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you paranoid clowns are funny to us canadians....
anonymous [12-22-2005]

Jesse [12-21-2005]

great site
SANDY GARCIA [12-21-2005]

I think this website is very helpful when it comes to socail studies projects expecially my teachers projects are really hard and this website again gives out really good information. THANKS!
anonymous [12-16-2005]

My thoughts are learning about wars is awsome.I also thinkthat wars are very sad. I want to learn more about the Civil War.
Naomi Gutierrez [12-16-2005]

Dick Lighty [12-16-2005]

I think you guys should get some really awesome pictures and put'em on this so then people doin reports could have really cool pictures to put on posters and stuff!
Brandi, 13 Illinois [12-16-2005]

a lot of information
matthew smith, boothwyn (bethel) Pa [12-16-2005]

what did Alexander do in the Revalutionary war
anonymous [12-16-2005]

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lauren, 14years old/fairborn ohio [12-16-2005]

isn't it a coinocidence that the Battle of Brandywine and when the terorists attacked the twin towers was on the same day? >september 11
anonymous [12-16-2005]

A very good site and very enlightening my wife who is Canadian from Toronto found to be very interesting as well (Delores Anne Boudrealt)
Bob (Robert John Reynolds, 61 Swindon, Wilts (Ex 1 DERR) [12-16-2005]

Now our Regiment has been consigned to the history books, through a series of amalgamations,its time to reflect on the past.and say thank you, for the part you played.
Bob Scott, Served 1st btn Royal Berkshire Regiment 1956/59 [12-16-2005]

I was doing research on the Minuteman Project of today and how they compare to the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War. I found your site to be very informative.
Jim, Illinois [12-16-2005]

erin, hiokijaIOJK [12-16-2005]

Thax this is very usefull and has got great info!
anonymous [12-16-2005]

I will like to here about the war. some time i wish i can have a long dream about the war.and about the mens,womens who were there and did every body serive there.
marquetta quinn, 12,alamaba [12-16-2005]

i think this is an awesome website, very informational and helpful. i go to school at pacyber and this is a very commonly found webpage here, just thought i would thank you myself! awesome site, keep up the good work.
J, female-15-pa [12-07-2005]

it is nice here add so more stuff to kids corner please
BRANDON MALONE, 13 12 /07/05 [12-07-2005]

tank you very mouch
cristina arellano [12-07-2005]

It was a fun website
sharese, Florence [12-07-2005]

Great site! Intending to visit the battlefield and museum next time I'm in the area. Best regards.
John J. Levinskas, age 45, Knoxville, TN. [12-05-2005]

well i am doing this project in history in which i had to choose 7 main battles in the revolutionary war and we picked the battle of brandy wine! well i found this sight from my teachers web site- well i have homework to do see ya selene
Chickety, i am 13 [12-05-2005]

isther aneting on MarquisdeLafayette
Cristina arellano, 13age austin [12-05-2005]

This is a really cool website and helped me learn a lot about the Revolutionary War.
Serena, I am 13 [12-05-2005]

i am kool
bob [12-05-2005]

it was okay
Bell [12-05-2005]

I would really like to be part of your guest list and I also wanted to say I love this website!
Isabella, Watertown,NY [12-05-2005]

Fred, I'm SHORT! [12-05-2005]

I am studying my wife's genealogy on the Taylor side. Reportedly her 4th greatgrandmother Sarah Bebberly (Beverly) born 1761 lived near the Brandywine and witnessed the Battle of the Brandywine and described the blood running in the Creek. Do you have any records of Bebberly or Beverly living near the Brandywine during the battle in 1777??
Francis Smead [12-05-2005]

I'm a student at Washington Middle School and I'm doing a report on The Battle of Brandywine and I was wondering if you could send me some stuff that could help me on my report. If you would do this I would be very pleased with your givings and they will be very important to my report. Thank you, Amanda Pendergraft
Amanda, 13, Washington C.H [12-05-2005]

Shortly we will link to your web site. See Comments are welcome.
George McGimsey [12-05-2005]

