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Brandywine Battlefield: 1997-1999 Guestbook Archives

cool site send me mail i never get any mail from anyone. I feel like a loser
Duey, 13, chester springs, PA [12-19-1999]

I came to this website because I had a project to do and it was very helpful. I got everything I needed from this website and hopefully, I'll get an A on the project. Thank you, very much!
Aaliyah Bell, I am 14 years old and I live in Burgaw, NC (just outside of Wilmington) I'm in the eighth grade and I'm studying the Brandywine Battle. [12-14-1999]

I like info on the history of the Americas. I would like to recieve email from you about new updates on the sight and info, history, news etc. Not a lot though,
Anonymous, hey!!!!!!! [12-13-1999]

Thanks for the help on the Battle at Brandywine. You helped a lot in my history report. R.L. 13. Sumner, WA
anonymous [12-13-1999]

Looking for he digitla pictures taken at the event in Sept. 1999??
Mike Goode [12-13-1999]

I think that People should be true to each other instead of lied to
Ashley Collins, 11 years old LAporte [12-05-1999]

Your site really helped me find the things I needed for my Social Studies report. You guys had a lot of information on the person I needed. Thanx alot. You were a BIG help!!!!! Peace Out Yall!!!!1
Giselle Bustillos, age 13 Royal City Washington [12-05-1999]

Until I had to do a report on General Casimir Pulaski, I had no idea of the sense of tradition and history that is felt on the East coast. I think it's wonderful that you keep history alive in the minds of young people by building parks and memorials. I hope to visit the East coast someday, and when I do, the Brandywine Battlefield Park and Museum will be one of my stops.
Erin, 16 yrs. old, Vancouver, Washington [11-30-1999]

ted cemper [11-30-1999]

Great Explanaition of the difference between Minute men and militia
Fred Sennott, Sgt,Past Captain Menotomy Minute Men from Arlington,Ma. [11-30-1999]

This is a great site, it really helped us with the school project we had to do in Social Studies
anonymous [11-23-1999]

the revolutionary war was fun learning about and exciting
Jon, 14,north east, pa [11-23-1999]

It sounds like a great park. I look forward to visiting sometime when I'm in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work.
Ben Wallace, 16, Columbus Ohio [11-23-1999]

Had Washington believed his gut feelings he probably would never have weakened his center by sending so many troops to Chadds Ford. What if...What if...
Gary Hannover, History buff, Mooj Head [11-11-1999]

Enjoyed your site but failed to see name of Casimir Pulaski and his role in this battle Without his heroic charge this battle could have been the end of the American army. This should be included in the site
Kenneth P Gill, Council of Educators in Polonia Chicago Ill [11-11-1999]

I, too, had an ancestor who fought in this batter according to his payroll voucher. His name was James Ledgerwood,Sr. son Of William Ledgerwood, Sr who was in Augusta Co, VA in 1738 and was a member of the VA Militia for 19 years. If there is a list of various Revolutionary patriots, I would love a copy.Thank you. This is truly a great site!
Elizabeth (Wade)Parker, Jacksonville FL. [11-10-1999]

Is Brandywine a real place? I read about it in The Mooj Weekly Standard.
Gabe Kantere, New Yorker [11-10-1999]

After seeing this fine site, I imagined that those responsible were very fine historians. my question is concerning LaFayette. There is an assertion/assumption that he was given U.S. citizenship at some point. Have you any idea if this is true? If it is, by whom was it given and when? are there any primary sources for this? Thanks - Annaker
Annaker [11-10-1999]

Thanks for all of the information, It is cool!
Tom Starkey, Wallingford, Pa .....Age 10 [11-09-1999]

have visited the battlefield,having great interest in the revolutionary war.we live near kings mountain and cowpens.make toy soldiers, mainly revolutionary figures.
w.v.walukewicz, member of s.c.m.m.s,toy soldiers society [11-09-1999]

Thanks so much for this wonderful site!! It allowed me to get a TON of my Social Studies project done. Thanks for making a great site.
Rhea Lyons, 13 years, Littleton, CO [11-09-1999]

Hi, I haven't had a lot of time to check out your website but it looks fantastic! We are neighbors of Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY and also General Herkimer Home. We do some living history and are very happy to have found your site. The Zumbo's, Pat, Anthony, and Fran.
anonymous [11-09-1999]

Loved your site. I love reading about The Revolution and Civil War. Someday I hope to visit all the major battlefields in American History. It's nice to read about them on the net until then.
Frank Mars, Mooj Head [11-03-1999]

This is a great site, good work guys keep it up.Thank for this sit I can finish my project.
Marty Om, I am from Tx [11-03-1999]

This was very exciting for me to see such an illustrious location for an ancestral home. My grandmother was a Ring. We are very sorry she never got to hear about this part of "her" history nor see the beautiful home pictured on this site. Another relative, Duane Edwards, made this available to the family members here in Oregon. Thanks for sharing.
Jeannette L. Samuels, formerly Marquam, Oregon [10-26-1999]

Normally I am more interested in civil war history, but know i think ill stop by the meuseum sometime
Keith Perri, nj [10-26-1999]

Loved reading about Brandywine. I'm a Mooj Head and found the site via The Mooj Weekly Standard
Trent Handjoy, Age 13, from NC [10-26-1999]

My ancestor, Grenadier Christoph Hitzeroth of the von Linsing(en) Grenadier Battalion fought at the Battle of Brandywine as part of the Hessian unit attached to the British army. He survived and after the war moved back to Germany. Ironically, some 80 years later a descendant of his came to America and made his home, raised a family and died in Philadelphia. I'm researching the story of the Hitzeroths involvement in the American Revolution and your site is an asset. Thanks!
Randy W.-Hitzroth, Toronto Canada [10-26-1999]

I grew up in Hamorton and was surprised to find your website - it was a nice trip home.
Ed Carter, Munich, Germany [10-26-1999]

as a new local resident, i am impressed with all the detailed information in this website. this certainly gives me a new appreciation for the battle of the brandywine.
jeffrey eiermann, 501 brintons bridge road, birmingham township, pa 37, years old [10-26-1999]

