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at first I thougt I would hate it but then when i saw it it was awsome.
elizabeth, 10-age [12-25-2007]

I believe some of this battle was fought on my ancestors land .
Darrell Brinton [12-21-2007]

hola me llamo Lichen! america es muy bueno! y brandywine creek es muy bueno tambien! Amo bellum, et pugnare. Gratiat tibi. GO YANKEES!
Lichen Brownstein, i go in to cardiac arrests in regular intervals; i am a pro-fortune teller and a pro mini golfer. [12-21-2007]

Very interesting site,will probably revisit
Paul L Peters, United Kingdom [12-17-2007]

I was reading through family history and figured out that Gideon Gilpin was a great uncle to my great, great, great, grandfather, William Gilpin first govener of Colorado. Thanks for the added information placed on your website.
Robert Vise, Colorado Springs, CO [12-17-2007]

Visited your battleground and man, I got so pumped! I just wanted to go out and smash some Brits! America rulez and the Brits suck. GOD BLESS AMERICA! WE ARE THE BEST!
Joe, Philly [12-17-2007]

I am trying to determine if Alexander Aikman was killed in the Battle of Brandywine. He is one of my ancestors. Is there a documented list of the dead?
Frederica Wyatt [12-17-2007]

i love this site
nathaniel armstrong, 14,wheeling,wv [12-17-2007]

thanks all this info will help me with my project!
Tiffany Harkey [12-12-2007]

cool website
dana echols, 13/ memphis,tn/ snowden middle school [12-11-2007]

sandra, 12 oklahoma fjgwef [12-11-2007]

i love this website. it is my favoret. i like how you put the people who faught in the war. well goodbye
NOT TELLING, not telling [12-07-2007]

I have just learned from pension papers that my great-great-great-great-great grandfather who fought in the Revolutionary War lived on the forks of the Brandywine as stated in the pension statements.
Donna Ertel, Manteno, Illinois [12-06-2007]

Its pretty good, but i think that you could use more facts and more pictures. talk more about the battle!
skillut bisquit, no thanks, just bored. [12-06-2007]

VERYYYYY Interesting.
Vicky stull, 13,pinnacle,North Carolina [12-04-2007]

anonymous [12-03-2007]

i am looking for Francis Dyer who came over with Lafayette, to fight I can not seem to find anything ... he lived in Va before he died .. help
jeanie, 47 single,blond hair blue,plump(fat :) ) live in SLC Utah [12-03-2007]

can you put a few basket ball nets in the field/park down robertsfield at arkle avenue park/field please so people can pratise basketballwith some people by the 5th of november please thankyou.
Grant harmsworth, age 13 /city thatcham/country england in london [12-03-2007]

Informative and very hepfull in determining whether to make a 3.5 hour trip. Hope to see you in 2008.
Paul C. Metzger, Montoursville, PA [11-26-2007]

I love you
anonymous [11-26-2007]

Hi, Your website is to good specially your website design from Rakesh
Rakesh, gurgaon [11-20-2007]

ahh E.M was here
anonymous [11-20-2007]

Hello everyone reading this! This is a fantastic website! I found some terrific information here and am planning on visiting the park soon. My great (x5) grandfather was Col. Joseph McClellan, (Pa). 1st Lieutenant Pennsylvania Musket Battalion, 20th March, 1776; Captain, 15th July, 1776; Captain 9th Pennsylvania, 1st January, 1777, to rank from 15th July, 1776; transferred to 2d Pennsylvania, 17th January, 1781; resigned 10th June, 1781. (Died 24th October, 1834.) Re-enstated by Washington himself as a Colonel to lead dragoons during the 1794 Whiskey insurrection . He has a monument in the park that I did not know about until I stumbled onto this website while doing some genealogical research. Keep up the good work! See ya soon!
Peter Sawyer Wilson - Son of the Revolution, Kenmore, NY 14223 [11-20-2007]

David Large [11-19-2007]

Joe Caulfield [11-19-2007]

great! i love history.
anonymous [11-18-2007]

interasting information Thanks a lot.
Al Hansen, North Dakota [11-17-2007]

