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Brandywine Battlefield: 2003 Guestbook Archives

I was raised in Aston, PA very near the battlefield. It is a wonderful place to visit. It is so hard to imagine how such a beautiful, peaceful place could be involved in a war. When you live near a historic place, please don't take it for granted. Go there and see it and learn life's lessons from it. Take advantage of the opportunities. It's amazing what you'll learn there. This is a great site. It brings the memories back so strongly. Thanks for being on line.
Don, Orange, TX [12-27-2003]

Very informative. I have been researching the battle of Brandywine since my interest was peeked when I finally realized I lived in an area where many men died to give myself and my family the freedom the fought for. You driving routes go well with the information gathered by several books written on the subject. It is fascinating and awe inspiring to slowly recount the massive battle from the Chadds ford to Birmingham meeting house. I drive these roads often and am so thankful to those who made my freedom possible.
Scott [12-27-2003]

When was howe born
Ozy Macias [12-21-2003]

this is a cool site <(**)>
tanner [12-14-2003]

This was a very informational site.
Danielle,, Florida [12-11-2003]

I love your site. My 6th great grandfather gave a horse to General Nathaniel Greene, which he later used to ride into battle at Guilliford Courthouse. My 6th Great Grandfather was also a revolutionary soldier, although I have had a hard time finding information on his exploits. His name was Peter Gearhart. Again, nice site and very informative.
John Gearhart [12-11-2003]

The site is good i am doing a report and it really helped me Thanks.
anonymous, Utah [12-11-2003]

I loved this site it was great keep the great work ! I will come and visit this site for the rest of my life u peeps rock love ya karen
anonymous, karen bazanson [12-11-2003]

this site helped me so much on a project thanks so much for this wonderful site!:]*
anonymous, haley karstens Austin,Texas age 10 :) [12-11-2003]

tilley [12-11-2003]

i love this site
Terrieaun McNeal, 15 age MO state [12-11-2003]

Wanted to find out about the "minutemen".Also found some interesting historical facts about battles and such. Iwould love to come and see for myself. Maybe one day ! Thanks, Valerie,
Valerie Hayden, Auckland, New Zealand [12-11-2003]

Hey loved the site, I am really interested in this kinda stuff. I'm glad I am doing a report on such an awsome historic sight. Thank you
Amanda, age 13 pa [12-11-2003]

what were most of the poeple of battle of bunker hill... .like what one's were the most importint to keep alive or safe at all times what were there name AND Y WERE THEY SO IMPORTINT?????????
travis chaffee, 14 /joshua tree/CA [12-11-2003]

I love the history of this! It is so cool for history projects at school. It really helped me with all My history projects that had to do with the revolutinary war.!keep up the good work!
Brandy, 13 [12-11-2003]

This site was helped me a lot with my history project about Hamilton. I had never realized he did this much. You guys should post your website in more obvious was a BIG help! Thanx!
SieSie [12-11-2003]

this is one of the best sites I have ever gone to and i am not kidding! It had the things I needed to know Thanks a lot!
Evelyn Drennen [12-11-2003]

im doing a newspaper for my class so what do i put down for the newspaper
Todd Ferris [12-11-2003]

Love The History! I was a part of history myself, I was at the Liberty Bells new home this year and helped cook 600 pancakes with Chef Walter from The City Tavern. I am interested in what the Army Cooked in the past. Any idea? I would love to do a cook book for the Bandywine Battle. all info would help.
Chef Michael Giletto, age 35, Philadelphia, love the history of our country [11-29-2003]

Many thanks for the information - much obliged.
Matt Harrison, Leicester, England [11-29-2003]

anonymous [11-27-2003]

A wonderful and informative web site. I enjoyed reading all. I love earlier US history. I only wish I had known about the reinactment of the battle sooner. I missed it this year. I will be there next year. I was wondering also what information you may have on being apart of the event. Thanks. Ed Thompson
Edward A Thompson, III, 32yrs old. Recently moved to Chadds Ford. [11-25-2003]

