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Black Horse Inn
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Save the Black Horse Inn Petition Archive: 2003

i like the black horse inn
bridget, oreland PA [12-27-2003]

From this historic site, the National Road, the home of Zane Gray, and home of the world famous "Y" bridge.
David Robert Fouser, Zanesville, Ohio [12-27-2003]

Build it someplace else,save our history ok!
Donald Wood, Ronan, Montana [12-27-2003]

Anthony M Renzoni, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba [12-27-2003]

Please don't tear it down
Jack, Philadelphia [12-27-2003]

Our heritage needs to be preserved at all cost. Too much has been lost already. We must be vigilente to ensure that no more of our national treasures are lost.
Kevin Clutter, Hammond, Indiana [12-27-2003]

Save our History
barbara smith, lancaster [12-27-2003]

History needs to be preserved! History is everything, it shows us where we have been and how far we have come. The objects from our past need to be protected and kept alive so future generations may see our past, and not just look at pictures form a book!
Jake Pardee, Wyoming [12-21-2003]

I hope it is not too late to sign this petition. The very thought of Wal-Mart, or any other megastore, destroying a part of America's Pre-Revolutionary past is absolutely disgusting. Houston, Texas is a prime example of what happens when the interests of big business rule over those of the citizens. The citizens are left with the dregs, while big business walks away smelling like a rose.
Thomas McWhorter, Houston, Texas [12-21-2003]

I am apalled at Walgreens for even thinking of wanting to destroy the Black Horse Inn to build one of thier stores. Corporate greed never ends. The town I live in is losing a magnificent historical house to the Family Dollar company. The battle for this house is already all but lost. I sincerely hope and pray the battle to save the Black Horse Inn will be won! Stores such as Walgreens and Family dollar are a dime a dozen--history is priceless.
Jennifer Gibson, Murray, KY [12-21-2003]

Hey, a drugstores is a fine thing, but present business concerns should in 95% of cases take a back seat to the things that make this region special-- history, in this case. Build the drugstore somewhere else.
Matt Ainslie, Philadelphia, Pa. [12-21-2003]

Bonnie Moore, Missouri [12-21-2003]

We should always save our history.
Thomas Ross, Houston, TX [12-21-2003]

We have so little left of 18th century American we must do all we can to save it.
mary anne mcelory, new york [12-21-2003]

Historic Buildings are being torn down, one after another. We need to preserve our heritage! Flourtown: You don't need a Walgreens! CVS is a a few blcoks down. Don't become another chain ridden suburban town. Keep the character and preserve your history!
Sara Hesdon, Chestnut Hill [12-21-2003]

jessica browne, 132st 120-74 south ozone park [12-21-2003]

Anything of historical value should be saved. SFC USAR
William H Lucas, Ft Sheridan, IL [12-11-2003]

Please do not tear down one of America's treasures!
Ed Wilkins, Boston, MA [12-10-2003]

I grew up in Bucks County-it should be preserved due to its historical significance and its beauty!
Jeff Cherry, Pacific northwest [12-10-2003]

Eve Dailey, Washington [12-10-2003]

Maggie Mclaughlun [12-10-2003]

Save The Black Hosre Inn!
Danny, Usa Florida Miami [12-10-2003]

I believe in saving our history or whats left of it and keep it in our heritage mainely for our children. plus Im a photographer that love historical buildings and sights of events in the past
Steve Hammonds, Florida [12-08-2003]

I think somethings are more important then the old mighty dollar and that is our history and heritage. Anyone that wants to destroy part of our history can't be a true American.
Theodore Kalch, Portage,IN [12-08-2003]

linda b., home [12-08-2003]

I think it should be illegal to teardown in building with historical value. Thanks for trying to stop it.
Casey Miller, Columbus Indiana [12-08-2003]

i love you blakc horse
Philleppe' Mongolia, Beverly Hills,California 90210 [12-08-2003]

I hate monuments to individuals or groups who have been martyred but this building is part of our history. Someone in your company is missing the boat here for a quick compromise with a little give.
Mr. Duane L. Johnson, Springfield, Virginia [12-08-2003]

amanda trejbrowski [12-08-2003]

jeff trejbrowski [12-08-2003]

John Fedor, Nazareth, Pa. [11-30-2003]

David Rousseau, Amherstburg, Ontario [11-29-2003]

Walgreens should not build where there is US hisotry. Our children should be able to enjoy it as we have!
Sammie, America [11-27-2003]

"Gold, for the instant, lost it's lustre in his eyes, for there were countless treasures of the heart which it could never purchase." -Charles Dickens
William Conklin, nyc [11-27-2003]

Laura Crawford, New Jersey [11-25-2003]

i think this is a great historic sight and we should keep it standing
kelly burt [11-25-2003]

We have enough big companies tearing down our history. Walgreen, do the right thing, build it elsewhere in town and donate the inn to the town.
Leonard Roger Grubb, Bloomington, Indiana [11-25-2003]

Zechariah T Harris, Fort Lewis, Washington [11-25-2003]

Kyla Bode, Mazeppa MN [11-25-2003]

Marrol Dunn, Kc Mo [11-25-2003]

i don't know what it is excactly but i hope u can save it
scott G, austin, texas [11-25-2003]

yassmin ocampo, california [11-25-2003]

We need to keep America's heritage alive! Tearing down The Black Horse Inn will only further the loss of our unity!
Lindsey Elieff, Springfield, VA [11-25-2003]

I love historic buildings, and unfortunately today I witnessed a beautiful stone-faced victorian being broken apart by a construction vehicle. I was suprised as much as I was sad, because this house was part of Crozer Chester Medical Center's campus. And I know Crozer's history dates back at least to the Civil War. So I thought this house would have been registered an historic landmark, and safe from demolition. I'd hate to see the same thing happen to the Black Horse Inn. There are too many stories about our past that can be lost when an historic site is demolished. And I'm sure there is a better place for construction of new stores.
Carol D., Delaware County, PA [11-22-2003]

I grew up on a farm in New London, Chester County, PA, and attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania. In the past 40 years, I have witnessed the whole scale destruction and rape by commercial and residential developers of the historic landscape and architecture of Chester County, PA. IT MUST STOP NOW!
Susan Lewis Arday, Laurel, Howard County, MD [11-22-2003]

A temporary boost to the economy is not worth defacing the past of our nation.
Justin B, Virginia [11-22-2003]

If a Walgreens is necessary for the community, honor them by finding a different location.
Holly Busch, Ohio [11-22-2003]

I lived for eight years in Flourtown, my daughter and her family still do, and I believe the Black Horse Inn should remain where it is as a reminder of our heritage and history.
J D McClellan, Saigon, Vietnam [11-22-2003]

Mia Riley, West Caldwell NJ [11-17-2003]

I'm a Philadelphia native, 40 year PA resident and today a history teacher. To lose such historic sites is to lose your "library of life", the living testimony and memory and heritage of all peoples who walked this land and created its "being"...its "culture" or "way of being" human!
John E. Davies, Winter Springs, Florida [11-17-2003]

We should never let go of our history!
Nancy M. Thibodeaux, Colorado [11-17-2003]

Lets preserve our history - too many landmarks are disappearing
Barbara Wheeler, Laurence Harbor, NJ [11-17-2003]

American historical sites are vital for helping our children appreciate our history. My own children are inspired by stories of our founders and visiting the sites which impacted the course of our nation.
Audrey Ateca, Aiken, South Carolina [11-11-2003]

It's a good idea to save a pice of history.
chris O'Donnell, colorado [11-10-2003]

Profit must wait!
Francesca Morrison, Oregon [11-10-2003]

Pray Walgreen`s will reconsider distroying a national heritage site. Surely they would want to be a good neighbor.
jacqueline sloan, akron ohio [11-10-2003]

James Looney, Raleigh NC [11-08-2003]

I have watched much of the history of my area disappear. When there is a chance to save a piece of history I am for it. Please do not destroy the Black Horse. Years ago, the people of Atlanta, Georgia were able to save one of our legendary theaters from the wrecking ball of big business. Also, we managed to save the Margret Mitchell House. Do the right thing and save the Black Horse.
Ken Ross, Buford, Georgia [11-08-2003]

My husband and I are originally from Philadelphia and Norristown respectively. We moved to Calif three years ago. We have always loved old PA inns. History starts later in CA - we have always appreciated the old inns in PA but we now respect them even more. They are TREASURES. Please don't destroy the inn for a drugstore. How TERRIBLE. You should be ashamed to even try. Don't attempt moving either, it's too old.
Alan and Barbara Ginsberg, Petaluma CA [11-08-2003]

All too often in today's society, we ignore our past and what it was that made this country great. We do not, I repeat NOT, need yet another 21st century intrusion into what made this country. Keep historical landmarks preserved for my children's children and their children.
Peggy Mullane, Delaware [11-08-2003]

Hasn't enough history been destroyed in the state of Pennsylvania? I can still remember being a little kid in the mid-70s when very historic inn was knocked down in Media PA to put up a Burger King. It was such a sad waste. It must be stopped!
Jennifer Pezzotti, Pennsylvania [11-08-2003]

Their are enough ordinary Walgreen's, try thinking of preserving are precious history for childern and their children's children to look upon with amazment. I think this is all about money and competion. Listen to the desires of the citizens!
Christi, Okc, Okla [11-08-2003]

James V. Hanley, New Jersey [11-08-2003]

we need history to show our kids
shirley harkness, Iowa [11-08-2003]

i did grow up with old historical Buildings. I think they are very importend .
Liane Wilder, Chiefland Florida [11-08-2003]

