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Brandywine Battlefield: 2000 Guestbook Archives

Thanks! You are such a big help for me when i need to get info.
Waggals... Wag alot...Aubrey [12-18-2000]

Thanks for the info. It was a really big help.Thanks!
Chloe [12-14-2000]

joe orner, native americans/decendant mother pure bred lenni lenope [12-12-2000]

This is a very resourceful website
Robert Giannone, 9yrs. old [12-12-2000]

sam, 18 decatur [12-12-2000]

This is a wonderful site.
Mrs Vaughans Class, Mary Potter School [12-12-2000]

Lot of Information
Frank Marchisella [12-12-2000]

Really great website, of course you can imagine the War of independence is not something that is taught within British schools. Its great to learn about this.
Ian Jarrett, 30 years ld, from Emgland [12-12-2000]

thanks it helped me a whole lot on my u.s. history project
Melissa G.-16 [12-12-2000]

I enjoy US history we stopped by two years ago found it very interesting
Frank Mercik, Barre,Ma [12-12-2000]

This is a great site. My Great Grandfather died at the Battle of Brandywine but so far I can't find anything on him.His name was Randall Besant/Bisant. He was from Virginia. I was very impressed with the history of the battle and will pass this site on to my 12 year old nephew. THANKS
Mary Roller, Middlebrook,Mo. [11-27-2000]

Just doing some work at school
T.J. Murphy, 14/m/tn [11-20-2000]

i thought this was a very useful site. It helped me out alot. I had to do research on the Battle of Brandywine Creek and i got all the information i needed. i will be sure to recomend this website to all my friends. This was super, super helpful. Thank you so much. xoxoxox erin
erin, 13, boston, mass [11-20-2000]

this web site really helped me out when i had to do a report to do on patrick ferguson and my teacher told me this was a good web site so i came here and it was a wonderful thing because i made a "A" on my report!!!!!!
Tawania Russell, 16-portwentworth GA. 31407 [11-20-2000]

hey! thanks a lot for the really helped. im during a history report and i cant find any other good sites with information like yours! thank you so much,your site is great!
kim, 12 [11-20-2000]

sam schreckengost, age 14 kittanning pa [11-20-2000]

casey [11-20-2000]

Tawania russell, 13 portwentworth ga. 31407 [11-20-2000]

this is very nice for the whole family
anonymous [11-14-2000]

jordan, 10 [11-10-2000]

Thanks for the great site provided just hte info I needed for my history report. I hope others got as much info from here as I did.
Joseph Borkowski [11-07-2000]

Thanks a bunch! Lots of help for my history report!!
Christina, 15, California [11-06-2000]

I am interested in the historical homes of my ancestors, the Barnes Brinton House, and the Brinton 1704 house.
Kathleen [11-06-2000]

We have a school report on the american revolution. Please send information for extra credit. A.S.A.P. If you can Thanks, Andrew & Zach
Andrew Outten, Age:11 Landenberg,PA [11-06-2000]

I think this site Is Good forlotsof research.
Elise Bloom, 10 Vancuver WW. [11-02-2000]

Thanks for the information. I came to visit last Friday but I needed more information. Fourth grade Kristen
anonymous [11-02-2000]

i'm happy to see this site as well as all the interest in it. i had an uncle killed there all those years ago.his name was lt.phillip hockaday.
cindy [10-28-2000]

I ejoyed your site. My ancestor Thomas LINK, was captured at Brandywine. He was a Hessian/conscript, who later settled in Virginia. Am seeking more info about him.
brenda parker, nashville tennessee [10-28-2000]

Thanks for the web-site
Kevin Major, I am 14 years old and live in Odessa Tx. [10-28-2000]

I like the info you give us
Matt Engesser, 13 [10-28-2000]

I needed information for my history project and this cite was very helpful, thanx!!!!!
Nicki [10-28-2000]

The site contains some very interesting information. I am related to the Benjamin Ring whose farm was used as a resting place by Gen. Howe's troops after the battle. Thanks--any Ring researchers out there??
Ron McKuin, Poplar Bluff, MO [10-23-2000]

robb, 19yearsold [10-23-2000]

Very informative for my 4th grader's report. I learned a lot!
sandi, Prosperity, PA [10-23-2000]

let me know...
dennis gage [10-18-2000]

Aaronwe [10-18-2000]

curtisa [10-18-2000]

I thought that this was a really well put together site. Keep it up.
Anguila, 16 [10-18-2000]