Greetings from one whose American ancestors fought for the Crown and went on to help build your northern neighbour. Also from the King's Orange Rangers re-enactment group (Captain Howard's Company) - raised in New York in 1776, served in New York, New Jersey and Nova Scotia.
John Leefe, Liverpool, Nova Scotia [10-13-1999]

I thing that you guy rock and cool peace out YO!!!!!!
Richard Lopez, 14,FRESNO,Ca [10-12-1999]

I liked this web site very much it helped me on a book report I'm doing on The Riddle of PennCroft Farm. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Bobby Knight, 14 [10-11-1999]

I realy enjoy the web site! I grew up in Unionville and have been to the park many times. Now that I am living in Florida its is nice to visit on line. What a enjoyable place to have a picnic lunch!
Michael Minner, Sarasota, FL [10-09-1999]

William Morris was killed in the Battle of Brandywine. He is the Great Great Great Great GrandUncle of my husband Darryl E. Bunn.
Jo Ann Bunn [10-08-1999]

Neat to be able to see the ancestral home by way of the internet. Nathaniel came from England with Thomas Jennings, reputed to be a cousin. Is there info available on that type of relationship? Did the Brittish soldiers really make bread in the dresser drawers? Thanks
Duane Edwards, St Paul, MN [10-08-1999]

It was a very nice site to visit .I will tell friend about the site.
Dr. JohnEdwards, Port Clinton Ohio 43452 30 [10-08-1999]

Linked to you via the Mooj Weekly Standard. Loved your site.
Albert Swisher, Gettysburg, PA [09-28-1999]

I am going to teach a High School class about the details of the battle. I would like to locate a topographic map of the battlefield area. Could you help me locate one?
Michael S. Schmotzer, York, PA [09-06-1999]

I will have to stop by and visit Brandywine next time I'm down in Chester County. I loved your website.
Doug Eric Redhand, Age 34 [09-06-1999]

Thank you for a great history trip, being a civil war buff, only became interested in the Revolutionary War thru a reinactor. Great information on this site, keep it coming.
Richard Johnston, 59 Yorktown, VA [09-06-1999]

I loved your site. At first I thought Brandywine was a madeup place (part of that whole Mooj thing). I will have to bring my son down to see the battlefield because he learned all about G. Washington and the Revolutionary War last year in school. I never knew any battles were fought in Pennsylvania. I thought they were all fought up in New England.
Robert Taft, Age 36, from Upper Darby, PA [09-06-1999]

I enjoyed reading about Brandywine. Does anyone know if Washington ever returned to Brandywine after the war?
Gary Hemsley, From Florida [09-03-1999]

Ktulu Ofllac, Doing report on Nathanael Greene [09-03-1999]

I really enjoyed learning about Brandywine. I have lived near the battlefield for years and never knew it was so significant to our American history.
Francis Timothy Barker, Native of Chester County [08-27-1999]

Loved your website! I didn't know "Chester County" was a real place. I've seen lots of Civil War battlefields but never a Revolutionary War one. I travel to Baltimore, MD often I'll have to come up and see Brandywine one of these days. The Mooj wrote a nice piece on Brandywine. Others who enjoy Pennsylvania history might enjoy it (
Danny Grove, From Dallas, TX [08-27-1999]

What a beautiful park. It is hard to believe that it was the sight of one of the great battles of American history. I prefer going late, when the sun is just above the horizon, and imagine if 222 years ago, maybe a soldier stood where I stand and looked at the view that I see. What a great place to spend an afternoon!
Brett Marshall, wilmington, DE 19803 [08-27-1999]

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Amber, Melissa, Danielle, 15 Roy [08-27-1999]

My husband, three children, cousin and I visited the Battlefield and toured the historic sites on 8/20/99. Although it was pouring rain, our friendly tour guide, Beth Rourke, made our visit most memorable. Not only did she give us the facts on the history and answered our many, many questions, she also gave us interesting "tidbits" on the life and the people during those times. This made the Brandywine Battlefield history become so real, especially for my children. What a knowledgeable historian she is! Thanks so much Beth! We have already visited Gettysburg and Valley Forge Battlefields, and we do hope that Brandywine will be expanded in the future. We will definitely come back to visit again.
Louise Russo Chin, New York City [08-22-1999]

On the 17 or 18 of aug. 99 I visited the battle field and talk with Beth Rorke.I would like to thank her for the information she gave me.Also ask if she would contact me about the painter house we talked about thanks JIM
james painter, 1502 w co rd 38 tiffin oh 44883 [08-22-1999]

like many other visitors, my ancestors fought the at brandywine. oral family history says caleb furbee was decorated by washington for valor, but no proof yet.
jeff furbee [08-22-1999]

I once visited the site of the Battle of Brandywine, but unfortunately did not know that my family lived in the area. Now that I am so far away and confined to a wheelchair, I appreciate having that visit long ago. My Fleming ancestors lived along the Brandywine and several of them were active participants in the Rev. War. Wm. & John Fleming's names are engraved in the Memorial tower at Valley Forge. My James ancestors who lived in Haverford-Radnor suffered losses as the British troops ravaged their property, and Griffith James reported or itemized his losses to qualify for reduced taxes. The list of things pillaged from his plantation is very interesting & the church, Great Valley Baptist where Griffith John was one of the first elders suffered some damage and theft. Srories like these make history come alive, and I only wish I had known them while in school. Now that I am nearly 81 I must say I really appreciate web-sites like this one, for I obviously won't be traveling any more. Quite a number of my Quaker ancestors lived in Chester Co., as well as Bucks & Berks. My Kerlins were gunmakers, and gunmakers, and I would like very much to know more about them, as my hobby is genealogy. David James was one of the Welshmen who were given "city lots" in Philadelphia in 1683 or 84, and his name is on the map of the State House grounds on Chestnut St. in Philadelphia. He settled in Radnor, but I do not know what he did with his city lot. Of course he would never have built there. Thanks for refreshing my memory with your very informative site. Miriam Bertelson Fremont, CA
Mrs. Chester Bertelson, Have quite a number of Chester Co. roots [08-22-1999]

