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Black Horse Inn

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Source: Springfield Sun
Date: March 22, 2001
Byline: Judith Morrow Nesbitt

Letter: Keep Springfield green

Having had the privilege of living in Springfield Township my entire 68 years, I wish to add my name to those wishing to preserve the Black Horse Tavern.

Currently living with the anew Commerce Bank practically in my back yard, I speak firsthand of the sprawling devastation of the "green" in Flourtown

We are a township of 20,000 and certainly more than 75 people would have an opinion of how changes along the Bethlehem Pike corridor might affect their routing trips for a food and other travel in the local community. Next, there will be talk of widening the pike to accommodate the increased traffic with turn lanes, etc.

My father attended the Flourtown Elementary School as did I and five of our six children. What a wonderful preservation took place by two women who kept it intact and didn't destroy the precious history and open space.

The McCloskey family, owners of the Black Horse Tavern, had generously donated some acreage for the little league field some years ago and you can tell where their allegiance lay. They are probably turning over and over at the thought of their precious land becoming a piece of cold, dark, barren, macadam.

Let's save the Black Horse Tavern and all its green space.