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um like put more old fashion people coloring pages like those we already colored all of them
anonymous [12-29-2004]

My great grandfather seven times removed, Asa Thomas, fought at the Battle of the Brandywine under the command of Gen. John Armstrong. He was a Bucks-Associator, from Hilltown, Bucks County Pa., 7th Co.,3rd Batt.,Penna. Militia Div., 1st Penna. Brigade,Brig. Gen. James Potter, Bucks Reg.-Maj. John Folwell. Stationed at Gibsons Ford (now called Wilson Run).
John E. Thomas, Ridley Park,Pa. [12-29-2004]

John E. Thomas, Ridley Park,Pa. [12-29-2004]

I think this site rocks, dudes. Rock on totally! yeah man. Nepali Pride
P.P., Vestal, NY [12-22-2004]

great site well done
club karibu [12-20-2004]

Daniel Boone, a wagoneer at one of the Brandywine fights, since there was more than one, is linked to Washington. Was he the first secret service agent? Learn about Boone:
Veterans Council of America, ESC National Group Manager, Box 411302, Charlotte, NC 28241 [12-19-2004]

iwant more pictures
sarah [12-19-2004]

I actually liked reading about the battle of brandywine.
baby d, 16 yrs [12-19-2004]

I used this for a report and it very helpful
anonymous, adam clark, 13, chesterfield mo [12-19-2004]

thank you for making this site now i can do my home work about washington and alexander but you need pic's of them and the war.thanks!
angela brummett, 15years,rockwood of roanecounty [12-19-2004]

i love this site!
anonymous, jeremiah [12-15-2004]

Hey thanks a lot for the infomation. I needed it for my homework and it I didn't get this info, i would've failed my test the next day. Thanks again :)
Kasey [12-15-2004]

jo [12-15-2004]

Thanks this website really helped me write my report on the minutemen.This was the only website with the iunformation I needed. THANKS!
jessica, 12 yrs. [12-15-2004]

it's very educational!
anonymous [12-09-2004]

Pat Duesenberry, Lorain [12-06-2004]

david, mukilteo,wa [12-02-2004]

Michael [12-02-2004]

this is a cool website keep up the good work!
anonymous [12-01-2004]

jordan calland, 2 [12-01-2004]

I forgot about my report that i had a month to do until a day before it was due. i went to the back of my research book and found this web site so i went on it and i had my report done with in an hour. this site had so much information on it that i got an a on my report. THANKS A BUNCH!
Whitney Todd [11-29-2004]

It would be a lot more helpful if you summarized your information, it takes forever to read it when you're just looking for main facts.
Teen in need of middle school level homework help [11-29-2004]

it has really good information
jesse hawkins, 14 years old [11-29-2004]

he is awesomely awesome
anonymous, i'm related to Major General Nathanael Greene [11-29-2004]

Great website! It's great for our heritage. My ggggg grandfather was Capt. Joseph McClellan who served with Wayne's Brigae during the Battle of Brandywine. There is a monument in the historic park that bears his and Col. Isaac Taylor's name. It says he was a colonel but he was a captain at the time of the battle. He also served under Washington during the Whiskey Insurrection of 1794 with a regiment of dragoons. The monument is next to Pulaski's and Lafayette's monuments.
robert donahue [11-29-2004]

I love your web site. it is everything I need for my history assingment.
David, 11 yr. old 8 grade homeschooled [11-29-2004]

I came here for a History assinment in shool.
David Steltz, 11 yr. old [11-29-2004]

This is one of the lesser known battles so I think it's good you have a site on it. P.S. Pictures make all the difference, the more, the better!
Laurel Brook Logan, Age 16, Lives in a remote woods in PA [11-29-2004]

I think this site gives a lot ao usefull info if you are tring to do a SOCIAL STUDIES REPORT!
Maygan, 13,sulphur,louisiana [11-29-2004]

Cassie Burge [11-29-2004]

