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Raymond Spears [01-13-2013]

anonymous, Retired. Curious. [01-13-2013]

Have recently joined the Yucaipa Valley Genealogy Society. The speaker this Saturday will be talking about Betsy Ross. If any of our relatives date to the American Revolution we are to bring information about them. I do have a relative that fought in the American Revolution: Simon Yandes That is why I went to this website.
Jean Erikson, Yucaipa, Ca [01-13-2013]

anonymous, erie,pa [01-13-2013]

Margaret Razer, Conway, AR [01-13-2013]

We are studying Betsy Ross since she just had a birthday and will now take the virtual tour.
Rochelle Angelo, Special Education Teacher [01-13-2013]

manny [01-13-2013]

Ashley Urena, I live in Orange, Ca. I am 10 years old and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-13-2013]

Wow! I cannot believe she did that whole flag!
Anna Rose Reid, Rome, GA 8 years old [01-13-2013]

Mrs. Sheryl Fast, Teacher [01-13-2013]

Denice Goodmiller, Nevada, 49, married [01-13-2013]

We learn so much about strength and courage from accurate portrails of the people God chose to bless the American life and development. May we all be inspired to use our gifts for the good of others as we read this story.
linda humbert-hale, 70 tears old. I live on a ranch/farm, and home school my son and am actively daily envolved with my grandchildren [01-13-2013]

Linda Woodard, Virginia Beach, VA 64 [01-13-2013]

Lynne Speer [01-13-2013]

I am always interested in history...I have a granddaughter who lives in Philly and attends the University of the Sciences and works at the Pennsylvania Hospital. She is 5th year pharmacy student.
Pat Koistinen, Lake Preston SD 77 years old [01-13-2013]

Rossanna Willmott, i am related too her husband john ross,my surname is ross [01-13-2013]

Bernadette, home school teacher in VT [01-13-2013]

Amy Whitney [01-13-2013]

The Red, White, and Blue; what a wonderful Flag!
Douglas C. Reynolds, New Brighotn, PA; 66 [01-13-2013]

anonymous, 65 and I toured the house as a teen, I found all the history in Philly very interesting. [01-13-2013]

jared wright [01-13-2013]

Vickie James, I'm a Chevy Car Receptionist in Mckinney Tx and I'm 51 yrs old [01-13-2013]

thank you.
perry PAUL YERO eze olive [01-13-2013]

trisha [01-13-2013]

douglas bronson, orlando,fl age,14 [11-29-2012]

Jemima, United States [11-29-2012]

Amber Porter, United States [11-29-2012]

enjoy history now!
sandi ross, ridley pa [11-29-2012]

I wanted to see what ties Betsy Ross had to England.
Mrs S Quinn, English [11-29-2012]

D. Radick [11-08-2012]

I am doing a study on the work of Betsy Ross. I am glad yo have your website as a source for information! Thank you, Rachel Jordan
Rachel Jordan, Age 9 years old [11-08-2012]

Carrie Browning, Logan, WV, 34, teacher [11-08-2012]

teacher in junior high
anonymous [10-24-2012]

Tyson Abram, Altoona Pa [10-24-2012]

Ruth Ann Buscaglia [10-21-2012]

Maree Kassebaum, my location is sydney australia,and i'm 53 years old [10-21-2012]

Michelle Hicks, Canberra Australia [10-21-2012]

I am dressing up as Betsy for Halloween this year (ironically, since I'm sure she would have frowned upon the holiday!) and wanted to learn more about her. I was very happy to find your site!
Susan W, Tennessee, 35, Education Director @ local Boys & Girls Club [10-21-2012]

carlos pérez [10-15-2012]

Mary Yates [10-15-2012]

Tim Wright [10-11-2012]

walford jones, Teacher [10-11-2012]

We took a virtual field trip to visit Betsy's house!
Mrs. Bierly's First Grade Class, Pine Grove Mills PA [10-11-2012]

I have been told that Betsy Ross is my ancestor and I would love to find out for sure.
Karen Andrews Ingham, Santa Rosa, CA I am 57 years old and I have been told that Betsy Ross is my ancestor. [10-11-2012]

Could you send me any new information on Betsy Ross
ShayAnn Pruett, I am 5 years old and I am talking about Betsy Ross before my class [10-11-2012]

Laurie, Flagstaff [10-07-2012]

Sue Cichon, Rio Rancho NM age 45 [10-07-2012]

Whitney Holt, 16 [10-07-2012]

The Crews Family, Bristol, VA [10-07-2012]

Ana Alamilla, Brownsville, Texas. 19 years of age. College Freshman. [10-07-2012]

aarthi, teacher at the village academy in florida [09-30-2012]

visit our site and see the canine betsy ross story beinf made
Sarg and Betsy Ross, founder of ourfoundingcanines american history book for children [09-25-2012]

Kelly Stay, Utah, 21, married, student [09-25-2012]

My son Christian is learning about the American Flag in his 1st grade class.
Louise Weddell, 52, Mesa Arizona [09-25-2012]

Derrick Hooper, Utah [09-25-2012]

David Hope, Kearns, UT [09-19-2012]

Peter, nj 40 [09-19-2012]

I will be portraying Betsy Ross in a biography fair and I want to learn all I can about her.
Rachel Fickes, age 12, Vermont [09-19-2012]

Virtual field trip for a Weber State University online history course.
Katiel Tamashii, Syracuse, Utah [09-19-2012]

Steve Miskovic, St. Louis MO, helping my son, 8, learn about Mrs. Ross for his scout troop [09-18-2012]

Linda Bosley [09-18-2012]

Shere-Khan Walls, Ogden, Ut 31 [09-16-2012]

Rachel Bryant, I'm 26 years old and I live in Utah [09-16-2012]

Heidi Brown [09-15-2012]

susan blaufarb, new york health care professional [09-14-2012]

