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Date: October 20, 2010
Byline: Jessica Bartlett

Quincy High moves its US flag - Quincy


Quincy officials have learned that you can't fly the American flag just anywhere.

The flag's improper placement in the reception hall at the new Quincy High School [shown here] came up during a discussion of flag etiquette at the City Council meeting Monday.

According to Veteran Service Director Thomas Stansbury, the American flag should always be to the left of all other countries and set apart when all the flags are at the same height. The flag may be placed in the middle of other flags only when it is higher than the surrounding ones.

Councilor Daniel Raymondi said the flag at Quincy High has been moved, and now is set apart in the center of all the flags with more prominence. Stansbury said he would check on whether the new placement is adequate.

Flag etiquette has been around since 1923, when the American Legion and 87 military organizations decided on the rules and regulations for proper flag handling and display, Stansbury said. The flag code was adopted in 1942.

Among the other rules of placement: no display of a flag in inclement weather, a flag should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset. If a flag is displayed in darkness, it must always be illuminated.

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