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hi very very extraordinary site
george, usa [12-27-2006]

My wife,Rosemary & I witnessed the Battle this past september. I was overcome with smoke and cannon fire as it took me back to the days when my G.G.G.G. grandfather, Jacob Reppert, Pvt, continental army serving with Gen Washington, must have felt. Wow!
Bruce E. Reppert, 72 yrs. old, Wyomissing, PA. [12-27-2006]

b dixooon and s dixon, clarksville tn [12-27-2006]

Erin Sherman, 11 [12-27-2006]

G [12-27-2006]

autumn [12-27-2006]

i love history
david dorrell, i'm 15 [12-27-2006]

Pretty detailed info on your location. Thanks!
AFt, [12-27-2006]

your page really helps! thanx!
anonymous, James, 11 [12-27-2006]

nice web pages
weston parks [12-13-2006]

AWESOME stuff dudeZ?!?!
ROCkEEEEY, Bellevue, WA, USA [12-13-2006]

I love this site, it gives great information. Although i <3do<3 think that you should give a list of all the leaders on the British side, and the Colonial side, Yep..mhmm! Well im gonna get going. <3Tawnee<3
<3 Tawnee <3, uhm...nothing! :D [12-13-2006]

A great site. Good for people of all ages.
Collin Castlebury, 14 Years of age [12-13-2006]

whad up?
shardai s., i am 11,bout to turn 12 in march [12-04-2006]

After seen web site of US it's is my great wish that i will come to see the beauty of US.Ilike all the places which are described in the site. I want to seee them .
evadeep, age-21 country-India City-Jaipur [12-04-2006]

this is a great site for looking pu history facts for my report
sophia marie smith [12-04-2006]

anonymous, hi [11-30-2006]

this is cool
rachael, 13 oregon [11-30-2006]

I will be visiting for the first time on Sat., Dec. 2, 2006. I was looking for more information on the candlelit locations.
Ray Heffner, Reading, PA [11-30-2006]

awesome site
Brandy, 20, Tompkinsville KY [11-29-2006]

Can anyone tell me when Orlando Harvey was born. He was married to my greatgreat aunt Anna ulrich.
connie ulrich, Clifton Springs, New york [11-29-2006]

This is one place I love to take locals. They have no idea what is in their backyard.
Wayne Todd, Secane, PA [11-27-2006]

Descendant of Thomas Bull of Hartford, Conn. Looking for info on Daniel b. 1734. Great site.
Marla (Bull) Larison [11-27-2006]

My Ancestor 1stLT Marmaduke Curtis a Quaker of the Curtis Family from Burlington/ Monmouth Co.,NJ Served with 3rd NJ ( Jersey Blue ) 8th Co. Opened the Battle on the morning of Sept 11, 1777 at the wall of Birmingham Meeting House. God Bless American. Sgt Mac
anonymous [11-27-2006]

We'll be on our way the next available weekend
George Fuller [11-27-2006]

George, 11,Bayonne,NJ [11-19-2006]

This was a verry interesting war. I did a resarch on it. I just didnt relize the the revolutionary war was that long ago. But washington was a good leeder from what i here of. i beleve we need a president like him again.
Leo C.Gale III, 16 years old, Grant, Mi 49327 [11-17-2006]

Sean Joyce, Putnam Co. N.Y. [11-17-2006]

great site. brings me back to history class in school.
Richard Diatchenko, Berlin, NJ [11-17-2006]

i love the battle of branywine!
anonymous [11-17-2006]

We are studying the Revolutionary War and talking about the Brandywine Battlefield. Also, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Nathaniel Green, and more. History has a bigger story than this though.
Mr. Suttner's 4th Grade Class [11-17-2006]

This battle is confusing i wish i could understand it better though
anonymous [11-14-2006]

I thought that the brandywine battle was very inportmant to are history
Saray, i am 16 [11-14-2006]

a very nice site........a friend of mine recently moved to your area and bought a house. he steered me to your site......glad he did. thanx
Jerry Petersen, McLaughlin, SD [11-13-2006]

I am a descendent of Robert Jefferis and Jane Chandler. Have recently found out some of their history in Chester County.
Frances Jefferis Myers, Frederick, MD [11-13-2006]