Thanks so much for helping me out with my report!
Emily Boerman, Age: 13 [10-18-2000]

Thanks, helpful for 8th grade grandaughter's Revolutionary War report.
Cynthia McCready Lanier, Germantown, TN [10-09-2000]

Very informative. This information was needed for a school project.
Lynda Holmes [10-04-2000]

I am taking US History in school this year. I wanted to learn more about the Brandywine Battlefield. I enjoyed your web page very much. I printed off some information to share with my classmates. I wanted to know if George Washington lived at Brandywine very long.
Zachary Reitdorf, 18 years old, New Haven High School, New Haven, In [10-04-2000]

Bartlett High Rules!!!
Derek Bigham, Anchorage, Alaska 16 [09-20-2000]

I am a huge fan of Lafayette and have wanted to visit this battlefield for a very long time. I was disappointed to find that it was closed on a Monday. I did see the grounds and was quite impressed with how well maintained everything is. I do wish that there were more signs and information posted. Don't put them too close to the buildings where it would interfere with photos but there should be more information availiable. The website is great ! Wish I had seen that before I visited.
Brian Miller, 33, Va Beach, VA [09-20-2000]

Thank you
kucm8, Bangkok [09-20-2000]

Very nice website! We plan to visit as a homeschool field trip in the next week. Looking forward to all you have to offer!
Evelyn & William Riley, Myerstown, PA [09-17-2000]

William A. & Phyllis Jean Kurtz, Stewartstown, PA [09-17-2000]

I plan to attend the reenactment on the 24th with my two children. I am however a little dissapointed to see your main activities scheduled for Sundays, which for some will interfere with the practice of their faith.
Raymond Sayers [09-17-2000]

I really like your website, it has helped me a lot and I'm glad I found it. If it wasn't for your website it would have taken me a lot of time to look up the info that I needed. Thanks a lot for your website.
Austin Wishon, 16 yers old, Bend, OR U.S. History [09-14-2000]

This sight totally rocks. I had so much fun. It is full of interesting thoughts, facts, and games for kids. This is the first time that I ever visited this sight but it won't be the last!
Adam Edwards, 13, Came September 12, 2000 [09-14-2000]

Have recently moved to Chadds Ford and have gained a renewed interest in the history of this area. The Battle of Brandywine is obviously a significant event in Chadds Ford history.
Ernie Bailey, Chadds Ford PA - older than I'd like to be [09-11-2000]

John Sutherland, Brownsville Ca [09-06-2000]

Wonderful Information here. Thank you. We look forward to taking our 4 homeschooled children to Brandywine Battlefield in the very near future.
Tiffany De Groot, Fort Dix, NJ [09-06-2000]

are there bicycle paths in the park? i'm new to the area and i'm looking for a place to cycle. thx in advance...gordo...
gordon [09-06-2000]

Benjamin Ring was a direct descendant of my children. They are 10th generation. Benjamin's son, Walter settled in Monroe county Ohio and is buried in Rings Mill cemetary.
Karla Ring, Lansing, Mi [08-29-2000]

Thanks for the wonderful information on this site. We are planning a trip there on our vacation next week and this has been very helpful. We also homeschool and it is a great opportunity to see personally where history has taken place.
Jean, Columbus, Ohio [08-29-2000]

My GGGGG Grandfater fought and died at the Battle of Brandywine, 11 Sept 1777.
Michael W. Cregan, Edwards AFB, California [08-29-2000]

I am a homeschool teacher and found your site to be very informative. We researched a lot of information on your site. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Michelle Miller [08-22-2000]

My ancester, Capt. John Chilton died at the Battle of Brandywine. The information I have is a narrative about his death that day, and is taken from a published source. If you would like me to share the information/source I have for your consideration, please contact me. I was told by a friend yesterday, that very few names of participants are known. I can FAX a copy to you. I visted there briefly sometime between 1978-1982 I still have a vivid memory of a very beautiful place but a distintively haunting atmosphere.
Carolyn B. Balog, Hampton, GA 30228 [08-22-2000]

see more on
anonymous [08-18-2000]

My father Major West E. Blain was on the original Brandywine Battle Field Commission. I can remember him visualizing a facility just like it has become. Congratulations. We live in Largo FL now. I grew up up the road in Concordville.
Carol Blain Riley [08-18-2000]

