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Black Horse Inn
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Save the Black Horse Inn Petition Archive: 2002

Please save our past. We have enough shopping options we do not need more.
Lori Jaggers [12-23-2002]

Edward Lacovara [12-23-2002]

I think that the Black Horse Inn should be saved and restored and added in the National Register of Historic Places. I also think the state should step in and buy the Black Horse Inn and save it. The current owner can find a new place for his drug store, liquor store, and bank. I can't see why he wants to tear it down anyway. He can find a different location. This Inn was here before he was.
BRIAN ROESCH, plantation, florida 33313-6565 [12-22-2002]

Jill Thompson, Tallahassee, FL [12-22-2002]

its a disgrace to tear this down and replace it with comerceral junk.
alice boire, saskatoon,sask. canada [12-18-2002]

Michael Simons, Havertown PA [12-18-2002]

I grew up in 3 separate houses on Bethlehem Pike and one was next door to the Black Horse. I remember the horses and cows that Bob McCloskey kept there. It's been 30 years and I don't recognize Flourtown today for all the ugly "new" architecture. Other than the 1st Presby Church, what's left to be preserved?
Ginny Scott, Indian Trail, NC [12-18-2002]

Victor D'Angelo, Flourtown, PA. [12-14-2002]

Please save our history for our childern.
Chris Brewer [12-14-2002]

Briana Noble [12-08-2002]

Don't tear it town to build another place to shop. We need our historic relics to show the children of the future what was instead of what could have been. Hands on learning is always better when you can see, touch and feel a place instead of learning about it in a book. Save this building and use it to your town's advantage. Don't let this opportunity pass you buy.
Dorothy Witkop, Denver [12-07-2002]

Stand tough and don't change the zoning. History is worth saving.
Claire, Bryn Mawr, Pa [12-07-2002]

Why tear down such a beautiful piece of history? There is already a liquor store next to the Black Horse property, a bank across the street, and a CVS a half a mile down the road.
Corrie, Flourtown [12-05-2002]

Why not include the Inn in the building plans.? It would make the area more attractive and provide a conversation source as well. Work with the history of area and include it in the overall plans.
Mrs. Millicent E.Brady 5410 Webster St. Philadelphia.PA [11-27-2002]

Katie Butcher, Washington, DC [11-27-2002]

I live in Las Vegas and there is barely anything historical around here. Developers should learn to keep their pants on and stop tearig down beautiful things!
Loretta Helen Mazzia, Las Vegas, Nevada [11-27-2002]

an inn like this can make money for the owner if it is in working order as a catering hall and restaurant as well as museum, and add to his standing in the community -- its just good business, from his perspective!
Beth Tischler, Cherry Hill, NJ [11-26-2002]

When I drive past The Black Horse Inn, I think of what it what once was and what it could be. Never have I thought of it as another strip mall in Flourtown.
Julia, Fort Washington PA [11-24-2002]

We can't take it with us but we sure can keep it here! When the opportunity to do the RIGHT thing presents itself, how can we do otherwise with a clear conscience? The Inn will be here (if preserved) much longer than any one of us and will be of much more value than any alternative.
suzanne wronko [11-24-2002]

There aren't many things of value left for us to visit. Please leave this one. There are other places to build those businesses but only this one location where the Inn can reside.
Jessica Spears, Cincinnati, OH [11-24-2002]

You don't have the right to tear down a piece of history
kimberly goring [11-24-2002]

maxine [11-24-2002]

I think that anything that has to deal with our heritage, our past, and can help us in the present should be kept for our learning benefit. I am a tenth grader at Winder-Barrow High School and am also in Advanced US History. America is getting itself to far ahead of itself. Learning is excellence. If you get it, you'll keep it for life with a respect and understanding of why life is important and why things are/were the way they are. Thank you and good Luck! Sincerely, David Ryan Barrett 833 Laurel Lane Winder, GA 30680 Drcardiology@india.com Drpsychology2002@aol.com THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!
David Ryan Barrett, Winder, Georgia (GO Georgia DAWGS!) [11-21-2002]

Atlanta is no Philadelphia, they have no buildings like Black Horse Inn.
kathryn gill, Atlanta [11-21-2002]

Preston Lipe, message: [11-17-2002]

Save the Black Horse Inn, it is much too valuable a historical site.
Dawn Jaeger [11-15-2002]

I vote to save the Black Horse Inn. It is the only historical building left in Sprigfield Township. It would be a shame to see it go. I have lived in Flourtown my entire life and plan to live here for a long time. I think the idea of adding a liquior store, bank, and a CVS is crazy. What are the developers trying to accomplish? We already have a liquior store, a CVS, and plenty of banks along Bethlehem Pike. If you put a liquior store/CVS here you will of accomplished two things..1. tearing down a piece of Flourtowns rich history, and conjesting Bethlehem Pike. PLEASE DO NOT TEAR THE BLACK HORSE INN down.
Jim Belcher, Flourtown [11-15-2002]

My 5th G-granfather was the proprietor of the Black Horse in 1776 (Isaac Connely). I'd really like to visit someday...spend some money..be a tourist...but,,,,,,,if you turn it into a strip mall.....sorry. ain't comming!!!!!!! Thanks....Brian Connely
Brian Connely, Casper,Wy [11-15-2002]

Victoria MacLaren [11-13-2002]

We don't need another drug store...etc....Save the Inn.
Debbie Green [11-11-2002]

Carrie Dailey, Binghamton, NY [11-08-2002]

i love amrica ya
alexandria stevenson, waveland ms [11-08-2002]

As a native born Pennsylvanian, living in the Midwest, it would be a great loss to lose the Black Horse Inn. If the Inn qualifies for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, the Township should do everything possible to protect and preserve this landmark. Stop the unnecessary loss of our History to put up parking lots, drugstores, and supermarkets. Preserve the past for our children and our grandchildren.
Kim, Ramsey, MN [11-04-2002]

Native Philadlephian, Misses home. Don't destroy landmarks. We need the past to savor the future.
JM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [11-04-2002]

Please do the right thing and preserve this hotel. We need to save our heritage, not produce more urban blight.
Kelly Weaver [11-04-2002]

I think that the owner should have no say in whether to include it in the National Register of Historic Places. Instead, I think the state should step in and buy the Black Horse Inn and save it. The current owner can find a new place for his drug store, liquor store, and bank. I can't see why he wants to tear it down anyway.
Corey Waltrip, Springdale, AR [11-03-2002]

Please do not tear this peice of history down. We have lost so much to this type of demolition. There must be plenty of places they can build and not destroy our history!!!!
Angela Martin, Valdosta Georgia [11-03-2002]

i wood love to save the black horse inn it is vear vear ould i think thah it can be saved i wood do all i can to save it
jamie c dougherty, philadelphia pa [11-03-2002]

Tragically, developers think that new growth is better for all. Our past and history are all that we have as a country. Keep America strong. Show our children and our children's children from whence we came!
Jamie Bolt, San Francisco, CA. [11-02-2002]

Max Yocum, Denver, CO [10-31-2002]

I think I want to save this builing because so people can see and enjoy things from past.
Lara Davenport [10-31-2002]

Tell the developer to go to ****.
Megan [10-31-2002]

A liquor store on every corner is going to be our downfall. please preserve as much history as you can.
dianne nauialis [10-30-2002]

leave it i like the place, i think it is special
j dogg, gastonia nc [10-30-2002]

cool, i live near this, its nice to know the reas history of it! :-)
kathleen, Springfield Township [10-30-2002]

jon [10-30-2002]

Andy [10-30-2002]

I stumbled upon this as I was looking for some information for an american history class. It is a shame that someone would want to tear down something with history for a parking lot... I go to college on a campus with lots of old buildings and they are wonderful. We need to preserve them!
Amanda Warren, Kansas City, Mo [10-29-2002]

When we see a site of historical importance in our daily travels, we are reminded that we are a part of something larger and more important. A visit to a strip mall just reminds me how much I hate suburban sprawl! Please find a way to save this fine building, or at the very least, incorporate it into the proposed hack-job.
Tom Miller, Pen Argyl PA [10-29-2002]

Sarah [10-27-2002]

I grew up near this building and always appreciated it. I hope it can be saved; so much of historical Flourtown has already been destroyed.
John Cressman [10-27-2002]

If u tear it down u will be sorry!!!!!!!!!!
Darron [10-27-2002]

i think it should stay there because it is history of pa dont let them do this i disapprove of that ty
Lewis Grossnickle, royersford pa [10-27-2002]

once you have distroyed history you can never get it back!!!
jeff Davis, Seaside, Or [10-26-2002]

i think that that would be a cool place to visit if i ever go there. to the tear down people yall r mean!!!
Emileigh [10-25-2002]

It is very important to save these landmarks and preserve our links to our history.
johnette napolitano, Los Angeles [10-24-2002]

We need to preserve our historical landmarks. They remind us of what makes America great. They need to be available for future generations to see, touch and feel. I am a native of NJ and the history of our Founding Fathers in the Northeast is rich and fascinating. Please don't destroy a landmark for another cookie cutter strip mall!
Susan, Winter Springs, FL [10-24-2002]

David Peterson [10-21-2002]

Melanie Aldrich, Boston, Mass [10-21-2002]

Who needs another cvs? Preserve our heritage lest we forget who we are.
Nancy Larue [10-20-2002]

Andrew Stevens, Lakewood, CA [10-20-2002]

Deborah Tomai [10-17-2002]

Evan Andriopoulos [10-17-2002]

Save an Inn that dates back 250 years or put up a CVS? I can't believe this is even an issue. The shortsighted greed is criminal. Save the Inn!
mike, San Francisco [10-16-2002]

Christopher Kopko, Newburgh, NY [10-16-2002]

Developers are evil!
John, Norristown, PA [10-16-2002]

Please keep the inn! It's historical, and we don't have enough of that in the area! It makes the classes more interesting when students can TOUCH history! PS: There is already a CVS in Erdenheim. They CAN co-exist.
K. Craddock, Philadelphia PA/Pasadena TX [10-16-2002]

