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Betsy Ross Poem

by 11-year old E.Q.J. from Bakerfield

Our flag is strong
And its history long
We've gone through a lot
But it's meaning has not rot

Wasn't Betsy Ross's own flag
Thought as just a rag
But soon it got its salute
From England's grand old duke

Or in 1812 when the White House burned
The fifteen stars and stripes just then learned
That we had power yet we were still weak
And we needed defense against our strong enemy

Or how about two years after
During America's terrible disaster
A man by the name of Francis Scott Key
Sat down to write "Oh Say Can You See"

Or how about at the Alamo
When hopeful Americans died to show
They'd rather be under the stripes and stars
Then any other flag by far

When we made a giant leap for mankind
Technology's what we had in mind
There's only one flag on the moon today
As the fifty stars will always stay

Do you believe what I've just said
About the flag with blue, white, and red

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