Sherie Pierce, Roy, UT [09-14-2012]

im doing a report of Betsy Ross and i cant wait to learn more about her!
anonymous, north carolina [09-14-2012]

Cheryl D Buxton, Holts Summit, MO [09-13-2012]

great site
rita ward [09-13-2012]

Franklin Elementary 2nd Grade, Teacher, 2nd grade [09-13-2012]

Kristina Read, 38 [09-12-2012]

Angila Ross [09-12-2012]

Virtual Field Trips are the best!
Mrs. Tucker's 1st Grade Class, Oklahoma [09-10-2012]

Michael Vroman, 53 [09-10-2012]

Slayden, Texas [09-06-2012]

Nancy Ray, Winder, Georgia [09-06-2012]

alexis, 13 [09-06-2012]

History assignment and excited to see what is in store for the tour.
Kristina, Utah, 21 [09-06-2012]

Thank you for keeping history alive
Sarg, Betsy Ross and Ben Franklin, US Army intelligence, founder of ourfoundingcanines [09-06-2012]

Very cool organization:

Carole John, Stanton, Michigan [09-06-2012]

I have acquired a picture some time ago with 4 women, 1 holding up the stars part and 3 sewing on the flag. The stars are in a circle as Betsy Ross flag is shown.
Pat, Bowling Green, KY [09-06-2012]

Steve Ottinger, History Teacher [09-06-2012]

cindy miklos [08-31-2012]

I found this to be quite amazing.
Pamela Snyder [08-31-2012]

Paula, Fayetteville, NC 53 [08-31-2012]

i am interested in showing my students the betsy ross house tour
BEN VIDAL, miami, florida [08-31-2012]

Taking the tour with my combined class of 1st and 2nd grade.
Tanya Warner, Oklahoma [08-31-2012]

Mrs. Rakowitz/Mrs. Birch's 2nd Grade Class, We are a 2nd grade in Tucson AZ studying the flag [08-23-2012]

Love the USA
Todd Rohleder [08-17-2012]

Jade Abad [08-16-2012]

Linda Niro [08-16-2012]

Crystal Wofford, 22 years olds in Olympia Washington [08-07-2012]

Cynthia Newman, Sterling, VA, 63. I'm interested in Besty Ross because I beleive my mother has one of her purses. [08-07-2012]

Love learning about history.
Valencia Roy, Pennsylvania, Pa. [08-02-2012 [08-07-2012]

My Great Grandfathers fought under this flag during the American Revolution, Civil War, and my Father in the Korean Conflict, and my Great Uncle in W.W. II. Thank you for honoring the woman who created this wonderful flag.
Terry Puffer, Cleveland, Ohio [08-02-2012]

Saw a piece of your home on "Ghost Hunters" & remembering doing a paper on her in elementary school! How fun! Would love to REALLY tour this home!
Ms. Terry Tomlinson, Norco, California, 57 [07-26-2012]

C. Jones, 38 male, Okc, OK. [07-26-2012]

Our family reunion(60-100 people) will be held in philly in 2013 and we have requested a brochure of the historic distric since 2011 and we are still waiting..Want the younger and older people to see what i saw when i was there.THANK YOU.
GLORIA J. MITCHELL-TAYLOR, washington,dc...age 63 [07-26-2012]

dawn stptt, tahlequah, oklahoma [07-26-2012]

Jaime Wiley, Ogden, Utah 21 years old [07-24-2012]

I would like to someday visit the Betsy Ross house. I am disabled and on social security and she has always been a favorite historic person of mine since second grade whom I did a report on.
Debbie Raska, fresno california [07-24-2012]

Richard Dunlap, TX, 65 year old male, married 41 years, Christian minister [07-24-2012]

ivy, delaware [07-18-2012]

Charlotte, Teacher [07-18-2012]

RITA G GEISKOPF [07-17-2012]

I did visit Betsy Ross House while in Philly but I was curiours to see the virtual tour. LOVED my trip to Philly for ALL THE HISTORY of our great country.
Gloria Novocilsky, Texas native but have visited Philadelphia a few years ago. [07-17-2012]

Thank You!
Ms Jones, Educator [07-16-2012]

Hopefully I will be able to use this virtual tour with my 4th grade classroom.
debbie Perkins, arkansas, 53, teacher [07-13-2012]

John Arrasmith, Port Allen, LA, 39 years old, assistant principal of PAMS [07-12-2012]

Loretta Ricci, Connecticut [07-12-2012]

EveLyn colon, 40 yr old female from NJ [07-12-2012]

I would love to visit this home one day and be able to walk the halls of one greatest women that every lived, and knowing that I am in a small way related to her. Believe it or not I love all kinds of crafts, one of my greatest qualities is I love to sew and do all kinds of needle work. My friends all call me the next Martha Stewart.
Christina Marie Ross, Spokane Valley, Wa, 33 years old, oldest daughter to John Donald Ross who's family trees says that I am related to Betsy Ross [07-11-2012]

I am told that Betsy Ross is in our family tree on my grandpa Nelson's side of the family' He was born a Ross but was adopted at a young age.
Brenda Kowalchyk, Norcross, GA [07-07-2012]

i love the history in philadelphia because you can know so much and our city
james, philadelphia pa [07-07-2012]

J Bruch, Phoenix, Arizona [07-05-2012]

i love american history!
bobby bartram, 50 yr old white male from northridgeville,oh. [07-05-2012]

Linda Gardner [07-05-2012]

belinda Deaver, United States [07-03-2012]

Michelle Griffin [07-03-2012]

Agnes McGeehan, Industry, Pennsylvania [07-02-2012]

Margaret Beute, Long Valley, NJ [07-02-2012]

I have an original marble bust of Betsy from about 1778 or so.
Jim Collier, Cumberland, Ky 40823 [07-01-2012]

I enjoyed my tour through the house in the past. It is some time hard to believe that this great nation started from such auspicious beginnings. Bur we did and now our task is to keep this nation on the path to liberty and justice for all.
Don Gaines, I live in Michigan and visited your house once in the past [07-01-2012]