I really enjoyed your website. I am looking for a listing of the American soldiers who participated, or were wounded at the Battle of Brandywine. We found old family records which indicated that my ancestor, John Snavely, was wounded at the battle. Is there some way to document the soldiers who were there?
Charles Snavely, Harrogate, Tennessee [08-16-1999]

Great site! We have visited the area several times as I have Wickershams in the area. Helen Sheldon
Helen Sheldon [08-16-1999]

I thougt your website is great for me because I am reading a book called'The Riddle Penncroft Farm and it about brandywine. So, I came looked you guys up Thankyou
Marcus Garland, 15 [08-13-1999]

My 4th Great granddad Sgt.Jiohn W. George, was Washingtons Drummer boy, Was with the NJ Cont. Line under Col Ogden, was here and at the "taking of Cornwallis", This site is great and adds the reality to my genealogy report.
Frank H. Kautsky,lll, Gulfport,Fla. [08-08-1999]

There is a bill before the U.S. Congress (passed the House, currently before the Senate) that would allocate funding to protect part of the actual Brandywine Battlefield. The original bill (S. 581) would allocate funding to protect this battlefield and that of Paoli. Anyone interested in preserving their Revolutionary War heritage should call or write to their U.S. senators urging them to endorse the original bill (S. 581)that would provide funding to protect the few remaining undeveloped parcels of land on which the actual battle was fought.
Robert Doscher [08-06-1999]

I don't know how I got onto this site, but I like it a lot!
Andrea Jolsvai, 25, Budapest [07-27-1999]

Hey iam a big fan of yours
Michelle cutlip, 13 sutton wv 2660 [07-27-1999]

Andrew J Nuyianes Jr [07-24-1999]

I just have to say that I love everything that has to do with American histroy. This country is just filled with info everywhere. I love it. Thank you for such a great site.
Filippa Ekman, age 23, Stockholm,Sweden [07-22-1999]

I had an ancestor who fought at Brandywine named Charles Shaffer,enlisted in the Revolutionary War 22 June 1777 for the duration under Captain Duffey in the 4th Artillery Regiment in the Continental Line , he served as a Mattross(gunners helper) listed on May 2,1778 muster roll, discharged at Germantown April 3,1779. Great site and thanks. Donald L. McClellan USN Retired Phoenix, Az.
Donald L. McClellan, 69 yrs from Phoenix, Az. [07-22-1999]

I am a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution. By the commints I read here this is a good place to find information on a ancester that served and maybe some of our "Cousins". I have about 10 ancesters that joined that war, (not all proven yet). Thanks for allowing all of us to enjoy our heritage. Hope to find more information on the men themselves that won the battles and our freedom.
Lee Robertson [07-21-1999]

I have visited your site several times and never taken the time to comment before. This is one of the best sites regarding a revolutionary war battlefield I have ever seen.
Christine Valverde, Technology Aide, Kemblesville Elementary School [07-14-1999]

I think that this site is a great site. I wish you could cover other sections of american history, like the Civil War and WWI and should also put on more games!
A.S., Vestal New York [07-02-1999]

Mary Ann Bell, Suffolk, VA [06-29-1999]

My husband's 4th great-grandfather, Philip Saylor of Chester Co., Pa, was at the Battle of Brandywine. He served under Capt. Ihirie, part of Col. Grubb's Pa. Regulars, who were led by Gen. Anthony Wayne (another Chester county native). Another ancestor who was involved with the Battle was his 5th great-grandmother, Abigal (Hartman) Rice, wife of Zachariah Rice. She nursed the wounded from the battle, contracting typhus for her efforts, which would eventually kill her. The family history mentions George Washington stopping for water for his troops at the Rice Farm. Is this possibly the same farmhouse you mention that is still partially standing? There is a plaque in Abigail's honor in the Bell Tower at Valley Forge. We plan to visit the Battlefield Park very soon. Your site has been very enjoyable and a great help in providing rich detail to what was before just a collection of names and dates to me. Thank you!
Carole Saylor, Dunkirk, Maryland [06-21-1999]

Visited Brandywine Battlefield Site in the 70's. Have enjoyed touring your web site - will visit it more in the future as I study more about the Revolutionary War. Have traced some of my family to this era.
Bob Peeples, age 64, Bend, Oregon [06-08-1999]

Steve [05-27-1999]

Good site. If Connie Vandenburgh happens to visit this site again, please contact me at my e-mail address. I am also related to a James McCoy (so the family legend goes) that was killed in this battle. I'm missing a generation though. Thanks! Ginger France e-mail:
Ginger France, Davenport, IA [05-22-1999]

I think you have a lot of poeple sing your gussbook .I think it neat you have so many poeple sing it !!
Trista N.White, Pittsfield NH 16 [05-22-1999]

very interesting
mike, 52 [05-17-1999]

Kris & Mark [05-13-1999]

My g.g.g. grandfather Andrew Rudy was at the battle of Brandywine with the 10th battalion of militia of lancaster county, seventh company. His brother John Rudy was a 2nd lt. in the same company. (Fifth series, vol. VII, Pa Archives). Andrews' g. grandfather came to America in 1727 into Philadelphia on the ship William and Sarah. Visited Lancaster county and his resting place in 1997. Looking forward to visiting the battlefield someday, hopefully this year. Several of Andrews' sons, including my g. granfather Abaham moved into Ohio in the early 1830s to Holmes County. There is a large file in the lancaster historical society on the rudy family for those interested in family research.
matt weisman, Elyria,Oh [04-30-1999]

matt weisman [04-30-1999]

Brian Boylston, I'm 15 and live in Germany [04-28-1999]

Hi, were in 5th grade.we are studing this subject in school thanks
Charity,Aireka,and Shiquitta, 11,10,11 memphis [04-27-1999]

qarissA ASHLEY ERICA, 10,11,10 MEMPHIS,TENNESSEE [04-27-1999]