Hi, I'm Paul and I was just wanting to say thank you so very much for your helpful information about history.
anonymous [11-15-2007]

I love NJ
Moop [11-15-2007]

justin rodriguez [11-15-2007]

Lord Crumblebite of York [11-14-2007]

i think history is cool
***** [11-12-2007]

i liked evrytng it was 5 star qauilty to me
Matthew pasculli, Salinas California 13 [11-12-2007]

Coming this month for a visit!
Bob Marshall, 47, Louisville, KY [11-08-2007]

Stephanie [11-08-2007]

melissa [11-08-2007]

I just found out my great great great great grandfather fought at this battle. He was 27 years old at the time. His name was John Cline.
Stephanie Frame, Age 32 Sacramento, CA [11-08-2007]

Ed Price, Rising Sun, MD 21911 [11-05-2007]

My great ggggg grandfather was a Hessian officer who was wounded in the second battle at Brandywine and was nursed by an American family and became a spy for the Americans. His name was Peter Croco(sic - don't know his polish name)
J Ladner, My great ggggg grandfather was a Hessian officer [11-02-2007]

i have always had such a passion, a dear dear passion, for the battle of brandywine creek! :) It just strikes me as a major turning point in the war even though you guys lost.
Lincoln Noggle, history buff for 45 years, teach inner city, shot thrice. [10-25-2007]

nice info i never knew about history like that
Horus Of The Black Flame, Philadelphia [10-22-2007]

this web site rocks! we <3 taylorview jh!
aBBY AND BREANNE!, i lov history ! [10-22-2007]

Great Website! I'm a descendant of Jacob Albright, a young minister who served as a drummer at the Battle of Brandywine.
Kevin Albright, Born in Reading, PA. [10-14-2007]

u rock thanks 4 info when i need it on the go
TABI [10-14-2007]

erica floyd [10-14-2007]

my class read the riddle pincrof was really intresting!
hannah, 9 [10-14-2007]

go brandywine!
gianni [10-12-2007]

anonymous [10-12-2007]

souja boy [10-12-2007]

this is cool!
Kaley [10-12-2007]

Excellent Site! Thank You!
Kurt [10-05-2007]

revolutionary war buff, i'm glad to see these sites being preserved for posterity ( i hope !)
JOE [10-05-2007]

william h browne [10-05-2007]

JoHanna, 13, [10-04-2007]

i still need help lookin 4 pics.. of The Battle of Brandywine.
mimi, 16 slidell [10-02-2007]

I remember going their with my family,brings back good memories:]
Gracie Kimmons, 23,princeton,wv [09-29-2007]

this site gave me so much info to pass my chior class lol.
tara schawrtz [09-28-2007]

Very interesting.
Marlene Norris, Aaronsburg, PA [09-26-2007]

Joseph E Pilon [09-24-2007]

This is soo cool,its grat because i needed a historic site for a project,and this orked out FANTASTICLY!
kallyn [09-16-2007]

My 4th Great Grandfather Joseph Cole from Baltamore Co. Maryland was a Orderly Sgt. during the battle of Brandywine. Is there any way to confirm this?
Michael Cole, Nashville, TN [09-14-2007]

Very Interesting. Would like to visit this site.
BrianT [09-13-2007]

Love your site & the re-enactment
Ray Caron, Newark DE [09-08-2007]

Stephen Foster [09-05-2007]

We own an x american army tank landing craft named after the Brandywine battlefield. She was built in 1977 and sailed to New Zealand in 2003. Currently used for oilfield work here. Great site you have. we now have the history displayed on board
Shane Walter, New zealand [09-04-2007]

GGGG grandfather (Quaker)owned the farm (presently the site of Kennett High School) in Kennett Square where Howe camped prior to marching north to meet Washington. Family tradition has it that the British took just about everything they could carry; family members carried their hatred of the English into the twentieth century.
Andrew Lamborn, Buckingham, PA [09-03-2007]

Ellie Sides Weightman, Descendant of Mary Hays (Molly Pitcher) [09-03-2007]