Please find another site for your drugstore - save the Black Horse Inn
Rebecca J. Rohner-El Ahmar, Richmond VA [11-05-2003]

Reb [11-05-2003]

There are enough stores, improve the others before building another one where it isn't needed. Don't tear down history.
Danielle Hickman, Raeford, NC [11-05-2003]

I grew up with the meadow behind the Black Horse as my backyard It would be a tragedy to see it paved over by a parking lot and a giant, unnecessary Walgreens. There are plenty of those already and the options for reuse of the Inn are many!
Maggie, Philadelphia [11-05-2003]

There is a perfectly good location for a retail pharmacy right just north on Bethlehem Pike, where Kmart used to be. There is NO need to ruin a historic site to build yet another commercial pharmacy location! Stop this !
Jeanette Griffin, Fort Washington, PA [11-05-2003]

Taryn Kraus, california [11-03-2003]

vijay kaul, Washington, D.C. [11-03-2003]

Dave McDugall, Oreland [11-03-2003]

Don't let them do it! These types are ruining our culture and heritage. Enough. Bill
William E. Stumpp, Phoenix, Arizona [10-31-2003]

Amy, conshohocken, pa [10-30-2003]

Keep it as original as possible! I will NOT shop at Walgreen's again if they build a "suburban" Walgreen's anywhere near this building!
Drew Townsend, Philadelphia [10-29-2003]

Keila L Morales, Miami, Florida [10-29-2003]

Luke Odom, Glennville, GA [10-29-2003]

We should go to all lengths to preserve our history, taking down this building will be throwing away all the signifact things that have occured ther in the last two hundred and fifty year, it has servived this long, l;ets not take it away now when it is such an rare step into our past.
Lenora Deslandes, Massachusetts [10-29-2003]

History is important to our country and yet your company is telling future historians that history is not important. How will I be able to get a job when there are no historic places left?
Tess Shore, Shippensburg PA and Bucks county [10-29-2003]

Please save our historical places. There is no way to ever gain from losing these places.
Cristine A. Kelley, Carlisle, PA [10-29-2003]

I was born in Philadelphia on June 13, 1970. Although I was adopted at 2 days old and moved to Middle Village, New York, all my life I felt like I have a connection with the city of Philadelphia. It always bothered me when big corporates come around to build on our countries historical landmarks, especially now in one of our most historical cities in the United States. Leave the Black Horse Inn alone and let the builders build on the local adult shop or abortion clinic! Sincerely, Keith D. Sullivan
Keith Sullivan, West Babylon, New York [10-29-2003]

My family ancestors fought in the Revolution and I have many ancestral ties to the Philadelphia area. Please save history for our children.
Joseph J Pepe, Kinston, NC [10-29-2003]

while ur at it maybe take the poe museum as well!
rebel [10-29-2003]

This building should be saved.
John Smith, 123 Fake Street [10-29-2003]

Why would anyone want to make a "Walgreens" on our history?! I say "Keep Our Past Alive!"
Chris Franco, Las Cruces, New Mexico [10-29-2003]

Save Our History!
Otto, Nevada [10-29-2003]

keep history alive! pics dont always work
shelby, ct [10-29-2003]

We need to keep our history as long as we can.
Joanna Woods, Alto, NM [10-29-2003]

Please incorporate the past into your site design and remember that we all are just renting anyway.
David and Diane Redash, glen mills pa 19342-1047 [10-29-2003]

I've yet to make it to the East Coast, but I look forward to the day when I can travel to all the great landmarks of our nations past....I'd hate to think that when I retire and can finally make that big trip, that I may miss seeing several historical sites because of senseless building in the name of progress, convenience and/or just plain selfish short-sightedness. Please preserve our past!
P. Roberts, Portland, Oregon [10-29-2003]

Aaron, southfield [10-29-2003]

Joe Eisele, Erdenheim [10-29-2003]

I was raised in Oreland and graduated Springfield HS in 1950. I wasn't interested in history at that time. Our children will someday want to know about the area the Colonial troops occupied during the Revolutionary War. I am very interested in the buildings in Whitemarsh, Fort Washington, Flourtown, Erdenheim, Germantown, etc. There is no better way to teach future generations than by "walking" them through the past. Save our legacy.
Louise Batchelor, Cherry Hill, NJ [10-19-2003]

i'm all for convenience, but the area needs more strip malls, etc. like i need more snow! a former philadelphia-area resident cynical about "progress."
JOHN R. BARTON, pittsburgh, pa. [10-19-2003]

we should all bombard the CEOs of Walgreens (see front page for addresses and telephone numbers) with negative calls and e-mails from prospective local customers. They might then realize that moving to historic Bethlehem Pike is a poor investment, and very poor public relations for Walgreens.
georgene y. taylor, 64 w. wissahickon ave, flourtown,pa. 19031 [10-19-2003]

please keep the historic black horse inn in tact!
JOHN HOSIER, california [10-19-2003]

keep historic flourtown! i live here too and whats the point of a walgreens, we have a cvs right down the street and have gotten so many more new businesses, we dont need another!
Anna Lownes, Flourtown PA [10-19-2003]

Why stop with the Black Horse Inn ? Why not tear down Paul Revere's home, put a highway over the bridge at Lexington, or rent the White House out for wedding receptions . ( Whoops ! I forgot that the Lincoln Bedroom was rented out for campaign contributions . ) Where does it end ?
Tom Randall, Sioux Falls, SD [10-19-2003]

Anthony Carlisle [10-19-2003]

Steve Rote, Oreland, PA [10-19-2003]

Why doesn't Walgreens use the old K-Mart? It's sitting there empty, and I'm sure they would be an asset to the shopping center.
Lee Pekter, Lansdale (Formerly had an office in Flourtown) [10-16-2003]

Emily Moran, New Jersey [10-16-2003]

Our history is what makes us believe in what we have today. Freedom. Peace. Prosperity. Happiness. Its our duty to keep that alive.
Jeffrey RomanPena, New York [10-16-2003]

Why must we always "pave paradise to put up a parking lot?" Right down the street there are buildings waiting to be occupied (the Pizza Hut lot, the Duron paint lot). Do we have to take away all the greenery? Already the traffic pattern is horrific trying to get in and out of the liquor store. Can you imagine the nightmare if the whole field is turned into a parking area? Can little, tiny, Bysher Avenue stand the excess traffic? Leave the Inn and the surrounding site as is, please.
Patricia A. Longo, Wyndmoor, PA (Springfield Township, Montgomery County [10-16-2003]

They better not take it down or i well hit them where it hurts
Katie Blanchette, Beaumont [10-13-2003]

keep history alive!
Anonymous, California [10-13-2003]

Please respect this historic landmark and honor the site, if financially possible.
Sandra Knight, Philadelphia, PA [10-13-2003]

We need our old buildings— the connection with our past. Why do pleople visit Europe? The ancient buildings, in large part. Will we ever have ancient buildings if we destroy every one of them to erect big-boxes? Grow up, America.
Elizabeth Berman, Media, PA [10-13-2003]

Elizabeth Berman, Media, PA [10-13-2003]

no walgreens!
Melissa Belperio, Erdenheim, PA [10-12-2003]

Richard Taylor, Utah [10-12-2003]

Sandy Webb, Salt Lake City [10-12-2003]

Preserve the past
Mike, mi [10-12-2003]

instead of tearing down existing structure - why not incorporate it into the plans for the site? Ex: Historic Landmarks for Living, Newtown PA transformed historic landmarks into restaurants, offices, museum, etc. Make use of the structure, preserve it b/c it has historical significance and still has modern value as well.....! thank you
kristin lauersen, langhorne manor, pa [10-12-2003]

Trey Hamrick, houston [10-12-2003]

Sarah, Crestview, FL [10-12-2003]

Michael Codispoti, Canton, Ohio [10-12-2003]

Denise Spivak, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [10-12-2003]

Marigrace Labella, Raleigh, NC [10-12-2003]

Felicia, usa [10-12-2003]

I agree with keeping the Black Horse Inn available for people to view the past. There are not many locations available to see anymore from the past. Many historical places have been replaced by stores and parking lots. There should be some kept to visit and acknowledge the past.
Anne Bonny, Tannersville, PA [10-12-2003]

I think its cool your trying to save stuff like that
Kit, California [10-12-2003]

I have stopped by this famous place numerous times with my family to teach the history of not only Pennsylvania, but our nation. To destroy this place, and to forever change the landscape around it, with cheap, sordid little shops and the desolation of a parking lot, will rob future generations from understanding our history. We have enough parking lots, we've destroyed enough history! When are we going to tear down the blight of urban sprawl markets and malls, or someplace that has given nothing to our collective history like the cookie cutter stores that greedy developers and politicans see as revenue generators! Surely, there are other lots that can be used for revenue generation. The tourist business that could be generated by a restoration might not only increase the tax base, but more than that, it might just provide the community with a needed sense of its own past. Save this structure and its surroundings for the future!
Rev. Barry Davis, Erie, Pennsylvania [10-12-2003]

The Pike is an abomination now! The present plan will only add traffic and ugliness!
Sanford P Sher, Chestnut Hill 19118 [10-12-2003]

no modern business should impinge on our historic buildings.
JUDITH FONS, los angeles [10-12-2003]

I feel that too much of our thoughts, wants and needs are monitored and acted upon by monopolistic companies such as Walgreens. Before we lose a sense of who we are and where we've come from, I think that Walgreens can find another location. God knows there are other prime spots to put a drug store. In addition,once you set a presendence with Walgreens other drug store competitors followed by other chain stores, like so many times before, will be right on their heels. Gina Collins
Gina Collins, St. Petersburg, Florida [10-12-2003]