I used the site to do my history project and teach my class what I have learned.
Chelsee, 15 years old Freshman [11-22-2003]

This is a awsome site for childeren like me
cody grove, 10,amarillo,tx,S.J.C.A [11-22-2003]

Very good site, i have just found out that my G-Grandfather Conrad (Conrod) Keck was in this battle also and the Battle of German town, I tried to open the list of names but it seams it will not work, Can any one tell me if he is on this list? Thank you
Billy McBride, 44 Cleveland Texas, Keck family [11-22-2003]

I'm 9 years old and I'm in 3rd Grade. I'm doing a report on Paul Revere that is how I found your web site. I also collect small fine painted soldiers from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Yes some of my ancestors fought in the War's. My Mom has a great book with a lot of the data on our family. And then there are those stories that my older relatives have told and passed down to all of us. Thank you for having this great web site. Nathan
Nathan Warner, Mission Viejo, Calif. 92691 [11-17-2003]

This is a great web site to visit and to find info. on the revolutionary times.also, nice pictures.
eunice cruz, age:13 san diego, CA 92113 [11-11-2003]

Robert, wow [11-10-2003]

i found a lot of info i wanted, it was usfull im thankfull that you guys mad this web site
steven [11-08-2003]

pretty good sight,keep on rockin
Matthew Leverette, 14,camilla,GA [11-08-2003]

I like your idea of making the history of this story but maybe you should put all info on it like maybe about the people. Do you really have the story of all the soldiers that were in the war? Also how their families took this? How they reacted to listening about there husbands or their sons dying or died? Wouldnt you guys be curious about how the families react to the tradgeties and what they did after that? Well thank you and if you want to talk to me about this kind of history and you are younger or older I can actually use some help or if you need some help. You can e-mail me at ok thank you for listening good bye for now. Natasha
Natasha Clauson, 14 years old, Boulder, UT [11-08-2003]

excellent site. Brought back memories of our recent visit and gave me additional informatin to keep my interest fresh
Dina Doering, Former resident of Pennsylvania, [11-05-2003]

thx so much for the info
Hi, thx [11-05-2003]

cody [11-05-2003]

I think that this is a very helpful site, because I am doing a report and this is the best yet. But you should have things about the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Stamp Act, and the Boston Tea Party, and The Green Mountain Boys. But this wb site REALLY helped. Thank you so much for the help! THANKS!
Roezi Vermouth, I am 13 years old, in Concord, CA. [10-30-2003]

This is an awesome website! Great Job
Jessica [10-30-2003]

I think that the people were very brave.
Ryan Casey [10-30-2003]

samantha seat [10-30-2003]

I will study this site over and over, As i am a distant realative of a solder that was in the battle. Keck fought there. Good job and look forwerd to leaving a couple more notes as well.
Billy G Mcbride jr, Clevelan Texas [10-27-2003]

i am honered to be abel to write such wonderful thoughts in this great book! all i have 2 say is that you need 2 put the predisents on order!
Avery Lewis, 11,austin Tx [10-27-2003]

cool site
Briana chubb, 13, North dakota [10-27-2003]

I was raised in Phoenixville,Pa.,and moved to S.Dakota 11 yrs.ago.I used to go to the park on Sunday's,back in the early 80's.Enjoyed the park,and it's beauty emensly.I hope to return someday.GREAT WEB SITE!
Francis McClure, age,47-Rapid City,South Dakota [10-27-2003]

I really found this site helpful. Hope other people do so. Thanks
Stephany Wilson, 17, fun and interested in American History ;) [10-19-2003]

Nicole Callahan, 9, Fort Pircre,Florida 889 S.E. plam beach rd. [10-19-2003]

An Excellent Site! Bravo. Hope you will visit mine -
Joe Criscuoli [10-12-2003]

Hi. I saw 2 framed works of art in a Thrift Shop. One is the raised image of a minuteman and the other of a freedom fighter. On the back of both wood frames it says Americana Orginals by the Burns Company, Lake Hopatcong, NJ and they are dated 1966. Anyone with information about the artwork, please email me. I would appreciate it! Thanks. Laurie
Laurie Norton [10-01-2003]