Douglas Bower [08-29-2007]

We attend Civil War Reenactments and are interested in expanding our interest to Revolutionary War events.
Cathy Smith, Willow Grove, PA [08-27-2007]

Shamequa Gonzales [08-24-2007]

Very nicely laid out website. Informative and useful in planning a tour of the battlefied. Thank you for all your hard work!
GARY ROBERSON, 53 broomall, pa. [08-23-2007]

Can't wait to visit
Chuck Saytor, Triadelphia,West Virginia [08-22-2007]

My ggg-grandfather was wounded below the knee in this battle. I always wondered about it. Thank you for the information.
Mary Hicks, Eastview, Hardin County, KY [08-21-2007]

I shall be over on 7th Sept for the second year running, and look forward to sharing the re-enactment for the 230th.
Michael Vernon-Powell, Colonel, UK Army and Member of the 49th Foot who were there in 1777! [08-21-2007]

allan melia, rahway nj [08-17-2007]

I grew up right there, walked the Brandywine Battlefield many times..Picnics.. painted..listened to stories..even went to Church. I'm in Florida now, and MISS Brandywine with all my heart.
Leta Solomon [08-16-2007]

anonymous, plymouth,mn [08-16-2007]

I plan to visit this Battlefield on Sept. 29, 07 with a reunion group of the U.S.S. David W. Taylor (DD551)
Edgar L Mitchell [08-14-2007]

bob pierce [08-07-2007]

don daly [07-30-2007]

I have lived in philadelphia my entire life and today was the first day I made the effort to visit the Brandywine Battlefield. If you enjoy US history, it was well worth the trip.
Bob A., philadelphia, pa. [07-28-2007]

Have attended the reenactment in the past as Sir John Thomas Duckworth, bart, a frustrated English gentleman who, god bless him, tries to convince the poor misguided colonials of the benefits of staying within the Empire. So far no takers. Hope to be there this year. God Save the King!
Rev. Thomas A. Hilton, Live near Honey Brook. [07-25-2007]

Thank you for sponsoring this web site. It educated me about the battle, and made me want to come back for the re-enactment, or at least a tour. I hope we can work it out.
Michael S. Milton [07-23-2007]

Susan Riegner-Cowle, Decendent of Livingood and Riegner [07-23-2007]

I was trying to find one of my ancestors that fought in this battle and was injured on 11 Sep 1777. His name was Lt Alexander McClintock. Any info on this would help me thank you.
Kevin McClintock [07-17-2007]

Living in maryland it would be a great chance to visit. Abraham markoe, claude o markoe is family to me. one day I must visit. I was in the bicentenial event to represent my family in the usvi.
ninon carr [07-17-2007]

Bill Welsh [07-12-2007]

A couple of my ancestors were present at Brandywine. I was intriqued by your site and the information you share. Thank you for letting me visit.
Cheryl Veverka, Los Angeles, Ca [07-11-2007]

I am curious is the Battlefield OPEN for visitors. I was aware of recent budget cuts but was hoping that was settled as I am visiting in the Fall from Boston and hoped to see the Brandywine Battlefield!
Karen [07-11-2007]

Thanks for making htis information available.
Stephen Solid, Fayetteville, TN [07-07-2007]

My area of study in college was soviet history, but I do have an extensive US background, obviously. My children are now at the age to learn US history and your info provided additional info for me to pass to them. Thank you, kindly.
Veronica Irvin, BA History, Texas Tech University, 1990 [07-05-2007]

great website answerd all of my questions
Jeffrey, from Jacksonville Florida [06-27-2007]

The kid's corner is good. I'll use the materials in my fourth grade.
Nancy Martell-Stevenson [06-25-2007]

419 jo
jo [06-21-2007]

wow this really told me a lot !
bri, calexico,California [06-21-2007]

Someday I have got to come in person.
Cherry Payne, 50 Phoenix,AZ [06-13-2007]

I am a descendant of an Irish soldier who fought for the British and died at the Battle of Brandywine. I had never heard of the battle and intend to visit the battlefield.
anonymous, Warren, PA [06-06-2007]

