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Black Horse Inn
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Save the Black Horse Inn Petition Archive: 2001

I am so tired of this country tearing down it's historic spots, to make way for what they call "progress." We need to save our historic sites before it's too late. I don't want to show my children a parking lot, where a former historic site was, it's pathetic!!
Michael McKeough, Glenside, PA [12-26-2001]

Andrew Sylvia [12-26-2001]

Craig Spedden, Media PA [12-26-2001]

sharhabeel [12-26-2001]

these old buildings from our history must be saved if at all possible. there are far too many sights of our history being destroyed by greedy developers just for the sake of the almighty dollar
DENNIS BRUNSCHON, elgin illinois [12-26-2001]

Steve Fischler, Colorado Springs, CO [12-26-2001]

To Whom It May Concern, I live on the West coast and have always admired the incredibly rich history of this countries past as can be seen in the Eastern part. This history is alive and can be seen in the many places and structures that are present there. I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to tear down a structure that is so rich with the history of this country. I have seen, on numerous occasions where a person or group are so blind or poor in mind & heart that structures incredibly rich with the history of California were torn down to build a parking lot or fast food stores or some other such thing. It didn't add anything to the community but took so much away from it. The only thing I can subscribe to this behavior is greed, pure greed. It would seem to me that there are plenty of other areas that a "drugstore, bank, and parking lot" could be built why, In Gods name, does it have to be on this particular piece of land??? I implore you for the sake of this generation and those to follow please Save & Protect our historical landmarks. Please do this I've not yet had the opportunity to see this place; Don't deny me and other's the opportunity to visit this historical site. It's a part of our history and MUST be protected. Respecfully, C. Hamilton
Chris Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA. [12-26-2001]

Black Horse is a famous site, well known in New Jersey too. Please do not destroy it.
Philip M Torrance II MD, Princeton NJ [12-22-2001]

Save the Inn
jessica [12-22-2001]

Tracy Thornburg, metro Detroit [12-22-2001]

Developers have already made a mess of the country side in America....save this inn...it's on one of the oldest "highways" in US...only if walls could talk ! NO to tearing it down...got enough chain stores and banks
Cynthia, Massachusetts [12-22-2001]

Mark Fritzenschaft [12-22-2001]

Sarah Pryor, Durham, NC [12-22-2001]

don't tear down a historic treasure for more ugly suburban sprawl!
BILL BAUER, new jersey [12-22-2001]

Mindy Wigod, Maple Glen [12-22-2001]

Don't tear down the Black Horse Inn!! We need to restore our history not destroy our history.
Lisa Squires [12-22-2001]

Leyna Perez, Texas [12-17-2001]

Amelia Logan [12-17-2001]

We have enough drug stores,parking lots and we sure have enough liquor stores. Tell the developer to go use one of the strip malls that are not being used.This is a problem we have down here,instead of using available property they just build more. Good Luck!!
george e. dotson, new orleans,la. [12-17-2001]

To the developers: I really believe there are already too many drug stores and liquor stores around, along with a lot of other things we have too many of. However, where do we go to find relics of our beginnings, or the struggles made to get our society to the point where we CAN build too many drug stores or anything else we want to? Any tree is anchored by its roots. As we gradually remove the roots of this country, what will we have to support us? Drug stores? Donut shops? Car washes? We have to know where we came from before we can know where we're going. If nothing else, it seems to me there could be some kind of compromise made to preserve the building AND make a profit of some kind. Why not a themed collection of specialty shops within the restored structure? It's been done! Use some imagination! Destruction isn't the ONLY option!
Theresa O'Neill, Wayne, Michigan [12-12-2001]

Stephanie Stoops [12-12-2001]

I used to live in Lansdale Pa and I passed the wonderful place at least once a day. Please save it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard munson, Mt. Pleasant Utah [12-12-2001]

Though I have never been to this place, I feel that the tearing down of landmarks and buildings of history should not be torn down. With the destruction of these buildings we also destroy a part of our history and, in essence, a part of ourselves. Would you tear down the Alamo fortress in Texas just to replace it with a bank or store? Or how about the White House? These landmarks must be preserved lest the history of our great nation be lost and the Black Horse Inn is no exception. I would be dismayed if you tore this priceless and irreplaceable building down to build structures that can be built elsewhere. I hope you all decide to keep it.
Chris W. Twilleager, Blaine, WA [12-10-2001]

Sarah Bernhardt, Houston [12-10-2001]

I think that historical sites should be preserved. It is part of our early American Heritage in which we learn and experience the history/atmosphere of long ago.
Julie Kordyzon, Grand Blanc, MI [12-10-2001]

America needs all the historical landmarks that can be mustered to remind present and future generations of our rich American history, the importance of learning from the past, and that historic remnants should be treasured.
Cameon Pierce, California [12-10-2001]

History is forever. Montgomery County communities play a major role to presever are historical legacy. As an elected official, it is your duty to make that so... be an American.
Dan Price, Fellow Montgomery County Neighborhood [12-10-2001]

Please do not tear down a historic site. If you do that, soon there will be no historic sites. We need to value history and pass this treasure down to our children.
Dawn Ullman, North Wales, PA [12-09-2001]

Paris, March 1 (No.2001-30) - UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura said today he was shocked at the announcement that the destruction of statues had begun in Afghanistan, despite various initiatives undertaken since Monday to convince the Taliban to reverse their decision. [12.03.2001] - DIRECTOR-GENERAL CONDEMNS TALIBAN'S CRIME AGAINST CULTURE UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura has condemned the Taliban’s destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan - which has been confirmed by his Special Envoy, Pierre Lafrance - and described it as a “crime against culture”. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Taliban's crime against culture and this hideous business man who wants to destroy an American cultural landmark!!! The people of the World cried out in protest and begged the Taliban to respect the historical marker.....they ignored the voices in callous disregard and their fanatical quest. Let us hope that American and Pennsylvanian voices can be more effective resulting in the salvation of this treasure...The Black Horse Inn!! Liz Antonson Rome, New York (formerly of Brookhaven, Pennsylvania)
Liz Antonson, Rome, New York [12-08-2001]

There appears to be a great lack of respect for the history of this great nation and the historical landmarks which have survived to this day. Please save the Blackhorse Inn as to allow the people of this country to have a more thorough understanding of our history and provide our children with an irreplaceable historic site
Richard deAlmeida, New Jersey [12-08-2001]

Michael Bahry, Dillsburg, PA [12-08-2001]

Lisa Flowers, Oxon Hill, MD [12-08-2001]

to what extent are we to allow our national heritage to be torn down for what, a community liqour store. sometimes people need to realize there trully are things out there more important than money
michael l merryman, 1325 s. haupt ave [12-08-2001]

As has been said, history, once destroyed, cannot be replaced. Find a way to keep this and other historic buildings. They are a treasure.
Barbara Smith, Indianapolis, IN [12-05-2001]

In March 1941 a friend of mine introduced me to my wife in the bar of the Black Horse Inn. She had asked him to bring her to the Inn so she could meet me.After 50 years of marriage she passed away in 1992. So The Black Horse Inn has a special meaning for me. Please do no tear it down or move it. SAVE IT !!! I lived in Fourtown at the time I went in the Service, therefore I am on the Monument across the steet from The Black Horse Inn. If I can be of help please call me at 215-672-0472.
Wesley a. Clifford, 1575 West Street . Road #611, Warminster Pa. 18974 [12-03-2001]

The Black Horse Inn sits directly across Bethlem Pike from the War Memorial dedicated to the service men from Flourtown who served in the World War. Lets preserve the Black Horse in memory of those service men and others who have fought to allow us the freedom to express our opions. History and the Black Horse Inn is precious to us and our future.
Mary Ciliberto, Exton,Pa. [12-03-2001]

Brigid Brady, Philadelphia [12-02-2001]

Barbara Brady [12-02-2001]

I read about the Black Horse Tavern in the Inquirer. I hope it can be saved. Recently, in my township the historic General Wayne Inn was purchased and will become an up-scale restaurant. Many fellow Lower Merion residents were relieved that our beloved inn was saved from further decay and underuse. Keep up the good fight.
Jan T. Sklaroff, Bala Cynwyd, PA [12-02-2001]

Margaret Kucharski [12-02-2001]

Here in the western part of the state thier are no old vintage stone building as such with the Black Horse Inn. It is a piece of our heritage. please consider this point that many great people died for our freedom and that piece of land as a developer sees it is worth a million stories of our country's history. It's birth...
MicHAEL j. dUCARY, Pittsburgh area [12-02-2001]

Judy Skelly [12-01-2001]

Timothy Wallace, At School [12-01-2001]

Please save the Black Horse Inn. I am sure that they can find another location for a CVC drugstore, liquor store or bank.... that might stand vacant after only a few months or years! The Inn has been around longer than the company that owns the property!!
Judy White, Fayetteville, GA [12-01-2001]

Michael Baruzzini [12-01-2001]

We should leave it up.It is part of our history so it should not be touched.
Krissy, Pine Bush, NY [12-01-2001]

Place like this should be protected and declared as a national landmark...Let the investors to put money in that!!! Let the past meet future...RN
RossNavratil , Pompano Beach FL United States [11-28-2001]

i think the building is a wonderful example of oldbuildings, and im am only 11.
JOSIAHROSS [11-28-2001]

Dan Racan , Berwyn, Illinois [11-28-2001]

Dana Radano , Houston, TX [11-28-2001]

The last thing America needs right now is a new CVS. When the nation is trying to come strongly together, they need to see symbols of their roots, and that is the Black Horse Inn, not a parking lot.
Tom [11-28-2001]

Please help to make history - save our heritage.
Vivien Garrigues (Cochairman of the Garrigues National Assmblee) , The Woodlands, Texas (But I love being in Philadelphia) [11-28-2001]

Something should be saved. I live in an area where 'rednecks' purchase wooded land just to cut the trees. Nothing will be left for our children if we let progress dominate.
Barbara Loden [11-28-2001]

please save this historic inn, or you will come to regret it. surely there are many other suitable sites for commercial development.
bill chambliss , greensboronc [11-28-2001]

I think it would be a terrible shame to pull down a historic building in favor of a strip mall. Perhaps the parties involved would be interested in spending the same money on restoring it if they were somehow allowed to use it. Being an Inn, it likely has the space for both. Get an architect to present some ideas perhaps. Communities have no use for a building that isn't in use, so if you want to keep it, better get it being used for something!
Karl Walser , Ann Arbor, MI [11-22-2001]

"Wouldn't it be sad to think that the only "Historical Landmarks" that will be left for our children and our children's children, are going to be "Monuments of Terrorism". Placed at sites where there has been a bombing, a school shooting, an act of terrorism or tragedy that has resulted in the loss of innocent American lives." ~Anna Bulat
Anna Bulat , Aliquippa, Pennsylvania [11-22-2001]

It is a wonderful place and rich in history. We should preserve this site.
Michelle Beck , Weatherford, TX 76087 [11-22-2001]

They need to perserve our history in the weak of the latest events.We all need to remember our history. The best way to do that is to perserve it.
Randy Kainrath , Plainfield, IL [11-22-2001]

Stephanie C. Steward , Philadelphia, PA [11-22-2001]

Places like this deserve to remain where they are as a reminder of where we have come from, and where we can go. The hard work and the beliefs of the people who built are nation is slowly disappearing from the memories of today's americans, let's leave monuments like these so we won't completely forget!
James Dasher , Pueblo, CO [11-22-2001]

Harry Karna , California [11-22-2001]

Emmeline Creasy , Savannah, Ga. [11-22-2001]

Banks can be built just about anywhere. An historic place is only there as long as we allow it to be. Destroy it and you can never replace it.
Eva Salinas-Nava , Edinburg, Texas [11-22-2001]

Nathan Rounds [11-22-2001]

For Eleanor.
Christine E. Johnson , Philadelphia and Haverford PA [11-22-2001]

why can they not use this old building and turn it into the drug store and liquor store?
Janna Johnson , Indiana [11-22-2001]

Sarah Misner [11-22-2001]

