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Brandywine Battlefield: 2001 Guestbook Archives

As a former,[and proud] citizen of Penna. I was pleased to learn of this site thru the NY Times. Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories.
Russ Dawson, Jamaica, VT [12-24-2001]

Thank you for providing this site. I appreciate getting the information prior to visiting the battlefield.
Mike Foley, Carlisle, PA [12-22-2001]

I like the site a lot because I needed to Know about the Revolutionary War. Thanks!
Alicia Clover, 13 [12-17-2001]

Good Site
AME1 Ray Walter Jr., USN [12-12-2001]

Tricia [12-08-2001]

Me and my fiancee love history. After viewing this website today, we decided we will come visit tommorrow. Very interesting, informative website. Now we MUST go in person.
Lisa Smith, Age 41 Philadelphia [12-08-2001]

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joe gorla [12-05-2001]

robert b, age 10 date12/3/01 [12-03-2001]

erica, wow [12-03-2001]

cool page
joshua, 10/elderd [12-03-2001]

your story was great! I loved it!
jordan easton, age 10 pa. [12-03-2001]

I like your site but it needs more fun activities
Becky Gamez, Sugarland, Texas [12-03-2001]

Hi It may interest you to know that certain British units still have a cap flash called a 'Bradywine' that relates to this battle. Nowadays it's an inverted red cloth triangle worn behind the reimental badge. It represents the 'hackle'- the small plume of feathers worn on the hat by the British Army of the time. What happened was that after the first day most units rested for the night (as was normal then)The Royal Berkshire Regiment (British) had other ideas and carried out a night attack under the cover of both darkness and the fog you mention - surprising & capturing over 300 americans who were asleep or wounded. This is believed to be the first formal night attack by the British Army and was considered outrgeous at the time. A rumour swept the American forces that US wounded captured had been killed and a threat was issued that all British prisoners would be killed in reprisal. The Royal Berkshires, not wishing that others suffer for their actions, dyed their standard green hackles red as a signal they were responsible, inviting retribution solely against members of the regiment. This tradition carries on to this day in descendents of the Royal Berkshire Regiment (notably cetain companies The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal regiment and The Wessex, Gloucester, and Berkshire Regiment.) I myself served in C Company, 2nd Battalion, The Wessex Regiment and this company alone in the regiment were allowed (and proud)to wear the Branywine. Hope this is of interest. I'm glad that we are now strong allies and fighting between is a distant (yet resonant) memory. Yours In Peace Roger Barrow
Roger Barrow, British Ex-forces UK historical Context [12-03-2001]

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george raventos - word searches of america, ltd., staten island ny [12-01-2001]

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Terrence Ceaser, marion south carolina [12-01-2001]

Britney Yowell , 10 New London [11-28-2001]

This website is pretty cool, although it could use some more colors and pictures in the coloring book. Thanks for the help.
Danielle Thomas , I live in Springfield, Massachusetts!! [11-28-2001]

hi I liked your website it WAS cool thank you love ya Jessica Dunn
Jessica Dunn [11-28-2001]

this is a great battle to do research on and stuff
chris [11-22-2001]

I love your site! It is very helpful. You see I am doing a report and poster board on the battle of Brandywine Creek. The pictures you have on this site are so cool!
Adrianne Noel Reinart (aka- Noel, blades) , I'm a 6th grader in Lenexa, Kansas [11-22-2001]

Great site!!!!!!
shannon , 16,newton [11-22-2001]

I really enjoyed your site, I portray a long hunter/scout and would like info on joining your re-enactments. I believe everyone should know more about our county's early history. Sincerly yours
Jack "Bull" Walker , 35 yrs. / Secane, Pa / re-enactor [11-22-2001]

My family and I visited Brandywine Battlefield for a school project, the people were very helpful, the video was cool, the store was nice and the people who volunteer there were terrific.
A. Petrella , 9 years old, Boothwyn Pa student at GVES [11-22-2001]

I think that this is a very cool site. But it should give more information on where it was ,uniforms, people etc.
Langley Pierre , 10 Baton Rouge LA [11-22-2001]