I love you brandywine because it is authentic
mrs bachus, IA ELP teacher [11-29-2004]

Anthony [11-29-2004]

us history ROCKS!
kc summerlin [11-29-2004]

This website was very helpful for writing an essay for college.
Rachel, Connecticut [11-29-2004]

i like the work they di there brave men
moses martinez, 15 [11-05-2004]

Jared Smith [11-02-2004]

I came across your webpage by surfing and I find very enlghting and informative.
John Lick II, 72 years old [10-31-2004]

Best wishes from France ! Great site, congratulations ! I found the web site very informative and interesting. Lots of good Information here. Keep up the good work.
joe, 30 [10-31-2004]

Great website very helpful in planning our vist--looking forward to touring the battlefield with my 5th grade son for a school project next weekend.
Kevin Dooley [10-29-2004]

Thanks for the awesume info! Primary sources of this event would be a great addition! Thanks again!
???, Student [10-29-2004]

Ever since I was a child I have been in LOVE with the Revolutionary war time period.I cant get enough,If things had been different for this nation I WOULD IN ALL LIKELY HOOD,NOT BE A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN.THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, GOD BE PRAISED! singed,christian and PATRIOT,TIMOTHY J.MORRIS
Tim Morris, 43 yr,s old romulus michigan, 15668 springhill, 48174 [10-24-2004]

really enjoyed the website, thanks for the interesting information.
millie leone, Columbus & 63 yr young grandma [10-18-2004]

That's my goegraphy project willbe the best!
Kaitlin Walter, Age-12 / City-Harrivsille [10-18-2004]

Great Site. There is a game by GMT Games that covers the Battle of Brandywine. You can get more info at
Paul [10-18-2004]

Battlefield Rules Mueseum Drules
Joshua Leary, Age9 BaltoMD [10-18-2004]

website was great.I can use this info for my field trip coming up
Foster D Mirarchi, age11 Essex MD. [10-18-2004]

great site helps out a lot on reports thanks a lot.
wang lee onus, cali. [10-07-2004]

I'm thinking about joining camp it looks like fun Sincerely Tyler
anonymous, age: 9 city:East Bangor, PA [10-06-2004]

may the force be with you ! long live star wars !
Jedi Knight ; ], 10 mass [10-06-2004]

thank you for the website I love it.
Benjamin [09-29-2004]

I enjoy my day at the park and was interested in the calls to prepare the cannons of battle during the reenactment. Could you send me a list of the calls? I'm working on a school project and all of your information is very helpful.
Nick Kohut [09-29-2004]

Like your site and someday I hope to visit the battlefield. My 5th Great Grandfather Wilhelm Karg (aka William Cart) was in the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment and at this particular battle. Ironically, my birthday is September 11th so this place would be very special to me. My ancestor stated he was involved in this battle when he applied for a pension in 1818 while living in what is now Nicholas Co. WV. It is great to know that the place still exists and is remembered via this great web site! Thank you!
Brent H. Williams, Huntington WV [09-29-2004]

I have been to Brandywine several times as a campfollower and as a civilian. Each time I was impressed with how well run and clean everything is. Great Job!
Sarah K. Sieracki-Finger, Former Campfollower [09-29-2004]

cool huh!
Bre and Emma, hey! we are studing u in history class [09-29-2004]

I really think i could benefit from the information that was giving to me. THANKS A LOT
Rodney Deed [09-29-2004]

We think this is a great website. A comes here all the time to learn about our great history on this wonderful website!
A and D, noyb [09-19-2004]

Very well done web site. It was a pleasure to visit it! I wish you all success.
Frank [09-16-2004]

very interesting site. I enjoy it . thank you
John Mac Innis, glace bay, nova scotia canada [09-16-2004]

nice sights from what I've seen,enjoyed them
cassandra, 33,havelock,nc 28532 [09-16-2004]

cool site. it was rad
aime maoy [09-16-2004]

this is a wonderful site
anonymous [09-16-2004]