Does anyone have any information on the battle at Boothwyn Meeting House? There are bullet holes in the walls and local legend has it that a skirmish took place there after Battle of Brandywine.
Steve Clements, Boothwyn , PA native [08-18-2000]

I am a descendant of Maj. John Baker who was wounded at the battle of Brandywine. I enjoyed this web page tremendously. Thank You Lillian
Lillian Fleming Decker, age, 73 El Centro, CA. [08-18-2000]

The Bouchards, Lebanon,PA ages 35,30,14 and 1 [08-09-2000]

if eney one out therre is related to zornes jessop kirkpaterick smith family plesaes i wolnnd like to hear from you loretta jessop
loretta jessop, 3111 w college st apt 23 grand island ne 68803 [08-08-2000]

Would the Heather McCain who sent a message re Benjamin Henness/Hennis please email me at I'm also a descendant of Benjamin Hennis & would like to share info. Mark Dickson
Mark Dickson, Annandale,VA [07-31-2000]

My husband and I visited LongWood in 1996,We were given a special tour of the house and Gardens.I am a decendant of the Pierce family.The Pierce family owned the property prior to the DuPont's.
JoAnne Pike-Luntz, Looking for decendants of the Pierce-Peirce family. [07-17-2000]

Great Infromation about Battle.Your Battle up North may have bigger,but alast we had more here in SC,Approximately 235.Depends on who counting,but we had a lot.Y'all come a vist our site.SC is not a bad as some National Organization tries to may us.We are still Americans who love this country.
John J.McGuinness,Jr., 66 years old Springdale ,SC [07-15-2000]

Great site.I may have family in battle.Need info on units from Northampton County, Pa
Dave Steckel, Grew up in the area [07-15-2000]

how are you doing
nathaniel adams\, 13 years old [07-12-2000]

Your site is excellent. One of the best I've found concerning the Rev. War. Perhaps the success of the current movie, "The Patriot will arouse interest in our nation's history, and unknown heroes to so many folks.
teresa L. Keith, 41years old live in Berea KY [07-10-2000]

anonymous, sarah 5.5 years [07-04-2000]

bradley [07-03-2000]

Heard there was a portrait of (Major?) Wishard somewhere on the grounds of Brandywine. Caption "thanked him for services". Ring any bells??
Ken Wishard [07-02-2000]

Excellent web-site. I greatly enjoyed your driving tour. It is a great site for anyone interested in learning about the battle.
David B. Sparacino, Philadelphia, Pa. [07-02-2000]

Frank Noll, Barrington, N.J. 08007 [06-30-2000]

This site... is... helpful... silverfleck
Silverfleck [06-27-2000]

Suzanne, age: 11 city: East Palatka FL [06-23-2000]

Does anyone know where Washington stayed after or during the battle of brandywine?
Maureen Wilson [06-19-2000]

Zach [06-19-2000]

I am researching Timothy and his three wives, and his life in general. I am searching for paintings, photographs etc of the family, the Hixson Mansion which, I am told, still stands in Loudoun County Virginia. Would love to communicate with other descendants out there.
Thomas W. Hickson, Descendant of Timothy Hixson, Captain -Revolutionary War. [06-19-2000]

This is a wonderful web page. I was looking for information on the flag and the Revolutionary War for our daughter. The welath of information you have is incredible. Thank you for sites like this so our children will know what is behind their heritage.
Stacey, Denver, CO [06-19-2000]

I think this web site is really really cool. IT is fun and educational.It is really cool to play on and to have fun.
Tara, Lodi,N.J. Hilltop school [06-13-2000]

rickyl [06-13-2000]

Stephanie Ortiz [06-13-2000]

i think ur web site is pretty kool.i really like the word search.i wuzz told about this web site from my taecher .she is da bomb
miguel c, i'm 11 years old. i live in lodi nj .my friends call me costa pasta [06-13-2000]

Manali Saraiya [06-13-2000]

I like history so i went on your site so thats why i went on your awsome website so thanks for your good site
jose camero, 11,pointview,Wayne [06-13-2000]

your website is awsome for history i liked the intro and the kids corner i liked the coloring book
alejo martinez, 14,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

i like your website especialy kidscorner i like coloring washnton hair blue just like mine from,jonathan barrios 6/12/00
jonathan barrios, none [06-13-2000]

I like your website escpeshilly your site peace
jose camero, 11,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

i like your your website especially your kids coner the coloring book
alejandro vera, 10,lodi,nj [06-13-2000]

