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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Sun
Date: Feburary 7, 2002
Byline: Editorial

What does the future hold for the Black Horse Inn?

Historic buildings provide tangible links to our past, allowing us see, feel and.imagine what it must have been like to live during the early years of our nation.

It would be a shame to see another one disappear.

Under the terms of an agreement between Springfield Township and Hampton Real Estate Group, the Black Horse Inn will be moved to the rear of the Bethlehem Pike property on which it stands and will be donated to the township.

Many are unhappy — and rightly so. Like many, we at the Sun hoped the inn would remain on the Pike, but we believe it is time to accept that it will not and look for a bright side.

It could a lot be worse. The Black Horse Inn could go the way of Whitemarsh Hall. Hailed as the Versailles of the United States, the grounds of that once palatial structure now hold an all to familiar sight — townhouses.

Moving the inn might not seem like the most desirable option, but it definitely isn't the worst. If all goes as planned, it will not disappear.

Community members at a planning commission meeting about the Black Horse Tuesday night seem to feel the way we do. They don't like that the inn will be moved, but have accepted that as its fate.

For all those that fought to keep the inn in its present location, we salute you. You did your best. Now perhaps it's time for folks to put their efforts into making the most of what is left.

What could we reap from the inn once it is moved and restored? We don't really know and doubt anyone else does for sure, but here are a few ideas. Perhaps the inn could be a multipurpose building, serving as a meeting place for a host of community groups or even for township boards while at the same time serving as a home for the Springfield Township Historical Society, if the. group would be interested. It could be a polling place on election day, a place for scouting groups to meet or an elementary school field trip destination. Considering its proximity to the Little League fields on Bysher Avenue it could serve as a headquarters for try-outs and sign-up days.

There are lots of things it could be. The question of what it will be lies with all of you, the residents of the township.

We urge you to make the most of what remains of theBlack Horse Inn.