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Black Horse Inn
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Save the Black Horse Inn Petition Archive: 2004

There will be a time when no historic sites will be available for our children and their children. Tourism depends on historical sites. This brings in dollars and suppport for our nation's history. The Blackhorse Inn is one of those teasures, that once destroyed, is just a picture in a history book. Hopefully Walgreens can find another building site. Pictures of the past are not enough to help us remember our history. I beg the city planners to rethink their decision. Save the Black Horse Inn on the Bethlehem Pike! Jim McCafferty, Former Vice President General, NSSAR. Fort Washington, MD
James A. McCafferty, 613 Rosier Road, Fort Washington, MD. 20744-5554 [04-08-2004]

Patrick McCoy [04-08-2004]

Gimme a break - Does the area really need another drugstore?! Think not. It's shameful that my generation will probably be best remembered for polluting our landscapes with strip malls and prefab houses.
Dorcas Coleman, Chestertown MD [04-08-2004]

This is outrageous. Walgreen's is also trying to obtain a demolition permit so that they can purchase & demolish two historic buildings in Glasgow, Delaware. Is Walgreen's so profit driven that they're willing to trample historic structures in their grab for cash? I know I'll never shop at Walgreen's.
John Medkeff, Glasgow, Delaware [04-08-2004]

Please save this building. Patriotism is a matter of respect - respect for this nation's rich and fascinating past, which should remain on display for all to see!
Casey Rosenthal, Philadelphia, PA [04-08-2004]

All sites of historic signifacence must be perserved.
Jerry Morris, Los Angeles [04-08-2004]

Emily Heller, new jersey [04-08-2004]

It's America and out with the old, in with the new seems to be the "American Way". But what about Egypt? Would they bulldoze the Pyramids and Sphinx for a retail outlet? How about Stonehenge? A drugstore in the center? I think not! We've lost enough of our history and heritage to the whhels of so called "progress". Enough is enough. Save the Black Horse Inn and save what else we can of our past. Our past is rich and colorful. Our present (and future it appears) is far less than wonderful. Sad but far too true.
Jack Roberts, Columbus, OH [04-08-2004]

Please, haven't we got enough Drug stores and blacktop parking lots? Preserve our history!
Jamie McCoy, Clinton, NJ [04-08-2004]

Good Luck!
alex, apalachin, ny [04-08-2004]

kenny pirkola, biddeford maine [04-08-2004]

Alan Tabachnick, Plymouth Meeting [04-08-2004]

NAOMI SIRCHIE, warminster [04-08-2004]

A historic site is much to be preferred to a Walgreens.
Ted Garvin, Sapulpa, OK [04-08-2004]

Don't let another wonderful piece of history go be taken away forever!
Christopher Kerrigan, Philadelphia [04-08-2004]

Bernard Bartholome, Louisville Kentucky [04-08-2004]

i have lived in germany many years and find the old building here very interesting. i have often wondered why we americans tear down old landmarks in the name of progress. are we so foolish as to not recognize or appreciate history? we should all preserve our past weather it is old landmarks or our natural blessing. i vote NO to this destruction. richard
richard hendrickx, kaiserslautern, germany [04-08-2004]

CAROLANN SIRCHIE, conshohocken [04-08-2004]

Keep the Black Horse Inn! Why would you want to tear down the Black Horse Inn?
shelby, maumee,ohio [04-08-2004]

save the black horse inn
mrs, ohio [04-08-2004]

If you want to tare down The black horse inn you must be mistaking. You would be tareing down a historical 1744v building. Stick you head in the tolite WallGreens I have your vote to KEEP THE BLACK HORSE INN ALIVE poo on you wallgreens
Taylor Bowell, maumee, ohio [04-08-2004]

Keep the Black Horse Inn!
Hayley W, Union School [04-08-2004]

david bumcrots, 825 ill.ave [04-08-2004]

you can go any where to see a wallgreens but when do you ever go and see a 1744 building. You stupid Wallgreens you have no chance. Go away and never come back I have a point you know.
Taylor Bowell, maumee, ohio Union School [04-08-2004]

dont tear it down inlees yor on crak
chris, maumee,oh [04-08-2004]

love this web site it is really interesting
kendra w., maumee ohio [04-08-2004]