When spending time with my grandma, we always get int discussion about old or current events. My grandma always tell me to lookup any information to an inquiry we get into. Betsy Ross was something we got into while watching the Antiques Roadshow.
Justus B. Higdon, Born: 7/13/2001, Grad to Jr. High School 2012, Summer @ Grandma's house inNJ [07-01-2012]

Studying 4th of July
TLC Edmond (International English Language Studets) [06-28-2012]

Amme Finton, Valley Center, CA [06-28-2012]

I have a Certificate #60076 Issue 1899
Charles W Thomas [06-28-2012]

Ann, Visiting Phili staying at the Marriott for a convention. [06-23-2012]

I am coming to Philadelphia in July and can't wait to see the house.
Linda Burnett Sharpe, from: Greensboro NC------46 yrs old [06-21-2012]

We have been studying about Betsy Ross - we wanted to see where she lived and how.
Red Balloon Just ASK School age Summer Program, licensed child care facility [06-21-2012]

I will be portraying Betsy Ross at my church's vacation bible school and am trying to learn more about her and how I can best depict her contribution to our history!
Susan Stark, Missouri - 60 yrs old [06-20-2012]

My son is 6 yrs old and interested.
Caroline, Woodbury, NJ [06-19-2012]

Sally Modine, Hudson, IL [06-18-2012]

The flag stands for our nation and is a hope to the world.
Christine Shaw, Pittsburgh, a seamstress over years, Know the significance of certain jobs. [06-15-2012]

Great Great Great Great Niece of U.S. Sen. Jonathan Roberts Norristown, PA. (1771-1854)
Katherine Roberts McClellan, Bailey Island, Maine 54 [06-15-2012]

Happy Flag Day
Meri Russell, a 67 yr old native Texan and proud American [06-15-2012]

Sandie Claywell, Glasgow, KY, 57, [06-15-2012]

Heather, Washington State [06-15-2012]

george washington, middlebury vt [06-15-2012]

I really want to visit in person.
Allison K., 7, n.y [06-15-2012]

Beatrice Paolino, Staten Island, NY [06-15-2012]

Peg Giles [06-15-2012]

Lou Hoggard, Conway, Arkansas, retired [06-15-2012]

Thank you!
anonymous [06-15-2012]

Diane Andor, Princeton Texas [06-15-2012]

grace, St Louis, MO [06-15-2012]

Joseph Damiano, 17 [06-12-2012]

Gary Fay Ross, I am 46 years of age, I live in Redding,California 2258 wilson ave [06-12-2012]

i love betsy ross
josh wilbur, 18 [06-12-2012]

Jennifer Weisheit [06-12-2012]

i hope this is fun
qira, cf,13,i love this url [06-06-2012]

Have been here many times on class trips growing up. Taking a look to see it again. Might have to plan a visit with my grandchild.
Donna Grossman [06-06-2012]

Sarah Wiltse, Allegany, New York. 36 years [06-06-2012]

Elaine, long island ny 60 teacher [06-06-2012]

Janet Scarcelle, Bethlehem, Pa. [06-06-2012]

Cole Burwell, PA, age 10,\ [06-06-2012]

Cameron farro, 4th grade [06-06-2012]

Betsy Ross rocks! Thanks so much for letting me take the tour. =)
Destiny Blythe, 7 years old; 1st grader [06-06-2012]

bri brummel [06-06-2012]

We lived in the Bethlehem area and never made it to see the Betsy Ross home. We look forward to doing so in the near future!
Totchona Martinez, 30 years old [06-06-2012]

History 1700
Marty, WSU Student [06-06-2012]

Stephanie Thomas [06-06-2012]

Thank you for having this.
E. K. [06-06-2012]

Mrs. Young's Kindergarten Class, Newport News, Virginia [06-06-2012]

We love visiting Betsy Ross's House and reliving history.
Sunday Conley, Live in Pgh, PA and I am 34 years old. [06-06-2012]

A friend has posted a picture of the Betsy Ross home on Facebook and I wanted more information.
Wanda Bennett [06-06-2012]

Chani Krogue, From Logan, UT and I am 26 yrs old. [06-06-2012]

Kristi Williams, Indiana [06-06-2012]

Hoping to come see the House this summer!
Mac Pendleton, 60 [06-06-2012]

Elaine Barrus, Utah [06-06-2012]

Terrilyn Huntington, utah, 23 [06-06-2012]

I have a student who thinks Betsy Ross was an amazing person
idaly torres, literacy teacher [06-06-2012]

Looking for clip art for Memorial Day and Flag Day. Came across the site. I visited the house back in 2006 with my kids. Didn't go in but we were there to do some historical site seeing
Madison Horn, Raleigh, NC age 40 [06-06-2012]

I am homeschooling my son, and he is studying US History - the American Revolution. These virtual tours are a great addition to his history studies! Hope we can visit in person someday!
Karyl Stanton, Tulsa, OK [06-06-2012]

Joe Bradley, ny, 64 [06-06-2012]

thank you betsy ross
rebecca pitre, 63 yrs old live in zavalla texas [06-06-2012]

thank you betsy ross
rebecca pitre, 63 yrs old live in zavalla texas [05-28-2012]

I just learned today about Betsy Ross. She lived near George Washington, participated in the design and also made the flag, what a great honor!
Jorge Carrillo, I live in El Paso, TX. Math Teacher, 60 years old. [05-22-2012]

We just worked on a project regarding Betsy Ross' life.
Sarah & Maria Salob [05-22-2012]

alisa [05-22-2012]

Holly, Milwaukee, WI [05-22-2012]

Kristin Phillips, Ohio, USA [05-22-2012]

hi bye
cheyenne, 19 [05-22-2012]

Marissa Meddock, 8 year old doing report [05-22-2012]

Cindy collier [05-22-2012]