This is a sgood site, but i think it needs a little more about the minutemen and how their organization, uniforms, supplies,armament and strategy was. Thanks
courtney , 13/plainville/ma [11-07-2001]

What a great site! I am a displaced native of Chester County and love to see this great historical site represented alongside the more well-known Valley Forge, etc. My children were lucky enough to have Pa. native teachers while studying American history here in AZ (!) and of course they always recieve a great history lesson when we visit grandpa. A big "hello" to my dad and favorite guide, Harold Barnett.
Bonnie Lazzeri , Scottsdale,AZ [11-07-2001]

Amanda Gambrell , 18 years old [11-07-2001]

thanks, this site is great for school reports.
Danielle , i am 13 i live in ohio [11-07-2001]

Stephanie , almost 13 years old, Alden, NY [11-07-2001]

Killer site dude
Domingo Rodriguez , nothing [11-07-2001]

i am an eighth grade student in texas and i just give my prays to everyone that faught in tthe battles to sa save our country rebecca kkrumnow
anonymous [11-02-2001]

Outstanding site. best information I have seen on the Battle of Brandywine. This made my presentation of the battle in my American Revolution class a HIT. Thank you. Don Niccum Jr.
Donald L. Niccum Jr , College student Columbia College, Columbia, MO [11-01-2001]

Hector chaves , 13 jacinto city [10-24-2001]

I'm a 5th grade student in weatherly area elementary school in pa.I loved your website it was very interesting.Where did you come up with the idea?
missy101591tiger , no coment [10-20-2001]

cody [10-20-2001]

I am a 5th grade student at weatherly elm. school.I think your cool.
al 10 [10-20-2001]

whazzzzzz upppppppp! i'm a Weatherly Elem. student in 5th grade,and I think your site is cool.
jay kay 3 and 8 [10-20-2001]

i am a fifth grade student
adom , na [10-20-2001]

this is a realy good web page
batman , no [10-17-2001]

wally dickerson [10-11-2001]

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lando&julio , we rule and were Rebles [10-11-2001]

deetra [10-11-2001]

Is there a list of the people captured by Gen. George Washington? I am looking for a Major Troutwein/Troutwine. Washington was to have asked Troutwine for a personal favor for which a gift was given by Washington to Troutwein. This gift has been in my family for apx. 80 years. I'm looking for any info, perhaps from a diary to authenticate this story.
Jenny Hand [10-08-2001]

As a part-time student I am enrolled in a Philadelphia and the Arts class at Thomas Jefferson Universtiy, College of Allied Professions. One of our many assignments is to take a tour on our own of a historic site in the Philadelphia area. I am glad that I selected Brandywine Battlefield. Not only is it rich in history but the grounds are beautiful. Everyone there was extremely helpful and eager to share a bit of history with me. I will certainly recommend Brandywine Battlefield to my fellow students. I plan to return in the future with my two teenage sons.
Helen D'Imperio , Philadelphia, PA [10-04-2001]

I found the information on the battle of Brandywine most interesting for my ancestor by name of Valentine Kuter fought in this battle along with brother Elias Kuter. I am a DAR member through this connection. Collecting genealogy information is always more interesting when you associate an ancestor along with history.
Virginia E. Winter , I am of German descent, a senior, I live in Seattle WA. [10-03-2001]

we are doing research on family history and Benjamin Hawley (Society of Friends) and sons farm was in the path of Washingtons army and they knocked down fences on the 11 and he had to repair them on the 12th. this is a great site and connection to the history of family and country
Thomas D. Hawley [10-01-2001]

Thank You ! Lord Bless!
Bro James Thompson [10-01-2001]

i loved your website
raynelle harmon aka ray-ray , 12years beaumont city playa playa [09-26-2001]

Great site! I was able to visit Brandywine while I was working on the east coast in the winter of 1995. I felt as though I was on hollowed grounds and it was truly a remarkable experience that I shall never forget. Thank you.
Jonathon Shin , Age 34 - form Dinuba CA [09-21-2001]