I really enjoyed being able to see the houses and other interesting things here. I was here for my cousins wedding or i'd never know this was here.. Thanks so much, i'll be back another time.
Nancy Hoot, Jacksonville, florida [09-16-2004]

I find this to be helpful and look forward to seeing the complete battle field.
Jasmine Williams, New York; Historian. [09-15-2004]

my name is the sameas your name! cool man!
sabrina donahoo, dallas tx [08-25-2004]

As a Retired US Army 1sg. and an early American History buff, My wife and I will definitly be there on Sept. 26th for the reenactment.
Bob Flabbi, New Port Richey Florida [08-21-2004]

I LOVED the battlefield and the site! Thank you so much for letting your visitors tour Lafayette's headquarters! Everywhere I go they don't allow you to tour Lafayette's quarters, and as a Lafayette fan, that's very dissapointing. Thanks a bunch!
Anonymous [08-21-2004]

I think this was a great website to use for homework help and learning about the far away times.
Madison Allen, 10, Kannapolis, North Carolina [08-21-2004]

its a good site i like it keep up the good work it helps with school work too
heather, 15 f, defiance ohio [08-07-2004]

Great Park/Historic site, and great web site too!
Bryan W. Crowding, Collingdale, Pa. 19023 [07-31-2004]

I was born at the Brandywine Meadows Farm in 1947 and grew up hunting for arrowheads and minnie balls on the battlefield. It was a magical place before all the urban sprawl!
Robert Bourdon, 56 of Wanganui New Zealand [07-31-2004]

good site !...fantastic infos!
Axel [07-31-2004]

This is a nice site but the puzzles on trying to put the people together with sliding the the little pictures is hard! And the crossword puzzles had to little of letters and i could hardly find any of the words it hurt my eyes.. PEACE FROM GERMANY!
Patricia Payton, 13; bamberg, germany [07-24-2004]

It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy this site. Thanks
Walter [07-24-2004]

Looking for any information on Dr. Richard Pindell, who was from Hagerstown and served on the Patriot side at Camden, Guilford Court House, Cowpens and Eutaw Springs. Many thanks.
Roger Keller, Hagerstown,MD [07-24-2004]

Thank you for maintaining part of our Nation's past.
Sam, Newport, PA [07-24-2004]

My grandfather (William Trimble a Quaker Miller) lived in the area during the battle. I'm looking forward to visiting both his house and the battlefield.
William Trimble, Santa Cruz [07-24-2004]

Great website, very informative,I plan to visit with my family this August.
Angelo [07-24-2004]

I am a decendent of James Barrow who fought at both the Brandywine and Valley Forge Battles.
Cynthia Jones [07-24-2004]

Lance.Ferguson, my family came from north uist [06-30-2004]

the area is very nice, in fact we have friends coming during the first week of july and your on our list to revisit for us, and first visit for them. deeanna is a school teacher, and wants to see battlefields to make the adventure more real for her students. we are excited about re visiting your area. we return to mn the middle of august. we have been in delaware for nearly 9 months helping out a family member. see you in july.
merridee and dan pavlenko, fort ripley, minnesota 56339 [06-30-2004]

I visted the Brandywine Battlefield State Park recently. The artifacts on display were good but the visitor center seems ruin down. With no quality historical interpretation signs and only one parking area (thats all I could find) throughout the battleground, made visiting the battleground areas difficult and disappointing. Even the Hertiage Park lacked interpretation signs. Many thanks to those who have been trying to preserve the land from developers. I can only hope for the day when the Brandywine Battlefield Park covers must of the battleground and not just two HQs' buildings.
Tom Buffenbarger [06-20-2004]

Very nice website, but I think you need a more indepth description of the battle of brandywine.
Betty [06-10-2004]

Wonderful site. Plan on visiting there this week. Thanks for all of the info.
Bobbie Stifle, Pahrump, NV, 45 yrs old [06-06-2004]