Lucia Lopez-Kodis, Boston, MA [05-22-2012]

I used to live in Philadelphia and visited this house many times things how brave she was and how she contributed to the fight for our Independence
barbaragreenemann, Canada [05-22-2012]

JVanne Yancy [05-22-2012]

I collect Betsy Ross dolls and hope to visit her home this summer!
Bonnie Sims, Greenwood, IN [05-22-2012]

Jessica Wiggs, Washington [05-22-2012]

Neilla, 40 [05-22-2012]

My niece from Chicago was down to visit recently and we have flags flying in our small town and at our homes. She ask me why we were so obsessed with the American flag? I was looking for information to send her, since she knows nothing about the American flag.
Fonda Cullers, Live in Broadway va, 65 [05-22-2012]

Just moved home to USA - eagerly look forward to visiting this historical spot.
Madhav, St Augustine, FL [05-22-2012]

We just read some books about Betsy Ross and wanted to see her house.
Mrs. Mattox's Class, teacher & 1st grade class [05-22-2012]

CLASS 2-02 ALTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, second grade memphis tennessee [05-22-2012]

Kay Sawyer Dean [05-22-2012]

Barbara, Twin Cities [05-22-2012]

elise van antwerp, old family journals claim betsy as relative [05-01-2012]

Kim Harmon, Vilas, NC [05-01-2012]

I visited the Betsy Ross home as a school girl in the 1960s. Thank you for allowing me to revisit online.
Debra Price Crandell, age 55, now living in North Carolina [04-30-2012]

Thanks! :)
Tonya Capstick, Akron, OH, 41, Homeschool Mom [04-30-2012]

jesse villalobos [04-30-2012]

Michael Wynn, Oklahoma, Age 63, retired [04-30-2012]

Sandy Katchuk, 64 yrs. old. Living in Walterboro, SC [04-30-2012]

Joe Gledhill, Provo, Utah [04-30-2012]

Maria [04-30-2012]

Gloria M Espinoza [04-30-2012]

I think Betsy Made A great impact on the American Hisiry Because She Made One the Greatest Things for America when she made our first Ameican Flag God Bless Her !for that
Alyssa Cook, U.S Tennneessee [04-30-2012]

Donna [04-30-2012]

I loved the tour last time I visited Betsy Ross's house on line.
marika Skwarek [04-30-2012]

Joan Heckert Wegner, Pentwater, Michigan, age 63, my grandmother's maiden name was Mattie Ross [04-30-2012]

I love to westtests at shcool
Angel, 8 i love the flags [04-30-2012]

Mrs. Barker's Class, Harpers Ferry, WV [04-30-2012]

Jackie Kaufman, Roanoke City Schools [04-30-2012]

My 4th grade daughter has chosen to be Betsy Ross for her Biography Fair this year. We are planning a real visit to the Ross house in the next two weeks, but I wanted to take the virtual tour first
Lisa Ganey, Bucks County, PA - [04-25-2012]

Sue Johnson, Thankful to be an american [04-19-2012]

Mrs. Lindig's third grade [04-19-2012]

ivy deseaux, United States [04-17-2012]

Susan Myers, Chesterfield, MI, age 42 [04-16-2012]

Marsha M Mauger, home 173 montgomery ave boyertown pa, 29 yrs old [04-15-2012]

Thank you for a wonderful virtual field trip
Ms Watts Wonderful Second Grade, Oklahoma [04-15-2012]

Excellent website. Thank you! I am writing a historical romance about 1777-1782 that includes a stay in Philadelphia the last half of 1778 after the British evacuated it.
Beverly Enwall, Myrtle Beach, SC [04-15-2012]

Visited Independence Hall when I was a child on a school trip! Best part of the trip was the Betsy Ross' house, most memorible! Decade later, my daughter Zoey is doing a project on Betsy Ross' house. Luckily even going through the hurricane Katrina, my pictures of my trip survived. So helping my daughter brings back memories of my childhood and love sharing this time with her! Thank you for this site!
Crystal and Zoey, MS, Crystal(30)Zoey(8) [04-15-2012]

We are studying flags this week and read about Betsy Ross in our Reading book. We are excited to take a tour of her home.
Ms. Tolley's Second Grade Class, Valley Forge Elementary, Elizabethton, TN [04-15-2012]

eliana marrero, york pennsylvania [04-15-2012]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and i would love it if i got more info on her. please email me back by today for some betsy ross information. thx!
savannah, i live in camden, ar. [04-15-2012]

Sharon, 42 [04-15-2012]

Ken Wolfe, Long Island N.Y. 58 [04-07-2012]

I am studying Betsy Ross and really regret not making it to the house when we were in Philadelphia.
Marika Skwarek, 9 [04-07-2012]

Love History
becky, Florida [04-07-2012]

ALFRETTA ROSS, United States [04-02-2012]

JOANNE SMITH [03-31-2012]

Xion-Le [03-31-2012]

Aubrey Yoachum, 35, Spanish Fork Utah [03-31-2012]

Seema [03-28-2012]

Abigail Forquer, 12 [03-28-2012]

My daughter is doing a school project on Betsy Ross.
Brenda Gilliam, Durham, NC 44 Claims Supervisor [03-26-2012]

I am teaching artisan children about the US Flag. Thank you!
Anelly Schwab, La Romana, Republica Dominicana [03-25-2012]

William Long [03-24-2012]

I would like to take my family on a tour of the Betsy Ross House. What are the rates?
Monica Marshall [03-24-2012]

My ancesters arrived in America in 1681 with William Penns first colony...the Freeman brothers who married two Swayze sisteers on board. A third freeman brother drowned in the Delaware... One of our relatives married one of George Washington's relatives...My Freeman ancester's founded Engelwood New jersey, Ingelwood Ontario, Canada and Ingelwood California where there is now the Daniel Freeman Memorial Medical Center on land donated by his family.
Lynn Hodur, I am from Michigan and am a wife, mother, grandmother and a seamstress [03-22-2012]