We need to cherish and save our History, not tear it down for a CVS! S
john carson [10-16-2002]

The Black Horse Inn is an American historical site. Please preserve this nation's colonial and Revolutionary War heritage, as it was known at Springfield Township, Pennsylvania.
Brian J. Reilly, Idaho Falls, Idaho [10-16-2002]

Joanna Whetstine [10-16-2002]

Save the inn!
Chelsea Montgomery-Duban [10-09-2002]

Save that inn!It's a great building that people probably gaze at.
Alexandra Packard [10-09-2002]

Michael Johns, Narberth, PA. [10-07-2002]

I hate seeing history go to waste! I am shocked. If anyone did that to something so important here in Maine, I'd kill them. PS, Shaharisaahd isn't my real name, it's my pen-name ;->
Shaharisaahd Mooneyes [10-07-2002]

isaac hitchcock [10-07-2002]

Please preserve and restore this beautiful historic property.
Pete Bodor, Ft. Washington, Pa [10-07-2002]

Mary Miner [10-02-2002]

This is part of our History and should be saved
John Poiesz, Delaware County [10-02-2002]

I never saw the black horse Inn, nor am I familiar with the area, but I can tell you that if the developer get his hands on her, it's just another step in the degration of our country. A similar case happened in my area, and now it's a strip mall.
John R. Montanelli [10-02-2002]

Mary K McGettigan, Norristown, former Flourtown resident [09-30-2002]

V. Mah [09-29-2002]

This property should,have never gottin into the hands of a developer,in the first place.Greed over morals! thats the problem,with this country today.We need to preserve all history of our founding.And NOT for just our generation. Look behind you. Thanks,Ron Harding
Ron Harding, Indiana [09-29-2002]

Matthew DiGise [09-28-2002]

Sari David, Boston, Ma [09-28-2002]

Katrina Tattoli [09-28-2002]

I used to live in PA, and I saw many historic landmarks lost.... another Inn, another milepost and soon, we will have no true, concrete history. My children NEED their history, not a state store or a bank.
Michael Scoble, Odenton, MD [09-28-2002]

How many modern buildings do we need?How about fixing the historical ones to do the job. It's not easy to make a 258 year old building. thank you.
Michael Hando [09-28-2002]

I won't to save the black house because its a historic place
Aaron Evans, 606 ne 1 st [09-28-2002]

I think it is woring to tear it down. Call at 1-850-835-1929
Matthew DiGise, FreePort Florida [09-28-2002]

Sherry L Behr, Arlington, Texas [09-28-2002]

brandon spurlock [09-28-2002]

J.B. [09-28-2002]

m phillips [09-28-2002]

i think the black hourse inn should stay standing
anthony moore, idaho [09-28-2002]

I grew up in Flourtown. We've lost a lot of the old charm. What remains should be protected. Losing such a place for a CVS would be an abomination!
Tom Paff, Valley Forge [09-28-2002]

Preserving a part of history is more important than a few people making a profit. There are enough 'strip malls' and shopping centers in the area. Let them reuse land that already has been destroyed for commercial use.
Mary Sepaniak, King of Prussia [09-28-2002]

We have lost too many historical sites already. We must preserve those that still exist. Another CVS, how many do we need. I'm sure that suitable location for those businesses can be found
Bob Reardon, Philadelphia area [09-28-2002]

This bulding is a treasure tha shouldbe saved, no matter what uses others propose for the land. Be it a liquor store, day care center or health clinic, it should not be destroyed.
Robert Langan, McLean, Virginia [09-28-2002]

We have enough liquor stores and CVS Drug stores.
Debra Burdick, Montgomery Co. [09-28-2002]

There's only one Black Horse Inn. There are already too many CVS stores.
Joseph Dowling [09-28-2002]

Renee Rome [09-28-2002]

We must preserve our history! Flourtown doesn't need another liquor store, drug store or a bank!!!! Go build them down where an abandoned Taco Bell has stood for over a year, or where the paint store closed and is up for rent! What we need is to restore character and old-world charm to the main drag. A restored historic property would do just that. Why do we allow developers to destroy historic properties? Why can't we, as Americans, learn that we need to preserve history for our children and our children's children. A CVS store will not stand the test of time. Neither will a bank, or a liquor store. A historical inn that is important to Springfield's history would. We need reminders of our past. STOP THE DEVELOPERS!!! SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN!!!!
Sara Hesdon, Flourtown, PA [09-28-2002]

Please save this historic landmark. This is what brings visitors...not a CVS.
Lauren Neary, Delaware County [09-28-2002]

tear it down?????no way!!!!!
janice hawes, kansas city,mo. [09-28-2002]

Please! Don't tear down the inn! It' a piece of history!
Izabela, Connecticut [09-28-2002]

We need to save as much of our history as we can. We don't need more Banks, liquor stores and such. They can be built any where, yet we can never replace the historical buildings once they are gone.
Mary E. Hall [09-28-2002]

Stop destroying our history!
Dan C., Nebraska [09-28-2002]

If its Historic than it should be saved for the good of the nation
McCrae, North Carolina [09-28-2002]

Martin W. Gehlhaus,Jr. [09-28-2002]

Marilyn J. Elliott [09-28-2002]

We must save the links to our past. They tell us who we were, and show us what we have become. Open your eyes, and sheathe your ignorance. Don't tear down the Black Horse Inn.
Michael [09-28-2002]

One of the reasons America doesn't have near as much history (besides the fact were so much of a younger country) is become people like to destroy what little we do have...
Eileen O'Hara [09-28-2002]

Developers have destroyed enough history in this country for money, I hope they are stoped before they ruin this historic site.
William P. Michel, Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

Please send me info on preservation progress.
Barbara Williams, Black Rock,CT [09-13-2002]

Barbara Williams [09-13-2002]

History and farmlands need to be preserved and protected from the destruction of developers
Michael and Dona Rhoads, Perry Co. PA [09-13-2002]

jacqueline Silva [09-13-2002]

alex melendez, coram, ny [09-13-2002]

My GGGGGgrandfather William Noblit built the Black Horse Inn in 1744. His son Samuel faught in the Revolutionary War. I would like to visit it someday. Please don't tear it down.
Michael Noblit, Loretto TN [09-13-2002]

C M [09-13-2002]

I am originally from the NJ/PA area. This Inn should be preserved. We need to have more pride and reverence for our history.
Lisa Sokoloski [09-13-2002]

Don't tear down history! Georgia has recently had it's flag redesigned. We lost part of our history, don't destroy something as beautiful as the Black Horse Inn.
PJ Hix, Leesburg, Georgia [09-13-2002]

This building is an IRREPLACEABLE part of our country's history. The world truly doesn't need another liquor store, bank or parking lot! Get your priorities straight! Be creative & innovative & work with the building that is already there instead of tearing it down!
Debbie Francis, Houston, Texas [09-13-2002]

Save the blackhorse inn
Marian Noblit [09-13-2002]

Cathy Hudson [09-13-2002]

Edward Hynes [09-06-2002]

It is necessary to preserve symbols of our history so our descendants can have a concrete visual concept of our nations past.
Ann Monrad, Boise, Idaho [09-05-2002]

Brian Neil O'Connor, Middletown, NJ [09-05-2002]

kimberly perry, shelbyville [09-05-2002]

don't tear it down
ashley trenhaile, shelbyville [09-05-2002]

Coleman Sellers, VI [08-25-2002]

That building is a landmark, it has withstood the elements for this long. I think the youth should raise money for a building project. To rebuild this monument, so it will be there for many more generations to come.
Christina Nunn, Killeen, Texas [08-24-2002]

Karin KESSLER, southampton [08-23-2002]

Shopping malls can be built anywhere,anytime with little or no impact on our lives. Historical sites once gone are lost forever and a part of our heritage is permanently erased. Too much of our past is already gone. Don't add the "Black Horse Inn" to this sad list.
Gay Mamantov, Levelland, TX [08-23-2002]

Please don't-- we can't afford to lose another piece of history. Our town recently lost a beautiful 1800's bldg. which was a stable for Union mules in the Civil War. Now in its place is a five stall car wash. Sad.
Sean Steele [08-23-2002]

Traci Connaughton [08-23-2002]

CAROLYN FINN [08-23-2002]

how are you today
Tara, london [08-23-2002]

Save the Blackhorse Inn...To much of our history has been taken for what? Money, money and more money....
Lynette Johnson [08-23-2002]

Scientific research has shown that sales per sq. ft. of retail are in the range of 30 percent higher (HIGHER!) if the space is designed & built using environmental principles, such as windows, skylights, natural materials, healthy amounts and temperature-humidity of air, quality acoustics, etc. It is easy to see a preserved and intelligently designed historic inn having the potential of dramatically greater revenues for an intelligent township and developer. Take a chance, Springfield. Do it right and you'll have a reason to be Someplace rather than just a dot on a highway map. Contact 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania or The National Trust for Historic Preservation for loads of case studies and success stories, for references and resources, for a winning solution rather than "same old Same Old".
Bill Marston, AIA, (historic) Philadelphia [08-23-2002]

One of the few attractive characteristics of the Philly area is it's old landmarks. We already have plenty of strip malls and stores!!
Ed Avon, Lansdale, Pa [08-23-2002]

Margaret M. Mahon, Montgomery County [08-12-2002]

1744! Please do not allow this historical treasure be gone forever. We have lost enough to CVS!
Michelle Reale-Opalesky, West Chester, PA [08-12-2002]

Once again, money is the most important thing. During a time when our roots and patriotism mean everything to us, we should preserve buildings that are important to our American heritage. I think it is "architectural terrorism" to tear down this beautiful and historical landmark.
Kathleen Eichlin Cannon, Horsham, PA [08-09-2002]

Laura Cooper [08-09-2002]

Stacey Cooper [08-09-2002]

Jeff Cooper [08-09-2002]

As a student of American History, I have seen the Fraunces Tavern sold, and I have seen many historic places in CA fall to shopping centers, and the like. Today, a young man asked me what the difference was among commonwealths, republics, and states. We don't teach our history and I am certain that the Black Horse Inn will become just another memory. Mark my words, sirs, when we can no longer touch our history, we will lose it. Save the Black Horse Inn.
Melanie K. Wooten, Eddyville, IA [08-08-2002]