Walgreen's is getting out of hand. They tore down my best friend's house for a parking lot. This needs to stop.
Emily Galyean, Monterey, CA [10-12-2003]

What a JOKE! This building has only been there since 1744... leave it alone! Not every corner of America needs a Walgreens, McDonald's, or Shell station. This is our heritage, preserve it for generations to come!
JB Lind, Cincinnati, OH [10-12-2003]

Please show respect for our heritage and for the opportunity that our children have to understand our history .
Elizabeth G. Gehring, Saint Simons Island, Ga 31522 [10-12-2003]

Please preserve this site for our children and generations to come so they may appreciate our history and where we came from.
Donald D. Gehring, Saint Simons Island, Ga 31522 [10-12-2003]

Stop the commercialization of that area. Our nation's historic sites are being thrown out the door. Preserve our heritage!
Ford Simmons, Florence, South Carolina. [10-12-2003]

Family From Philly! Don't destoy a Historic land mark
Ann M. Boire, Westboro Ma. [10-12-2003]

Why take away history for something you can find everywhere.
Kristin, Florida [10-12-2003]

We don't need another cardboard box of a building, what we need is a historical landmark. Walgreens, a liquor store and a bank can be built elsewhere.
Savingtheinn, North Wales,Pa [10-12-2003]

Maria Refsnider, Turnersville, NJ [10-12-2003]

Nancy Williams, Essington, PA [10-12-2003]

If we don't treasure, remember, and honor our past, what will become of our future?
Danelle Short, Plymouth, IN [10-12-2003]

This is disgraceful! We've lost enough of our nation's historic landmarks to development!
hershel Short, Plymouth, IN [10-12-2003]

Angel Gonzales, Faribault Minnesota [10-12-2003]

In the quest for the almighty dollar "Big Business" plunders still more of our heritage. STOP THEM!
Dawn L. Cash, Lake Havasu City, Arizona [10-12-2003]

I hope you succeed!
Darrow Pierce, Fresno, CA [10-12-2003]

All old Historical buildings should be saved for the sack of history and preservation. Without these old historic buildings how will the younger generation ever have the actual experience of seeing history come alive?
Susan Winters, West palm Beach, FL [10-12-2003]

Lauren Airlie, Glendora, California [10-01-2003]

Jenni Tursi, Philadelphia, PA [10-01-2003]

Michael Haston, Levittown, PA [10-01-2003]

I am all for saving this Historic Inn
Morgan E. Patrick, Bergen County NJ [10-01-2003]

Once they are destroyed, these sites and buildings cannot be replaced. It is important for the future to keep as much as we can so our children can see and understand our history.
Mark Peruso, Germantown, PA [10-01-2003]

Historic locations are important to retain so we retain our collective memory for succeeding generations. There are other sites that are available for use as a drugstore, liquor store or other purpose.
Robert L. Manieri, Mantua, NJ [10-01-2003]

As a person interested in history, I don't think we should be tearing down a location that is historic and important to understanding the area, historical architecture and culture. I am sure that those who want to build on that site can find alternative locations.
Anne Marie Smith, Mantua, NJ [10-01-2003]

We should not tare down a part of history. I mean if we did that what would we have to show our grandchildren and their children and so on? We need to keep as much history as we can. It tells a lot about our countrys past.
Bryant Floyd, Kent, WA [09-29-2003]

I really hope we succeed in preserving The Black Horse Inn! Please contact me if you need any help at all. Thank You! Here's my #:(970)206-1824
Heather Powell, 1706 Hotchkiss Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525 [09-29-2003]

It would be a crime to destroy a building with so much historical significance. We need to prserve the historical integrity of Springfield Township.
M. Bonitatibus, Oreland, PA [09-29-2003]

How many times have you heard your parents say "there used to be a beautiful building, house, school ect. on this spot"? Please don't let this happen to the Black Horse!
Jeffrey M. Johnson, Maumee, Ohio [09-29-2003]

may history live on
Brendan A. Murphy, florida [09-29-2003]

Joseph Wetterling, Moorestown, NJ [09-29-2003]

Walgreen's will not find another site simply because a local group is opposed to obliterating an historic site. They will view this as local yokel histrionics that they've faced time and again in their national site acquisition efforts. Area residents and all opposed MUST make the proposed redevelopment process as time-consuming and unpleasant as possible--i.e. raise hell, be well-informed with data, be vocal and be diligent in your presence at jurisdiction hearings, and seek any and all means available to delay, delay, delay the process--in order for Walgreen's to hopefully give up their option and go to more palatable, easier to re-develop sites. Make it as difficult as possible for the elected officials and the township's engineers to approve, by making it clear that their actions are being noticed and publicized. Try to wear the Walgreen's team down, because that is also their strategy versus YOU when it comes to controversial sites. And, iF you win THIS battle, then the fight must be continued, so that the present owner might eventually be encouraged to seek an historically acceptable use of this site. An effort to reduce the pool of potential national retailers by making it a more-difficult development process is a way for non-owners to do this. Yes, the national chains may have deep pockets, but they WILL go to other sites if the resistance is great enough; there IS a point at which they will decide a site is unfeasible. If this property (building or site) is not listed on the National Register, then efforts MUST be made to do so as soon as possible. I believe that the current owner's permission may not be needed in this effort. This may afford some protection in limiting commercial re-development, as a "certificate of appropriateness" might then be locally required in order to make site changes in cluding demolition. This would be an added step that might help fend off some re-developers.
Jon Harris, Tabernacle NJ [09-29-2003]

Leah, New Jersey [09-29-2003]

we need to keep our history alive and no let it be taken over with greed.guy
guy haggard, wayne michigan usa [09-29-2003]

I grew up in Oreland and spent a lot of time on Bethleham Pike as a kid. Cheesesteaks at Cisco's, the Flourtown Bowling Alley, Gino's, the Flourtown Record Shop (bought my first Beatles 45 there), the Curly Top and the Golden Gas Station where I bought gas for 24 cents a gallon plus a wierd little minature golf course behind the Curly Top. I left the area a very long time ago and have been back infrequently over the years...seen a lot of places around the country and world. Please fight to save the Black Horse Inn. My best friend fought to save Stotesbury Mansion unsucessfully. There was so many interesting buildings that were part of my teenage years. Preserve the past! By the way...SHS class of 72.
Mort Kahn, Myrtle Beach, SC [09-29-2003]

Keep at it....
Greg T, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [09-29-2003]

I went to school at Valley forge Military academy, and used to live in Wayne, PA. I am familiar with the Inn, and think it would be a crime to lose yet another link with our past. We spend so much time re-inventing our history through political correctness. It would be a crime to lose something "concrete" that can't be re-made. Don't destroy our heritage! Find some vacant lot some place that needs the tax revenue.
Jeffrey O. B. Conover, Annapolis, MD [09-29-2003]

Keep at it....
Greg T, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [09-29-2003]

Don't demolish history. If history keeps getting demolished, what do we have left to show and tell our children.
Lucia Jackson, Summerland Key, FL formerly Philadelphia, PA [09-24-2003]

We must be the only society on earth that willfully destroys it's own heritage. Of all the acreage in PA, Walgreens needs that site?
Jack Sholl, Palm Desert, California [09-24-2003]

Jason Whittinghill, Santa Cruz, CA [09-24-2003]

Black Horse Inn is a unique place and I enjoyed my visit there.
Julie, California [09-24-2003]

Elenor Shinner, fl [09-24-2003]

Brian Kristopher, Merced, California [09-24-2003]

We sould try to preserve the past. I believe this is a good cause and I back it 100%. I hope one day if I'm passing through I can still see the Black Horse Inn standing.
Sarah A. Meister, Edmond, Oklahoma [09-24-2003]

I think those land grabing morans can go to Hell (I'm talking about the people that are against the petition)
aaron, sc [09-24-2003]

why would anyone want to destry a historical landmark to put in a freaking LIQUER STORE! It just doesn't make sense.
Stephen Ling, 6857 Abbottswood Dr. RPV CA 90275 [09-22-2003]

If we keep on building over everything on this planet, we're all going to have to live in bubbles someday. We'll all die.
Lauren Nicole [09-22-2003]

Doreen Zelenka, Medford, NY [09-22-2003]

Kathryn Schardt, wyndmoor, pa [09-20-2003]

We must preserve our past, so we may share it with our children, their children and theirs for generations to come. We continue to tear down and destroy - not to preserve and protect.
Lisa Adams, Phoenix, AZ [09-20-2003]

edward eastman, Iraq [09-20-2003]

danikinne, west philadelphia [09-20-2003]

please save these sites. our children and grandchildren need to be able to see these places when they grow up!
ANDREA ZAHM, havertown, pa [09-20-2003]

losers dont tare it down
Patrick short, Ohio [09-20-2003]

I was wondering what was going on. I pass it frequently. It would be quite a big shame to lose one of our historic places in our area to another idea of only a "prime" location to do business. I sincerely hope this effort is stopped.
Valerie D. Fiedler, Perkasie,Pa [09-17-2003]

That is a shame, that they would try to do that to a landmark like that.
Liz Worth, Jackson, MS [09-17-2003]

Kate Cogan, 314 Euclid Avenue Ambler,Pa 19002 [09-17-2003]

Your lack of respect for history is appalling. If you build this, not only will my family and I boycott your stores, I will tell all of my patients to fill their prescriptions elsewhere. Dr. Schuster
Dr.Schuster, pa [09-17-2003]

we need more history less progress
museum of the american revolution, orangecounty ny [09-17-2003]