Thank your for having this nice website. It was very helpful for me in providing some history of the Minute Men. I've found an ancestor who was one and I'm trying to learn more about them.
Linda Mesinar, Nevada [12-05-2005]

kayla melvin [11-23-2005]

huzzah for mike harris;'ol dan boone'll never be the same without him!
henry miller, ancient reenactor [11-23-2005]

hi i am not cool i am cool with a k like this kool
harrison cole, no [11-23-2005]

Very clear, good for all audiences, and well organized. This site is one of the best! I loved it!
anonymous [11-21-2005]

this site is the best site on the planet of the earf. i so happy i found it
amanda, 86 washington 6'3 grey hair single [11-21-2005]

Emily Ross, 8, bakerfield, tuna [11-21-2005]

been a patriot since i could say dada, if it wernt for the minutemen we;d have no time to spare. ty
michael g, anderson s.c. age 44, [11-21-2005]

Drove from Harrisburg on Friday November 11, 2005 to visit the park and museum store. Very very disappointed to find everything closed. It would be nice if you would let people know on the website that you are closed certain holidays.
Richard Fox [11-21-2005]

jennifer lawrence [11-21-2005]

This site helped me on my American History project! Thanks..
Elizabeth [11-21-2005]

BOB, 44 manchester [11-16-2005]

Thank you for this site. If you could, could you do a article on the colonial times. this site has been amazing but if you could plz do it. thank you for your time and patience.
Mr. Mysterious, ?, Chicago Ilinois [11-09-2005]

Im a doing a presentation on colonial times health and medicine and this site has been very helpful. I wish that the creators of this site will be encouraged to create more site like these. Again, thank you very much for this site.
Mac Hayashi [11-09-2005]

i think that your site is very educational and i hope that my students will enjoy the site as well.
zed, 28,male [11-08-2005]

This will really help me in my U.S. History i appreciate the information that is given ! Thank You
Alicia, i'm 16 and from Baltimore,MD [11-08-2005]

I think patrick ferguson was the best british soldier aroung.
Jamie Lynn, 13 cuba city wi [11-08-2005]

D.J, age 12 easthartford [11-08-2005]

My family and I visited over the weekend to view the awesome beauty of the trees. My 5 year old son had all kinds of questions about what a battlefield is. Thank you for this site. We had a wonderful time. It is a beautiful park. Middletown, DE
Emily [11-08-2005]

i belive that this is the best web site ever for us.
Danielle, 12 frewsburg [11-08-2005]

it is mighty fine i might add it is very swell
ALEX COCHRANE [11-08-2005]

cool things
Samantha Vaughan, age 9, Rolla MO. [11-08-2005]

Sarah Torres, 12 San Antonio [11-08-2005]

Lord Lawrence Griffin Platt, LBE [11-08-2005]

belle curtis, 14 [11-08-2005]

very good
ILasha s. Hicks [11-08-2005]

it was great
anonymous [11-08-2005]

How many people dies at the Brandywine Battlefields? What strageties did each side use?
anonymous [11-08-2005]

I am taking World History and I just wanted to enther your web site.
Cornessiah Mitchell, I live in Camilla Ga [11-08-2005]

penrod, loveland ohio [11-08-2005]

I really like your site I am a descendant of Benjamin Ring and enjoyed seeing his name in print.Thank You
marilynn [11-08-2005]

we are thinking of vacationing and visiting next summer
clander valdez & kids, from ogden ut. [11-08-2005]

i would like if you sent me some facts on the american revoluion so i can prent them out and use it for facts on the project. thank you!
SHAW-NEE DAGGETT, i am 12 and me and my friand are doing a project on the american revolution [10-28-2005]

ailizy [10-28-2005]

I am seeking information regarding Black Sampson of Branywine. What was the nature of his valor? What happened to him? How is he honored and remembered. Where can I get a copy of the peom written by Paul Lawrence Dunbar commemorating Black Sampson's Bravery.
Samuel P. Rutland, Jr. [10-27-2005]

Love your cite really helpful when it came to explaining the minuteman. This will really help me in my debate in my Advanced Placement US History Class
Christopher Blue, Woodbridge, VA. 17 years of age [10-27-2005]

