; or, Frederick the Great and His Friends: An Historical Novel 1872
Biblical Researches in Palestine. Four Maps to Accompany the Volumes. 1856
Bid Me Discourse and Other Tales NA
Biographical Essays 1854
Biography Exemplary and Instructive of Distinguished Men 1864
Bivouac and Battle; or, The Struggles of a Soldier 1872
Bleak House. NA
Blue Banners, The; or, the Adventures of a Mussulman, a Christian, and a Pagan 1878
Boat Club, The: or, The Bunkers of Rippleton: A Tale for Boys 1871
Book beginning with Dalkeith Palace and reviewing castles in England 1831
Book of Common Prayer, The: Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1869
Book of Prices for the Carpenters' Company, 1831 1831
Book of Travels of a Doctor of Physic 1871
Books of Accessions for the Library in Carpenters' Hall. Begun in May, 1894. 1894
Bow of Orange Ribbon, The: A Romance of New York. 1886
Boy Tar, The; or A Voyage in the Dark 1869
Boyhood of Great Men 1872
Bracebridge Hal, l or Humorists 1853
Brake Up; or, The Young Peacemakers 1871
Brave Lady, A NA
Bravo, The. 1864
Bread-Winners, The: A Social Study. 1884
Breaking Away; or, The Fortunes of a Student 1873
Brenda Yorke and Other Tales NA
Brian: The Grand Bear Hunt 1869
Bricks Without Straw 1880
Bridge Architecture published according to an Act of Parliament, or The New Bridge at Black Friars,London 1787
British Architect, or the Builders' Treasury of Staircases. (4 Vols.) 1758
Buffon's Natural History of Man, the Globe, and of Quadrupeds, with additions, etc. (2 Vols.) 1853
Buffon's Natural History of Man, the Globe, and of Quadrupeds, with additions, etc. (2 Vols.) 1853
Builder and Workman's New Director 1825
Bullitt Bill as adopted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, June I, 1885. 1887
Burgomaster's Wife. 1887
Burlesques; Yellowplush; etc. 1886
Bush Boys, The NA
Button's Inn 1887
Caesars 1851
Calamities and Quarrels of Authors. (2 Vols.) 1871
Cameos from English History: England and Spain. 1883
Cameos from English History: From Rollo to Edward II. 1882
Cameos from English History: The War of the Roses. 1881
Cameos from English History: The Wars in France. 1879
Campaigns of the Civil War. The Outbreak of Rebellion. (13 vols.) (3 copies) 1881
Campaigns of the Civil War. Volume VI: Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. (13 vols.) (2 copies) 1882
Campaigns of the Civil War. Volume X: The March to the Sea, Franklin and Nashville. (13 vols.) 1882
Carelton's New Hand-Book of Popular Quotations 1883
Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant; containing practical rules... 1815
Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant 1797
Carpenter and Joiner's Repository 1778
Carpenters' Company By-Laws, Rules and Regulations... 1873 1873
Carpenters' Company Minutes. January 18, 1886 to January 16, 1911. 1886-1911
Carpenters' Hall Finding List of the Library of Carpenters' Company 1894
Carpenter's New Guide — 1793 — 1854 1825
Carpentry and Building, A Monthly Journal. New York. 1879 — 1881 (3 vols.) 1879
Cast Away in the Cold 1870
Castle in Spain. 1883
Catalogue of the Library: 1894 Carpenters' Company 1894
Caxtons: A Family Picture. 1867
Century, The: Illustrated Monthly Magazine (May 1882 — 1900 1882-1900
Chain of Colonial Houses: A Paperback Booklet Published by the Associate Committee of Women of the Pennsylvania Museum of Art NA
Chainbearer, The: or The Little Manuscripts. 1864
Chambers Encyclopedia (10 Vols.) 1865
Chambers' Miscellany of Useful and Entertaining Tracts. (10 Vols.) 1854
Chambers' Papers for the People. (12 Vols.) 1850
Chambers' Readings in English Literature 1871
Charter of William Penn and Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania passed between 1682 and 1700 — preceded by the Laws of the Duke of York 1676 to 1682 1879
Charter, By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia 1896 — 1975 1896
Child Wife: A Tale of the Two Worlds 1869
Child-Life in Europe: Historical, Mythological, Fairy, and Other Stories. 1874
Children of Gibeon. NA
Christian at Work: New York. January 5, 1888 to June 28, 1888. (7 vols.) 1888
Christian's Mistake NA
Christmas Books of Mr. Titmarsh, The; Ballads; Etc. 1886
Christmas Stories. NA
Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada 1852
Chronicles of the Schšnberg-Cotta Family. NA
Circulars of Information of the Bureau of Education in Pamphlets 1873
City Atlas of Philadelphia. (8 Vols.) 1876
Cliff Climbers; or, The Lone Home in the Himalayas. A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters" 1866
Clytia: A Romance of the Sixteenth Century 1884
Collection of By-Law Booklets of Various Social Organizations: i.e. The Elks, The Masons, and the Eastern Star Kept in a Wooden Cigar Box. NA
Colonel's Daughter, The 1889
Coming Wave, The; or, The Hidden treasure of High Rock 1875
Communistic Societies of the United States from personal visit and observation 1875
Compass, The: A Monthly Journal, Volume II, No. 9, April, 1893 1893
Complete Triumph of Moral Good Over Evil 1870
Confessions of an Opium-Eater and Suspiria De Profundis 1854
Congressional Globe and Appendix. 40th Congress, 3rd Session, Part I. 1869
Congressional Globe and Appendix. 40th Congress, 3rd Session, Part II. 1869
Congressional Globe and Appendix. 40th Congress, 3rd Session, Part III. 1869
Congressional Globe and Appendix. 41th Congress, First Session. Complete in one Volume. 1869
Congressional Globe. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. Part I. 1868
Congressional Globe. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. Part II. Including the proceedings of the Trial of Andrew Johnson 1868
Congressional Globe. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. Part III. Including a supplement on the Trial of Andrew Johnson 1868
Congressional Globe. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. Part IV. Including a supplement on the Trial of Andrew Johnson. 1868
Congressional Globe. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. Part V. Including the Trial of Andrew Johnson. 1868
Congressional Globe: 39th Congress, 2nd Session. Part II. 1867
Congressional Globe: 39th Congress, 2nd Session. Part III. 1867
Constitutions of the Several States of the Union and United States, including the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation 1853
Continent, The: An Illustrated Weekly Magazine. January to June, 1883 1883
Continent, The: An Illustrated Weekly Magazine. July to December, 1882 1882
Continent, The: An Illustrated Weekly Magazine. July to December, 1883 1883
Corner Cupboard, A Family Repository 1869
Coughs and Colds... 1871
Counsel to a Mother, Being a Continuation and the Completion of "Advice to a Mother" 1871
Count of Monte Cristo. NA
Country Gentleman's Architect 1823
Coupon Bonds and Other Stories 1884
Cousin Maude and Rosamond 1873
Crater, The: or Vulcan's Peak, A Tale of the South Pacific. 1864
Crayon Miscellany, The 1854
Cringle and Cross-Tree; or, The Sea Swashes of a Sailor 1872
Crooked Places: A Story of Struggles and Hopes. NA
Cross and Crescent; or, Young America in Turkey and Greece 1873
Cudjo's Cave 1885
Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry, and Building. (A General Reference Work). Prepared by a Staff of Architects, Builders, and Engineers. Ten Volumes. 3 sets 1917
Cyclopedia of English Literature. (2 Vols.) NA
Cyrilla; or, The Mysterious Engagement NA
Daily Chronicle (Newspaper). Philadelphia, PA. Volume II: Thursday, January 1, 1829 to Thursday, December 31, 1829. (3 vols.) 1829
Daily Chronicle (Newspaper). Philadelphia, PA. Volume III: Saturday , January 2, 1830 to Wednesday, June 30, 1830. (3 vols.) 1830
Daisy Thornton and Jessie Graham 1880
Daniel Deronda. (2 Vols.) NA
Darkness and Daylight: a novel 1873
Daughter of an Empress, The: An Historical Novel 1872
Daughter of Fife. 1887
David Elginbrad NA
Days in North India 1870
Days Near Rome. (5 Vols.) 1875
Deerslayer; or the First War-Path. 1865
Description of the Medals of Washington; of National and Miscellaneous the U. S. Mint 1861
Designs for Ornamental Gates, Lodges, Palisading and iron work of the Royal Parks ... principally taken from the works of Burton, Nash, Smirke, Soane, Stephenson, Vanburgh and Wren 1841
Designs for Urns 1770
Designs in Architecture... 1798
Desilver's Philadelphia Directory and Stranger's Guide for 1835 and 1836 1835
Desk and Debit; or, The Catastrophe of a Clerk 1872
Devereux. 1867
Dictionary of Architecture, being a definition of terms and description of towns, buildings, antiquities, etc. NA