Melinda Esquivel, Texas [09-16-2003]

Save it!
Brian Hamilton, Fort Washington [09-16-2003]

kimberly Dickinson, Ennis Tx. [09-16-2003]

We need to preserve the historic nature of Bethlehem Pike. There are several other locations in the area for Walgreens to consider for a new store. This building is a prescious resource that should not be subject to such development.
Stephen J. Kriz, Oreland, PA [09-14-2003]

As many have commented previously we support the preservation of the Black Horse Inn. The Wheel Pump Inn, Erdenheim Farm, the Wissahickon/Fairmount Park and the Morris Arboretum are just a few of the places that define our community and that make this area so enjoyable to live in. We hope the Black Horse can continue to be part of this legacy.
Michael and Margaret, Erdenheim, PA [09-14-2003]

Please don't make our neighborhood look like "anywhere USA". Help us to preserve our roots.
kathleen torrisi, 8 oak rd, erdenheim [09-14-2003]

save the black horse inn!
Alyssa, Texas [09-14-2003]

As a Midwestern I want to say that we have few historic buildings like the Black Horse Inn. People in Philadelphia should not take for granted the historic teasures around their city. There's plenty of room for Walgreen's to find another home.
Christopher Johnson, Chicago, IL [09-13-2003]

The developers need to look elsewhere...
Mary Kalous, Sherwood, OR [09-13-2003]

Terence Nip, New York [09-13-2003]

I grew up in Flourtown. My family has been in Flourtown for many generations. I would be so saddened to see part of Flourtown's history be ruined by unnecessary modernization. Bethlehem Pike will not only lose important history, but it will become much more unsafe for drivers.
Sarah Manning, Maryland [09-13-2003]

I would think that the old K-Mart location would much more preferable for Walgreens than an already overly busy and smaller area. I wonder who has done the traffic impact studies on this. Any clue?
ElizaBeth and Laszlo Bagi, Drayton Rd., Oreland [09-13-2003]

Monika Truntschka, Luxembourg/Europe [09-12-2003]

Nick Kruczek, Colorado [09-11-2003]

After they blithely wipe out the past, "Progress" and "Development" will contribute nothing to the historical landscape. Concrete and macadam are lifeless.
Ms. Bonita A. Portzline, Gettysburg, PA [09-11-2003]

Please preserve our neighborhood and our history. A store of this planned size would create congestion and add nothing to our community. Is a store going to serve our needs that disregards them at the same time?
Phillip Stern, Chestnut Hill, PA [09-11-2003]

What is the world coming to when our memories aren't even safe?
Jodi Renee Hall, sc [09-11-2003]

The character of this historic region is being lost building by building. The Black Horse Inn is a centerpiece of the area. We don't need another liquor store or drug store, 2 minutes up the road you can find both.
Tamar Chansky Stern, Chestnut Hill, PA [09-11-2003]

Kathryn Davenport, Manhattan, Kansas [09-10-2003]

I support maintenance of historic sites and cultural institutions.
Alice Rudin, Chinle, AZ [09-10-2003]

I patronize Walgreens many times a week, but I would move my Rx if they can't respect the history of our country.
Louise A. Wood, 14195 Braemore Close, Green Oaks, Il 60048 [09-10-2003]

Save our history.
L. Matthews, Pomona, California [09-09-2003]

what is happening to this country & our rights!
kay fischer, harrisburg pa [09-09-2003]

You say it best! We need to plan for our future while respecting our past! This is not a good plan for our future and total disrespect of our past.
Jane Thomas, I live in Oreland, formerly in Erdenheim [09-09-2003]

Martin Slater, Gilbertsville [09-08-2003]

It would be a shame to tear down another great old building to make way for another drug store we do not need!
Deborah Slater, Gilbertsville [09-08-2003]

This development just does not make sense! Please use one of the already vacant retail spaces avaialble in Flourtown.
Regina Yeakel, Poplar Road, Flourtown [09-08-2003]

Keep it!
Anita Poupard, Philadelphia, PA [09-08-2003]

Carie Goldschmidt, Schwenksville, PA-- Montgomery County [09-08-2003]

adam pokrywka, Philadelphia, PA [09-08-2003]

Ruth Green, Bucks County [09-08-2003]

Preserving our hisory is so important. Aren't there enough places-empty malls ans deserted shopping centers-to build without destroying our nations treasures? We are on our way to becoming an over industrialized coutry. We must save what treasures we have left
Kara Spalding, Glenside [09-08-2003]

There is too much industry in the area ruining what is left of our history! These buildings should be treasured and shared with generations to come. We do not need another liquor store and pharmacy. They should be in the KMART shoppign center.
Nicole Rutkowski, Erdenheim, PA [09-08-2003]

Azizi, Lancaster [09-08-2003]

harry metz, 910 bent lane erdenheim [09-08-2003]

Richard Metz, 910 Bent Lane, Erdenheim, PA 19038 [09-08-2003]

Cecilia Dougherty, 910 Bent Lane, Erdenheim PA [09-08-2003]

Ben Borenstein, Wyndmoor [09-07-2003]

Michael Borenstein, Wyndmoor [09-07-2003]

Susan Kalinowski, Wyndmoor [09-07-2003]

lori hulin, sicklerville, nj [09-07-2003]

Mazi Azizi, Springfield [09-07-2003]

Janet Azizi, Erdenheim [09-07-2003]

I grew up in Flourtown and always thought the Black Horse Inn was a beautiful building with a lot of history. We have enough drug stores, but very little Historic buildings left. PLEASE LEAVE IT! Let it be restored back to the way it was. Thank you Kathi Boese'
Kathi Boese', Folcroft, Pa [09-07-2003]

Elizabeth Hayden, Washington State [09-06-2003]

My roots were in Springfield Township, and after moving away and living other places, I came to appreciate more and more the richness of the history and old architecture of southeastern Pennsylvania. We as a nation seem to have little regard for our historical structures. Communities everywhere need to insist on policies of smart planning, where businesses work with communities to develop in a way that blends with the community rather than imposes, and preserves the environment and history.
Mary Anne Healy, Northfield, NJ [09-06-2003]

Barbara Osder, Erdenheim, Pa. [09-05-2003]

I would like the Black Horse Inn rehabbed and the surrounding area kept as green space. I believe Walgreens and the State liquor store would serve themselves and the community better by utilizing the vacant K Mart building.
Murray Rapoport, Erdenheim,Pa, [09-05-2003]

save it
debbi, ky [09-05-2003]

I am very happy that development has broght about such public debbate but one had better make sure their facts are 100% correct before making any false remarks. THE INN ORGINALLY WAS GOING TO STAY IN ITS CURRENT POSITION AND THE INN IS CURRENTLY GOING TO STAY RIGHT WHERE IT IS. I am bound by confidentiality so a cannot coment any futher, I will say this that my family has been caused a great deal of pain and hardship not to mentiont eh loss of millions of dollars. Ad I have always said we own the land if you would like to purchase it from us and have the funds to do so please do, otherwise we are allowed to do to anything to the land that is within te law. I grew up in flourtown, born aand raised. I love historic buildings and I have complies with every miniscule detail that the township has thrown at ass as well as trying my best to please my fellow residents. I have been treated very unkindly, we are not in the business to lose money which we have and continue to do so on this project, probably more than the budget of the township. If anyone would like to email me they may, but you can all rest easy know that the blckhorse will be develped. Incidentally I love history, it was one of my majors in college that is one of the reasons why in our original proposal we submitted to the township to keep the inn there, but we were shot down. One of your links is to the National Registry of Historic places for montgomery county, well if you go to the address in lehigh county http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/PA/Lehigh/state.html the first buliding that shows up is the americus hotel at 541 halmilton street is on the registry, and we own it, and it has won all types of awards, we bought it in disrepair and spent milllions to fix it up, just like we were going to do at the blackhorse. as some of you may remember we bought it from its forment owner in the bad condition its in. But this whole mess that has been causing MY FAMILY pain since 1999 when we bought the site will all be over soon and i am sure as a resident of flourtown i will be buying my liqour there and picking up my prescriptions just like all of you will. thank you
Seth Mendelson, flourtown [09-05-2003]

Did Walgreens survey the community to find out if we want their store here before they decided this was the place to build?
Florence Dyer, Springfield Twp. [09-05-2003]

It would be criminal to destroy a building with such history and character to accomodate another cookie cutter store that this area hardly needs anyaway.
Alan Welsh, Oreland, PA [09-05-2003]

The Black Horse Inn is an amazing building that with just some love and care can be brought back to life. There are already so many alternative sites along Bethlehem Pike - Pizza Hut, the old paint store, Kmart, etc. that have already been black-topped and are much more appropriate sites. Pick one of them and leave our historical sites for our future generations to enjoy. Personally, I will never be a Walgreens customer if that building is moved or destroyed. We don't need another pharmacy nor a larger liquor store in Flourtown.
Michelle West, Bergan Road, Oreland, PA [09-05-2003]

willing to volunteer time and skills to refurbish
lois taylor, 35 grove flourtown [09-05-2003]

Lynn Begley, Flourtown, Pa. [09-05-2003]

It sickens me to see historic buildings destroyed for the sake of "progress". It's time to stop the corporate greed, and preserve our history. Once these sites are gone, they are gone for good. I live in an area where farmland is disappearing by hundreds of acres every year. Often this land contains old homes and barns, which are leveled to make room for new homes. Even if these buildings hold no real "historic" significance, they should still be preserved as a reminder of our heritage. Once again it all boils down to greed.
Karen Hallman, Weissport, Pa. [09-05-2003]

