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sarah [12-27-2002]

Our records show a pension application for one, Robert Wats, of Culpepper County, Virginia who served in Captain George Slaughter's Company, Col. Mullenburg's then Bowman's Reg't "in the line of the State of Virginia on the Continental establishment". Could you folks confirm or deny any part of this? Thanks for your help. - Bob
Bob Duncan, Searching for soldier at Brandywine [12-22-2002]

anonymous, 14 adrain [12-22-2002]

great site. i got lots of info for my S.S project!
Jimmy Feaster, martin meylin middle school [12-22-2002]

I,like your page a lot. it is really tight. Thanks for having it. Morgan
Morgan, that people there were cool! [12-18-2002]

heather [12-18-2002]

This is a terrific site, especially if you have to do a 5 - 10 min. report!
Ashley, 13, 7th Grade, Pa. [12-14-2002]

i feel very sory for some of the war people because they souned like they were poor
jasmine smith, 10 greensboro nc [12-14-2002]

I have a question can you email give me info on how to look up my grandfather who served I have his name is Wilmot Rosengrant he lived in Tunkhannock Pa Thanks if you can find it as I am tring to join a lady auxiliary and they denied mesaying there As stated ""OUr Adujunt has not had any application from sponsors back to world war one we have not either as having a grandfather whom was in the war may it been any war I should be allowed didNt the legion start back in wwI if any oone can help woul be greatly apprecated
sandy, pa [12-14-2002]

i think that it is cool how you guys write to people and they write back to you well got to go now bye.
April Frost, 15,tucson az [12-14-2002]

trey [12-07-2002]

I was just browsing lookin' for some interesting history and I came to the right place! I love your website!
Clair Greenwood, age:10 grade:5 [12-07-2002]

I,m in fifth grade and we are doing history reports. I chose the Battle of Brandywine,I saw your website so I went to it.And I found all this information.THANKS.
hemi, age 11,cityCentralPoint,Oregon [12-07-2002]

Samantha Coldwell [12-07-2002]

When i was doin a SS report my teacher told me to come here and i thought it was another boring site. But when i got here there was pictures a lot of infermation and it explained everything i needed to know. Im not the best is history but when i was reveiwing your site i learned a lot. Thanks for helping me lean better in history i needed it Thanks agian i hope you read this because i am very seriouys u helped a lot! THANKS! ~*~*~*~Amanda your # 1 FaN~*~*~*~
Amanda, Rochester [12-05-2002]

hi i just wanted to say thanks im doing a history project and this site really helps
ashley, 13 denver school [12-05-2002]

I'm a grandmother working on family history for my children and grandchildren. It was such a pleasure visiting this site. It is informative, interesting, and easy to navigate. Thank you. My Great-great-great grandfather, John Watts fought in the Brandywine battle and was wounded. He was married to Lucy Dalton and they had 13 children. They lived in Albermarle County, Virginia. His father was a Methodist minister by the name of Jacob Watts and his mother was Elizabeth Durrett. Anyone with further information would be most appreciated.
Sandy Caruso [12-05-2002]

tesa [11-25-2002]

hi wonderful site it got me an a on my paper
summer h. [11-25-2002]

Hi, great site
Tesa Benjamin [11-25-2002]

great site
anonymous [11-25-2002]

thank you
sawyer, 9 [11-25-2002]

Thank you so much for the great information on the Battle of Brandywine.It helped me out a lot for my social studies project that im doing. Thanks a lot!
Jamie Gearhart [11-23-2002]

summer [11-23-2002]

This site helped me a little bit I hope that it help you too.
bobbie [11-21-2002]

I have read the information to the history of Bradywine.It is great.I just love learning about history.
cynthia marrero, 15yrs.old,phila.,pa [11-21-2002]

Jackie, none [11-21-2002]

Brett [11-21-2002]

Annette [11-21-2002]

you all did a good job
Danielle Deshields, na [11-21-2002]

i like this site it helped me get an A on my hitorical booklet Thank You!!!
matt ritter, im 14 [11-18-2002]