The only official Revolutionary War record located of my 4th Great Grandfather JOSEPH THOM is that of militia duty in Captain White's company of the Fifth Battallion of the Pennsylvania Militia in the year 1782 (Pennsylvania Archives). However, according to a letter from a granddaughter of Joseph Thom (Harriet Thom Phillips), Joseph Thom was present at the Battle of Brandywine and that he was detailed, with others, to the duty of guarding a certain ford and that Joseph Thom was placed in charge of a squad of men and sent to perform some important mission and while on this duty they captured a British officer in full uniform. I will appreciate any information you may have on this. Thanks.
Charles Edwards, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-29-2003]

Found September 14, 2003: One small pouch with coins and a knife. Please email me to identify it, and I will send it to you. My email address is
Robert Morris, 84th Regiment of Foot, Royal Highland Emigrants [09-20-2003]

I saw the re-enactment a few years ago and It was a very way effective to encounter history. I felt I was there when history was made.
David Stanley, Dover, DE [09-13-2003]

What if it rains on Sunday the 14th? Is it off or post poned or just goes on
Chris Black, Landenberg pa [09-13-2003]

How come Brandywine isn't mentioned much historically? I well know of Trenton, Saratoga etc. It was uniquely and clearly the Gettysburg of the American Revolution. Unfortunately we lost. I am planning a trip very soon and look forward to seeing the whole area along with the battlefield. On the web site, could you list the Regiments that were engaged? I had relatives in the NC Continentals, one was a Colonel Bonner killed at Monmouth. Otherwise, the website is excellent in content and images.
Jim Gillgam, Gainesville, VA [09-11-2003]

Very nice site. Lived in Chester County since 1987, and this Sunday's(9/14/03) reenactment of the 226th anniversary of the battle, will be my first visit. Generically I re-enact the late 18th century English gentleman, using for my characterization an ancestor of mine, Sir John Thomas Duckworth, Bt, KOB. "He" will be "bringing me with him", and I am sure that we will "both" enjoy and learn.
Tom Hilton, Reenactor as "Sir John Thomas Duckworth, Bt, KOB." [09-10-2003]

I LOVE this stuff! How do I get involved!?
Emily Lewis, 18, Bryn Mawr PA [09-08-2003]

you need to make another one.
Tracey Epperson, this site is cool. [09-05-2003]

You have a wonderful event(Revolutionary Times) and it is just the correct size to be enjoyed by all. It would be a plus to your site if you could post a few more pictures of the event each year and I would really like to see some recognition of the Hessian troops who played such an important role in the history of this famous battel of the American Revolution! Otherwise, very well done and keep up the great work!Karl Bierbauer
Ben Williams, History teacher and re-enactor [09-05-2003]

I lived in chadds ford at opie's esso along with my brothers tom and gary. we played on the battlefield and lived next to the b&o.went to school at c.f. & unionville,we moved to 1962
doris opdenaker laughlin, 60/oroville calif. [09-04-2003]

My family has been studying about the founding of our nation and the great faith of our founding fathers. We are eager to visit sites where we can learn more about the way they lived and fought for the freedom we enjoy today!
Kaye Stuntz, Evening Shade,AR [09-04-2003]

This is an awsome sight, it gets my heart. Thanks for putting it on the Web.
Megan Grant, 13 of thornton Ia [08-30-2003]

an interesting site on your history, i enjoy reading on the history of the USA and i think you are THE greatest country. will be visiting your site again. thks edgar
edgar smit, edgar smit (sgt major) prince alfred,s guard port elizabeth [08-09-2003]

I love history and was looking for a place to spend a day. This web site has giving me a place to see in such detail I can hardly wait. Thanks
marian carder, 56yrs [08-08-2003]

Harry Whitney, My ancestor, Joseph Barker, JR fought with the Minute Men at Concord Bridge. [07-31-2003]

