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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Philadephia Inquirer
Date: September 15, 2003
Byline: Carol Heller, Erdenheim

Letter: Black Horse Inn trouble

Thank you for reporting on the struggle to save the Black Horse Inn in Flourtown, Montgomery County. I'm concerned, though, that your Sept. 10 article "Historic inn plan gains steam" gives the overall impression that community members are basically satisfied with the newest development plan.

Most of those who attended the Sept. 8 Springfield Township meeting were not happy with the development proposal. I think that many speakers at the meeting were trying to be conciliatory, opening their remarks with "We're glad you're keeping the inn in place," but there were very big "buts" after those statements. Overall, this group was very unhappy and very vocal, and I don't think the article adequately conveyed this.

Flourtown has an Acme, a Genuardi's and a CVS and we don't need a Walgreens parking lot built on three sides around the inn, which, more than being a "watering hole for farmers in the 1800s," was a meeting site before and during the Revolutionary War.

The battle to save the inn and green space from developers has been going on for many years. The developers are using the historic Black Horse Inn as a bargaining chip to get what they want, which is a humongous commercial development in our town. It's sickening.