HI! i really like your website, visit it all the time, it is very educational
mia falese, 11, Lemont, IL [05-28-2004]

Thanks for all the hard work. You are providing a great service.
kai [05-28-2004]

Tim, 8 [05-28-2004]

Keep up this great resource.
jimm [05-28-2004]

aimee gohil [05-28-2004]

We love history and we think its educational.
Amber and louanna, 11 albq nm [05-28-2004]

What a nice site - "bookmarking". But think of updating this site ;) Greets from Germany!
Patrick [05-28-2004]

I visited the battlefield last year and was very impressed with the friendly staff. My hat goes off to all of them. I think much more needs to be done in the way of signs and markers. The battlefield driving tour was lacking when it came to signs and interpetive markers. Overall my experience was a wonderful experience.
Jim Gillgam, History buff, 41, Virginia [05-28-2004]

Fantastic! & well worth the visit.. Thanks again
Cialis, Cialis LA [05-28-2004]

Thanks for the useful site.Keep up the good work.God bless you and keep you. -John-
john [05-28-2004]

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lashanda glass, 13doverde [05-28-2004]

Very nice Site with good information
Peter [05-28-2004]

Carsten, fl [05-28-2004]

Awesome web site I wanted to learn more about the war
anonymous, None [05-15-2004]

Christopher Timoteo [05-15-2004]

Although I am largely a Civil War buff, I recently started studying the American Revolution, and am reading Lecklie's great book on the war. This site is great and hopefully one day I will be able to make the trip up there to visit your park.
Matt Hering, Sixteen, Bartlett, Tennessee [05-13-2004]

The website looks great! There's a lot of information on it! Way to go!
Megan Whitman, 20, Thorndale, Pa [05-13-2004]

I have been a U.S. History buff since the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York. America is constantly reminded that we are very weak in some spots. But as a nation full of justice we will always overcome any challenge or test. God Bless America!
Terrence Ward, 14, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas [05-13-2004]

timotie robinson [05-13-2004]

You site is very educational
versicherung, Berlin [05-08-2004]

It's a nice site,Congratulation and my best wishes! Thank you and greetings from ShenZhen.
gerd [05-08-2004]

i thought this site was awesome! im doing a class project and it was a lot of help! although i do think you should have a list of interesting and very important facts not just a big paragraph with lots of details. THANX!
Taylor Rolyat [05-08-2004]

Handy - Handys - Handyzubeh÷r [05-08-2004]

Hello You are doing a wonderful job, just love the site! There is always more information out there.
benny [05-08-2004]

Luv ya site!
~*Courtney*~, *Philly* PA [05-08-2004]

brittany willcutt [05-01-2004]

Faith Arney [05-01-2004]

Madelyn Kinney [05-01-2004]

Exciting ggggggrand dad served under General Washington at Brandywine and I am so very proud of him. Keep up the good work.
anonymous, new york [04-29-2004]

jasmine, baton rouge,la 11 years old [04-28-2004]

Wishart settled with his wife Susannah Lytle in Brandywine in 1772/73 after coming from Ireland. He was in the military in during the Revolutionary War. Since he lived in the Brandywine area --- I am trying to find out if he fough with Washington in the Battle of Brandywine. Can you help?
Sarah Cleary Bennett, Descendent of William Wishart (Wishard) [04-28-2004]

Hi I am doing a report on the brandywine battle field and I went there and I thought it was very interesting to see where Washington and his troops fought agenst the British. I think that the Brandywine Battle Field is a real historical place and a Very,very interesting place to go to. Im glad that I picked the Brandywine Battle Field for my Report!
anonymous [04-25-2004]

This site is really great I love this it helped me lot.
Della Seals [04-25-2004]

Patti Ruuiz, San Antonio, Tx [04-21-2004]

tres bon site
calou, france [04-21-2004]

You have an excellent site! It's been twenty years since I visited the battlefield, and your descriptions of the battle and accompanying photographs brought back that memorable visit. More historical sites would see their visitation increase if they had a website such as yours.
Chris Harte, Richmond, VA [04-19-2004]