Ben K., Maumee,Ohio [04-08-2004]

nathan mitchell, teledo ohio [04-08-2004]

Kayla Jones, Union school [04-08-2004]

I really think you peolple should keep the Black Horse Inn. I mean it may be very important to others. It may be a big part of histolry! You never know! To you it may seem like some junky old broken down place to other people it may be their hereo building. -Emily Eggleston
Emily Eggleston, Maumee, OH [04-08-2004]

I just want to say if they shut down the black horse inn they might be crushing peoples memories. I know that would'nt be right. So I am signing this to save the black horse inn. A true life~saver Taylor Bowell 11
Taylor Bowell, Maumee, Ohio [04-08-2004]

i like your idea
garrett kestner, maumee,ohio [04-08-2004]

I love to save all kinds of biuldings. Ialso love to save animals. Well I just love to save a lot of things!
Haylee Rae Leedy, Union School [04-08-2004]

let us restore what once was there are too many shopping centers and traffic is a mess
michele stingle, lafayette hill, pa [04-08-2004]

Walgreens.....pull your heads,out of your asses
rodney j mix, black horse carriers rt 281 tully ny [04-08-2004]

One day, we are going to look around and find that we are surrounded by nothing but fabricated buildings, Wal-Marts, and Strip Malls. Will pictures be all that is left for my daughters to see of the country's historical landmarks.
Jeff L. Ballentine, Chattanooga, TN [04-08-2004]

save it or i will me mad
Carlos, i don't know [04-08-2004]

save it save it save it save it save it save it save it save it
Robbie, ohio [04-08-2004]

Save save the cool hores
Laura [04-08-2004]

Ashley [04-08-2004]

Save the Black Horse Inn
Amanda [04-08-2004]

The Black horse Inn is a historical site. Think of thhe people of America. I am going to visit the inn when I grow up and if it's not there I will be so happy if it's still there.
lyndsey huner, maumee,Ohio [04-08-2004]

Do we need a drug store right here?? Can't it go somewhere else?? Jesus!
Stephen Godjas, Pocono Mnts PA [04-08-2004]

I agree with you. They should save The Black Hourse Inn and put liqur stores and Walgreens somewere else!
Emma M., Maumee,Ohio [04-07-2004]

bryant h [04-07-2004]

chelsea, ohio [04-07-2004]

I think your site is cool,but is old
B.P, Ohio [04-07-2004]

Brooke, Maumee, OH [04-07-2004]

their dumb to distroy a historick momument
mak k, fairfield school [04-07-2004]

i would like to come to this hotel
scott histed, maumee,ohio [04-07-2004]

don't distroy the Black Horse Inn for a Walgreens!
Evan A., school [04-07-2004]

I would like to vist the holtel
chelsea ranes [04-07-2004]

scott histed [04-07-2004]

Dominic R [04-07-2004]

i love the black horse in. Oh yea hi hayley ward
mareshah scott, farifield elementary [04-07-2004]

Josh, Ohio [04-07-2004]

Megan, Ohio [04-07-2004]

the building is a wonderful place. Help save it!
stephanie nayfack, toledo ohio [03-31-2004]

Samantha Donnelly, Maumee,Ohio [03-31-2004]

marissa bennion, maumee [03-31-2004]

it sould not get torn down because it is a nice palce I hope that it does not get turn down
Alexis O'hair, Maumee,ohio [03-31-2004]

Jenna Capilla, Maumee,Ohio [03-31-2004]

save the black horse inn
emily dannenberger, maumee [03-31-2004]

Susan Handshy, Mt. Shasta, CA [03-31-2004]

save it!
chris, ohio [03-31-2004]

save the black horse inn!
ehaeer Sriguhp [03-31-2004]

Save this place!
Alexander Bilimie, columbus ohio [03-31-2004]

save whatever needs to be saved!
Skyhawk Bottamijo, toledo ohio [03-31-2004]

wow nice site
anonymous [03-31-2004]

courtney, maumee,ohio [03-31-2004]

I hope we get enough people to sign
Alaina Schultz, Phila PA [03-31-2004]

This corner has been occupied by the Black Horse Inn for 260 years. No one ever needed a drug store and a liquor store before, and I doubt that these "amenities" are needed now.
Gail Trask, Atlanta, GA (former Philadelphia resident) [03-31-2004]