I really enjoyed it!!!!
Kathy Hurley, 14 [04-25-1999]

I have an ancestor who took part in the Battle. Have been doing family research and have been to hundreds of sites on history and genealogy. I was thouroughly impressed with your site. I'm sure I'll return to learn more. Hope to visit your park soon.
Jas. D. Hummel, Medford, New Jersey [04-25-1999]

I liked it a lot
Kristy McAdams, Age 11 [04-25-1999]

I loved it. History is now more exciting!!!!!! I'm related to washington!!!!!!!!!!
Marie, Age 13 [04-21-1999]

My ancestor, Private Reuben Roberts, of the 6th Regiment of the North Carolina militia served at the battle of Brandywine on Sept. 11, 1777, Germantown on Oct. 4, 1777, and Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778. My web site is at
Dave Schubert, New Jersey [04-21-1999]

Hey pretty smooth website although I could make one better. Just kidding. Anyways I worked there at the battlefied at the day camp with Karen, Rick, Helen, Tom and the whole gang. I'll miss not being there this summer. I had fun with you all and learned a lot myself. Hope to come by and visit soon.
Arie Mangrum [04-19-1999]

My g.g.g.g.g.g.grandfather John Johnson and two of his sons were killed in the Battle of Brandywine according to family history. I have no idea as to what rank they may have had....probably enlisted men. They were Scots from Northern Ireland who came to America before or after the Revolution had started. Is there anyway I can determine if they were killed in thhe battle? Thanks. I am almost 80 and am trying to do all the genealogy I can do for my grandchildren. Thanks.
Jo White, Texas [04-17-1999]

Is there a list anywhere with names of vet. who served at Brandywine ?
Russ Shopbell [04-15-1999]

my seven year old son is looking forward to a visit this summer thank you
marc dunn, east goshen PA [04-08-1999]

Im doing resaerch on Genral William Howe On The Revolutionary War
Thomas Sharp, 18, New York city, Bronx [04-08-1999]

We plan to visit the Battlefield on Sunday, April 18 while on a visit to Pennsylvania. Your site has all the information we need to plan our trip. Thank you very much!
Ted and Nancy Ruark, Nancy - teacher, Cony High School, Augusta, Maine [04-08-1999]

i have exhausted this site, and yet am still fascinated with the information provided. i will continue to come back to these pages. awesome! thank you for hours and hours of entertainment. keep up this great site.
perry s. wilhelm, local history buff, ameteur [04-04-1999]

Theresa [03-30-1999]

I grew up through 6th grade in West Chester. My grandmother would take me to the Brandywine to hunt musketballs and arrowheads. I never really understood the "battle" till reading your material and some history books recently. THANKS!
The Rev'd Irvin S.Mitchell, age 65, Sun City, AZ [03-29-1999]

What a great web site! I have a special place in my heart for those who fought in the Revolutionary War to make the country what is it today. I collect artifacts and prints to such great battles like Brandywine. I have seen many web pages and books but this one is right up there on the top of the list. My girlfriend and I have planned to visit this Sat. ehile I'm on Spring Break (some students go to Florida, I go to Battlefields). If the visit is half as nice as this site we will be in for a treat. I'm glad I looked for some info on the net. Thank you!!
Eric Lukacs, 22yrs. old Strasburg,Pa. [03-23-1999]

I enjoyed your website very much! My 4th great grandfather was Benjamin Ring of Chadds Ford. I hope to visit in person some day.Any information about my ancestor would be appreciated.
Rosemary Ring Johnson, Redding,California [03-22-1999]

I've had a wonderful time this evening looking around Chadds Ford and vicinity. It was especially enjoyable since I grew up in the area - Just below Painter's Crossroads.
Connie (Hill) Thomas, Chagrin Falls, OH [03-22-1999]

Just for the record, did the Quakers who originally came to the Brandywine to the colony of William Penn actually NOT fight in the American Revolutionary War?
Margaret Harling, California [03-19-1999]

Carol [03-17-1999]

I have no clue what so ever what the freak Branywine is! But my ancestors mite have been there.
Gelsey Hess [03-16-1999]

One of my ancestors was at Brandywine. He was Pvt. Nathan Preston 14th(10th) VA Continental Line. I love the site, gave me some good info. about the campaign and battle
J. R. VanHoose [03-15-1999]

Descendent of two ancestors who were in this battle. ERSKINE/ASKEY AND HUFF surnames
Dorothy Erskine Johansen [03-15-1999]

outstanding site, fascinating
perry s. wilhelm, age 38, wlmington delaare [03-15-1999]

We have to make a Revolutionary War Book. We are using your information. Thank you.
Amy, Heather, Sarah, Bonny Eagle High School [03-10-1999]

It's pathetic, I know, but I've never been to Brandywine (it's not far). I would very much like to make it this year, maybe even to the reenactment. Hopefully I can report on my experience! Great web site!
Kristin aka the Ol'Line Rebel, 29, Columbia MD [03-09-1999]

We have donated a picture of Lafayette's house to the Middle School of Avon Grove School District. We came here to verify names and places. This is a great web page. Keep up the good work.
Mr. & Mrs. Gene L. Schneider, West Grove, Pa. [03-05-1999]

Hia! I like your info.
Turbo, Hi! Hello! Bonjour! See you later. [03-05-1999]

I love your neat pictures you have. My friends like them, too. I also like the very useful information. I'm doing a progect for school and I need this web site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Pooja, 11 [03-05-1999]

I think your program is eduational and very very fun!! And I'm almost a teen. Keep this program on the internet.
Soar, 12, I live in Wahington, D.C. [03-05-1999]

My great x 5 uncle, Captain Isiah Marks, was wounded in the battle and received 4,000 acres in Kentucky from the goverment. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this site together. It's a great tribute to the men who fought there.
Timothy J. Morrow, Age 44 Dallas, TX area [03-04-1999]