Dictionary of Daily Wants 1866
Dictionary of Medical and Surgical Knowledge 1867
Dictionary of Science — The Hayden Series 1871
Dictionary of the Bible 1872
Dictionary of the United States Congress 1859
Dictionary of Useful Knowledge (A-F) (2 Vols.) 1858
Dictionary of Useful Knowledge (G-Z) (2 Vols.) 1858
Dikes and Ditches; or, Young America in Holland and Belgium 1873
Disowned, The. 1869
Doctor Claudius: A True Story. 1884
Dog Crusoe: A Tale of the Western Prairies NA
Doing His Best 1873
Doings in Maryland, or Matilda Douglas. 1871
Dombey and Son. NA
Don Orsino. 1895
Donal Grant 1883
Doors Outward 1875
Dorcas Club, The; or, Our Girls Afloat 1875
Doreen: The Story of a Singer 1895
Dorothy Foster. 1885
Down the Rhine; or, Young America in Germany 1873
Down the River; or, Buck Bradford and His Tyrants 1872
Draytons and the Davenants: A Story of the Civil Wars. NA
Drummer Boy, The 1884
Dust. 1883
Eagle's Nest, The: Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural Science to Art, Given before the University of Oxford in Lent Term, 1872 1873
Early Dawn: Sketches of Christian Life in England in the Olden Time. 1864
Early Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Manuscript Minutes of its Meetings from 1744 to 1838. 1884
Edge-Tools of Speech, Selected and Arranged 1886
Edith Lyle 1878
Edna Browning; or, The Leighton Homestead 1872
Education: A Monthly Magazine. Volume XIV, Number 4. December, 1893. 1893
Egyptian Princess. (2 Vols.) 1884
Eldorado, or Adventures in the Path of Empire, Comprising a Voyage to California via Panama 1855
Electrical Engineering International Correspondence Schools: Scranton, Pennsylvania 1918
Elsie's Girlhood. (2 copies) 1875
Elsie's Motherhood. 1876
Elsie's Widowhood. 1880
Emperor, The. (2 Vols.) 1888
Empty Heart; or Husks "For Better, For Worse." 1872
Encyclopedia Britannica or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature. Plates. Third Edition. (18 Vols.) 1797
English Family Robinson, The: The Desert Home, or the Adventures of a Lost Family in the Wilderness 1869
English Novel and the Principle of its Development 1883
English Orphans, The; or, A Home in the New World 1872
English Traits 1857
Episodes of Insect Life (2nd series) (3 Vols.) 1851
Episodes of Insect Life (3rd series) (3 Vols.) 1851
Erling the Bold: A Tale of the Norse Sea-King 1870
Ernest Maltravers, or the Eleusina. 1869
Essays Biographical and Critical, or Studies of Character 1857
Essays on Philosophical Writers. (2 Vols.) 1854
Essays on the Poets and other Writers 1853
Essays, Political, Economical, and Philosophical. (3 vols.) 1798
Esther: A Book for Girls. NA
Ethelyn's Mistake; or, The Home in the West 1873
Every-day Topics: A Book of Briefs. 1877
Exploration of the World, The 1879
Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals 1873
Fair God, The; or, the Last of the 'Tzins: A Tale of the Conquest of Mexico 1885
Fairmont Park Art Association Pamphlet No. 47. 39th Annual Report of the Board of Trustees. Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting, and the List of Members. Incl. Article on Carpenters' Hall. 1911
Fairy Book, The NA
Faith and Unfaith. 1888
Faith Doctor: A Story of New York. 1891
Falk Foundation, The: The Final Two Years. 1965
Family Save — All, A System of Secondary Cookery 1869
Famous American Homes 1939
Felix Holt, The Radical. NA
Field and Forest; or, The Fortunes of a Farmer 1872
Fighting Joe: or, The Fortunes of a Staff Officer 1872
Fighting the Flames: A Tale of the Fire Brigade 1870
Figs and Thistles: A Romance of the Western Reserve 1879
Financial History of the United States from 1774 to 1789 1879
Finding List of the Library: 1894 Carpenters' Company 1894
Fireside Travels 1865
First Century of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: 1821 to 1921. 1922
First Napoleon, The 1886
Five Pamphlets on the Centennial Celebration at Yorktown, Va. October 19, 1881 1880
Floating City and the Blockade Runners, A 1875
Florence 1896
Fool's Errand by one of the Fools; also, Part II — The Invisible Empire 1879 & 1880
For Faith and Freedom. 1889
For His Sake 1892
For Lilias. 1886
Forest Exiles, The; or, The Perils of a Peruvian Family Amid the Wilds of the Amazon 1869
Forrest House 1880
Fortunate Island and Other Stories. 1881
Fortunes of Toby Trafford 1893
Forty-Five Guardsmen: An Historical Romance. NA
Forum Magazine. Volume I, Number 1. March, 1886. 1886
Forum Magazine. Volume II, Number 6. February, 1887. 1887
Forum Magazine. Volume IV, Number 3. November, 1887. 1887
Forum Magazine. Volume V, April 2. November, 1887. 1888
Fragments of Science of For Unscientific People 1872
Frank in the Wood 1867
Frank on a Gunboat 1867
Frank on the Mississippi NA
Frank on the Prairie 1867
Frank the Young Naturalist 1867
Franklin Institute 1922 Year Book. 1922
Freaks of Fortune; or, Half Round the World 1872
Freaks on the Fells; or, Three Months Rustication and Why I Did Not Become a Sailor NA
Frederick the Great and His Court: An Historical Romance 1873
French Home Life. Reprinted from Blackwood's Magazine. 1874
Friend Olivia. 1890
From Hand to Mouth. 1877
Gala Days 1872
Gallant Fight. 1888
Gascoyne: The Sandal-Wood Trader: A Tale of the Pacific NA
Gazetteer of the World, or Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge. Edited by a member of the Royal Geographical Society. (14 Vols.) 1850
General Butler in New Orleans: History of the Administration of the Department of the Gulf in the Year 1862 1864
General Index to the Colonial Records in Sixteen Volumes and to the Pennsylvania Archives in Twelve Volumes. 1860
General Index to the Debates of the Convention to Amend the Constitution of Pennsylvania Convened at Harrisburg November 12, 1872, Adjourned November 27 to meet at Philadelphia January 7, 1873 (11 vols) 1873
Geneviˇve; or, The Children of Port Royal, A Story of Old France. 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania Atlas: Annual Report for 1886, Part I, Paint, Iron Ore, Limestone, Serpentine 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania Atlas: Annual Report for 1886, Part III, Anthracite Coal Region 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: A Dictionary of Fossils of Pennsylvania and Neighboring States, Vol. I, A-M 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Annual Report for 1886, in Four Parts, Part III, Anthracite Coal Region 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Annual Report for 1886, Part II, Oil and Gas Region 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Annual Report for 1886, Part IV, Leigh River Section 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Annual Report for 1887 1887
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Annual Report of 1886 in Four Parts; Part I, Pittsburgh Coal Region 1886
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Bucks and Montgomery Counties, C7 1887
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Final Report Ordered by Legislature, 1891; A A General Index of the Final Summary Report of the Geology of Pennsylvania 1895
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Final Report Ordered by Legislature, 1891; A Summary Description of the Geology of Pennsylvania 1892
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspector of Mines Report, Atlas of Eastern Middle Anthracite Field, Part III, AA 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspector of Mines Report, Atlas of Northern Anthracite Field, Part II, AA 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspector of Mines Report, Atlas of Southern Anthracite Field, Part IV, B-AA 1891
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspector of Mines Report, Atlas of Western Middle Anthracite Field, Part III, AA 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspectors of Mines Report, Atlas of Eastern Middle Anthracite Field, Part II, AA 1888
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspectors of Mines Report, Atlas of Northern Anthracite Field, Part II, AA 1888
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspectors of Mines Report, Atlas of Southern Anthracite Field, Part III, AA 1889
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspectors of Mines Report, Atlas of Western Middle Anthracite Field, Part II, AA 1887
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: Inspectors of Mines Report; Atlas of Southern Anthracite Field, Part IV, AA 1880
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania: South Mountain Sheets C1, 2, 3, 4; D2, 3, 4, 5, 6 1885