It is tragic that we continue to destroy our heritage, our past not by making something better, but worse. Through the building of purely monetary, commercial, here today gone tomorrow stores we erode the foundations and reminders of who we were. Shame on Walgreens, but more importnatly, shame on the city or country planners that have the power to approve of the sad act.
Justin, Philadelphia PA [03-31-2004]

Nancy Schwemler, Chester County [03-31-2004]

keep it there!
mareshah scott, fairfield elementary [03-31-2004]

Jim Kowzan, De Soto, MO [03-29-2004]

we need to keep this landmark intacked
kate, c.t [03-29-2004]

There are already enough drug stores around, yet we seem to think historic places are suppose to be torn down to make room for them. Please do not allow this to happen.
Joseph Fox, Voorhees, NJ [03-29-2004]

Save our History!
H Gillenwater, Toledo, Ohio [03-29-2004]

you stink!
nicole, florida [03-29-2004]

I DEO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD TAke down the black horse in! i mean historical things could have happened there. Besides, we don't need another Walgreens. -Emily Eggleston
EMILY, 4363 margrete dr. [03-29-2004]

I thinck that the people who are trying to close it downe are realy evil!
Amber D. Mccadney, Maemee Shcool [03-29-2004]

I don't want them to tare the building down Because it is a cool building.
Haylee Rae Leedy, Maumee,Ohio [03-29-2004]

david bumcrots, 825 ill. ave maumee oh 43537 [03-29-2004]

I don't want to have that building tore down because It has probly have a lot of memories you should try to save The black Horse Inn
Taylor B, ohio [03-29-2004]

Cant we keep ANY of our history intact?
S. Seckinger, Philadelphia, PA [03-29-2004]

Please do save this part of our history and keep the area around it as a landmark. I have not visited the East Coast yet, but truely want to and I am hoping that the area won't look like a comercialized Mall with a small cornerstone here and there of historic value. Please do keep the 1744 piece of important history. Thank you for your time.
Susan Thurston, Bellingham Wa [03-29-2004]

All hitoric site telling this nation's past history should be for always perserved so let the Black Horse Inn stay to tell the story of the beginning of this nation!
Laura Suppi, Lansdale, Pennsylvania [03-29-2004]

It is a historic landmark. It should be able to stand as a remembrance to us all.
Linda C. Brown, Winter Garden, FL 34787 [03-29-2004]

please preserve our nations historical places, we have ENOUGH places to shop!
Michelle Bolinski, Floyd, NY [03-29-2004]

Save our historic places! Developers are rediculous now a days!
Ericka Hillegass, Quakertown [03-29-2004]

The Black Horse Inn is important to my family in a personal sense. My 7th-great-grandfather, Capt. Ebenezer Byram, was the second owner of the inn. Please preserve this link to our past!
Landon Ross [03-28-2004]

Such a historic place should be kept for all generations.
Patrick Meshak, Hastings, MN [03-28-2004]

Laurene Alt, New York, NY [03-28-2004]

Jessica Smith, Magnolia, Texas [03-28-2004]

I am outraged ! These precious few reminders of our heritage MUST be preserved ! The passing of these tangible monuments to future Americans is what will maintain a connection to our brave past. Mere words cannot convey the spirit of our revolutionary birth. This Inn must and will stand in testomony to all that is America !
Carol Ann Buxton, Buffalo, New York [03-28-2004]

wendy williams [03-21-2004]

Please save the Black Horse Inn! It is a historical site and shouldn't be replaced by a Walgreen's store. Together we can preserve this landmark and make a difference!
Arinya, United States [03-12-2004]

Their need to go and mess with somebody else and let it stay right where it is and if i have to come i will.
Bobby E Jackson [03-12-2004]

My comment is that they shouldn't do that it's wrong and it been their for that long let it stay that from me and what i have to say.
Mr. Rickie Taylor, 1935 Fairburn rd.apt.G7 [03-12-2004]

Thomas Funk, springfield mo [03-12-2004]

Please preserve the history of this country.
Robin Swenson, Tacoma,WA [03-12-2004]

