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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Sun
Date: September 5, 2002
Byline: Richard McCuen, Flourtown

Letter: Forming group could save inn

Response to my recently published letter regarding saving the historic Black Horse Inn (after disbelief expressions about the reaction, spoken by the non-local developed, who reportedly ripped out the inn's dated wooden bar), was in the main question; namely, where do I sign on?

As happened earlier, a number of residents openly pledging to make such as $250 contributions to a Save the Inn fund…should one be formed.

In short, if a group (ideally spurred forward by a significant donor) would undertake creation, to acquire and refurbish, plus establish a historic park in the adjoining open space, a representative number of caring residents are standing by with cash, to assist in preventing loss of both historic structure and property

In the interest of future generations, as well as citizen responsibility: long as I'm here, that pre-revolutionary building just cannot be allowed to crumble.

That's the essence; and now, where's the necessary leadership?

Physical circumstance precludes here, although whatever practical assistance may be possible to the fund organizers, I would gladly provide. Along with a check.

Scope of the overall project might give pause to the local historic folks, as much paper work and regulation reviews, etc., is involved; but remember, they had dashed to the fore when petition gathering took place.

At the very least, that group can provide "how-to" type steering.

Call 215-233-4600 or write The Springfield Township Historical Society, P.O. Box 564, Flourtown, PA 19031.