It's a very easy site to look for information, and the pictures and meanings of the paragraphs are very good.
Diana, Reid Middle School [11-18-2002]

thanks, my history teacher gave us a major project this site helped a lot
amber bower, 14: age 8th grade [11-18-2002]

Looking for info, 12, 8th grade, learning about the revolutionary war in history class message: Do you have any info on the role the native americans played in this battle? Because i need it for a if any one knows whether or not they played a role, or if you can give me a site that has this information, that would be great. Thanks a lot! [11-17-2002]

The Sailor, Sailing message: Served in the British Army, my regiment wears a red cloth flash behind the badge, we call this the Brandywine Flash. It is a reminder of what our forebears done at Brandywine. Ta, a very interesting site, well laid out. Oh, please visit my regiments website - [11-17-2002]

Thank you so much for leeting us share this wonderful site.
Joy, I was born in Pittsburgh so i enjoy seeing all about our wonderful state [11-15-2002]

The Battle of Brandywine was very interesting and you guys need to add some fun stuff for kids to do!
Jaime [11-15-2002]

This is a gr8 website! The Mela en colamin is Legolas G. and S.Gamgee
Samantha Meadows, I am 13 Punta Gorda,Fl [11-13-2002]

I think you have a pretty good website. I found many things I needed for an assignment. I think you should have a link to other things that happened as a result of the Battle of Brandywine, like Battle of the Clouds.
Megan, Age 13 [11-13-2002]

I like this website it was very intersting.I went here because i had to do a report this website got me an At.Thank you Sarah
Sarah Williams, none [11-13-2002]

stephanie willie [11-13-2002]

I have the confirmation, I will be in PHILADELPHIA on November 26, 2002 to visit my aunt in Plymouth Meeting, PA (Montgomery County) after she had her second heart attack and do not know for sure if I will be coming to the Brandywine Park.
Ravi Sehgal, Missouri [11-11-2002]

the war was cool and long
thomason dustin [11-11-2002]

I think you have a graet website. i was doing a report and I got a lot of information from here. Thank you.
laurel rapson, age 10 [11-08-2002]

I really like your web page, but you also need to talk about educational toys back then and the way they lived etc..... Please we need to learn more about HISTORY Catalina Olivas
Catalina Olivas, age 18 Coyanosa TX 79730 [11-06-2002]

Very interesting stuff
Daryl Cardosa, Austin, TX [11-04-2002]

kristina [11-01-2002]

nicole [11-01-2002]

sawyer webb, 10years old, [11-01-2002]

stefan pienkowski, 10 in fith grade [11-01-2002]

Your website is the best!
Logan, I am 10. [11-01-2002]

You have a great website!
Andrew Cousins, I am a 5th grader at Jefferson Middle School, Oak Ridge TN. [11-01-2002]

I am on here for a resource project. I like the way you organized your facts. A 5th grade student
anonymous [11-01-2002]

5th grade student from jefferson [11-01-2002]

kristi boooker [11-01-2002]

Andrew Cousins [11-01-2002]

lots of info
ashlie, shortysgirl14@aol [10-30-2002]

good web site lots of good info and wat not for my project wat im doing its cool!!
michael [10-30-2002]

april [10-29-2002]

Thanks for the info I'm doing a project for history and I got a bunch of info from the website:)
Mercdaes [10-24-2002]

RA-TA-TA cool site
Bekah [10-21-2002]

i like my brothers thomas & gary live at opie's esso played at the brandywine battlefield and was in and out of washingtons hq many times that area was our playground .that was a sweet time of life..enjoy this sight.doris opdenaker laughlin
doris opdenaker, age 58 now live at palermo,ca. [10-20-2002]

I have never been to the Brandywine Battlefield Park but have been in the Chadd's Ford Area in Montgomery County. I maybe coming to Philadelphia to visit my aunt who had a heart attack there lately. She lives in Historical Plymouth Meeting, PA in the same county. I hope to move back to Philadelphia, PA soon since I had used to live there and need all of your prayers in the name of the Lord to move back there since I became a Christian there 14 years ago. Thanks.
Ravi Sehgal, Columbia, Missouri [10-20-2002]

nate, 14, Hillsboro N.H. call 464-6288 [10-20-2002]

i love this cite
Jackie Chan [10-16-2002]