I have found that my 6th Great grandfather, William Palmer who was part of the 10th Virginia Regiment Orange County - fought and was wounded at this battle.
Theresa Tuttle, Grand Rapids, MI [11-13-2006]

think about what happen. P.s. be careful.
mike, K.y 38307 [11-09-2006]

This is a cool site but i will have to request to put videos in each of the battles of bunker hill and the battle of York explaning how this happened.
Michael [11-08-2006]

I think I just found a 5th great-grandfather in Martin Tschudi.. Can some one tell me how the name ended up being Judy..
Lorraine Hamann Chandler, DAR member, 60+ from Edinburgh,IN. formerly MN. [11-05-2006]

well.. i think this is a fantasic outragouesly graetly enormaoulsy wonmderfull website
anonymous [11-05-2006]

okay send it
Heather, 16 years old [11-05-2006]

I will be visting the Brandywine battlefield this weekend and look forward to it with eager anticipation. I am a tour guide at at the Morris-Jumel mansion in upper Manhattan wher George Washington held his headquarters during the Battle of Harlem Heights. He remained here for about 40 days and deserted it when he discovered that Howe was encircling his army through what is now the Bronx. From here he went to White Plains. All are welcome to this fascinating site so rich in Amerian History.
George Deane [11-05-2006]

Kaye Beasley [11-05-2006]

anonymous, age:13 [11-05-2006]

it was a cool battle
anonymous, 13, chevy chase md [10-31-2006]

i love this site is cool
emmy manga, 78 [10-31-2006]

Thanks this page was vary helpful!
Andrew Hutte [10-30-2006]

I visited the battlefield in 1998 with relatives that live locally.
Yarra Di Martino, Melbourne, Australia. [10-30-2006]

This was a very useful website for my social studies project at school. Thank You!
Anson, Lewes DE [10-30-2006]

I am a descendent of Robert Jefferis. I would like to visit Jefferis Ford. Is there anything remaining of the Jefferis farm?
Frances Jefferis Myers, Frederick, MD [10-30-2006]

anonymous [10-27-2006]

I enjoyed the site. The beauty of the Brandywine Valley is unique to this country, and i appreciate the open land and the history that took part here.
Wayne Todd [10-25-2006]

i think u have a great website
blake, i am 13 i live in aromas california [10-25-2006]

your great.
anonymous, i love this thing [10-25-2006]

i go to uc teams charter school
shardai scott, my name is shardai im in the 6th grade and i live in plainfield [10-25-2006]

blake, i am 13 i live in aromas [10-24-2006]

ashli, age15 cityalpine [10-24-2006]

sam [10-23-2006]

I grew up in the area today im bringing my wife to see the park. We live in Wildwood NJ.
Bob Hancock, Married no kids one golden retrever [10-23-2006]

If we could survive together ourselves as the foliage of nature 'twould be as the dream should be. Just maybe, one day, I may visit your park. Go da parks! Trust your zoo, to be a happy place for the confinees.
jimmy gaudin, 64 Sydney Australia [10-23-2006]

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Tyler [10-21-2006]

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Margaret [10-21-2006]

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Bill [10-21-2006]

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Morales [10-21-2006]

Rose [10-21-2006]

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Crow [10-21-2006]

We have been learning about the American Revolution Battles. But we have not learned about the Bradywine Battle YET. We hope that this site will give us evreything we need!
All of Mrs.Hookers core classes, Graham Middle School - Graham, NC [10-19-2006]

"I find it very interesting that the Bradywine battle happened on Sept,11"
Greg Cates aka Greezy, Graham,North Carolina, 13yrs old, Graham Middle School [10-19-2006]

I am extreamly in love with American Revulation
Alexandra Harris, I Am related To Rex .L. Hughes [10-18-2006]

information on peter haught
dory [10-17-2006]

there are no pictures and that could be useful for projects
anonymous [10-16-2006]