I am preparing to conduct my lifelong dream by visiting Our Country's War locations. I happened across this web page and it is now listed as a favorite. The endavors of all that have contributed to this virtual tour deserve accolades. Great data, super layout. I plan to share this site with other teachers and students that are studying the War. My husband is related to Albert Coles, a generational Grandparent. He ended up as a prisoner of war, and to exist, he hand carved a wooden bucket for receiving food and water. We inherited this priceless piece of family history. It is a Treasure that keeps us connected to the time and places that have brought our Country into the 21st Century. Thanks again for keeping this part of our History alive and interesting to all.
Janet Miller , Portland Or. [09-21-2001]

Great web site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Herron , 13 [09-21-2001]

Crisa , I'm 16 and from Tecumseh, Ks [09-17-2001]

Planning a senior group tour and would like to bring the group for a tour of the Brandywine Battlefield Park. How much walking is involved, how much time do I need to allow, and what are the costs?
Kris Hoff , Milwaukee,WI [09-11-2001]

This is a fun site!
Skye McMaster [09-11-2001]

Thanks for the information this will help my grade on an oral presentation for my U.S. History class on nathanael Greene and what his influences were on American History. Thanks Again.
Michelle santos [09-11-2001]

This is a great site. I had never heard of the battle at Brandywine until i started researching my family's history. In doing so, I learned that an ancestor Capt. John Shelton was killed in the battle. Your site was an inspiration. Thank you..Lisa Shelton
Lisa Shelton , from Forest City, NC [09-11-2001]

it really helped me with my school project!
jenny , 10 holland, pa [09-11-2001]

I have reson to believe that my 7th great granfather was in this battel. He was listed as a corpral. His name is Christian Livengood underCol. George Breining. Please let me Know.
Sherri livingood [09-11-2001]

My ancestory Col George Mathews was capture by the British at the Battle of Brandwine. He was held on a ship. He later became the governor of Georgia
SMSG George E. Legge, USAF, RET , Niceville, Fl [08-29-2001]

we're going to visit soon. our fifth grade has a project on this subject coming up this fall.
zachary & patrick colgan , age 11 [08-29-2001]

Stacey Miller , Avondale, PA [08-22-2001]

I am looking for an ancestor, Francois Charles Richard, who was with Lafayette at the Battle of Brandywine. Is there a record of the French Soldiers?
Gene McMillen [08-17-2001]

Just read the story about Brandywine Battlefield Park By Charles J. Adams III in the Weekend section of the August 10, 2001 Reading Times. I then went to your web site and found it very interesting and plan to visit the park soon.
Clarence J. Hall , 4032 River Road Reading ,Pa. 19605 [08-12-2001]

Linda Mullis Holder , Florida message: I am a history buff and I completely enjoyed the information on your web site. Many thanks! [08-09-2001]

I had never heard about Brandywine Valley until a month ago. My daughter and family just bought a home there. A couple of weeks later I discovered one of my ancestors fought in this battle. My daughter sent me this website. I am going to add this information to my genealogy book. As a member of DAR I plan to share this information with them. Thanks for helping to preserve and share our history with everyone.
Mary Ann Parker , Hannibal, MO [08-06-2001]

Descendent of John Alverson, 11th Virginia Regt, wounded at Brandywine.
Bob Alverson , Huntsville, Alabama [07-30-2001]

I hope to visit the park this August. I'm a geographer participating in a research project on land use changes in your region. I'm considering doing additional research on how our "special" places (historic sites, unique environmental habitats, regional parks, etc.) are becoming "islands" surrounded by developed land uses and the problems that are posed by the changes.
roger auch , sioux falls, south dakota [07-26-2001]

I was born and raise in Pittsburgh,and enjoy exploring the whole state,now I'm trying to get more into my family history,My dad was born in Whitehill,New jersy an shortly after moved to Jeannette,Pa, After we were all born there was twelve of us,then moved to Pittsburgh,in 1961 we were put in a miltary school,which I stay until 1969,then went into public school,I like to get more info on the miltary school,The name is Scotland School for Veteren Children,in Scotland,Pa. If any of you went to this school between 1961-1970 get a hold of me to exchange info,thanks
Michael J. Weible , Denver Co.44 [07-17-2001]