The last thing you need is another drug store, liquor store in your aera.A bank is ok as long as the adaptive use is used.This means keeping the inn as a historic landmark but carefully making it a public service.
David L. Corliss , 1662 Dyre street Philadelphia P.A. [11-22-2001]

Jim Emerson , Indiana [11-22-2001]

To tear down a historical monument is unlawful. Especially at this time in our history. We need to keep our heritage alive. To tear this down is like burning the American flag. Please reconsider your decision.
Michelle Dowen , California [11-22-2001]

Now more than ever, America needs to preserve our historic landmarks. Communities, like nations, are more than marketplaces. If the Black Horse was in my neighborhood and was torn down for a CVS, I can promise you I would never patronize that drugstore.
Gail Thomas , Washington, DC [11-15-2001]

Deborah Ashley Billey [11-07-2001]

Victoria Lieder [11-07-2001]

Danielle Pitcher , Ambler, Pa [11-07-2001]

We have enough convienence stores, and can build them any where. We have a limited supply of historical places. Lets not obliterate our history...
Tom Calabro [11-07-2001]

having been a former alderman of a city council in a midwestern community where i witnessed the demands of developers upon local communities take importance over the collective history of a community, i urge your governmental body to prohibit the destruction and development of any and all historic properties. preserving the legacies of the history of the people who came before gives a community a continuity with the past so extremely necessary to fostering an atmosphere of true community. developers who are interested in destroying the history of a community do not make good neighbors nor do they have any long term interest n a community. their interests in a community are limited to only their self-serving financial demands and little else. most developments tease commmunities with promises of employnt and tax dollars at the expense of community stability. drug store chains come and go -- and within ten years, that property, if it is destroyed and this store allowed to be built, will be vacant if the drug store parent goes bankrupt and then you are left with an eyesore not an ongoing site of historica significance.
sally bennett , missouri [11-02-2001]

Mandy Mayberry [11-02-2001]

ithink we should preserve our history bfore it is gone forever
Tulula [11-01-2001]

save the black horse inn!
Michelle Hansen , Oregon [11-01-2001]

I love that place . And if they (he) tears it down I am going to call him and say (I HATE YOU YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!)
Austin Thomas Dillender , 572 West Pyramid Point CT. [11-01-2001]

never destoy anything worth memories
Charles [10-28-2001]

I can't believe this is even being considered. Here in New Orleans we are trying to save several late 1800's Cotton warehouses from a Super Wal-Mart. Greed is going to eliminate our history.
Steve E. Lang , New Orleans, Louisiana [10-28-2001]

THis is a national treasure. It should be preserved.
Laurette Beatty [10-28-2001]

Don't we have enough drug stores, liquor stores and banks? How many pieces of our own heritage remain? It would be a crime to tear it down.
Joanne Asala , Bloomingdale, IL 60108 [10-28-2001]


These structures cannot be replaced and we should make all efforts to preserve buildings like this. 100 years from now CVS or a bank would not even be standing and nobody would care to preserve those isores. We have enough CVS, and banks and we don't need any more liquor stores.
Mireya Taylor , Philadelphia [10-24-2001]

Sarah Cook [10-24-2001]

I am not that old, I am only 13 but i do pay attention a lot in social studies class and right now i am doing a report on Colonial Pennsylvania. What we have to do is draw a poster board that is persuading people to move their because of the positive aspects, and I am using this Inn as a topic on why people should move to Pennsylvania. If the Inn is no longer there then it would be fogoten in the back of people's minds. If it still stands it will be seen by everyone and they will notice how Pennsylvania cares for its heritage and stands up for what our ancestors did for us. You are probably wondering why i care!? But I was born in Pennsylvania and i would some day like to go back and see some of things that i couldn't remember from when i was little. If they are torn down mine and others dreams of seeing what once was will be dimolished. Thank you for your time and HELP!
Brianne Phillis , Columbiana, Ohio [10-22-2001]

Please, save the Black Horse Inn.. When I come to America, I like to see all kind of historic buildings. I love the old american structure. Dorothea Kumbach, Cologne/Germany
Dorothea Kumbach , Cologne/Germany [10-22-2001]

Kristen Cochran [10-22-2001]

Tear it down for another CVS drugstore? Good God, they are a blight on the land now.
James Fredrick Hannon [10-21-2001]

Serena-Victoria Amschwartz [10-21-2001]

What next? Use the Liberty Bell for scrap metal. Get with it people...we are all immigrants, with different customs...we came together in the United States and blended our heritage. To destroy this place would be destroying a piece of history. We can no longer stand for this type of destruction. Besides...there are too many liquor stores and CVS stores...How many more of those things do we need? We cannot replace our history...heritage..once it is bulldozed. Gone...my children would never be able to see it..appreciate it. Do not tear this landmark down.
Lisa Lawcock , Ohio [10-21-2001]

First you destroyed culture, traditions, religion and history of the native Indians. Now you're destroying your own historical sites, and they're not even that old. May your God save you.
Pierre De Schepper , Belgium (Europe) [10-21-2001]

I can't beleive that saving the black Horse Inn would even be a question! Save the History today for our generations tomorrow.A drugstore, Bank and Liquer store can never measure up to what saving the Black Horse Inn measures for its own value to future generations. Richard A. Royer Webmaster, Royer Family in America Genealogy Homepage. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~royer/
Richard A. Royer , Spokane Wa. [10-20-2001]

I am a former resident of Mt. Airy and often drove by and admired the Black Horse Inn. I strongly feel that a building of that age and character should be protected as a Nationl Register Sit.
Catherine Bancroft , Merion Station, PA [10-20-2001]

Too many historical places are being torn down. We need to preserve these buildings.
Nannette Bolles , Van Nuys, CA [10-20-2001]

God save the Black Horse Inn
Phil Lasher , ohio [10-20-2001]

Keep it open!
Ed Ennis [10-20-2001]

Shadia Aboshanab [10-17-2001]

Please help to save the Black Horse Inn. Once this historic treasure is gone, there is no way to replace it. Surely it is more important than more shopping venues! This is HISTORY!
Sandra Magers , Dallas, TX [10-17-2001]

What a sad loss it would be to replace this wonderful historic structure with cheap buildings that do not have half of its character. It's important to preserve our history.
Heather Rohde , Chicago, Illinois [10-17-2001]

I think that it would be awful if it was torn down for the sake of new buildings and money. What about keeping our heritage and saving it to show our children so they can share a piece of our history.
Melissa Krager , Ohio [10-17-2001]

Janis Bickel [10-17-2001]

Bill Gerardi [10-13-2001]

First of all thanks to all who put there time and research together to make this site, not just the Black Horse Inn, but the Us History site as a whole. From what is have seen on this site I can see that a lot of Americans have been caught up in the future and have lost our past somewhere in the hustle and bustle. We are all here to regain what we have lost, and that is what brings us all to this site. I being a Pennsylvannian have not as of yet made it to our own historic places, but would like very much to hold onto as much of it as we can. September 11 2001 changed all our lives and we have come here to try and regain what we have longed for and missed, and as American I would find it hard replace what so many fought and died for, and the memories lost... On September 11 2001 I died with all the rescue works, because all my life I wanted to be a Firefighter or Police officer, and on that day I rushed into that building to help people of all races and Nationalities, not just Americans but Human beings.... God Bless all whom have died and those who have came to this site, for we all are holding onto but one thing, which maybe lost... Freedom... So if at all possible save the Black Horse Inn..
D W. Greer , Pittsburgh Pennsylvannia [10-13-2001]

any move to tear down the black horse inn would be an idiotic tragedy. please respect our cultural heritage! thanks,
kristi hassen , collingswood, nj [10-13-2001]

I'm from Hellertown, PA. My cousins lived outside of Philadelphia. We would visit them often. Our trips took us past the Black Hose Inn. Despite my youth, that building struck a cord - grabbed my attention. It is a piece of history that can never be replaced if it is torn down. Unlike the loss of the World Trade Towers, another significant U.S. landmark, because of terrorist actions beyond our control, we can save this American landmark.
David Hoppes , South Carolina [10-13-2001]

As you can tell by my e-mail address, I am a 1972graduate of Chichester HS. The Inn is a beautiful piece of history- SAVE IT!!I am sure the world can survive without another drugstore!!
Maureen Mercer , Largo,Florida [10-12-2001]

save and restore
Matt Oswald , New Jersey [10-12-2001]

I resided in and around Springfield Township as a child. My mother and sister still live in the area. One of the nicest things about that area, as opposed to the area I now live, is the amount of historic buildings still left standing. A CVS store, a liquor store and a bank can surely find another location. The town I live in has torn down so many of its historic buildings and it has really left our urban areas with very little attractions to see or visit.
Linda Jacobson , Greensboro, NC [10-12-2001]

Save it
Delores , Illinois [10-11-2001]

Brittny Anderson [10-11-2001]

Kathy Barnett [10-11-2001]

Do we REALLY need another CVS,liquor store or bank as badly as we need to teach our children to cherish and preserve the pieces of our past? I am sick of the current American fast food/instant gratification, McDonald's/Wal-Mart culture, destroying pieces of our history and heritage in the name of "progress". I am a musician/songwriter with a lot of talented friends. Any chance we can do a benefit or draw some attention to this on a national level?
Lisa A. Carver , Nashville, Tennessee [10-11-2001]

I hope the Inn can be saved and turned into a historical landmark for visitors all over the U.S.
Julie Coleman , Platte City, Missouri [10-10-2001]

monica heizenrader [10-10-2001]

Please don't tear it down! I just read about it now, but I don't like to see any historical landmarks torn down. Thank you.
Annie [10-10-2001]

Jordy Oberpriller [10-10-2001]

Another parking lot and drug store are not a necessity. We should be proud of our heritage, not destroy it so money can be made.
Kathi Tammick [10-08-2001]

If only our world wasn't so determined to make money, keep money, and love money, then people could realize that what matters is our families, our history, our friends, and our Earth. Money is not everything; life is.
Katie Roberts , Huntington Beach, CA [10-08-2001]

Brandi L. Anstine , Blue Springs, MO [10-06-2001]

Shaun Schuyler , Littleton, CO [10-06-2001]

Destroying the "Black Horse Inn" would be an act similar to the Taliban destroying the Bamiyan Buddahs. What more can I say!
Steve Wrubel , Costa Mesa, Ca. [10-06-2001]

this buldind is way more inortand the a cvs of some other thing cuz that is history not some drug story that will last and show how our roods were and did they thing. so i vote to preserve it.
Kevin , Arlington, VA [10-03-2001]

I understand what you are trying to preserve. In a nearby town (Titusville, PA, birthplace of the oil industry) there was a historic hotel that was used as a restaraunt and bar, There was also rooms. This still had its old charm. A developer tore it down and put up a CVS drug store. Good Luck !!!
Eileen Kotlar , Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania [10-03-2001]

I've recently been doing geneology and found you can have all kinds of words on paper and a picture tells a thousand stories, its not the real deal. We take so much that can never be replaced for the next generation. We must leave are history or they'll never learn to appreciate American history. I consider myself a true patriot and when I see or hear of a dieing horse I stand up for it. Reconsider, Laura Moore
Laura Moore , Fort Wayne, Indiana [10-03-2001]

Hello, Would you mind writing a letter asking people to help save the Black Horse Inn to preservation 911? Our Web site likes to post distress calls from concerned citizens. You can read other examples at www.preservationonline.org/911. Please e-mail us at preservation@nthp.org. Margaret Foster Web site editor Preservation magazine National Trust for Historic Preservation (202) 588-6062
Margaret Foster [10-03-2001]

It is too bad that history stands in the way of "temporary progress". There is a compromise. The town may require the owner to relocate the historic structure to another location in order to proceed with the new development. Some towns have passed a law stating that any owner having a structure over 100 years old and is being considered being demolished must advertise and either sell or give away the structure to someone who will move it. I have personally been involved in a number of theses successful "11th hour" moves (from negotiating with the developer, locating new property, finding financing, getting government approvals, to the actual building moving and renovating the structures). Even without a law, a property owner or developer will sometimes help pay for the move in order to achieve their own goals but at the same time earn "goodwill" in the community. In the long run, this maybe be a very small investment for the developer compared to the overall project, tax incentives/credits, goodwill, and the knowledge that they are doing the right thing by saving of a part of history. Maybe the Springfield Township Historical Society needs a "new" museum building?
Craig Prince , Rochester, New York [10-03-2001]