I thought this site was great, it provides a good selection of your history. I will be back again.
Paul Tyler, Rockhampton AUSTRALIA [07-28-2003]

Sandra Cummins [07-26-2003]

I think it's a great web page because it's educationial site.
Ashley Brennan, age 9 dillsburg [07-25-2003]

it was very enlighting to have traveled through the history of the battle of brandywine and pick up some new knowledge. thank you very much
gary kelly, 47 years old, from philadelphia, pa. [07-22-2003]

I have just watched The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and was disgusted.What a complete travesty of history!Downright lies.Yes our soldiers sometimes commited atrocities,but no more so than the "Patriots" and certainly not in the vile,one sided manner depicted.Nobody could fairly deny you your right to independence but it is an insult to the memory of our soldiers who were just as brave in fighting for our country as yours were in fighting for yours.Why did the majority of Native Americans take our side?Because we kept our treaties and dealt with them fairly, more than can be said for the Patriots.If you are going to depict history, at least try to depict it fairly.God Bless America.
Geoff, England [07-16-2003]

My wife Jean and I have five children ages, boy 11, boy 10, boy 8, girl 6, boy 4. We just toured Valley Forge,PA and the kids loved it. Why stop there; I found your web site and will make the Brandywine our next day trip. History, History, History; Love it!
Dennis, Philly Firefighter [07-12-2003]

Only a few names of Black Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War are being talked about. We have to do more to tell our children of these accomplishments.
robert brooks, Hampton, Virginia [07-10-2003]

mark [07-10-2003]

My 7th Great Grandfather, William COOPER was born on 5 Nov 1751 in Harford, Maryland. He served between 15 Jul 1776 and 15 Jul 1779 in the Continental Army. He enlisted in Harford County, Maryland and served as a Private in Lt. Tannahill and Capt. Alexander L. Smith's Rifle Regulars, Colonel Moses Rawlings Rifle Regiment. Private Cooper was in the following battles, Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. He was discharged by Capt. Thomas Beall, July 15, 1779 at Fort Pitt in Maryland. I visited your web site on this Fourth of July weekend to learn more about my family and our country's history. Thank you. Your site is very well done and very informative.
Jack Parsons, My home is in Seattle, WA [07-10-2003]

I have been to the Spackman Farm where some of the Brandywine Battle took place (as I was told). I would like to read something about the Spackman Farm.
Everett Spackman, . [06-22-2003]

I have been to the Spackman Farm where some of the Brandywine Battle took place (as I was told). I would like to read something about the Spackman Farm.
Everett Spackman, . [06-19-2003]

I am trying material out with an 8 student history camp on the Revolutionary War...I'll let you knoiw how it goes
Mark Fifer [06-12-2003]

While doing research for a paper about an event in US history that caused effects of great importance I ran across your site. It caused me to rethink my topic. Thank you for informing about an event in uor nation's history that was never taught. I'm enjoying my research on this subjuct VERY much.
Fred Cook, 34 yrs, Burlington, NC, [06-11-2003]

i think these facts are wonderful, and i will read them anytime of my day and i wuold like you to know that i enjoy this very much. my friend is telling me that i am being stupid agian and i dont know what to do. well how about you, do you like reading things like this? i can tell you i like reading this kind of info and it sometimes very boring but this was not boring at all. well got to go e-mail me sometime! jessie
jessie, 13 new ipswich [06-10-2003]

I have spend almost all day on this Internet site that contains information about the Revolutionary War. It is equal or more than equal to the history of the Civil war. I ahve much to review this afternoon befor I depart and return to the site for another interesting day of reading and reflecting. Major Moore
anonymous, Major US Army Retired, age 63, Knoxville, Tennessee. I can't find any information on the 3rd Virginia Regiment, the unit my GGGG Grandfather William Moore fought with. Please help me. [06-08-2003]

nice site, it helped me with my school project a lot! Thank You!
Erin [06-04-2003]