This site is so cool. I have been on this site to study for a Social Studies test, take the tour of the Famous Mile (whitch was very convenient!!), and just to learn cool interesting stuff.
anonymous , My name is Emily Ramsden, I'm 11 yrs. old, and I live in New York [07-17-2001]

I am the owner of Eagle Feather's 18th Century Clothing Shoppe. I enjoy making military clothing of the 18th century
Richard H. Baldwin , Syr, NY 13205 [07-13-2001]

Looking forward to visiting tommorow.
Barb , 30 Oxford PA [07-10-2001]

I like the coloring book.
Kevin , I am 8 years old i live in PA [07-10-2001]

I lived in Chester County for twenty years before moving to NC, including four years at West Chester University. As a student of American History I always cherished my time at the Battlefield. This site has brought back many fond memories of relaxing afternoons on the hills of the Brandywine Vally
Steve Surer , 39, Raleigh, NC [07-10-2001]

Web site's terrific. I'm what you might call a history fanatic. Having moved to Lancaster County from Richmond, VA, just a year ago, I've been looking for great historic locations to take my family on daytrips. I'll be visiting Brandywine next week!
John D. Kabel , 39 years old, two children, Will: 7, Tim: 4 residence: Lititz, PA [07-03-2001]

Good site. Went exploring family history..had a relative by the name of george mann who at the age of 11 was killed in the doorway of his home by a tory sniper,about the same time frame as the brandywine engagement..
lavina harman-larsen [06-13-2001]

My sister Mae and I were both born in the Birmingham Friends Meetinghouse which was used as a hospital for both armies during the Battle of Brandywine. My parents, Andrew Willis Graham and Hilda Gutlick (variation of name: Gutlich) Graham and my 6 siblings lived there when it was called "The Bennett Farm". Our mother died when I was 2 yrs. old and my father died when I was 5 years so I'd love to have any information on this property. Thanks, Rosie Graham North
rosie graham north , age 67, tampa, fl [06-10-2001]

Rumor has it that Brandywine, Maryland was named after the battle, but we don't know. Do you know where the name "Brandywine" originated? The family who named the town was from Ireland.
Joyce , From Brandywine, Maryland ( [06-06-2001]

I have found the site to be great and very full of information. I plan on making a trip up north sometime next year to see all the sights. I am a native american and enjoy the history of our country very much.
Nonia [06-06-2001]

This sight had showed me many things that I need. And helped me find more interesting things about the American Revolution. I enjoyed seeing all kinds of neat things. It helped me on my project.
Jennifer Paiz , 13, Chelsea, Massachusetts [06-02-2001]

I needed information on The Battle of Brandywine. I asked my friend and she said,"Go to so I did and I found all the information I needed.
Caitlin LeDuc , 9 years old,New Oxford,Pa [06-02-2001]

Great a Redcoat its nice to see the colonials remembering a sound thrashing from the Motherland!!
James Lear, 32 male from London [05-19-2001]

i think the website is great but i dont like the coloring
robert hall, age 13 bpt [05-18-2001]

Shaneel Granston, Age13, BPT [05-18-2001]

Brandi Vpiparina [05-18-2001]

Shannon [05-18-2001]

found this while searching for something on Betsy Ross. Very good, couldn't quite til finished
James Feroben, 67 Pearl Ms [05-18-2001]

david powell [05-16-2001]

This is a wonderful site dedicated to the men who served at Brandywine. I am proud that our family history indicates five men, all fighting as early guerillas against the Brits, died at or near the battlefield. Love live the memory of the Pittsmen!
Robin M. Smith, Freedom Earned! [05-13-2001]

Adrienn Ammon, 11 Pennsville NJ 08070 [05-10-2001]

Thanks, helped my out a lot with a project~!~!~!
Lauren, nj [05-10-2001]

thanx chicky for the message !!good luck on the spelling bee.:0)
arielle cannon [05-07-2001]