Geology of Bass Rock 1852
Gilded Age: A Tale of Today 1874
Godiva Durleigh. NA
Godolphin. 1869
Goethe and Schiller: An Historical Romance 1872
Going South; or, Yachting on the Atlantic Coast 1880
Going West; or, The Perils of a Poor Boy 1875
Gold and Dross. 1874
Gorilla Hunters, The: A Tale of the Wilds of Africa NA
Grandissimes: A Story of Creole Life. 1884
Grandmother Elsie. 1882
Graysons, The. A Story of Illinois. 1888
Great Expectations. 1861
Guardian Angel, The 1887
Guenn: A Wave on the Brenton Coast 1884
Guild Court: A London Story 1883
Guild of Bookworkers Journal. 1978 to 1979. Volume XVII, Numbers 1-3. 1979
Habits of Good Society, A Handbook of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen 1872
Half Hours of English History 1853
Hand-Book of American Literature; Historical, Biographical, and Critical NA
Handsome Humes, The. 1894
Hard Times, and Pictures From Italy. NA
Hard-Scrabble of Elm Island 1871
Hardy Norseman, A 1889
Harold: The Last of the Saxon Kings. 1868
Haroun-Al-Raschid and Saracen Civilization 1881
Harper's New Monthly Magazine . 1871-1899 1871
Harpers' Popular Cyclopedia of United States History from the Aboriginal Period. (2 Vols.) 1893
Haste and Waste; or, The Young Pilot of Lake Champlain: A Story for Young People 1869
Head of the Family, The 1871
Heads and Tails, Studies and Stories of Pets 1875
Headsman, The: or the Abbaye des Vignerons. 1864
Heat Considered As A Mode of Motion 1863
Hector Servadac 1878
Heidenmauer; or The Benedictines, A Legend of the Rhine. 1865
Heights and Valleys 1871
Helena's Household: A Tale of Rome in the First Century 1867
Helen's Babies. Some Account of their ways innocent, Crafty, angelic, impish, witching, and repulsive. 1876
Henry the Eighth and His Court: An Historical Romance 1873
Her Dearest Foe 1876
Her Majesty the Queen. 1873
Here, There, and Everywhere 1921
Heriot's Choice. 1890
Heritage of Langdale 1877
Hero (A), Bread Upon the Waters, Alice Learmont 1872
Hidden Path, The. 1873
Hidden Perils NA
His Great Self. 1892
Historic Dress in America: 1800 to 1870. 1910
Historical Account (An) of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters of the City of London. Second Edition with a supplement by Wm. Willmer Popcock. 1887
Historical and Critical Essays. (2 Vols.) 1853
History of all the Religious Denominations in the United States 1854
History of American Industries and Arts 1878
History of British India 1853
History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. (4 Vols.) 1835
History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. (4 Vols.) 1854
History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852. (4 Vols.) 1875
History of Froedrich II of Prussia, called Frederick the Great. (10 vols.) 1873
History of Greece and of the Empire of Trebizond, 1204-1461 1851
History of Henry Esmond, Esq, The; Barry Lyndon, Esq; Dennis Duval 1886
History of Indian and Eastern Architecture 1891
History of Kentucky 1860
History of Modern Architecture. 1873
History of New Jersey from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time 1865
History of New York from Its Earliest Settlements to the Present Time 1860
History of New York 1865
History of Ohio 1865
History of Oliver Cromwell from the Execution of Charles the First to the Death of Cromwell. (2 Vols.) 1854
History of Pendennis, His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends, and His Greatest Enemy 1886
History of the Byzantine Empire from 716 to 1057. (2 Vols.) 1853
History of the Cathedral Church of Wells 1870
History of the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution of the United States. (2 Vols.) 1889
History of the Conquest of Peru. (2 vols.) 1847
History of the Conquest of Peru. (2 vols.) 1847
History of the French Revolution. (2 Vols.) 1852
History of the Longacre-Longaker-Longnecker Family NA
History of the Modern Styles of Architecture 1891
History of the Monument Erected by the U.S. Government to Commemorate the Close of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, October 19, 1781. 1890
History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic 1853
History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain 1855
History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. (3 Vols.) 1864
History of the War of the U. S. with Great Britain in 1812, and the War with Mexico 1873
History of Vermont from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time 1865
History of Virginia 1865
Holtzapffel and Company: No. 64 Charing Crass, London Engine, Lathe, and Tool Manufacturers, and General Machinists to the East India Co. 1844
Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, Etc. with the Apocrypha. Butler's Edition. 1851
Holy Bible. 1887
Holy Bible: American Bicentennial Edition, 1776-1976. 1975
Holy Bible 1887
Home Again 1883
Home As Found. Sequel to "Homeward Bound." 1864
Home Influence: A Tale for Mothers and Daughters. 1872
Home Nook; or The Crown of Duty. 1873
Homestead on the Hillside and Other Tales 1872
Homeward Bound: or The Chase, A Tale of the Sea. 1864
Homo Sum: A Novel. 1892
Honorable Miss Ferrand, The 1878
Hoosier School Boy. 1883
Hoosier School Master: A Novel. 1884
Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians: A Story for Young People 1869
Horace 1874
Hot Plowshares 1883
Hot Swamp, The: A Romance of Old Albion 1892
Hours of Exercise in the Alps 1872
Hours with Men and Books 1877
House Carpenters' Book of Prices and Rules for Measuring and Valuing all Their Different Kinds of Work 1819
House of Seven Gables, and The Snow Image. 1872
Household of Glen Holly, The 1888
Huckleberry Finn 1885
Huguenots: Their settlements, churches, and industries in England and Ireland 1868
Hunter's Feast, The: or, Conversations Around the Camp Fire 1873
Husbands and Homes. 1873
Hymns for the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1849
Hypatia; or, New Foes with an Old Face 1882
Illustrated Horse Management 1864
Illustrations of Bath, Bristol and Edinburgh NA
Illustrations of Lancashire, Illustrations of England and Edinburgh, on 1894 Catalogue 1829
Illustrations of Universal Progress. 1870
Imagination and Other Essays, The 1883
Imperial Guard of Napoleon from Marengo to Waterloo 1855
In Durance Vile and Other Stories. 1888
In Far Lochaber. 1888
In School and Out; or, The Conquest of Richard Grant 1870
In Search of the Castaways 1874
In Silk Attire. 1877
In the Clouds 1887
In the Golden Days NA
In the Tennessee Mountains 1884
Incidents of travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia and Poland. (2 vols.) 1854
Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. (2 vols.) 1848
Independence Square Neighborhood 1926
Indian Summer 1886
Industrial Biography, Iron Workers and Tool Makers 1864
Industrial Monthly Practical Journal 1875
Industrial Monthly. A Practical Journal. New York. January 1872 to December 1877. 1872
Influence of Sea Power Upon The French Revolution and Empire: 1793-1812 1894
Information Respecting the History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States: Collected and Prepared under the Direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs 1853
Ingham Lectures: A Course of Lectures on the Evidences of Natural and Revealed Religion Delivered before the Ohio Wesleyan University 1872
Initials, The: A Story of Modern Life NA
Injuries of Nerves and Their Consequences 1872
Insect World 1869
Insects at Home 1872
Interference. 1891
Internal Navigation: A connected view of the whole Internal Navigation of the United States. 1826
International Competition for the Phoebe Hearst Architectural Plan for the University of California. NA
Inter-Oceanic Canal and the Monroe Doctrine 1880
Introduction to the Literature of Europe in the 15th, 16th, and 17th, Centuries. (2 Vols.) 1851
Introduction to the Study of Gothic Architecture, A 1881
Irish (The) Abroad and at Home, at the Court and in the Camp, with Souvenirs of "The Brigade; Reminiscence of an emigrant Milesian" 1856
Iron Crown, An: A Tale of the Great Republic 1885
Iron Horse, The; or, Life on the Line: A Tale of the Grand National Trunk Railway 1881
Italy: Rome and Naples. 1872
Jack and Jill: A Village Story 1890
Jack Tier; or the Florida Reef. 1864
Jan Vedders's Wife. 1885
Jane Welsh Carlyle. (2 vols.) 1883
Japan in Our Day 1872
Japhet in Search of a Father 1884
Jessamine. 1873
Jewel in the Lotos, The 1884
John Eax and Mamelon: or, The South Without the Shadow 1882
John Halifax, Gentleman 1859