What a nice site - "bookmarking". Greets from Germany! My site:
Patrick [04-19-2004]

This site was very helpful on my history project for school.
karin, [04-19-2004]

Thank's for the Information,I'll be back soon! Nice Greetings Tim
tim [04-19-2004]

In depth and easy to navigate. Nice. Helped a lot on my project. Thanks.
Josh 10th grade [04-19-2004]

my great-great-great grandfather george emery was a quarter master at brandy wine.
gorden emery [04-10-2004]

I came accross this website today searching for any informations. I did not find them, but your site was very interesting.Regards Harry
berto, fffff [03-31-2004]

I really love what you've done with the site, I wish you all the best in the future.
berto, fffff [03-31-2004]

Nice Website! Like it a lot
Diane Katchatag, 16, Unalakleet Alaska [03-31-2004]

justin, *9 [03-31-2004]

in schol we are reading "my brother sam is daed" and "the riddle of pencrofft farm" they arew brandywine books. so much history so little time!
Jen, 11 stl [03-28-2004]

i like the info you give us kids thank you a lot
Heather, 11 gr [03-28-2004]

alexandra flores, i am 8 and i live in glen ferris,west virginia [03-28-2004]

This is a great site! Great site. Love this site very nice in design and easy to navigate
martinna, [03-21-2004]

I love the History of the Battlefield. I used to go there with my parents when I was a little girl. My children will learn to appreciate it as much as I do. Your web site is great, very informative! We did a report for school on the Battlefield and the information we picked up at the site and the information we got from the internet was perfect for what she needed. Keep up the great work.
Jennifer Trader, Aston, Pa [03-12-2004]

Judy Lion [03-12-2004]

love the site ecxelent depictions of the battle
Madison Gray [03-12-2004]

cool page
jon duk [03-12-2004]

thsi site really helped us on our 8th grade report.well, we should go i need to finish my report!> B.L,M,and C.R
anonymous [03-07-2004]

This is a wonderful site! I took my daughter to the park for a 4th grade report and visited the site for hard copy to do her report. I keep telling my friends to visit different places. We have so many historically significant sites and parks right in our backyard. People come from all over the country and world to see them and our children don't even have a clue that they are here. I visited many of them with the girl scouts and on school trips. Even our schools don't consider them very important any more. Please, please if you live near a historic site take your children to visit. They are so important and such a part of our country's history!
Darlene Belknap, Aston, PA [03-04-2004]

Very nice site.
Penne, Easton,PA [03-04-2004]

I'd like to know if a copy of the painting "The Nation Makers" is available for sale. Respectfully, Augie McLamb
Augie McLamb, MAJOR, United States Army, Heidelberg, Germany [03-04-2004]

thank you for letting me use your website.
Brady Edgar, 11, Rockham SD [03-04-2004]

I came to this site for a paper that i had to write for a class and it was great thanks to the brief yet informative information given thaks
Kjersten Wesley, 19, Eastern Michigan Universuty [03-02-2004]

this site was really help ful its sooo great .teachers should use this for teaching it was really easy to get the use full info. that i really need bye audra
audra berry [03-02-2004]

whats up i just wante4d to say hay and that we all really miss you guys so much and that we cant wait for you guys to come home love you guys
jessica douglas, i am 14 years old my 109 forest park forest ill 60466 [03-02-2004]

I really liked this site because it hellped me with my report.
Mike V, 11 yr [02-25-2004]

I enjoyed this site..I am from the line of Gideon Gilpin..We are planning on visiting there for our Vacation..Thanks again for the site
Cindy Gilpen (Gilpin), Ohio [02-24-2004]

very nice site
franceastro [02-15-2004]

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Alex Bailey [02-12-2004]

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Michael Sprowles, St.Augustine,FL [02-11-2004]