Hello Arielle,Thanx a lot this helped me a lot :-) bye bye Love,Ashley
anonymous, 13,Oregon [05-06-2001]

thanx it helped me on my homework!
arielle cannon 5-02-01, oregon [05-02-2001]

this web site heped me a lot! :0) Thanx
Arielle Cannon, age 13,city oregon [05-02-2001]

yu've got info about minutemen
anonymous [05-02-2001]

Thanx it helped me a lot with a homework assignment!!!!!
Ashley Arnold, Oregon [05-02-2001]

I am a descedant of William Norman who was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. He stated to his children and grandchildren that he was near Gen. Lafayette when the general had dismounted and was rallying the troops when he was shot in the leg. William was shot in both knees and taken to Bennett Farm for treatment. Gen. Lafayette was reported to have intervened in the amputation of William's legs due to "the patient's stubborn resistance to the surgeons..." The British bullet and a piece of bone from William's leg was kept in the Norman family for over 150 years.
Elizabeth Nash [04-29-2001]

scott [04-26-2001]

i was looking for information on the net on alexander hamilton and one of my friends told me about your web site and i thought i would try it out. thank you, kevin bortell
kevin bortell, 13 years old, brooklyn iowa, male [04-24-2001]

Fascinating to read of a British victory. At school I was always very angry that we (ie the English) eventually lost this war - yes, I took it personally(!) However, my understanding of world history since 1776 informs me that it's a good job we did(!!!) Much love to all in America. You have a wonderful country! Best wishes, J Mercik, Leicester, England
J Mercik, Maths teacher, Leicester, England [04-24-2001]

coolweb page!!
david hernandez, 15 san elizario tx, [04-17-2001]

gregory walters [04-13-2001]

This is a awesome web site. i like the coloring book
Loryn N., I'm 9 [04-06-2001]

Im Interested in learning more about history!
Katie Blair, Im 12, and live in BG OH And think your website rocks!!!! [04-04-2001]

Just found this is very nice. Stop by my webpage if you wish. Thanks!
Pat O. [03-29-2001]

the war is really cool. Bye
Wade Adison, 11 Castle Dale,Utah [03-28-2001]

This is my second time digging into Brandywine history. John Graves Simcoe, later 1st Lt. Gov. of Upper Canada and founder of Toronto was wounded there, went home to recuperate and met Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim, the love of his life. Archibald McLaughlin was in the Royal Highland Regiment - the 42nd Reg't - has his leg shot off by a cannon ball there. Still managed to have 24 kids before or after, I don't know. He was a Pipe/Fife Major. May have been the Archibald McLaughlin, shoemaker, who wished to settle at Newark/Niagara, Upper Canada, in 1796. I'd welcome inquiries from any possible descendant. There must be plenty of you!
Robert C. Freeman, Genealogist, Toronto, Canada [03-28-2001]

Lilly Samuel [03-28-2001]

Jordan Scott [03-24-2001]

Icame here for information about Marquis de, lafayette and found a lot of good information. I would really recommend you this web site for any schol projects you migth have.
dIANA macias, i'm 15 years old and live in eloy arizona [03-23-2001]

I never thoght places like this could be so interesting until i reseached it for a report
Elizabeth Kase, Danville,Pennsylvania Age 14 3-19-01 [03-23-2001]

I am a descendant of Captain John Chilton(shelton) killed at the battle of Brandywine. Searching for information about him. AlsoI need contact info on another that signed your guest list on 8/22/00 Carolyn B. Balong She is a possible realtive and would like to share info- You have a wonderful and informative site. PLease send me info on your 2001 calander of events. Thank you!
Robert Shelton Barrigan [03-19-2001]

I have a double interest in Brandywine in that I am involved in museum management and historic site development in New Zealand, and also have a direct ancestor who was in the British Army and who was wounded at the battle. His name was John Wynyard, originally an officer in the 64th Regiment and was Adjutant of the 2nd Battalion.
Bill Rayner, I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and will be visiting Washington shortly (in April) and plan to come out to Brandywine. I have found your website very helpful [03-19-2001]