Joint Maps of the Northern Boundary of the United States from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains NA
Joshua: A Story of Biblical Times. 1890
Journal of Congress, containing their Proceedings from January 1, 1776 to December 31, 1776. 1776
Journal of Congress, containing their Proceedings from September 1774 to December 31, 1774. 1776
Journal of Congress, containing their Proceedings from September 1774 to January 1, 1776. 1776
Journal of the Convention to Amend the constitution of Pennsylvania Convened at Harrisburg November 12, 1872, Adjourned November 27 to meet at Philadelphia 1872
Journal of the Franklin Institute. 1830-1900 1830
Journal of the Proceedings of the United States Centennial Commission at Philadelphia 1872
Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, Being the First Session of the Second Congress Begun and Held at the City of Philadelphia, October 24, 1791 NA
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. March 1975. Volume XXXIV, Number 1. 1975
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. May, 1977. Volume XXXVI, Number 2. 1977
Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. October 1976. Volume XXXV, Number 3. 1976
Journey of Discovery All Round Our House 1866
Journey to Central Africa. 1854
Judith Shakespeare: A Romance. 1893
Judith: A chronicle of Old Virginia. 1883
Kansas and Nebraska History: Geographical and Physical Characteristics and Political Position of these Territories 1854
Kilmeny. 1892
King Arthur: Not a Love Story NA
Kings and Queens, or Life in the Palace (Napoleon) 1855
King's Own 1884
Kit and Kitty. 1890
Kitty's Conquest 1884
Knight-Errant 1890
La Dame De Monsoreau. (2 Vols.) 1889
Lady of the Aroostook 1879
Lady Patty: A Sketch. 1892
Lady Silverdale's Sweetheart and Other Tales. 1892
Lady with the Tubies, The 1888
Laird of Norlaw, The 1872
Lake Breezes: or, The Cruise of the Sylvania 1879
Lal. 1884
Lamplighter's Story — Hunted Down; The Detective Police; and Other Novelettes. 1881
Land We Line In, The: A Pictorial and Literary Sketch-Book of the British Empire NA
Lands of the Saracen 1855
Last Days of Pompeii. 1867
Last in the Jungle: Narrated for Young People 1870
Last of the Barons. 1867
Last of the Macallisters, The. 1886
Last of the Mohicans — A Narrative of 1757. 1864
Laurel Bush, The: An Old-Fashioned Love Story 1876
Laxton's Price Book for Architects, Builders, Engineers, and Contractors 1880
Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1848-1861, Queen Victoria's Journal 1868
Lectures on Architecture and Painting 1854
Lectures on English Literature from Chaucer to Tennyson 1865
Lectures on Light Delivered in the United States in 1872-1873 1873
Lectures on the British Poets. (2 Vols.) 1860
Lectures on the True, The Beautiful, and The Good. 1854
Lectures, Essays, and Sermons 1883
Leila, or the Siege of Granada. Caleron the Courtier and the Pilgrims of the Rhine. 1868
Lena Rivers 1873
Les Miserables 1887
Lessons in Life: A Series of Familiar Essays. 1872
Letters from Hell: Given in English by L. W. J. S. 1887
Letters of Charles Dickens (1833 to 1856) 1879
Letters of Charles Dickens (1857 to 1870) 1879
Letters of Madame de Remusat to her husband and son from 1804 to 1813. 1881
Letters to a Young Man and Other Papers 1854
Librarian's Record: Books Borrowed and Returned to Library by Company Members, 1894 to 1910. 1910
Library of Congress A.L.A. Catalog 1904: 8,000 volumes for a popular Library prepared by the New York State Library and the Library of Congress 1904
Life and Adventures of Nicholas NIckleby. NA
Life and Habits of Wild Animals. Illustrated from Designs by Joseph Wolf 1874
Life and Times of Aaron Burr 1860
Life and Times of Sir Philip Sidney 1875
Life and Travels in India 1884
Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. (3 Vols.) 1854
Life and Works of Mencius 1875
Life for a Life, A NA
Life in Santo Domingo, By a Settler 1873
Life in Song, A 1908
Life of Andrew Jackson. (3 vols.) 1870
Life of Benjamin Franklin written by himself. ( 3 vols.) 1874
Life of Edwin Forrest 1874
Life of Emma Willard 1873
Life of Freidrich Schiller 1873
Life of General Lafayette, Marquis of France, General in the United States Army 1853
Life of George Stephenson, Railway Engineer 1863
Life of George Washington 1854
Life of Henry Clay, The Statesman and the Patriot 1869
Life of Horace Greely 1872
Life of John James Audubon the Naturalist 1870
Life of John Sterling 1871
Life of Viscount Palmerston 1888
Life of William Allen. (2 vols.) 1847
Life of William Penn 1852
Life on the Mississippi 1883
Life, Travels, and Books of Alexander Von Humboldt 1859
Life, Travels, and Opinions of Benjamin Lundy 1847
Life's Mistake, A. 1888
Light and Electricity; Notes of two courses of Lectures Before the Royal Institution of Great Britain 1874
Light of Asia, The: or the Great Renunciation being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism. 1880
Light Science for Leisure Hours 1871
Lightning Express; or, The Rival Academies 1871
Lionel Lincoln; or the Leaguer of Boston. 1864
List of State Publications: Number 3, January, 1943,Edward Martin, Governor 1943
Literary Character; or the History of Men of Genius 1871
Literary Reminiscences; from the auto-biography of an English Opium-Eater. (2 vols.) 1854
Literature of the Age of Elizabeth 1869
Little Bobtail; or, The Wreck of the Penobscot 1872
Little by Little; or, The Cruise of the Flyaway 1871
Little Dorritt. NA
Little Hodge 1873
Little Lame Prince, The NA
Live of Great and Celebrated Characters of All Ages and Countries: 1858
Lives of the most Eminent English Poets. (2 vols.) 1864
Lives of the Queens of Scotland and English Princesses connected with the regal succession of Great Britain. (8 Vols.) 1854
Living Link. 1874
Living too Fast; or, The Confessions of a Bank Officer 1876
Log School-House on the Columbia , The: A Tale of the Pioneers of the Great Northwest 1890
Lord Elgin's Mission to China and Japan in the Years 1857, 1858, and 1859 1860
Lorna Doon: A Romance of Exmoor. 1883
Lost In a Great City. 1880
Lost Silver of Briffault, The. 1885
Lottie Eames; or "Do Your Best and Leave the Rest" 1874
Louisa of Prussia and Her Times: An Historical Novel 1872
Louisiana: Its History as a French Colony 1852
Lucian 1874
Lucretia, or the Children of the Night. 1870
Mabel Vaughn. 1893
Madam 1885
Madcap Violet. 1877
Mahomet and His Successors. (2 vols.) 1854
Maid Marian and Robin Hood: A Romance of Old Sherwood Forest 1892
Maid of Killeena and the Marriage of Moira Fergus. 1892
Make or Break; or, The Rich Man's Daughter 1869
Makers of Florence 1889
Makers of Modern Rome 1895
Making of a Man. 1884
Malcolm: A Romance 1875
Mammalia, Their Various Orders and Habits 1870
Man Who Laughs, The 1888
Manual of Elementary Geology 1852
Manual of Greek Literature, from the earliest authentic period to the close of the Byzantine Era 1853
Manual of Practical Draughting. 1898
Many Lands and Many People 1875
Maps and Views to Accompany Message and Documents to the 33rd Congress, 2nd Session (Senate) 1854
Maps and Views to Accompany Message and Documents to the 34th Congress, 1st Session (Senate) 1856
Maps and Views to Accompany Message and Documents to the 34th Congress, 3rd Session (Senate) 1856
Maps showing the location of the Diplomatic and Consular offices of the United States of America. 1888
Marble Faun, The: or The Romance of Monte Beni. 1873
Marching to Victory — The Second Period of the War of the Rebellion, including the year 1863. 1889
Margery: A Tale of Old Nuremberg. (2 Vols.) 1893
Marguerite De Valois. (2 Vols.) 1889
Marian Grey; or, The Heiress of Redstone Hall 1874
Marie Antoinette and Her Son: An Historical Novel 1872
Marion's Faith 1888
Marquis of Lossie, The: A Romance 1878
Martin Chuzzlewit. NA
Martyrs of Spain and the Liberators of Holland. 1865
Maruja. 1886
Marvel. 1888
Mary Anerley, A Yorkshire Tale. 1880
Mary Marston 1881
Marzio's Crucifix. 1887
Master of His Fate. 1888
Masterman Ready, or the Wreck of the Pacific 1888
Mc Elroy's Philadelphia City Directory for 1858- 1867 1858
Mechanics' Companion 1829
Mechanics Geometry 1874
Mediaeval Church Architecture of England, The 1912
Memoirs of A Physician. 1879
Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin, written by himself, and continued by his grandson and others,... (2 vols.) 1840
Memoirs of Madame De Remusat, 1802 -1808 1880
Memoirs of the Court of Elizabeth, Queen of England. (2 copies) 1879
Memoirs, Letters, and Poems of Bernard Barton 1850
