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Craig Stewart [12-30-2009]

I think any war is sad and wrong even if the war if fake, cause no one should pretend because that's disrepsectful to the people who died in a war.
Destini, 10 [12-23-2009]

darrell histand, open hearth cooking [12-22-2009]

JEN GETZ, cleveland,ohio [12-15-2009]

What days are you open and at what time?
Andy Vaughan [12-15-2009]

What exactly was washington's goal in this battle?
anonymous [12-09-2009]

Your website was ver informative. That really was an amazing time period. Thank you for the details.
Philip Suther, age 26, Cleveland OH [12-03-2009]

I use to think that history was boring..but more i read about it more i'm interested in finding more
Angeline, Chesapeake [12-30-2009]

Very enlightening
John [11-17-2009]

My ancestor James McKim fought in this battle.
William James McKim, Pittsburgh Chapter SAR [11-14-2009]


lot of histosy in the area of phila. and we need take careof it. so kids and there kids can enjoy the the past of a great nation .
bob george 3rd [11-09-2009]

I have several Revolutionary WAr soldier/patriots who fought in the battle at Brandywind. Captain John Dennis, Colonel William Crawford, and Captain Henry Gonterman. Each was with a different part of the army. Dennis was from PA, Crawford from VA, and Gonterman from New Jersey. I would love to visit the battle field some day, however, I was married fifty-six years ago in Elkton, MD. Mary
Mary B. Byron, I am a retired teacher, but researching my Rev. War ancestors. [11-02-2009]

it has been a long time since my last entry. i have been back there, it is different, still, one of the best places i have ever been to, outside of Kings Canyon national park!
Gary Opdenaker, United States [10-26-2009]

Great stand against tyranny and great model for government support that serves as a model for military might.
Master Sergeant Steven Carter [10-22-2009]

You've probably heard the story many many times, but the Regiment I served in (The 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment (1DERR) had a red inverted triangle behind the cap badge when worn on a beret and a red square behind forage cap/lapel collar badges on the tunic. These "flashes" were known as the "Brandywine" flashes and were awarded to the Regiment and worn as a battle honour for that battle. It is said that the award was given because it was the 1st time that the bayonet had been used to its full effect and I believe due to the fact that the Regiment had been able to creep up on American forces using and the bayonet against them whilst they slept. The resulting carnage made the river run red with blood with the Regiment then dipping the white hackle in the bloody river turning them red. I can't remember which regiment of foot this "honour" was bestowed on, but it went on to form the Royal Berkshire Regiment, that then amalgamated with the Wiltshire Regiment in 1959 to form 1 DERR. This Regiment has now amalgamated twice since and is now called I believe the 2nd rifles. Regards
Jim Finnegan, I now live in Spain [10-17-2009]

Bob Marshall, Louisville, KY [10-17-2009]

hi your website did my project for schoo. ps. Jeffy
Jeffy, louisiana [10-15-2009]

i got the rest of my project for school i love you.
anonymous [10-15-2009]

I have visited a lot of battlefields. I thought the staff at Brandywine was the least helpful of any park I have visited.
Bruce Wissel [10-15-2009]

Visiting later today with family in town! We are very excited!
DK Lovick, wilmington, de [10-13-2009]

Bobby Brown, United States [10-07-2009]

Marriott Courtyard in Malvern is a great Hotel located only minutes away from the battlefield! Call about discounted weekend rates! 484.417.2283 or email and mention this Ad!
Marianna, Malvern, PA [10-07-2009]

This is an amazing battlefield with picturesque vistas and well-preserved buildings. I only wish the Visitor Center were open -- I hope others will donate to help keep this site open.....
Julie Beale [10-05-2009]

My ggggrandfather fought here. Also, in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth.
mary monroe(munro) zwez, retired teacher/ggggranddaughter of daniel munro sr [10-03-2009]

Rachel Bailiff, 32, maryland [10-01-2009]

To whom it may concern. I'm trying to find an e-mail address for park officials. I would like to visit Brandywine Battlefield Park soon. I'll be coming in from the Midwest. It's my understanding the visitors center & historical bldgs are closed. For how long? I don't want to come of these things are shut down. Can someone help me? Thanks
steve carns [09-23-2009]

leon, 16 schenectady [09-22-2009]

this a good place for reseach.
corey alleman, age12, st.amant [09-22-2009]

john barone [09-17-2009]