This website kicks a**!!! Minutemen rule!!! What's Up Huffines Middle School?
Harlan Quaker, 13 years old [10-16-2002]

Though you would like to know I am a direct decendent of patrick ferguson. He can be traced to my one of my great grandfathers. I also grew up near kings mountain, where we visited the monument for him very often. great site nice to see people who care about our history.
james bennett [10-16-2002]

Mark Galetka, EnnisTexas [10-07-2002]

This is a nice site. I was hoping to find something on the legend of the blacksmith of Brandywine, this tragic/supernatural tale of a family and the Battle of Brandywine. Does anyone know where I could find out more about it?
Wheezy, Eugene, OR [10-07-2002]

i was looking for Marquis de lafayette for more than a week! i fond him in google,i'm sooooo glad they made this web site cause i got an A+ on my project(it was A walk through America Revolution) it was sooooo excitingi love it! thank u !
Alexandra Paige Alesso, Bakersfield,i'm 11,CA [10-02-2002]

Great Site! Did Charles Costeworth Pinkney also lead in a battle at Brandywine? My 4th great grandfather fought under Col. Pinkney.
Nalda [09-28-2002]

Hi, i am in Mrs. White's class, this site really helped me on my project that I did in 1 class period.
Les Frankel, Williamsburg VA. [09-28-2002]

I want to move to the US.
Jose Almorado, Rio [09-28-2002]

hello friends im an english student here and i love america!!
jesus meraco, mexico [09-28-2002]

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sleusberry stuber for key key [09-28-2002]

Hey my name is taylor I love to ride my bike, but when I am not outside on the trails, I am inside on the computer checking out your site. Bye for now, I am hittin the trails!!!!
Taylor Good, Rockport Mass. [09-28-2002]

supe guys im chillin in history class white in the house!!!! oh well guys gotta dew sum work haha nice chill coloring site!! peace!!
jeena sophfield, new york [09-28-2002]

Hi, Tyler here.. I just wanted to say, greeeaaaaat site! I am 11 years old and i can't wait to be 12.
Tyler Horvath, San Diego CA. [09-28-2002]

hey guys, just wanted to say that you have made a great site here. I will be back to visit the page soon when you update the games. James
James Maravalli, Williamsburg VA. [09-28-2002]

hey guys just wanna say thanks for the great time and effort you have put into the kids section and coloring book it adds a nice touch to the effect... in addition i visit here often acording to my daily schedual openings...well maybe ill chat bak in a couple days peace fellas
jimmy wright, williamsburg va [09-28-2002]

hi, i love the kids corner of the ushistory site, i am in the 11th grade and visit this site almost daily!!!! i love the coloring books and all the cool stuff you guys have on this site.
anonymous, jimmy's house [09-28-2002]

this was cool
Jessica Olague [09-28-2002]

nice site
katie, 12 milford [09-28-2002]

I travel through BRANDYWINE every time I take my son to Delaware. Last time I decided to stop @ the park just to see whats there. It was very beautiful & a lot of history.
Marie Ebert, 33yrs. Shenandoah Pa 17976 [09-28-2002]

as an reenactor, i enjoy showing people of today on how people back than lived and fought during the war. i play a loyalist, a citizen living in the colonies who stayed loyal to the king. many people who come to the british encampment at the many events that i do never heard of the term "loyalist or tory." when i tell them on who i am,most never heard of the term. many people thought that all citizens fought against the crown. i am happy that places like yours and many others locations have us come to show and teach what the war was all about.
stan hull, reenactor [09-28-2002]

Thank you very much for the wonderful site on Brandywine Battlefield. I am 7th generation of a veteran of this battle, Henry Bolton, SR (born 1755 London, England, died 1846) Grandfather Henry was wounded in this battle. I am presently recording the "Bolton" family history on disc and I intend to include the article of this battle on the disc for future reference of the family. I now have two Bolton grandsons which will take this history to nine generations. Thank you again for such a clear description of this battle. I hope to visit the battlefield someday soon.
James B Bolton, Lexington, KY [09-28-2002]

jinessa [09-13-2002]