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thomas A. Hendricks, vice-president of the United States. 1886
Memorial of Sarah Pugh, A Tribute of Respect From Her Cousin 1888
Mental Struggle. 1888
Mercedes of Castile; or the Voyage to Cathay. 1864
Merchant of Berlin, The: An Historical Novel 1881
Message From the Sea — and The Uncommercial Traveler. NA
Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life. (2 Vols.) 1873
Midsummer Madness, A 1884
Mildred 1880
Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain 1872
Miles Wallingford: Sequel to "Afloat and Ashore." 1864
Mill on the Floss. NA
Ministering Children: A Tale Dedicated to Childhood. 1879
Minister's Charge, The; or, The Apprenticeship of Lemuel Barker 1887
Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania published by the State. Volume I: Proceedings of the Council March 10, 1683 to November 27, 1700. (16 volumes) 1852
Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania from its organization to the termination of the revolution. Published by the State. Volume XII: Proceedings of the Council May 21, 1779 to July 12, 1781. (16 volumes) 1853
Mirage. 1878
Miriam and other Poems 1871
Miriam. 1873
Miscellaneous Essays 1854
Miser's Daughter, The: A Tale NA
Miss Gilbert's Career: An American Story 1872
Miss Tommy: A Midiaeval Romance; and, In a House-Boat, A Journal NA
Missing NA
Mistress and Maid: A Household Story 1878
Model Architect. A series of original Designs for Cottages, Villas, Suburban Residences, etc... (2 vols.) 1853
Modern Adam and Eve in a Garden. 1888
Modern Circle. 1887
Modern Mephistopheles. 1877
Molly Brown. 1882
Monday-Chats 1877
Money Maker; or, The Victory of the Basilick 1874
Monikins, The. 1864
Monuments of Washington's Patriotism. 1841
Moods 1864
Mortal Antipathy: First Opening of the New Portfolio 1886
Mosses From An Old Manse. 1872
Mother's Recompense: A Sequel to "Home Influence." 1873
Mr. Isaacs: A Tale of Modern India. 1883
Mr. Midshipman Easy 1884
Murvale Eastman: Christian Socialist 1889 & 1890
My Apingi Kingdom: With Life in the Great Sahara 1871
My Lady. 1891
My Mother and I: A Love Story 1875
My Novel or Varieties in English Life. (2 Vols.) 1867
My Opinions and Betsy Bobbet's 1875
My Schools and Schoolmasters, or the Story of My Education. 1854
My Study Windows 1871
My Summer In a Garden 1871
My Winter on the Nile 1881
Mycenae 1878
Mysterious Island, The: The Modern Robinson Crusoe 1886
Mystery of Edwin Drood. 1871
Mystery of Metropolisville. 1885
Napoleon and his Marshals. (2 vols.) 1855
Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia: An Historical Novel 1868
Napoleon Dynasty, or the History of the Bonaparte Family, an entirely new work by the Berkeley Men 1852
Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers of Thomas De Quincey. (2 Vols.) 1853
Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition during the years 1838 to 1842. (5 Vols. + Atlas) 1845
Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition during the years 1838 to 1842. (5 Vols. + Atlas) 1845
National Moulding Book Adopted by the Wholesale Sash Door and Blind Mnfrs. Assn. of the Northwest, April 15, 1896 1896
Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress. April, 1899. 1899
Nature's Teachings, Human Invention Anticipated by Nature 1885
Nellie's Memories. 1888
Nelly Kinnard's Kingdom. 1876
New and complete Pronouncing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World. 1855
New Dictionary of Quotations from the Greek, Latin, and Modern Languages 1864
New Fairy Tales form Brentano Told in English by Kate Freiligrath Kroeker NA
New Practical Builder and Workman's Companion. (2 copies) 1828
Newcomes Memoirs of a Most Respectable Family, The 1886
Newspapers: Daily Chronicle, Philadelphia, Pa.1829-30 1829
Newton Forster, or the Merchant Service 1881
Nicholas Minturn 1877
Nicholson's Encyclopedia of Architecture — Being a New and Improved Edition of Nicholson's Dictionary of the Science and Practice of Architecture, Building, Etc. (2 vols.) 1852
Night and Morning. 1871
Ninety-Three 1888
Nora's Love Test NA
North America 1863
Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands 1874
Northern Coast of America, and the Hudson Bay Territories, a Narrative of Adventure and Discovery 1851
Northern Lands; or, Young America in Russia and Prussia 1872
Northern Travel 1859
Not Like Other Girls. 1888
Notes on England 1872
Notre-Dame de Paris 1888
Now or Never: or, The Adventures of Bobby Bright: A Story for Young Folks 1871
Oak Openings; or, The Bee Hunter. 1864
Ocean Waifs; A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea 1873
Ocean World 1869
Odd Hours of a Physician 1871
Odd People, being a popular description of the singular races of man 1869
Off on a Comet: A Journey Through Space from the French of Jules Verne NA
Official Register of the United States containing a list of officers and employees in the Civil Military, and Naval Service on July 1, 1883; also, a list of ships and vessels belonging to the United States. (2 vols.) 1883
Official Register of the United States containing a list of Officers and Employees in the Civil, Military, and Naval Service on July 1, 1887. Volume I: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial; also, a list of vessels belonging to the United States. (2 vols.) 1887
Old Curiosity Shop. NA
Old English Ballads: A Collection of Favorite Ballads of the Olden Time 1888
Old English Baron, The, by Clara Reeve and Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole NA
Old Fritz and the New Order: Germany in Stress and Storm 1868
Old Lady Mary: A Story of the Seen and the Unseen 1884
Old Mamselle's Secret NA
Old Myddelton's Money NA
Old Red Sandstone, or New Walks in An Old Field 1854
Old Roman World, The 1873
Old Saint Paul's: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire 1855
Old Spain and New Spain 1888
Old-Fashioned Girl. 1871
Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches. (5 Vols.) 1873
Oliver Goldsmith: A Biography 1853
Oliver Twist. NA
On Both Sides of the Sea: A Story of the Commonwealth and the Restoration. 1868
On the Desert 1883
On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection 1871
On Time; or, The Young Captain of the Ucayga Steamer 1871
Only Girls 1872
Oration of Henry Armitt Brown on the one hundredth Anniversary of the Meeting of Congress in Carpenters' Hall. With A Copy of the Signatures of Members of the First Continental Congress. 1874
Orbs Around Us 1872
Original Designs of Cheap Country and Village Residences, with Details. (2 vols.) (2 copies of Volume 1) 1848
Osceola the Seminole: or, The Red Fawn of the Flower Land 1874
Other People's Children. 1877
Our Forest Home NA
Our Helen 1874
Our Martyr, President Abraham Lincoln 1865
Our Mutual Friend. NA
Out of the Hurly-Burly, or Life in an Odd Corner. 1874
Out of the Wreck; or, Was It a Victory? 1885
Outward Bound; or, The Young America Afloat 1873
Over the Teacups 1891
Ovingdean Grange: A Tale of the South Downs 1860
Pacha of Many Tales, The 1885
Pain's British Palladio, or the Builder's general Assistant, demonstrating in the most easy and practical Manner all the principal Rules of Architecture from the ground Plan to the ornamental Finish 1793
Painter's Camp, A NA
Palace and Cottage; or, Young America in France and Switzerland 1873
Pamphlet Documenting the Proceedings of the Meeting at Yorktown Preparatory to a National Centennial Celebration of the Surrender of Lord Cornwalis 1879
Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh, The; The Irish Sketch Book... 1886
Paris Universal Exposition, Official Catalogue of the United States Exhibit 1889
Parisian Sights and French Principles, seen through American Spectacles 1856
Passages From the English Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne 1872
Passages from the French and Italian Note-Books of Nathaniel Hawthorne. (2 Vols.) 1872
Pathfinder: or The Island Sea. 1866
Paul and Christina. 1887
Paul Faber, Surgeon 1881
Paul Patoff. 1888
Paul the Peddler; or, The Adventures of a Young Street Merchant 1871
Pelham, or Adventure of a Gentleman. 1869
Pen Pictures of Europe 1874
Pennsylvania and the Centennial Exposition (2 Vols.) 1853-1878 1878
Pennsylvania Archives, 1644 to 1779. (12 Vols. + Index) 1853
Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series. Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania. Part One. (19 Vols.) 1890