Laura Thies, 43 [03-21-2012]

Great website!
Carol, Stockton, NJ 66 years old [03-21-2012]

I love this country! And hate to see change in a bad direction.
Leesa, nj [03-21-2012]

I visited here before you could use the internet.
Rose Holland, historian [03-21-2012]

i am doing a paper on her life and making the american flag
KAITLIN KIRKPATRICK, iam a fourth grader [03-16-2012]

mrs. Coad's third grade class [03-16-2012]

Sophia, Downingtown,10 [03-15-2012]

What an honer to viset B R home.
Karen Thomas, Newcastle Ca [03-15-2012]

amy [03-14-2012]

I am writing a report on Besty Ross for school. Our 5th grade class is having a wax museum of famous people and I choose Besty Ross. I will be a wax statue of Besty Ross so to speak and when people touch the dot on my hand, I will be giving a speech on her life and what she meant to us and our history.
Kahleen, I live in NC and I am 11 yrs old. [03-14-2012]

Dawn Scott, Teacher-Grade 2 [03-12-2012]

I chose Betsy Ross to do my 1st grade Famous American Hero report on.
Gillian Jackson, I am 7 years old [03-12-2012]

This is for a school project!
Zahra Ahmed, westfield, NJ 8 yrs old [03-12-2012]

Amy [03-11-2012]

J. Davis, 8 [03-09-2012]

Anika, 9 [03-08-2012]

My Daughter Abby has a report to due and a poster about Besty Ross and we are coming here to gater information for this reason. We have found out more then we thought was out there as well.
Heather Scroggins, Dexter MO [03-08-2012]

Amy Nevills [03-08-2012]

This is my first year as Scout Master of the Boy Scout Troop, and my fifth year as a scout parent. I have attended 2 privious Flag Retirements. And I was just looking around the site for any type of brochures that i could get to go along with a retirement that we are trying to schedule in the near future.
Cheryl Parnell, Scout Master - Troop 32 - Satsuma, AL 36572 [03-07-2012]

I am a proud mother of 2 blessed girls, an even more proud wife of SPC Davis an U.S soldier in the Army and love american history
kristy davis, massachussetts,native american,french,irish [03-06-2012]

So thankful to all the people who recognized the future need of preserving so much of our nations history which pepper Philadelphia
C d [03-05-2012]

Toured the house in person several years ago. I fell in love with the paint colors. Recently bought an old home on the historic list. Wanted to use this home as the inspiration on my colors.
Ashley, North Carolina [03-05-2012]

Theresa Carter, Elyria, Ohio [03-04-2012]

Russ Howard [03-04-2012]

Kathi Ducharme, School Librarian Stepney Elementary School [03-01-2012]

Lane Guadge [03-01-2012]

thank you so much
catherine hankins, im 10 and i loved the tour [03-01-2012]

Studying her in school.
Amber, 8 yrs old, NM. [03-01-2012]

God Save The United States!
Publius, Western NY, 61yrs, Rev War reenacter [02-29-2012]

We learned that Betsy Ross made the first flag while we were reading Flat Stanley.
Mrs. Link, We are a second grade class from Cleveland, OHio [02-29-2012]

I am doing a project on the Free Quaker House
hallie tracy, Idaho 11yrs girl [02-28-2012]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class.
Jenn, 8 [02-27-2012]

Sarah Stout, teacher, Pembroke NC [02-25-2012]

muy interesante toda la informacion ya que pienso viajar esta primavera y me estoy preparando gracias
anonymous, colombiana docente 56 años [02-25-2012]

i love betsy ross so much that when i see the flag i thing of betsy ross so when i miss her i think of her! when she was alive she made me like i was apart of her family. and when i see the flag i thinc of her family. so bad. i love her so much that when i see the flag because my cool's calors are red whit and blue
calli dawn wolf, i love the flag i stand under it all the time she is my cools person in the world! i love her so much i love that she made our flag for us i wish she was still alive and not died i miss her so much that when i read her book i loved it because she made the flag red whit and blue and those are my cool's calors in the wold [02-25-2012]

Hello from Québec
Stéphane Blouin, Napierville Québec, Canada [02-25-2012]

Thank you so much, for allowing our class to see, by virtual tour, Betsy Ross's house.
anonymous, Mrs. Begley and her Third Grade class [02-23-2012]

I am sure our students here will enjoy and learned a lot from this tour. Thank You
Louise Jones, Elementary School Teacher [02-23-2012]

My 2nd grade daughter was working on a book report on Betsy Ross and we were so excited to find this site!
Kristin, High school teacher [02-23-2012]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my homeschool co-op.
Virinia Stafford, Indianapolis Indiana [02-23-2012]

Sandy Pratt, 1st grade teacher [02-23-2012]

Can't wait!
Kristi, Bound Brook New Jersey, 32, Teacher [02-21-2012]

My grandson has just returned from a visit to Washington, he saw so much whilst he was there.
Janes Birmingham, age 71A [02-21-2012]

We homeschool and enjoy learning more about History. Thank you for this site.
The Waters, Citrus Springs, FL ~ [02-21-2012]

Denise Anstett, Edison, NJ [02-19-2012]

Taking college class on Women in American History and this is one person I was interested in hearing more and refreshing my memory
Kay Ward, Denver, CO - Age 56 [02-18-2012]

Thanks for all you do to honor such an important figure in our country's history.
Deborah, Age 60, Michigan [02-17-2012]

Nancy, Heuvelton Central School Heuvelton,NY K-12 [02-17-2012]

aliyah, Riverside,Ca I am 8yrs old, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross [02-17-2012]

Lauren Martin, 8 [02-17-2012]

K ROBINSON [02-17-2012]

Thank you for providing us with this interesting website!
anonymous, Annunciation, BVM School Grade 4 Room 14 [02-17-2012]

wjg, 72 [02-16-2012]

