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Source: Brazil Times
Date: December 28, 2008
Byline: Jason Moon

Poll: Responders mixed on upside down flag

Recently, a local resident hung his flag upside down.

The intent, according to the resident, was to show how the country was facing peril. An upside down flag on a ship is the international sign of distress.

The Brazil Times asked its online readers recently if they agreed with the resident's decision.

Of the 312 respondents that participated in the poll, a total of 172 (55.1 percent) said they believed the country was in peril, while 140 (44.9 percent) did not agree.

A total of 15 respondents also commented on the poll question.

One said, "While perhaps this is written somewhere, I believe that flying the flag any way other than the way it was intended or at half mast is disrespectful," while another respondent said, "This is the same flag our troops are fighting for. There are many other ways for getting your point across or making a statement. We all know the country is in a crisis. Fly your flags high and proud and let's give our newly elected officials a chance to turn this thing around. Thank you."

Another said, "Yes, we are struggling, but we are not close to being in peril yet. Peril will be reached when we give up trying and the American spirit has always been perseverance through the hard times," while another stated, "I agree the country is in peril. However, that is no reason to disrespect the flag. Think about those men and women who are fighting for that flag. Americans have been through tough times before and will probably be through tough times again, but that is no reason to start disrespecting our country's flag."

There are only three days remaining in 2008.

The Times is currently asking its readers if they believe 2009 will be a better year than 2008. Responders have options of yes and no to choose from in the poll.

As always, responders have the option to comment on the poll question.

Mixed results


Recently, a local resident hung his flag upside down as a sign that the country was in peril. Do you agree?


* Yes — 172 votes (55.1 percent), and

* No — 140 votes (44.9 percent)

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