Cathy Vidal [10-03-2001]

Michael Green [10-03-2001]

William Caldwell [10-03-2001]

All this darn save the forest crap...How about save the HISTORIC landmarks???
Michael J. Nino , Upper Darby Pa [10-01-2001]

Stuart Price , Kannapolis NC [10-01-2001]

I came from a small town in Arkansas. I saw there the cause, of people not caring about there town history. Now, the town is still there, no people. That place went down the tube, so, keep the Black Horse, it will be there for the next generation to admire, and know where they came from. Thanks for letting me say my piece.
Arthur Reeves , Fredonia, Ks. [10-01-2001]

In stead of tearing down the Black Horse Inn, let's tear down the Township offices first abd replace it with an Old Barn. The Black Horse Tavern has been there for years and has served the community. Let's honor that and keep and restore the tavern for our Grandchildren to have.
Harry Stringer , East Norriton, Pa [10-01-2001]

We have torn up enough of our history.
E.W. True [09-30-2001]

Save The Black Horse Inn, we have to many Drug Store, Bank and who needs more liquor store. Save the Inn.
Manuel Montero , Trenton [09-29-2001]

Save the Inn--We need to protect our historical sites and treasured places.
james w cannon , huntingdon valley Pa. [09-29-2001]

I was born and raised in Flourtown and after a long absence have moved back. When I see what the township has allowed to overrun this once quaint town I am more determined than ever to stop the dismantling of historic buildings all along Bethlehem Pike. STOP THE MADNESS!!! top the m
Sarah R. Girard , 48 College Ave. Flourtown [09-27-2001]

Save the Inn! There is too many drugstores,liquor stores, and banks in this world!
Jessie(I_call_myself_Jessi) Onclentai , Tokyo,Japan(hometown)Sunny,California(visiting) [09-27-2001]

Please save this historic site for future generations,and work to have it added to the National Register of Historic Places.I think that our heritage should come before the dollar sign.
Theodore Kalch [09-27-2001]

we need to keep the history gowing at a time that makes the u.s.a.look at the history. thank you tom donahue
THOMAS DONAHUE [09-27-2001]

Paul Brown , Derbyshire, England [09-26-2001]

Tara Cooper , Melbourne, FL (formerly Pottstown and Phoenixville, PA) [09-26-2001]

We've already torn down too many of our historic landmarks. Good luck!
John Smitherman, Jr. , Indianapolis [09-26-2001]

I feel the Black Horse in should NOT be demolished to build these other establishments that can most definately be built someplace else. Our Historical sites need to be preserved. I myself, like to visit historical sites and learn about their history. I hope the Black Horse Inn is saved from demolition.
Lisa Jack , Dallas, Texas [09-26-2001]

Lets save it!!! A bank, drug store and liquor store can be built anywhere, but we only have one of these.
James G. Alexander , Madispn, AL [09-22-2001]

Jack Manning , Boston [09-22-2001]

Heather Greene , Nashua, NH [09-22-2001]

Give me a break.. How many drugstores do we need? The same thing goes on here in Ohio. I'm really sick of these big corporations strong arming the little guy into giving up a local and/or historic building or business so they can put yet another drug emporium or big box store on the corner. STOP THIS NOW and save the Black Horse Inn! Don't take an historic structure just because it's in a "prime retail spot". Springfield Township Commissioners...show a little backbone here!!
Kathi Sanoba , Cleveland Ohio [09-21-2001]

david s. henderson , raleigh,nc [09-21-2001]

Savannah mcdowell [09-21-2001]

Theodore S. Beres III [09-21-2001]

We need to preserve this historic Inn.
Vivian Stotler , Bowie, MD [09-21-2001]

Am I correct in assuming the drug store is Walgreens? Those people do not care who or what they turn down to get in their "neighborhood" stores!
Linda McGonigle [09-21-2001]

My ancestors came to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's. We have too precious few historical landmarks like the Black Horse Inn. I support it being saved and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Dale Beeby Barnes , Sterling Virginia, USA [09-21-2001]

History is something that should be revered, honored and preserved. How dare they wish to destroy something from the early days of our country, a place where our founding fathers frequented and replace it with an opportunity to purchase gum and cigarettes all hours of the day and night. There is neither dignity, nor honor in such a venture. Historical landmarks are not available (and preserved) on every street corner as these chain stores have become. What message are we sending to our children in allowing the destruction of the Black Horse Inn, to be replaced by some chain pharmacy. These developers should be made to explain to our children why they have no regard for history.
C. Bracelin [09-21-2001]

we don't need another strip mall. But we do need to preserve our historic sites for our children's children!
Laurie Underhill , Lititz, PA [09-21-2001]

I believe that since it is a Historic Building, it should not to be torn down at all. Especially at this time since what happened at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last week.
Jeri Williams , Ohio [09-19-2001]

Jaime L. Lorenzo , Scottsdale, AZ [09-19-2001]

We need to protect America's heritage. Tearing down the Black Horse Inn would be a travesty.
Keen Butterworth , Boulder, CO. [09-18-2001]

Look at Hope Lodge!!! I think the Black Horse Inn deserves the same kind of attention. Please save the Black Horse Inn.
James and Helen Cannon , Erdenheim [09-18-2001]

Maybe this is romanticism to save a building but to preserve a part of History is important. You could have this place turn into a profitable attraction or a bed & breakfast Inn. Surely there are places elsewhere for a bank & drug store to go up. Save the Black Horse Inn!
P Dumlao , Texas [09-18-2001]

It would be very sad to tear down this historical site.
Jessica [09-18-2001]

History is a valued treasure in this country. Don't tear it down. Please.
Mariana Suarez , Florida [09-18-2001]

I was born and raised in the Flourtown/Erdenheim area and appreciate the historic significance of the Black Horse Inn and the beauty of its architecture and history. Flourtown and even Erdenheim along Bethlehem Pike have changed immensely over the years from beautiful old homes with green lawns to offices and other commercial buildings with parking lots. Many of these commercial areas are now pitiful eyesores of the community left vacant and in need of repair. Why demolish an historic site when there are already vacant commercial areas available for a bank, liquor store and/or CVS? It just doesn't make sense! Please save the Black Horse Inn!
Mary Cannon Bassetti , Glenside [09-18-2001]

It is very distressing to see that Springfield Township has little to no regard for history! I grew up in the township and have seen a number of buildings be obliterated in the name of progress and for the almighty dollar. Stotesbury was the largest piece of history, an irreplaceable gem that was given up--lost forever. It was a beautiful place even in it's state of ruin! You will never see the likes of it again. PLEASE, DO NOT let the same fate befall the Black Horse Inn. It IS a treasure to be protected and saved! It IS our history and a major part of what is now Flourtown. PLEASE, do the right thing and SAVE it. Who needs yet another CVS or liquor store?! Are there not both of these in the township already?! SAVE THE BLACKHORSE INN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you
Anne Gallagher [09-18-2001]

Don't we have enough drug stores, banks, & I know too many liquor stores in this country??!! Our history is priceless, we need to keep it.
S.C. Archer , Tampa Bay, FL [09-18-2001]

I love Philly and I live history it's important for us and children. Please save the Inn.
Ruben D Munoz , Astoria NY [09-18-2001]

In view of all that happened this past week, we need to save as many of our historical buildings as possible. I had 10 Grandfathers fight so we could live in a free country. Let's keep it free and preserve our heritage.
Jean Williams Farrar , Natchez, MS [09-17-2001]

Janet Ives [09-17-2001]

We must protect the history of this great country!
Joyce Perry , Virginia [09-17-2001]

Good Luck!
Blake Martin , Coppell, TX [09-17-2001]

Sheila Guerro , Pocono Mountains [09-17-2001]

Anything a part of history I'm all for preserving, I'm a genealogist and it's so sad when pieces of History are destroyed. Please keep this Inn and restore it, as much as possible!
Leona R. Duncan , Ohio [09-17-2001]

My father was born and raised in this area. I have visited the Philadelphia / Bethlehem (and Bucks county) area several times.
Michael Orazi , Dumfries, VA [09-17-2001]

I often visit PA & am a true lover of history. Please save the Black Horse Inn. Find another place for your CVS, liquor store, bank...The area is already loaded with these types of places. Perhaps, your citizens should sign a petition vowing not to shop there if they build. That won't help their wallets & their perspective tenants might not be so inclined to sign w/ the owner.
Tracey Bailey , Virginia Beach, VA [09-17-2001]

Tracey Bailey [09-17-2001]

Robert Gallagher [09-17-2001]

DO NOT destroy this National Landmark Building. We lose more and more of our history every day due to 'PROGRESS' !! Let's not lose this !!!!!!!!!!!!
Douglas E. Storlie , Dubuque, Ia [09-17-2001]

Please reconsider other sites. This country need to protect our history for future generations. and All You the developer care about is the All Mighty Dollar. How would you like it if your stores you plan to build were a historic site and a developer like you wanted to tear it down for yet another CVS or Liquor store . You would mostlikely raise all kind of Hell . Well I care about our History So look else where to build.
GENE LEONARD [09-17-2001]

It is time we put a stop to having our historical places being torn down. What will our future generations see? Looking at a picture is not the same. Visitors need to see and feel what the United States was really like in the Revolutionary War times. So I am uniting with others to say,"Save it". We don't need another CVS etc.!!!
Marilyn P. Goldsberry , Ohio [09-16-2001]

It's hard to try and imagine the sights and sounds of life in the past looking at a CVS. My Grandson just came into the room and asked what this was about. When I explained his reaction was "NO, it's just like tearing down another monument like the recent loss of the World Trade Center." He's 13.
Rita Verzinskie , Virginia Beach in the Commonwealth of Virginia [09-16-2001]

I think it would be a complete shame if you were to tear it down. We need as many historical monuments as possible. Out of Patriotism for our country it should not be torn down. Sometimes the smallest things help in ways not known. Don't make Americans struggle for their rights, keep the building intact! I believe that if the building is kept standing you will have more support than if you were to put some plaza there.
Tina Marie Moscato , 79 Cosey Beach Ave. East Haven, CT 06512 [09-16-2001]

We already have a CVS down the street- this site was around over 200 years ago as a stop for stage- coaches- how could you tear it down? What history we can tell our children and they in turn can pass that information down to their children... Save it... it will be worth it.
Ruth M. Brun , 8620 Patton Road Wyndmoor, Pa. 19038 [09-15-2001]

Bonnie G. [09-15-2001]

In this day and age, I think we may in fact have enough CVS drug stores and liquor stores. No need to tear down a historical landmark! There is plenty of land available in other places!
Yvonne Umbrasas [09-13-2001]

I fly to Philadelphia to visit my relatives and I enjoy looking at the historical monuments. Plus after recent events with the Pentagon and World Trade Center being demolished we should hold all things that have value to our country dear.
Lindsey Walton , Houston [09-13-2001]

I've only been away from my home town of West Chester for a few short years, and when I return home, part of the joy is seeing 'old familiar places'. What makes me sad when I return home is to see our beautiful landscape changed by 'commerciality'. Preserve our historic beauty. Sincerely, Ellen Chambers
Ellen Chambers , Williamsport PA [09-12-2001]

I believe firmly in preserving our glorious past.
Christine Adams , Fl [09-11-2001]

Please place the Blackhorse Inn on the National Register of Historic places ASAP. Please do not allow a greedy developer to destroy part of our history.
Deborah Wogan [09-11-2001]

There are already plenty of CVSs in the city and county of Philadelphia. We do not need another.
Stefan Livingstone Shirley , Central NY, but my heart belongs to Philly [09-11-2001]