An excellent site and a great resource. The next game in our Revolutionary Series is BRANDYWINE CREEK. Due to publish in the Fall, 1999. For more info. go to Again, great job!
Mark S. Miklos, Designer: SARATOGA, Turning Point of the American Revolution. Publisher, GMT Games, Hanford, CA. 1998. [03-04-1999]

this a wonderful ggggg grand parents lived in kennett sq.through the years 1714 to 1749 they had many children. two sons john and jessie that would have been the right age to see service in the there a army roster of the men who fought there.and also lived there?
argel talkington, age 74--- i live in ontario ca. [03-04-1999]

Hi! Wonderful site you have! My 4th great-grandpa, Walter Davis, came over from France with Lafayette to help Washington so I'm sure he was in the Battle of Brandywine. He stayed here afterthe War. My 5th-great grandpa, Sam Watts (Bucks Co., PA.) died at the Battle of Monmouth. Never have found where he's buried or any sort of casualty list on this Battle. Is there one? Thanks for your great work!!
Betty Berentson, Snohomish, WA. [02-28-1999]

I really enjoyed looking at this webpage. I learned a lot and hope to visit it again. Thanks
anonymous, 11 [02-24-1999]

My 5th Great grandfather Andrew Morrison died on 11 September 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine. I am hoping to visit for a more in depth look.
Cheryl Barnett [02-22-1999]

My husband love history so am sure we are going to fine everything we want here thank you so much Alan & Jessie
Jessie punches [02-22-1999]

Eleanor C. Nordyke [02-15-1999]

I really, really, really,like your page. Hi mom!!!
shawn baldwin, philadelphia Pa 19114 i'm 17 years old [02-13-1999]

My GGG Grandfather Capt. J. Mendenhall was a Revolutionary War Vet. I am looking for proof that he was in the Battle of Brandwine.
Kersey McCloskey, East Palestine,Ohio [02-10-1999]

I was born and raised very close to the battle site. As a matter of fact the army retreated to My hometown of Chester after the battle. I can remember in my younger days getting out of the car to go up the hill to look into the cellar windows of John Chadd's house. I remember seeing a lot of old bottles etc. The house was unoccupied at the time and not restored. Many notables of high and low rank in the revolution served in this battle. It is a special place. Glad to see so many people interested.
Eddie Doubet Jr. Father of Matthew Doubet ( above ), 57 years Native of Chester Pa. [02-10-1999]

My GGG Grandfather Capt. J. Mendenhall was a Revolutionary War Vet. I am looking for proof that he was in the Battle of Brandwine.
Kersey McCloskey, East Palestine,Ohio [02-09-1999]

Would like information on Capt. William Marsh, my revolutionary ancestor. He fought in the battle of Brandywine. Thank you.
anonymous [02-01-1999]

The brother of my many greats grandfather was taken prisoner at the Battle of Brandywine. Has there been any research on where these prisoners were taken. Our family can't find reference to him after the War. He probably died in prison. Am most interested in this subject.
Gail from Texas [02-01-1999]

I'm searching for information on an ancestor, Christian Hoover, said to have died in the Battle of Brandywine. Is there any way to confirm this, or to learn more about this ancestor from any records that may be there?
Elaine Kahler [01-26-1999]

Susannah M. Bartley [01-25-1999]

Doing history project on Lafayette
Thomas Heidenberger, II, Age 11 [01-25-1999]

My father grew up in Chadds Ford and toured with battle field with local historian and "character" Chris Sanderson. It was great to "revisit" a place I have not seen since a child. Keep up the good work!
Beth Guest, Waynesville, NC [01-12-1999]

The little flashing minutemen are interesting. I first thought my computer was messing up because they wouldn't stop flashing!
Jamie Hueners, I'm 16 and a junior in high school [01-07-1999]

While tracing my ancestor William Brinton,(a nineth generation descendant) I found your very interesting site that is overwhelming. It has been marked for return visits. We seldom remember the trials of our forefather that started this great nation. Thank you for such an outstanding presentation of history.
Burtwin L. Day, 65 year old student of personal family history, Mayor of Norway, Iowa [01-03-1999]

My mother and I volunteered at the battlefield from about 1984-1988, I was nine years old when we started. We had to move away in '84. However, the experience left a lasting impression on me. I just graduated college with a degree in anthropology and I'm now looking for a job at a historic site. My mother used to tend the herb garden at Washington's headquarters. I used to card wool for a woman who worked a spinning wheel. It's good to see that the place is still as active as ever, and surely still effecting children's dreams and imaginations as it did mine. Hope to come back for a visit someday!
Kristeen Dempsey, Wilmington, North Carolina [01-01-1999]

I have a question: Where did the name "Brandywine" come from? We have been searching without any luck.
Ben Hunsberger [12-27-1998]

laota hoeft [12-13-1998]

I like this site because it has good information.
CC, 8 [12-13-1998]

A library patron is seeking a list of men who served under Marquis de Lafayette at Yorktown Your information will be deeply appreciated!! Gassaway Public Library
Paula, Searching for details [12-12-1998]

Descendant of John Alverson, 11th Vir. Regt., wounded at Brandywine.
Robert Ray Black, P.O. Box 643, Charleston, SC 29402 [12-12-1998]

Lyn Litchford, West Grove, Pennsylvania 12-8-98 [12-12-1998]

Wayne D. Sizemore, 48 Tallahassee, Fl [12-03-1998]

I am interested in bringing my fifth grade class to the Park for a field trip.
Kim Miller, Egg Harbor Township, NJ [12-03-1998]

Aren't there any pictures on strategies of the war? I'm doing a project for American history and I was stupid enough to pick the subject battle strategies. There just aren't any pictures!
MaKala Posusta, 13, Dassel [12-03-1998]

This page is like all that man, its dope and bangin. Keep it rollin, you guys really helped me with my project for history. Thanks, PEACE OUT!
Tyrone Willis, 16 Iowa City Iowa [12-03-1998]

Neat pages, thanks for being here: I am presently re:writing a book that I was sent by a relative living in the US, we found each other while doing HARTMAN research for Family Tree's, via the net! I am writing now about Major Peter Hartman and his activities with General Washington. In the writers eyes he was some kind of hero I am wondering if the book I have is true. Apparently a hosptial was built at Yellow Springs and my ancestors helped the sick and dying! I will come and visit more and share my find with others, Thanks so much.
Marianne Hartman, Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada [12-03-1998]