Are there rules for flying the historical flag i purchased in your website - do we follow the same rules as for the US flad as we know it today i.e., lighted at night ? I too made a donation to help keep the battlefield open..
Tracy Stover [09-10-2009]

I live in the Backyard to the area of Brandywine Battlefield. It is so beautiful here. I take people to the area all the time.
Barbara Sobocinski, West Chester [09-09-2009]

My 5x great grandfather, Lt. Andrew Thompson was taken prisoner in this battle. He spent 3 years in Flatbush, NY with other captured American Officers.
Myrl Thompson [09-07-2009]

I have quite a bit of information about him and I would be happy to share if you are interested.
anonymous, I live in Boise, Idaho. I am a great. great granddaughter of John Ludwig Snyder who was in the Battle of Brandywine. [09-07-2009]

Direct descendant of Capt. Samuel Hopkins, 4th Company 6th Virginia
Robert J. Gang III, Cicero, New York [09-07-2009]

I am a decendent of Thomas McCarty who fought with George Washington against the British. If they are closing historical places...they might as well close history classes. Is history important or not?
Regina Frsmklin, 57. Colorado [09-07-2009]

Very good driving tour...easy to follow. Explanations clear...good job!
Kaye Beasley, American Revolutionary War "buff" from Florida. [09-07-2009]

Nice historical site w/good history lessons--pleasant drive through beautiful area. Located near many other local attractions. Makes for a great day/weekend trip.
William Cox, age 43/Jarrettsville,Md. [09-07-2009]

i heard there was a petition to sign in order to help save the park but i do not see a link here???
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Hi, I would like to contribute because my ancestor, John Wann, was at Brandywine as a Fifer. It seems that you can only charge a donation. Where would I mail a donation instead?
Claire Albert, Columbia MD [09-07-2009]

ghassan shah, cockeysville, md [08-21-2009]

Michele [08-20-2009]

Say it ain't so! Please tell me it's just a rumor! I heard that the B'wine Battlefield Park is closing? How or why could that happen? I would certainly appreciate a reply about it as soon as is convenient. Thank you. Sincerely, Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts, age 56, Birchrunville, Pa. History buff [08-18-2009]

I visited on August 12, 2009 andhad my mother with me. We didn't get to see much but the outsides of buildings because everything was closed so didn't get much other than a few pictures
Christy Doyle [08-17-2009]

You will be missed old freind. :(
Greg Moulder [08-14-2009]

John Ludwig Snyder is my GGGGG-grandfather. The only info I can locate online is an Obit and that he is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, New Washington PA
Holly Dodds [08-14-2009]

please change your mind it our history alive
HOWARD B GRAHAM, i am 70 and enjoyed talking my mom and dad and auet stel sorry to see it close [08-13-2009]

Karen L Galvin [08-06-2009]

Bob Marshall, Louisville, KY [08-04-2009]

Reasearching uncles who fought in the battle at Brandywine; Michael Hetrick (who died in battle), Adam Hetrick (wounded there).
Tammy Crews, Brentwood CA [08-03-2009]

ann marie [08-01-2009]

I enjoyed visiting the site, and really enjoyed the reenactment. GO!
Timothy M, 49, Baltimore [07-27-2009]

To close your heritage site where your ancestore's fought for the way of life you enjoy today, would be a travesty of justice, all Americans this is your heritage to be protected for future generations, to lose it would be the equivilent of dismantling the White House block by block. would you have that happen ! I gess not.
Bob Scott, age 71 UK. [07-25-2009]

My great great great great grandfather was killed in this battle, "Benjamin Danley".
Tim Danley, Age 47, Santa Rosa, CA [07-22-2009]

Kim [07-14-2009]

I am a Loyalist Reenactor and want to save the battlefield for future generations!
Nicholas F Matranga, 907 Patterson Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306 [07-11-2009]

JANICE LOVATO, butler,nj 07405 [07-05-2009]

Thank u for all the information!
LAN [07-05-2009]

My 4 times Great Grandfather - Pierce Dant Hamblin fought with George Washinton at the battle of Brandywine.
Crecie Marshall [07-05-2009]

I have been to The Benjamin Ring House and it is neet to know that my family had a small part in our countrys beginnings.
John P. Ring jr., Barberton Oh. [06-21-2009]