This lovely tavern is nowhere near my home, but I was employed in Horsham for almost 10 years, near the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. That area was full of unvarying bedroom communities, seemingly all stuccoed with an arched window. Today's developers have ruined our landscape with these boring cookie cutter neighborhoods and shopping centers or gas stations on every corner. This same sprawl now stretches miles west of where I live in Chester County, so I am not just being critical of Montgomery County. The only saving feature of the commute I had was the occasional colonial structure that had survived today's tasteless developers. These old structures should be cherished as local treasures and never be torn down, no matter what the reason unless the structure is so dilapidated that it can't be saved. Perhaps the Black Horse Inn could be moved if the developer insists on putting the world's gazillionth CVS in its place, but every effort should be made to save this wonderful structure. Perhaps a developer with imagination (if such a creature exists) could be found to utilize this lovely old structure more appropriately. My opinion generally doesn't account for very much, but I hope that in this one instance it will matter.
(Mrs.) Daryl Black , 538 Arlyn Circle, Strafford, PA 19087 [09-11-2001]

Whats wrong with you, save your history...we out here save for our children and grandchildren, and all who come to see.
Barbara Marron , Monterey California [09-11-2001]

save the black horse inn
Nicholas J Minio [09-11-2001]

It would be a shame to lose the Black Horse Inn to an attractive and unique structure. But to lose it to a CVS and a liquor store is almost criminal. All so the developer and the stores can make a buck. There is plenty of money to be made elsewhere. Leave this site alone.
David Dambly , Glenside, PA [09-11-2001]

I really think that this monument should be preserved. Why tear down what little history we have left in the U.S
Roz [09-11-2001]

Dear Owner, I believe that by you destoring this building you are destoring a part of America's history and culture. I'm thirteen and love history the young people of this world like myself need more history and knowledge about are ansitores. If you take down this building more buildings will go and out with that our history and culture we will be come the Country with no culture or life! Please I ask you in the name of history Please save this in!!!
Carolyn Etzler [09-11-2001]

I had a TV and appliance store in Flourtown for 30 enjoyable years. The historic buildings added a unique character to Bethlehem Pike and the surrounding area. Lets not lose another piece of our history; SAVE THE BLACK HORSE INN!!
Richard Fillman , Oreland, PA [09-11-2001]

They already have one Liquor Store in Flourtown-They have a Friendly Store that's empty let them put the CVS there.People can't wait to ruin this world quicker than they have already-Greed is the Motto of the present,the heck with the past.Iamsure there wont' be any pages in the future history books devoted to CVS and State Stores
Nancy Healy [09-11-2001]

Ray Riling [09-11-2001]

How many historical buildings must be torn down to make way for a CVS drug store? I can count 4 right now in Montgomery County. There are probably more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Say NO to the developer who wants to tear down the Black Horse Inn. I was born and raised in Flourtown and appreciate the historical value of Springfield Township. Don't spoil Springfield Township by destroying its historical treasures. Richard Parrish
Richard Parrish , Limerick, PA [09-11-2001]

I passed this on the way to work. We don't need another CVS. We need our heritage.
Connie Walsh , Willow Grove [09-11-2001]

Growing up in Flourtown, I can remember walking past the BlackHorse a lot of times, thinking how neat it was with the litle front porch with the ivy growing all over it. I would play in the fields occasionally as well. While I remember that it was in desperate need of being renovated, I believe that it would be an awful shame to demolish it. In this age of replacing every acre of land with buildings, I think some of it should be salvaged. I moved to Oregon because we still have a great deal of open land here, that has not been tarnished by people. That is what keeps me here. It would be nice to think that people all over could appreciate seeing a splotch of undeveloped land every now & again.
Dave Bell , Portland, OR [09-11-2001]

Don't allow another building from the past be destroyed. Too many have already been torn down. No CVS or liquor store will ever have the historical value this building does.
Kathleen Ford , AMbler,PA [09-11-2001]

It would be a disgrace and tragedy to demolish or move this historic building. The property where currently located along with the open space next door should be preserved for public use. Also, adding another chain drugstore to Bethlehem Pike may result in other drug stores going out of business, leaving more storefronts vacant and further eroding Springfield's tax base.
Karen A. P. Salvadore , Ambler [09-11-2001]

I am a relative of the McCloskeys. I would like to see the area preserved as the historical landmark it deserves.
Joseph A. Kiely , North Wales, PA [09-11-2001]

I am part of a group working to restore the Blue Bell Inn on Cobbs Creek (1766) in Southwest Philadelphia and curently live in a home in Darby built in 1734. The problem in this area is the "blessing and the curse." The blessing is we have such wonderful historic fabric and the curse is that we have so many old buildings that overwhelm available resources. Ask yourself if 100 years from now will we be better off with a building linking us to our colonial history or with a CVS pharmacy? How many local residents will proudly point out the CVS? Please do the right thing. John Haigis
John Haigis , Philadelphia and Darby, PA [09-11-2001]

Andrew J. Usmiani [09-11-2001]

Hope we can all do something to save the Black Horse, the heart of Flourtown.
Marylyn Spencer , Erdenheim, PA [09-11-2001]

We certainly don't need another faceless, sterile box of a building that will probably have a life of less than 25 years. The destruction of historic properties worthy of preservation in the "so-called" name of progress says little about us as a nation. It seems like most Americans have no tolerance for anything that stands in the way of "making a buck." Give'em hell STHS, I'm behind you 100% with my poison pen (computer).
Mike Shirk , Conshohocken, PA [09-11-2001]

Please keep the Black Horse Inn, it is necessary to preserve this history in Flourtown. What Flourtown doesn't need is more paved parking lots and stores on the Pike. Passing this old historic building always made me feel proud or our history and Flourtown.
Elizabeth L. Arthmire [09-11-2001]

Why is it that Greed has become the operant principle of the 20th century?? What the developers have planned is a desecration, and should be stopped.
Michele A. Belluomini , Philadelphia [09-11-2001]

Why not find a buyer who will operate it as a "B and B". It angers me to see the very things which make an area unique and individual destroyed and replaced by what is common and ubiquitous. Such actions are so short-sighted and, eventually, wasteful.
Will Bricker , West Mt. Airy, Philadelphia [09-11-2001]

What a travesty! Anyone who knows anything about the Black Horse Inn will recognize the name of "Jimmy" Roynan. He was not only a patron of the Inn for many years as well as a bartender on many occasions but a companion and escort of Mary McCloskey, the sister that is mentioned in the Inquirer on 9/4. Mary was named as my godmother at baptism. My father had a great love for the Black Horse Inn and it's history. Upon his death my son John made a drawing of the Black Horse with my fathers mustang in the parking lot. It is a treasured drawing for myself and my two sisters and two brothers. How sad it would be to see the Inn destroyed or even moved from its place of prominence on Bethlehem Pike. Don't let it happen under any circumstances. Once it's gone, there is no turning back. My father was born and raised in Flourtown and I spent the first 13 years of my life there. It will always hold a special place in my family's heart. Regards Mary Roynan Ciliberto
Mary Roynan Ciliberto , Glelnmoore, Pa. [09-11-2001]

We must preserve our architectural history. These building cannot be replaced.Money isn't always the most important thing.
Jeannette Disque , Chester County [09-11-2001]

I am a Revolutionary War and Colonial American history buff who believes that we should keep the historical buildings that were an important part of our beginnings.
Anita L. La Fever , Rochester New York [09-11-2001]

I am disgusted to hear about such a thing. America's history is vanishing everyday because of worthless urban sprawl. Do we really need another liquor store, drug and bank?
Brad Zuege , Taiwan (from Wisconsin) [09-11-2001]

In a town nearby a few years ago they tore down an old train station; recently they built a replica of it. Try to be a little more sensible.
Bruce Edward Stamm , Straughn, Indiana [09-11-2001]

Please keep the Black Horse Inn.
Jeannine Cole [09-11-2001]

Please keep the Black Horse Inn.
Jeannine Cole [08-30-2001]

We have become a country of chain stores. Everything must look exactly alike! How boring. What's the point of traveling across this beautiful country of ours if all you see is the same drug store, convenience store and fast food restaurant? This rich part of history belongs where it is. It is irresponsible of the caretakers of this beautiful historic home and selfish to even think of destroying a unique part of history. If we keep up this pace of uniformity we will loose our rich heritage of being the most unique country in the world. Save your cookie cutter construction for some other place. Springfield Township is one place where the richness of the past blends with the modern convenience of the future. Give this owner some help! Don't let the bullies (developers)gouge the Black Horse Inn. It belongs to the our Future Generations.
An Oakie from PA [08-29-2001]

Once a piece of history is lost it lost for all time. Build a drug store somewhere else.
Kenneth E. Callaway III [08-29-2001]

It is our responsibility to save and preserve our history for future generations.
Denise Comsudis , Princeton, NJ [08-29-2001]

To tear down the Black Horse Inn for a liquor store, drug store and bank is almost funny if it wasn't so horrendous. What ignorance would allow such an historic treasure to be destroyed so that someone could line his pockets with money! Please don't allow this to happen. I would much prefer to proudly bring my children to share the richness of Philadelphia's history then to point out a liquor store to them and say "See that? There was once something of great historic value here for you to see that belonged to you as an American and would connect you to your country's beginnings, but for the love of money, it's gone."
Ruth Shevlin , Stuart,Fla (born in Philly) [08-29-2001]

John and Betty Johnson , Erial, NJ [08-29-2001]

We already have too many drugstores and banks and too few historical buildings.
Sharon Weiss [08-29-2001]

Dont you think we have enough stores in this nation without tearing down Pre-Revolutionary buildings? I think they can build elswhere and still be happy. Perhaps you might want to consider moving the building to another location?? Just a thought!
nhansen , usa [08-29-2001]

Mellie Hart , az [08-29-2001]

I was born and raised in the immediate suburbs of Philly. It was be a terrible shame and tremendous loss of Americana if this landmark were torn down. And for what......ANOTHER CVS!!!!! Give me a break!! Go down the pike about 1-2 miles and I'm sure you can find some other place to buy one's drug store needs.
Brian O'Hare , Brooklyn, NY [08-29-2001]

Lori Carabello , Chadds Ford, PA [08-22-2001]

the Black Horse Inn is a part of history it was built before the revolutionary war DO NOT TEAR IT DOWN! The Black horse inn was my familys fave place to go when we went to Philly it serves a purpose since my mom's family was one of the familys of that time. cvs and everybody else that wants to tear it down use the money to rentovate the inn and turn it in to a live museum have all of the staff dress like they would in colonial times reinact some of the important dates in our countrys history like paul Revere's ride on it's aniversery turn it in to a fun place to be I garentee that my family will come and once other people will see how much fun it is they will too. I said it once and i will say it again DDDDOOOO NNNNOOOOTTTT TTTTEEEEAAAARRRR IIIITTTT DDDDOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!!!!!!!
Amber Mastrobattista , Texas [08-22-2001]

Let's save the Inn! Is it really necessary to have another pharmacy and bank built? It just makes me upset when I see a historical landmark torn down to make way for progress, or whatever it is that the developers call it nowadays. I do not see it as progress at all! This Inn is a part of history that needs to be preserved and treasured. CVS always seems to target old buildings. In Center City Philadelphia, where I work, there was a beautiful old Barnes and Noble bookstore with Stained glass windows and beautiful wainscoting and wood floors throughout the building. Instead of tearing it down, CVS made it a truly ugly spectacle. Everything was painted white and the ceiling was sprayed with that awful popcorn stuff and the beautiful wood floors are now covered in carpet, thus removing any charm or character that the building once had. CVS really knows how to turn something beautiful into something truly hideous. It's truly sad when something like this happens. Let's all take time to preserve a part of our history and prevent CVS from destroying a wonderful piece of architechture!!
Suzanne M. Scotese , Philadelphia, PA 19128 [08-22-2001]

Isn’t it amazing that we surround ourselves with paintings and pictures praising and celebrating historic buildings and nature? Then developers commence to destroy and rearrange all that we thought was so wonderful in those paintings and pictures. I have not herd of this happening in other countries. Most larger nations speak with pleasure of their heritage and old towns being kept as they were for younger generations to preserve.
Greg A. Clyde , rochester NY [08-22-2001]

