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Brandywine Battlefield: 2008 Guestbook Archives

my ancestor was in Washington's army from beginning of the campaign, through Valley Forge, and then was captured, spending two years as a prisoner of the British.
Gary Davis, San Antonio Texas [12-31-2008]

Many, many years ago (probably about 40 years ago), my uncle, Warren Lear taught us about the Brandywine Battlefield. He lived in Chadds Ford for many years. I find that both his information and the Battlefield itself began my lifelong love of history and especially the Revolutionary War. If anybody knew Warren and Evelyn Lear (they lived on Creek Road across from the Wyeth house), please contact me.
Jan Smith [11-30-2008]

Frank Farr [12-29-2008]

Jennifer Middleton, Anderson, mo [12-23-2008]

I am looking over the Battle of Brandywine because one of my relatives fought in the battle. Thanks for the information, I'd love to visit.
Grace Windsheimer [12-20-2008]

Here's the link on my website for pix that I took on a visit last year: I made a few things on my cafe press store at: in the Garden Art section, etc. There's a clock and a tile coaster from the stone on the Gilpin House. Great place to go! Very well taken care of. Will try to visit in 2009 and bring a couple of products to donate for sale in your store.
Susan James, Pix that I took... [12-20-2008]

Charles Thomas Cooke IV, 68, Elyria, Oh. I am a descendent of Col. William Cooke [12-15-2008]

megan [12-15-2008]

Having grown up in the shadow of this site, and now living within a 15 minute walk of the site of the only hospital ever commissioned by the Continental Congress, I feel blessed to be surrounded by the history of our great nation.
Raymond T. O'Dore, Chester Springs, PA [12-11-2008]

My great, great, great, great, great Grandfather Robert Morgan Roberts, took an active part in the Revolutionary struggle. At the call of his country he became a Revolutionary soldier, and was engaged in the battles of Brandy wine, Germantown and White Plains. His son was also famous, Robert R. Roberts one of the founders of DePauw University in Indiana. Please contact me should you have any additional information on these ancestors.
James Roberts [12-02-2008]

Really enjoyed the site and would very much like to get in touch with others who have a passion for the Revolutionary War and who are knowledgeable about this battle in particular!
Kaye E. Beasley [12-02-2008]

Very enjoyable and educating experience, I recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a good day trip to a historical site in Pennsylvania.
Steven A McComsey, Coatesville, PA [12-01-2008]

you should add photographs of the landscaping from the battle of brandywine
anonymous [11-25-2008]

nice site
Aba Imo Owerri, 41 [11-25-2008]

James McCrory my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather was in this battle = I have visited his grave at Old Betheny Baptist Church Cementary at Aliceville,Ala.
Roy Barnes, 70 yrs. old= Greenville,Ms. [11-24-2008]

nicole [11-20-2008]

I'm just now learning about the Revolutionary Music for my seminar class. I'm listening to all the music FROM the Revolution and 18th Century. These websites are awesome for my magazine article!
anonymous [11-17-2008]

We are visiting @ Thanksgiving and my son is very interested in his "roots" - can't wait to show him what I grew up with in my backyard - great sight! Thanks!
Kristian Testa Chester, Columbia Falls, MT (native - Landenberg, PA) [11-14-2008]

anonymous [11-08-2008]

fun, cool aunt live in kennet square very close
mike [10-27-2008]

I am looking for my descendant Johann Hellberg aka john hellberg. Catherine Hinds was witness to a baptism of a daughter of Hellberg in Quebec City 1786. Do you have any other information connecting these individuals? Hellberg was a hessian soldier & his decendants, I'm told, can be traced to Quebec (sorel) under the name Hellenberg/Hellenburg.
carol slezak [10-23-2008]

this is good for a report
Gary Bryan [10-23-2008]

Hannah Garrett, Portland OR [10-22-2008]

i like cheese cake
Stacia Norcross, nope [10-20-2008]

shawn sherman [10-18-2008]

i have always enjoyed watching reinactments,picnics,just hanging out there.
donna kimmons, lebanon,pa [10-15-2008]

William Edward Skokos, Salt Lake City, Utah [10-15-2008]

This is great for my History project!
anonymous [10-09-2008]

i just found out my real last name is MACPHERSON. my gret grandfather 5x. was MAJOR JAMES MACPHERSON of the 42nd regiment of foot. he led an attack against WASHINGTONS troops (sorry about that). years earlier he was an officer in the montgomerie highlanders. he fought the seven year war and was involved in TICONDEROGA,BUSHBY RUN AND THE RELIEF OF FORT PITT. GOD BLESS AMERICA
DOUG FOSTON, whitby ont. [10-09-2008]

I am a long time fan of Daniel Boone and watch him every day on TV. I did not know I could get so much info about him but just put his name in computer and found so much. THANK YOU!
Barbara Carroll, 78 YEARS YOUNG LIVE IN kALAMAZOO, MI 49024 [10-02-2008]

love it
melissa, Htown [10-01-2008]

i truly thought that this was a great website! lit totally helped me with my assignment! thank you do much! you guys rock! with love.. Courtney
Courtney Mclovin, i live in the bronx new york [09-28-2008]