Cool website you helped me with my project a lot. This was a very cool and educational web site.
J. Caps, 16 Hong Kong [12-03-1998]

Dave Lusk [12-03-1998]

sam miller [12-03-1998]

This is a wonderful site. I am happy I found it. I have actually been looking for a photograph and a book/information on Thomas Squire Cheyney. He was said to be the Paul Revere of Chester County during the Revolutionary War. I think most information about him is found with The Battle of the Brandywine information. He is an ancestor of my family. All my brother wants for Christmas is a picture of Cheyney above his fireplace and any information that can be found. Would you be able to help me. This is important to me and I'm willing to pay whatever cost. Thank you so much.
Carla Taylor, Thomas Squire Cheyney/Ancestor [11-30-1998]

Great web site. I am descended from the Gilpins and have history of thier home at Brandywine. Did you know that the first Gilpin born in america was born in a cave on the Brandywine river? I had no idea that thier house still existed. We are looking forward to a trip to the site in the near future. How can I obtain an image of the Gilpin house in the meantime?
Tom Kettles, Albuquerque, New Mexico [11-30-1998]

Your web page helped me very much in doing my history report. Thank you!
Madeline King [11-30-1998]

I have never been to Pennsylvania, but I am a huge history buff and I have loved reading about the rich history your state has to offer. I am an Elementary Education major doing a project on your state for Social Studies, and I just love this site! I am definately going to use some of the maps and images in my report. I recently got the internet, and since I have really enjoyed going to the various sites and browzing. This is a great web site!
Candice Gibbs, Florida [11-24-1998]

Visited brandywine while taking a graduate class from the freedom foundation at valley forge. Our instructor, paul sanborn, known for walking us step by step through the revolution, brought this battle to life for us. Let this area stay as it is. We can't lose these historical areas in the name of "progress"!!!
KENT BENNETT, age 47 vancouver,wa. [11-22-1998]

A descendent of Robert Horton, Drummer - 3rd Virginia Regement, Captain John Thornton's Company. Battles of Brandywine, York Island, Gernamtown and White Plains
Verne R. Horton [11-20-1998]

My 7th generation Grandfather was wounded at Brandywine, receiving his only wound of seven years service during Revolutionary War. I hope to visit sometime in near future.
Larry Ralston, Box # 39 Unionport Ohio 43966 [11-20-1998]

I enjoyed your website and got some great info off of it.
Ryan Preibe, abe:15 [11-11-1998]

Ronald K. Harvey, people still get killed here. [11-03-1998]

My gggggreat grandfather, Frederick Bingman, fought, and was wounded at Brandywine. I've been unsuccessful at finding what unit he fought with.
Rich Zellers, Selinsgrove,PA [10-22-1998]

anonymous [10-22-1998]

I would like to hear from others interested in Pa. Revolutionary War history enthusiast.
wayne freed [10-22-1998]

Very nice Web site. Are there any plans on buying undeveloped land that was part of the battle? It is such an important battle and a beautiful area. I would love to see the park expanded. Also with Halloween coming, any good ghost stories of the battlefield? The area around the Lafayette monument is pretty dark. Is our young hero still looking for the Red Coats?
Robert Kuhn, Media, PA [10-13-1998]

This is a wonderful WEB site. Keep up the great work!
Nadine Steinmetz [10-06-1998]

Brian [10-01-1998]

Hi. I'm doing a report on the Battle of Brandywine for school, and this site has been a GREAT help! I just need one more little thing. Does anybody know what the troop numbers were for Washington and Howe's troops? I really really really need to know by this Tuesday, Sept 29. That's the only other thing I need for my report. So, if anybody knows, could you please contact me ASAP. Thanks! My other E-mail address is:
Michelle [09-27-1998]

Hi Everyone~~ I was at the re-enactment yesterday, and just wanted to let everyone there who was involved that it was VERY impressive....From the actual re- enactment (which was very impressive), to every- was a thoroughly enjoyable time. If anyone involved at the Park, or anyone who was there, would like to correspond with me about all this (I'm very interested in the colonial era, and this battle) just let me know - I'd love to hear from you! My email is "" and I hope to hear from you soon! John
John [09-22-1998]

Lou Powell, Eagan, MN 55122 [09-15-1998]

Looking forward to the up and coming events.
Michael Keefer, Reenactor [09-15-1998]

Great webpage. Can you tell me where to locate a list of those wounded at the Battle of Brandywine?
Jean Taylor [09-13-1998]

We are re-enactors with the British 43rd of Foot, who have been a part of the Battle of Brandywine for several years. It has been a great learning experience for our whole family. Your website is very informative. Continue to update with current events especially your newsletter.
Rosemary Huf, Narvon, PA [09-11-1998]

I haven't been to Brandywine yet, but I plan on taking my 14-year-old son on a field trip. I have just started homeschooling him, and I thought this would fit in very nicely with his Social Studies program. I will get back to you after we visit the site.
Lenore DeLitizia, Tobyhanna, PA [09-11-1998]

i just happened to come across this in the web. i would really like to visit. maybe even bring my grandson.
karen baker, mercer pa [09-11-1998]

Just wanted to say that one of the most enjoyable events that I do each year is the Brandywine event. I believe it is handled very professionally and I expect to be at the battle every year.
Sam Frame, Re-enactor [09-07-1998]

One of my father's relatives, Henry Keck, fought in the the Battle of the Brandywine. I am looking for his name in the records. Hopefully you can assist me with any information on him. I would be willing to come down from N.J. if necessary. Please advise. Thank you.
Pat B. [09-06-1998]

Is there a roster of the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Brandywine or an index of those killed. According to family legend, my paternal 4th great-grandfather was killed in this battle. His first name may have been "William" McMonigle (or some variation thereof).
David L. McMonigle [09-06-1998]