Good information. Maybe you could add some of the military leaders names. For example, I have a Revolutionary war veteran, John Sexton. In his Warrant #172, he says he inlisted in the year 1777, in January. He says he inlisted in Virginia, Charlotte County as a regular soldier in Capt. Joseph M******** Company Commanded by Maj. Stubblefield of the 14th Virginia Reg. under Col. Abraham Davis. AHe served 3 years and was honourably discharged at Frederick Town in the State of "Mariland" by Col. John Webb. I would like to read about these military men if there is any info on them. Maybe their records would have lists of soldiers who served under them.
Theresa Weddell, Fort Worth, Texas [10-15-2006]

I would like to reach Elizabeth Rump in regard to a book conservation projection I worked on for the site a few years ago. Please send me her email if poosible. Thanks very much.
Nancy H. Nitzberg, Elkins Park, PA [10-15-2006]

this place is ok i guess
Alex, 14 ky [10-15-2006]

i need info for project. gimmie info
The Shalin, bobland [10-15-2006]

What an awsom site! Iloved it!
Lois Myers [10-15-2006]

cool site for school projects
:) [10-10-2006]

this was pretty firme eh.
$Lil Rob$, 17 [10-10-2006]

I THOUGHt that the minetmen were men who were ready to join a battle in a minute notice
anonymous [10-09-2006]

Nice short histories of the American Revolutionary War and about the "Minutemen", which led me to your site when I put that word, "Minutemen", in a Google search. I belong to the Rhode Island National Guard Retirees Association (a RI Army National Guard retiree myself) made up of all Rhode Island National Guard veterans of all military branches and ranks, and we're attempting to build a Memorial site for those lost in wars and battles (like the Vietnam Wall) for the state of Rhode Island. We are looking up historical facts about the Minutemen and including Rhode Island's National Guards' history. Thanks for providing me with this information.
Carlene C., Coventry, RI [10-08-2006]

I am a "history nut" and was just on a 4 day tour bus trip which included Chadds Ford Winery. Unfortunately, we did not visit the Brandywine Battlefield Park which I wanted to do very much. Such an important battle! Your historical society web page is fantastic.
Lorraine Zigman [10-05-2006]

Ride by many times. Plan to bring the kids for a visit in October/November 2006.
Donna Patrick, Oxford, PA [10-05-2006]

I tthink this website gives me just what i was looking for on my report on the war of Brandywine. Thanks a lot!
Timeka Harmon, 14 years old:Crowley Louisiana [10-05-2006]

Ashley Saunders [10-05-2006]

its gerat and lots of fun
calie, 14yrs [10-05-2006]

The last time I was there, I was going into 8th grade, and now that I'm in 10th grade, it feels like that I might return there. I hope I have the chance to travel after the final day of school.
Ken Rogers, Pittsburgh, PA [10-05-2006]

abigail, i am 8 [10-05-2006]

Visiting such beautiful grounds, it's hard to imagine the horrors of a large battle. A great place to meditate on 9/11--1777 or 2001.
Bruce Helenbart, Saint Charles, Missouri--Lewis and Clark return Bicentennial festival 9/22-9/24/06 [10-05-2006]

i believe that one day i will be famous... remember me always xoxoxo :) call me
Maddi, you are soo cute<3 [10-05-2006]

Yo, this site is the bomb.LOL
Nichole, 13 [09-21-2006]

My brother officers and I were deeply honoured to be invited to attend the recent 9-10 Sep re-enactment and play a small part in the event. The whole two days were fantastic, so well layed on and so professionally carried out. The atmosphere was one of friendship. generosity and mutual understanding and interest in the whole event. Everyone associated with the Brandywine Museum, venue and event, have much to be proud of and I hope this will not be the last time we visit or get together with our new found friends. Equally,you should be aware that there is more than a passing mention of Brandywine Creek and Paoli battles at the Regimental Museum of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (decendant regiment of the 49th 62nd, 66th, 99th Regiments Foot in the Close at Salisbury GB. Hands across the water, and please rest assured that there is no more tax to pay on tea!
Michael Vernon-Powell, Member of the 49th Foot British Army who fought at Brandywine in 1777 [09-21-2006]

Do you have any websites on ALEXANDER HAMILTON who signed the contatution???
Amanda [09-18-2006]