This site came up when I started searching for Andrew Zornes. It looks very interesting. Thanks for all your hard work. I appreiate it. Irene
Irene Draper, Just looking for past family names. [06-13-2000]

I have recently become interested in doing in-depth study of the Revolutionary War. I believe there is too little emphasis on that war in the schools and among the general public. This study has made me so very proud of our founding fathers and the people who fought and gave so much for our independence. Thanks for your very informative web page with the details of the battles. You are performing a great patriotic service by preserving and publicizing an important part of our history. Thank you! I visited Virginia on a Revolutionary War history tour recently. My next tour will be to Philadelphia and other sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I hope to see you then.
A. S. Ward, Age: 68 Mobile,AL. [06-09-2000]

We are researching the life of Alexander Shand. From the monument erected to him in Scotland he was wounded on 11th Sept. 1777 at the battle of Brandywine, He entered as a Private in the Royal Regiment of Artillery sometime previous to the year 1760 he then became a non-commissioned officer and was promoted by His Majesty to the rank of Lieutenant Fireworker. He eventually arose to the rank of Colonel. He died 17th april 1803 aged 72. Please do you have any information that may be of use to us in our research.
Mike Temple, Research from the British angle. [06-08-2000]

I need any information I can get regarding the Battle of Brandywine. I am diong a term paper on this battle. I have some information, but not a lot. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Shelley Hicks
Shelley Hicks [06-08-2000]

I liked this site,and hope to be able to go some day!!!!!
Sierra Nicole Ramsey, I am twelve years old and I live in St.Johns, AZ! [05-28-2000]

I'm an elementary school educator and I really appreciate accurate and detailed information resources on the web. Thank you.
Margaret Jackson, Chicago, IL [05-27-2000]

I enjoyed your site very much. I visited the park several years ago but the museum was closed that day.My great great great grandfather Matthew Payne was wounded at Brandywine.I am thankful to all who fought to give us the freedoms we have now.
William E.Payne, age 73, Chattanooga{Hixson} TN. [05-27-2000]

was doing a history paper for school on the history of pennsylvania and visited this site to learn more about the battle that took place here.
kala sawyer [05-27-2000]

Thanx, i needed all this stuff for a report. Thanx, a lot!
Paprika, nope [05-27-2000]

My son's fifth grade class along with other fifth graders in school dist.12, Colorado Springs, are studing the Battle of the Brandywine and will reeact the battle on 5/19/00. This is great information for the kids.
Martha Johnson, used to live near West Chester [05-27-2000]

Love NC, Andy & Jamie now I have to check out the Battle. Thanks! You have a beautiful area, please keep it that way for my grandchildren's grandchildren.
Robert A. DALY, 64, Baltimore [05-27-2000]

bryan starmer [05-27-2000]

James Scrivener, i smell [05-27-2000]

Am doing an update of my regimental history. Found your site most informative.
Robert Stephenson, 2nd Battalion Light Infantry [05-02-2000]

It is facinating and I want to learn more.
Gayle L. Quigley, I live in Kennett Square and this is my home town history. [05-02-2000]

I'm in 4th grade and developers wanted to build some houses on parts of this battlefield. My grade had an essay contest and the winners got to present a petition to preserve that land. Four people went to Harrisburg and four went to Washington, D.C. I got to go to Harisburg. I feel very proud to know that I helped save something so important. I love learning about my state's history and how the USofA became how it is today.
Lindsay, Pennsylvania, age 10 1/2 [05-02-2000]

An excellent site, particularly for the youngsters' school projects. National heritage is important to keep your country's identity. Thank you.
Richard Dixon, 56, Military Historian from UK [05-02-2000]

Very historical and very thoughtful!
Sabrina Donahoo, i live in Yreka,age 10 [04-09-2000]

Susan Mirkin [04-09-2000]

very nice i would like to visit after seeing your sight
kimgramling, hudson in. [04-03-2000]

My 4g-grandpa Mark Mitchell fought in this battle. Am trying to trace his path thru the Revolution. This is the first of what I am sure will be many stops along the way. The account of the battle was well written - I could see it actually happening in my mind's eye. Thank you so much.
Janet L. MITCHELL Aikin, from Ohio [04-01-2000]

Recently saw a print in Savannah Georgia titled something like Last Prayer at Brandywine. Would you have information on this print?
Tracey Munce [04-01-2000]