I Lovethis website!It has a lot of fun games
Stephanie, 10 years North Babylon [10-27-2005]

i think it is pretty cool and you should add more to it!
jessie, poop [10-27-2005]

I came on this website to look up info. for a school project and found out everrything that I needed to know. It seemes like you have unlimited resources and have omnipotent knowledge of the battle.
Laura Miller, I go to Carl Albert junior High [10-27-2005]

hi.How are you?
Shirley Paladino, 16 b-day 10\30\05 Oxford [10-27-2005]

I have visted my ggggg grandfathers (Robert Morgan Roberts) grave in the Stevenson Cemetery, Sugar Grove (Greenville) Pa twice in the past year. I still wounder what happen to him after the Maryland regement was almost wiped out due to poor leadership/and or by poor planning. Everything I have read indicates Robert Morgan was at Valley Forge after the Battle of Brandywine. Howeve, when I went to Valley Forge this summer (2005) I checked to see if his name was on the roster for Valley Forge that cold and wet winter of 1777 - 1778. He was not listed as serving at Valley Forge. In a book written about his son Bishop Robert Richford Roberts it talks about how his father would tell him and his borther and sisters stores about the battle of Brandywine, being at Valley Forge under Lafayette, and Geroge Washington. There are two publicaton where this is mentioned, Frontier Bishop written about his son and Frontier Woman written about his daughter Nancy Roberts McGramahan. In both publication it talks about Robert Morgan Roberts being at Valley Forge. I would love to be able to clear this up. If anyone has any ideas bleas advise.
Charlie Gentis, I am from Crona Ca, decendent of Robert Morgan Roberts patriot 1777 [10-27-2005]

It is a cool site!
Kelsey Morgan, 10 [10-27-2005]

I am a member of the board of directors of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation in Elkton, Maryland. In fall of 1781, both General Washington and General Rochambeau marched through Elkton (Head of Elk) on their way to Yorktown. The foundation is preparing a celebration of the "March to Yorktown" on the 225th anniversary of the march in September of 2006. We are looking for a guest speaker for our celebration. Can you recommend anyone who has both a knowledge of the Yorktown battle and the march through Elkton? We would appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you, Eric Mease Historic Elk Landing Foundation Elkton, Maryland
Eric Mease [10-27-2005]

I appreciate the work done on this site. Very interesting information and beautiful layout.
lisa nancy, rawalpindi [10-27-2005]

i just wont you to know that i love what yall have done for us because if it wasnet for yall i dont know what we will do. and you know what yall should get more people to fight for us but know yall should have a lots of people.
camille [10-27-2005]

I think you guys have done a wonderful job. I have learned so much from this website and i hope that you guys can let us learn more
Fatima Banda, I am a senior in high school and i am 18 years old i am planning on majoring in law enforcement when i graduate and go to OU in Oklahoma and when i major there i want to become an FBI agent [10-17-2005]

Very well done site. Great information. Very helpful for my report on Minutemen and Militia. Wish I lived closer!
Katy Jeppson, Age 17 From Salt Lake City, UT [10-13-2005]

Your cite is listed in my history book. Isn't that terrific. I haven't toured the cite but I am excited I have found it. It looks wonderful.
anonymous [10-11-2005]

This was very imformative and helpful, thanks.:}
Nina, 13 years old [10-06-2005]

This battle is my favorite. This site is very helpful.
Student [10-06-2005]

hi im doing aprocet onthis site
ashley, 13 [10-06-2005]

Having several Militia and Minutemen in our family and being intimately familiar with their journals, the premise of this article is mis-leading. Several militia left their towns to muster when called by their country to serve far from home. Additionally, Minutemen were unorganized armed rebels. Source documents would serve well to support the premise of this article which makes a sweeping assertion but lacks footnotes.
B.A. Barton, wife: DAR and myself, SAR [10-06-2005]