On this meaningful day, September 11th, 2002, I learned that my husband's and children's great-grandfather, Thomas Blitch, had died at the Battle of the Brandywine, September 11th, 1777: Echoes of history, heard across the years, connecting present and past.
Chanda S. Blitch, Hickory, North Carolina [09-13-2002]

it was fun i really like to color the picturebut you need to add more pic to color thanky ou bye bey
amanda, lisbon [09-13-2002]

i had a riot on your web yaaayy
Laura [09-13-2002]

It seems that 11 September is not a good day for Americans.
GinaB, Native NY'er [09-13-2002]

Jonathan Walker [09-13-2002]

I love Brandywine battlefield because I have a friend named brandy (aka botty la moo moo) and i also love drinking wine with her.
Tyler Benito Adondes, 19yrs from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma [09-06-2002]

originally from Pittsburgh near where Washington made a famous crossing of the Alleheny River. before the French and Indian War, and long before he crossed the Delaware on the way to Trenton.
richard bradley, 10783 se 178th st. Summerfueld Fl . . 34491 [09-06-2002]

I've visited the Brandywine Battlefield on three different occasions. I'm glad to see that many of the buildings have been restored and are being maintained. My great-great-great grandfather, Nicholas Frye, served in the German Regiment of the Continental Army and in that capacity he guarded the baggage waggons during the battle.
John H. Munday, Jr. [07-24-2002]

looking for information regarding one of george washington's aides to camp name is Tench Tilghman if you have any information please email me. thank you
Brian Greenfield [07-24-2002]

I am a descendant of Philadelphia pre revolutionary Quakers and I have literally traveled the world, but have lived in the area all of my life. I have not dug into my Quaker geneology. I do not want to fnd out that one of my ancestors fed Washington dis-information. We live in the 1804 Benjamim Sharpless House on Birmingham Road at Lambourne, on the Street Road side of the creek. We just took three visiting children thru the museum and Park. Nicely done and the volunteer tour guide was enthused and informative. Suggestion: Picture this. American forces planning to face their enemies when they are surprised by a totally unexpected attack from an unexpected direction by people who took advantage of our open society, thousands of lives lost, betrayal by people which caused us to pause and fall back, but we regrouped and then rose to the occasion to great new heights! It happened on 11 September 1777 and again on 11 September 2001, 224 years apart! It would be quite appropriate for you to formally make note of this strange accident of history in your museum, even if it is only a poster on the wall. Betrayal does not mean defeat, it is only an incentive to regroup. Regards, Steve Kelly
Steve Kelly, Local, very local! [07-15-2002]

A few weeks ago I learned of the civilian participation of G-g-g-g-g-grandmother in the aftermath of the battle -- *not* a story that had come down in the family. Thank you for maintaining such an elegant and interesting site, which will encourage interest in the long, tough, struggle of the Revolution. Sincerely, Ann Sharp
Ann Sharp, 5th great-granddaughter of Jane Sheward Gibbons [07-10-2002]

I just learned that my ancestor Simeon Taylor died in this battle.
Chris Taylor [07-10-2002]

i was after info on brandy wine i was told when the american troops were sleeping after being be by the british a few british soldiers went into the american camp and killed a lot of them in there sleep those soldiers that did that got medals and that wa t start of the british light infantry division which is still today a division of the brit army is this true its very famous in the light infantry i think it was like 20/30 soldiers went in and kiled about 100/200 as i say it famous in england in the army anyway the light infantry wore feathers in there helmats or hats at all times and they wore green uniforms never red like normal red coates please help if you can
nathanael howell, 19/eagle grove iowa but from england [07-04-2002]

Bad things seem to occur on 9/11. Including the Battle of Brandywine. We haven't seen our finest hour yet! Just like we conquered the British we will prevail over the terrorist. "Don't get mad, get even!"
Joe Robinson, Born on Sept. 11, Age 44, Haverhill, MA [07-01-2002]