I thought it interesting to find a Brandywine Battlefield site. Flashed back to my childhood in the 1950's. I used to play in the battlefield all the time, which was easy since I lived a few hundred feet away at that gas station which used to be called Opie's. I remember an old guy named Chris Sanderson down in Chadd's Ford who used to tell us these Revolutionary War Stories. Anyone from that era also remembers the B&O tavern, which was a very interesting (and quite con- trasting) place. Also used to play with kids who lived in a house just down Heyburn Road which was Revolution era and I seem to remember something about a cannon ball embedded in one of the walls. Well, it's a fine website and it brought me some memories. Thanks.
Thomas Opdenaker, Palermo, California [04-01-2000]

I am a retired coin dealer. In my years of collecting I found a button that states it was presented to Gen Lafayette by L. H. Scovill Button Mfg Waterbury Conn. Does anyone know anything about this? Please let me know.
bob ward, Found your site and looking for information on a button [04-01-2000]

I grew up in Newark, Delaware. I visited the Brandywine Battlefield as a kid, and found a British cannonball in a streambed, I gave it to the museum, and all I remember about the park was that a wax figure of a Hessian or British soldier was held prisoner in a pit/or cold storage area in the park.This was in the early 1970s.I hope to return to the park someday and the Iron Hill museum also.
Dave Rosini, 35 yrs old , I live in Dallas, Texas now [04-01-2000]

Your page is cool! I like to unscramble words.
Mary, Texas, U.S.A. [03-27-2000]

Your site is cool! Yeppie Yah!
Michael Miller, Dunlap,Illinois [03-25-2000]

great site! I am very interested in the Revolution, and have always been drawn to Brandywine..I am planning some research into the battle, and this site has proved an excellent jumping off point! Thank you!
Laurie Hull, Lansdowne, PA [03-23-2000]

this was helpful for my history report!!!
kim [03-23-2000]

we are going here in july for vacation all of the stuff on it helps us understand the battle .
chelsea carr, 8yrs old wakefield,ma [03-23-2000]

I am searching for information about my mother's family. this battle was fought around ther home. there is a homstead on Twaddel road I am look for any and all information on this.
Lillian E Coletta, relative of drummer boy in this battle [03-14-2000]

am native to prospect park,never physically visited brandywine but have enjoyed what has beenput onto the web for pople like me. have visited other battlefields in the east. do miss the tradition and history tracks of the eastern peart of the country t
robert e craciun, walnut creek california [03-14-2000]

Nice sight!
Stephen Arvanis [03-14-2000]

fred [03-08-2000]

Was searching for the lyrics to "Blacksmith of Brandywine" not successful, will keep looking! Your site has med me want to visit BW battle field!
N C Anderson, Retired, History Buff, Pine Island Minnesota. Born and raised 40 miles from Boston! [03-07-2000]

Kirstian Smithbower, 13/Portage/ Pa. [03-07-2000]

I needed information for school. Thanks!
Peter Vance, 12 years old Tupelo, MS 38804 [03-03-2000]

We (the students in the fifth grade at Mark Twain Elementary) we each assined a specific date to research and do a summary on. My date was September 11, 1777. This was the only place I could find good information about the Battle of Brandywine. Thanks for your help.
Robbie Tucker [03-03-2000]

Thanks for the help with my history report on Chester County. The information found here was terrific.
Matt Sheibley, age 9 Dillsburg, PA [02-25-2000]

Great site! We have been through the park and enjoyed the area very much!
Mitch Shank, Havre de Grace, Maryland [02-25-2000]

I saw a painting called "the nation Makers" brings tears to me eyes every time i look at it.... does the museum sell prints of this painting? i would like to purchase one.
marc Atkinson, tujunga, california [02-25-2000]

I love this web site!! Being able to read other peoples thoughts about Brandywine is great. Once I read a book on the battle, because I was doing research on my great-great(etc.) grandfather who was mentioned in the battle, his name was Benjamin Henness, it also said that he was married to Dorcas Lee, the daughter of "Lighthorse" Harry Lee. I was wondering if anyone could help me find out more. I haevn't been able to locate the book again, so I'm wondering if I dreamed this up! If anyone has any information to help me prove this claim, HELP!!!! Thanks!!
Heather McCain, 23, Spangdahlem, Germany [02-23-2000]

this site rules it remindes me of my ex boyfriend Quinn he was such a history fanatic I óż Quinn Leath
Paige Taylor [02-23-2000]

