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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Township Enterprise
Date: May 18, 2006
Byline: unsigned

Black Horse Inn Restoration Effort Awarded

The broad community effort to restore the Black Horse Inn on Bethlehem Pike was presented with a 2006 Community Action Award at the annual Preservation Achievements Awards Luncheon hosted by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. The award was presented to the Friends of Historic Bethlehem Pike, the Springfield Township Historical Society and Springfield Township at the May 3rd event, held at The Crystal Tea Room. of the Wanamaker Building in Center City Philadelphia.

"This award says a lot about the importance of the Black Horse Inn," says Friends President, Don Mitchell, "but it says even more about the great community we live in. Everyone involved in an effort like this works very hard on a local level to keep the project on track. When those efforts are recognized by a prestigious organization like the Preservation Alliance, it means your community is doing something exceptional."

Fundraising for the restoration project has continued at a steady pace since the effort was formally organized in 2005. So far the Black Horse Inn has received a "Save America's Treasures" Grant through Rep. Alison Schwartz and a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Capital Program Grant through Rep. Lawrence Curry. In addition, the public appeal campaign has been I met with resounding support from the local community.

John Alviti, chair of the Fundraising Subcommittee, has been pleased with the timing of the award. "This honor comes just as we're submitting our application for a Keystone Grant through the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission," he noted. "And while winning awards doesn't guarantee you'll win grants, it certainly helps.

Springfield Township Commissioner, Alison Peirce, who serves as the Commissioner liaison to the township-appointed Black, Horse Inn Advisory Committee had this to say. "The restoration of the Black Horse Inn is quickly becoming a milestone in the long fought battle to preserve local historic treasures and it marks a renewed sense of pride in our Township."

Commenting on the future of the restoration effort, Springfield Township Historical Society president, Ed Zwicker, stated that "the successful completion of this project will set a significant precedent for similar reuse initiatives in the future." The South and East roofs are next on the agenda of repairs to the Inn. Black Horse Inn Advisory Committee chairman, James Mascaro added that "as we push hard to complete the roofing and increase fundraising it seems the Springfield community intensifies its commitment to complete the project. This award is truly an award to the entire Springfield Township community and shows that this type of grass roots volunteerism really works."