I like your coloring book
Zach sprowles, St.Augustine,FL [02-11-2004]

hey was looking at information on the brandywine flash, its an integral part of the history of our regiment and its been told over a 100 times to me, the RGBW are the direct descendants of the 62nd Berkshire Regiment who fought there and conducted the night attack on the sleeping american soldiers, good bit of history!
Pte. Findeis, 18, Reading, RGBW [02-07-2004]

lisa miller, 13 mandan northdakota [02-07-2004]

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asaba@boysmugu, very good site [02-07-2004]

i love this site its so cool
anias, 22/new york city [02-07-2004]

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anonymous [02-03-2004]

i think it is good to learn about are past relitives in social studies!
emmaline templeton [02-03-2004]

Great site. Thanks!
Jeffrey Collins, Ephrata, PA [01-31-2004]

it's really cool to learn about all this stuff so quick and easy
sarah [01-31-2004]

I really love this site..I have decided to finally sign in the guestbook and thanks for the information!I really used!Thanks again!<("<)^('.')^(>")>
Brett Alexander, 16,ny [01-29-2004]

Thanks for all the info on minutemen it helped me so much on my history report! Thanks
Thank You, 12, Boa Boa [01-28-2004]

This is the best Revolutionary war facts ever. Thank You!
ChrIS, 11, Los Angelas, None [01-28-2004]

The reason that I am on this website is for a sixth grade school report. Everyone in our class had to choose a battle that took place in the Revolutinary War. I chose the battle of Brandywine. I belive that this website has excellent information. It really gave lots of details about my battle. Thank you for letting me write! Katherine
Katherine, 12 years of age VT [01-27-2004]

i enjoyed your site. its quite impressive. may all your days be happy ones. peace.
Frank Miller [01-25-2004]

I think that this site is all i need to do my history report about the Battle of Brandywine. So thank-you for all your help.
Briana P. Landrum, age: 12 [01-23-2004]

I thought the web site was great
Sarsh Elfering [01-23-2004]

I am homeschooled and I refer to your site quite a bit for help on school assignments. Right now I am researching the minutemen. Thanks a lor, great site
Karissa, 12 years old, seventh grade, Colorado Springs, Colorado [01-23-2004]

Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather Robert Morgan Roberts of Pennsylvania fought here and at Germantown according to his son, 6th Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church, Robert Richford Roberts. Any one related to us, or with more information, please feel free to contact me.
Mike O'Loughlin, Maple Lake, Minnesota [01-23-2004]

When I was little my pop pop used to take me to the reenactments at Brandywine Battlefield. It was so much fun and I fell in love with U.S. History.
Michael Logue, Glenn Mills [01-23-2004]

im in the 11th and my 11th generation grandfather was Richard Caswell pretty cool, he was the first govenor of north carolina.
jamie, The Beach age 16 [01-23-2004]

this site is great for homework,bookreports ect.
kyra, 11 huntington,wv [01-23-2004]

this is a great site! it has really helped me and whitney out!
Leah, 13yrs. Wallins, Ky. [01-23-2004]

thank you for this great information me and my friend can really use it!
Whitney Shope, 13yrs. wallins ky. [01-23-2004]

Congratulations on your wonderful and well-designed site from a nearby children's author, who has enjoyed visiting you both on and off-line while doing some research. (The first results, A REVOLUTIONARY FIELD TRIP, illus. by R.W. Alley, will appear from Simon and Schuster before the 4th of July.) Thank you.
Susan Katz, Valley Forge, PA [01-23-2004]

Jim, Phil, and Billy
bob [01-23-2004]

my grandparents live here and we go to the feild all the time and i think that it gives off a lot of information. I love comming here to learn about the feild and i cant wait untill i come out again and veiw all of the stuff! thank you for letting me write this!
melisssa r., 13 years Streetsboro Ohio [01-23-2004]

Ellie, hello [01-23-2004]

I like the thought of people puting histroy on the web.IT rocks!
Brittany prothero, I am age 13 & I live in stillwater,Mn [01-23-2004] home