I am doing a report for class and I need information for my report and this site was and is very useful. I am in an enriched group so we need this project for about half of my grade and in this we will be making a book about Bartlett and we will be giving copies to my school and hopefully the mayor of Bartlett. If i am able to it would be nice if I could give others a book m class has made. My job for this is to be one of the four photographers and I am a researcher in the historic buildings and homes of Bartlett. If you have any information that might help me with my project please email me at you for your information I will gladly use it and put your website and where I got it so people will be even more interested. Thank you again for this information and your time. Laurie
Laurie [10-06-2005]

soleil, 13.santa barbra. [10-06-2005]

this is a very good site for my report thank you very much
Dustin, 13,king North Carolina [09-30-2005]

This is a cool web site!
Marissa [09-29-2005]

John Chapman was in the battle of Brandywine. I would like "any" one with information about him to please contact me. I am trying to learn who his parents were and where they came from. James "ED" Chapman
James "ED" Chapman, Fifth G-Grandfather was in this battle. [09-29-2005]

I am doing family research and I believe that my ancestor, Col. George Mat(t)hews of the 9th Virginia Regiment, fought at Brandywine and was later captured at the Battle of Germantown. I know your time is limited but if you could verify this I would appreciate it.
Rufus Buie, I am a retired person, age 64, and live in Rison, Arkansas. [09-29-2005]

thank you it teached me a lot to read your website!
larissa esqueda [09-28-2005]

thanks for helping me with my history project! :)
anonymous [09-28-2005]

wade Cochran [09-28-2005]

maddie, 10 [09-28-2005]

I really like Brandywine Battelfeild because I think its really intresting and I really want to come here again some time. My favorite thing is the gunfight. I think its really cool because its just like the revalutionary war.
My name is Bonnie Giberson, I am 7 years old and I live in Oxford. My birthday is December 8.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj [09-28-2005]

August C. Biemer, Age 8, 1016 Bradford Lane, Mount Airy, MD 21771 [09-28-2005]

I am presently reading "1776" by David McCullough. I am ready to jump ahead one year to 1777, as I plan to visit the park.
Jim Lutz, Wind Gap, PA 18091 [09-28-2005]

We recently drove through the battlefield and walked around the Gideon Gilpin House where Lafayette stayed. In your brochure there is NO mention of the magnificent tree near the house. In walking under the tree, we did come across a small marker explaining the tree and how old it was and the type of tree. I cannot believe the tree is not mentioned in your brochure! The size and age of the tree were most impressive to us! I am sure most visitors would be very impressed. Just a suggestion for the brochure
Patricia A Sotak, Eldersburg, Md [09-28-2005]

My 4th. great grandfather, George Elliott, died in the Battle of Brandywine. He was a revolutionary soldier, fighting under George Washington.
Bobby Duplissey [09-28-2005]

Like Site!
benicar [09-12-2005]

Love history
Mike Preece, Kelso Washington [09-12-2005]

nike taylor [09-12-2005]
sandra s. bryan, all [09-12-2005]

First time visitor to the site. Hope to visit the battlefield soon. I should have by now, as I have driven by it several times in my life.
Edwin R. Baxter, Philadelphia, Pa [09-12-2005]

You site is real Great!
aricept [09-12-2005]

Christy Zimba [09-12-2005]

this website is awesome
Joshua Diebold, 10 years old [09-12-2005]

good job
Peggy Shaver [09-12-2005]

Always wanted to visit the Battlegrounds at Brandywine. Great website and information. Makes me want to get this trip on my list of "things to do" this fall.
Brenda H., Collegeville, PA [09-12-2005]

The Spirit of America of today was formed here and in other similar battlefields from America's history
Vincent Tarantella, Renovo, Pennsylvania [09-12-2005]

Joey, 15, Las Vegas, NV [09-12-2005]

One of the most important battles in our history
Kenneth Henry, Saint Louis, Mo [09-12-2005]

just looking for information on the ferguson's in scotland. My hope is to come in stay in your country for at least a month. I'm now a writer and artist of western art... scott ferguson baker city oregon usa
Sir Scott Ferguson, 45yr old retired deputy sheriff baker city oregon in high mountians of eastern oregon [09-03-2005]

I love boys.
Tiffany, 12, boy-crazy, boy limit age is 13-16 [09-02-2005]

cows rock!
cow, 100 [09-02-2005]