Tricia Gdowik , Lafayette Hill, PA [08-22-2001]

Katie [08-17-2001]

If we lose historic places like the Black Horse Inn, we ultimately lose our sense of place. The historic places are vital to the regional landscape. These places, when refurbished and locally supported, attract visitors and newcomers, and they reassure long-time residents that this place is indeed someplace special. The monotony of urban sprawl has created landscapes expedient to developers but disheartening to other community members.
Michelle Naps, M.D. , Flourtown, PA 19031 [08-17-2001]

As a colonial period re-enactor and one who greatly appreciates our heritage, I hate to see these great old buildings go. Especially one that is at a prominent location such as this.
Mary Boyer , Holland, PA (Historic Bucks County) [08-17-2001]

Our house was built in 1790, stuctures like these need to be preserved. They represent a way of life that's gone forever.
Paula Bolduc , Maine [08-17-2001]

It would be wonderful to see a community step forward, recognize the value of a historic structure that we cannot replace and act to save it. Why is it always private citizen groups that save structures, for instance Monticello? I am certain that the people in Springfield township possess the imagination and the where-with-all to save the inn. Especially when there is already at least two banks, two drug stores and a liquor store within a mile of the inn. Thank you for making your best effort to save the inn.
Nancy M. Davis , Philadelphia [08-17-2001]

I lived on Bethlehem Pk.in the late 50`s.All historical buildings should be preserved for posterity.Developers,!! ugh!
joe weierbach , hoosick falls ny [08-17-2001]

This is one of the few sites that is still unchanged from the present. Shouldn't we conserve part of our past. We don't have to tear everything down for something new. If we do, what do we have left.
Suzie Giles , Midland, TX [08-17-2001]

We will always have enough Drug stores, Liquor Stores etc. But we can never replace our heritage. I live in a place that only started in 1926. We treasure anything that is over 100 years old because we realize that it is special. If This Inn was here in Borger Texas it would be a celebrated site which all the community would protect. Please don't tear down something in which in 50 years the next generation will say, "Why did they do that in order to build these crummy buildings!"
Marianne Hebard , Borger Texas [08-17-2001]

Grant Thompson [08-17-2001]

We should hold these historical places dear to us. It reminds us of our humble beginnings and should forever remain.
Jennifer Nolan-Meria , Orlando, Florida [08-12-2001]

Debra J. Niehaus , Missouri [08-12-2001]

Carol Thompson [08-12-2001]

Pye Haig [08-12-2001]

Barbara Haig [08-12-2001]

Terri Gray [08-12-2001]

Scott Haig [08-12-2001]

I grew up in nearby Wyndmoor. I wonder sometimes if CVS targets historic/old buildings. Mr. Ron's, the Norristown YWCA, someplace in Trapper or Trappe I read (Mulhenburg?)
Gail L. Cathey [08-12-2001]

CAROL MERRITT , message: SAVE OUR HISTORY! [08-09-2001]

Brett Greathouse , California message: We must do all we can to preserve the history of our nation. [08-09-2001]

Rosemary Colson , message: [08-09-2001]

Donald B. O'Brien [08-06-2001]

i think its not fair to tear down the black horse inn down
STEVEN BROWN , philadelphia pa [08-06-2001]

krista m. kapellen [08-06-2001]

This beautiful Inn could be a museum of sum sort. Why not have a fund raising to restore it and educate the community instead of making it an eyesore?
lori fisher , ambler [08-05-2001]

Lynette Rickert [08-03-2001]

STOP the developers...Over-developing is causing far too many problems to our environment. Flooding is becoming a serious issue.
MARIA DEVERANT , horsham [08-03-2001]

There are drug stores, liquor stores and banks on every corner of every street of every town in the U.S., please don't allow them to destroy what is an irreplaceable historical building and important piece of our national heritage for something so common. If we continuously prostitute our heritage for the dubious benefit of just another Eckerd's, we will truly deserve to have absolutely no national heritage or culture and be the nameless, faceless, history-less drones that blind devotion to the all-mighty dollar would make us.
Eric Elmore , Laredo, TX [08-03-2001]

To tear down this inn would be to destroy history for future generations. We have enough drug stores, liquor stores, and strip malls. We don't need anymore. We need distinction. We don't need every part of this country to look the same. Thank you
Maureen R. Hermsen , Philadelphia [08-03-2001]

we need to keep our history not a cvs. we need to restore what we had before. we need to keep our past to know where we are going... thanks
edward t trinkle , floutown pa [08-01-2001]

please dont let this happen!
katherine trinkle , flourtown [07-31-2001]

Melissa Wolfe [07-31-2001]

Please save the Tavern! Do we really need another drug store? Or another liquor store? Our historic resources are all that we have left- we need to preserve them!!
Chris Geddes , Aurora, Colorado [07-31-2001]

we should honor our past and remember our follys and sacrafices. We must always remember who we are and where we came from, and take pride in it.
Soldier(1/187 Infantry Ft. Campbell 101st Airbourne) [07-30-2001]

It's no wonder American children don't respect their own heritage. Their taught money means more. That's sad.
Kat Macy Trickel , Cocoa, Fl [07-30-2001]

Our past is tied with our future. We should be very thankful that we have people who want to preserve the past and NOT tear it down. What happened to teaching our children history? If there is no history left what is there to teach? Please save the Black Horse Inn.
Nicole Kavoian , Tennessee [07-29-2001]

saw a commentary in the philadelphia inquirer of sunday, july 22. i wonder if our school can be involved in some way. good luck.
John J. Grace , teacher, La Salle College High School, Wyndmoor, Springfield Township [07-23-2001]

You can put shopping centers anyplace. Once this historic building is gone it is gone forever. Don't let the dollar be the guide. Preserve this country's history.
Jim Angerman , Pasadena CA [07-23-2001]

Retaining and maintaining the history of the area We live in is a duty. We revere any tangable remnants that survive. In our history We find a source of pride, wonder and understanding that is immediately lost when taken from our sight. People are born ,grow old and pass on leaving behind their posessions as momento. Please look further than the business venture you intend and see the value of the inn. Once it is gone it will never be replacable. Thank you.
Donald Watson , Malvern,Pa. [07-19-2001]

Someone should start a fund to save the Black Horse Inn from destruction. I would be pleased to comtribute. Let's get together some money - it TALKS! Nancy A. Martin, Spring House, Pa. Look at our very old Spring House Tavern - it is a thriving restaurant!
Nancy A. Martin , Lower Gwynedd [07-19-2001]

As a social studies teacher, I am constantly trying to make my young students appreciate our culture and history. Children today cannot appreciate the history of their country because they have no living proof of what our country was like. The Black Horse Inn is not just a bar. It represents the economic development that Americans struggled to achieve. It is an actual symbol and artifact of our culture. It is no wonder that kids today have no appreciation for hisory, too many developers and capitalists are always destroying any remains of historical sites we have left. Are we a society that wants to send the message that we have no value for our own cultural artifacts. I can guarantee that if the Greeks wanted to tear down the Acropolys we would render them liable to international crime. However, our own culture and history is so worthless for certain people. Please do not tear down the Inn. Do not let our culture die out for a chain drug store. Please do not let another corporate chain store symbolize and represent this country.
Stephanie Endara , Queens, NY [07-19-2001]

Stephanie Endara , Queens, NY [07-19-2001]

We certainly don't need any more CVS franchises or liquor stores.
Eric Hancock [07-18-2001]

History is to be cherished. Please save this historic site. Thank you!
Scott Statson [07-17-2001]

Save history! On this fast overcrowded Island (gotta to escape LI) I cry when I see needless development, while abandoned buildings stand. I am quite sure there are enough drug stores, banks, booze stores, etc. somewhere nearby. I've never been to the Black Horse Inn. I hope I have an opportunity to do so one day. Please stop and Save history! Don't give up the fight!!!
Alison Roth , Long Island, New York [07-15-2001]

In Europe the citizens respect and treasure their old buildings. We fly over there to see them, pay fees and look in wonder at the preservation. We here in the U.S. can't seem to wait to tare everything down and put up the new (and ugly). Why? Greed? No reguard for history? Will we ever respect roots? How very sad to be one who would admit to any of the above. I realize to preserve this building would cost more money but look what you would have forever. Maybe it is time for U.S. citizens to grow up, take charge and stand tall. Sincerely, Peggy Pomfret
Peggy Pomfret [07-13-2001]

I feel that we need to preserve what little is left of our historial building.
Karen Shepard , Horseheads New York [07-13-2001]

If tearing down part of our American legacy is considered progress, then I don't know how much more of this kind of progress we can stand.
David Felder , Columbus, Ohio [07-12-2001]

US history is vital to all Americans! Without its structures and other history landmarks we will eventually forget who and what we are. Please continue to save The Black Horse Inn.
Matt Kerr [07-12-2001]

Laura Bacher , Bethlehem (and Erdenheim), PA [07-12-2001]

Save this building please!!!! Where do we stop. I had the pleasure of having a few drinks there, years ago,it was a great place then.Please keep me informed about whats happining.
Dennis O'neill , Conshohocken,PA. [07-12-2001]

Preserve history! It adds to the charm of the whole Philadelphia area. It is in a beautiful spot and could be turned into a profitable busness by preserving it; not destroying it. A large part of the appeal of the Bethlehem Pike area of Flourtown are the vintage buildings along the strip that have accommodated modern businesses, but have been preserved in their original architectural mode. The Blackhorse is no different. Don't turn Springfield into Cherry Hill, NJ.
John&Christine Marcy , Toms River, NJ [07-12-2001]

mary pat moyer , conshohocken [07-12-2001]

What Fools they are!
Joe Buckley , Tooele ,Utah [07-12-2001]

We must preserve our heritage for the generations to come. History is the guide for our future and historical buildings are the landmarks of this guide. Please preserve the Black Horse Inn by not letting in fall to the wrecking ball.
Cathryn B Martella , Brandon, Mississippi [07-12-2001]

Linda Bacher , Erdenheim,PA [07-12-2001]

Christopher O'Neill , Bellingham, WA [07-11-2001]

As the wife of a realtor, I understand the need for business expansion and economic development. HOWEVER there is NO excuse for tearing down an historical landmark to achieve this. The Commissioners of Springfield Township need to realize that places of historical interest in that part of the country "belong" to all of us, not just the residents of PA. I'm certain it would not take a tremendous amount of effort to raise the funds necessary to pay the current owner fair market value for the property. I cannot believe your town could be so desperate for a drug store, liquor outlet, and bank that another site wouldn't do as well. Perhaps they have been in that historically rich environment so long they are unable to fully appreciate it. But there are many of us who would like it to be there so that we, and our future generations, may visit. To the Commissioners: Please don't do this. At least give ample time for the Inn's supporters to raise the funds to purchase it. I'm sure donations could be obtained from national sources, (even if it be a pool of private citizens).
Maral McAdoo-Mittel , Sioux City, Iowa [07-11-2001]

katherine O'Neill , Oreland [07-11-2001]

James O'Neill , Oreland [07-11-2001]

Really hate to see this go. I am involved in many volunteer groups so I can't put time into this but am writing political people about this. It takes lots of money and manpower to save things like this. Will try to help in other ways. Good l;uck and thank you for the job you are doing.
Richard Stover , Glenside [07-10-2001]

I'll be sickened if this is torn down. What a crime!
ann conway [07-10-2001]

we have enough pharmacies,liquor stores and parking lots! historical places and what they represent will benefit our children far more!
ANNE SHOUDEL HUNT , virginia [07-10-2001]

TODD EDWARDS [07-10-2001]

Although this entry is my second, I am compelled to ask; "If the walls of the Black Hourse Inn could speak, what do you think would be the story they would unfold?" Every time I drive by the Inn I am overwhelmed by that question. I cannot understand how a patriotic American could consciencely destroy a rare and wonderful historic relic. In as much as money appears to be the only real power in these United States anymore, there still must be some virtue and dignity amonst our people to stand up and preserve what is rightfully ours.
Anthony Nero , Philadelphia [07-10-2001]