I am helping my daughter collect information to prepare a research paper on the life of Betsy Ross. Thanks for the help!
Theresa Clonts, I am a mother and housewife in Missouri. [02-14-2012]

laura, Illinois [02-14-2012]

I teach ELL students from Myanmar, South America, China, etc.
paula counsil, Washington, IN 59 [02-14-2012]

ms. peak, 2nd grade class [02-14-2012]

I am looking for connections talked about by my Grandmother (Beulah Cooley White ) . She said that she had Harmon relations who were related to Betsy Ross . I would like to find information on this family line ( Ross - Harmon - Cooley ).
J White, granddaughter of Beulah Cooley White [02-14-2012]

I want to thank you for keeping alieve a great part of American History. I will be sending you a copy of the book soon and hope it will make you all proud. Her story is one that I hope the children will love in this new book series and with my service dog Betsy Ross, we have already seen it work when it comes to their learning and remembering a great lady in history
SSG Michael Chamberlain and Betsy Ross service dog, US Army intelligence, founder of ourfoundingcanines [02-13-2012]

Mary St. Louis, Utah [02-13-2012]

Gina Lindeman, Vesuvius, Va 41 [02-13-2012]

Martha Melo [02-13-2012]

I read about her house in the biography I am using for my book report and I wanted to see it!
Bailey Riley, Tennessee [02-13-2012]

Dwan Ramsey [02-11-2012]

Patsy, Destin, Florida [02-11-2012]

We are researching famous americans and studying recess.
MRs. Holm's Class, Troy, Ohio [02-09-2012]

Rayna Cooke [02-09-2012]

Thanks for your work in honoring this historic figure.
Al Shabernak [02-08-2012]

I have picked Betsy Ross for a presentation in my writing class. I will dress up as her and speak in 1st person during my presentation. I thought this tour would be wonderful to see how "I" lived.
Virinia Stafford, 11 yrs. 11 months [02-08-2012]

Student teacher
anonymous, 23 United States [02-08-2012]

Libby, Illinois [02-08-2012]

Iam doing a project for school of Betsy Ross.
joaneliz rivera [02-08-2012]

I am studying Betsy Ross and dressing up as her for my social studies class.
Bethany Sizemore, Greenville sc 10 yrs [02-08-2012]

Studying Besty Ross for Home School.
JASMINE THOMPSON, 9 yrars old [02-08-2012]

Gloria V, Living in Connecticut, dropping by online to visit this lovely house. [02-07-2012]

Enjoyed a tour through the house last summer - hope to return. My husband will be making a miniature version of the parlor in a class. Need to locate a miniature Besty Ross flag for the room
Sherlyn Katz, Reading, PA - 66 yrs [02-06-2012]

Jan Robbins [02-06-2012]

chloe, 18 [02-03-2012]

I'm related to Betsy. Thru my GG Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Mardis. Mary was cousin to Betsy Ross. I can't wait to see the tour. Ty!
Barbara (Marcum) Smith, Hockley,Texas [02-03-2012]

edward cannon [02-03-2012]

shea, cool [02-03-2012]

Brenda Johnson, I live in Harrisburg, Pa. - I remember going on a field trip to Philadelpia, Pa. to visit the Liberty Bell, and Betsy Ross's house. I was in 5th grade which was many years ago. I am now 58 beautiful years old and I would love to visit the house again. [02-03-2012]

Larissa Sumner [02-03-2012]

Betsy Ross is awesome!
MayaS, Doing a project about Betsy Ross [02-01-2012]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. This site has been very helpful. I will get to dress up like Betsy and be on display in our History Hall of Fame to answer questions about her life.
Isabelle Bartolucci, I'm in a 5th grader in Norfolk Mass. I am doing a report on people who helped influence history. My first choice was Betsy Ross. [01-31-2012]

Lynn, teacher [01-31-2012]

Leeanne Wilson, Postgraduate of Natural & Cultural Resource Management [01-31-2012]

Lynn, NC resident, 51 years old [01-31-2012]

im 55 years old a few years back i was told by my mother that betsy ross was a great great great aunt of mine not sure of how many greats it is... but ive been trying to learn what ever i can about her and to see if she was indead an relative....pretty cool i think if its true...
scott allison, i live in michigan [01-31-2012]

i thought betsy did a great job on the flag
sara, ilove to sew and i"ve done sence i was 6 [01-31-2012]

Would love to visit the house and will this year. Am planning a weekend festival celebrating the First Continental Congress this November. Will see you in Philly. jgh
JG Hertzler, Trumansburg, NY, Director/Writer, 61 [01-31-2012]

Rita k, Kennewick, WA [01-30-2012]

anonymous [01-30-2012]

working on school project about Pennsylvania
Eleanor Chalstrom, Iowa 10 years [01-30-2012]

k-12 kindrgarden student vitual field trip.
anonymous, 6 [01-28-2012]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross for the school living museum project.
ali harrell, McDonough Georgia 16 school project [01-28-2012]

LHS SPED Class [01-26-2012]

Shirley Moss [01-26-2012]

peggy [01-25-2012]

Dawson Mertens [01-25-2012]

P. Doyle, Drexel Hill, Pa [01-25-2012]

Hunter PerezHoward, tablerock,12 [01-25-2012]

Tiffanie Gibson, Salt Lake City, UT, age 27 [01-24-2012]

jonathan holloway, ogden utah weber history 1700 [01-24-2012]

Melissa Sun [01-24-2012]

Cicily Bardin, South Ogden, Utah, 27, Female [01-22-2012]

for a girl scout project
grace levai [01-22-2012]

Janice, Coral Springs, FL [01-21-2012]

Julia Lebron, Age 50.. I live around K & A.. [01-21-2012]

For a school project, my 6 year old daughter must choose a historical figure to personify. She enjoys Betsy's story and she really likes the thought of wearing a bonnet like Betsy's!
mikki, Lousiana, 32 [01-21-2012]