Alexander Hamilton was my ancestor. I haven't gotten my inside research done yet.
anonymous, I love History! [09-01-2005]

It's great to see so much historical information making its way online - the website is a great resource and an experience-enhancing supplement to a visit to the battlefield!
Ryan Connors, 30; Philadelphia, PA [09-01-2005]

Nelda Dubovsky [09-01-2005]

This is a really neat page! I'll be sure to tell my friends! I just wanted to say that I like your website
der [08-21-2005]

i loved to come sometime to check everything out have not been there since i was a lil grl
linda louise townsend, the underground railroad in kennett square [08-21-2005]

anonymous [08-19-2005]

Although I have lived in the area for years, this website provided me more concise information of one of the most pivotal battles of the Revolutionary War. My children have also read from the web site and look forward to taking their first family outing to this historic battleground.
Mark Bruecks, Kennett Square [08-17-2005]

Great website. I found it while searching for info on the Battle of Brandywine. My GGGGG grandfather served under Gen. Greene at the age of 14 as a substitute. He also fought at the Battle of Guilfor Court House and Siege of Yorktown after which he returned home.
Pamela Baratti [08-16-2005]

Bill ward [08-11-2005]

Great site! I toured the Battlefield & both a kid in the '50s & '60s. The viritual march helped me finally understand the 1777 campaign. I became disabled in 2000. How much,if any, of the buildings and grounds can I access in a power wheelchair? I would like to take my 10 year old to visit a special place from my childhood. THANKS AGAIN.
Brian, Media [08-09-2005]

I just read your article about the Massachusetts Bay Colony. If you have a mailing list, please put me on it.
Mazal [08-02-2005]

Wonderful web site. I found it because our grand daughter and I are doing history & Geogoraphy over the summer. This is great.
Richard & Carol Wenger, 64 & 55 from Sierra County, CA [08-02-2005]

Lisle Goode, 60+, Cochran descendent. [08-02-2005]

I've been re-enacting the American Revolution since I was 14. I'm with a unit located in illinois. Great website! Nice pictures. Hope you guys continue with this re-enactment. Good luck in the future! Sincerley, Geoff Z
Geoff, Age: 16 [07-26-2005]

I am a descendant of general Ducat who was given a pair of engraved original colt pistols. I believe I have relatives in the states but would be interested in any history of my forebear that you could put my way. thanks
Angus Leadley Brown, london age 36 [07-26-2005]

JACK MCHALE [07-26-2005]

Sixth Great Grandson of Abraham Whiteman, who served with the Pennsylvania Militia in the regigment of Captain Conrad Geist during the campaigns of Brandywine and Germantown
Daniel E. Whiteman [07-26-2005]

Laurie Reynolds [07-26-2005]

For years Batona Hiking Club has scheduled hikes in the area near Birmingham and various monuments and markers.
Ellis Lesack, 71, Phila. [07-26-2005]

thanks very much
anonymous [07-26-2005]

Will be spending 8 weeks in Wlmington - checking out what to see & do
Annie Jean Murdoch, 62yoa - Rochester,NY [07-19-2005]

who are the new minutemen inTexas Achilles eubankwas a soldier
Paul W. Eubank, $@Topeka KS [07-19-2005]

I would like to visit Brandywine because it was a battle in the American Revolution and I love history!
Jack, Age 8, Eastchester NY [07-19-2005]

paul rensberger [07-19-2005]

While on a driving vacation a friend who had lived near Brandywine Creek shared a good deal of information about this battle. Ever since I've wanted to know more. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.
Beverly, Houston, Texas [07-19-2005]

I would like more information on the annual reenactment.
Pat Brannigan, Doylestown, PA [07-09-2005]

My 6th great grandfather, William Combs, died as the result of wounds suffered at Brandywine. He was mentioned in dispatches. Made it home to Russell Co., VA however, before he died. I am distressed and appalled by the careless way American history is taught in today's schools.
Ann Stewart, Historian, genealogist, archivist [07-06-2005]