Dear Commissioners, Greed is destroying all that we hold dear to our hearts. Please let your conscience guide you, recognizing that once history is erased there will be no turning back. Please do not allow greedy developers to devour our history. Surely there are few values we still recognize, such as honor and integrity. Kindly allow the Black Horse Tavern to be placed on the Historic Register.
A. Duval [08-08-2002]

Not every square inch of land needs to be taken over by developments or strip malls.
Cathy F, Hamilton, NJ [08-08-2002]

Good luck, I hope your succeed in not allowing them to tear it down.
Mark Dresher, Green Bay, WI [08-08-2002]

Anthony T. Fabbricatore, Ph.D. [08-08-2002]

The destruction of such historic structures should not be allowed. I would love to see a major effort started by the people to save them. If somebody with clout would start the ball rolling, they would have many of us to back them up!
Barbara Green, Whittier, CA [08-08-2002]

Anything for a buck.
Greg Homer [08-08-2002]

In a time that young children are not taught the significance of our history do you want to continue that trend by erasing our past? Shame on everyone that abandons connections to the past like this.
Matt Hansen, Grand Rapids, MI [08-08-2002]

Save the Inn. It is a historical site.
Elizabeth Semon, Schwenksville PA [08-08-2002]

Arrogance and greed!
jane flathmann, long island NY [08-08-2002]

Please save our history. Do not tear the Historic Black Horse Inn down.
Stephen J. Kohut, Scranton,Pa. [08-08-2002]

Shad Rogers, Findlay Ohio [08-08-2002]

America in general has a very low regard for its history; this is indeed unfortunate. (Rename the structure the "Black Horse Sports Complex" and no doubt it will be spared the wrecking ball.)
Matt Hutchinson [08-08-2002]

During this time of terrorism threatening our country, USA citizens are choosing to vacation at home instead of going abroad. Many Americans are are visiting historical sites at an attempt to make a connection with this country's past. What a shame it would be for one of those sites to be forever obliterated!
Beth Homan, Houston, TX [08-08-2002]

During this time of terrorism threatening our country, USA citizens are choosing to vacation at home instead of going abroad. Many Americans are are visiting historical sites at an attempt to make a connection with this country's past. What a shame it would be for one of those sites to be forever obliterated!
Beth Homan, Houston, TX [07-25-2002]

Save american history!!!!
Joseph E. Sudol, Plano, TX [07-24-2002]

What a disgusting idea... I hope it's not true!
Rachel R, San Diego [07-24-2002]

Shame on you for trying to tear down this beautiful historical inn. Have you been to Europe with all of its wonderful sites? I have news for you...homes are artifacts and must be restored in honor of our great cultural history. If all historic homes were ripped down, archaeologists of the future would find only corporations...is this that how you want America to be represented when we're gone? A bunch of CVS' and malls? No thanks
jane hernandez, new york [07-24-2002]

In Europe, they have a preserved history. However, here in a America we like to tear all our buildings down with little regard for our history. (I don't know why.) I am a music/history student here at West Chester University. Please help us save our historic landmarks so future students of history can go and visit and study them. Thank you. Matt Williams
Matt Williams, West Chester University [07-24-2002]

Developers are so out of touch with history and its value to everyone.
Roy T Nesbitt, Pittsburgh, PA [07-16-2002]

Please do not destroy any more of our history! We must preserve the roots of our country's beginnings. Please help the developers find another place for their stores. Thanks!
Candace Rodman, Ph.D., Muncie, IN [07-15-2002]

Mrs. Linda L. Allen, Lyman, New Hampshire [07-15-2002]

Don't tear down another historical treasure.
L. Lalli, Blue Bell, PA [07-14-2002]

Please preserve our past. We can always have a new drug store, but we can never replace a piece of history
Amy Rose [07-14-2002]

We have so few historic buildings left, we need to save all the remaining ones that we can.
Rachel Resler, Indiana [07-14-2002]

it's bad enough things change to fast in this world...lets keep some history around...if everyone keeps destroying things then how will the next generation learn from it
DeAnna, Michigan [07-14-2002]

Mary Ellen Leonard [07-14-2002]

Nick Minio [07-12-2002]

Flourtown absolutely can not afford to loose this historical site. Rip down the liquor store that exists next to this, and turn the grounds into a historical monument, park, and expansion of the athletic fields!
David Redfield, Flourtown, PA [07-11-2002]

Keep the Black Horse Inn....there will never be another!! Colonial heritage is in short supply.
Owen G. Jones, Myrtle Beach, SC [07-11-2002]

Please preserve the historic site of the "Black Horse Inn." There aren't too many places left in our great nation that is this old. This place is clearly a piece of our nations history. Please preserve it so that one day our future generations can enjoy it with their children. To replace this historic site to build a drug store, liquor store and a bank would be a great tragedy. Please reconsider.
Miguel A Santiago, Hialeah Florida [07-10-2002]

History has a greater value than any profit.
Aaron B. Oleen, Kansas [07-10-2002]

Joseph G. Coleman [07-10-2002]

Amanda J Snyder, Springfield Ohio [07-10-2002]

The Inn should be preserved, the current state store should be torn down to restore the original property. We dont need more alcohol sales, we need more sense.
Matthew H Mousley, Flourtown PA [07-10-2002]

Andrew Stevens [07-10-2002]

History cannot be replaced. This is not something that you can take back once you tear it down. These stores that you want to replace with can go anywhere. Think of other options please. thanks
Jofe Fitzgibbon, Philadelphia [07-05-2002]

Please allow this historical inn to be preserved.
Richard LD Hammond, Lansing, MI [07-05-2002]

It is a historical place. There is too much developing of historical places
John Quinn, Pennsylvania [07-04-2002]

I would like to see it saved and restored.
Maureen Ohler, Michigan [07-04-2002]

Mary Werner [07-04-2002]

The USA has already demolished way too many irreplaceable historical treasures for want of a quick profit. Pennsylvania is so blessed with historical sites that give the state (and especially the Philadelphia area) a wonderful sense of tradition. However, way too many have already been lost. Please don't add to the list. Thank you.
Gordon Sweinhart, Lebanon Couty, PA [07-04-2002]

It's very distressing to see our historical landmarks and buildings constantly being demolished by greedy developers and corporations. I want my children to be able to see and experience the history of their country when we visit Philadelphia, not be faced with endless, generic shopping centers. Jeers to CVS . . .I'm glad I quit shopping there over a year ago. Wild horses couldn't drag me back now!
KB, Indiana [07-04-2002]

Here in Nashville, Walgreens tore down a historic building called The Jeffersonian. It was beautiful. All that is there is a large parking lot and a drug store. I WILL NEVER GO TO A WALGREENS AGAIN. I hope that anyone who reads this will do the same.
josh nichols, Nashville, TN [07-04-2002]

Shame,Shame as my mother would have said ! Demolition of a nations heritage should be illegal ! I understand that this property shouldnt be given away,but you would think that preservation should take priority over demoliion. How about some national publicity? Picket the establishment and make sure that the speculators names are prominent! Call for a National March to preserve historic structures once a year! Count me in ! I will make it a point to shop somewhere other than CVS.
Margaret Johnson 6-30-02, New York [07-01-2002]

Jennifer Olsen [07-01-2002]

Carl Intriss [07-01-2002]

I do not live in the area nor have even visited the Inn but I love history. We do not have to many of our historic past around. Most are reproductions or in musems and such. I like visiting old homes and such to get a feel of what people back then are going through. I have visited some place in Center City Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey and it has helps bring our history to life. I feel that we owe to our fore father to keep these buildings up to par. Not only that but for future generations. Also for those who enjoy and appreciate history.
Valarie Cromwell, Pine Hill, New Jersey [07-01-2002]

In Bucks County we once had a colonial hotel, (The Buck Hotel) now we have a drab reproduction of the same building housing a business about ready to go under. Keep the Black Horse Inn, skip the strip Mall, I think we all have had enough.
Paul Goodwin, Bucks County [06-27-2002]

Donna Smith-Remick, Bensalem, PA [06-27-2002]

As a young person growing up in this day and age, I find that there are very few things to remind us about our past with all the distractions that the culture presents. The young people may not pay attention at this moment to an old building, but when we're older, I believe that we will yearn for the thing's that take us back to our roots. Thank you for trying to preserve our history for us.
Andrea Vega, Churubusco, IN [06-27-2002]

This happens all too often in the Philadelphia area. As long as there is development pressure and a quick buck to be made, things of less tangible value like the Black Horse Inn will be neglected or destroyed. I'm heartened to see all the responses here and hope that those with the power to do something will see that the truly visionary action is not necessraily the economically expedient one. And while we're at it, let me put in a plug for the old Boyd Theater on Chestnut Street - also in danger (www.boydtheatre.org).
Niel McDowell, Philadelphia [06-27-2002]

Jayson Van Ingen [06-19-2002]

David E. Emmert [06-19-2002]

Hello. I have been a traveler on Bethlehem Pike through Springfield Township on a regular basis for over 25 years. It is a lovely stretch of road, unique for the quality of the buildings and the sensitivity of most of the development that has occurred. Please preserve the Black Horse Inn. It is a valuable asset that helps to set Springfield Township and Bethlehem Pike apart from its less well developed neighbors.
David N. Salkin, Philadelphia [06-19-2002]

We hardly have enough standing landmarks as it is! The Black Horse Inn as well as many other historical landmarks are very important to our culture. They are the only means of seeing into the past.
Amy [06-19-2002]

Jillian Molinaro, Chicago [06-19-2002]

We lived in Flourtown for 15 years and this was a favorite building, we visited it when it was a tavern, SAVE IT! In Cape May, CVS worked for years to open a store. They claimed they wouldl be open 24 hours, which was a falsehood, they only want to sell all the other junk that you can buy anywhere. Save the Black Horse!
DOUGHERTY, Cape May, NJ [06-16-2002]

Shoot the Owner Save the Inn (just kidding)
Richard Morrison Sr., Billings, Montana [06-15-2002]