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg: Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Monuments Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Mark th Positions of Pennsylvania Commands Engaged in Battle 1893
Pennsylvania Dutch and other essays 1882
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. XLII, No. 165. January, 1918. thru 1922 1918
Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the Revolution, Proceedings 1919-1920 1920
Pennsylvania's First Year at War: December 7, 1941-December 7, 1942 1943
Penny Magazine: A Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge Vol I to V 1841
Percival Keene 1883
Personal History of Lord Bacon 1861
Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers: 1812 to 1842 1847
Personal Memoirs of General W. T. Sherman. (2 Vols.) 1890
Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America — 1799 to 1804. (3 Vols.) 1852
Personal Recollecting of Joan of Arc 1896
Personal Reminiscences by Barham, Harness, and Hodder. 1875
Perspective of Architecture. 1761
Peter Parley's Merry Stories, or Fact, Fancy and Fiction NA
Peter Simple 1884
Peter Stuyvesant, The Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam 1873
Petroleum — Industry Hearings Before the Temporary National Economic Committee 1942
Pettengill's Newspaper Dictionary and Advisors' Handbook for 1878 comprising a complete list of the newspapers and other periodicals published in the U.S., British America .. . 1878
Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women NA
Phantom Ship 1883
Phil, the Fiddler; or, The Story of a Young Street Musician 1872
Philadelphia Carpenters' Company Register of Visitors: This Volume Used in Various Months and Years from November 4, 1876 to November 22, 1894 NA
Philadelphia Forging Ahead... Report from the Mayor to the Citizens of Philadelphia. 1950
Philadelphia in 1830-31. 1830
Philadelphia Journal of Industry and American Engineering, 1871-1872. 1871-1872
Philosophy of Eating 1872
Phoebe. 1884
Phyllis. 1882
Pictorial Gallery of the Useful Arts NA
Pictorial Life of Andrew Jackson 1847
Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature, Mammalia, Birds. (2 vols.) NA
Pilot, The; A Tale of the Sea. 1865
Pioneer History of Milwaukee from 1840 to 1846 Inclusive 1881
Pioneer History of Milwaukee from the First Settlement in 1833 to 1841 (Letter from the author to Carpenters' Company in this volume) 1890
Pioneer Women of the West 1854
Pioneers; or the Sources of the Susquehanna. 1864
Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects. 1872
Plane and Plank; or, The Mishaps of a Mechanic 1872
Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Buildings erected in the Counties of Norfolk, etc. 1787
Plant Hunters: or, Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains NA
Poacher, The 1881
Poems [R.W. Emerson] 1864
Poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes, new and enlarged edition 1856
Poems of Home and Travel 1856
Poems of the Orient 1856
Poetical Quotations from Chaucer to Tennyson 1874
Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer 1880
Poetical Works of Henry, Earl of Surrey, with a memoir. NA
Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow 1879
Poetical Works of John Greenleaf of Whittier. (2 Vols.) 1864
Poetical Works of Rogers, Campbell, J. Montgomery, Lamb, and Kircke White 1856
Poetical Works of Thomas Moore NA
Political Portraits by a Prominent London Journalist 1873
Politics for Young Americans 1875
Poor and Proud; or, The Fortunes of Katy Redburn: A Story for Young Folks 1871
Popular Astronomy, A Concise Elementary Treatise on the Sun, Planets, Satellites, and Comets 1863
Popular Geology 1859
Popular Treatise on Vegetable Physiology 1842
Portia; or, By Passions Rocked. (2 copies) 1886
Potter's American Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine of History, Literature, Science and Art. 1875-1882 1875
Power of Movement in Plants 1881
Practical Builder and Workman's Companion. Two Volumes. 1834
Practical Builder or Workman's General Assistant 1793
Practical House Carpenter, or Youth's Instructor 1794
Practical Housewife — A Complete Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy and Family Medical Guide 1860
Practical Model Calculator 1852
Practical Treatise on Business. 1853
Prairie, The. 1865
Precaution. 1865
Pre-Historic Nations 1869
Pre-Historic Times, as illustrated by Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages 1872
Preliminary Report on the Mineralogy of Pennsylvania. Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 1874. 1875
Premiums Paid to Experience: Incidents in My Business Life. NA
Preserving a Heritage: Final Report to the President (Richard Nixon) and the Congress of the National Parks Centennial Commission, Washington, D. C. 1973
President George Washington, Founder of the United States of America in 1774. (3 vols.) 1970
Prime Minister, The: A Novel 1876
Prince and the Pauper 1891
Prince Eugene and His Times: An Historical Novel NA
Princess and the Goblin, The NA
Princess of Thule. 1872
Principles of Architecture. (3 copies) 1827
Principles of Architecture 1848
Principles of Biology. (2 Vols.) 1870
Proceedings of the International Sanitary Conference: U. S. State Department 1881
Professor at the Breakfast-Table with the Story of Iris 1873
Professor, The; with poems. 1876
Professor's Sister, The; A Romance. 1888
Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, The 1885
Prose and Verse: Humerous, Satirical, and Sentimental 1878
Prose Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. (2 Vols.) 1870
Prosper Merimees Letters to An Incognita, with Recollections by Lamartine and George Sand. 1875
Public Ledger Almanac 1893 to 1897 1897
Public Ledger Almanacs 1870 to 1873 1873
Public Ledger Almanacs 1878 to 1885 1885
Public Ledger Almanacs 1886 to 1891 1891
Pudd'nhead Wilson and those Extraordinary Twins 1894
Pure Gold. 1888
Quadron, The; or, A Lover's Adventures in Louisiana 1856
Quaker Meeting Houses and a Little Humor. 1952
Queen and Co.'s Catalogue of Engineering Instruments and Materials. 1898-1903 1899
Queen Hortense: A Life Picture of the Napoleonic Era: An Historical Novel 1872
Queen Money 1888
Queen of Bohemia. 1876
Queen of the Air — Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm 1884
Queen's Necklace; a Sequel to Memoirs of A Physician. NA
Queer Stories for Boys and Girls 1884
Question, The: The Idyll of a picture by his friend Alma Tadema. 1890
Quinnebasset Girls 1877
Quits 1880
Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel 1883
Rajah's Heir, The NA
Ralph Wilton's Weird. 1875
Ramona 1885
Ran Away to Sea: An Autobiography for Boys 1869
Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood 1871
Rangers and Regulators of the Tanaha: Life Among the Lawless: A Tale of the Republic of Texas 1872
Rebel Queen 1893
Rebellion Record, The: A Diary of American Events. 8 vols. 1864
Recent Discussions in Science, Philosophy, and Morals. 1871
Recollections of Person and Places in the West 1868
Recollections of the Life of John Binns, 20 Years in Europe and 53 in the United States 1854
Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers, to which is added Porsoniana 1856
Recording the Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the 150th Anniversary of the First Meeting of the First Continental Congress: September 25, 1924 1924
Records of a Girlhood 1879
Red Cross;l or, Young America in England and Wales 1869
Red Rover. 1864
Redskins; or, Indian and Injin: Being the Conclusion of the Littlepage Manuscripts. 1864
Regent's Daughter, The. NA
Religions of China 1881
Remember the Alamo. 1888
Reminiscences of Carpenters' Hall in the City of Philadelphia and Extracts from the Ancient Minutes of the Carpenters' Co. 1858
Report and Proceedings of the Joint Committee of Investigation appointed by the Commissioners for the Erection of the Public Buildings... of the City of Philadelphia 1876
Report of the Committee of Management of the Common Council of New York, of the Obsequies of Henry Clay. 1852
Report of the Committee of Masonic Homes of Pennsylvania for the Fiscal Year Ending November 15, 1917. 1917
Report of the Culpeper Virginia Monument Commission of Pennsylvania 1914
Report of the Secretary of the Johnstown Flood Relief Commission. 1890
Report of the Secretary of War: Operations in the Crimea, 1855 and 1856. 1857
Report of the Select Committee on the New Orleans Riots 1867
Report of the Superintendent of the U. S. Coast Survey Showing the Progress of the Survey During the Year 1853. Other vols. 1854-1888 1854
Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States with all Foreign Nations Prepared under the Direction of the Secretary of State. 1856-1862 1856
Reports of the United States Commissioners to the Paris Universal Exposition -1878. (5 vols.) 1880
Representative Men: Seven Lectures 1864
Reptiles and Birds 1869
Return, O Shulamite! and other sermons preached in 1884 1885
Reveries of a Bachelor; or, A Book of the Heart 1872
Rich and Humble; or, The Mission of Bertha Grant: A Story for Young People 1870
Rienzi: The Last of the Roman Tribunes. 1867
Rifle-Rangers, The; or, Adventures in Southern Mexico 1873
Rise of the Dutch Republic. (3 Vols.) 1864
Riverside Parallel Bible: The Holy Bible arranged in parallel columns with the revised versions of 1881 and 1885. 1886
Robert Dick Baker of Thurso, Geologist and Botanist 1879
Robert Falconer NA
Robert Ord's Atonement. 1885
Roger Berkeley's Probation. 1888
Rollo at Play 1870
Rollo at School 1870
Rollo at Work 1870
Rollo Learning to Read 1870
Rollo Learning to Talk 1870
Rollo's Correspondence 1870
Rollo's Experiment 1870
Rollo's Museum 1870
Rollo's Philosophy : Air 1870
Rollo's Philosophy : Fire 1870
Rollo's Philosophy : Sky 1870
Rollo's Philosophy : Water 1870
Rollo's Travels 1870
Rollo's Vacation 1869
Roman Imperialism and other Lectures and Essays 1871
Roman Singer. 1884
Romance of an Opal Ring, The 1879
Romola. NA
Rose In Bloom: A Sequel to "Eight Cousins." 1891
Rossmoyne. (2 copies) 1884
Roughing It 1883
Roundabout Papers; Four Georges; English Humorists; etc 1886
Roxy. 1878
Rudiments of the Art of Buildings, represented in five sections... 1853
Rules and By-Laws of the Carpenters' Company 1840
Rules and Regulations for Measuring and Valuing Carpenters' Work, as revised and adapted by the Company 1852
Rules and Regulations for Measuring and Valuing Carpenters' Work, as revised and agreed on March 12, 1827. 1831
Rules for Drawing the several parts of Architecture 1753
Rules for the Conduct of Life to Which Are Added a Few Cautions: For the Use of Such Freemen of London as Take Apprentices NA
Sabina Zembra. 1872
Sailor Boy; or, Jack Somers in the Navy 1871
Saint Louis and Calvin 1868
Sakoontala or the Lost Ring, and Indian Drama 1885
Samantha Among the Brethern 1890
Sant' Ilario. 1894
Santo Domingo Past and Present; with a Glimpse at Haiti 1873
Sappho of Green Springs, A; and other Stories. 1891
Saracinesca. 1888
Satanstoe; or the Littlepage Manuscripts. 1864
Saunterings 1872
Scarlet Letter, The and The Blithedale Romance 1890
Scenes of Clerical Life; and Silas Marner. NA
Schuylkill River Desilting Project: Final Report of the Schuylkill River Project Engineers 1951
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 1900
Science and Health: With Key to the Scriptures 1906
Science Byways 1876
Scientific American. New York. January 1, 1859 to December 1867 1866
Scientific American: A Weekly Journal of Art, Science, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Manufactures. New York. 1870-1900 1883
Scientific Books of Interest to Every Chemist and Engineer NA
Scientific Stair Builder 1854
Sciography: Or Examples of Shadows. 1833
Scribner's Monthly (continued as the century): May1881 to October 1881 1881
Scribner's Monthly (continued as the century): November 1880 to April 1881 1881
Sea and Shore; or, The Tramps of a Traveller 1872
Sea Lions; or, The Lost Sealers. 1863
Seaboard Parish, The 1876
Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania; by County — 1875 — 1889 1875-1889
Seek and Find; or, The Adventures of a Smart Boy 1872
Select Writings of Robert Chambers; Essays, Familiar Humorous, Moral, Economical. (4 Vols.) 1854
Self-Help; With Illustrations of Character and Conduct 1864
Septimius Felton; or, The Elixir of Life 1872
Serapis: A Romance. 1889
Sermons Out of Church NA
Sesame and Lilies — Three Lectures 1890
Seven Daughters. 1874
Seven Historic Ages or Talks About Kings, Queens, and Barbarians 1874
Seven Oaks: A Story of To-day 1877
Shamrock and Thistle; or, Young America in Ireland and Scotland 1873
Shifting Winds: A Tough Yarn 1866
Shirley. NA
Short History of Natural Science 1876
Sidney. 1890
Signing the Contract and What It Cost. 1879
Signor Monaldini's Niece 1883
Sink or Swim; or, Harry Raymond's Resolve 1870
Sir Gibbie 1879
Sir Rae: A Poem 1877
Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon 1854
Sketches and Adventures in Madeira, Portugal, and the Andalusias of Spain. By author of Daniel Webster and His Contemporaries. 1856
Sketches in Architecture containing plans and Elevations of Cottages, Villas, and other useful Buildings 1798
Skirmishes and Sketches 1866
Sloan's Constructive Architecture; A Guide to the Practical Builder and Mechanic. 1859
Sloan's Homestead Architecture 1861
Slow and Sure; or, From the Street to the Shop 1872
Smith's Cottage Designs. NA
Snare of the Fowler 1892
Snarleyyow, or the Dog Fiend 1883
Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyll 1872
Snow-Shoes and Canoes; or, the Early Days of a Fur-Trader in the Hudson's Bay Territory 1877
Social Statistics, or The Conditions Essential to Human Happiness. 1865
Society and Solitude, Twelve Chapters 1872
Soldier Boy, The; or, Tom Somers in the Army 1872
Soldier's Secret, A: A Story of the Sioux War of 1890 and An Army Portia 1893
Some Impressions of the United States 1883
Song of Roland 1966
Songs of Many Seasons, 1862-1874 1875
Sons and Daughters 1887
Spanish Conquest in America and its relation to the history of slavery and the government of the colonies. (2 Vols.) 1856
Speakers' Garland and Literary Bouquet. Four Volumes in One. 1873
Speakers's Garland and Literary Bouquet, Combining 100 Choice Selections (5 vols.) 1877
Specimens of Gothic Architecture. 1821
Spendthrift, The: A Tale 1857
Springhaven, A Tale of the Great War. 1887
Spy, The: A Tale of Neutral Ground. 1865
Squire's Legacy, The NA
St. George and St. Michael NA
St. Olaves NA
Stand Fast, Craig-Royston! 1891
Stansbury Expedition Maps 1855
Starlight Ranch and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier 1890
Starry Flag, The; or, The Young Fisherman of Cape Ann 1872
Steam Engine 1827
Stories About 1871
Stories by American Authors 1884
Stories from Homer 1878
Stories of Adventure 1874
Stories of the Gorilla Country: Narrated for Young People 1870
Story of Mary Washington 1892
Story of Tonty. 1890
Strange Adventures of a Houseboat. 1888
Strange Dwellings, Being a Description of the Habitations of Animals 1872
Strange Story, A; and the Haunted and The Hunters. 1870
Strive and Succeed; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad 1872
Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe 1871
Student — Life at Harvard 1876
Studies of Character from the Old Testament 1872
Study of Sociology 1875
Stumbling Blocks 1872
Suburban Sketches 1871
Success and its Conditions 1871
Success With Small Fruits 1881
Successful Man, A. 1891
Summary Narrative of an Exploring Expedition to the Source of the Mississippi River in 1820 1855
Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands. (2 vols.). 1826
Sunnybank. 1872
Sunrise: A Story of these Times. 1881
Sunshine and Storm in the East 1880
Supplement to the Congressional Globe: containing the proceedings of the Senate sitting for the Trial of Andrew Johnson. 40th Congress, 2nd Session. 1868
Supplement to the Legal Intelligence, Volume Six, No. 42: Advance Reports, Philadelphia, Friday, October 14, 1892, Reported by James Monaghan 1892
Supplement to the Legal Intelligence, Volume Two, No. 17: District Reports, Philadelphia, Tuesday, May 2, 1893 1893
Swastika, The: The Earliest Known Symbol and Its Migrations 1896
Switch Off; or, The War of the Students 1871
Sylvan Year 1876
System of Architecture with new Designs 1741
System of Mineralogy 1854
Tale of the Lonely Parish. 1886
Tale of Two Cities. 1859
Tallants of Boston, The: A Tale of Fortune and Finance. NA
Tattered Tom; or, The Story of a Street Arab 1871
Technologist: Especially Devoted to Engineering, Manufacturing, and Building. An illustrated Journal. New York. 1870. Two Volumes. 1870
Tecumseh and The Shawnee Prophet 1878
Tempest and Sunshine; or, Life in Kentucky 1884
Ten Years in Washington: Life and Scenes in the National Capital as a Woman Sees Them 1875
Ten Years' Tenant, The. NA
Tenants of an Old Farm — Leaves from the Note-Book of a Naturalist 1886
Testimony of the Rooks 1859
That Lass O'Lowries. 1877
The Art Journal. (5 vols.) 1853
The Autocrat at the Breakfast-Table 1873
The Builder and Workman's New Director 1853