It was very interesting to see the home of my great++ grandfather inasmuch as I may not be able to make the trip across the continent before I too become part of my family,s history (I am 75). I knew something about this area and its history from by grandfather, Edward Brinton Gilpin who was born in Chester County in 1856 who with his family migrated west to the prairie country after the Civil War. I continue to marvel about all that has happened to our country in a short few hundred years. I am thankful for all of us and our descendants that we have preserved the physical memoties of our past.
anonymous, From San Leandro, California (a descendant of Gideon Gilpin) [07-01-2002]

I thought it was wonderful! I learned a lot for my thoughts could you tell me what you think about what I say I'll do it when you do it. thanks
Mercedes, 9 Hildebran NC [07-01-2002]

hey i think ur website is really really kewl peace out yo
Katie, 12 point pleasnt nj [06-05-2002]

tom hager [06-05-2002]

i need info on the quakers wars
joe, 16 [06-04-2002]

i liked the information of the early days!!!!!!!!!
brandy stanfield [06-03-2002]

Heather Lackus, prospect park [06-02-2002]

My family has always been very close to its ancestry. Some of my Great-grands were friends of the Washington's, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as having a doctor on the Brandywine Battlefield. Patriotism is bred into our family and we frequently visited the battlefield as children. This year I am hoping to share the reenactment with our Cub Scout Troop. I am glad to see you have preserved our history so well. Thank you for your hard work.
Kimberly D Pierce, Age 34, Gibbstown, NJ [05-30-2002]

Yo all!
Meteor 1, Montrose Pa [05-28-2002]

I just arrived home from a visit of Brandywine Battlefield. My fiance and I truly enjoyed the entire experience. Just to walk the hills where this important battle was fought brought tingles to my spine. It is DEFINITELY worth a visit. I highly recommend taking all the tours that are offered, and stopping by the Visitor's Center. Inside the Visitor's Center, you will find a remarkable gift shop, with lots of souveneirs. They also show a little 18-minute filmette which highligts the whole battle. Ironically, this battle took place on September 11th. And although that date will always be remembered as the "terrorist attack", in no way should we forget these brave soldiers who also lost their lives defending our great country. Any comments, feel free to email me:
Eddie Orazio, Clifton Heights, Penna. [05-28-2002]

mariah [05-24-2002]

sam the minuteman [05-15-2002]

Great sight! Now I want to visit your park more then ever. By the way, you might be interested in this; I have a professionally made copy of a British General's frock coat, full dress with gold braid. It has been worn only a couple of times, once at Camden, and on the Discovery Channel's American Revolution Series. Its for sale, $300. If you are interested mail me back or call, 803-985-7876
Thomas Tucker [05-15-2002]

this is a great site for students to learn keep up the good work
branden, im 10 i live in millville nj [05-15-2002]

I just visited the Brandywine Battlefield on Friday for a class field trip. I enjoyed it so much. The Museum Shop and Musket Shooting was awesome! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!
Clint Moyer, 10, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, 19335 [05-13-2002]

mimmo, none [05-13-2002]

I visited the battlefield today, I enjoed myself very much. I was wondering if anyone could tell me approximately how many acres the battlefield is and in what year was the LaFayette house renovated-doing a school project. Thanks!
David, 19,Chester Springs, PPennsylvania [05-11-2002]

I was doing a report on the battle of Brandywine and I found out many helpful things. Your tours explane everything about the houses that I needed even more than I needed. Thank you for all of your help I should get a good grade on my report.
Alex [05-06-2002]

BrandyWine Battle field is amazing,fantastic it is also edacetionelfun!!!!! too!"
brigidsullivan, 10,chesterhights. [05-06-2002]

Thankyou very much! i never knew that lafayette was so well known! my family always spoke of him but i just dismissed it as exaggeration. Le Marquis De Lafayette is my GtGtGt...etc Grandfather! thanks for showing me an ancestor i din't fully recognise. from Francis J.Osborn (England)
anonymous [05-06-2002]

This is cool wobsite
Mayra Aguilar, Vista California [05-02-2002]