Brandywine is a big part of our history we need to keep it alive for others to remember.
Steve [06-19-2009]

Ashmead's History of Delaware County can be found online. The actual book came out in 1880 and contains a good description of the battle.
Steve Harvey, It was my ancestor's house, William Harvey House, that the Redcoats ransacked just before the actual battle started. Another relative ended up buying Washington's Headquarters in 1807. [06-15-2009]

Would you know where i can look for a list of soldiers who died at the battle of brandywine, i am looking for a John Greene stated to be nephew of Nathaniel Greene stated he died at brandywine. thank you
valorie sherman [06-12-2009]

I have a bet that this is where Tastykake pies were first made. Am I right?
Jordanaire, Pa. [06-11-2009]

William Chenausky, Phoenix, AZ [06-07-2009]

Everything, love visting the battlefield.
Stormie Barrage [06-03-2009]

anonymous [06-02-2009]

i am in AP classes and this was right on in what i learned. love the site RUS
Rus Halsey, 13, riverhead, ny [06-02-2009]

We visited the Battlefield recently and found the site well maintained. The interpretive staff was helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. It would be a terrible situation if the site should close as any location making the American Revolution come alive today especially to children is vitally important to their education
Susan, we visited from Phila. PA on 5/28/09 [05-31-2009]

We love your summer program - it's a fun way for children to learn some local American history. My son will be attending his 4th summer program this year.
Denise Carroll, Glen Mills, PA [05-31-2009]

julia miles
julia, julia [05-29-2009]

I was hoping to find a schedule of events for the reenactment so see if I could make any or all of that day's events.
Joe Ann Knauss [05-22-2009]

How would I see who fought in the battle?
anonymous [05-22-2009]

I would like to see a copy of the Brandywine Muster List My husbane had 2 family members who fought under Commander Peale?
anonymous [05-22-2009]

The state congress is considering a vote to discontinue the maintenance of this historical site due to budget cuts. I am a strong suppporter of decreased government spending. It is unfortunate, however, that this is how we have chosen to cut back. The Revolutionary War is perhaps the most glorious cry for freedom in modern history. We should all feel privileged to be the descendents of that generation. We need to be responsible stewards of our history and the lessons that it continues to teach us. We should not even be CONSIDERING such an act - it is a betrayal of our nation's great founding and birth. It is also a sign of the times. Let us show wisdom and restraint by preserving what is best in ourselves. There are many other things that we can and should let go of - not our history.
Tracy Nesom, Pennsylvania [05-18-2009]

In a recent Garnet Valley Press it was reported that there is a proposal to close the battlefield. I realize this is hard ecomomic times but this is a very important part of our history. There must be other options - reduced daily hours, closed several months in the winter.....
Cheryl Ralph [05-18-2009]

woww. i hate computer projects haha but this site is helpful, yo.
kayceee [05-14-2009]

I recently stopped by the Visitors Center and learned that the Battlefield may be closing due to cutbacks. I am very concerned and would like an update on the status. What can we do to support Brandywine Battlefield Historic Site? It would be so sad to tour the area again and find that the battle field consisted of no more than a highway marker.
Debbie Mecca, Ashland, Kentucky [05-12-2009]

I have several ancestors that were Quakers from this area. Names of Ancestors-Hollingsworth, Fisher, Carr and more.
T Dorsey, i [05-12-2009]

I have relatives who lived all along the Brandywine during the time of the battle. Last names of Brinton, Walker, Darlington and Yarnall. Would love more information on them!
Christy, 35 [05-11-2009]

Bonjour; As a member of the American Friends of Lafayette and the Merci Lafayette French and American Alliance for Peace, I would appreciate you covering the monument marking where Lafayette was wounded. Also, I noticed Lafayette was not included in your excellent flyer on the Brandywine Battlefield.Last but not least where was Lafayette quartered for the battle? Merci! Al@
Albert K. Oberst, Was at Thomas Flemings lecture at Brandywine [05-11-2009]

this was a helpful site for my project.
peter, boy [05-09-2009]

Looking for John Ludwig Snyder Family information
Erma, Boise, Id [05-06-2009]

this is a great web site
Joe Wilbert [05-05-2009]