This is a good website. I was at the park on 8/22, nice museam & great tour guide of the houses.
Robert Kopf (Bert), Lancaster Pa. [08-31-1998]

I am a descendant of James Stewart who served under General Lafayette at the Battle of Brandywine. James was just 16 years of age and I am very proud that my ancestor fought for my freedom and protected his home in Brandywine One Hundred Delaware. I hope to one day visit where my ancestor fought so bravely.
Carol Albrecht, West Branch, Ia [08-24-1998]

My ggggr-grandfather Epiphroditus Hanks participated in this battle as well as Bunker Hill and York Town. He was 2nd cousin once removed of Abraham Lincoln.
Tommy J Moore, Gordonville, Tx [08-24-1998]

My ancestors, William Henry Wishart (Scottish) and Susannah Lytle Wishart (Irish), immigrated to "Waters of the Brandywine , PA" around 1771 from Ireland. Could you tell me where this early settlement was located? Also, I believe that William may have served in this Battle. Do you have records about the enlisted men. Thanks in advance.
Paul C. Wishard, Age: 37 Home: Hillsboro Oregon [08-09-1998]

My g-g-g-grandfather, James Powell, fought in the battle and owned a farm nearby. We hope to visit there next week. My great-grandmother donated his mess kit to the Cass County (Ind.) Historical Society Museum, where it is displayed with pride. My great-grandmother also passed down a story that James took a potshot at General Howe when the British leader was in the area. But he missed!
Richard Gotshall, Franklin, IN [07-31-1998]


Love the site. I hope that it has increased your visitation.
David J Castleman, Roanoke VA [07-23-1998]

I have been to Brandywine many times and I am always impressed. This website is wonderful. Congratulations.
Mrs. Linda Egan Flynn, Torrance, California (Born & raised in Philadelphia) [07-21-1998]

We are planning to visit the battlefield soon. We are finding great ideas for the trip. I think it will be an exciting trip. Let you know when we get back.
The Towarnicki Family, Philadelphia, PA 7-13-98 [07-17-1998]

Like many others, I am writing to find info on an ancestor. I have a newspaper article about a direct descendent of mine who was fought at Brandywine. His name was General Marckle, any info would be greatly appreciated.
Douglas Martin, 29, Arlington, VA [07-15-1998]

I was wondering where I could find out about a soldier who was supposed to have fought and Died during the battle of brandywine. Do you folks have such records? Also, you have an excellent website.
Dan Cretors [07-15-1998]

I have been visiting the battle field since I was a child, and it's always a pleasure to return. I will bring the next generation of McLachlan's to share our past...
John McLachlan, Broomall,Pa. [07-10-1998]

You have a wonderful site here, I wasn't able to view all the areas, but I will return. Thanks!
Bill Harper, Lancaster, CA [07-06-1998]

A great job on a great website. Congratulations to Toni, Doug, Jonathan and others who gave of their gifts and time.
mark h. biddle, Independence Hall Assn. [06-26-1998]

Need info on Adam Koch, Jr. (may have been listed as Johann Adam Koch, Jr.) Served in the 9th PA. Regiment, Capt. McCLelland, Col. Nagle. Understand Adam was shot in the face with a musket ball. Thanks, Judy
Judy Hetherington, I live in Key West, FL; will visit this site in July because I just discovered that my grandfather (many generations back) was injured in this battle. Can I confirm this info? [06-23-1998]

Melissa L. Turner, Newark, Delaware [06-20-1998]

Great site! I have been to the battlefield many times when I was little. It brought back alot of memories. Thanks!
Matthew Doubet, Age 23, Dallas, TX [06-16-1998]

I recently joined the Sons of the American Revolution, Indiana Society. My patriot Captain William Marsh was at Brandywine, they lived in Chester County, PA before moving to Harrison County, Indiana. Since my joining I've tried to attend as many local, state and National meetings and wish to learn more on this revolutionary war and the lives of my ancestors. I'd be extremely interested in learning what type of uniform the Pennsylvania Militia would have had and the uniform of a Captain in particular.
Stephen D Franklin, age 49, live in Sellersburg IN [06-15-1998]

Very nice job on your web site. I am interested in your newsletter, especially the article on dance, as I am a musician who is also a third grade teacher. My students love doing the Virginia reel. My gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather, James Graham, fought at Brandywine. He was in Col. Richard Buthle's Regt. 9th PA, and was born in Carlisle, PA.. Do you have info about any of the individual soldiers or regiments? I would love to know more about his participation. Thank you!
Sally Price, CA [06-14-1998]

Nice page! During research of family history, I foud that my great grandfather was at the battle! Very interesting!!
James Cross, Texas [06-13-1998]

We plan on visiting Brandywine over the 4th of July, and your web site has been a big help in letting us know what we'll be seeing.
Dick Myers, Barberton, OH [06-13-1998]

Hello, having just visited your lovely park this past week, I want to thank you again for the time spent to show us the Gilpin House. Very informative.
Robert A Gilpin [06-07-1998]

My great-great-grandfather fought in this battle, Henry Keck. I would appreciate any information you may have on him or his involvement in this most significant event. Thank you
pat keck [05-28-1998]

I also would like to know if there is a list of men killed at the battle of brandyvine in 1812? His last name is Mace.
Delores Shafer [05-18-1998]

great job. Site is very informative. Although, map of the Brandywine battle in the history of the battle section needs more detail it is a little hard to read. Need link developed on front home page for
scott huston [05-15-1998]

hi, I will be in the area april 11,12 anything special going on that weekend? I know you will be closed on the sunday. thank you bill
bill molyneaux [03-27-1998]

I am doing some research for a close friend. His study is on primitive weapons. Need a picture of the Ferguson Rifle. Do you know of a site where I can download a picture. Thank you.
Paul Remington, From Northwest Arkansas [03-19-1998]

I too would like to find a list of those who served in this war. I have just discovered an ancestor who supposedly saved Gen Washington's life by deflecting a saber blow. My son is doing a heritage project for school and we would like to include this story if true. His name was John Wendel Britt. I would appreciate any help that you can give me.
, Germantown, Maryland [03-15-1998]