What Goerge Washington and his troops went thru on September 11th, 1777 was not as devastating as the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.
Dave [05-02-2002]

anonymous, age 13 city brewton [04-27-2002]

Hi, I am doing biograph research paper, and I can't find a colonial surgeon to do the report on.Help! I you have any info for me please e-mail it to me. thanks! rachel
rachel [04-27-2002]

Put it in more detail
Rachele Cochran, Ohio [04-27-2002]

I live in Kingsport, TN but was raised in Newark, DE. I remember several field trips from E. Frances Medil School up to the DuPont Powder Mill along the Brandywine. Nice to stumble upon this site. I was looking for sources to help my daughter with a paper on colonial era medicine. Jennifer is a junior at East Tennessee State University.
David C. Ladd, Jr., Age 49, Electrical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company [04-18-2002]

i really need info on brandywine battle for my ss report if u got some please copy it into word and ford it to me
Allie [04-18-2002]

My 4th grt.grandfather was Sampson Wickersham, who was a Quaker and was living in Kennett Sq, which is near the Brandywine. As things between the Colonist militias & the Britisth were becoming more evident in that war was going to become fulfleged, Sampson chose to take up arms and against the British to protect the very things he loved most. His family, his home, and his country. After joining the ranks, he tried to recruit others Quacker friends, so the US Archives say, and also that Sampson fought as a Private, under the direction of Gen. Howe. I as so proud of my ancestor Sampson, who's desire was to go out to protect the very freedoms for which his grandparents came to this country for. When Samson left home to fight in the Battle of Brandywine he was well aware of the consequences that could befall him. During his absence from his home he was banished from his church. Now this was not a man that did not believe in God, on the contrary. How fortunate we are for the many freedoms we have. I am well awhere that there were and are so many who are responsible for saving this country by fighting and shedding their blood, and even dying, so we can continue to enjoy our freedom. For my ancestor Sampson coming home from the war was difficult. He learned that his town and family had believed that he was dead.His wife had remarried and what a heart ache that must have been, he even had 7 children with her. Sampson left, heartbroken, left Kennet Sq. Pa, to go to Kentucy. Kennett Sq had been his family's home,since 1700 when they arrived from England, carrying a deed signed by Wm. Penn. I am a person who believes in holding strong to the faith, and I also believe that there are times we must take arms to protect our family, our homes, and our country, and that God santions us to protect ourselves. To live in this country is a God given priviledge. I am very proud of my ancestors who gave up so much in order to come to this country. How exciting it is for me, to know that my Sampson took the stand for freedom.
Jerri Lyn Wickersham Garofalo, Richmond, Virginia [04-15-2002]

I'm still trying to find out more about Archibald McLaughlin (fought at Brandywine Creek, and his son James who also fought with the 42nd Regiment
George D. Wright, Prince Rupert., B.C. [04-13-2002]

As a child I visited the Brandywine Battlefield numerous times and enjoyed the various tours including the headquarters of Washington and LaFayette. The graveyard was one of the most fascinating due to the fact that the most history is contained within these blocks of concrete. Indeed, enjoyment for all ages is felt at the Brandywine Battlefield. As an endnote-any job information would be greatly appreciated!
Julie R. Rambo, Levittown, Pa- Associate of Arts in Education, B.A. in History [04-13-2002]

I had visited the museum a long time ago on a school trip, I do not remember much and was thinking of visiting there again with my son, and 2 step children. The area is beautiful!!
Dawn LaFrance, age 32 Crystal River FL, West Grove PA is my home town! [04-10-2002]

A great site that I thoroughly enjoyed. I noticed in an earlier comment that Mad Anthony Wayne was involvrd in thr battle even though I didn't see a mention of it. I also have an ancestor who served under Wayne but later during the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1795 that lead to the opening of the Northwest Territories. I'm sure this site is appreciated greatly by all history buffs.
Charles Stephenson, California [04-10-2002]

this is a great site! i had a college paper due and needed info. on the battle. thx a lot!!!
anonymous, i'm 18 from brockport, ny [04-10-2002]