I think that this web site is really an educational site. I've never heard of the battle of BrandyWine,but I have heard of the Battle of Lexington.
Anthony doyle, age 11 , Eaton Rapids MI [03-19-2001]

Dallken Annttei [03-14-2001]

I teach 5th grade social studies and language arts. While reading THE RIDDLE OF PENNCROFT FARM for language and history, I wanted more information on the Battle of Brandywine. Finding this website added so much to our study of the Revolutionary War. Thanks.
Jane Parrish [03-14-2001]

thank u
anonymous, i was looking for some info. on phili. and i came here and i found a hole tun of stuff thanks it was a great site [03-12-2001]

Great website. It helped me a lot on my Humanities(Social Studies) paper. This website is very interesying and got me interested in the Revolutionary war.
Spencer Barnett, age: 13 [03-11-2001]

I am writing a report on The Battle of Brandywine, my Poppop lives close to the battlefield and I was able to visit the last time I was in PA.
Connor, Midlothian, Va 4th grade at Bettie Weaver [03-05-2001]

From the hundreds of songs I've collected I have a song called "The Blacksmith of Brandywine." It refers to the battle at Brandywine and incidents during that time. I've never heard of this song from anyone else or any reference to it. I'm curious if anyone else has. Please email me if you'd like to discuss. Thanks!
Jeff Doty, Memphis, TN - musician/songwriter [03-05-2001]

I love you Website; very well done! Are there any societies in the Chicagoland area? I'm very interested in the Revolutionary War and would like to get involved with a local group. Please advise. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
L. Marie Petrillo, 38, Chicago, graphic artist [03-05-2001]

I still couldn't find info on Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War, but it WAS a GREAT site!
Amanda, Age 13 [02-27-2001]

I found allot of info. But I still had to look some were else but thanks for all the info. you could provide me.
Gabriela Ayala [02-26-2001]

Have begun my Genealogy search. Being my parents were Pa. Dutch, it has been so interesting. Our original ancestor came over from Germany to fight with the British in America. It was in the Phil. area that he was captured and sent to a prison camp, somewhere S.E. of Reading, Pa. So, just trying to get all info. I can on this ancestor is quite a challenge. I love every minute I spend on this subject. This is the first time I have visited this site.
Joan Kenneson, 62 yrs. old from Eureka, Kansas [02-26-2001]

this is a great site i like the games, it tells a lot about history, laura
anonymous [02-20-2001]

this web site is ralyy cool
Ashley [02-20-2001]

We thought the Battle of Brandywine Creek was awesome!!!
Steven Hillman and Brandon Rose [02-20-2001]

please could you tell me all the facts on the battle of brandywine .you do not tell the english side .was it a defeat for the u.s . is it true that the u.s. try to destroy one of the english regt.
dave brooks [02-17-2001]

I like the history of the exciting battles. I haven't really studied this one yet though. Right now I am doing a project on all the battles of pennsylvania.So if anyone has more info on battles of pennsylvania please e-mail me.Thank you
sarah, 13/pennsylvania [02-16-2001]

Hi we are quakers have a nice day
Quakers from the south, we are quakers and we luv you [02-13-2001]

Thanks a lot!! I needed the date of the battle for some extra credit in school. Thanks again!!
Tom, age 13 Southington CT [02-13-2001]

COOL site
Heather, 14 [02-12-2001]

The Sight ROX~~~!!!!
Anastasia Guidry, 14 vinton louisiana [02-09-2001]

Kerry is cool. (2-8-01)
anonymous [02-08-2001]

Excellent site. The historical summary was well-written, succinct and informative. I hope to visit soon, as I am interested in all Pennsylvania history.
Gary Johnson, 26, Meadville, Pa. [02-04-2001]

thoroughly enjoyed your site. My 5gt grandfather fought in the battle and the site help bring him alive in my mind. He was John Daly, from Ireland
Dolores Waddell Leifheit, over 21, living in the great state of sunshine (Arizona) [02-04-2001]