Hello, I am a future elementary educator taking acquiring examples of virtual field trips for my Teaching Social Studies Class. I look forward to your tour!
Ana [01-19-2012]

Stacie Arbon, Deweyville, UT 28 years old [01-19-2012]

Project for 2nd Grade Class.
Sophia Ashcraft, 7yrs old [01-19-2012]

Maybe someday I will get to see the House in person.
Lynn M Davis, Live in Wisconsin-always loved history-have statue of Betsy Ross [01-19-2012]

Bryan Southwick, SLC Utah, 23 years old [01-18-2012]

pf canady [01-17-2012]

Shanda Hall, Perry, Utah [01-17-2012]

I am a storyteller and perhaps interested in writing a first person intrepretation of Betsy Ross. My patroit spent the winter in Valley Forge with George Washington.
Judy Womack, Kingsport, TN. DAR member. [01-17-2012]

I am looking for info.on famous americans for my 7 year old for school one that he picked is Betsey Ross.
Anita Folmar, Lancaster,40 [01-16-2012]

isabela, ohio [01-13-2012]

Thanks for the tour!
Janalyn Biesinger, Utah [01-12-2012]

David, Gettysburg, Pa [01-12-2012]

what is it ab≈Ωout
lorraine [01-12-2012]

Hey Betsy Ross!
Bailey-Grace McIntyre, I live in Tuscaloosa,Alabama and I am nine years old [01-12-2012]

I was Betsy Ross in a first grade play and ever since then I have been both intrigued and very fond of Betsy Ross! I cannot wait to take my children to visit The Betsy Ross House in the near future!
Stacey Farrell, I live in West Grove, PA, I am 40 years old, and plan to visit historical Philadelphia with my 2 children [01-08-2012]

this is for my history school project
sidney, im 15 [01-07-2012]

alexis, 14 ohio [01-05-2012]

I went there as child.
S Pullins [01-04-2012]

Jessa Breanna Taylor, Alabama 3rd grade [01-03-2012]

Connie, Oklahoma 56 yrs [01-03-2012]

We are studying the colonies and the Revolutionary War period for American History and I received a link to the virtual tour that I thought would be great for my daughter to see.
Bonita, Bloomington, Indiana and a homeschooling mom [01-03-2012]

Kara Payne [01-03-2012]

Ms. Holifield's Classroom [01-03-2012]

Thanks for all the info...
Kiera, age 10 Virginia [01-03-2012]

My daughter is doing a project for school and I ran across this website. Very interesting, thank you for keeping it going!
Denise, San Antonio, Texas, 41 years [01-03-2012]

Charles Sluizer, en_US [01-02-2012]

lisa [01-02-2012]

I've wanted to tour this location since I worked at Starwood Hotels. I used to make global reservations for Starwood from Austin, TX from home. People have told me many wonderful things about touring Betsy Ross's house and the surrounding areas. We love History! Thank you. Vicki McCracken
Michael and Victoria McCracken, United States [01-02-2012]

Homeschool, studying American history.
Karen, Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon [12-31-2011]

margaret schwanke, Cambridge, MN ~ I have had an interested in Betsy for several decdes, and have a picture of her with two other womwn, which hangs in my living room. [12-26-2011]

betsy ross is da bomb!
RSS, hey hey hey people [12-26-2011]

I love our American History! This is such a special website. Thank you!
Carrie A. Stephens, Hillsborough, NC; 43 yrs. old [12-21-2011]

vashti Dubois, germantown pa [12-21-2011]

Seath Tellinghusen [12-18-2011]

Lisa [12-16-2011]

I have always admired Betsy for her courage:-)
Madi [12-13-2011]

Aurelia, age 8 Jacksonville FL [12-13-2011]

im makeing this house out of ginger bread for school
Noelle [12-10-2011]

Deborah Wallace, Waynesboro,PA. Formerly from Philadelphia area [12-10-2011]

Alfredo, Yoan, Gloria, Markell, Alyssa, Carmen and Susan say thanks for taking us on a virtual tour! /bye!
Ms. Varjacic's Class, my students are epic! [12-07-2011]

Thomas Lazet, California [12-06-2011]

Betsy Ross is the boss
BECKKKKKKAY!, gleeaddict [12-01-2011]

thomason, sevierville tn [11-29-2011]

Angee, Winston OR [11-28-2011]

Very interesting & educational
Alvin Gale, Lewisporte, NL, Canada AOG 3A0 [11-21-2011]

amy, 16 [11-21-2011]

Kelly, 33, Utah [11-21-2011]

As I've gotten older, I've found myself facinated by World History and delving much more into our own Countries founding and establishment. One major ingredient to my interest is the Pride I have for this Country and the People who began the journey. Betsy Ross is one of those many early Americans that need to stay alive in our Hearts & Minds!
Bill Leggieri, Philadelphian, born 1958 [11-21-2011]

5th grade classroom
SLCS room 228 [11-21-2011]

I wish more historic sites across the country had virtual tours. For those of us with limited funds, it is nice to be able to see something like this.
Lorrie Kunzler, Seattle WA [11-21-2011]

sydella123 [11-17-2011]

if i wish to be her i would be sucsessful
khya, aiken,13 [11-16-2011]

I love history and I am fascinated by anything of substance which still exists.
kathy brankov, New York, 45, [11-16-2011]

Hord Family [11-16-2011]

LIndsey Mosmiller, 11, Baltimore, MD Friends School [11-13-2011]

Terrie Heath, Utah [11-13-2011]

Cheryl and Rachel DiCosola, Wheaton, IL [11-12-2011]

Martin T Geehan of Brooklyn, New York has a certificate from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Association dated 1899. President Edward Brooks. Do you have this information in your archives? If so, would you send me the particulars on his membership and donations as a subscriber to the fund for the purchase of the Betsy Ross House. I am in the process of research and this would be so helpful. Thank You
martha geehan [11-11-2011]