I don't know the owner of the Black Horse nor anyone else who is likley to have signed this petition. However, I live in Chester County Pa I'm 29 years old I've lived in C.C. most of my life. I've seen the county go from a thoroughly enjoyable and charming locale, to a place where there are no tree lines, no beautiful horizons, very few historical buildings and sites that haven't been moved or destroyed. I couldn't possibly name all the historical sites, buildings, areas that have been lost to urbanization. To tear down such a site is a tragedy. Especially to make way for somthing that isn't really needed. We have plenty of pharmacy chains and liquor stores are a dime a dozen in Delawere, Chester, Berks, Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia. Don't tear it down, preserve it, or we'll have no cultural or historical heritage to pass our children. Don't tear it down, We have a bad habit in the country of destroying heritage sites, there are so few left, Prerevolution especially. (As an example American Revolutionary and U.S. Civil War sites and parks are losing ground and charm rapidly due to "Progress" ) That kind of progress that robs us of our rich and diverse historical heritage isn't worth the price. Preserve the Black Horse for your community...and indeed the country! Just because you can develop somthing, doesn't mean we should or must build or develop somthing for commercial use. If the Inn is moved...it will never be the same...if it is demolished, It is lost forever, There will be no other building quite or exactly like it. If you love this country, and you love our history, Preserve it. Okay, I'm off the soap box. :)
Matt D'Ercole, Downingtown Pa [09-04-2003]

Alice Kosmin, Flourtown PA [09-04-2003]

The last thing this area needs is another chain-store that does not care where they are except to make money. They can build anywhere why do they have to use what little green space is left in our town. there is enough empty buildings and lots that need to be filled Flourtown does not have a community center why not put it on the black horse inn area Also the state store is big enough. thank you
John Brian Chepulis, Flourtown [09-04-2003]

New business is nowhere near as important as preserving our past. We must preserve everything we can for future generations to learn, appreciate, and respect our heritage.
Barbara Harris, Originally: Indianapolis, currently: Geneva, Switzerland [09-04-2003]

Axel Vonstine, Hamburg, Germany [09-04-2003]

Janice Covington, Bend OR [09-04-2003]

Bob Day, Alabama [09-04-2003]

The Black Horse Inn is a historical site and is a part of our american heratige, that will be lost forever if we allow it to be torn down, we cannot allow corperations to distroy our history for the sake of money, we must take a stand.
Jordan Quiogue, Portland OR [09-04-2003]

wtf You dont tear down a building that old.
Lee Boone, Savannah,GA [09-04-2003]

Jennifer Gordon, Erdenheim, PA [09-02-2003]

I'm tired of our historic sites being usurped by drugstores and banks! We have enough of both! We're worse than the UK in destroying our monuments rather than taking the time to preserve.
Deborah Connor, Ridley Park PA [09-02-2003]

We will not allow this to happen. No business will go to Walgreens. The traffic and accifdent risk for cars and children biking to Bysher Field for Baseball games will create a hazadous condition leading to legal suits against Wallgreens and harm to our citizens.
Deborah J Owens, 717 Avondale Rd, Erdenheim, PA 19038 [09-02-2003]

Please, leave a little history for our children and grandchildren. I'm sure there are other locations for a drug store!
melanie lunn, Lafayette, Louisiana [09-02-2003]

Tell Walgreen's they will be much better received at the old K-Mart location!
ralph l. kett, jr, 8626 trumbauer dr. wyndmoor,pa 19038 [09-02-2003]

Helena Foley Kett, 8626 Trumbauer Drive Wyndmoor,Pa. 19038 [09-02-2003]

miguel arroyo-velasco, mexico city [09-02-2003]

Corporations should embrace our history, not destroy it. Walgreens takes a lot of pride in their own history, why not take pride in the history of America. The destruction of the Black Horse Inn would be a terrible way for corporate America to show how it cares for the great nation it owes itself to.
Beth, Columbia, IL [09-02-2003]

Can't Walgreens be built where the old Pizza Hut is? Plymouth Meeting just made a beautiful park, why can't Springfield? I say recall the commissioner!
Christopher Cahill, Oreland [09-02-2003]

History teacher surfing the web
Patricia Geary, Providence,RI [09-02-2003]

Keep up the good work! Communities and individuals come before corporations!
Merrill Rodin, Los Angeles, CA [08-30-2003]

preserving history is a must. do we value our childrens future -- this is a part of it!
MICHELE GOODRICH, glenside, pa [08-30-2003]

we don't need any more drug stores! besides the black horse inn is a valued piece of our communities history! that needs to be preserved for future generations!
Kathleen A. Goodrich, Northwoods, PA 19038 [08-30-2003]

Hey leave Black Horse in alone. Doesnt walgreens have enough money to build their store some where else. They need to respect historic artifacts.
Allison, Yuma, AZ [08-29-2003]

Our community will not be served by adding another drug store. We have a CVS and the ACME has a pharmacy and drug section. Big business should not destroy community ambiance. The Black Horse belongs where it is, with its parcel of land to frame it. It needs to be restored and returned to the community in some way. Putting a Walgreens there would be just plain wrong. Developing that corner any more is an imposition on the folks who live on Bysher and have had their share of surprise developments. Save the Black Horse in memory of Ed Otwell. And keep it where it is.
Elizabeth Gavula, 507 Poplar Rd Flourtwon [08-28-2003]

The Black Horse Inn, open fields, and stone mile markers are a beautiful interlude in the drive along Bethlehem Pike between Philadelphia and Fort Washington. It is an honor to have the past so graciously integrated into our daily lives. Please don't destroy this historic site.
Louise Taft, Mt. Airy [08-28-2003]

Patricia A. McVerry, Los Angeles, California [08-28-2003]

I heard the schools do not want the township to use the playing fields for township sponsored camps (I.e.: soccer camp). Why isn't the township considering using the open space for a township park / playing field facility? It is the perfect location given the proximity to the FELL baseball fields and the center of town. Then the Blackhorse would remain intact and the township would benefit by preserving what could be the only open space left.
Amy Cardamone, 71 Grove Ave Flourtown [08-28-2003]

I grew up in your area, now live a couple of hours away. It would be a real loss to lose the Black Horse Inn. Let's save our history!
Deb Stabley, Bloomsburg, PA [08-27-2003]

Patricia Dissinger, Easton, PA [08-27-2003]

Hope Regester, Conshohocken, PA [08-27-2003]

DAN CAPLAN, wyndmoor [08-27-2003]

I believe that the Black Horse Inn is a valuable resource in its own right and that development will see it shine as a jewel that has real estate value beyond what typical commercial development can bring. Its history and attractiveness will be consistant with efforts for the Flourtown area and Bethlehem Pike. Development of the site that recognizes the unique possibilities of the Inn would also suit the connection to the open land/fields beyond it. Regards, Charlie Karl
Mr. Charles E. Karl, Wyndmoor, PA [08-27-2003]

keep it going guys!
Melissa McDaniel, Elgin, Illinois [08-26-2003]

Leslie Purple, Wyndmoor, PA [08-26-2003]

Some structures are simply irreplaceable, and the building of a modern commercial building in their place is unconscionable.
J. Whitebread, Forest Lake, Minnesota [08-26-2003]

The old K-mart down the street is still vacant. Why do we need to build more.
Ann Ryan, 6 Franklin Ave, Flourtown, PA [08-26-2003]

Enough with the Walgrens already - our heritage should come first.
Ann Pieroway, Springfield, MA [08-26-2003]

Preserve the Pike:Plan for Our Future, Preserve Our Past
Barbara Sherf, 10 Rose Lane, Flourtown, PA 19031 [08-26-2003]

Dianne & Craig Failing, Glenside, PA [08-26-2003]

Margaret (Peggy) Murphy, Havertown PA [08-26-2003]

By all means, save it!
Marilyn R.Drinker, 551 E. Evergreen Avaae., A3ll, Wyndmoore, PA 19038 [08-25-2003]

I've seen many historic sites lost and for what! More black top and eye sores. We must all raise our voices in preserving our history now, tomorrow is going to be too late.
CS Kindt, Flemington, NJ [08-23-2003]

Anthony B. Quinn, Wyndmoor PA [08-23-2003]

Margaret, Lansdale [08-23-2003]

I grew up in Flourtown and would hate to see that building destroyed. Walgreens can and should find a more viable location. SAVE THE BLACK HORSE!
Ellen M. Barlow, Mount Laurel,NJ [08-23-2003]

Nancy Ewell, Erdenheim, PA [08-23-2003]

Lee Nelson, Wyndmoor [08-23-2003]

Judy Redmon, Kailua, HI [08-23-2003]

Our Bucks County heritage is to be cherished and not demolished. What we have represents the beginning of America as we know it today.
Nancy C Janyszeski, Revere Upper Bucks County [08-23-2003]

I drove by The Square, an historic 1734 inn on Goshen Road in Newtown Square today...a sign hung out front, open to the public for tours Weekends July - September 1-4 pm. Wouldn't it be nice to see a similiar sign in front of the Black Horse someday? How can every other community protect its history but ours? Save the Black Horse, please write to Walgreens or picket in front of the Black Horse, I'll be there tomorrow.
Timothy Ernst, Erdenheim, Springfield Twp, PA [08-22-2003]

Build elsewhere. We don't want you on tht property.
Walter S. King, Ambler, PA 19002 [08-22-2003]

Mary Hetherington, Glenside, Pennsylvania [08-22-2003]

I hate to see any historical building destroyed. Please leave this building in its original location.
Rita Cleek, Rowlett, Texas [08-22-2003]