I grew up near Chestnut Hill in Springfield Twp. and spent many pleasant hours at the Black Horse Inn with my late parents and feel it is abhorrant that the current owner is so obssessed by greed that he will destroy this irreplacable historic landmark. When I moved 4 years ago from my last home in Delaware County, most of the last remaining acreage was being gobbled up by developers for corporate centers and sprawl. Unfortunately, it's not much better where I now live in Kentucky, across from Cincinnati. As a long time member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I strongly oppose the demolition of the Black Horse Inn. Please, send CVS somewhere else for their pharmacy, and save the Inn! Mimi Morgan
Mimi Morgan, Florence, Kentucky [06-14-2002]

Becky Raisman, ILLinois [06-13-2002]

The world really already has enough mini marts and all night drug stores. Most likely only a five minute more drive away. Save something that is unique, instead of replacing it with cookie cutter shops.
Angela Brenner [06-13-2002]

I am appalled that anyone would even consider tearing down such an important historic landmark. Once its gone it will be gone for eternity, and for what, another CVS drug store bank and parking lot. This is outrageous and a desecration of our heritage. Please dp not let this building be destroyed
Roger Wood, sc [06-13-2002]

Try to use your heads before destroying a landmark like the Black Horse Inn. Once a treasure like this is gone, it is gone forever. The last thing we need in this world is one more gd drug store....
Paul Bean, Douglassville, PA [06-13-2002]

i was raised outside of philly ahd every year my family vists we always go to the historical parts of the city these are important to my generation not more shopping centers
tammy gonzalez, deland florida [06-10-2002]

Louisa Lougheed [06-10-2002]

Since CVS has no regards for individual's Patriotic feelings and what build this nation, I will NOT SHOP AT ANY OF THEIR STORES! I will pass the word to others that their main concern is money! They don't need and will not get my business. A similar situtation occured here in TN with one of CVS competitors. When the people voiced their opinions, the company graciously stopped there plans and is now looking for a new location. That's good business.
Patti [06-10-2002]

Have the developer look somewhere else. There are other good sites around.
Timothy P. Norris, St. Louis, MO [06-10-2002]

Save America's History for future Gererations!
Cindy Lafaw, Lehighton, PA [06-10-2002]

We in America don't have many historic landmarks as it, please don't destroy another one. In Europe, there are so many wonderful things from so long ago, reminding us of our heritage and our ancestors. Don't take this one away from the American people, and the citizens of Philadelphia.
Theresa Willerup [06-10-2002]

don't tear down our nations history!!! find another block to build your drug store, bank, and liquor store on!!!
lindsey rosier, utah [06-05-2002]

save the black horse inn
Danyel, 1214madisonstreet point pleasantNJ [06-05-2002]

As an American history teacher- my heart goes out to you. Unfortunately, our American heritage is simply unimportant to some people, and all of us have to pay for it!
Allison Tonne, San Angelo, Tx [06-05-2002]

I grew up in Upper Darby, PA, and have always loved this Inn, please don't lose the rich history of the area.
Margie Wolchak, Stafford, VA [06-04-2002]

I realize that in our current corporate culture, many would happily tear down Independence Hall to make room for another shopping establishment, but please resist the urge to sell our heritage and our history to the highest bidder. There are American traditions more important than the accumulation of money, and the reverence of our colonial past is one of them.
Michael Gregory, Fort Thomas, KY [06-03-2002]

Dear Sirs and Madams: Historic sites are treasures that we maintain as part of our heritage to pass along to our children. Once torn down, these treasures cannot be resurrected, but only remembered from second-hand sources. Nothing impresses a child as much as first-hand experiences. For children to see this Inn is a priceless experience! Please consider the value of our nation's history when you do your cost-benefit analysis of whether to destory this irreplaceable site. Thank you.
Susan A. Comins, Esq., Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C. [06-02-2002]

My 4th great grandfather was Isaac Connely. Isaac is buried on Cash-Up Road in Forest County, Pa. My family tree can be viewed on Ancestry.com
Douglas M. Thayer, Warren, Warren County, PA [05-31-2002]

Please save the tavern. God knows there is no shortage of pharmacies.
Tom McClemens, succasunna, nj 07876 [05-30-2002]

Years ago I got married and moved to Flourtown from Center City Phila. I remember when the people in Flourtown were concerned about how I would fit i, being a city person. City people do have a way of ruining things. Now I understand why they looked at me a little differently. I see why small town people don't have anything nice to say about city people. They are so used to things being ripped down and putting a high value just on the land that once they get in things are destroyed. I guess those days of small towns are over. CVS will see to that. What does CVS sell that they have to smother people with so many stores?
Jane Irvin-Klotz, N. Wales [05-30-2002]

This is a symbol to all of us. Why in the heck do we need another CVS?
Jane Scott, Lansdale, PA [05-29-2002]

too many historical buildings are being pulled down in this world, I have noticed it here in Melbourne Australia as well, what are our children going to base thier history on if old buildings are pulled down all the time.
Leanne Baker, Melbourne Australia [05-29-2002]

Disgusting but typical shortsightedness on the part of the developers and all the lazy idiots who support them. Restoration or adaptive reuse of the Inn probably would generate more revenue than the nasty businesses they intend to replace it with - would that convince the avaricious developers to change their minds?
Lisa, Baltimore [05-28-2002]

dianegoldman [05-28-2002]

Save the Inn!
Karen Sue Derocher [05-28-2002]

I grew up in Chestnut Hill and learned from my parents to appreciate historic buildings in the Philadelphia area. There are too many people and organizations who are oblivious to the importance of maintaining our historic heritage. Every time a building is torn down another piece of our precious history is lost and future generations will never have that kind of wonderful concrete connection to our past. When I tell others in Oregon of the area I grew up in I always talk with pride about the historic structures that have given me such a connection with history. Please preserve the Black Horse Inn. Build the proposed commercial businesses in another place that will satisfy the needs of both the community and the property developer. There can always be a compromise between the needs of today and the wonder of our history, as preserved in old buildings. Thank you for your time; Mary Sykes
Mary Sykes, Beaverton, Oregon [05-28-2002]

Emily, Park Ridge [05-28-2002]

Me again! Thanks for writing! Will this be enough names to save the Black Horse Inn? I think we know that awnser to that. Duaa!
Jonathon Shelton [05-24-2002]

Don't tear it down. Think of the people who have never seen it yet.
D.G., Madison, WI [05-22-2002]

Do not tear down such a great piece of history!
Rich Wolf, Seattle [05-22-2002]

D. Chang [05-22-2002]

the Black Horse Inn is a part of not only our states history but also a part of Philly history. Don't tear it down!!!!!!!!!
alexandria, Philadelphia [05-22-2002]

Perserving our past enriches our future and gives our children the chance to see and appreciate the origin of this country.
Cathy Coffman, Elverson, PA [05-22-2002]

I believe N.J. and Pennsylvania have a lot of History. We need to save some History for both children and adults to learn where we were and how we got to the year 2000. It needs to be a part of the future.
Linda Gaglione, Union NJ [05-22-2002]

Haven't we lost enough history? Please don't allow this landmark to be destroyed. It is just as important as Hope Lodge or the Highlands.
M. Louise Batchelor, Now New Jersey, Springfield Twp NS grad 1950 [05-22-2002]

I "second" the already-written comments about the importance of saving the Inn from the short-sighted profiteers. In addition, I would like to know if there is an "emergency plan" in place for quick reaction by volunteers in case the developer starts knocking down the building without notifying anyone. That weasely tactic worked like a charm at the old Mr Ron's site in East Norriton and the Bradfield Mansion in Abington (now the Roslyn Genuardi's). They zoom in, knock 'em down swiftly and then thumb their noses smugly at the "do-gooders" and chortle gleefully, "Aw heck, whaddyknow, the building's gone -- guess ya just gotta go home and pout while we start construction!" Not only has this ploy been quite successful, but an important aspect to note is that the businesses that have opened on these obliterated historical sites have been very, very busy. So, it may be a good idea to have a plan for a fast-forming, massive human blockade!
Deb, Montgomery County [05-22-2002]

It is so very important to allow people in today's busy world to see the roots from which they arose. The destruction of this building for commercial purposes would be an unfortunate action, thereby robbing the public of yet another historical site of the colonial era. Please reconsider its preservation!
William Ochester, Mt Airy [05-17-2002]

If they keep tearing up Our History We'ii start looking like New Jersey
Ray Hober, Phila [05-17-2002]

History cannot be rebuilt. Aren't there enough unhistoric CVs's and banks? And I'll bet the community really needs another liquor store?!
Diana Duffy [05-17-2002]

It would be a shame to lose a peice of our history for another bank, store, liquor store or any other thing that we have to many of now!
Tim Warren, Havana, Florida [05-17-2002]

Lord, lord, lord. I can't believe what some people do. Goodness what nerve! Holy moses. An innocent old historic area. A liqour store. I don't mind a few beers now and then, but... Good lord. You have my full support and sympathy. You may write to me a 9978 Jelytuper Road. Gorut, Delaware. 88789 Love you lots!
Jeanie Roce`tte, Honolulu, Hawaii [05-17-2002]

Twyla Walte [05-17-2002]

History will judge us as criminals if we tear down the Black Horse Inn.
Adam Glassman, Philadelphia [05-17-2002]

Save it!
Lisa Mademann, Reading [05-15-2002]

This inn is a part of our American heritage. As Americans, we have the responsibility to watch over it. We need to keep it from the destruction of our fellow Americans who have no sense of history and pride for their country. Atrocious!
Theresa Jones, va [05-15-2002]

Oh my lord! It is simply awful what somw people do to nice places. You have my symaoathy and support!
Frederica Sal Justine, Baltimore [05-15-2002]

How rude!!!!!!
Hortensia Lavender Kelly, baltimore [05-15-2002]

Frederica Sal Justine, Baltimore [05-15-2002]

All of you need to look at not just how important it is to save the building (indeed it is very important) but also at the land. Urban sprawl needs to stop in this country. GOOD ADVICE: read the book called Save Our Land, Save Our Towns, by Tom Hylton, a native Pennsylvanian.
Kevin, Springfield Township [05-13-2002]