Hello from the eighth great granddaughter of James Dilworth. Why don't you have a little miniature of the Dilworthtown Inn? :(
anonymous [04-27-2009]

anonymous, pa [04-27-2009]

mia, 76 italy [04-27-2009]

Brandywine Battlefield and Valley Forge are synonymous in that they both point towards the true character of our nation so personified in the Declaration of Independence.Lest we forget what was done for all of us in 1777 through 1778.The real issue at this much deliberated site of Valley Forge was,I feel,that the Continential Army was uniformed in rags. The real story at that site overlooking the Schuykill river was clothing. Pennsylvania winters can be quite cold in Decenber January and February and without coats gloves and hats, not to mention proper foot wear made staying alive formadible.Food can be procured for them and they did not need weapons and ammo for this, was and encampment, they had dire need of clothing.Who was to help them? Thank God for family support. Little has been said about he wives and local women and young girls and boys who helped repair clothing and launder said clothes. Their effort was quite commendable.Their service for our country and eventually for us gave them the time and the resolve to go forward to procure and secure our frreedom.
Robert Flannery, 62 years old,retired from the VA hospital after 30 years also retired30 years in the U.S.Army,1969 in Vietnam. [04-23-2009]

found a historical gravesite with general and others buried in mountains of Glen ferris cannot get anyone-not even the state to help me get this cleaned up and documented-can you help?
Janet, Ohio [04-18-2009]

im going here for a fieldtrip on may 12
jbug [04-16-2009]

Keep up the good fight and keep the battlefield open!
chris collare, Carlisle, PA [04-13-2009]

I would like to receive information via the internet from you. Also I will be visisting the battlefield site on my next trip to Philadelphia this summer.
Doug Miller, 57 yrs old,, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho [04-13-2009]

samantha, n.c [04-09-2009]

I love history
anonymous, 10, tn [04-07-2009]

For my students . . . read and learn.
Cathy Reich, Montana [04-07-2009]

hi i'm a person
?????? [04-07-2009]

Defend The Consitiution. Are you listenting?
anonymous, 54, Downingtown, Life long resident [04-01-2009]

I hope to visit soon:)
Gina [03-31-2009]

jfloy [03-29-2009]

I am interested in Thompsons and the Brandywine battle. PA has been my Thompson roots state and I love reading all the interesting facts on PA. Thanks for your site
Delores Masters, wv [03-26-2009]

Kim Burdick, Historic hale Byrnes House, Newark, DE 19713 [03-22-2009]

i'm doing a project and this helped a lot
anna, 10 years old [03-22-2009]

Excellent What A Piece Of History, We Will Be Sure To Consider It Sometime!
Hill Side Investigators, Paranormal Group Out Of Montrose Pennsylvania [03-17-2009]

Ilove this site
russ [03-17-2009]

Well, I have to go here for a class but i guess the website is alright except for the fact that i cant find anything. So yeah... p.e.a.c.e
Bella Singleton [03-17-2009]

Descendant of Benjamin Ring; looking forward to visiting the family homestead.
Sam Williamson [03-15-2009]

She Sck [03-13-2009]

Tom & I are planning to visit Brandywine this June. We would like to know what is the oldest and most historical aspect of Brandywine?
Thomas & Cynthia Swearingen, 2342 Green Hills Lane,Greensburgh,Pa. 15601 [03-12-2009]

Todd Spencer, Kokomo In - 29 year old- married father of 6 [03-09-2009]

The Historical sites should fall under the educational category for federal funding. My children learn so much more about history in one weekend event then they could ever learn in a lifetime of classrooms.
Donis Spencer, Kokomo, In - 29 years old - married mother of 6 [03-09-2009]

Neat needs work
Eric, Indiana [03-09-2009]

Your re-enactment that you have every September is wonderful.
Mark Killen [03-09-2009]

weird site
anonymous [03-09-2009]

hey im a very funny and unique young gentlemen i enjoy long walks on the beach candle lit dinners and the smell of dogs
mike literous, im 19 from nebraska [03-09-2009]

My 5x great grandfather Jacob Decker fought at the Battle of Brandywine; received a wound over his left eye! Survived the war; received his pension; passed away at the age of 84 and is buried at Walmer's Churchyard, Lebanon, PA. God Bless him and the men and women that supported our glorious cause. I hope everyone alive today honors this history with good citizenship and being supportive of the trials our country is under today.
Elizabeth Needham, Chatham IL [03-09-2009]