Tom, Lansdale, PA [08-22-2003]

Aimee L. Samtmann, Flourtown Pennsylvania [08-22-2003]

Carrie Eisenhandler, Oreland, PA [08-22-2003]

I have lived with the Black Horse all of my life.....let it stay and have the Walgreens move into the vacant KMart building just down the road!
ken shapiro, Erdenheim [08-22-2003]

Cindy Shapiro, 407 Arden Lane, Erdenheim PA [08-22-2003]

Justin Brink, St. Paul, Minnesota [08-22-2003]

Edie D'Amora, Havertown [08-21-2003]

Why can't the township find a way to preserve not only the Black horse Inn but the green space around it! Who needs to lose history and open space to more black top, a drug store chain and a liquor store and all in my back yard!
Cynthia Daley, Flourtown, PA [08-21-2003]

Cindy Daley, 15 E. Wissahickon Ave. Flourtown PA 19031 [08-21-2003]

P. Stebbins, Michigan [08-21-2003]

We don't need another parking lot.
Elizabeth Gastevich, Massachusetts [08-21-2003]

I believe that the Inn should be preserved for it's historic importance to the community and the whole area.
Emily Lowe, Jenkintown [08-20-2003]

Our history and everything that helps us to remember it is important including the buildings. We have historical homes and stores. The stories that accompany these places should be treasured and NOT riped down for "progress".
Nancy Kimberlin, Michigan [08-20-2003]

In Loving Memory of Edward Charles Otwell (7/23/1918 - 8/12/2003), I am signing this petition to preserve our past. Considering my grandfather lived in Flourtown, I have had the luxury of visiting there often. The Black Horse Inn is a beautiful piece of history that needs to remain intact in order to provide future generations with insight into our heritage. It also needs to be addressed that there is both a liquor store and 3 pharmacies within the town. The liquor store would be within 100 feet from another liquor store. Instead of moving the Black Horse Inn across the street, why don't you develop your redundant stores on the land across the street. There is enough room. Sorry, that might be an intelligent thing to do. (Better yet, why don't you put your greedy little stores in the Flourtown Plaza where the Kmart used to be. Last I checked, it was still empty!) Instead lets make the citizens angry by attempting to move a historic building. Then we can have a business or 2 there that nobody will shop at out of protest for destroying a historical landmark. Since my grandfather was actively pursing preserving this landmark when he passed away, I will be taking his place in that role. All family members and friends of his/mine from Flourtown and neighborhing communities will be aware of this petition and encouraged to sign. I will be requesting that they sign it in my grandfathers memory. Long live the Black Horse Inn.
Kelly Parrish, Stevens, PA [08-20-2003]

How can a national drugstore chain like Walgreens be so insenstive! I am happy I do my business elsewhere! Save the Inn!
Mike F. Fox, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania [08-18-2003]

Brian Crouse, Greenville WV 24945 [08-18-2003]

Save the INN! Do not sell out!
Christina M Talucci, 6312 Arlingham Rd. Flourtown, PA [08-18-2003]

Dennis Kane, Drexel Hill, PA [08-18-2003]

Kaylyn, Jacksonville, FL [08-18-2003]

We don't need another Walgreens!
Debra Hrobak, 607 Kingsley Street [08-18-2003]

we dont need another wallgreens
lauren wilson, 837 clyde lane [08-18-2003]

It would be a tragedy to lose a part of our national cultural heritage simply to locate a pharmacy in its place. The present landowner should be rightly compensated for his property but the community should be given a reasonable opportunity to negotiate the preservation of its historic buildings. That the board of commissioners sold out the interests of its community is a disgrace and their tenure should be revisited. Whose interests are they representing?
samy Badawy, MD, Wyndmoor, Pa [08-18-2003]

Have you tried working through the national trust for historic preservation to help?
Courtney Lisecki, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

It is important that we keep our National Landmarks. This should be a hospice-bread & Breakfast. Should keep its original intention.
Gayle Metz, 410 West 53rd Street, Apt 410 - New York, N.Y. 10019 [08-18-2003]

toby shawe M.D., 8200 flourtown avenue Wyndmoor,Pa.19038 [08-18-2003]

Need to preseve not tare down
Dan Quity, wichit Kansas [08-18-2003]

i can't believe that they're even thinking about destroying the Black Horse Inn! I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the revolutionary war and i would be heartbroken if they were to destroy anything that was during that time period. Those bastards! to think anyone would even think of replacing Black Horse Inn. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DAM WALGREENS,BECAUSW WE DON'T WANT IT!
Deanna, Wichita, KS [08-18-2003]

Jody Halter [08-18-2003]

If we keep destroying our history who will remember.
Ronald B Shannon, Clinton.Maine [08-18-2003]

In the words of Joni Mitchell, please don't "pave paradise to put up a parking lot". Especially for yet another of the thousands of drug and liquor stores in the immediate area. This place is 300 years old. Come on! Build somewhere else in a commercial area and folks will patronize you. This one will be a fight to get people to buy there the plan goes through for the neighborhood, not to mention the traffic and 24 hour aspects. Please be reasonable and not just finacially driven. Walgreens could be a PR hero by doing the right thing!
Montgomery F. Lunn, Lafayette Hill, PA. Springfield Township [08-18-2003]

I've been around for 57 years and have seen buildings come and go, but The Black Horse Inn must STAY!
Michael J. Anderson, Philadelphia [08-18-2003]

The Black Horse Inn is in the image of America's GREAT historic roadside waystations...there is NO WAY a contemporary chain-store will ever do for that spot what the Inn historic structure can do. BAD SPOT for a drug store or anything that would seek to demolish this piece of our history. Work WITH this building, for the long-term health of our region!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [08-18-2003]

This is madness. Who's the moron who decided to replace it with a drug store chain? Argh
Vu Nam, New York City [08-18-2003]

History is best experienced first hand, not in a book.
Charles E. Mann III, Lower Bucks County [08-18-2003]

Justin & Ashley Crawford, Jacksonville, Florida [08-18-2003]

Build that crap else where you greedy sons of bitches.
Adam Fawcett, Claymont, DE [08-08-2003]

We have stopped in at the Black Horse Inn...How could you possibly take down a beautiful site for a Walgreens????
stacey manning, Tyrone, Pa [08-08-2003]

WILLIAM C. LAMBERTON, oil city,pa 16301 [08-08-2003]

Hey Mendelson, here's a million dollar idea for you, why not make the Black Horse Inn a museum and visitor center for people interested in Revolutionary war history. You can put in a theatre, a period restaraunt, a hotel...be creative for once. Thank me later. Violence begets violence my friend.
Joe Zuccarello, Montpelier, VT [08-08-2003]

Didn't a developer in Flourtown try and move a building there once for this same purpose and "accidentally broke" the building, rendering it useless and thus destroying it? I refuse to set aside the history of our forefathers to make way for Walgreens!I lived most of my growing years right around the corner from this Inn and always wondered how many souls had entered it over so many years. How many people integral to our nation's past went through those doors. Next time I see a Walgreens advertisement, I will remember...
Stephen Corson, Collegeville, Pa. [08-08-2003]

my daughter and i recently visited, monroe's, madison's and jefferson's homes. ashlawn-highland, montpelier, poplar forest and of course monticello. i can't imagine their homes not being preserved for future generations. thank goodness t. jefferson had foresight to purchase the natural stone bridge, one of 7 wonders of the world. so please save the black horse inn!
DONNA MOTTO, lewis county, wv [08-08-2003]

Sat in the Springfield Township commissioners meeting tonight where the fate of the Black Horse was finally decided on by five, three of which favoring the Moreland Development Group. Two of which were clear in their support of exploring better alternatives to the plan. Sadly enough a very old structure not unlike our seniors was moved out of the way to build yet another pharmacy in a township of modest size. The developer smugly justified the means to the end by feeding into the fears of the township and how Walgreens would not negotiate to work with the existing plan to keep the Black Horse where it is.Instead the Black Horse is to be moved to an unknown location out of fear that if it wasn't approved it would be at the mercy of the previous developer. Frankly, aren't we all getting tired of the lack of social and moral conscious of corporate america and those developers that look at profit at the expense of others. We wonder why our youth act the way they do sometimes, but isn't the actions of tonight and this little inns fate a bigger statement of social indifferance and irresponsibilty. I suggest people let their outrage known to Walgreens and other entities that appear to disregard our past for their own corporate profits. We can all coexist but both sides must be willing to make consessions instead of intimidation by threatening to euthanize some poor old building if they do not get their way. It is time to speak back and say enough.
Gail Inderwies, Oreland, Pa [08-06-2003]

So sad, people think only of money. Can you imagine what our forefathers are doing looking down at us now? I am ashamed and so should you!
Carole Klimovitz, Fallston, MD [08-02-2003]

Save The inn!
Michael Galea, Calistoga,Ca. [08-02-2003]

I lived in the area for 40 years--don't destroy a piece of history from its site. The 7 Stars Inn on Ridge Pike was destroyed many years ago for a road (the Blue route)-- we can't get it back. Let's not destory another piece of history.
Patty Kile, Greentown PA [08-02-2003]

I'm a Philadelphia native, born in Roxborough and raised in West Oak Lane. The Black Horse Inn is a landmark - a local treasure that is absolutely irreplaceable. PLEASE don't destroy this piece of our past. This is more than a building - it's a witness to history. This building was standing when the Continental Army endured the encampment at Valley Forge. It was there when our country was born. Please, please don't tear it down.
Beth Longanecker, Central Florida [08-02-2003]

