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Source: WHTM-TV (Harrisburg, PA)
Date: May 12, 2011
Byline: Megan Healey

Carlisle police questioned over flag patch

A local veteran says Carlisle police aren't displaying the American flag properly on their uniforms.

Mike Geib said the U.S. Flag Code state flags must always be shown with the stars facing forward.

It's never an issue for the left arm, but on the right arm the flag should be flipped around, according to the code.

Geib said displaying it otherwise is a sign of retreat. "I'm very passionate about this," Geib said. "I'm 100 percent disabled veteran and I fought for our country. Our flag is a symbol of our American freedom."

Carlisle police said they recognize the problem and call it an "oversight" from several years back.

Local veterans have mixed feelings on the issue.

"You love the flag of your country, so it should be flown properly, whether it's flown on your shoulder or above the building," Vietnam veteran Dave Erickson said.

"I think they should change it, but I think the manufacturer needs to come in and fix the problem for them," Vietnam veteran Kenneth Steckline said. "It's not the police's job to pay for it."

Police Chief Stephen Margeson told abc27 patches on new uniforms have been corrected, but it's not cost-effective to fix the old ones. He said they will be phased out as needed.

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