Visited your battlefield Sunday, Sept. 10 for the re-enactment and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Weather beautiful, visitors friendly, staff accomodating and re-enactors anxious to educate. Impressed with the pristine grounds.
Lynne Williams, Hanover, PA [09-18-2006]

I am the first sgt. for the 3rd Pa. Light Inf. and had the priviledge of participating in this past weekends reenactment. I want to thank all the staff and especially Mike Harris for having done such a great job in coordintating the event. I thank Goeorg Findle, a very dear friend whom I do not keep in touch with as I should, for seeing that I got registered when my arrival was delayed due to vehicle problems on Saturday. It is the very first reenactment that I have participated in (since 1977) that has had absolutley no problems. The staff bent over backwards to make things go smoothly as possible. Thank you for a memorable moment!
Dave Clugh, I have watched the park grow for the past forty years since my early college days at WChester State. [09-18-2006]

tony [09-18-2006]

I agree with your statement of knowing where we came from. Today, especially, is a time to look at who we are and where we are going. If the Democrats get in we will end up in a place we don't want to be.
Dr Dennis Deacon, Ypsilanti, MI [09-18-2006]

Joseph P. Morvant [09-18-2006]

Very interesting. You people did an excellent job.
roger helgerson, 72 seattle, washington [09-18-2006]

Thank you for an excellent day at Revolutionary Times yesterday. My family and I enjoyed it all, and the Battle Color Ceremony was very meaningful in commemorating Revolutionary War heroes, 9/11, and all veterans.
anonymous [09-18-2006]

Hello, Congratulations to Michael and the entire staff at Brandywine for a very enjoyable program! Excellent presentation and wonderful hospitality! Kind Thanks, Bill - Selin's Rifles
Bill Baldwin, Middlefield.Ct. [09-18-2006]

The Battle Event was attended for the first time. You guys did a great job moving the people in and out. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.
Stephen Belote, West Chester, PA [09-18-2006]

It is cool
abigail, age9 [09-18-2006]

Lorraine [09-18-2006]

I like your site its helped with scholl
Chad Whitmire, I lilke your site [09-18-2006]

I think this website is wonderful it gave me great info on the Brandywine Battle for my History Project! Thank You So MUCH!
Tiffany, 16, Cortland, Female [09-18-2006]

I am a Civil war Buff and curious about what happened at Brandywine.
Matt Fabrizio [09-18-2006]

hello, a few years ago while writing a paper for an early american history class at kent state univ. i stumbled onto the fact that a grandfather, on my mothers side of the family fought at the battle of branywine. i developed the paper around him interacting with some of the real historical people in the battle. i got an a on it too. his name was george clower and i actually found his war pension records on line. it's with these thoughts i share with you that i wish to honor him and our other revolutionary war heros.
ALAN T. MASAITIS, southington, ohio [09-18-2006]

would like to have seen a schedule for the Battle Re-enactment
David W. Troxell, adjutant/deputy commander; 1st Penna Regiment [09-18-2006]

Come and join us and other reanactors for a BANG up time! Sept. 9th and 10th was living history at its best!
Paul A. Lang, Pvt. 2nd New Jersey Regt. Helms Co. [09-18-2006]

enjoyed it a lot
steven butler [09-18-2006]

I'm about to be in a reenactment at brandywine and I would love to see pictures of the reenactments that take place there, on the website. So that all who have heard of reenactments but don't know what they are, can look and see for themselves. I hope you would do that I think it would be a great addition to the website. Thanks for the cool website, nonetheless.
Jessie K, 15, m.d [09-01-2006]

my parents own the whipple mueller small fruit farm
karlen mueller, age:13 i live in fort collins colorado 1712 west vine drive [09-01-2006]

I had an Uncle that was killed at The Brandywine Battle. John Kittinger. His brother was also in the battle. Do you have any information on either? great site. Thank you so much. Will visit if possible. The suriveing brother was given a land grant in Roanoke Va, which he willed to his brother. This resulted in our branch of the family (living in Va.)serving in the Confederate Army. All others 35 served in the Union Army.
wilbur hancock, 69 yrs old Conway, NC [08-31-2006]

I have been learing about so many things about all the war am in 8th gared and am 14 it is nice to see a good wed site thanx
danyell, ph az 8 31 06 [08-31-2006]