I was just looking up the family history of Golterman and came across this.Thank You.
Lisa Golterman, NewJersey [06-04-2003]

Where can I find out if my 2 Great-grandfathers were there during the battle? Can't wait to visit in person.
Carolyn G. Riddle, Wooster, OH [06-02-2003]

nice site. i used to live there. between hayburn rd. and harvey rd. opies esso. gary.
gary opdenaker, 50/ downey ca. [06-01-2003]

this was a awesomesite
MadisonT Arnold, 12yearsold live in Chicago [05-28-2003]

I enjoyed your website, but I feel it requires more information. I have visited the Battlefield and I found it quite moving. My ancestors fought in battle.
anonymous, Greenwich, London, England [05-24-2003]

I took the bus tour on April 26, 2003. It was terrific. I have lived here 8 years and never quite understood where the battle was fought, how many people died, etc. I had a guest from England several years ago, and as we drove from the Phila. airport to Kennett Square we passed the battlefield park. He was atonished. "You live near the Barndywine Battlefield? I spent bloody hours studying about that as a school boy. At least we won that one!" I would recommend the bus tours (next ones in November) to anyone. In fact, I will go again in the Fall and bring some friends.
Barb Hall, Kennett Square, PA [05-22-2003]

hi how are you cumputer
kate, 30 [05-22-2003]

Ethan Braught [05-15-2003]

it was a good sit
john carico, Richmond,Indaina (5-13-03) [05-15-2003]

Tanya, im 14 [05-14-2003]

you have a nice web sight and i hope you keep it like this in the future to keep our world's hitstory in mind to every one
Marcus armstead, 14 richmond Indiana [05-14-2003]

you helped me make things to do school with (: thank you
kirstin slyter, 7 stafford [05-14-2003]

cool sight
dragonmaster420, ??? [05-14-2003]

I really enjoyed visiting Brandywine. I had to do a school report and visiting Brandywine made me realize what freedom means.
Bryan Bingnear, 10 years old /I live in historical Chadds Ford Pa [05-14-2003]

Hello, im vanessa 15years old and iam searching for my dad, all informations i have are in my homepage. Please take a minute and read it, maybe you can help me! Here is my homepage: And here is my e-mail:
Vanessa, Germany [05-03-2003]

this site is great
dusty combs, mt. airy, north carolina [05-03-2003]

its a very nice web site
erica alaniz, 15/f/tx [05-03-2003]

I think this site is cool. Especially the picture of the minutemen on the field.
Benjamin Andrews, Turners Falls, MA 11 years old [05-03-2003]

your website helped me out with school for a report!thank you!
Gianna DiGiacomo [05-03-2003]

I have a Social Studies report due on battle of Brandwine and when I saw all te info in history it gave me my whole report! I coming here everytime for a report THANKS A LOT! Sincerley, Nick Valitutto.
Nick Valitutto, 12, Cincinnati, and 45211 [05-03-2003]

I love this website....the kids corner is very entertaining. i used a lot of your information to do a report on Delaware and this website made it worth while.
Emily, age-13 [04-24-2003]

I thouht you're website was great it taught me a lot, thanks for bringing it to computers!
Chelsea Sullivan [04-24-2003]

I grew up in N. Delaware and have been away too long. Hope I can return soon to visit. Thanks for this web page.
Frank F Jefferis, Marietta, Georgia [04-24-2003]

My husband and I went on the Van was great!
Rita [04-24-2003]

I was born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan; lived in East Detroit which is called East Pointe today. After graduating from E.Detroit High School, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy for four years active duty, during this time I met a woman who later became my wife. Her name is Miriam G. Schmidt(Taylor). Little did I know that her mother used to live in Lafayette's Quarters and her Dad used to farm on the land in the late 20's. My wife's mothers name is Grace Ann Boyer and her father's name was William Grover Boyer. After talking with my mother-in-law Grace she says the building has changed and they made it look more antique.She is 91 years old now and still has a good memory. I work in Ridley Park at Boeing and pass Brandywine Battlefield Park every day I go to work. I feel proud to be an American and enjoy the freedom we have in this country and truly thank those who made that freedom possible for all of us! Thanks to all who have helped restore this Battlefield and buildings so others can enjoy what it looked like at that time. Thank you, Dennis L. Schmidt
Dennis L. Schmidt, age 60 from Oxford, Pa. 19363 [04-19-2003]