I came on here looking for info regarding the Battle of Brandywine. My gggrandfather was Capt. Patrick Graham and our family info says that he saved Layfette's life during this battle.
Mae Graham Reaser [09-21-2008]

My GGGGgrandfather and GGGGGgrandfather lived at Jefferis Ford at the time of the battle. I have not yet visited the Battlefield but intend to correct that very soon.
James E. Jefferis [09-17-2008]

We came for the re-enactment on Sunday and had a wonderful time. The whole day was great. I took about 180 pictures that you can see here.
Tony Kennedy, Bethlehem, PA [09-08-2008]

i am doing tests on these wars and have to collect stampsfor my school in a booklet do you know what i am talking about
anonymous, i live in meadia i am nine [09-06-2008]

My 4th great-grandfather, Francis FERGUS, was in the Battle of Brandywine, as a wagoneer. He was an immigrant from Co Tyrone, Ireland.
Cynthia N. Russell, Traverse City, Michigan [09-02-2008]

I am looking forward to visiting and sharing living history with my kids.
Mark Smith, 39yrs Egg Harbor Township, N.J. 08234 [08-27-2008]

Jeff Kirby [08-25-2008]

my mother was a twaddwll and I am looking for family info
lil coletta [08-25-2008]

I haven't been to the site yet but I expect to be there with a former White House staff member who was on the staff of President and Mrs. Reagan in the White House as well as the Little White House in CA. She, her husband and I look forward to an incredible day! I also hope to see some evidence of my daughter's Chadd Family ancestral heritage.
Stanley E. Adams, 80 years old. I do genealogy and have dug up and located 98,000 individuals for my Adam/Adams/Leiby/Merkle/LeVan + 10,000 other families primarily of PA Dutch ancestry in PA. [08-25-2008]

aka Gen. George Weedon. Will see you at Brandywine battle HQ
Skip Nolan, Fredericksburg, VA [08-18-2008]

My ancestor, Benjamin Hennis,may have fought at Brandywine. This is a good site; I'll return.
Jean Smidt [08-18-2008]

.My grand dad Milo Palmer Smith(WW1)My father Wayne Fredrick Smith 1st Lt Tinion AAF(WW11),KoreaWar.I went to the cemetary here,where the confederates ran killing 11,000 men.amomg them,my GGGGG Cousin Isaiah Chandler,marked,Ohio 1865 Does anyone of the Chandler's know were I can get another Blue book,George and Jane Chandler pls e-mail me,The Smiths branched off from Hobbs some way,we have warrior Chandler blood,and proud of this family.,Thanks
Randy K.Smith, Salisbury,North Carolina 49,USAF Ret. [08-15-2008]

I was told that my ancestor, (first name I don't know) KENT died at Brandywine so I'm trying to learn which soldiers named KENT died there.
Denise Merritt, Oregon [08-08-2008]

Wish some history on the David W. Taylor DD551. My dad served on her in the pacific in ww2
Robert J. Hutter Jr., Age 62 Midland Texas [08-05-2008]

Love historical sites, have never been to Brandywine, can not wait to see it, Thanks for all your hard work in keeping our American history alive PS: Retired Army 23 years
Robert J. Elliott [08-04-2008]

hi is hard to die, but death is real so becareful in what ever your doing in life
mary, hi [08-04-2008]

donna kimmons [08-04-2008]

I am checking out the battlefield where my ancestor and his two brothers fought. 18 yr old George A.G. Doniphan died there, bro Wiliam was wounded, bro Joseph was unscathed, units was 3rd VA Regiment. Anyone have pictures of uniforms worn by the Reg at that time.Any info would help. Thks
Katherine A Clinton, Age 68, Spokane, WA [05-18-2008]

david greene, 52years old [05-18-2008]

asdasd, 5, pa [05-14-2008]

Joshua Johnson m: Sarah Miller, daughter of Gayen and Margaret Miller. I'm researching their daughter Lydia because there's speculation she married William Spicer. Both, as well as several of their children were massacred by Indian's in Greene County, PA in 1773. I would appreciate any that proves, or disproves the link between Lydia and William. Thank you.
Mary Stokes [05-12-2008]

i vistited this site when i was eight and just realized it :] it helped me a lot in school becos i got all great gradesss* so thanks oodle'sz<3 i still live in tha same old city in tha same old state though :]
alexandra flores, 12 ; glen ferris, west virginia¢¾ [05-03-2008]

The "John Adams" mini-series on HBO sparked my interest and I want to visit over Memorial Day weekend as my vacation.
Michelle Sawyer, Akron, Ohio, 50 years, old female [05-03-2008]

Just learning about the Battle of Brandywine.
Mike, 43, Texas [04-30-2008]