I found your impressive and informative site while searching for Revolutionary War reading information.
Sammy Pace, Lexington, TN (MS native) [07-05-2005]

i think he was a very increrribly
India, 13 strongsville ohio [07-05-2005]

Great to see our history preserved so well.
Maggie Phillippe [07-04-2005]

You have good records on my family. We appreciate the work you have put into our family tree and who we are.
The descent of Rev. John Mark/ John Overfield and Sarah "SallY" Marks are my greatgrandparents, Kentucky [06-30-2005]

Several years ago our homeschool group enjoyed your excellent program. We want to return with the younger kids this fall, now that they are old enough to appreciate it.
Cindy Biederman [06-28-2005]

I just wanted to educate myself. Good site.
Jukka-Pekka Hakulinen, Helsinki, Finland [06-28-2005]

I was born and raised near the site of The Battle of Kings Mountain. I have visited this site often, as recent as last week. Patrick Ferguson is honered here, as well as, England. He was an officer of honor. In the area around Kings Mountain in South and North Carolina there are many people who share his name 'Ferguson'. Many citizens with his same last name.
Danny and Millie Brackett, Florence, SC [06-28-2005]

Formerly from New Hampshire. Formerly with New Hampshire's 1st NH Regiment. Raised in Minuteman country of Lexington and Bedford, Massachusetts. Drop me a line so that I can find out more about your activities. dwg
David W. Garland, 70, Sierra Vista, AZ [06-17-2005]

this is great my grand children love it
Mary Cash, Red House WV.25168 age 72 [06-14-2005]

My 4th great grandfather George Bruce was in the this battle of Brandywine according to his Revoluntionary War papers, etc. Very nice web site.
Larry L.S. Bruce, Bloomington, IN [06-13-2005]

whoaaaaaa mama
Brandon Dicamillo [06-13-2005]

This is a really cool sight and i love war movies make one on the brandywine battle if you haven't done so
Becky Millman, 13 Havertown [06-13-2005]

I'd just like to say why should we have to learn about your past, when you don't learn about ours?
anonymous [06-08-2005]

michael, battlefield [06-06-2005]

I have an ancestor who was in the battle there at Brandywine Creek. He was captured 11 september 1777 and released 17 dec 1780. His name was Andrew Thompson. He waw born in Ireland. Would you be able to tell me of some resorces to investigate to find out more about him? He served in Col. Olive Spencer's Regiment of the Continental Troops. He eventually settled in Southwest Virginia.
Brenda Repass Finch [06-03-2005]

My knowledge of this battle is rather scant. Unfortunately I cannot offer much in regards to hard information. One aspect of the battle that I am familiar with however is the involvement of the 71st regiment of foot. This regiment on the British side was equipped with the Ferguson rifle. The "Ferguson" rifle as to my understanding was the first weapon of it's kind used during the American Revolution. It was a Breech loading rifle that was able to be fired much quicker than the conventional muskets used at that time. I will provide more info on this as time and questions concerning this subject permit.
John Rivera, Brooklyn, New York [06-03-2005]

hello! Good Site! ;)
serje [06-03-2005]

My wife had a Revolutionary Vet who fought in the Battle of Guilford's Court House, N. Carolina. I have info that indicates two brothers named Moseby and William Childers were in the Battle of Brandywine. Moseby was killed and William was captured and never heard from again. It may be that my wife's ancestor, Pleasant Childers of Virginia, was another brother. I have obtained a veterans bronze grave marker for Pvt Childers and plan to set it near his grave this July 4th in Pikeville, Kentucky Any information about the Childers brothers would be GREATLY appreciated. Respectfully, Bill Sands Sebastian, Florida I haven't confirmed as yet thay may be brother to Pleasant Childers of around Charolettville, Virginia. I have obained a bronze veterans plack for Pleasant Childers and have plans to set the plack near his grave in Pikeville, Kentucky this July 4th 2005. If you have any information on these two brothers I would love to obtain it. Respectfully and Thanks in advance for your help. Bill Sands Sebastian, Florida
Bill Sands, Trying to trace posible ancesterys [06-03-2005]