Erin Kingsley, 8555 W. Dakota Ave #A207 Lakewood, CO 80226 [03-12-2004]

This should be on a historic register and protected.
Ronald Kollman, Illinois [03-09-2004]

They can't turn the Black Horse Inn into a drugstore! Years from now, if it is still around, it will really be a very important landmark. Stop the madness!
Alexis Vangellow, Rochester, NY [03-07-2004]

don't take down something that is historical to it's local people.
Eric Kosbau, Portland, Oregon [03-07-2004]

lindsey praksti, murrysville pa [03-07-2004]

Please save this historic trasure!
Susan, Glenside, PA [03-07-2004]

historical buildings should be treasured, no destroyed
brooke hayhurst, texas [03-07-2004]

I grew up in Philly and how dare you tear down our heritage for drugs.
Joe Wray, San Ramon. Ca. [03-03-2004]

I grew up in the area. It is a historic treasure that we must preserve.
Russell J. Diesinger, Reading, PA [03-03-2004]

I truly pray that you will win the battle for the Black Horse Inn!
Justin Vollmar, Laurel, Maryland [03-03-2004]

Emily Panter, Denver, Colorado [03-03-2004]

John Preston, 522 Kenwood Road, Drexel Hill [03-03-2004]

I think that all of the historic places in Philadelphia should remain the same. There is so much history there that i would love my kids to expierience just as i did, and i don't plan on having kids anytime soon.
Kyana Dixon, Fort Lauderdale, FL [03-03-2004]

joshua tag, Washington [03-03-2004]

Please save this wonderful inn. Many people need the palce to rest fro vacation and it is also a part of American HISTORY!
Gerald B. Castillo, Rota, Spain [03-03-2004]

Up with History!
Jonathan Kent, Columbus, OH [03-03-2004]

This building should be preserved in a manner which respects its historic integrity.
Matthew W. Nawn, Brielle, NJ [02-25-2004]

When our history is history, only then do people look to the past. Then the time has come and gone with no return.
Robert E Pardi, New Jersey [02-25-2004]

Heather Shelton, Texas [02-25-2004]

Tia Landry, Boston,Massachusetts [02-25-2004]

This historical treasure must not be altered or destroyed in any adverse way... ITMUST BE PRESERVED
MikeDouglas, California [02-22-2004]

Gwen Taylor, ohio [02-22-2004]

Why take away even more visual history? Think about it...
Brittany Robinson, Kingsport, TN [02-22-2004]

The Black Horse Inn is a historical site! Our children will want to see places like this! Please don't knock it down!
Emily, Wilton, CT [02-21-2004]

Josh Shiver, Greensboro, NC [02-20-2004]

Barry McClafferty, Philadelphia [02-20-2004]

Don't destroy history! Perserve it!
Roger, Texas [02-20-2004]

Think about the children=:)
Jamie gaughan, Philadelphia [02-20-2004]

I appreciate your efforts to keep mega-corporations from destroying evidence of our country's past. Great job!
Dave Knoch, Michigan [02-18-2004]

Holly Funk, mentor, ohio [02-17-2004]

The Black Horse Inn should stay. If it is torn down, we are destroying our own history. SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN!
Robert C., Charlotte, North Carolina [02-17-2004]

Don't distroy more history. Children do not learn from pictures like they can learn from an actual building.
Kelly Townsend, Denver, CO [02-17-2004]

As a Revolutionary War Reenactor and lover of history, I know how much we need to keep our historic areas. These are homes and places of interest that people cared enough about to keep. Such a place should never meet the destruction for the implimentation of a drug store of gas station. Having places to recall events in our history is the first step to remembering who we are. Sincerely, Adam Young
Adam Young, Hunterdon, New Jersey [02-17-2004]

Wal Mart makes me puke
Brennan Tiffany, Monterey CA [02-16-2004]