For Connie Ulrich, Orlando Harvey was born on 12-9-1845, but was married to Kate Baggs Ulrich, not Anna Ulrich. Hope this answers your question.
Steve Harvey, Descendant of William Harvey whose house was ransacked by the Brits and Hessians on 9/11 . . . 1777 [04-25-2008]

your website needs pictures!
Mo*Mo, This is for school [04-24-2008]

lilly rose of the flowers in massachussetts and roller coasters of kansas [04-24-2008]

I was wondering if you had a online shop like a girtshop/
Jared [04-24-2008]

great website
Emily Sites [04-17-2008]

Ronald Richards, age 71 Roseville MI. [04-16-2008]

this place is awesome!
Funnyman7777777 [04-12-2008]

Looking forward to bringing my children this summer. I enjoyed being on the battlefield when I was a child and I am very excited to give that to my girls. 2008
Colleen M. Maher-Fanelli [04-12-2008]

add more kewl stuff to your kewl site o.k. kewl luv ya
hannah, 14 [04-05-2008]

m56young matt [04-05-2008]

wow looks like a cool place
colin shannon, 13 years old,colorado [04-01-2008]

Planning a June 2008 trip to Pa. Your website is laid out perfectly to exhibit information unknown to many out of state visitors. We will surely make a stop at Brandywine Battlefield, would not miss it.
Terry Musolf, Madison, Wisconsin [03-26-2008]

jerry eugene childress, I found your site doing research on my family genealogy as Pleasant Childers was my 4th Great Grandfather. [03-24-2008]

brandywine rox! :)
dan [03-19-2008]

Rick Smurdon [03-14-2008]

Ede Blair, My great great great grandfather, James Thompson, participated at Brandywine and Chadds Fordl [03-14-2008]

Dani Boland, hi [02-28-2008]

It tells about ever thing so vividly in your mind you actually feel as if you are there! This is a wonderful website to look through. I hope you liked this website as much as I did!
Rose Lenderlon, I am living in New York I love history and battles and this is a great place to look up the BrandyWine battle! I am married and have 1 child. [02-25-2008]

i thought that it was great and im only 10 doing a progect about philadelphia,paul revere is my favorite revolutionary war hero and i loveeeee history the declaration of independence is soooo cool i've wached national tresure so many times, plus i love the 4th of july because thats when the declaration of independence in 1776
anonymous [02-22-2008]

hi, hi [02-20-2008]

Thank you for your work. I am descended from a soldier that fought here under Muhlenberg. John Hinds was a fifer in the 13th Virginia Line Regiment. You can find his name on both the Valley Forge and Fort Laurens websites.
Clif Hinds, Humboldt, TN [02-06-2008]

This and other sites like this are a gold mine, i would hope that our younger generation will take the time as i have, an teach my kids about our real national treasure that we have its called FREEDOM and with sites like this and many more hopefully our kids and there kids for many years to come can learn about the real heroes of our country, the men and women who died for our freedom from past, present, and future
Jim L., Philadelphia, PA [02-03-2008]

my son was born on this day in 1999, i was watching "liberty kids, i watch mon-thurs, of every week. i always felt that my son was special,seeing that there was a battle on his b-day over 140 yrs. ago, was something i should express to him, letting him know that someone was fighting for freedom.
anonymous [01-28-2008]

I enjoy your things on The Battle of Brandywine, thanks
Brian A Peachey, 8-9 year 1999 [01-26-2008]

Heather, 11 [01-23-2008]

wonder if related to tannahill name din battle first decendant left glasgow 1840 aboard the bengal tiger arrived in new zealand approx 9 months later at wellington small world indeed
travis james ian tannahill, auckland new zealand 40 yrs [01-21-2008]

So wonderful to see this site here. I am tracing my family's history and have just learned that my Great Great Great Grandfather William Elwood fought in the Battle of Brandywine. I hope to visit the battlefield someday. Thank you for maintaining this important part of American history!
Dianne Elwood Stauber, Arlington, Texas [01-21-2008]

I was at a reenactment there in September all loved the site.
mark bronson [01-16-2008]

I noticed your sign at the entrance to the park as I was driving my 18 wheeler north on route 1 on Friday, Jan. 12,2008. This web site helps me to get a better understanding of the battles fought during the war.
Richard W Brown, 55, Boothbay, Maine [01-14-2008]

I am a college student and I just wanted to say thanks for all the great historical material here! It helps to have sites like this to help me study and write my papers. Thank you again!
Jason Maughan, 28 Salt Lake City, Utah [01-14-2008]

Didn't know that September 11 was significant before 2001. History is important, well done.
Robert Everson, Age 56, Melbourne, Australia [01-14-2008]

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tacha, hahahahhahaabhahahahahaha [01-12-2008]

anonymous, new york [01-10-2008]

alec, hi [01-09-2008]

sweet thanx!
anonymous [01-05-2008] home