I attend conventions in Texas at various times so am interested in the state, and am also interested in early history of America
Barbara Faber, Canon City CO [05-12-2002]

save our history! save the black horse inn!
Dan Harvie, Hatfield, PA [05-12-2002]

This structure is a gem in the community. It holds more history within its walls than anything along that strip of Bethlehem Pike. It is part of the life and development of the community and should be preserved and restored to serve as a window into the history of the area. I'm positive that folks wouldn't mind driving another 200 yards to the next closest drug store.
Vanessa Zeoli, Lansdale, PA [05-12-2002]

As a British lover of all things American, I think it is appalling that anyone could think to demolish such a fine building
Matthew Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland [05-11-2002]

Please save this tavern. There are so few authentic taverns left. It would be a crime to tear this down. This is a time when our country needs to preserve its history at all costs!
Nancy Tannini, fishkill, NY [05-11-2002]

Elizabeth E. Bender [05-11-2002]

As someone who used to live in Philly, it saddens me that they want to take down the Black Horse Inn. Save this historical site, and build yet another CVS somewhere else.
Gary, ny,ny [05-09-2002]

Michael E. Lucas, Laverock [05-08-2002]

max [05-07-2002]

We have lost too many of our historical sites to the stupid developers. They can build that stuff anywhere, once the inn is gone it is gone for ever.
Hans C. Brolinson, Bristol, Pa. [05-06-2002]

Save the Inn
Steve Zaborniak [05-06-2002]

If walls could talk, this old building could tell some wonderful stories. It has survived all of these years and should never be destroyed so a community can make money. What are you thinking off? Who needs another bank? apartment, or liquor store?
Frances Rouse [05-05-2002]

Betsy Burke, San Diego [05-05-2002]

we have enought drug stores and liquor stores. Let's not destroy our history
pamela schmoll, anchorage alaska [05-05-2002]

jim miller [05-05-2002]

We need to respect our local history, and visit the CVS down the street!
Allison Knebels, Lansdale, Pa [04-29-2002]

We need all the history we can get, not more strip malls!!!
Tim Miser [04-29-2002]

I'm for a person to do what he pleases with his property, but with something of historical significance, there must be a way to accomplish both. If we were to do the same with our national parks, what's to say for our children and their being able to enjoy and see those things that we so gleefully take for granted. I urge you to reconsider what this would mean in the historical realm of things and vote for conservancy.
Bill Black, North Dakota [04-28-2002]

Are we crazy? What purpose does it serve to give someone the benefit on the backs of history and future generations. Isn't a memory of who we are and where we came from more important than lining someone's pocket?
William T. Fitzgerald, Montgomery twp [04-28-2002]

I am twenty years old and have lived in springfield my entire life. I remember as a kid looking at the building and wondering about the past. The building is across the street from FLourtowns War Memorial statue and so when I pay respects of springfields fallen men I turn around and look at out past. I have watched for the last ten or eleven years as the building went in and out of peoples hands, all the while falling into shambles, almost to the point that it looks like a bomb it hit it. Ive watched and seen how windows have been borken by local vandals, only to be boarded up, making it only worse. Personally I have a few of my own Ideas as for what we can do with the building. For one, it could be transformed into a SPringfield TOwnshipo museum. Sure we can go into philly and see how the whole city is a living museum almost. But with Springfield, Flourtown specifically, so much has changed that if a person from fifteen years ago were to return they wouldnt even recognize the place. We need something to preserve the history of not only the Black Horse, but of our town. I have heard how the developers would like to move the building to the back of the field wich it lies and buold the CVS in front of it. This wouldnt work. The basement is part of the buidlings foundation. The foundation and the main walls are also the same. TO move the building, even and inch, would send send it all crashing down. Also, FLourtown is a place with five Gas stations (all big name)several bars, a Starbucks and at least four banks. To make matters worse for the liquor store idea THERES ONE NEXT DOOR TO THE BLACK HORSE!!! I persoanlly I am sick and tired of big developers coming in with their banks and such and tearing up great places. Im furious to the point where I really don't want to raise my children (if i have any) in this place. TO be honest with you all, if Black Horse Inn is torn down or in anyway damaged in the moving for the liquor store I will be moving myself away from here. I will leave because as I said before, I dont want any child of ine in a town where its leaders give more of a damn about money than its history. Speaking of history, Did you know that the building was standing for 35 years before Washington stayed in Valley Forge.He boarded there as well.
Sean Ross, Flourtown [04-27-2002]

Patricia V. Williams, Conshohocken, PA [04-27-2002]

I am fasinated with U.S. history and by tearing down this priceless piece of architecture would be a crime against the people of America,if not the world.As a tourist, something like this would definatly be on my agenda to visit.
Adam Kemp, Adelaide, Australia [04-27-2002]

Sharon [04-27-2002]

Too many 18th century historic sites are being threatened and disappearing in the name of "progress" or greed. Once gone they can never be replaced. A historic marker in front of a strip mall, describing a desecrated historic site, is all that will be left to remind future generations of what they have lost. Every effort should be made to preserve the Black Horse Inn.
Charles F. Speierl [04-27-2002]

i think that this iss a great cause to save this inn
tiffany [04-27-2002]

Please preserve the Inn. Philadelphia and the surrounding area are the original heart and soul of this country's beginnings. Leave something real for our children and their children.
Carol Jackson, Dallas, Texas [04-27-2002]

The city I live in has in past decades tore down historical sites within our community in an attempt of Urban renewal. Now, two decades later their plans are backfiring. The history our community had is just that "history". In it's place is an ugly but distinctive "urban" landscape. Now after tearing down these historic sites only 20 years ago our city is spending close to 1 million dollars to try to bring back the "historic" feel of our town. Sadly nothing will compare to the old buildings and places that made this city special. All the money in the world will not bring back the items that tie us to history we can only read about now in books. My advice to you is to keep the history your community has and zone for growth properly. Don't give up the historic recourses that make your community special. If you do that, you give up the pieces that hold your communities apart from every other city with a Wal-Mart on the corner.
Karrey Tweten, Mankato, MN [04-27-2002]

Save this historic building for future generations. We do not need another strip mall, drug store or gas station.
Judy Smithenski, Perkasie, PA [04-27-2002]

Its sicking! How many historic landmarks have to be torn down before they relalize this is our own history! Duaa!
Jonathon Shelton [04-27-2002]

Anna Petree [04-20-2002]

Levi Rumery [04-20-2002]

COLIN, chicago,illinois [04-20-2002]

Suburban America, which historically has had very little appreciation for our past and heritage is becoming threatened by "Urban Blight." This is the "downgrading of a community caused by the uncontrolled and unplanned extension of a great metropolis" (CH Local) Therefore, it should be Springfield Township's mission to control this growth and start planning (something which has rarely been done here) so the result will never be what has happened in certain areas of nearby Philadelphia. This fight for the Black Horse Inn is not just about the building itself. Although I agree the building is extremely important (and should definitely be preserved) it is also important that development stops immediately along Bethlehem Pike. If it does not, it will become even more unattractive than it already is. We should also look to Europe and what they have done with their history. Development such as in this country (strip malls, shopping centers) is extremely rare and the razing of an historic building is almost unthinkable. So we should ask ourselves how Europe has some of the most organized and efficient countries in the world without the use of mass commerical development. The developers should ask themselves if it is worth destroying a part of historic land and erecting eyesore buildings all for the reason of money.
Kevin, Springfield Township [04-17-2002]

chuck collison [04-16-2002]

There must be other places to build these stores which probably aren't even necessary to the area. Save this historic building so that future generations can also enjoy the experience of seeing a part of history.
Joseph Gardner, Philadelphia [04-16-2002]

We need to historic references. Tearing down a historic building for a liquer store is criminal. Don't destroy the township for another tax base.
Jeff Crompton, Glenside, PA [04-14-2002]

Hope this is timely--they are closing all the cvs's around us after tearing down all our historic structures to build them. Hope you save it.
beth bailey, akron, ohio (clinton, Ohio) [04-14-2002]

Great,...just what we need; another example of the ubiquituous CVS drug store that seems to be sprouting up on every corner across America. How about considering our architectural heritage and what that will mean to future generations.
Andy Miller, Columbus, Ohio [04-14-2002]

I have just spent a week with friends who live in Bucks Co. and was impressed with the condition of many of your historic buildings as I travelled in and out of Philadelphia. However, I was also appalled at the trashy mile after mile of suburban sprawl and mall development, for example around Valley Forge, that would never be allowed in England and we have far more historical buildings to look after, of course, than you do. Therefore, it seems to me, utterly incredible that anyone could be so cynical as to possibly think of tearing down a beautiful old building in order to build more of this crass and ugly development. Many people I spoke to in the US view with almost helpless despair, the remourseless growth of housing and mall development and so actions like yours are all the more to be commended and I wish you every success. Have you read 'The Geography of Nowhere' by James Howard Kunstler published by Simon and Schuster of New York? It sums up in a devastating critique the environmental and social costs of the kind that this developer is trying to perpetrate. Good luck and I hope movements like yours wake people up to what they are in danger of losing. The main worry is; do enough people care or have they all been seduced by the sirens of the malls? Andy Lay, Bolingey, Cornwall, UK
Andy Lay, Myrtle Cottage, Hendrawna Lane, Bolingey, Perranporth, Cornwall, UK [04-14-2002]

What's more American than a commercial strip shopping center? Let the developer build what he wants. Through countless generations we have been tearing down and building better. This keeps people employed and our region competitive.
CMK, Philadelphia [04-14-2002]

I have been to the township meetings to add my support for saving the Black Horse Inn. I wonder if an easement would help keep the Inn where it is currently located? The talk is that the developer has offered to move the Inn to back of the lot. That would be better than tearing it down, but maybe an easement would sweeten the pot? One bank???? we have 5 banks in a stretch of approximately 3 or 4 miles!!! Enough is enough! We are becoming a nation of strip malls...all exactly the same.
Maureen Farrell, Erdenheim, Pa. [04-10-2002]