Just how much alsphalt and how many drug stores do we need to justify the destruction of OUR national history. Please, please, save this historic Black Horse Inn. It is not just for the American people of today, but for all of our future generations for all times to come.
Kathie Madden, Norman, OK [08-02-2003]

My family moved to Flourtown in 1954. Just what we need ...another store. Anyone recall how many stores have come and gone on Bethlehem pike? Please don't destroy this historic site. Flourtown already looks like a developers mess!
chris pisarcik, Blue Bekk, Pa. [07-31-2003]

Frank STASKY, philadelphia [07-31-2003]

Please preserve our local historic landmarks - for the sake of the children!
Rebecca L. Hansell, 300 W. Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002 [07-31-2003]

lets preserve our heritage and stop devolopers
RONALD TELEPO, easton,pa [07-16-2003]

To see this inn destroyed would be a travesty! Once it's gone, there is no getting it back. drugstores and parking lots are a dime a dozen, but thanks to the zealous greed of people like you true American treasures are becoming more and more rare. Please don't destroy this piece of our history!
Amanda Miller, Lansing, MI [07-14-2003]

Seems there is enough land in the U.S. to build a parking lot and liquor store/CVS some other place. Please look for one. Thanks.
paulette buttle [07-10-2003]

What is wrong with you people? This building has been around since before the formation of the United States! We need these great old buildings to continue being around...it's not just part of the town's history-it's part of AMERICA'S history. Do the right thing!
Stacy Nesvik, Cedar Rapids, IA [07-03-2003]

Links to history are what make the greater Philadelphia area interesting and a fun place to live. This ain't LA, thank God. Save the Black Horse Inn for future generations. We have too many CVS's and empty banks. Do we need another liquor store if they're going to sell it in the supermarkets? Save the Black Horse Inn, please!
Cathy Taylor, Glenside [07-02-2003]

please save the black horse inn
HARRY WHALEN [07-01-2003]

Please save the Inn. There is plenty of room for drug stores (do I smell CVS here?), liquor stores, and banks without destroying the history and charm of our area. Thank you.
Karyn Zinser [06-28-2003]

Jon-Charles Page [06-24-2003]

April Emge [06-24-2003]

As President of the historical group, the American Revolution Round Table of Philadelphia (ARRTOP), I speak for our many members who deplore the potential lost of another significant colonial/Revolutionary War era building to the greedy wrecker's ball. ARRTOP will do what it can to alert like minded lovers of history to this potential tragedy.
Bob Heffner, Philadelphia, Pa [06-22-2003]

When the new drug store is torn down in 30 years, due to functional obsolesence, maybe you can erect a marker to highlight the historic signiciance of the site...not the same, is it.
Russell MacKinnon [06-22-2003]

I am absolutely stunned! Destroy the Black Horse Inn? The Black Horse Inn was built in the 1700s shortly after the establishment of New Jersey and is one of the first structures in Mendham. It was here that a multitude of religions and ethnic groups came together. From here and neighboring PA pioneers set out for the Great Valley Road and settled the frontier of America--providing a basis for a multicultural nation with freedom of religion. The Byrams who build that Inn were part of that heritage. This is outrageous (discussing the destruction of the Inn). E. B. Sampson
Elaine Byram Sampson, Ph.D., alabama [06-19-2003]

Ray Barber [06-19-2003]

I hope you are able to preserve this historic part of our country. We certainly don't need a commercial establishment in it's place.
Robert Beck, nyc [06-19-2003]

Unbelieveable ....17 officers and directors at CVS written to about the plight of this historic Inn ...the historic society "got exactly one response, from one board memeber: an acknowledgement that he had received the letter."
Edmond Mckeever, Bala Cynwyd, PA [06-18-2003]

save this historic structure. CVS can build anywhere. Why here?
Sean Gallagher, Bala Cynwyd, PA [06-18-2003]

history should not be torn down...ever..!
STEVE POTTS, llangollen,wales,uk. [06-18-2003]

Preserving dwellings from our past serves as a link to our past and an ongoing reminder of the formative years of our nation. Moreover, the fact that it has survived since the colonial period is additional reason for venerating it.
Donald S. Hanson, 724 Park Ridge, IL 60068 [06-15-2003]

Save the Inn.
James Fortier, Hong Kong [06-09-2003]

Our country needs it's history more than one more cvs.
Brian Williams [06-07-2003]

amy simmons, limerick PA [06-05-2003]

please do not wreck it people will hate you for it
breanna [06-04-2003]

Such an interesting and hostoric site should not be destroyed simply for the sake of monetary gain.
Dsan Reimer, Concord, CA 94518 [06-01-2003]

Save our history! The overdevelopment of the suburbs is a crime!
Latisha Collins, Philadelphia [05-31-2003]

Vela Decker [05-30-2003]

We don't need any more banks, drug stores, etc. Have some respect for our past and preserve it.
Ryan, schwenksville PA [05-23-2003]

bryant carter [05-22-2003]

gena shore [05-22-2003]

ola shore [05-22-2003]

sarah shore [05-22-2003]

doug shore [05-22-2003]

stephen shore [05-22-2003]

terry shore [05-22-2003]

katie shore [05-22-2003]

emily lambert [05-22-2003]

allison lambert [05-22-2003]

daniel lambert [05-22-2003]

lovie lambert [05-22-2003]

hunter' carter [05-22-2003]

nathan carter [05-22-2003]

autumn carter [05-22-2003]

venus carter [05-22-2003]

I am a descendant of Ebenezer BYRAM who built the Inn in 1744 and would not like to see it destroyed for the sake of "Progress" as too much of this is happening. Regards, Dave Byram
David Byram, New Brunswick, CANADA [05-22-2003]

Gina Stokes [05-22-2003]

marion siravo [05-22-2003]

We should not be disturbing nor demolishing 259 yr old buildings to make way for yet another mega-pharmacy. Buildings such as the Black Horse give this region richness that sets us apart from strip mall America.
Robert pagano, Philadelphia [05-22-2003]

Paula Gidjunis, North Wales, Pa [05-22-2003]

This is a place of History. Whoever wants to tear it down for a liquor store should be ashamed for what they are doing along with the people who will let these people do it
Scott Tilley, Wilkes County North Carolina [05-22-2003]

History needs preserving...we don't need another drug store.
Linda Lindsay [05-15-2003]

Barbara A. Johnson [05-15-2003]

The Black Horse Inn is a part of our country's heritage that can never be replaced. Springfield Township can build strip malls anywhere.
Jacquelyn Peterson, San Diego, CA [05-14-2003]

Please don't allow this travesty! Our area, beautiful and historic, is turning into a gigantic strip mall! A few years ago, one of CVS's competitors, tore down one of our beautiful historic buildings and put up an ugly Rite-Aid, which is still being scorned by the locals. it's time to take a page out of Europe's book and save and preserve our heritage! Thank you!
Sue Kauflie, Lansdale [05-14-2003]

Karen Sanford, New Jersey [05-14-2003]

the last thing any area needs is another drug store
William Eichler, Phila, PA [05-14-2003]

It is very upsetting to have historic or ANY old buildings destroyed.
Fern Kahn, Brooklyn,NY [05-14-2003]

This is a building that should be preserved for our descendents. It is living history that is not stored in a book, but that can be seen and touched and take us back in time.
Suzy Garrison, Kissimmee, FL [05-14-2003]

Sean Murphy, Narberth, PA [05-14-2003]

Don't miss the opportunity to preserve our history!
Debra Yelen, Narberth, PA [05-14-2003]

Save It!
Kathie Pomichter, Cold Brook, NY 13324 [05-14-2003]

I have seen to many places of history destroyed by money hungery inderviguals.
Robert J. Rumsis, Boston (West Roxbury) Massachusetts [05-14-2003]

Duane Soos [05-14-2003]

No wonder our children don't know anything about history. We have greed overriding the need to pass on our heritage to our sons & daughters.
D Felix, Pennsylvania [05-14-2003]

Please save this wonderful national treasure.
Mr. Donald Wayne Hawkins [05-14-2003]

Within reason, a land owner should have the right to do whatever he wants with his property, as long as he is not creating a hazard or nuisance for his neighbors. However, due to the unique and historical nature of the Black Horse Inn, this situation is not an ordinary one. Therefore, the current owner should be compensated fairly for his property and given an incentive to seek out another part of the country that might actually benefit from his proposed ideas of revitalization. I am absolutely certain that this building can be preserved and turned into a profitable business venture. I also believe that with a little effort and creativity, saving the Inn could actually be even more financially profitable than his current "proposed plans".
G. Bueker, Denver, Colorado [05-14-2003]

we've lost enough of these great old places to greedy money people who just move on to other parts of this great country in order to put more blacktop down never to return.please do your best to stop this history destroying group of s.o.b.'s
william j bergin [05-14-2003]

Kelly Hanlon, Harleysville, PA 19438 [05-14-2003]

I have live in Philadelphia untill I was 40 years old. I have come back to visit every other year and find it comforting to find the Black Horse Inn still there. As a child my parents used to visit relatives in Coatesville, Downingtown and Gap. I remember that building from childhood. I'm sure you will consider that, like the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall and other old historic buildings, they are a part of what has brought us to today. If Philadelphia can keep old cobblestone streets in tact they can consider an old famous building like the Inn. Maybe they can take the building and revamp it to accamodate the bank and drug store. I am hoping for the best.
Dorothy L. Law, Yuma, Arizona [05-14-2003]

This is a place I want to some day visit. You can not replace beautiful history like this. That sure isn t what we need another cvs-bank-liquor store. I am in Newport De. now visiting my son. He is in the navy and was on the USSCole. What he has told me about Yeman makes me thankful for GOD giving me the good old USA. Lets keep all the beautiful things we can in AMERICA. Thanks for giving me the opertunity to tell you how I feel.
Marilyn Baxter, Indiana [05-02-2003]

