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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Chestnut Hill Local
Date: March 31, 2005
Byline: Donald Mitchell, Flourtown

Letter: Thank you, Scott

At the March 22 Black Horse Inn Advisory Committee (BHIAC) meeting, Scott Kreilick announced that the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners had asked him to step down as chair of the committee. Well he did that, and sadly but not surprisingly, resigned from the committee as well. For a man who has given the better part of five years to the Black Horse Inn effort, it was hardly the kind of thanks one would expect unless, of course, you've come to expect local politics as usual.

In the fall, this board said if it were going to commit to the restoration of the Black Horse Inn it would need to see participation from the citizenry. Well they got that in the form of a small army of volunteers. Later they said they needed to see a plan. They got that too, well conceived and comprehensive. Even later still they said they would need to see that the community was willing to contribute dollars to the effort. And they got that as well, to the tune of $40,000 plus and counting.

In more than a year working to save and restore the Black Horse Inn, I have yet to see this board take a leadership role in the effort. The citizenry of the township has shown more vision, more resolve and more leadership than our elected officials. And yet they can somehow manage to lead the ouster of a volunteer, (yes, volunteer!) from his position on an advisory committee?

I have two things to say. First, thank you, Scott, for your dedication and long service to the effort. You will be missed. And second, I for one, am not going anywhere!