I did military service with 1st batt royal berkshire regt. 1953-57 we had a red flash behind our cap badge as mark to identify us as the forces that made to first night attack ever carried out, it was known to as the brandywine flasy and if you made it dirty look out. do you have further knowledge of this matter. regards tony brown
anthony brown, 47 steere street donnybrook wa 6239 71 yrs of age [06-05-2007]

Latasha [06-01-2007]

great battle I loved the historic buildings. Geoff
Geoffrey [05-31-2007]

Brandywine Battlkefieldmis awesome
anonymous, u.s.a [05-28-2007]

are there a lot of arrow heads in the brandywine battle field
john, 10 [05-28-2007]

Judy Ford, Shepherdstown,WV [05-28-2007]

Erin Gamache, Farmingdale [05-24-2007]

Will visit for the first time this week!
denise ashworth [05-23-2007]

I would like to send a heartfelt thankyou to the Ladies and there companion's from the Brandywine Quaker re-enactor's not forgetting the marvellous re- enactment by Charles Fifer of George washington. held at the Regimental Museum of the 49th of foot 1st battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment. Folks you made our day. Held the 19th May 2007.
Bob Scott, served 1st R, Berks. HQ 50 ind inf bgd. [05-21-2007]

i never knew of this battle untill i stumbled onto your site, i shall be popping into the libary to look it up. i'm sorry to say history lessons from my school days just covered wars we won not lost.
ray parker, 47 kent england [05-21-2007]

was sup
MR. Bently, x';ds;ds;sd./ds/d [05-21-2007]

we are resurching the battle of brandywine AND I NEED MORE INFO
anonymous, 11 carmael, indiana [05-16-2007]

Great site, helped with report.
anonymous [05-15-2007]

I the facts are very helpful,and very intersting
Derwin Molina, 10 years old [05-14-2007]

While being at the Brandywine Battlefield, I felt such a personal connection inside. The butter cup flowers that cover the hills are so symbolic to me. It is a resting place for many and the flowers adourn them with grace.
Joann Vichot, 33, Wilmington, DE [05-14-2007]

enjoyed this information you have here very much
annetta gibson, lakemont ga [originally from wva] [05-14-2007]

I thing Ben Franklin is the best in the entire world so please right me.....................
samantha crawford, my number 441 5344 [05-14-2007]

I liked it very much i hope u did to.
Baylee Davis, 10 Lubbock Texas [05-14-2007]

I grew up in Kennett Square and remember doing the tour of the battlefield with Chris Sanderson and visiting his home/museum as a young teenager. Thanks for the memories.
John Rasmussen, 61, Easley, SC [05-09-2007]

I am going to the Brandywine Battlefeild for a school project. I can't wait to visit because it sounds SOOO exciting!
Lizzie, I am 10 years old. [05-07-2007]

Jesse Quinlan, chadds ford, pa [05-07-2007]

Elizabeth Laning [05-04-2007]

you gave a lot of info
maddy, 11 [05-04-2007]

i think that it is really neat and i think that it is very intersting and i am doing this in a report for social studies and i have to do a poem about this.
sarah nicole wallace, I am 12 years old and i like in pennsylvaina [05-02-2007]

anonymous, yoman [05-02-2007]

Joseph Mendenhall is my patriot who fought at the battle. Do you have a list of other patriots?
Liz Lanning [05-02-2007]

Enjoyed visit there 2 years ago. When Washington retreated he crossed the farm of my ancestor Zachariah Rice in Chester County.
william b. rice, peoria, il [04-28-2007]

I visted brandywine Battlefield on April 26, 2007 with my class. It was GREAT! I might ask my dad if he could take our family to Brandywine Battlefield. I didnt want to leave. My favorite part was the gunman! But, my friend does not like guns and she was in my group. But anyway I love itttt! U may see me soon! From, Age 11 From Trappe, Sadie
Sadie, age 11 [04-27-2007]

ihave learned a lot
ash, 22,jamestown,virginia [04-25-2007]