Walter Rautter , Jacksonville, Fl. [07-10-2001]

PLEASE DON'T TEAR THIS DOWN !!!!!! Where are our priorities? Where are our consiences???
Deborah Krueger , Cordova, TN [07-10-2001]

EDWARD G. MC LAUGHLIN [07-10-2001]

Kevin Patrick Brady , Phila, PA [07-10-2001]

No No No No No No No
Ian McPhaden , Chicago, but a Delaware Valley Native [07-10-2001]

Good luck to the preservationists! We already have all the CVSs, liquor stores, and parking lots we need!
Joanne Ickler , Massachusetts [07-05-2001]

Michelle Evans , Oklahoma City, OK [07-05-2001]

Stephen Evans , Oklahoma City, OK [07-05-2001]

A couple of years ago, developers decided to tear down the Tremont Inn, a historic inn located in our old downtown. Many may not remember the Tremont, but my family has lived in Lansdale since the 1800's, and i will never forget the building's significance. Please do not take down the Black Horse Inn. These inns are the only record we have to our past. They are the last standing historical records of a period in time most have forgotten. Think of the history you'd be losing. It just so happens that the Tremont Inn in our town was taken down to have a CVS store built on its grounds also. I am deeply saddened everytime i drive past that spot to see a piece of my ancestor's history demolished, only to be replaced by a tacky, ordinarily common drugstore.
Jennifer N. Fritz , Lansdale, Pennsylvania [07-05-2001]

Michelle Patz [07-05-2001]

Please preserve this historical building.
Pilar Tucker , North Palm Beach, Fl [07-05-2001]

We have enough drug stores, liquor stores and banks. We cannot build 'old' Historic Inns anymore! Keep the Inn - and in good condition!
Barbara Moffses Gift [07-05-2001]

I am not from the area, but strongly believe in the preservation of historical sites. I support the petition to save the Black Horse Inn.
Nate Beyeler [07-03-2001]

Christine Sangiorgio [07-03-2001]

In 250 years no one will say, "Wow! That used to be a drugstore.Can we drive all the way to PA to visit,mom?" (Mr. Developer,find another place to build, please.)
Kathleen Bieke , Commerce Michigan [07-03-2001]

Morgan E. Patrick , Bergen County, New Jersey [07-01-2001]

A historical building, especially one over 150 years old, should be preserved. You can build a CVS or a bank anywhere, but you will never bring back a 250 year old building.
Dennis S. [07-01-2001]

Mark Bouckley [06-28-2001]

Monica Salas [06-28-2001]

Please save this historical bldg. It's imperative that we save these national treasures before it's too late.
Michael Verna [06-28-2001]

Tearing down the Black Horse Inn would be tearing down our history, our roots. I am deeply opposed to this and will boycott our C.V.S. drug stores if this happens!
Kathleen Hennessy , Alabama [06-28-2001]

don hirbe [06-28-2001]

Not every square inch of space needs to be desecrated with shopping facilities. HISTORY SHOULD BE PRESERVED, PROTECTED AND REMEMBERED. If anything is to be "developed," it should be the collective conscience of the Springfield Township supervisors!
Elaine Gargel , Fort Washington [06-28-2001]

The Philadelphia area especially Springfield played a major role in America's history. During the American Revolution, fighting occurred along Bethlehem Pike and the attack & retreat of the British was filled with pillaging and burning of many buildings and homes in order to demoralize the colonials. This, of course, did not happen and America has survived as well as many historic buildings and landmarks like the Black Horse Inn. We believe that it would be terrible if the Inn were to be destroyed for a drug store, liquor store, or whatever after 257 years of existence. Presently, there is a liquor store, a few banks, and many other businesses and parking along the Pike. There is also open spaces with the closure of Taco Bell, Pappy's Fried Chicken, and Friendly's all within a three blocks radius. We believe that the contiuned survival & perservation of the Black Horse Inn provides a strong awareness of our history, ideals, and future for all generations.
Tom & Jen Lubiski , Glenside, PA [06-28-2001]

I have not been to the Black Horse Inn, but I do believe in preserving history. It would be a shame and an insult of our forefathers to destroy such a historical building. This inn has more significant value than any CVS, liquor store or bank could ever offer to the American public and our country's foreign visitors.
Gary Lockrey [06-28-2001]

Timothy Schultz [06-28-2001]

Dear Commissioners of Springfield Township: I am writing to voice my opposition to the proposed zoning change that will allow the demolition of the historic landmark, the Black Horse Inn. I live in Philadelphia, but very close to Springfield and have seen similar beautiful buildings in Philadelphia get torn down and replaced CVS drug stores. Let CVS and other businesses find more suitabl terrain to set up shop. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Robert C. Turri
Robert Turri , Wissahickon [06-20-2001]

The Austin area is filled with old buildings such as the bank on Congress avenue that is a restored old two story home. The feeling of going inside is quaint and gives a sense of touching the past. The bank was once called Franklin Savings and Loan I think, and then got bought out by Wells Fargo Bank. There are other old homes and buildings that have become lawyer's offices, museum/art stores, community buildings for local non-profit groups, and historical sites to keep a building with the help of the government. One such building in Austin is the Victory Grill where African American singing artists like Tina Turner first sang on stage. The Victory Grill was run down in the poor side of town. Back in the mid 1900's there was no need to have a parking lot because a lot of folks couldn't afford it and rode the trolley or bus lines. The Victory Grill was in danger of being lost in part due to no adequate parking, and the pressures of higher taxes in the area. The creation of a historical site for the Victory Grill meant help from the government and some publicity to get the old resturant back up for the community to use. The Victory Grill has been used as a rallying place for non-profit activist meetings, a charter school acting class and more. The resturant recently became functional again for food as well.
Tracy , Austin, Texas [06-20-2001]

my grandmother was born in york penn.cora l wienholt
VIRGINIA L BARKER , dallas georgia [06-14-2001]

Amy Schneeman , Mullica Hill, NJ [06-13-2001]

We enjoyed it so much years ago. Preserve it for others.
joan beck , Orlando FL [06-13-2001]

Rosemary Patton [06-13-2001]

Penelope Patton , Chestnut Hill [06-10-2001]

Being in the Army and living in Europe for 4 years, news likes this shows me that, historically speaking, we're clueless.
Christopher Cardoni , 4343 Rt 9G Germantown, NY 12526 [06-10-2001]

There must be at least a half dozen more preferable locations to set up a bank, pharmacy and liquor store in one square mile of this historical building. I’ll be watching this situation closely and will make the decision to spend my vacation dollars elsewhere if this less then acceptable zoning proposal is passed by the Commission.
Gene Spillane , Summit, NJ [06-10-2001]

Della E. Brown [06-10-2001]

It is a very sorry day, when we feel we need to replace our history, with chain stores and banks that go out of business, and merge almost as quickly as they come in. Wouldn't it be lovely to have an "ole time" pharmacy and bank in one restored historical building. I lived in and restored an old tavern in Chester County, that was built in 1732! There is really nothing quite like the soundness of a building that has endured so many years, and is still standing. Much more than we can say about most new construction TODAY. If only the walls could talk.Please, please spare the history. We are losing it faster than we are making it.
Susan Baldwin , Montgomery County [06-06-2001]

The Black Horse Inn is a historic local landmark. It would be criminal to tear it down. The developer should be ashamed.
Casey Horna , Springfield, Pennsylvania [06-06-2001]

As a history major at West Chester University and a registered voter in Montgomery County I urge the Commissioners of Springfield Township to stand up against urban sprawl and save the Black Horse Inn.
Abram S. Haupt , Lower Merion Twp. [06-06-2001]

jennifer westhoven , Hoboken, NJ [06-06-2001]

Sara McCloskey , Denver, CO [06-06-2001]

Please preserve our historic buildings for not only us but also for future generations. Although I now live in San Francisco, I grew up in the Philadelphia area and have actually been to the Inn. A building that is 250+ years should not be torn down so injudiciously!
Margie Bender , San Francisco, California [06-06-2001]

Shana Perry [06-06-2001]

historic landmarks need to be kept.
Marika Torok [06-06-2001]

In the words of Eurpides, "Those who don't know where they came, don't know where they are heading." We don't have many buildings left that tell our history. This is one of the few ones left. A priceless piece of our national heritage will be lost forever if this building is allowed to be torn down.
Andy Mills , Chambersburg [06-06-2001]

Our history needs to be preserved for our future generations. In this day and age when we are losing so much of our individual, national, and historical identity, it is more important now then ever to preserve the history we have left. Especially in our immediate area.
David W. Iacono [06-06-2001]

Dear Commissioners, You have an awesome responsibility to the people whom you represent, as well as to those who built the foundations upon which your very lives and prosperity have been built. Cvs stores, liquor stores, banks are all "a dime a dozen". Look around at any street corner and you will find one, virtually indistinguishable from the next. Can the same be said for this historic inn? Greed should not take precedence over our national heritage. To continue to rape our land and destroy the works of those who have come before us, as is so commonplace today, is unforgiveable. Once this inn is gone, it will be gone forever. The efforts of those who built it, the footsteps that once echoed on its wooden floors for almost 300 years will no longer even be memories once this beautiful inn is destroyed. Those who permit it to be destroyed so that someone's pockets may be lined with "blood money" will have no choice but to hang their heads in shame, as they try to explain to our children how they valued the dollar bill more than our the rich value of our nation's memories and heritage. Perhaps we should tell our children that they should not attempt to struggle against that which is difficult. No deeds they do, no sweat from their brow will be of worth to those that come after them. Their lives, their families, their laughter, their tears, mean absolutely nothing! Once they are gone, those things are gone as well. Take no photographs, of what worth are they? Write no letters, who would want to read the words written in our own hands 200 years from now? Take no pride in the buildings they build, for a CVS will only stand there someday anyway. Their lives and their labors will mean as much to their children's children as the empty soda cans that we just crush and throw into the trash when we have finished with them. I can't even begin to describe the anguish and sorrow that I feel as I look around me and continue to see those things which have intrinsic value, which are of cultural significance and importance are swept away to make room for more asphalt, motels, shopping malls...things which have no real lasting value, beyond the immediate and short-lived economic one. Do not make a mistake in this issue, for there is no going back. That new liquor store can always be built just down the road (and we really do need more liquor stores, don't we!). DO THE RIGHT THING. Do what is right for us, and do what is right for our children, by honoring those who came before us. Remember that we cannot know our future, if we do not know our past. Let us learn from our past, and not merely discard it. Thank you for you attention in this pressing matter. Respectfully, Gregg A. Pascoe Grade 5 Teacher North Andover, MA
Gregg A. Pascoe , North Andover, Massachusetts [06-06-2001]

Bradley Coon [06-06-2001]

apoorv kalra [06-02-2001]

As a former Philadelphian, many times I passed the Black Horse Inn. Now living in a rapidly expanding city and most of the "old west" sites are gone to make way for modern development. If the site is an eye-sore or hazardous to the public then it should be torn down; but, if it is structurally sound let it remain. Why not design the interior to accommodate the liquor store, bank & drug store? Make it look like the late 1700's. Remember, once the property is demolished, it is gone .. forever!
Ann Filippone , Scottsdale, Arizona [06-02-2001]

Kathy Parente , White Plains, NY [05-30-2001]

I grew up in Flourtown and my family has a history in Springfield Township! I feel it would be such a shame to tear this historical inn down!!!!
Diane E. Paluba , 159 Woodland Drive, New Britain, PA 18901 [05-30-2001]

Heather Gallagher , Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2001]

I grew up on the East Coast (Delaware) and I took for granted the history that surrounded me. I now live in Washington State and can't wait to take my children back east to share the birth of our country with them. There is little here that compares with the East Coast. I understand that when you are surrounded with history it is easy to take it for granted, but you can't replace it. Can't there be a compromise? Many places work with the established building and develop from there. What a draw for people to go to a drug store inside of the Black Horse Inn. Can't our past be married to our future?
Josie Hall , Stanwood, WA [05-28-2001]