LIL MEKA [03-09-2009]

we are proud of the entertainment of the battle of brandywine and enjoy thet its still remembered in our text books and its actually still remembered in a national park you can actually go and visit thanks for this beautiful website...... your students of mrs. rodriguez's 2009 graduating class at pinecrest charter middle at kendall south campus
students of pinecrest academy charter middle, miami,florida 33193 [03-03-2009]

I just started a new job in Kennett Square and drive over Rt 926 (Street Rd), cross over Birmingham Rd near the Birmingham Meeting House, down Rt 52 and over Rt 1. The historical signs in the area led me to look up info about the battle (this is how I found your website) and now every day as I drive over these roads I can't help but imagine all that went on in the woods and fields around me. It's as though I can see and hear the action on the now silent terrain. I also wonder what may still be lying in those fields and woods. Thanks for the tour info and links to articles about the battle. It is very informative and well presented.
Alan Markley, age 52 Collegeville, PA [02-26-2009]

i really like that you guys have information for us here and that we can use it for free. i also like that you guys have other links to like other websites to find more information
mARa_b00, im kut3 sh0rt l0lz im 14 aNd i lyk3 b0yZ [02-25-2009]

Riddle of Penncroft Farm rules
anonymous [02-24-2009]

completed my own work on the revolution titled: " What it Meant to Be a Patriot" about 2 years ago and still looking for a publisher.
john j rivera, age 47, from brooklyn, new york [02-23-2009]

Bobby Brown [02-21-2009]

i have to do a presntation on this =-] i dont like it. i think school is weird lol nikki was here too =)
Annie [02-20-2009]

We are coming to visit tomroow. We are close and have never been. We are history buffs too!
Mary Beth Obetz, Lititz,PA [02-17-2009]

This site was extremely helpful!
anonymous [02-12-2009]

A fascinating website. We plan to visit Brandywine and Valley Forge in about a month.
John Ferguson, Oshawa,On [02-09-2009]

Cool site
anonymous [02-06-2009]

There are books about that battle, (September 11,1777, Washington's Defeat at Brandywine Dooms Philadelphia, by Bruce E. Mowday). That was are first 911
Charles Thomas Cooke IV [02-04-2009]

Colonel William Cooke's brother, Colonel Jacob Cooke of the 4th. Battalion Militia, out of Lancaster County, Pa.was in the Battle of Brandywine also, and there two brother's, who were Loyalist's, fought in that battle also, they were Colonel Charles Cooke and Col. Robert Cooke, of the New Jersey Volunteer's
Charles Thomas Cooke IV [02-04-2009]

this is cool
brianna [02-01-2009]

Very nice website. I was interested in what you do at your camps. We offer 2 summer camp programs, one at each museum plus other summer programs. We have discussed adding a military program to our summer schedule. Yours sounds wonderful. Thank you.
Glenna Hoff, Campus Martius and Ohio River Museum, Marietta, OH [02-01-2009]

very well written and i can tell a lot of thought went into it!
anonymous, 12, Vestal, [01-28-2009]

Fantastic site! I hope to visit Brandywine soon. My gggg grandfather was a Queens Ranger with the Highlanders under Weymss. The information and celebrations are spectacular. Keep up the good work Garth Sweezey
Garth Sweezey, Miramichi NB Canada [01-20-2009]

I am doing a newspaper for school about Brandywine Pennsylvania HELP!
Melissa, I am doing a newspaper for school about the Brandy wine pennsylvania 1777 [01-19-2009]

I remember learning all of this in middle school I love geography and american history!
Hilary Duff [01-15-2009]

This place has just the information I need thank you people who created this website!
anonymous [01-10-2009]

the site tells accurate information. i wish that everything was not just words though. if someone could make a video telling about the actual even and the pre-thinking and planning, that would be very helpful.
Elizabeth, 14, Leonia [01-07-2009]

Stephen Shaw, My ancestery includes John Chenoweth who was captured at the Battle of Brandywine. [01-07-2009]

I Want To Study 55 Men Signed Article
George, Myanmar [01-07-2009]

Great history in this battle of the Continental army and the British .
Mike Hart [01-04-2009] home