We need to save buildings like this for our history. Pa is a beautiful historic state. Let's save what we can, please!
linda williard [04-10-2002]

Save historical places like the Inn. It's part of our history.
Jack Butler, Philadelphia [04-10-2002]

Richard Antolick [04-08-2002]

Robert Garrigus, md [04-07-2002]

I think they should save the Black horse Inn. We have enough drug stores, liquor stores and banks. We need more historical sites!
Jennifer Hirdes [04-07-2002]

I think too much is being torn down and we should save our history. What would you tell your grandchildren,age has no value.
Jackie McMillan [04-04-2002]

Tammy Foster, Texas [04-03-2002]

please do all you can to save the black horse inn. it is an historic building. cvs, dtc. can build elsewhere.
m. jean westover, oh [04-03-2002]

Dennis Thomsen, Stroudsburg PA [04-01-2002]

I already signed another petition but wanted to continue to support saving this valuable piece of history in my own backyard.
Maureen L McGettigan, Flourtown, PA [03-30-2002]

John & Janet Messer, West Virginia [03-30-2002]

How could anyone calling themselves an American Citizen stand to destroy this building. I won't shop at any CVS franchise after hearing of this, and I send a letter to let them know it!
Laurie Winters, Rochester, Michigan [03-30-2002]

Harlan Hemple, Chestnut Hill, PA [03-30-2002]

Mark D.Hammonds [03-30-2002]

I agree with the previous writer, Denise Burke. Flourtown already has a a several liqour stores, many drugstores, and countless banks. This developer seriously needs to rethink what he is doing. It seems that he wants to destroy one of the last plots of open space and historical properties that Flourtown has left all for the sake of money. So much land in Springfield Township has been slowly eaten up by greedy developers and it needs to stop. We should think about our extremely important history because if developments keep popping up overnight, there will be no history left to see.
Kevin, Springfield Township [03-28-2002]

Please save this treasure of American history. Countless generations will be served by this historical site.
IAN, Iowa [03-27-2002]

Ron Kosinski, Warrington, Pa [03-27-2002]

Are you kidding? We have a bank, a cvs and a liquor store already within a three block radius of that site!!!!!! RESTORE IT!
Denise Burke [03-27-2002]

That the commissioners of Springfieled Twp would even consider a zoning change after the fight for preservation entered into by thier own Historical Society bodes ill for the future of historic preservation in this nation. A request for such a zoning change should be unequivocally denied, our past is to precious - progress does not mean destruction but education.
Rochelle Davis, Pennsylvania [03-24-2002]

Too much of America's past has been torn down and lost forever. We need to think of what happened there and what the people walking into the inn in 1744 thought about when they first saw it. That is a marvolous building to stand for this long~~~SAVE THE BLACK HORSE!!!
Jillian, Texas [03-24-2002]

history should be kept for the future
iain bowles, england [03-24-2002]

We must remember in these troubled and often uncertain times that by preserving our heritage, we are giving our children and each other a gift that makes us stronger
Michelle Foster [03-23-2002]

Matt Bonasia [03-23-2002]

here it seems the same group of people who are in the process of workinig dilligently to destroy our freedoms will at any time destroy our national treasurs for the all mighty dollar
JIM OLSON, united states of america [03-23-2002]

we should be preserving our history not tearing it down
susan sturges, philadelphia [03-21-2002]

If it's valuable enough to warrant inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, then it should be a no-brainer to not demolish it! The fact that this developer doesn't see that leads me to believe that he would build a sub-standard and not well-thought out "strip center" ~ if he's greedy enough to tear down a piece of history such as this, he'll be greedy enough to build an unsafe and unsound building. Scares the h*ll out of me when I think of how he'll build those buildings in it's place.
Linda Wall, Spicewood, TX [03-21-2002]

John Jeffs, Muncie, Indiana [03-21-2002]

Only complete idiots would turn a historical landmark ito this!!!!
Chris Jones, Chicago [03-21-2002]

We need to preserve our history. We have enough liquor stores.
Judy Morgan, Lancaster, CA [03-21-2002]

erin leroy [03-21-2002]

Please do all you can to save this Inn. I was I born in Montgomery Co. and lived there & in Bucks Co. for 65 years. I am proud of the Phila. area because of all the history connected to the founding of our country. This Inn is part of that history should be preserved.
Doris Robinson, Ft. Myers Beach, FL [03-21-2002]

For many years americans have torn down their history. Many of the historic buildongs in this area today are already only replicas. When will we stop. Aren't there already enough strip malls along the roads of Pennsylvania? Do we really need one more CVS? History is important, it connects people to the land around them. I sincerely hope the Black Horse Inn will not be demolished to make way for a parking lot like so much american history already has been.
Deirdre Spahr, Philadelphia [03-21-2002]

If you are an American-born business person, or even if you're not, take sanctity in American history.We are all here and free because of the history of America, you can not just tear down something that is irreplaceable. Why do you need this building for your business? The answer: you don't!
racehl cougle, bethlehem, pennsylvania [03-21-2002]

We don't need another CVS or liquor store..we need to preserve our heritage. If we don't, 100 years from now, our families will be speculating on the cultural significance of a chain drugstore!
Cee [03-21-2002]

I think that we need to keep what's left of our history alive!
Jamie Clinnin [03-21-2002]

Faith Barlow, Philadelphia [03-21-2002]

We need more historic sites preserved to remind us of the great history of the United States! Tearing them down is not warranted. This site qualifies for inclusion in National Historical Register. Leave it alone, please!
Amy Halterman, Los Angeles, California [03-14-2002]

luis zelaya [03-13-2002]

Mitchell Haller [03-13-2002]

When I got married in August 1969, my father arranged to have the Bachelor's Party there. I believe it was on August 8. His name was Henry O. Light from Doylestown. He liked going there!
Elaine Wenckus, Hinsdale, Illinois [03-13-2002]

We almost lost a similar inn in Bucks County recently (Spread Eagle Inn in Northampton), save for the many people who protested against the invasion of more retail and highway space. We must learn the lesson that too much suburban sprawl is a bad idea, and has the potential for causing such an ugly event. We saved our inn, although it moved a few feet backward to better accomodate traffic flow, and we're happy to continue at least having it around. May your commissioners take a lesson from another township that decided to preserve its own history.
Andy Buck, Bucks County, PA [03-13-2002]

Why is it that greed is a driving force in this country? Why don't you get the developer the hell out of the area. More is never enough for you city people is it?
J Roby Backensto, 6839 Irvine Dr., Mercersburg, Pa 17236 [03-13-2002]

Linda Sue Lovelace [03-13-2002]

I can't believe you will allow this historic inn to be torn down. I hope this does not go the way of another historic tavern torn down in Phymouth Meeting to build a CVS. The historic places in this area is what makes living in this area and visiting the area unique. Once it is torn down it's gone forever. I don't understand why CVS and other drug stores are targeting our historic buildings. I sincerely hope you do not allow them to take this one.
Linda Strong [03-13-2002]

Shirley Arrandale [03-13-2002]

So many Banks, Liquor stores, Drug stores and parking lots.... ONE Black Horse Inn, built with love in 1744....
Mary Anne Sculley, Wilm.,DE [03-07-2002]

Some townships seem too quick to raze historic structures. Montgomery is one of them! Please do what Upper Merion and Horsham did to a couple of thier historic struture. They moved them to a scenic location. At least those buildings survived, even though they are in a diffrent location.
Perry Rotzell, Hatfield, PA [03-07-2002]

Places like this historic inn must be preserved to add to our nation's sense of history and to honor those who forged the way for our nation today. Sites such as this can be a wonderful tourist attraction which can stimulate the local economy -- just look at Williamburg! Make this site an asset to the community by preserving it...not by destroying it!
Carol Anne Wilson, West, Texas [03-07-2002]

We have few structures here that are even 100 years old. What a shame not to appreciate all the history you have so close at hand. Do you really need another Eckerd/Walgreens that badly?
Judith Andrews, Oklahoma City [03-07-2002]

My ancestors traveled this road and probably stopped for a drink at this inn. How DARE they plan to put up a parking lot.The bank inquestion are to be ashamed of itself.Please post the name of the bank so they can hear from us directly.
cheryl, pgh,pa [03-06-2002]

saveing history is a must too many buildings have been torn down in my area.you cannot build history only preserve it. good luck and god bless you
ROGER.T.ARMITAGE, yorkshire england [03-06-2002]

It is the concept of the passage of time that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is the recognition of history that gives us the concept of eternity (all religion aside.) We, as a species, need to be connected to our own history. It is what gives real estate a sense of place. If by tearing down such landmarks you deprive the human animal of its handles on history, you take away not just a piece of nostalgia, but a part of the formula or our identity.
Peter Moberg, Minnesota [03-06-2002]

Historic places should be saved. They can't ever be replaced. History is history so let us enjoy what we have. Do not destroy it.
Sam Fornaro, Saratoga Springs N.Y. [03-06-2002]

We have enough CVS's around this area. With all of the drinking and driving, do we really need to add another liquor store AND a bank right next to it?? People have moved to these areas for its beauty, open space, safety, friendly atmosphere, and history; NOT for the banks, CVS's, liquor stores etc. Please save the Black Horse Inn, historic places still standing today are incredible links to the towns past and development. Pictures do not come close to showing the beauty of what helped create the land today. In 50 years from now, nobody will want to go and remember the "good ol days at CVS, the bank and the liquor store." Be forturnate that you are one of the few towns left to still have a bit of history to call its own. Don't destroy what others consider a blessing to have. Thank you.
Megan Foxall [03-04-2002]

This is a landmark! It's beautiful, there is nothing like it in the world! If you tear this down, you tear down part of history. Please don't get rid of this! I've been there, and it's extradordinary.
Melinda, Detroit, Michigan [03-03-2002]

Why do they not want to keep a landmark that will be remebered forever?
Courtney, Shreve [03-03-2002]