Adam DeAngelo , Philadelphia [05-27-2001]

Mary Jean Frye Stewart , Clarks Green, PA [05-26-2001]

My 11 year old son has chosen the "Blackhorse Rescue effort" as the charity recipient for his proceeds from the Springfield Middle School Fifth Grade flea market. I am proud of him, yet at the same time we are both troubled by the fact that while he, as an 11 year old child, has been able to recognize the importance of preserving this piece of our past, many others do not. It's particularly troubling when the only response we can really give him as to why this is happening revolves around money. (The owner of the property wants to develop the land to make money; or the Inn might not be able to be fixed up because it will cost too much money, etc..) As much as many of us might disagree, it really does seem as though that's what makes the world go 'round!
Deborah Maienshein , Flourtown [05-26-2001]

Janet Stein , Flourtown [05-26-2001]

Peter Cardamone [05-26-2001]

Sarah McKee [05-26-2001]

Vincent Crotty , Boston, MA [05-25-2001]

Kieran Jordan , Boston, Ma [05-25-2001]

Tracey Katz , Philadelphia [05-24-2001]

The historical properties in Springfield Township are unique. CVS stores, liquor stores, and banks are not. Bethlehem Pike has lost much of its original character in the last 20 years with the construction of the Pizza Huts, Taco Bells (closed) Pappy's Fried Chicken (closed). Restoring the Black Horse Inn could bring additional commerce to the business district without destroying part of Flourtown's unique history.
dolores jordan [05-24-2001]

This is a disgrace. Look what we are doing to our neighborhoods. Don't we want any rememberance of the past? Of how our forfathers Tear down everything and put up new. I guess you all have thrown away your keepsakes from when your parents and grandparents were alive. Why keep them? Please consider the long term consequences, once these landmarks are gone, there is no bringing them back.
Jim Kolea , Flourtown, PA [05-24-2001]

This is typical of modern day society; destroy the past to waste the future. Please sign this petition!
Sean M. Young , Madison, Wisconsin [05-24-2001]

Buildings like the Inn are part of our heritage and when I hear about a historic place that was torn down or not preserved it saddens me to think that we will let part of our foundation, the communities foundation, slip away for another quick mart who's only purpose is for consumption.
Jeffrey Fialkowski , 2733 Orthodox Street 2nd Floor, Phila., Pa 19137 [05-24-2001]

Please save this historic landmark. It is worth much more to our society than a bank and a CVS. Do not destroy history for convenience
Jonathan Parker , Philadelphia [05-24-2001]

If we tear down the Black Horse Inn, what next? Our government buildings just because someone want to make a buck. Buildings built 10 or 20 years ago are blown up to make room for a newer building. How long would these stores last? Our historical buildings with care are still standing hundred of years later after being built, lets keep our history we lose things fast enough. I am a Pennsylvanian and our history in this area should be saved, it was one of the early settled places in this country. Lets keep it.
Charles Thompson , Clearwater, FL [05-24-2001]

carol getz , 1501 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown [05-24-2001]

We must save the past. I grewup in Springfield Twp. and would hate to see this building torn down.
Nancy Parente , Oreland ,Pa [05-24-2001]

Although I now reside in Lancaster Co,Pa. as a former resident of Chestnut Hill for over 48 years I am saddened, no disgusted that any public offical would endorse the demolition of the Black Horse Inn. Have you guys lost you minds???!!!! You have a treasure right there in the heart of your community and you plan to demolish it in favor of a CVS, a Bank and a liquor store. Yes, it is not in good shape now; what a treasure it will become if you do the right thing and restore the Black Horse to its former glory. Let the Inn live a new life as it should, not as an obituary on the Internet.
Michael A. Taboga, Denver, Pa. [05-21-2001]

alma diaz [05-21-2001]

natasha nava, santa paula [05-21-2001]

Bethlehem Pike does not need another cookie cut cinder block building. It's not too late to save what little history we have. Don't let this happen!
Walter G. Rau, 14 E. Bells Mill Rd. [05-21-2001]

Tell the developer to develop in the city not this historic site. We remember it well and visit anytime we hit the area.
J. W. Mueller, Tallahassee FL [05-21-2001]

Isn't there enough stores and drug stores? If we keep ripping down our history, then we will be doomed to repeat it because there will be no physical reminders left.
Tiffany Pearson, Ardsley [05-21-2001]

Paul S. Lloyd, Wilmington, Delaware [05-21-2001]

There are enough drugstores in the area, there is a state (the only kind allowed) liquor store right nearby, and there are plenty of branch banks in the area.
Margaret Guthrie, Philadelphia, PA [05-21-2001]

Dennis Dolan, Flourtown,PA [05-21-2001]

Robert S. Wilmot, Jr, 6 Weiss Ave. Flourtown, Pa [05-20-2001]

As usual... heaven forbid they should leave a square foot of land unpaved, or an old building standing! The best way I know to protest this is to "put your money where your mouth is!" Do NOT patronize ANY CVS store, find another bank, and don't shop at that liquor store. It's a shame the state controls those stores in PA, because unless you plan to give up alcohol, you have to use that supplier. Fortunately, in Florida there is an option - no "State Stores." And why would you want to go to CVS anyway? Walgreen's is cheaper. I was raised in your area, and I hate to see all the "improvements" when I come back to visit. Keep fighting, and you CAN defeat this developer!
Susan Croyle, Pompano Beach, FL [05-20-2001]

Kevin McMahon, Glenside, PA [05-19-2001]

Patrick Kelly, Cheltenham, PA [05-19-2001]

Janet Columbro, Oreland Pa [05-19-2001]

Please save the Black Horse Inn, we can not build another one, they can build plenty of CVS's and plently of liquor stores. We want the Black Horse to be here and to be restored for our community.
Guy Columbro, 1905 Shady Lane, Oreland Pa 19075 [05-19-2001]

Eleanor Shubert, Oreland, PA [05-19-2001]

Garrett Husveth [05-19-2001]

The last thing we need on Beth. Pk. is more traffic jams to contend with. I would much rather contend with seeing the Black Horse Inn restored, and maybe even a return of the steers that once grazed on the Inn's property.
Carole Shaffer, Wyndmoor, PA [05-18-2001]

It disgusts me to hear that they want to tear down the Black Horse Inn. I was born in Springfield Township - raised in Ft. Washington and a huge history buff. Save the Black Horse Inn from meeting such an aweful and undeserving end.
W. Joshua Mellor, U.S. Marine Corps Base, Camp LeJeune, NC [05-18-2001]

Katharine R Haight [05-18-2001]

Frank J. McNamara [05-18-2001]

If we can not touch or see those things that have made us who we are, we will forget. These treasures are us, that which makes us Americans. You would never hear of a European country tearing down part of their history for a strip mall or a parking lot. Shame on us for allowing this to happen. Shame on those that put monetary gain above our hesitage.
Kathie G. Madden, Norman, OK [05-18-2001]

It is a beautiful old building - with so much potential. We don't neet another CVS, liquor store, bank or any other strip mall type convenience in Flourtown.
Mary T. Cooke, Oreland, PA 19075 [05-18-2001]

Margery Roby [05-18-2001]

Heather White, Lansdale, Pa [05-18-2001]

How dare someone tear down an historical building for more shopping in Flourtown. Like they need more shopping or banks on Bethlehem Pike! There can never be a replacement for those magnificent historical sites. They are part of our past and must be presserved and restored. Tearing down our old buildings is like erasing our history from books and records. If this is allowed, SHAME ON THE PEOPLE WHO ALLOW IT!
Kimberly Startare, Abington, PA [05-18-2001]

Preserve the Black Horse Inn. Eastern Montgomery County does not need another strip shopping center.
Charles Long, Cheltenham, PA [05-16-2001]

Please don't tear down history for more stores! We will never get this building back once it's gone.
Shannon Hames-Bradford, Canton, GA [05-16-2001]

Joseph Roby [05-16-2001]

Becki [05-16-2001]

George and Nancy Renner, 901 Hunters Lane, Oreland, PA 19075 [05-14-2001]

How could you think of not preserving this inn. There are millions of chains, yuck. Our history means a lot to me!!! How are our children to learn in a real way (like visiting) about our history????
Evelyn Walsh, Horsham [05-14-2001]

Angela Sprague [05-14-2001]

Donald Sprague [05-14-2001]

Jamie W. Sprague [05-14-2001]

Danielle Porcelli [05-14-2001]

the builing is a historic site. Please don't tear it down
Elizabeth Sprague [05-14-2001]

I grew up there and still come back every couple of months. The Black Horse Inn is a historical part of Springfeild Township. The generations to come should here and know the history of the township and actually be able to see a historical building to put with the stories.
Sarah N Schock, New Jersey [05-14-2001]

We do not need more stores, especially liquor stores. Thank you
Agnes Logan [05-14-2001]

It is ludicrous that you would tear ths building down. I have been here for 27 years and its one of the only original pieces of history we have left. WHY another horrendous CVS? The present one we have in Erdenheim isn't BIG enough, isn't NEW enough? Seems ridiculous that we HAVE a BANK, LIQUOR STORE AND CVS already existing --so what is the point? Bethlehem Pike has already become a night,arish sea of traffic, no matter what rtim eyou travel. I can only imagine what this shopping complex would do to further our frustration with trying to juts get done day to day errands. I hope if you do go through with it, people will boycott you or stand outside and protest. I hope the ghosts of the Inn find you and haunt you the rest fo your life.
alison manley, flourtown [05-14-2001]

As a committed citizen to the preservation of our historical sites, it truly amazes me that individuals purchase our country's most treasured sites with the plans to destoy them for their personal profit. When any property is available for sale that has the historical potential as this and manyother sites, there should be some claus that disallows the resale for private destruction. Work hard to save this site and any like it.
byron jones [05-14-2001]

FRANCIS jACOBY [05-14-2001]

Please save this valuable landmark !!
Robert L Ervin Jr., Philadelphia, PA [05-14-2001]

If we tear this down, when will we be tearing down Independence hall for a McDonalds? If we demolish and do not preserve our past, what do we as residents in Spreingfield Township have to show for this? Springfield Township has let so many things fall by the wayside ie. Stotesbury estate could have been a money maker on just tourism itself! It seems that all this township cares about is building new and building on any piece of land not developed. If the commissioner is trying to make people leave this township with the actions of past and present, I would say they do a good job! As soon as our son has graduated from the High School, I will be looking to leave this dismal run township if Historic sites such as the Black Horse Inn are demolished for a CVS and of all things....ANOTHER BANK!!!!!! How many banks do we have already in this small Township 17? 18?. The commssioners in charge of this backhanded money deal (someone is getting there pocket lined with cash)should be Tar & Feathered then run out of town! In fact they are not even life long residents of Springfield such as myself! and if they are, they obviously do not care of the past and or the History this Township has so little left of! Tear down the Inn and Springfield blunders again with the dimwitted politicians craving power!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Axel, Wyndmoor [05-14-2001]

Please, do we really want to disregard the beauty and authenticity of an historic landmark. In 200 years will the CVS, or liquor store make the kind of statement of a bygone era, the way the Black Horse Inn does? I can't imagine anyone looking at the new CVS in 200 years, if it is still there and saying what a great piece of history is there.
Donna Cogan, 1419 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, Pa 19031 [05-14-2001]

No more stores!!!We have enough shopping centers. ENOUGH
Joan White [05-14-2001]

Debi West, Jenkintown, PA [05-14-2001]

Jennifer M. Klug, Elkins Park, PA [05-14-2001]

Jeff Krisciunas [05-14-2001]

I think there's too much development going on in my backyard as it is. We need to save establishments like the Wheel Pump and the Black Horse Inn to remind us of where we come from.
Coleen Dyer, Erdenheim, PA [05-14-2001]

joseph toland, Glenside [05-14-2001]

John J. Cavanaugh [05-14-2001]

Clare M. Strenger, 1419 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown [05-14-2001]