I am a descendent of Jasper Moylan. Would like to contact person who posted "Moylan Blood" below.
Donald King, moylan family [05-28-2005]

On the way to visit the battlefield. Your web site is very good.
Cummins, Indiana [05-25-2005]

this is a great website for history reports guides and other important dates in history people of history and more
Brittany, 11 Austin MN [05-25-2005]

Great job Toni; loved the website. Will link my kids to it from way out here in Wisconsin / Iowa.
Ken Block, Old Independence Ranger person [05-25-2005]

hello! Good Site! ;)
serje [05-25-2005]

Great sight! This really helped me with me History Prodject.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

i whent on you tour and i thought it was great John was a great tour guide and Emily was very nice in the store. i had a lot of fun and larned a lot thanks.
Maryelizabeth A. Croak [05-25-2005]

becky [05-25-2005]

hello! Good Site! ;)
serje [05-25-2005]

Hi this is allison and i just wanted to say that my class has been learning about the revolutionary war and it is awesome there is a lot to learn about the war but we are doing a lot of fun things like dressing up as them and playing board games with the generals and things in them well i just found this web site and i think it is awesome well just wanted to say hi kids that are doing this web site and i am in 5th grade see ya later Allison Dowdle
Allison Dowdle, I am eleven and from Asheville North Carolina [05-25-2005]

Shawn M. Hussain, Piscataway, New Jersey 10 years old [05-25-2005]

where can I find more facts about the revoloutionary war?
andie, 14 [05-24-2005]

are yall good i just wanted to writ to you love maddeline
addie, nothing [05-24-2005]

this is a cool web site
brea, 12 [05-24-2005]

Kristina, 17 kirbyville texas [05-24-2005]

D. McDonald, Penfield NY [05-24-2005]

Sean Dougherty [05-24-2005]

awesome site! great for school projects
alyssa [05-24-2005]

lyss [05-24-2005]

Your website is ver educational, Dogg. You are weird have fun
Carly Taglienti [05-24-2005]

I am Rosemary Ring Johnson. One of my ancestors lived at Brandywine. I would like to see it.
anonymous [05-13-2005]

CWWLLKK [05-13-2005]

I'm researching Edward Hector for my class biography.
Savana [05-13-2005]

MARY MULLENS, warren,ohio [05-13-2005]

I thought it was a great site but i would like more information on the union and rebs movments. THX
anonymous [05-13-2005]

Both the 49th and the 62nd Regiments were involved in the American War of Independence. For the 49th it included its first major action. The Regiment took part in the occupation of Philadelphia in 1777 and the battle at nearby Brandywine Creek. The 49th's Light Company, which was attached to the 2nd Battalion Light Infantry, made a night attack with the bayonet under cover of a rain storm. A force of 1500 Americans encamped in a wood were taken completely by surprise, some 300 being killed or wounded with minor loss to the 49th. Humiliated, the Americans accused the British of killing the wounded, a charge proved to be totally unfounded, and vowed to give no quarter to the units involved when they met in later battles. The Light companies reacted to this threat by dyeing their distinguishing green feathers red so that they should be easily recognised. This action continued to be commemorated by the wearing of the red Brandywine Flash behind the cap badge by the Royal Berkshire Regiment, the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment and now by the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. The 62nd Regiment acted as Light Infantry and were involved in the advance from Canada into the rebel New England colonies under General Burgoyne. They won great praise for their steadfastness and fortitude in a number of actions and at Saratoga, where they earned the nickname "The Springers".
James Waterfall [05-11-2005]

I served in the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, British Army, who wore the Brandywine flash to celebrate their part in this action.
James Waterfall [05-11-2005]

I have lived in Brookhaven, PA for 21 years and have not visited the Brandywine Battlefield Park. I do intend to visit in the near future. I like history.
Ann K. High, I am 78 and want to visit the Brandywine Battlefield Park [05-11-2005]

brian, 11 [05-11-2005]