We need to preserve our history, it is a physical link to our past and in fact it is a part of time itself. Shortsighted quick profits should not be permitted. It would turn a good buck running it exactly as it was intended for. there are many historic places that that run in such a manner, and people pay to stay. I know because I have. You cant beat it. Our history is acommon bond to all Americans and simply trashing it due to myopic greed for something we already have an overabundance of is moronic. Everyday we loose more and more of our history, we need to preserve our history and pass our history down to our descendants. if this place is destroyed we all loose an important link to our past.
Johnn Costello, Brooklyn NY / Orlando Fl [03-03-2002]

Why is it that the general population in America is so lacking in historical interest? I truly hope that you succeed in your efforts to protect this important landmark, as there are so few left in the United States
Victoria van Loan, Stockholm, Sweden [03-03-2002]

If you folks in and near Philadelphia continue to let developers walk all over you, your area will soon be indistinguishable from the rest of the country. What a tragedy.
Richard J. May, Austin, TX [03-03-2002]

historic places in new england are treasured in the hearts of all patriotic Americans. please send directions to see
pat crump, n.c. [03-03-2002]

Vanessa Polchin, Spring City, PA [03-03-2002]

Madeline Leach, Newtown, PA [03-03-2002]

don't tear it down!
paul moore [03-03-2002]

Andrea DiFeo, i live in that area [03-03-2002]

There should be a law! He who takes down a brick should be charge with a felony, the penalty of which should be a fine to restore the building to its exact original condition. the company should tne be barred from doing business for the next fifty years, its assets ceased to protect and rebuild other such sites in all once beautiful American cities destroyed by Mammon and his wicked gospel. Amen. ;- )
Peter Heffner, South Carolina, from Carolina [02-28-2002]

There are precious few original icons of American History left. It would be a deplorable act to destroy the Black Horse Inn, ESPECIALLY since the Inn is an area to important to the history and culture of this land, our American Cradle.
Charles Akers [02-28-2002]

Ashly, California [02-28-2002]

Anything that old should be preserved. I have passed it a few times and found it very interesting.
thomas powers, nc [02-28-2002]

Aaron Weindling, Philadelphia [02-28-2002]

Robin Orliner, 708 Camberley Rd., Glenside, PA [02-28-2002]

Let's save this grande old dame.
Tom Kay, Bala Cynwyd [02-28-2002]

Gregory Parrish, Conshohocken, PA [02-28-2002]

please keep out history and landmarks...help prevent fucture developers from tearing them down!
carolann Sirchie, Conshohocken [02-27-2002]

ROGER PAINTER, alton, illinois [02-27-2002]

PLease preserve our historic sites as much as possible.
Jeff Jeffers [02-27-2002]

Miranda Langlet [02-27-2002]

Our history disappears a little more each year. Please count mine among the voices that wish to save this colonial structure. Thank you.
Christian Nolan, Blue Bell [02-27-2002]

Cassandra Pelen, Etters, PA/ Winston-Salem, NC [02-27-2002]

We've lost too much of our history and historic treasures already. When will we learn, when will it stop?
Christine Fisher Smith, Springfield Township, Montgomery County [02-27-2002]

There is plenty of room for the facilities these developers are proposing. We cannot replace a structure like the Black Horse Inn.
Heather Anderson [02-27-2002]

The neighborhood already has a state store, CVSpharmacy, and many banks right within a few blocks of the location of the Black Horse Inn already. This makes no logical or business sense at all. If we could restore the Inn and utilize it as a brew pub, as the General Lafayette Inn has done, or turn it into some kind of historical museum of some sort, it may bring in even more money and still maintain the building's structure and historical significance. Also, there are other locations for the other said businesses to locate in the area without disrupting the historical site of the Inn. Why not have both objectives met if at all possible? It is a better business minded solution.
Mickey Wargo, 18 franklin avenue, flourtown, pa 19031 [02-27-2002]

It is a momumental disgrace that we are even arguing this point. If the owner developer and the Zoning Comission are so shortsighted as to let this happen a pox on both their houses. Flourtown is a treaure both in its amount of beautiful open space and its historic past. It is a true gem of a town. But please do remeber that come election day the community will have taken note and vote accordingly.
Maryann E. O'Neill [02-27-2002]

Please don't keep on destroying America's history.
Cathy Matthews, Billings, MT [02-27-2002]

It's a crime to destroy our history. At the very least, restore the property and lease out small shops -- gift shops, perhaps a restaurant. Wouldn't it be fun if it were turned back into an inn?
Catherine Palmer Designs, wa [02-27-2002]

I can't believe what I'm reading. Let me see if I understand this correctly - the Inn was built in 1744, qualifies for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, and a developer WANTS TO TEAR IT DOWN TO SUIT CVS, A LIQUOR STORE, AND A BANK!?!?!? .... Who needs terrorists to destroy America nowadays? Developers and companies like CVS are doing this quite nicely on their own. And it's called "progress" ... hmmm .... I think there are those out there who may need to examine the fallouts of "progress" - they may just find quite a surprise. If any of the Commisioners of Springfield Township read my or anyone else's comments and still allow this building to be demolished, I hope you can keep a clear consicence. I really do.
Kevin Wasser, Pen Argyl,PA [02-27-2002]

Protect the Black Horse Inn as an historical treasure.
Mike Novak, Phila [02-27-2002]

marilyn hutton [02-27-2002]

Michelle Martin, philadelphia, pa [02-13-2002]

How many times will we opt to destroy our history? We have a chance to let generations yet unborn know that, here, people choose to take a stand, to save our past for their future. As General Washington said at Yorktown "posterity will huzza for us."
Dennis Ahearn, West Chester, PA [02-13-2002]

This bldg was built in 1774. It has been recognized as a national historical site.. The fact that some one who must have known about these facts and now wants us too ignore it and let him make money on that property (sp) means that he has no right to make any pro- fit on it.
Steven Everett Cox, Mapleton Ia [02-13-2002]

glenn cadmus [02-13-2002]

Save the Inn!
Julie A. Gahm, Jackson Ohio [02-13-2002]

I have never been to the Inn myself. I would hope they can preserve the history and splendor in our old buildings. Too many are being torn down for new developments.
Chris Heasman, Roebling, NJ [02-10-2002]

jackie neale, cherry hill, nj [02-10-2002]

Susanne Martin, Sherwood, Oregon [02-10-2002]

Loren Yount, Arkansas [02-09-2002]

I'm a lifelong resident of the Glenside area (10 minutes away from the Black Horse) and now live in Erdenheim which borders Flourtown. For many years developers have stripped the historic buildings and charm of Bethlehem Pike...what this page fails to say is CVS has quite an adequate store a few block down the pike from the Black Horse, they just want more frontage and visibility on the Pike and the liquor store just wants a bigger building (they already border the Black Horse property). SAVE THE BLACK HORSE from demolition or moving (the politicians latest plan to get out of this sticky situation.) Shame on you to ruin such history.
Timothy J. Ernst, Erdenheim, PA [02-08-2002]

The movement or destruction of The Black Horse Inn would cause irreparable damage to the beauty, history and economic environment of Springfield Twp. Everyone concerned knows this. We are able to raise big money for the schools. We can certainly do the same for the environment. Education does not end in the 12th grade.
Catherine MacFarland, Springfield Twp., Montgomery County, PA [02-08-2002]

This is an outrage! Aren't there enough Parking Lots in this country? Just think of the people who might have held nightly cap in this location - people whose ideologies would best be remembered by most American Citizens today. I only hope it is not too late to sign this.
John David Nugent, Huntington, West Virginia [02-08-2002]

Let's do whatever it takes to save it.
Paul R. Misencik, Reston, VA [02-08-2002]

Its a great place dont tear it down
Chandler Shaw, Tucson AZ [02-08-2002]

Surely there are other locations that provide for better commersial applications along the Bethlehem Pike to service the Erdenhiem, Flourtown communities. Any commercial venture will come and goes as market pressures dictate. Certainly, the same cannot be said for historic landmarks. Keep the Blackhorse Inn alive so that the history can be kept tangible. We can go to a CVS or whatever, anytime. It is becoming more rare that we can visit an actual place that had a role indefining our present and future.
Jim Link, Mays Landing, NJ [02-08-2002]

It would be a shame to demolish a historical site for some short-term profit. There is very little left of our colonial past. What we have left, should be saved for our posterity. That building has been a part of the community for over 250 years. How long do you expect the drug store to be there?
Donald Pope, Houston, TX [02-07-2002]

We need to do all we can to preserve this country's history. We need to remember how far we have come so we can continue to be the best nation in the world!!
Kathy McKendry [02-07-2002]

please update me as to the status of this
steven smith, historical society of pa. [02-07-2002]

A greedy land developer would pave a mountain if he could find a way to make money on it. He sounds so typical of those who are out to make a fortune at any cost. Please dont let this happen to your landmark building.
Terry Wolfe, Lebanon, Pa. [02-07-2002]

What developer is doing this? Local residents should organize and avoid dealing with this company as much as possible.
Wesley Moore, Hampton Roads Virginia [02-07-2002]

The U.S. has too many banks and drug stores now. We can't get our history back. Save the Inn!!
Carla Pollock, Ohio [02-07-2002]

Caroline Tyler [02-07-2002]

I hope ya'll keep the Black house inn open!
Sarah Skidmore, Tx. [02-07-2002]

Let not our history perish to the wheels of progress as our children derserve to see what has been as it was.
DB, Northern NJ [02-07-2002]

Surely another location could be found for yet ANOTHER set of clone stores insteading of tearing down this piece of American History!! PRESERVE THE BLACK HORSE INN!!
Lynda Clarke, Wylie, Texas [01-30-2002]

Bill Collins [01-30-2002]

Peter Falor [01-30-2002]

Any location exhibiting the history of this great land needs to be protected. Tearing down one landmark will set a precedent we cannot allow to be set! Please, please....keep out country's past alive through the treasured landmarks we have left!
Michele Gilbert [01-30-2002]

Sharon Walinski [01-30-2002]

This Inn is a piece of our past. If you tear it down, it can't be recovered. Liquor won't help anyone do anything except tear apart families. If you tear down the Black Horse in, you will also destroy families with liquor.
Nathan Saint, Emaus PA [01-30-2002]