Get Walgreens to stick their head in a toilet. Tearing down ancient historical site especially the architectural history of THE BLACK HORSE INN should be preserved at ALL cost. At this point these seekers of the anal port no doubt spend endless hours blindly circum-navigating their naval in a ever deceasing counterclockwise moments. I propose that these trouble makers should have a rather larger turnip rudely stuffed up their gentle butts and for them to sit on it for a while. I believe do not full comprehend the full magnitude of the situation. They could destroy a building that is at least 260 years old. I'm a Canadian and I was taught that Americans celebrated their Independence Day on July 4 (1776). This BLACK HORSE INN has stood through you battle of Independence from Britain and NOW some money hungry bastard don't care about history only about the almight buck. I am appalled at this WALGREENS and their insensitivity with. Are their no by-laws for the protection of historical sites especially 260 years old. As an absolute and final suggestion that you might propose is that WALGREENS pay to physically move THE BLACK HORSE INN [including insurance] to a new location of your choice. This is a very, very last trial. First: They are the INVADERS. They must treat you with respect. You've been there longer than they have. YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT. I will be do to Bethlehem in mid July '04 look forward to seing you. Douglas Bain
Douglas Bain, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [02-16-2004]

Ronald E. Geisler, Hamilton, OH [02-15-2004]

Get Walgreens to make a sizeable donation to help with the repair and upkeep of the Inn prior to negotiating the way they would like to set up their property. Any landscape plans and the appearance of their building should conform to the Historical records at the time the Inn was built. In other words, Walgreens should be kept in the background (stealth) without disturbing the appearance of the Inn or its property for at least 20 feet from the Inn property line, all the way around. I am for progress, however national historical treasures should be preserved with the furure of our children in mind. Too many people have no regard for their roots, personal history or property in our current throw away society. This includes our Corporate America. You know you'll make money, Walgreens. Why not start something new with your need for American dollars by putting a huge chunk of your profits back into American History?The only non-negotiable rule would be to keep your Corporate strong arm out of the Inn. Be a SILENT HELPER with the repair and historical renovaiton of OUR American History. JUST MAKE A DONATON, NO STRINGS ATTACHED
Nancy A. Renner, South River, New Jersey [02-14-2004]

J., Florida [02-12-2004]

Please preserve this piece of American history. We don't have much, so let's treasure what we've got.
elaine sharp, Marblehead, Mass [02-11-2004]

i would like to see this perserved think of it as a historic land mark
Malissa Fernandez, mass [02-11-2004]

Marissa Hankins, Howell, NJ [02-11-2004]

Alex Weinstein, University of Pennyslvania [02-11-2004]

Save the Blcck Horse Inn !
Jo Campbell, Washington [02-11-2004]

Rachel Morris, New Hampshire [02-11-2004]

Please do not tear this building down. There are other places to build. This is a piece of our heritage. Thanks.
Michelle R. Bartorelli, nj [02-07-2004]

maria ruppert, williamstown, NJ [02-07-2004]

i say if it's a landmark or a historical site then save it. there's lots of other places to build a store. and there's probably more stores so why build another one? don't tear it down cause it's a beautiful place. trust me. i've ben there before.
Kilikina Miller, New York City, New York [02-07-2004]

Aaron Rhoades, Toledo Ohio [02-07-2004]

Its a historical place walgreens ar e taking over !
Eloise, DRB fla [02-07-2004]

leave our history or future generations will have nothing to learn from. weve already destroyed the constitution lets not walk on anything else.
derry murphy, charlotte, north carolina [02-07-2004]

i'm tired of the cookie cutter images we see everywhere. How many Walgreens, etc do we need, those arent real jobs. They are poverty level income. Save our history.
Connie Courtney, philadelphia [02-07-2004]

Robert Hunter, Reisterstown, MD [02-03-2004]

WHO would consider a drugstore more important than history? Obviously Walgreen's. Don't shop there.
Maria Dzagulones, Allen Park, Michigan [02-02-2004]

Thanks to these historical places, and the great men who made them something to be remembered in the first place, we have the freedom to do as we will, even if it's something so incredibly stupid. Just think, if people continue to have no concern for preserving the incredibly important history of the greatest country on Earth, someday we can all take our grandkids to the shampoo aisle to show them where the Declaration of Independance was signed! If there's one thing this country is suffering from today, it's definately a shortage of both drugstores and parking lots! C'mon people, get with the times! ------I know where I WON'T be shopping!
Jill Dzagulones, Belleville, Michigan [02-02-2004]

we need to keep history alive and save old buildings thanks
jennifer wallenfang, peoria il [01-31-2004]

this is a landmark that should not be taken down.
MAUREEN A. EUSTICE, roselle, new jersey [01-31-2004]