There is no excuse to let a valueable piece of local history be destroyed needlessly by yet another greedy developer. Especially for a giant CVS (where our current 5 Pharmacys server Springfield residents quite adequately), a bigger liquor store (again, we are served fine by what we have) and yet ANOTHER BANK - just how many banks do we need in this tiny township? Many residents have come up with good and much needed alternatives - a restaurant, community center, home for the Historical Society etc. It's time to put the residents wants first and not make this decision based soley on where the most profit for the Township and the developer lies.
Steve Logan, Erdenheim [05-14-2001]

i am from the philadelphia suburban area and i have passed by the inn many times. it is a beautiful and great tribute to what was, to our past. to tear it down would be a great disservice to generations to come, as well as to us now. does the world really need another cvs or liquor store? i think not. theres plenty of room to build. do it elsewhere. save it, please. thank you.
kristy o'malley, frederick, maryland [05-14-2001]

Do whatever is necessary to save the Black Horse Inn.
Andy Logan, Flourtown, PA [05-14-2001]

V. Wesley Casteel, Phoenix AZ 85028 [05-13-2001]

When I lived in Ambler my family and I would always pass the Black Horse Inn. It is an important part of America's History it has been seen by millions of people over the years and it should still be here for others in the years to come.
Megan Y. Berkebile [05-13-2001]

dear sir, i have been to the black horse inn.it would be a tragic loss if this building was allowed to be demolished for a conveinient store, our nations heritage is a little more important. why cant the store be built on vacant land? sincerely joseph b miller III
joseph b miller III, petersburg virginia [05-13-2001]

i will be a PA tourist one day to see the Black Horse Inn, but *not* to see a damn bank/drug store! dont be foolish.
bob oneill, chicago, IL. [05-11-2001]

Please save this piece of our nation's heritage. Philadelphia has a responsibility to the entire country to preserve these locations!!
Donna Bateman, Plano, TX [05-11-2001]

I know that in some situations, its the popular idea to start over and re-do. I don't think this is the case here though. Springfield Township is a unique and great place, and it has been through its history. But, if the Black Horse is torn down, that is Springfield history being destroyed. I know that as a Springfield High School student, I am taught to reflect upon our country's past. The Black Horse may seem like an eye-sore now, but think about all the history that is contained in those walls and floors. I ask: is destorying history worth building a few stores? Thank you for your time.
Chris Reif, Oreland [05-11-2001]

Enough development already save out heritage.
Kevin Carlino [05-10-2001]

this is a piece of history , it must be kept
nicola morgans, great britain - wales [05-10-2001]

My family moved to Florida 3 years ago from outside of Philly. We drove up for a vacation and to visit family last August (2000). My husband and I were very disappointed in how everything had changed. We loved the historical sites there were to see. We were also very proud of them. It seems as though it is all changing very fast and everybody is forgetting about the importance that history has. If we keep tearing it all down, we'll all lose site of who we are and were we all came from.
Susan Mroz [05-10-2001]

Elizabeth Hoffman, Newtown, PA [05-10-2001]

We need to ensure that the developers leave our historical monuments alone! Look what they are doing to beautiful California!
Laura Fuentes-Munoz, Mission Viejo, CA [05-07-2001]

The Inn, and many structures like it, remain a tangible link to the historic past of the Phildelphia area. We cannot afford to continue to lose these treasures.
Scott Sinclair, West Hartford CT [05-07-2001]

I can't imagine why anyone would think that Flourtown might need another CVS, another bank, or another liquor store! This is a lovely, small town, and the Inn and adjacent field help to keep it that way. I've lived here for almost 38 years, and over that time have watched as other old buildings were torn down along Beth Pike to make room for "progress", and as a by-product, room for ugliness and cojngestion. We certainly don't need any more traffic, any more congestion, any more crowds, any more destruction of green areas, OR ANY MORE DESTRUCTION OF OUR HISTORY.
Marianne M. Randall, 1107 Wedgewood Road, Flourtown, PA 19031 [05-06-2001]

Our lack of connection with our history is one of the great weaknesses of the American people. I think this instance makes that painfully obvious.
Tianna Thomas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [05-05-2001]

Please do not destroy one of Americas National Treasures!
Ardyth Schaumburg, Dallas, Tx [05-05-2001]

I grew up in Flourtown, spending 22 years there. I always loved the history of Springfield. I am a direct descendant of Felix Detweiler who owned land in the 1750's, and of Jacob Detweiler who owned 1140 Bethlehem Pike. It would crush me to see those buildings destroyed. To tear down this cherished roadside landmark would be unforgiveable. For Springfield Township to allow this would tarnish my belief that Flourtown is PROUD of its history. George Washington and his troops passed that very building on there way to fight for our Nation. Keep the developer's hands off of it. Let someone with a love for history and compassion refurbish it. I can't see anyone letting the Wheelpump be torn down...
Stephen Corson, Essex Junction, VT [05-05-2001]

Can't let special places like this, snipets of history go by the wayside! Save the Inn!
Elise Marshall [05-05-2001]

There is already enough razing for "Progress". I'm sure that there are plenty of drug/liquor stores in the area. We need to stop urban sprawl and keep what we have....Old buildings are beautiful and we need to keep our heritage and what made us what we are and that wasn't liquor stores on every corner.
Tom and Ruth Shankle, Worthington, Pa. [05-05-2001]

Restore this building and make it into something cool.If you want another strip mall move to South Jersey!
Cindy Huenke, Chestnut Hill [05-05-2001]

To allow this old beauty to be torn down would constitute criminal malfeasance! Don't do it. Save the Black Horse Inn.
John B. Randall, 1107 Wedgewood Rd. Flourtown PA 19031 [05-05-2001]

try to tear down the Inn and we'll sue your fat developer's ass.
herb mondros, wilmington delaware [05-05-2001]

Although I now live in Roslyn, I grew up in Flourtown and, apart from college and law school, lived there for 35 years. I care deeply about what becomes of the town and worry that development has already degraded the character of Bethlehem Pike. Please save the Black Horse Inn and the adjacent field as one small piece of green in a swelling sea of commercialism!!
Jocelyn N. Randall, Roslyn, PA [05-05-2001]

History is only lost once.....There is already a new bank, a CVS and a liquor store within a stones throw of the Historical Black Horse. If we lose this last example of the township in it's pioneer years what will we do with the spaces the current businesses occupy? Are they our future roadside architectural history, left to quietly decay, like the Inn? Perhaps we would have been better off asthetically with the old houses and barns that the bank, CVS and the liquor store erased from our historical street scene. Take time to find a re-use of the property. I would be willing to help with an effort to this end. Make this the one time History didn't slip away.
ANDREW E. BURDAN [05-03-2001]

We need to keep what history we have left in America. If we had liquor store from 1744 left in America the tear down would be a wash, however I am not aware of such.
Don Huddy, Dallas Texas [05-03-2001]

I grew up in Flourtown and and graduated from Springfield Township HS (Montco) in 1978. Although I have moved west to California my parents are still there and my sister, brother-in-law and niece live in Abington. I return home frequently and have strong friendships in the township and surrounding areas. Living in a part of the country with such a short US history and with so little to tie people to their history, I appreciate all the more the rich heritage of the Philadelphia area. It would be a grave mistake to allow the Black Horse Inn to be torn down. I implore you to prevent this from happening.
John M. Randall, Davis, California [05-03-2001]

While in Mobile, AL, I watched historical places torn down for "Burger King". It was very disgusting. Save the Inn.
Shirley Robertson, ms [05-02-2001]

Margaret Hinson [05-02-2001]

Y would you want to tear down such an old building>
Victoria Kal, Fairfax Va [05-02-2001]

This is a beautifal hisrorical site! who needs all the malls we have now! I'am only 10, i have never been to The Black Horse Inn, But it is the place that captures my heart! Don't tear our history down!
Corey Pumroy, Danbury CT [05-02-2001]

Is it still standing up? Can I visit it? I do not think you should tear it up!
Mary-Kate, 2019 Bert Lane [05-02-2001]

Matt Harding [05-02-2001]

Joe McRayan [05-02-2001]

Matthew Thomas Stewart [05-02-2001]

I am a historian and am in constant battle to save building like this.
Rebecca Spalla, Viroqua Wisconsin [05-02-2001]

You can build a shopping plaza anywhere, and in today's world of contstruction it will be prime for the bulldozer in 10 years. However, once destroyed, the history of our country as evidenced by the Blackhorse Inn becomes a distant memory. We need to realize our past and be smart enough to use it as a foundation for our future. We have an obligation to future generations!
Kevin Kirby, Virginia [05-02-2001]

Unfortunately, Capitalism has a tendency to destoy history. Please make every effort to keep our county's rare historical sites. We already have a CVS at the Farmer's Market. Why do we need another one?
Andrea Nero, Flourtown, PA [05-02-2001]

Do we really need another drug store, liquor sore, etc. We need to start preserving historic locations for future generations.
Maria Lombardo, Plymouth Meeting, PA [05-02-2001]

do not tear it down!
Ariel [05-02-2001]

It is a shame to think that part of our history may be destroyed never to cross our paths again. If this historical place is torn down, we will not be able to experience the history of what this place represents with our own physical senses. It will be a great loss for not only our generation but for generations to come.
Susan Smith, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania [05-02-2001]

Please do not let a developer tear this down!
Jim Jackson, Malvern [05-02-2001]

Any historical place is special. you havn't found out why this place is special but if you keep it up you can figure it out
Liz massnat [05-02-2001]

Laura Kerr [05-02-2001]

We are having similiar battles in Petersburg. We must save these historic treasures. I grew up near New Hope on the Jersey side and remember this place. The national register and zoning should protect this site. What the hell is the matter with these developers. Find land elsewhere!
Bonnie Kirby, Petersburg Virginia [05-02-2001]

Jerry Odgers [05-02-2001]

Do you really think we need another drug store around??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Lombardo-Kerr [05-02-2001]

We already have a "functional" CVS, liquor store...and numerous banks. This building needs restoration...NOT torn down.
Rich Metzger, 519 Bethlehem Pike [05-02-2001]

As a resident of Springfield Township for 25 years, I have seen the development along the Pike increase. However, the Black Horse pike is a landmark that reminds us of the great historical meaning of Springfield Township. Also, the Black Horse pike keeps the area open and free giving the Township a refreshing look for more families to move to the Township. As I have stated earlier,I have seen the changes and they're not good. Here is chance that the Commissioners of Springfield can do some good for the people of Springfield. Let's do our Township a favor and keep the Black Horse Inn.
Frank Nero Jr. [05-02-2001]

Thank you for your support.
Christine Madden, Ambler, PA [05-02-2001]

It's a historical drinking establishment--there aren't too many of them around anymore--how many CVS's do we need?!!
Sean Gannon, Bryn Mawr [05-02-2001]

There are not many historical sites to begin with in the United States. We should should keep as many as we can.
Anthony Nero, Flourtown, PA [05-02-2001]

J.E.S. [05-02-2001]

I think they should keep the inn.
Lofiat T. Freeman [05-02-2001]

Gerry Winn, Chesapeake Va [05-02-2001]

I am more than happy to do what I can to help save the Black Horse.
Chris Manning, Flourtown,Pa [05-02-2001]

Why would anyone want to tear down history?
Alice Sheridan, Nashua,NH [04-26-2001]

Michele Ondrick [04-26-2001]

Laura Harwood, Scotland [04-26-2001]

Just what America needs, another strip mall! Please help preserve our cultural heritage.
Jeffrey R Hill [04-26-2001]

Theodore S Beres III [04-26-2001]

There are plenty of locations available for drug stores and banks. This important historical structure can't be replaced or duplicated. Find the money to buy and preserve the structure for future generations of Americans.
Byron C. Brant [04-26-2001]

I visit your area often and am a member of several county historical societies in the area as well as the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The primary thing Eastern Pennsulvania has to offer is history. Don't destroy our heritage!
Ralph Kurtzman, Berkeley, CA [04-26-2001]

Erin Collins [04-26-2001]

We have enough drug stores in this world. Please help save the Inn.
Dawn McEwan [04-26-2001]