Descendent of Benjamin. Visited Brandywine July 4, 1976, enjoyed the softball game in Kennett Square and visited the Ring farm/Kuerner farm. Would like to hear from any other descendents. cheers,
Jack Ring, 71, Gilbert, AZ. [08-30-2006]

what yeear was George Wahington born and when did he die
Brittany [08-29-2006]

Driven through your park several times as my daughter lives in the area. Also stopped in your store one time. My grandson has attended a week of camp for the last two years and loves it! Great place and interesting to read the history of the Battle of Brandywine! Good web site!
Betty Badgett, Huntington Valley, PA [08-27-2006]

The Battle is a 2 day event Sept 9 and Sept 10, 2006
Linda Kaat [08-23-2006]

I realy wonder what the army thought about the up comming battle
Kenneth A. JOhnson, Age 54 Yelm [08-23-2006]

mike v. flynn, 33-coatesville,pa [08-22-2006]

I want to be a good guy.
ian scott, Age - 4 1/2 years old, Wilmington, DE [08-22-2006]

Very interesting site. I was doing some genealogy and had to find out where Brandywine Creek was. Thank, you
Harry W Allred, 73, Salt Lake City, Utah [08-22-2006]

Jose Acta, 35, Union City, NJ [08-22-2006]

John M. Willis [08-22-2006]

Your website was helpful in learning more about the battles our ancestor, Lt. Jacob Roberts Brown participated in. His company was sent to support Gen. Lafayette.
Richard Williams, age 63, Belleville, IL [08-22-2006]

nice site thank you
Dianna Morrison [08-22-2006]

anonymous, 25,banglre [08-17-2006]

Very nice. Thanks!
Edward W. Dorrance, Dallas, PA [08-17-2006]

I visited the park this summer and what a well kept, neat, and clean park. The gift shop was great. Thanks for the dedication to keep our Country's history alive.
Timothy Beaulieu, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan [08-12-2006]

Bruce E. Reppert [08-12-2006]

My ancestor was a in the PA Militia and fought under Washington in three campaigns. Col. Jacob Reed. I am so very proud of the sacrifices these patriots made and would stand beside them in a heartbeat. I only wish my mother would have lived to have learned what a great heritage she had.
Sarah Martinez [08-07-2006]

JOHN Winegar, Ag 68, Columbia, MO [08-07-2006]

Mr.Soldier N was a good soldier.He killed more than 40 peoples he was a king,he was the best of all.He is now on call of duty
anonymous [07-27-2006]

As the images appeared on my screen, I was stunned by the thoughts that my GGG Grandfather and GGGG Grandfather (age 15) fought in this battle. I am overcome with awe and gratitude for the sacrifices they made, the hardships they endured, and the contribution made by all patriots so that we can live in a free nation.
Linda Weis, Manhattan, Kansas [07-27-2006]

I have visited the site with a second cousin who also is a decendent of Zachariah. Mine goes like this. My father Frank Rice, his James Gaston, his JC Rice, his Zachariah (stagecoach Zachariah in Landisburg, his Henry, his Zachariah from Germany. Anyone may contact me if desired.
George F. Rice, 72 Direct decendent of Zachariah & Abigal [07-12-2006]

Looking for family tree information. Enjoyed browsing. Keep up the good work.
Janet Zink [07-12-2006]

yeah, i like this site but what you really need are biography's of all the prsidents.
anonymous [07-12-2006]

Nice site keep it up
Owerri John Imo, Age 39. from Tallahassee, Florida [07-11-2006]

I once paid a visit to the Brandywine Battlefield Park when I was 13 years old back in the Summer of 1974. Your website,with the pictures and decriptions within it, launched again several great memories of my childhood where American history intrigued me and continues to kindle my imagination and awe!
Steve Roberts, Age 45. from Tallahassee, Florida [07-08-2006]

cool maybe i'll come
anonymous [07-07-2006]

Douglas Gilbert Wells, 43,destin,Flo [07-05-2006]

I'm descended from a member of the 2d Virginia Regiment, 9th company under Captain Samuel Hawes. I'm just trying to find out more about what he faced. Thanks for your efforts.
Brian Hicks, Austin, Texas [07-05-2006]