I greq up in Flourtown, attended Flourtown Elementary and lived at 1408 Bethlehem Pike in the early 50's. The Black Horse Inn was open and the McCloskey's were known to allmy family. Of course, they delivered oil to us as well. I loved the property and was shocked to hear that it wasn't already protected and preserved. It should house the Springfield Township Historical Society, no question about it.
Linda Horger, Washington,DC [01-29-2004]

We want to visit the east coast and stay in an inn like The Black Horse Inn! There are enough parking lots and drugstores - find a different location!
Barbara Parker, San Diego, CA [01-28-2004]

Its a historical landmark!
Lizzy, Rockland, ME [01-28-2004]

Bob Smith [01-25-2004]

save history
connor crowther, tempe arizona [01-25-2004]

Oi love the blackhorse, it's blody amazing. Back in me drinking days. Croiky good times, brother.
Dani, London, England [01-25-2004]

Michael McGettigan, Northeast Philadelphia [01-25-2004]

Palwasha Usman [01-25-2004]

Jake Sisco, Idaho [01-25-2004]

Good Luck and God Bless you!
Tammy Cole, Centreville, Michigan [01-25-2004]

lets win the battle to keep the Black Horse Inn! A historical place deserves the right to stay.Why b/ if you tear it dow it not only ruins a landmark, but many hearts and memories will be lost!
michelle saettler, new jersey [01-25-2004]

if people ca not tear down their own houses because they are in a historic area, why tear this bldg. down that is part of our own history and ca never be rebuild.
RICKY YOUNG, palmyra pa [01-25-2004]

stotesbury estates are sad and ugly. keep the history alive.
michael greenberg, jenkintown pa 19046 [01-25-2004]

it would make me feel bad if you took it down. jesse kindergarten mckinley elem. pa
jesse greenberg, jenkintown pa 19046 [01-25-2004]

don't tear it down. it's historic..gus mckinley elementary school pa
gus greenberg, jenkintown pa 19046 [01-25-2004]

carol greenberg, jenkintown pa 19046 [01-25-2004]

Christopher J. DiStasi, Medford, NJ [01-25-2004]

My Poppy is teaching me about history. I am seven, and I like to see old stuff.Don't tear it down, please.
Peyton Henderson, Charlotte, NC 29226 [01-25-2004]

John Applegate, Freehold, NJ [01-25-2004]

There are no new buildings so valuable that would make it worthwhile to destroy such a treasure as this building could be - save it for our future.
Chuck Langston, Kirkland, WA [01-25-2004]

The Black Horse Inn is a historical treasure along Bethelehem Pike, It should not be destroyed.
Jane Adams, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

In the last three years of the Geo. W Bush administration we have witnessed American jobs being sent overseas, the descruction of our constitution and of our civil liberties. Now we watch as another mega corporation such as Walgreen's wants to destroy our history for its' profit! When do we draw the line? We draw it here, now in Bethlehem Pike, PA and send a message to G.W. and his cronies that our precious heritage can not be paved for profit! We draw that line in the heart of American freedom and liberty! Save the BLACK HORSE INN! Has the day come that the only thing that will be made in America are those lables marked "made in China"?
L. Niemeier, Junction City, Kansas [01-25-2004]

Beth Solloway, Milford, PA [01-25-2004]

Ilike the inn. SAVE IT!Please!
Casey, Louisiana [01-25-2004]

They should not replace or get rid of any landmark that is part of the history of philadelphia. Philadelphia is known for historical landmarks and that is also one of them so why not keep it. We have enough drug stores and parking lots, stores in general we do not need it to replace something that is so important to philadelphia.
Melissa Wankewicz, Lansdale,pa and philadelphia, pa [01-25-2004]

Angel Rios, California [01-25-2004]

Because our country is relatively young, it seems some Americans have no sense of history. This is particularly true, for greedy, cold, faceless corporations like Walgreens. Future generations will suffer from this type of thoughtless development and urban sprawl.
Kevin Brown, Hoffman Estates, IL [01-25-2004]

Save Black horse inn
Lauren, California [01-25-2004]

