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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Sun
Date: March 22, 2001
Byline: Maureen L. McGettigan

Letter: Black Horse holds many memories

It is with deep sadness that I witness, read, and hear about the potential demolition of the black Horse Tavern. I grew up in Flourtown and have stayed here because of my wonderful memories, the township's history, and the great neighborhoods. But now, yiu are seriously contemplating removing our oldest piece of history and ruing our neighborhoods. Fortunately you can't remove my memories of having lunch at the tavern with my father or walking home from school at St. Genevieve's and seeing Mr. McCloskey feed his cows on Bethlehem Pike. It is sad that there were opportunities to develop the tavern, yet you let them pass. Please don't make the same mistake again. Our township is strong because of her people and because of our history. Please allow it to continue so that other children will grow up her and stay here. They should have the same opportunity to create lifetime memories.