It is with great delight that I write you about my connection to the Brandywine Battlefield Park. My family was decended from William Harvey, the Quaker who watched the battle from his yard. (See Ashmead's Delaware Co. History.) It was always my understanding that either the Washington's Headquarters or the Lafayette Headquarters was in the Harvey family. Do you have information that a Harvey lived in or owned one of these buildings after the battle? I do know that W. Harvey's home was destroyed by the British after the battle. This is a wonderful site. Thank you.
Marie Stewart Harvey Palaschak, Colorado Springs, Colorado [04-15-2003]

My great-great-great-great grandfather, Smith Turner, fought in this battle and the Battle of Germantown.
M. Vincent Turner, Boston MA, (now). Born in Cincinnati, OH, family from Kentucky and Indiana [04-15-2003]

This site looks like it will really help me and my friend on our hstory project. The layout is great and it has a whole lot of information. Thanks a lot!
Caleb Mitchell, 12 yrs, Toronto, Ontario, [04-15-2003]

My daughter's doing a HUGE project at school on Sweden. It includes everything from history, sports, clothing and even recipes. I've been amazed at how much we've found so far - hoping your website can help us find some type of souveneir for her to share with her classmates. Thank you for all of your help!
Brenda Hall [04-07-2003]

you rock
anonymous [04-04-2003]

nice site,i am interested in doing business with serious minded people from all over the world
khaazra Maaranu [04-01-2003]

your website is cool and helpful.When ever I have to do a history report for school I use your website.
rick ennis, im 11years old [04-01-2003]

Great Website, Great Historic Site, Great Reenactment Event!
Michael T. Davies, 23rd Regiment of Foot, RWFA [04-01-2003]

I visited Brandywine back in 86 with my family and had a tour of the Benjamin's Ring House and had found out the that would be my dad's great ( don't know how many greats) grandfather. I hoping to do a little more research on it, but your site is very interesting
Angela (Ring) Sass [04-01-2003]

i love your freedom i love you who reads this
Samantha Cormier, girl-5 th graed-f-muth mi-11 [04-01-2003]

samantha cormier, 11-frankenmuth mi [04-01-2003]

Your site was very helpful . It helped me with the information I needed to do my project.
Keisha, 14, Cave Creek, Arizona [03-18-2003]

Adrian Valle [03-18-2003]

I think the Kid's Corner was great! Me had so much fun coloring and unscrambling the word searches!
Samantha Schwarz, Im 15 years of age [03-18-2003]

Your website is fascinating. I visited it because in researching my family history I came across the name of one John Asbury who was killed at Brandywine during the Revolutionary War. He was a son of Thomas and Susan Asbury who had settled in Virginia after emigrating from England in 1745. I will return.
Brian Asbury, I live on the Island of Jersey, Great Britain, but I originally came from Derbyshire in England. [03-18-2003]

Any information on Moses Leonard, a wagoneer who was killed in this battle?
anonymous [03-18-2003]

i loved the battle of brandywine, And iliked the museum and im only writing this because my teacher made me. Im 13
Adrian Valle, Im 13 Im male i live in ohio [03-14-2003]

Thxs for the info it really helps. Keep it up Brandywine!
Corban Curtis [03-14-2003]

how aer you
vanessa, fillmore [03-14-2003]

E-mail me!
Katy Fleitz, im 12, a girl, I live in Willard, Ohio [03-14-2003]

right now i came to this page for a school project i havent seen it all but it looks really cool! love, hannah smith
hannah smith, 475 marett RD Westminster SC,29693 10 years old 3-11-03 [03-14-2003]