I think your wab site is good and Weston loves Jackey
Cory Ziegler [02-23-2000]

I think this web site is really good!!!!!!!! Weston loves Jackie
Brandon Lutz [02-23-2000]

Hey, I am studying the brandywine battle at school and this website really showed me what the battle was all about. Now I have a clear view on what happened 200 years ago and why it is affecting us even today.
Julia, age:12 [02-21-2000]

Found the site easy to use but in need of a calendar update. Still running 1999 dates. Thanks for hosting a site for others to look at. Keep up the good work!
Dave Biser, 38, Donegal Township Rifleman reinactor [02-21-2000]

I would like a map of the park, area and access to it.
Charles G. Petit, 6 High Trails, Eureka, MO 63025 [02-21-2000]

I love your website. I want to visit BW again (i did so as a child)
Jennie McGuilly, I love The Mooj [02-21-2000]

I visited the battlefield a couple of weeks ago. The visitor center and video were very interesting. We were treated very nicely by the people working in the center that day. I drove around the battlefield taking pictures. I was wondering if you might be interested in viewing them for use at the center? There was still snow on the ground and it was a beautiful clear sunny day. Setting off the colors of the buildings and barns in contrast with the blue sky. They would make a very nice postcard or for use in a brochure. I would be interested in your response. Thank you! Kathy
Kathy J Kohr, Lancaster PA [02-18-2000]

Mateo [02-16-2000]

I think that the REVELOTIONARY WAR is very interestresting to me,becuase that kind of stuff interest's me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LISTNING YO ME!
007 granny or autumn.l.clark, 411 perrine st Johnston City ILL 62951 age:11 years old [02-16-2000]

I like this website a lot.
Michael Dixon, I am a good Baseball player, St. Louis, 11, MO [02-16-2000]

Went there Last year. Words could never do Brandywine justice. Bought my favorite mug and tie from there. hope you have shopping on line thanks. I am going again this year.
Gary Sansone Connecticut [02-14-2000]

I am doing a report on brandywine and this website helps alot!!!!!! :)
Jeremy Sitar, 14 Lilly, PA [02-11-2000]

Great site! When will you put your gift store on-line? I and I would bet others would love to order some things! Several of my ancestors fought at Brandywine but I live in California and can't get out there. I would love to have a souvenier or two. Thanks again for the great site!
David Fairall [02-11-2000]

it's great! I love the way they teel you lots of stuff about Brandy- wine. But they could tell more about it
Kate McDevitt [02-08-2000]

Brandywine was an exciting battle~! It was porbably the most intresting battle of the revoutionary War~!
Jenny, im 11 and me and my class went on a feild trip to Brandywine battle feild, so i know a lot~! [02-08-2000]

I really think your web site because I'm able to use it for essays in school. I also share your interesting information with my parents and friends and they like your web site to BEST WISHES
Martin Mathes [02-08-2000]

The site is wonderful. Thanks for doing it. I Have several patriots that were in the battle of Brandywine and it gives one a feeling of what our ancestors went thru for our freedom.
Lenore Kruger [02-07-2000]

When Eric came home from school and said he forgot his book but needed to write about minutemen I thought internet. Your site was great as it had all the information he needed to write his paper for school tomorrow. I looked over your site here and it is quite impressive. Thank you for graciously providing all this information for everyone. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Shiela Baker & Eric Womble, San Bernardino, CA [02-07-2000]

I think this web site is great although it didn't have all the info I needed!!!
Danielle Bittner, age 10 city Fargo State North Dakota Phone number 232-8955 [02-03-2000]

I am interested in the revolution, as I served with the 23rd foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers from 1950-1955)I attended the tercentennary at Wrexham with a large contingent of RWF in America(1989)
R.B.Donovan, bridgend south walesu k [01-26-2000]

I visited the site afew years ago and I tried to picture the battle. I felt a lot of spirit to walk the field. I'm from P.A. I just wish there were more national parks dedicated to the revolution.
scott grzywacz, 33 merrimack, n.h. [01-24-2000]

I grew up in Upland,Pa.My parents took me and my siblings to your park when I was a child around 10yrs. or so.This site has brought back the memories of that day.I especially remember my dad telling us that the creek ran red with blood and not undestanding at that time what he meant.I figured it out a bit later and the concept has nener left me.It was from the sacrifices of thses men and many others that we live in the country that we do.I f we continue to sit back and let our present gov't. erode our freedoms unil we are no longer free then these menhave died in vain ad I shall be ashamed to say that I am an American.
Carol Silva, 50 years Rochester,Mn. [01-24-2000]

