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Source: SnoValley Star (Snoqualmie, WA)
Date: July 27, 2011
Byline: T.J. Hoving

Letter: Re Whose flag are we flying?

This winter I was driving in a Snoqualmie neighborhood and I came across something so heinous, so awful I had to wonder –who would do such a thing? There was a flag flying outside a house and it wasn’t the U.S. flag — it was a Pittsburgh Steelers flag. Doesn’t this person remember the tragedy that was “Super Bowl XL”? Don’t they understand they are in Seahawk’s country? Then I remembered: it’s childish, and petty to get offended over a flag. After all we live in the U.S. where we have the right to freedom of expression — and that extends even to Steelers fans.

Being Canadian, when we moved into the neighborhood I thought what better way to express this pride than to get a Canadian flag. It also provides a convenient way to find my house. But what I didn’t realize was that this flag would cause such a stir in our community. I was honored and dismayed that my flag would become a topic of a Letter to the Editor “Whose flag are we flying?” The author was so offended by my Canadian flag she even went so far as to suggest that if I don’t stop flying the flag I should move to Canada. Checking into flag code, it does not require an American flag nor forbid a foreign flag.

But I don’t know why this person should be offended by a symbol of Canada as so many Canadians have made positive contributions to North American culture: Michael J Fox, Margaret Atwood, Frank Gehry, Peter Jennings, and to a lesser extent, Justin Beiber. I offer to have the disgruntled Canadian flag loather over for poutine and Kokanee so she can see Canadians are just like Americans, well, except for our religious love of hockey and Tim Horton’s doughnut.

Might I suggest the next time she finds herself bored and feels the need to make up something to be offended about that she look beyond her neighbors front yard and turn on the news. Trust me, she will find bigger things to feel outraged about than someone’s heritage pride.

T.J. Hoving

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