I hope to visit the battlefield this year....while I can still walk ...since I've recently discovered ancestors from Franklin County, who served in the Revolutionary War. You have a great website. Thank you.!
Judith, 76+ California [07-03-2006]

This site is awesome
Amanda Rowe, Fargo, ND, age 11 [07-03-2006]

thank you soldiers for all you do you make the world safer and better for us kids i know you are all busy but i love what you guys are doing for our countryhope you all come home soon love yanina elliott
yanina, fulton ny [06-23-2006]

As someone else has pointed out earlier Sept. 11th means something else to people around here than it does for the rest of Americans. My ancestor, William Harvey Jr., had the Hessians and British ransack our house On Brinton Bridge Road that same day. There is a list of all the stuff they stole if you check out Ashmead's History of Delaware County on the web. At the same time Proctor's artillery started shelling our house. Hardly what you'd expect to befall a Quaker not interested in either side. Some of William's later descendants would end up owning both Washington's Headquarters (Eli Harvey, William's grandson) and Lafayette's Headquarters (Eli's son, Chakley Harvey). Chalkey showed Edmund, Lafayette's grandson, the headquaters in the 1850s. I've started a Yahoogroups website for Ellwood Harvey (The Amazing Ellwood Harvey) for anyone interested in the family lineage going back to 1715. One question I have is about how Osbourne Hill got it's name. The first Harvey from England married Judith Osbourne after her husband, Peter, died. They had all come over on the same ship in 1712, but Peter supposedly died within three months of his arrival. Which Osbourne was the hill names after ?
Steve Harvey, Descendants of the Harveys of Chadds Ford [06-23-2006]

Is there a listing of soldiers killed Sept. 11 at Brandywine. Where would they be buried. I have a ggggrandfather that was among those.
Joan M [06-23-2006]

This is a great site. My direct ancestor (very great Grandfather) was Colonel Thomas Bull in the American Revolution and fought here.
Jeanine Marie Nichols (maiden: Bull) [06-22-2006]

Excellent, would like chapter here in florida.
Rick Seltman, Hudson, Florida [06-20-2006]

Ancestor solider at Brandywine Johann Bingamin or Bingaman he was out of Philadelphia. Any recording of his name at the battle?
John Arney, Macomb MI [06-17-2006]

Looking for a soldier who fought at Brandywine and Germantown. Thomas Wilmuth
Tom Haught [06-12-2006]

I love gettysburg and all that cool stuff i learned about this year! i got a lot of information for my essays thank you so much!
Merrie Smith [06-12-2006]

My ggg grandfather fought here. I have visited Valley Forge several times and it is truly the history that made our country great. Lets just hope it remains such!
Harold Joseph See, 70, Grinnell, Iowa [06-12-2006]

i really think that the website is real good. it really shows the past and learn easier. well, byr!
anonymous [06-12-2006]

I like this website because it gives a lot of imformation I needed on my reports on the revolution!
Jalyn [06-09-2006]

The ability of Minutemen to turn back a British ship from the shore gives me ever more courage in the likelyhood that modern day Minutemen (2005-06) will be able to turn back the illegal alien invasion that has been under way for 40 years.
Lawrence Headrick, Former teacher, presently a modern Minuteman [06-09-2006]

Thanks for your help. I like learing about history and medicine.
Paige, 12 [06-04-2006]

george 3 [06-01-2006]

Even thoue I am only 11 I love to learn all about History and what the peopel in History did for us.
Abbigale Forsman, I am 11 years old [05-30-2006]

Is there a list of Militia members from 1776? I am a decendent of George Grubb who fought in the Revolution under Joeseph Marshall's NJ Militia co.I would like to know if he had fought in any battles. Thank you! Paul R Grubb
Paul Grubb, Medford Ma. Decendent of George Grubb. [05-29-2006]

Phil Porto [05-25-2006]

hannah [05-25-2006]

Adrian DeMuth, 10 [05-24-2006]

i like the name
gabriella, bridge water nj [05-24-2006]