This website is absolutly wonderful! I think that the Revolutionary War and Colonial America are the most interesting time in history. I love reading stories about the time period and would appriciate any suggestions. Thanks!
Becky C., I'm 13 and studing American/Georgia History [01-24-2000]

I am doing genealogy on my ancestors and would like some information on Jefferis Ford Bridge. Would really like a picture of the bridge. I understand it burned down about 20 years ago. Please help if you can.
Dan Jefferis, 55 years olf Firth, Idaho [01-24-2000]

what happend to natanael greene when he was little?
gkrystel, 10 years old. tenafly nj. [01-21-2000]

I saw The movie The Crossing on A&E. Now I want to visit Brandywine to see where Washington crossed the Delaware River from. I hate the British for what they have done to my people (not here but in India).
Belle Rhuwandi, Mooj Head [01-21-2000]

This web site is awesome. I found a lot of information for my report. Please E-mail me with information if you have more available. Thank you!
Maria Sarcinelli, age 10, 5th grade, Gardner MA [01-21-2000]

Last spring my class and I visited Brandywine and loved it. This week in class we are reading "The Riddle of Penncroft Farm" by D. Jensen. Your site is a great source of information. Thanks!
Kim Miller, Teacher, Fifth Grade, St. Joseph Regional, Somers Point, NJ [01-18-2000]

I had to do a report on the Revolutionary war and I was browsing and found this site!!!! WOW! It had a lot of info. on what I needed. I especially enjoy the fact that you have a kids' corner. That way kids can learn and have fun at the same time! Thank you! If you have any sites you want me to check out, EMAIL ME!!!!
Stacy Malone, I am 13 and I live in Iowa. I am in 8th grade. [01-18-2000]

I'm continually searching for any & all ancestors of mine that may've had a part in the Brandywine struggle. My linage is "LAWSON &/OR "HORN/HORNE" I HOPE TO VISIT THE BRANDYWINE SITE SOON WHEN I COME TO WILLIAMSBURG IN 2001.
darrel leon lawson, I am a young 61 years of age. My address is p.o. box 775, Avondale, Arizona [01-18-2000]

I Was Just Interested in Checking out this web site because my aunts live right next door to where the Battle at Brandywine occured and we go to the reinactments every year.
John Clark, John Clark 15 Claymont DE. [01-18-2000]

This is a wonderful site, we need to keep our history alive, our country was paid for in the blood of many men & woman, and we teach our children and grand children to be proud of this country and the men who have fought for it.
Sara Ann McLaran Necessary [01-18-2000]

thanks for all the help with my 5th grade project. we are studing the american revolution. my mom told me it was "right in your own backyard"! i drive on this roads all the time. i will think about the old days. i think about the soldirs who died. i needed more pictures for report. thanks! jimmie hay
jimmie hay, 5th grade S.STARKWEATHER ELE. WEST CHESTER,PA [01-18-2000]

I would like to know if I really had a grandfather who fought at Brandywine the last name would be Buffington Thank You for infor.
Renae [01-10-2000]

Hey! This is a really really great site!!! I have social studies homework to do about us colonial history in the 1700's and this really helped out alot!! Thank you soooooo much!
Bailey Marsh, 13, Joyce, Washington [01-10-2000]

How far we have been draged ... and I ain't sure the trip was worth it. Lord knows our government, as it exists, is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind, nor what the minutemen, or militia, fought for!!! Can it be that our nation has now reached the point, again, where only an armed militia and minuteman, can correct the situation? Why is it, that our government does not read their history books? Don't they know that other societies and governments have tread down the pathway, that our government is now on, and found out too late that they chose the wrong fork in the road? The question remains: 'Who will step forward and lead this nation back to what it began as ... "a nation of the people, for the people and by the people'? Forget the concept(or fantisiful notion)of 'rugged individualism' ... that term, and its concept, fell by the wayside once the 'welfare state for all advocates' took charge of the system ... OH YES ... THEY ARE IN CHARGE!!!
Eddie V. Edwards, Retired from Federal government service, preceded by State government service as a Civil Engineer; following graduation from law school. Admitted to state bar association. [01-10-2000]

Lots of usful info! SO much it drives my teach. MAD!
Ashli [01-10-2000] home