I am looking for any information connnecting George Washington Kirksey Sr. to the "Battle of Brandywine. I have a birth date ot April 25, 1792. This does not jive. Do you have any list of the men involved in this battle?Family rumors state that he fought in it. Thank You, Sharon Dover Romanek
Sharon Dover Romanek, Prescott, Arizona [03-02-1998]

I was just wondering if you had any maps on Brandywine(Such as the overhead of the Battle or anything like that).Thanks
Joe, Warrington, PA [02-24-1998]

Wonderful layout. Very nicely done.
Larry L. Freeman, Carlisle, PA [02-19-1998]

Have enjoyed your site on the web with great pleasure. I would like to know if I can obtain records as to the list of soldiers, under Washington, in this campaign, which were wounded and or killed. If this info is available, please let me know where I can obtain it. I am looking for a soldier named Bowden which was wounded in the Battle of Brandywine. Thanks
Wayne Macklin, Stillwater, Oklahoma [02-18-1998]

I have to do some report at school We read this one book called BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE. It was about a kid and he was doing some errands when he found a Continental captain. Later on he found his brother. He had to help him because he got shot.Then a British Grenadier helped him. Then nothing much else happened,exept it said all that stuff when the British got their victory. Anyway good webpage.
Andrew Pike [02-11-1998]

What a great website! I am currently researching young Pat Ferguson, and read his manuscript letters about his adventures (and serious injury) at Brandywine.I'm glad he gets a mention! But can we have a picture of the famous rifle, please?!
Dr. Marianne M. Gilchrist, St. Andrews, Scotland [02-07-1998]

I would like to find out where I can look at lists of those that served during this battle. I am doing Genealogy on the area.
Linda Mc Cabe [01-30-1998]

I enjoyed last year's Winter lecture series, and was wondering if you are planning another series in 1998. Please let me know the topics and how to sign up, if you're having one. Thanks. keep up the good work!!
Mike [01-27-1998]

Karen Gee [12-13-1997]

i came to your page to help my son do a history research project on Marquis de Lafayette, and the Battle of Brandywine...thank-you for having this web site ! we could use some maps and pictures to add to report !!!
cathy rosfeld, 40 Oakmont, pa [12-10-1997]

Really enjoyed your page. I will try to visit the site this spring. I commend wholeheartedly any group trying to save and preserve historic sites. Our site is dedicated to a famoue Pennsylvania, "Mad" Anthony Wayne. Wayne was stationed at Chadd's Ford during and after the battle. Feel free to link us if thought proper. We mention Chadd's Ford in our biography of General Wayne on our page. Keep up the good work. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Patrick R. Riley, Archaeologist/Historian [12-10-1997]

Many years ago, my mother did some research about the Battle of Brandywine. One of her ancestors, Joseph Townsend, was a Quaker, who tended to the Marquis de Lafayette, who was shot in the leg during the battle. In return, Lafayette presented (many years later) a cane from his vinyard, La Grange, in France & a desk to Joseph Townsend. The desk was given to the Maryland Historical Society. I have the cane, with an inscription to J.T. from Lafayette. Do you possess any information regarding Joseph Townsend and/or the Quaker Meeting House with respect to Lafayette and his injury? If not, can you recommend a source where I could go to research the same?
Charley Conkling [12-10-1997]

Hi I'm writing to you in my extra time in school I am interested in this battle because I have to write a report on it. I like writing letters to people. Do you? I think it should be easyer to find information on things like this.
Chelsey Vanderwyk, 1607 Sagewood Dr. FortCollins Colorado 10 years old [12-02-1997]

My ancestor, Andrew Zornes, served as Wagonmaster to George Washington during the Revolution.
Valerie Burrows, California [12-02-1997]

Adam Schleich [11-30-1997]

My husband is a direct decendant of William Brinton and Jane Thatcher, the original owners and builders of the 1704 Brinton house. I would love to know if you have any information on the family and the history of the original land grant surrounding the house. I have acquired a map of the original land grant. Does anyone know if the burial plot near the 1704 house is still there. It is where William and Ann Brinton are buried.
Suzanne Jefferis, Virginia Beach, Virginia [11-22-1997]

Family lore states my G G Grandfather served at brandywine. are there any records of who served there ? Also states he served 7 years under Washington but only hearsay.
Russ Shopbell, Ashland, Ohio [11-18-1997]

My Sergeant of Artillery, Jeremiah Foxe, from Capt. Henry Hazzard's Company (of an earlier, English Revolution) opined that those colonials gave a damn fine show - and we could surely learn a thing or two about presenting historic battles from you. Congratulations, you made him less homesick. Picked up your event details from Smoke & Fire News - just wish I could get them on the Net Thanks, Roger Emmerson
Roger Emmerson, - my small and humble site, hosted by Mick [10-23-1997]

My father, Harold Rea Gilpin, visited Gideon Gilpin's home in the 1970s and donated a powder horn that he had made to adorn the fireplace. Later I heard that the home had been closed to visitors due to funding difficulty. The curator looked at my dad with amazement and fetched a wax figure (life-size) of Gideon from storage, placed it next to my dad (I have the picture) and Gideon and Harold look like twins! Same ski-slope nose, same sharp cheekbones, same piercing eyes... And their birthdays are the same: Dec 4!! Someday I would love to visit (I'm in CA) and see for myself!
Vera Gilpin [10-01-1997]

Do you have a list of the casualities of the war? My family history indicates that my great (6 of them) grandfather died in the battle. His name was James McCoy. I would be interested in any information you might have about his death, burial or family. Thank you.
Connie Vandenburgh [10-01-1997]

Great job designing the web site!! Looks great!
Dennis Kane, reenactor [08-24-1997]

Helen Mahnke [08-13-1997]

I really liked the Battlefield. I went to visit with my family, and we had a great time. The tour guide was really nice, and they even had cannons in the exhibit! The web site is really neat, too! I like the pictures! :)
Rebecca LoGiudice, age 12, Kimberton, PA home