Im single and looking good
adrian valle, im 13 male i live in Ohio [03-14-2003]

Im single
Adrian Valle, im 13 male i live in Ohio [03-14-2003]

The Minute Men Information really helped me out. Thanks
John Golterman [03-14-2003]

just found out that my father was born there!1/22/00,was wondering if there are any records?being his youngest,i have no one to cntact for info,can you help?
sharon r baldwin [03-14-2003]

Paul, I actually came looking for the source of the legend of the blacksmith of Brandywine to answer a kids question but I can't seem to find it [03-14-2003]

Josie [03-14-2003]

I thought The battle was GREAT
Brian Sprenkle [03-06-2003]

i love micah
Emilee Fleitz, 11/f/OH [03-06-2003]

Ryan Fleitz, 13/m/oh [03-05-2003]

tell me about the american revolution NOWWW!
sabrina, 10 Newark [03-05-2003]

This site is so cool!
Caitlyn, I'm 10 years old [03-05-2003]

I think these historical areas, like Brandywine are very interesting and I thank you for preserving the area for public eyesoar.
Keva Jones [03-01-2003]

i like teacher said to write sumthing!
jamyi lucazudalu, no [02-24-2003]

I love Histery
Lindsey Lynn Terrell, 12 on June 12 [02-24-2003]

all of you are just like me and i also go to boiling springs elem.we are lerning about the civil war and we're reading the book ghost cadet its a great book you should try reading it well i got to go bye!
kayla [02-24-2003]

jane wilson, 12 Michagan [02-19-2003]

this is a great site for my info. for my progect
anonymous, cheektowaga [02-19-2003]

need more pictures!
anonymous [02-19-2003]

julie miller [02-15-2003]

justin radke [02-13-2003]

Rianna [02-13-2003]

My 4th Great Grandfather, John Royer Sr., fought at the Battle of Brandwine with the North Carolina Colonial forces. He was wounded and taken to hospital.
Joan D'Andrea, Genealogist [02-12-2003]

Racne, Wisconsin. Great site, Keep up the good Work! My ancestor Jacob Schwnander served in the Northampton county Militia from NOrthampton County, PA. Both he and Brother John Adam would have geen in that battle because their unit was one of those which spent the winter of 1777/8 at Valley forge. Both were musterd out early in May 1778, I suspect because they may have become disabled from the hardships the Army endured that winter. I have often wondered what they went through, so I am looking forward to visiting the site as soon as possible. Harold L. Baker.
Harold L. Baker, President, Wisconsin Society of the Sons of the Revloution. [02-10-2003]

This site was very helpful on my history project for school.
Jarrod Tamez, I'm eleven years old. I live in Wyoming. [02-10-2003]

Great Site! I will be bringing my son and his friend next weekend, Feb. 14th to meet George & Martha. This is great hands on stuff for them to experience while studing this period in school. Thanks!Also, My Great-Great-Uncle Jacob Schilinger faught at Bull Run, etc. How do we find out if he ever traveled cross Brandywine?
Lisa Stenger, Bedminster, Pa. [02-10-2003]

I need to know how to write an good Biogarph about myself. I was wondering if you guys could help?
Jason, 18 male [02-10-2003]

Jens Agger, Im From Sweden! [02-10-2003]

great site!
Curtis, hi [02-10-2003]

Amarican Revelution
Alison [02-05-2003]

I am looking for some info about Brandywine. So I looked up Brandywine in Google. I clicked on this site and found all that I was looking for about Brandywine.
Ariana Kunin-Leavitt, I am 11 years old. Live in Las Vegas, Nevada [02-05-2003]

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I am looking for information on Hon. John Clopton of Virginia. He was wounded at Brandywine. Surviving he served in the Va State house 1787 to 1789. He served 9 sessons of the US Congress from 1795 to 1816. He was a Captain of Virginia militia can you tell us anything about their service at Brandywine or elsewhere during the revolution? Thanks Vanessa Humm and her father Pat Humm
Patrick Humm, Dallas Texas [01-29-2003]

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