I'm glad that someone keeps track of P.A. history.
Joshua elder, 17 Years old [04-25-2007]

Very helpful with our school project! :-)
anonymous [04-24-2007]

brandywine rulez i never been there but it rulez
Lil Nicky [04-24-2007]

yo whats home doggz brandywine is pumpin
anonymous [04-24-2007]

TO whom,My brother in law and I flew into Brandywine airport. We had breakfest and saw some of the sights.It was a positve visit. katy,Ma.
katy, braintree ma. 02184 [04-21-2007]

William Chandler my gr. gr. gr. Grandfather fought here with the 10th. Virginia Regt. Continental Army in Gen. Greene's division and the Marquee De Layfayette's Brigade. I would like to hear from any other descendents of this man.
Don E. Gottschalk [04-16-2007]

I find American history of this period facinating. Having a surname which is shared by a number of your early pioneers does create a greater interest, although I have no know family connections to the American Brinton's. Although I was born in Staffordshire, probably 10 miles from William Brinton's birthplace
Paul William Brinton, 54yrs, Oldbury, Near Birmingham, United Kingdom [04-13-2007]

sweet website
Frank, 9 pgh pa [04-13-2007]

i think the american rev was awesome i can't wait to learn about it
dj, 10,pittsburgh,pa [04-13-2007]

you need kids info that way we can understand this for my project easier
Paige Parker [04-13-2007]

Great site!
Krista [04-13-2007]

I like yuor web site
Donald, n/a [04-13-2007]

Great Site, I'm bookmarking this one, Sr Roberto Fiddleheads Felching Institute, LLC; Los Estados Unitos; Dos Cero Tres Ocho Ocho Uno Uno Tres Nueve Cero
Roberto [04-13-2007]

The website could use an "order of Battle" showing all the units that fought there. The entire North Carolina line was at this battle and their Light Infantry companies were fighting at Chad's Ford.
Jim Gillgam, North Carolina Resident [04-06-2007]

Plan to visit the park in the near future. Is there a list of soldiers killed in the Battle of Brandywine anywhere??? My husband's Great Grampa x5 was supposedly killed there. Is there any way to find out??
Dianne Miller, Denison, Iowa [04-06-2007]

Charles Vail [04-06-2007]

A very interesting website, I sometimes wonder how American history would have changed had Patrick Ferguson pulled the trigger on George Washington.
George Frerguson, Michigan USA (Edinburgh, Scotland, Born and Bred) [04-06-2007]

hey you need to change this site it dont give no info. so youll get more comments if you put more info in it this site is really not worth a bother.
anonymous [04-06-2007]

i love viva la bam and we decided to take our holiday, in west chester pa, and what a beautiful township you have, brandywine park is great,bam margera sells your town well
TRACEY JACKSON, i live in the united kingdom,newcastle upon tyne, im 38 [04-06-2007]

i love history!
Dylan Kollmorgen, #15 [04-06-2007]

marley [04-06-2007]

I used this site for a US History Project. It met all the requirements that my teacher set up, and it provided the information I needed without sifting through filler information! Thanks!
Anna, 14, Wisconsin [04-06-2007]

not enough information but very nice and organised it would be better if it was bullited like the web site moodle at school right now ver interesting
bn, f [04-06-2007]

yea! you guys rock!
CODY HENNINGSON [04-06-2007]

This Battle is my favorite battle because there was so much action in this battle
Evan Farevaag, 34,Lynnwood,wa [04-06-2007]

loved your site. brandywine seems very interesting.
joanne hebert, danbury,ct [04-06-2007]

yea branywine battle feild is sweet!
cody [04-06-2007]

brandywine battle feild rules!
anonymous [04-06-2007]

the site is well put together
anonymous [04-06-2007]

On my annual trip to my ancestral uncle's gravesite James Buchanan I hope to visit Brandywine finally on a day when you are open my prior visit have been on Sunday when the grounds are open but buildgs closed. Bill Akers
Wm (Bill) A. Akers, 5 greatgrandson Dr. Magaw who was named surgeon to Lafayette by Washington @ Brandywine [04-06-2007]