I'm a descendant of Clothier-General John Moylan. Although he was not at Brandywine. I often visit the battlefield and I live a few miles north in Downingtown. John Moylan returned to Ireland after the Rev War. His son David and his wife came to United States and lived in northern Pennsylvania around 1815. John Moylan had two step brothers. One brother was Stephen Moylan who served in the Continental Army and another brother Jasper who served in the 1st City Troop. There are many descendants of the Moylan brothers living in the Philadelphia area. Stephen was married to a Loyalist (I don't know how that was able to happen. He and his wife had daughters only. Jasper was a lawyer and lived in Philadelphia. Another brother remained in Ireland and was a Bishop in the Catholic Church. The Moylan brothers were all born in Cork, Ireland. Their father was narried I believe three times. As each wife passed away, he would remarry. Thought it would be nice to share this information.
Moylan Blood, Downingtown, PA [05-11-2005]

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Thomas Asbury from England had two sons, John and George fought in the Revolutionary War of 1775. John was killed at Brandywine,George taken prisoner. I have reason to believe that Thomas and my ancestors were related, originating from the same district in England. Hence my interest.
John Brian Asbury [04-17-2005]

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I was wondering why it is so hard to get the names of the people who fought in this battle? Family history tells us that Roger Mourning fought at Brandywine and was so woundered that he could never sit down again he had to lean on a specially built chair. I think this man was an American hero why isn't his name listed for all to see?
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I just looked at what I had recently found of my childrens family tree and one of their ancestors named William Cart fought in this battle 1775-1778 he was a private in Capt. Abraham Millers Co. Capt. Samuel Craigs Co.Col. Hand's Co. James Chamber's and Col. Thompson's Pennsylvania Rgts. I would like to know where this "swingle" he purchased is at? if this is at the meseum. You can email with this information if anyone knows any. Thank you for this site.
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Robert Wolf, One of my ancestors, Jacob Hartman, was wounded in tha battle and survived. [03-18-2005]

I am a descendant of Capt. (Col.) Joseph McClellan who fought at Brandywine. I would be interested in hearing from any relatives.
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A hero at the battle of brandywine, Casmir Pulaski, calvary saved needed supplies. Have a good Pulaski Day.
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I don't know if anybody looks at these remarks but I guess I'll still covay my feelings about Brandywine. . My wife and I go all over the east coast to battlefields. Mainly civil war but we have also been to at 3 other revolutionay war battlefields that I can think of at this moment.I just wanted to say that I was disappointed with the Brandywine battlefield. My problem is that I don't know about other people but I like to visualize the battle looking at the terrain with the help of those battlefield markers [for the lack of a better word]that says you are here, off to your left over that hill the redcoats marched etc. etc.I hope everybody knows want I am talking about. The Brandywine battlefield had none of those. All there was was two old houses and some rolling hills. Even though we saw the movie, you didn't get the feeling that when we walked out of the door of the visitors center there ever was a horrfic battle there on the grounds.I can only hope that in the future there might be some of these markers because My wfe and I both love the area and will surely be back.
glenn leslie, veteran of many a battlefield [02-23-2005]

I visited Washington's Headquarters for a bid meeting...looking for more historical info about the park.
Ray Ocasio, Perkasie, PA [02-23-2005]

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United we stand-divided we fall.
Robert J Daehn Jr., 56 Camp Verde. AZ. [02-21-2005]

My 4th great Grandfather was Abraham Markoe, the 1st captain and organizer of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry. I am doing research for a film doc. on the Troop- thanks for your site and info. Although in your text on the flag you have he(Washington) was escorted to Cambridge, the Troop toke him as far as Kingsbridge, N.Y. on his way to Cambridge. Thought you might want to know. Thanks, Anastasia
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RuNett Nia Ebo, Philadelphia PA [02-15-2005]

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When General Pulaski joined General George Washington’s staff, he immediately made important contributions to the war effort. He led a critical counterattack at the Battle of Brandywine that avoided a potential military disaster, earning him a commission as a Brigadier General. American leaders valued Pulaski’s experience in battle, his knowledge of military strategy, and his pioneering efforts that led to a recognition that he was the ‘‘Father of the American cavalry.’’ While leading cavalry forces in the Siege of Savannah, Pulaski was wounded, and died on October 11, 1779.
anonymous [01-30-2005]

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