Coming soon to tour your site.
Greg Bozarth, Patriots American Heritage Program [02-01-2001]

This site helped me on my project for Mr. Bolling's project, but I doubt I would ever visit this place.
Michael Rivers, 13,Rock Hill South Carolina RRMS [01-30-2001]

Next trip to see family in Doylestown I will have to pay a visit!
Bill Meisinger, Loa Angeles, CA. [01-30-2001]

I like what you said and stuff like that Oh and thanks for your help on brandywine
Andie Andrews [01-29-2001]

I would like to become an reanactor but my family doesn't know how Please write back with any information
Laura, 13, Ambridge [01-27-2001]

great site.
richard roth, bahamas [01-21-2001]

This is a great website. I used it for aa Social Studied project
Lisa-Marie, age: 12 [01-21-2001]

I was thrilled with the sight. It makes anxious for our family vacation.
Sandra Gagle, I am a homeschool mom who is teaching the Revolutionary War. We have also studied William Penn. We would like to plan a vacation to see first hand these historical sights that we've studied. My children are 7 and 9. We are from Alvordton, Ohio. [01-21-2001]

My husband & I are planning to visit Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in September. I am thoroughly enjoying researching the area and we look forward to spending a few days in Brandywine country.
Margaret Deakin, from BuckinghamshirE ENGLAND [01-21-2001]

Can you help me find photos about brandywine creek battlefield or maps because I am doing a project of the battle of brandywine creek the battlefield a 3d scene and i need information about brandywine battlefield?
Andrew, 12, n.y. 1-20-01 [01-20-2001]

Jessica Price, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

Dave Busby, *Message to Connie Stuckert * [01-20-2001]

According to our family history, an ancestor of ours fought in the Battle of Brandywine. I think the last name is O'Flanagan. Is there any way to check this out? Thanks
anonymous, Rocklin, Ca [01-20-2001]

I was looking for information on a relitive that fought at Brandywine on the Continental side. His name was Johann Ludwig Snyder. He was supposedly a gunsmith. I was wondering if there was and survivng examples of his work.
James P. Mowry, 25,Windber PA, 42nd Regiment of Foot Grenadier coy. [01-20-2001]

Putting together a fun list of activities fir our guests to do in summer of 2001. Have always wanted to visit the park but have never done so. it seems this will make a great outing for our gueasts as well as ourselves! Wondering if the "Lafayette Sycamore" is still there - we've heard about it...
anonymous, Phoenixville, PA [01-20-2001]

I truly enjoyed your site. Although I did not major in History, I have always found early American History fascinating. I take special interest in Revolutionary History and Civil War History along with the military tactics and methods. This site has just peaked my interest and I will be sure to do further research into Brandywine. My last research was on the Battle of Gettysburg and why the Confederates lost. This was truly enlightening and has always kept my interest alive. Again, job well done and I will return in the future to check for new info.
Thomas A. Harrop, PSU Alumni, B.S. Science, 1988 (AROTC) [01-20-2001]

the historical location is beautiful
kelly lawton [01-20-2001]

thanks for giving info out on the wars it got me an A plus on my social studies report.
anonymous, 13 [01-20-2001]

Kelsey Galetka, Ladysmith Wi [01-20-2001]

Thak you a lot you helped me getting information and things for this major project i learned some inteeresting things.
Jennifer Alfonso, 13,miami,Fl [01-20-2001]

I hate george W Bush
Derek Navarro Danny Villegas, 11 {both} Georgetown,Tx [01-20-2001]

Amy [01-20-2001]

I am an eighth grade American History teacher and I wish I had known about your site when we were "fighting" the Revolution in my classes in Nov. of 2000. Our book does not give a lot of information about the Battle of Brandywine. (more's the pity) I just might use your wonderful site to review the students after our Christmas break. Thank you for a really interesting site.
Marilyn Moody, From Amarillo,Tx. [01-20-2001]

there were boyces'in the rev.war.i hope they were related to me,for i am very proud
ted boyce, they fought for a freedom we'll never understand.praise Providence [01-20-2001] home