I am a personal para to a 12 yr old autistitc boy. He has a report due on March 30th on the Brandy Wine Battle. Is there any info you can send me that is very easy to understand or some activities to help him understand it better. Thanks Mrs. Dobson
Karena Dobson [04-06-2007]

Would like to hear from Pens
anonymous, California Tourist [04-06-2007]

Robert Shipley [04-06-2007]

Extremely informative.
Wylie Sifer [04-06-2007]

It was a TERRIFIC cybersite. Well done to those who created it well done!
Krysta Stefanosky, 237 Joseph rd. Oxford P.A. 19363 [04-06-2007]

A good piece of history that I was not familiar with
Ken McCrea, 60 yr. originally from Laurel, Dela, now from New Zealand [03-07-2007]

i need 2 know how many people died in brandywine
Brittany, 13,port jervis ny [03-06-2007]

i like th site
Claudia, nothing [03-02-2007]

bob [03-01-2007]

Don Davies, Downingtown, Pa [03-01-2007]

lived in suburban phila. 1940's, 1950's, 1960's visited battlefield fairly often. have seen the andrew weyeth home.
lambert e. stewart [03-01-2007]

it was so much fun reading about this
anonymous [03-01-2007]

looking for info regarding a cropper ancestor who participated in battle at brandywine
daryl m cropper [03-01-2007]

Alex Mack, Havertown Pa [03-01-2007]

Spending more than a day.Need to know of Hotels in area.Nice website
Brian O'Donnell, relative..Soloman Fountain fought in battle [03-01-2007]

A very nice site keep it up. Regards, Dr.Eze Adanne
Dr. Eze Adanne, Houston,Texas [03-01-2007]

I love this page
Maga Nwaite, London [03-01-2007]

kaitlyn.wood, 10, ky, 40047 [03-01-2007]

I head the Trips & Travel as well as the History Club groups. We want to plan a bus trip to the Brandywine Battlefield. Your website is most helpful for that purpose. Could you possibly provide a speaker to visit our community and speak to the residents about the battle and its importance?
Frank Bicking, Live at Maris Grove in Concord Twp., PA, An Erickson Retirement Community [03-01-2007]

Very good web page - thanks.
David Ramseur, 66 [03-01-2007]

this was an amazing site for doing projects Thnx
kristen, i am 12 [03-01-2007]

Benjamin Ring is one of my ancestors and what a great feeling it is to be able to go back so far into yuor familys past. John P.Ring jr.
john p. ring jr, age 52 barberton,oh. [03-01-2007]

information on haught family
doris haught, sardis ohio [03-01-2007]

I think it's great that we know about all these things that happened so long ago.
Olivia, 11 [03-01-2007]

dominique, 14 muskogee [03-01-2007]

think it is good that we get to know more about thw war all things that they did of the years.
Michelle McGraw [02-13-2007]

After researching your organization I can reliably state that the majority of leadership and members within Minutemen coalition are opinion-driven and little more. Complete a worthwhile education in an accredited college and/or university, focusing on world and national historical patterns. Additionally, while it is ultimately futile to fabricate academic accomplishment, a significant percentage of the uneducated (often male) of Western European descent appear to attempt this. Those who have acquired critical thinking skills are able to detect unethical grasps at intellectual legitimacy. Additionally, owned property (and lies about ownership) do not lend a vigilante the authority that s/he so desperately craves. Nobel, prize-winning author John Steinbeck stated well that, "Vigilantes are the dirtiest trash in any town." Indeed.
anonymous, Comparative Literature Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude--Completing Master of Arts in Education 200 [02-13-2007]

I think that your website is great for my project.
Candice Rupe [02-13-2007]

Was looking for more information into my ancestors "Gilpin's"
dan [02-13-2007]

i like to color. especially the fat lady
lyndi and alyssa, 14 13 columbia falls montana [02-05-2007] »»»