The Carpenters' Company 1724, reprinted 1887. Box 150; File 43 of Archives. Contains copy of signature page of delegates who signed embargo (Association) on trade with Great Britain 1887
The Ecclesiastical History of Socrates 1853
The Life and Career of Major John Andre Adjutant-General of the British Army in America. 1861
The Lives of the Queens of England, of the House of Hanover. (2 Vols.) 1855
The Poet at the Breakfast-Table 1872
The Queens of American Society 1868
Theory and Practice of Warming and Ventilating Public Buildings .. . 1825
Think Magazine's Diary of U.S. Participation of World War II. 1946
This Wicked World. 1889
Thomas Carlyle: 1795 to 1835. (2 vols.) 1882
Thomas L. Mc Kenney, Architect of America's Early Indian Policy: 1816-1830 1974
Thomas Wingfold, Curate NA
Thorny Path, A. (Per Aspera) (2 Vols.) 1892
Thoughts about Art 1871
Three Centuries of English Literature 1872
Three Feathers. 1892
Three Musketeers. (2 Vols.) 1888
Thrilling Incidents of the Wars of the United States. 1848
Through One Administration. 1883
Through the Dark Continent. (2 Vols.) 1879
Thrown Together 1872
Tiber (The) and the Thames NA
Times of Charles XII 1884
Times of Gustaf Adolf 1883
Tiryns 1855
To Cuba and Back: A Vacation Voyage 1868
To Leeward. 1884
To the Sun? from the French of Jules Verne NA
Tobias Wilson: A Tale of the Great Rebellion. 1865
Toilers of the Sea 1888
Tom Sawyer 1881
Tools and Supplies Catalogue No. 40, Maddock and Co., 42 North Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. NA
Tour of the World in 80 Days, The NA
Tower of London, The 1853
Town Geology 1873
Tragedies of Sophocles in English Prose 1855
Tramp Abroad 1880
Travels in Arabia 1872
Travels in Central Asia 1865
Travels in Greece and Russia 1859
Travels in South Africa NA
Travels in the Air 1871
Treatise on the Construction and Use of Milling Machines Made by Brown and Sharpe Mfg. Co., Providence, R. I. 1902
Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening Adapted to North America 1854
Trees, Plants, and Flowers 1870
Tropical World, Aspects of Man and Nature in Equatorial Regions of the Globe 1873
Troy and its Remains 1875
True As Steel. 1883
Truths Illustrated by Great Authors, A Dictionary of Nearly 4000 Aids to Reflection 1870
Try Again; or, The Trials and Triumphs of Harry West: A Story for Young Folks 1871
Turk and the Greek ... 1867
Twas in Trafalgar's Bay and Other Stories. NA
Twenty Years After. (2 Vols.) 1888
Twice Told Tales 1871
Two Admirals. 1865
Two Centuries of Costume in America: 1620 to 1820 1903
Two Masters. 1890
Two Soldiers and Dunraven Ranch 1892
Two Supercargoes, The; or, Adventures in Savage Africa 1878
Twofold Life, A 1873
U. S. Census Office Returns of the 10th U. S. Census in 1880: Report on the U.S. Productions of Agriculture in 1880 1883
U. S. Census Office Returns of the 8th Census in 1860 1866
Uarda: A Romance of Ancient Egypt. (2 Vols.) 1880
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. (2 Vols.) 1881
Uncle Jack, Etc. 1885
Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings: The Folk-Lore of the Old Plantation. 1881
Uncle Tom's Cabin; or Life Among the Lowly 1878
Under the Lilacs 1878
Under the Will NA
Under-Currents. 1888
United States Department of Agriculture, Botanical Division. Bulletin No. 11. November, 1866. 1886
United States Department of Agriculture, Botanical Division. Special Bulletin. 1889. 1889
United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Entomology. Bulletin No. 11, January, 1886. 1886
United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Entomology. Bulletin No. 13, March, 1886. 1887
United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Entomology. Bulletin No. 15. June, 1887. 1887
United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Entomology. Bulletin No. 20. December, 1887. 1889
United States Department of Agriculture. Food Products Nos. 1-3 1894
United States State Department of Appropriations and Expenditures form March 4, 1789 to June 30, 1876 1877
Universe and the Coming Transits 1874
Up the Baltic; or, Young America in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark 1873
Uprising of a Great People, The: The United States in 1861 (from the French of Count Agenor de Gasparin) 1862
Vanished Pomps of Yesterday, The 1921
Vanity Fair: A Novel without a Hero, and Lovel, the Widower 1886
Vegetable World 1869
Venetian Life. 1867
Venice 1891
Vera Nevill, or Poor Wisdom's Choice. 1887
Vicar's Daughter, The NA
Vicomte De Bragelonne. (6 Vols.) 1888
Victory of the Vanquished: A Story of the First Century. NA
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages 1854
Views Afoot, or Europe seen with Knapsack and Staff 1854
Views of Nature or Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation 1850
Villette. 1875
Virginians, The: A Tale of the Last Century 1886
Visit to India, China, and Japan in the year 1853 1859
Wake-Robin 1887
Walks in London. Two Volumes in One. 1878
Walks in Rome 1872
Wandering Jew, The 1845
Wanderings in Four Continents 1878
Wanderings in Spain 1873
Warlock O' Glenwarlock: A Homely Romance 1881
War-Path: A Narrative of Adventures in the Wilderness, with Minute Details of the Captivity of Sundry Persons 1872
War-Time Wooing, A 1888
Washington and his Generals. (2 Vols.) 1854
Washington and the Generals of the Revolution. (2 Vols.) 1848
Waste-Land Wanderings 1887
Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives: A Story for Young People 1870
Water-Witch, The: or , The Skimmer of the Seas. 1864
Wax Flowers and How to Make Them 1869
Ways of the Hour. 1865
We Two NA
Wear and Tear or Hints for the Overworked 1872
Webb and His Brigade at the Angle Gettysburg. 1916
Wee Wifie. 1887
Weighed and Wanting 1882
Wept (The) of Wish-Ton-Won. 1864
West Lawn and The Rector of St. Mark's 1875
West Shore: An Illustrated Journal 1890
Westward Ho! or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyus Leigh, Knight of the Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth 1890
What Shall I Read? A Confidential Chat on Books. 1879
What Will He Do With It. (2 Vols.) 1868
What's Mine's Mine 1886
What-To-Do Club, The: A Story for Girls. 1885
Where Was the Battle Fought 1885
Which Shall It Be? 1874
White Gauntlet, The 1871
White Heather. 1886
Whom Kathie Married. 1883
WICACO Screw Machine Works 1884
Wild Life Under the Equator: Narrated for Young People 1870
Wild Life, or Adventures on the Frontier 1872
Wild Sports of the World — A Book of Natural History and Adventure 1870
Wild Western Scenes; Daniel Boone, Bear, Deer, and Buffalo Hunts, Desperate Conflicts with the Savages 1865
Wilfred Cumbermede 1872
William Penn 1851
William Winston Seaton of the Naval Intelligence, a biographical sketch 1871
Windsor Castle: An Historical Romance 1859
Wing-And-Wing; or, Le Feu-Follet. 1864
Winifred Bertram and The World She Lived In. NA
Winning His Way 1866
Winter Sunshine 1887
Wit and Humor: Their Use and Abuse 1888
With Harp and Crown. NA
Woman Against Woman NA
Woman in White. 1873
Woman's Journey Round the World ... 1852
Woman's Reason, A 1884
Women of Worth NA
Won by Waiting NA
Wonderful Woman, A. NA
Wonders of Italian Art 1870
Wood Rangers, The: or, The Trappers of Sonora 1873
Wooed and Married. 1887
Wooing O'T 1874
Wool-Gathering 1871
Word — Only A Word: A Romance. 1885
Words and Their Uses — Past and Present 1870
Words of Washington 1872
Work and Win; or, Noddy Newman on a Cruise 1870
Work: A Story of Experience 1874
Works of Benjamin Franklin. (10 Vols.) 1840
Works of Charles Lamb, complete in one volume, with a sketch of his life. 1857
Works of Daniel Webster in Six Volumes 1853
Works of Flavious Jospehus. (2 Vols.) 1854
Works of Joseph Addison. (6 Vols.) 1854
Works of Lord Byron, including the suppressed Poems. Also a Sketch of his Life. 1854
World (The) Went Very Well Than. 1888
World Almanac and Encyclopedia for 1918. The War Information Edition. 1918
World Before the Deluge 1869
World Well Lost NA
Wyandotte, or The Hutted Knoll. 1864
Yacht Club, The; or, The Young Boat-Builder 1874
Yankee Middy, The: or, The Adventures of a Naval Officer 1872
Yeast 1885
Young Engineer, The NA
Young Lieutenant, The: or, The Adventures of an Army Officer 1872
Young Pioneers of the Northwest, The 1871
Young Surveyor, or Jack on the Prairies 1875
Young Yagers, or, A Narrative of Hunting Adventures in Southern Africa 1869
Zanoni. 1867
Zeph: A Posthumous Story 1885
Zigzag Journeys in Europe: Vacation Rambles in Historic Lands 1881
Zoroaster. 1887

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