Aye, the Blacksmiths of Brandywine. They did come o'er, a fightin' redcoats, eve' the score, and Jeff he was son of a wench, and just last year he took a pench! Aye, Jeff he took a pench! Lang Live McNeary!
The Fallen [05-21-2006]

the battle showed the extent to which the mind of man can struggle for freedom
humphrey [05-21-2006]

What about the american spy's meeting up with the English spy's (or scouts) at a tavern the night before the battle (or there abouts), just west of Chadd's ford(White Horse Tavern, I believe). Also, what was the Hessen's real roll in this battle? Where they aware or in the dark as what what was going to happen? Is the Brandywine Trail (BSA) still active?
Lee Pagenkemper [05-21-2006]

My school,Brandywine Wallace, just went to the Brandywine Battlefield on May 9, 2006. I loved it there! I learned a lot and had lots of fun! Bye now.
anonymous, Downingtown [05-11-2006]

thnx this helped me with my homework
bobbbb, hi [05-11-2006]

omg i love you
amanda, none thank you though [05-11-2006]

i love you
cacuo, city [05-08-2006]

Keith [05-08-2006]

I like anything that has to do with history especially about our heritage. May/2006.
jose queipo [05-08-2006]

im so into the colonial times and the battles that took place!
amber, 10 [05-06-2006]

I went two times with my wife in the park and it is a pleasur to remember. We would like to see the place again. We like to visit the Winthertur Museum nearby and the vineyards. Have a good day. GL MA in Histy Société des Alcools du Québec
anonymous, Saint-Georges de Beauce, Qc, Canada [05-04-2006]

i like this website becuz it straight to what i am looking for. and it help me out a hold lot.
DRU-DRU, 15,augusta ga [05-04-2006]

this might seem kewl
Mohith [05-03-2006]

I like this site it helped me gat a (B) on my project
kyrstin, age 11-12 [05-02-2006]

I came to view the work of the Dear Lady Elizabeth. Ever at her service, Sir Richard :)
anonymous [05-02-2006]

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Tyla,Ian,Meghan, Amber, Piscataway, NJ,0 8854, 10 years old [05-02-2006]

My great-great-great grandfather was killed in action at Brandywine on 17th of Aug. 1777 according to family history and I am trying to locate any information about him. He was from Anne-Arundel County Maryland. He was the son of Abell Brown. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Is there a grave site for those killed in the battle? Markers etc? Please respond in any way.Thank you
Mike Zagyi [05-01-2006]

I am really homesick for PA! Theres no place like home, mine will always be Chester County PA. Spent many a day at Brandywine Battlefield. My hero is George Washington!Pleased to see you're still keeping history alive.
Jennifer C Bedsworth, Rio Rancho,NM 87124 [04-30-2006]

Are the costs of the tickets on your website?
Adam Wm. Fisher, Ph.D., Age 68, Dover, Delaware [04-28-2006]

My 4th Great Grandfather JOhn Harper taken prisoner by British at Battle of Brandywine and was held in NY for 3 years before being exchanged
Jane Harper Phillips, 80 Southern Pines, NC [04-28-2006]

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ashley, was alexander hamilton abused [04-28-2006]

This website helped me soo much with my 7th grade school prodect on Alexander Hamilton! please keep this site up forever!
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John, 13 [04-28-2006]

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Brandywine Battlefield and Museum in January 2005. It was a very enjoyable experience to see the historical sights at the battlefield, the driving tour, and the fords near the Brandywine River. My ancestor, Lieutenant John Stapleton, born in Oley, PA, fought with the Pennsylvania Militia at the Battle of Brandywine.
Dirk A. Stapleton, Kansas City, MO [04-28-2006]

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Ariana [04-28-2006]

Looking forward to the Reenactment..............would have like to have met George Washington
Pat Dougherty [04-28-2006]

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I am in the seventh grade and I used this site as a resource. I would like to say thanks, it was informative!
Nicole [04-28-2006]

I would love to visit the park. Coincidentally, I lived about 5 miles from there when I was in kindergarten, but we were not aware of our family history then. We hope to visit this fall.
Alan Berry, Benjamin Ring is my 5th great grandfather. [04-28-2006]