A map of the area and battlefield would be nice. Pictures of the points of interest to go with the narrative would also be nice. I toured the area Philidelphia, Valley Forge, and Gettysburg nine years ago, but didn't know much about Brandywine, only that it was a defeat, and thought it was insignificant. Didn't even know it was named for a river.
Greg Miller, 68 US history buff Newark CA [02-05-2007]

this site is really help full when you need to look up something or know something you guys rock
nick, im 14i live in cincinnati ohio [02-04-2007]

I think this sight is awesome! =]
Elise, 16. tryon. Born and Raised in NC! [02-04-2007]

katey mccarver [02-04-2007]

very informative site! keep up the good work!
Daddy's Girl [02-01-2007]

this helped me so much on thesis
COLE NYAK, age 99 [01-31-2007]

you guys rock
anonymous [01-30-2007]

to woooooch blue films
christ, 40 [01-30-2007]

It would be helpful to give a time-line. I can't believe all of this driving tour took place in one day....Did it? Or did I miss something?
Thomas A. Parker, PhD, Kennett Square, PA 200 yds from Doe Run Road [01-30-2007]

Dakotah [01-30-2007]

Really Cool!
Katie, London, England [01-30-2007]

Hi, Your website is to good specially your website design. Jim
Jim John [01-30-2007]

I think that the Battle of Brandywine was very important, but you did not explain everthing
anonymous [01-30-2007]

Don't belive anything my sister said in 2002. Living as a child around american history, was a very special time. In my rememberance. This area is a great place to grow as a child. You don't find this kind of american history in California.
Gary Opdenaker, 53/ palermo/ Ca. [01-30-2007]

Luz M. Soto Arocho, Moca, Puerto Rico [01-30-2007]

Sandra Ferguson Hurlburt [01-30-2007]

you need more ifo
brian [01-30-2007]

when i was a kid, we would go there on school trips a lot. i was brought up in delaware county.
dan kimmons, age 42 / myrtle beach, sc [01-30-2007]

When I heard about the war in my history class, and i thought it would be cool to see it happen. but it wasn't cool for the people who died in the was
Francesca, 13, [01-30-2007]

i love you a lot
charles swartz, 13 thompsontown Pa [01-30-2007]

morgan, im 14 [01-30-2007]

you are sooo dumb.i hate you.just kidding i love you!hehehaha.kk..well im done now.bye
Alex, hello, i am Alex... [01-30-2007]

We thank you for adding an interesting touch to our studies. Keep up the good work........
Oak Grove Academy, 4&5 graders, Louisiana [01-30-2007]

Searching for my ancestors who were minutemen from New Jersey, not sure if a list is available of their names?
Brenda Johnson, Cardston, Alberta, Canada [01-30-2007]

I've recently read a Trail of History guide about Brandywine and other books about battles in Trenton /Princeton, Battle of Paoli text by Thomas McGuire. These have re-sparked my interest in the American Revolution. Since I live short drives of these areas, I will visit these sites to better feel the patriotism, courage, strength and suffering of these brave men of history.
R. J. Mardi, Norristown, Pa [01-30-2007]

Wow how cool!
Sadie [01-30-2007]

I have a project I need to do and this website has given me all the information I need to do this project. Hopefully I A'ce this project.
Angel F., i am 14 and from Evans, Ga [01-30-2007]

I am a direct descendent of Peter Croco, a Hessian mercenary who was wounded at Brandywine. After his recovery he defected to the Continental Army and fought with Washington. Later he homesteaded near Pittsburgh. His name is an English version of Krakau, as he was a descendant of Polish nobility.
Michael David Simpson [01-09-2007]

I can't wait to return to visit the Battlefield.
ginny, jenks,ok 52 [01-09-2007]

Spud Fisher [01-09-2007]

anonymous [01-09-2007]

chris [01-09-2007]

I am a direct decendant of Jacob Miller. He is my great grandfather who was a private in Capt von Heer's Light Dragoons. They fought in this battle.
Greg Miller, Battlefield, MO [01-09-2007]

Enjoyed - Hope to visit some day.
Craig Stewart, Dover, Ohio [01-09-2007] home