My relative Captain Daniel Huddleston was killed at the Battle of Brandywine.
Alan Huddleston, Austin, Texas [04-10-2002]

This is a very educational site and i will come back again some other time.
Bob [04-03-2002]

I grew up about 500 feet towards painters crossroads from the park. My father was Tom, who owned the esso station by harvey rd. I remember as a child going into both headquarters and checking out the historic items. My god, i used to play at mr. Fells farm across the street from the park. I knew Andrew wyeth and Jamie, carolyn, and betsy. It's been many years since i've been back there.Iloved that place.
Gary Opdenaker, 48yrs./ los angeles/ ca. [04-01-2002]

Just finished watching the movie ' THE PATRIOT ' with Mel GIBSON. The film portrays the British as absolute animals. When you think about it the War of Independance was really a civil war as we were all Brothers and sisters. I served with a British Army Regiment ' The Duke Of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment ' for almost 8 years and one of our main battle honours was the battle of Brandywine Creek I would love to have some more honest information on this battle as again we are portrayed as nothing better than commom murderers, If the story of the british sneeking in and slitting peoples throats whilst they were sleeping is true ?. I am proud of my service to my country and to be British but at what cost ? Apologies my friends because in todays climate what with a so called united europe etc I can trully say that I wish I had the honour of being able to call myself an American. You are all doing a great job and I'm not a nut or anything in fact I'm a Police officer nowdays so take care and please take some time to E-mail me if the oppurtunity presents itself. All the best Garry.
Garry King, 30yrs London, England, IG6 3BH [03-31-2002]

Kalynn Morcom [03-30-2002]

Just visited Brandywine Battlefield today and I thought the speech on how they treated the injured soldiers on the battlefield was really cool. It just made my lunch more appetising. I really enjoyed visiting the battlefield and learning about the Revolutionary War. I hope to come back and visit it more intensely this summer. Thanks for the info. I like your site, too! Mike
Michael, 11 years old, 5th grade student from Elk Ridge School in Oxford [03-28-2002]

e.mcgowan [03-24-2002]

We'll be visiting your part of the country soon and looking for places to make history come alive for my home schoolers. Your site makes it easy to decide what to see before we get there!!
Anne, Home Schooling Mom in North Pole, Alaska [03-21-2002]

I first came to look up things on a regular life in the Civil War. As I was looking through the web site I foud some very interesting things on it .I would just like to say Thank You!
anonymous, Age 12, Houston texas, School: Lake Olympia Middle School [03-21-2002]

Christina Good [03-07-2002]

history is kewl
simber Bartelt, 13,polo,kewl [03-06-2002]

i need info on the battle of bradywine....Please email me
anonymous [03-06-2002]

I Just Dropped by the sight while searching for more Fergusons. My parents knnow more but all I know ar this time is my grandfather was Charles Ferguson. Thanks for the sight B Ferguson
Belinda Ferguson/ Bailey, 39, Edwardsburg, Michigan USA [03-06-2002]

Hi I am from burlington elementry In my 5th grade social studies class I am doing an amazing report on the battle of Brandywine COOL HUH!
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My g(6)grandfather, Joseph Thomas, served under General George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine. Revolutionary War Pension Number W9518.
Annette H. Smiley [03-04-2002]

your website is cool I am definetly coming back
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I am doing a reserch project for school about colonial doctors. this helped a lot, thanks, nancy e.
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My ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph, was a Lieutenant under Gen. Anthony Wayne and served at the Brandywine, was wounded at Paoli and escaped by feigning death, served at Valley Forge, Monmouth, Trenton etc.. It is wonderful to see the great web site for this all to often ignored or overlooked Battle. Yes, we lost the Battle, but without Brandywine there would have been no Valley Forge, no hardening of the Continental Army into the disciplined fighting instrument which it became under Washington & Von Steuben. Bravo for an informative and interesting web site!
David W. Wood, Jr. [02-09-2002]

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How many people got shot in the war did you every get shot or missed by one thank you.
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As a former,[and proud] citizen of Penna. I was pleased to learn of this site thru the NY Times. Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories.
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