The Black Horse Inn is a landmark, and should be preserved along with its immediate surroundings!
Jeremy Hand, Panama City, Fl. [01-25-2004]

The Inn should be saved. There are many other locations to chose from.
Gary Bullis, Dallas TX [01-25-2004]

I pray with all my soul that this historic place will be preserved. We need this history for the benefit of future generations!
Jean Eisberg, Lathrop, Missouri [01-25-2004]

this stinks let them stay.
roger [01-25-2004]

Bill Cherup, Gaylord, MI. [01-25-2004]

Walgreen’s seems to be on a National campaign to eradicate historic structures from the American landscape. They are a Heritage Seeking Missile, with similar results. One can only marvel at the perverse pleasure this must bring these people. The only logic I can possibly assign to their motives is an outdated notion of progress, well… Let me offer to Walgreen’s a more enlightened view on the subject of "Progress": Tearing down the old to erect the new is no longer a reputable vision of improvement, conversely, preserving this building will no more halt progress than breaking one’s watch will halt the march of time. It is pure vanity to simply act within our own personal "best interests", contemptuous of our past, and dismissive of our future. This would make us little more than feral beasts, and render all concept of progress moot. How do you know where you're progressing to, or from? What would even be the point? Societies collapse under the weight of their own hubris. Progress is not the act of ignorantly and arrogantly plodding forward, even knowing you have made a wrong turn. The progressive person is the one who utilizes his wisdom to realize his error, and even turn backward if necessary, to correct his course. The truly progressive understand that buildings like the Black Horse are ties to our heritage and are of inestimable value to a community, as they give it a sense of place, a sense of depth, a sense of home. That which is easily lost, and cannot be made anew, should not be entrusted to the wolves.
Daniel Rosenburg, Maryville,Tennessee(formerly Bucks County,Pa.) [01-25-2004]

Jennifer Smith, New Hampshire [01-25-2004]

Christopher Schultz, Portland, Oregon [01-25-2004]

Haley Puckett, Twentynine Palms, california [01-25-2004]

Chris Thompson, Rockville, MD [01-25-2004]

It is U.S. History, and shoud be saved for furture generations.
James S. Clark, Denton Texas [01-25-2004]

Richard Batzler, Rockville, Maryland [01-25-2004]

Our battlefields, our farms, our old homes and inns, our heritage itself is in danger of being obliterated by the commercialization of America. The “anything for a dollar” mentality has to stop! We are entitled to have our history in the present tense if you will; to be able to see it, touch it, smell it and wonder about it. It should not be limited to a picture in some textbook, or what’s worse forgotten all together. I don’t want to loose my heritage for the sake of another stupid drugstore or strip mall. We have lost enough to the blacktoping moneygrubbers. Enough already!
James Kroft, Fairport, NY [01-25-2004]

Save the Black Horse Inn. Go away Walgreens!
Jolene Walker, Centerville, OH [01-25-2004]

Rachel Gray, St Paul, MN [01-25-2004]

I grew up in Oreland, as did my late sister and her family. I remember the Black Horse Inn. The N.E. suburbs of Philadelphia are crowded with so many historically connected sites. It would be a great shame to allow the throw-away character of our society to eat away at anymore of these important sites. I hope that you will prevail, and that the Black Horse will survive. It used to be a joke when I was growing up that it was hard to find any building that looked old without a sign or plaque on it proclaiming "Washingto slept here." Well, I certainly don't know if Washington ever slept at the Black Horse Inn, but it was there when he was in the area. He did spend the Valley Forge winter quartered in Oreland, so I don't see any reason why he might not have visited the place at some time or another.
Gar (Herb) Suitor, Leesburg, FL [01-04-2004]

Tori Blanc, La [01-04-2004]

Do we have nothing left,but to tear down Historic treasures for yet another place for someone else to take my money? Build somewhere else!
Harold Bentzoni, Stroudsburg [01-04-2004]

Stephen T. Barr, Collegeville, PA [01-04-2004]

Walgreens can afford to find another location. Why destroy a historic landmark? What a way to foster good will in the community!
Shirley Hill, Exton, PA [01-04-2004]

God bless america and its heritage in historical places
douglas r long, akron ohio [01-04-2004]

Christopher Duram, Whitehall, MI [01-04-2004]