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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Press Release
Date: August 20, 2003
Byline: Ellen Manning

For immediate release: New Residents' Organization

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Ellen Manning

New Residents' Organization Mobilizing to Preserve Historical Architecture and Promote Smart Growth Along Bethlehem Pike

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, MONTGOMERY COUNTY — On Saturday, August 16 the Friends of Historic Bethlehem Pike held their first organizational meeting at the home of Ellen Manning. The group was brought together by their concern over poorly planned development along Bethlehem Pike, including the proposal to build a Walgreen's drug store and liquor store on the Black Horse Inn property.

Ellyn DeGuida, the organization's first Chair, expressed the feelings of community members: "Residents are concerned about the proposal for a super liquor store and a 24 hour Walgreen's and if we are to be heard we need to speak with one voice. People are concerned about sprawl, traffic safety and their property values."

The Friends of Historic Bethlehem Pike is dedicated to preserving the historic and architectural integrity of Bethlehem Pike; advocating for the creation of historic ordinances for Bethlehem Pike and the adjacent communities; encouraging responsible economic redevelopment of Bethlehem Pike and promoting a safe, pedestrian-friendly corridor which reflects the residential nature of the neighborhoods along the Pike.

DeGuida says that the organization will begin working immediately to carry out its mission, including letter-writing campaigns and other activities. Community members interested in helping are asked to please call the Friends of Historic Bethlehem Pike at 215-482-9322. Attorneys with expertise in Zoning, Real Estate or Constitutional law who are interested in working on the Legal Resources Committee are encouraged to call 215-482-9322.