I grew up in Springfield Twp. and I can't believe they want to tear down the Black Horse to build a stupid drug store, liquor store, and bank. You have Quakertown, Perkasie, and Sellersville close by. Sounds like the owner is a money hungry bastard. Screw that, Fix it up and leave it alone.
Robert M. Miller, Vermont [05-02-2003]

Please save this wonderful national treasure.
Viola Rogers, Modesto, California [05-02-2003]

Lauren, Illinois [05-02-2003]

It's sad that, as a society, our respect for history has deteriorated to a point that one must submit a petition to enlist support to save a historical landmark. Let's preserve what we have left! Please spare the Black Horse Inn and any other cherished site that may be in the cross-hairs of blackhearted developers.
Kevin E. Cornish, Orange, CA [04-26-2003]

At this day and age where our history is being re-written to appease everyone it is of the most importance that our landmarks be preserved!
Tyler Lopes, Weare, NH [04-24-2003]

Dont tear it down! It's irreplaceable, especially not by a parking LOT!
Maria Perey, ca [04-21-2003]

I am doing a paper in school of why we should try to save more historical Buildings such as Chesters Roadhouse which was already tore down. I am glad someone is trying to do something about it. Email my if u have anymore information.
Kenny Heile, Sycamore High School [04-16-2003]

I think any place as old as the Black Horse Inn and has a history to go with it should be preserved for all Americans. Without a written and a visual history, we become just another spot on the map of mediocrity.
George Shirley, Orange, Tx. [04-15-2003]

...and while we're at it,maybe we should melt down the liberty bell and make trash bag ties,what do you think?...
Joseph F. Posner, NE Phila. [04-15-2003]

There are too many CVS and Eckerd stores! I will always try to preserve historic places!
Chuck Hovanic, South Jersey [04-15-2003]

When the question is asked why people feel disconnected to eachother and to their communities, please feel free to step up and tell them it's because we've devalued our connection to our past. And do feel free to also tell them that you were a part of breaking that connection.
Susan and Alexander Coxe, New York, New York [04-15-2003]

robertclarck hill [04-09-2003]

During the Colonial Period, Thomas Jefferson proposed a formal, system of education to stabilize and reinforce the American Creed by which all American citizens enjoy the fruitions of American citizenship today were specifically and eventually designed and outlined in our most sacred and valued of political documents. Jefferson's proposal to the Virginia General Assembly, in 1779, included among other things a VERY SPECIFIC curriculum framework: reading, writing, arithmetic and HISTORY. I am greatly and continuously disturbed by our lack of historial conscientousness in America. The mentality seems to be: If it's old, tear it down and begin anew. In a time when our nation (given current resource commitments in the Middle East)---most assuredly---demands reflection upon its past history and ability to persevere, why would you even entertain the thought of razing this building? REMEMBER: "If you [restore] it, they will come!" And, as Shakespeare once wrote..."a plague on all your houses" who dare disrupt the natural order... . By razing this building, you essentially invalidate generations of citizens (fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, etc.) who were guests in, dinner company for, employees of, kick-the-stagecoach-road-dust-off people who may have truly appreciated the Black Horse Inn more than the devloper obviously does...I have to say, I really do not understand the American prelidiction to destroy... See: Jefferson's "Notes on Virginia" i.e. "A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge (1779);" "Field of Dreams," audio-visual, cinematographic; William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." PS...and, the suggestion to raze this inn...in a state that has a past history beyond all others and the financial resources (or grant resources) whereby to save this historic inn...the thought is not only ludicrous but also absolutely shameful...
Dawne Burke, West Virginia [04-07-2003]

I'll never forget what they pulled with Mr. Ron's in East Norriton. Don't let them do the same sneak attack with this Inn. There's enough damn CVSs around and not enough historical spots.
Mike Reilly, Collegeville, PA [04-02-2003]

naomi sirchie, warminster, pa [04-02-2003]

Save our history !
Aaron.Serfass, 370 Church Rd. Elkins Park PA. 19027 [03-18-2003]

There are so few historical buildings left in the United States, please do all you can to preserve this building.
susan [03-18-2003]

Monica Vlna [03-14-2003]

SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN! Even out here on the Great Plains of Kansas, we put great value on our historical landmarks. Urban sprawl should be limited. No historical landmark should ever be destroyed or displaced.
David P. Barton, Wichita Kansas [03-14-2003]

STOP URBAN SPRAWL! SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN! Historical landmarks should never be destroyed, PERIOD
Vivien L. Barton, Wichita, Kansas [03-14-2003]

T here are many available sites the can accommodate this project; the developer needs to look elsewhere in Flowertown. This country and our area devalue such historically rich sites as the Black Horse Inn.
Joseph W. Cermanski, Esquire, Conshohocken [03-05-2003]

benjamin lennon [03-02-2003]

Michael, San Francisco, California [02-23-2003]

Gregory Gibson [02-23-2003]

we have enough cvs drug store's liquor store,but we don't have enough compassion to preserve america's histoy,you all should be damned!
denny mccary, maryland [02-20-2003]

Teresa Roy [02-19-2003]

We need to save our heritage for our children. I took my daughter there many times at her request as a child and now she wanted to take her son there and found they wanted to tear it down. Certain places remain in our hearts with fond memories and history and they should not be destroyed. SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN!
Beverly Vance, Morristown, NJ [02-19-2003]

I grew up in New Jersey and spent many Sunday afternoon family drives ending up at the Black Horse Inn for dinner. I am going home for a trip and thought I would look it up AND THIS IS WHAT I FOUND. THIS IS NOT GOOD! We need to save our heritage and history. I spent many of my birthdays at the Black Horse Inn at my choice. I hate to see it go.
Patricia Vance Cooke, St. Petersburg, Florida [02-19-2003]

Save it bc it is a landmark that is older than u.
george giovinazzo [02-19-2003]

Save The Black Horse Inn!
Beverly Hills [02-15-2003]

Please save this building. It needs to be researched and listened too!
William F. Amey Jr., Ambler PA [02-12-2003]

Lenny Cravits, ny [02-12-2003]

Just save it.
joe weierbach, Vermont [02-10-2003]

save the black horse inn
ROBERT L CURRIER, denver [02-10-2003]

Stephen John Townend, Jacksonville Fl [02-03-2003]

Are developers nuts?!
christinaSASSO, lakewood, nj [01-29-2003]

They are planning to move the Inn to the rear of the property to accomodate the CVS, etc.The building should stay and the new stores should be located at the rear of the property, as the site is not that deep and there would be plenty of visability for the commercial developement. That the Commonwealth (the State liquor store) would support this desecration is unbelievable, this is the destruction of Pennsylvania history. Flourtown is a small town and everyone would know what stores are on the site without moving the Black Horse Inn. I strongly doubt the building will fare well during the relocation and the dynamic of the historical site will be changed for the worse. Restored, the Inn would be a fabulous landmark,and could exist with the new development. It is said that soldiers from both the American and Brittish forces drank at the Inn during the war depending on which side controlled the area at the time.
David Dickson [01-26-2003]

Save the Black Horse Inn.....POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
Beth Zinn, Somerset County [01-22-2003]

WE are overrun with the sams drug stores and strip malls throughout the suburbs. Our children need to see and be able to touch the past history of our counties. There is so little left let us start to preserve the few remaining sites we have.
tom herter, warminster, bucks [01-22-2003]

We need to save our heritage; this is what made us Americans. It is so sad when a building is torn down to make room for a drug store, etc. What happened to our past? We need to immortalize these old buildings as proof as to where we came from and what we did. Thanks for listening.
Patricia Organsky, Plymouth Meeting PA [01-22-2003]

We must save some historic sites for our children.Cant they find some vacant lot somewhere?
Nelson Gillis, Arcadia FL. [01-17-2003]

Giving away our heritage for the sake of "progress" is not modernization. Instead it is a further testament of how far we as the people of the USA have removed ourselves from the original goals for which this country was founded.
Donna Dillon, Western PA [01-17-2003]

Pay fair market value to current owners.
L.G., Dunmore, PA [01-17-2003]

dianne suminski [01-17-2003]

Philip Akam [01-17-2003]

We certainly don't need another shopping area. With so many shopping centers now with empty store space, I would think the builder could utilize some empty space somewhere else instead of sacrificing our historical sites!
Terry Ceulers, Brandywine Battlefield [01-09-2003]

I don't know this place, but I do know that it is not right to tear down something that is of good importance to people. So, I say, do not tear it down.
Cassandra [01-08-2003]

Good luck!
Jessi Hepburn, North Carolina [01-08-2003]

a.giammusso [01-06-2003]

MB [01-02-2003]

granville, ohio is home to the buxton inn. the oldest, continuously run inn in ohio. very lucrative tourist attraction for village and owner. their phone number is 740-587-0001.
MARY BLINE & LISA SANDMAN, granville, ohio 43023 [01-02-2003]

I was browsing historical PA regarding a textile picture I have, and came across this site and picture. Trying to locate anything on La France Textile Industries. Picture with sticker "Medal of Honor" 1926 in the Sesquicentenial International Exposition. And this picture looks similar to that of the "Black Horse Inn"! PA has so many historic sites and information I feel that this building should be preserved and say "Thank you" for a great site that is very well displayed and educational. We can never recreate these historic buildings and homes. We should try to perserve all we can.
Carol Ann Williams, Wyoming [01-02-2003]