A country without its heritage has no future.
Peter Stotesbury, London [01-30-2002]

destruction of this historic property is tantamount to sacrilege. We've lost so much of history to development. Surely there are other sites to buil liquor stores
allan knowles, south whitehall township, lehigh county [01-30-2002]

We have enough CVS, banks and liquor stores..thank you very much. What another bank for someome to rob? Another CVS to stand in line? Another liquor store to promote drinking when we have enough alcoholics? This is a historical building, one that can never be replaced, ever. The developer should never have bought it if that is what he wanted to do with the land. I say leave it up....
Nancy E. McMahan-Brown, Tariffville, CT 06081 [01-30-2002]

I think you should save the inn it is a part of PA History and should stay that way. Fight for what you belive in.
Al, Philadelphia [01-26-2002]

BarbaraAnn Crawford, Syosset, NY [01-26-2002]

This is our heritage, our history. Once you tear it down, it is gone forever. How long will your CVS and liquor store last? How much will those buildings have to teach future generations? Please consider our future. Don't erase our past. We cannot replace it.
Thomas W. Frank, MD, El Paso, TX [01-26-2002]

Commissioners: Surely, by this time in the 21st Century, you must have some grasp of the balance between development and quality of life, not to mention tourism. I used to live in the Philadelphia area and remember very well the feeling of well being I had knowing that there significant, interesting buildings from the past to help remind us of what we've done - both right and wrong. Historic inns, wayhouses and other such buildings do much more to bind a community together than cookie-cutter strip malls and other "sun belt style" development. Creative developers will find ways of satisfying the community's need for services and shopping without resorting to destruction. Don't give in to the untalented hacks. I live in an area that has preserved very little and is all the poorer for it. Don't let that happen to Springfield Township!
Larry A. Gibson, Now residing in the state of Iowa [01-26-2002]

How could anyone want to tear down such a rich old building?? capitalistic corporate america for you... the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves
Julie Shonkwiler, Port angeles, wa [01-26-2002]

Save this building for our children and their children
Joanne Smith [01-26-2002]

I want to save this Inn. Its a Historical building for crying out loud!(I ment that in a good way that is.)
Melanie, Indiana [01-26-2002]

Please save the Inn.There is always another place for a strip mall.
ed van dood, Blue Point NY [01-26-2002]

Let them have their historical site! They like it a lot! Stop being so mean.
Danielle, Oregon [01-26-2002]

Flourtown needs a heart, a central meeting place. The inn could provide a substrate for Flourtown residents to build upon and thus, become a more coherent community. We have enough chain stores and other retailers who are not committed to the area. When was the last time you saw CVS on the back of a Flourtown Little Leaguer's t-shirt? If anything, move our library, and combine it with a community center akin to the one in Plymouth. They have a gorgeous rec center with meeting rooms and activities for their seniors, adults & kids. Let's create an edifice that pays homage to the past and simultaneously serves a purpose for the future of Flourtown. P.S. I've lived here for 15 yrs.
Rena Caref-Harris, 40 W. Mill Road, Flourtown, PA 19031 [01-26-2002]

Samantha Strenge [01-26-2002]

Cassie, Maine [01-26-2002]

Although I do not live around the area and have never seen this building in person I feel that it would be a shame to see a building that is as wonderful and as old as these people are saying go to waste for a some wealth to the owner. If they tare down this building then I feel that they will be destroying a piece of history. Also, think on this, if you destroy this building then you might never see a piece of history this old and your kids might not even ever see one either. I feel this because it takes a building what? say 150-200 years to get to be an antuiqe like this particular building? If you destroy it when say your 35 it could possibly be another 200 years before another one comes around. Also if you figure, when you destroy it's kind of like monkey see monkey do and others will follow your lead and destroy other buildngs and this will go on and on and after around 6 years or so of destroying buildings to build new ones then doing it agian in five years you could permetly destory history in your area! I feel that I should stop there and let you decide History? or a couple of bucks?
Joshua Clepper, Apollo [01-26-2002]

You all make us take history for a class. Then you want to take history down, if you take this old place down what would that be saying for others. Then what would happen if everyone wanted to put something in a historical land mark? Us kids the ones you make take history would no longer have any place to look at except a book. That is not fair.
Ashley Pinsky [01-26-2002]

Why tear down any historical site. It was built in 1744! At the brink of the U.S. gaining independence. I hate men who don't care enough about their past to perserve it. This man obviously does not appreciate what he has, because he wouldn't have it if it weren't for our forefathers.
Megan Lenz, Kansas [01-26-2002]

So... I'm a brass tacks sort of person. A) When and where is the zoning hearing, presumably the public is invited. B) Is there a fundraising effort underway to buy this property at fair market value from the current owner? I guess I'll give you all a call at your 215-233-4600 number.
Vicki Milunic, South Eastern PA [01-26-2002]

Please save the Black Horse Inn from being demolish. We have plenty of CVS Drug Stores,Banks and parking lots in Delaware County. Our historical sites make Pennsylvania a wonderful place to visit and live.
Inez Ugwu, Delaware County [01-26-2002]

Why in the world do we need another CVS, liquor store and bank. Doesn't America have enough of these already????
Kim Lawrie, Oxford, PA [01-26-2002]

Nathan Becker, Kenosha, WI [01-26-2002]

We need to save the things of our past as a reminder of where we are and where we have come from. Please don't distroy this Historical site.
Diane Jacoby, York, Pa [01-26-2002]

We need to restore our historical landmarks.Our children need the history and we can invite visitors to our state,to explore our country's history.Save the Black Horse Inn.
Rev.Richard and Faith Earl, RR 3 Box 130,Sunbury, Pa. 17801 [01-26-2002]

I have interned and supported various historical sites in Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties (including Hope Lodge): I have seen firsthand the value of historical preservation and find it unthinkable to tear down such a precious and endangered treasure.
Regina Kelly, Lansdale, PA [01-26-2002]

we, the people, need to salvage some of these old treasures for future generations. I hope in the end, history doesn't say of us that twenty-first century Americans were so focused on the future of stereotypical fad chain stores that will soon be outdated, that it totally forgot the importance and richness of its past.
joyce leavitt, california [01-26-2002]

Bob Kleinschmit, Utica, MI [01-26-2002]

We need to preserve our past, from only it can we know how to guide ourselves into our future.
Laura Johnson, Cottage Grove, OR [01-26-2002]

We should be working to save our history--not knocking it down. Ther is already a CVS down the street. How many do you need?
Elisabeth Heller, Phila [01-26-2002]

Commissioners of Springfield Township - do the "right" thing and preserve this national treasure.
Karin Kopesky, Lower Providence, PA [01-26-2002]

Ruben Marquez, no [01-26-2002]

Steven Santore, Philadelphia [01-26-2002]

We need to save these wonderful bits of history. My husband, two children (ages 7 and 10) and I traveled PHL and other PA historic sites this past summer. We had a terrific time and loved the state. Saving such monuments is a great way to make history come alive!
Danielle Warmuth, West Harrison, In [01-26-2002]

Once it is lost it is gone forever. There must be another location to put another CVS.
joseph logan, Browns Mills, NJ [01-26-2002]

Christian Pilling [01-26-2002]

Save It. It is an HIstorical land mark.
Amy Cross [01-26-2002]

Mary Caitlin Bottles [01-12-2002]

I drive by here several times a week and it would be a terrible thing to tear this part of our history down. Please do something soon because I can see that it is starting to disintegrate. I like the bed and breakfast idea. We really need an establishment like that in our area.
Dorothy Finn, Erdenheim, PA [01-12-2002]

F. A. Ward [01-12-2002]

David S. Dwyer, Wynnewood, PA [01-12-2002]

Jon Massey [01-12-2002]

Coming from a place in the world where so little is older than 80 years, I can tell you that without pieces of the past to look back on, there becomes a complacentcy with forever erasing everything old from existence. This pattern is hard to recognize when it first takes hold but if left unquestioned by those who recognize it early, then before long, every place is doomed to look like anyplace. Just drive around the bedroom suburbs from the 1980s if you don't know what I mean. Save the Black Horse Inn. Retrofit it to accomodate the damn bank or the liquor store and then provide boarding house rooms above or turn it into a hostel.
Jason Meneely, Vancouver, British Columbia [01-12-2002]

Such a treasure of US History must be meticulously preserved, NOT destroyed for purposes of relatively short term economic gain.
John D. Layton, Iron County, Missouri [01-12-2002]

I had no idea that the US had trouble with developers tearing down old pubs & inns, I thought it was a purely british tradition! As a founder of the recently formed Pub History Society I would like to extend the services of the said society to publicise your plight. If someone could email me we can discuss this further. Incidentally we have members on both sides of the pond and I'm sure the small number of members we have would like to hear more of the Blackhorse. www.uk-history.co.uk/phs.htm
steve williams, peterborough, england, uk [01-12-2002]

As a 7th great grand daughter of Dr. Thomas Wynne and having researched a lot of material about the area, the Black Horse Inn is a prominent historical building and should be left for the descendants of the area and the future historians to enjoy and explore, it is our past. Please do not remove it. Allow it to become a historical place.
Rebecca Naomi Wynn Thill, Dallas, Texas [01-12-2002]

As I was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, I find it mandatory to save the area's historic treasures. I've seen this building and it is indeed worth saving. It demeans all of us when such an ediface, standing nobly and handsome for so long, is demolished to make room for what we already have too much of...another bland strip center, which will itself be demolished in 30 to 50 years in all probability. When we destroy our history, we destroy our heritage and a bit of ourselves in the process. It really hurts us all.
Joseph Loverro, Sharon, Connecticut [01-12-2002]

Ron Feldman, Roselle, IL [01-12-2002]

Pennsylvania has such a wealth of historically significant structures. I'd hate to see any of them, including this inn, lost forever.
Craig Mortell, Indiana [01-12-2002]

Dont tear down the Black Horse Inn. Are there not enough liquor stores in this country already?
Kenton C. Cornish [01-12-2002]

Stefanie Butler [01-12-2002]