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caitlyn [04-28-2006]

I am the founder of the Friends of Alexander Hamilton & Descendants Committee in Paterson, NJ the city founded by Alexander Hamilton as the first planned industrial city in America. Please keep me on your mailing list. also you can view our website at
Ron Gross [04-28-2006]

I'm doing a project on Charles Cornwallis, I need some cool facts,where he was born and when he died. can you help me?
Noelle Johnson [04-28-2006]

As the great,great,great,great grandson of Capt. Abram Markoe the Organizer and frist Captain of the Philadelphia Light Horse Troop . Happy Patriots Day ! God Bless America
Philip B. Markoe, longwood fla. [04-28-2006]

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War Lover 1,000 [04-28-2006]

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Matt [04-28-2006]

If you like war books read the Fighting Ground. You will be amzed about what you will learn from it about the war! Jamie
Jamie [04-28-2006]

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macy, i am 11 years old [04-28-2006]

Thanks to the 20+ year research of my late father, Edwin John Baker Jr., of our more recent generations' hometown in Dayton, Ohio, we are proudly aware of a great family connection to the Battle of Brandywine Creek. Our direct ancestor, Thomas Baker, a resident of nearby Chester at the time, wrangled his way into the Patriot forces at 15. Unknown to his family, he was captured during the Brandywine Creek battle, but feared dead for more than three years. Old family letters described how he later "appeared at the door" of the farmhouse one day, to the shock and elation of his parents and large family of siblings. He had spent his captivity in a British prisoner-of-war camp on an island off the coast of Ireland. In a clandestine escape scheme, he and six compatriots attempted to swim to the mainland. He was the only one known to have made it safely. After spending an extended period in Ireland, at assorted jobs to survive, hiding with the aid of various Irish families, he finally made his way back to his ("new country") in the States. By 1812, he was the grandfather of a larger family that had decided to move to free acreage designated by Congress to encourage settlement in the wilds of the Ohio territory in the west. As they passed through Philadelphia, his son George answered the call to the "new conflict" with the British, and left his wife and children under his father's care for the completion of the trek to Ohio. (George was bayoneted in the lung at the Battle of the Thames---where Tecumseh was killed---and spent a long susequent year of declining health with his "also-hero" father and family until he died.) Our family has lived in that general (Dayton) area ever since. Until our Dad's final couple of years, he did most of his research "sans" the Internet, so I'm not sure if he ever got to visit this great website. I know he never made it to the Brandywine battlefield, because he spent most of his later years in Texas and California. I had talked with him about his plans to get over to the Chester area to check it out someday. It didn't happen for him. I plan to get there one of these days (years) for him. I can't believe I hadn't happened across (or thought to look up) your site before. Found you by chance, today, looking for "Minuteman" pictures for the Internet "re-introduction" of two weekly newspapers I used to publish in this area of northern Arizona. Thought I'd say "Hello" and relate our story. Thanks for keeping "their memory" alive! Best regards, Terry Baker Seligman, Arizona P.S. Coming soon--- "" and "" Feel welcome to "keep in touch."
Terry E. Baker, Seligman, Arizona 58 years old [04-28-2006]

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sunny, saranac cal [04-28-2006]

Lisa, Lansdowne, PA [04-28-2006]

Heather Adams, 11,Florence [04-28-2006]

Now living in Nevada, but regrettably having lived in PA for 31 years prior, I have not visited the Brandywine Battlefield. I am hoping to visit PA in mid May, and would love to see Brandywine. Writing a novel, fiction inside of history, and need historic support. What better place to get the history than where it took place.
Mark Hoffman, 44 y.o. Native of Reading, PA [04-08-2006]

intresting site. I am researching a grandfather who was killed during the battle. for compensation his son was given land in western pa. and here we are!
lori, west pa lawrence county [04-08-2006]

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Vashara Marquece Jackson, Eleven Peoria IL, [04-08-2006]

I think it is great that you have all these options and that you are helping the past be remembered:)
anonymous [04-08-2006]

Husband's family had a Chidley Wade that was to have been killed at the Battle of Brandywine. Anyone know anything about this????
Dianne Miller, Denison, Iowa [04-08-2006]

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