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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Sun
Date: November 19, 2010
Byline: Nicole Jenet

Springfield Township receives 2010 Acorn Award for Black Horse Inn - Springfield Sun - Montgomery News

The Friends of Historic Bethlehem Pike presented its fourth annual Acorn Award to Springfield Township Nov. 10.

The township was chosen as the recipient of the 2010 award, which was accepted by the board of commissioners, for its township’s work on the Black Horse Inn.

Over the past year, Springfield Township spent approximately $211,120 on renovating the inn, according to Township Manager Don Berger. Interior renovations took place on the first floor including the lobby area, restroom, hall and rear addition, Berger said.

There were also “modest improvements on the barroom,” he said.

For many members of the Friends, the Black Horse is “prototypical of the redevelopment that the award was designed to recognize and encourage,” Friends President Dan Johnson said in an e-mail Nov. 17, noting the inn has been nominated for the award annually.

“It wasn't until this year that the building's exterior was fully complete and that a tenant was finally secured,” Johnson said. “It seemed fitting to FHBP that now was the time to present the Acorn Award to Springfield Township.”

“The Acorn Award idea was conceived as a method to recognize the efforts of property owners who made significant improvements to their property along Bethlehem Pike and to encourage others to do likewise,” Johnson said of the award, which the group instituted in 2007.

Criteria for the award include the preservation of the original structure, the extent of improvements, the structure’s proximity to Bethlehem Pike, parking solutions, landscaping, adherence to Flourtown-Erdenheim Vision Plan, architecture and design, integration within the context of the Pike and use of economic assets, according to the group’s Google page.

“The improvements are highly visible examples of the renovations and redevelopment that many would like to see in the area,” Johnson said of the Inn, which he added is located in a prominent location on Bethlehem Pike.