We do not have information about those who contributed to the American Flag House.

james, interested in the birth of america [11-10-2011]

visited when i was a young girl,
Lilly [11-10-2011]

my dad told me i was realated to betsy ross
june zaste [11-09-2011]

giselle whitmire [11-09-2011]

Shannon, Maryland, 31 [11-09-2011]

reading Betsy Ross, and the Making of America by Marla R. Miller
Karen King, Ashland, KY [11-07-2011]

emily, 7 [11-06-2011]

Nancy C Rutherford [11-06-2011]

It is a great blessing to have this history preserved!
Pat West, 60 years old; live in Central Illinois [11-06-2011]

ELIZABETH ANN IMHOLTE, United States [11-04-2011]

Im 13 and i was really curious about Betsy Ross for my project
Maggie Collins, kansas,13 [11-04-2011]

Tazanique [11-03-2011]

DAnne Garban, State College, pa [10-30-2011]

I love Betsy Ross.
keisha, ok,,,,,,,,,10,,,,,,,,,,,, [10-28-2011]

Jimmy Dorazio, 64 yrs. Viet Nam Vet, Western PA. [10-28-2011]

God Bless America!
David A. Bass, Chesapeake, VA [10-28-2011]

betsy IMHOLTE, United States [10-28-2011]

I thought this would be a good "visit" for my third grade students.
Miss Wesolowski, teacher [10-27-2011]

My 2nd grade music class is learning about patriotism and we searched the internet to view a picture of the Americna Flag. I told the students that Besty Ross made the first flag and that I had visited her house in Philiadelphia. The scholars wanted to see pictures of her house. So, here we are. Thank you for the tour.
Sandra Williford, Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation [10-25-2011]

I am doing a report on my Betsy Ross house experience that's why I went to the website.
Jessica Brook, 10 years old [10-24-2011]

when I was younger I always wanted to see Betsy Ross' house. Thank you for having this so I might visit via the internet.
Wintress Choppi, United States [10-24-2011]

What a wonderful site for learning more about Betsy Ross! Thank you! We hope to visit in person someday.
Kim R. and Joy R., FL, ages 41 and 8 [10-24-2011]

Patrick Concannon, Texas [10-24-2011]

Elizabeth Sandoval Marcallino [10-24-2011]

i lived here all my life i think that i would lovr to work there i am 53 how can i do this
valentino terinoni, all i ever wanted to do was work in old phila [10-24-2011]

J Peace, Carlisle, OH [10-21-2011]

abby stone, 5yrs old East Coast home schooler [10-19-2011]

I make checkered flags for first time winners at a local speedway and the drivers call me Betsy Ross of their speedway
Debbie Baker, Pennsylvania [10-19-2011]

Maritza DArcangelo, hialeah fl us 55years old cuban american [10-18-2011]

teaching a lesson on the flag
Pam, 43 from alabama [10-18-2011]

Judy Boettcher, Laurens, Iowa [10-18-2011]

Gracie Sanders [10-16-2011]

Dana Street, North Cape May, NJ, US Army Veteran. [10-16-2011]

Barbara Martin, High Springs, Florida [10-16-2011]

Toni White, Monticello, Ga [10-12-2011]

Alannah [10-11-2011]

Marcie Bell, United States [10-11-2011]

Thank you for giving people who live so far away the opportunity to veiw, the home of our famous flag maker.
Kelly Wilson, Hixton,Wisconsin [10-11-2011]

big fan betsy and love your flag
stargirl (a.k.a. sunshine), red hair [10-08-2011]

Ms. Freund, teacher [10-08-2011]

Karina [10-07-2011]

visiting for an assignment for Hist 1700
C. Lott, Utah [10-04-2011]

Hi, We are planning to come visit next month! We can't wait!
Leanne, Teacher, Charlton, MA [10-03-2011]

Wonderful site!
Carol S Pride Griffin, proud American! [10-03-2011]

Thank you for the tour opportunity. Walking gets harder and parking unpredictable so I appreciate the virtual opportunity.
Betty Igo, Age 79 [10-02-2011]

John Ekstrom, Farr West, Utah [10-02-2011]

anonymous, school class room [09-30-2011]

Janet Garrett [09-30-2011]

Logan Archuleta, 21 College Student [09-29-2011]

Nancy Knappenberger [09-25-2011]

This is going to help me with my History Day Project
Deidra Cotter, Spokane Washington, 15 [09-25-2011]

Thank you so much for allowing me to take a tour of the Betsy Ross Home. Some day I hope to visit it personally. DBatchelor
Durynda, I teach the 4th-8th grades U.S. History, Geography, and Social Studies in a small rural school in Oklahoma. [09-25-2011]

My class loved their tour of Betsy's house
Cara Kaufman, Kindergarten Teacher in Richmond Virginia [09-22-2011]

I would like to take the tour
Alisa Jade Worth, Winfield, Iowa, 12 [09-22-2011]

Ms. Mason [09-22-2011]

Mark [09-21-2011]

Kathy Waldron, Rockford, Illinois [09-20-2011]

Scotty [09-20-2011]

god bless america
Katie Ritenour, Macclenny, Florida, 66 yr., retired public school teacher [09-19-2011]

amanda smith [09-19-2011]

Alexis McCord, I'm 19 years old and live in Clinton, UT [09-18-2011]

Diane [09-18-2011]

Brianna Bailey, Location: Roy, UT Age: 23 [09-17-2011]

i love betsy ross!
Kathryn [09-17-2011]

Kristin Hunter, 23 year old student that lives in Utah [09-16-2011]

Chrissy Puntasecca, Bear River city, UT age: 28 [09-16-2011]

My daughter has chosen to make a float, for her book Fair project, on Betsy Ross. She is in the 5th grade and is very excited about finding a virtual tour of the Betsy Ross house. Hopefully she will be able to apply some of the informartion to her written part of her project.
anonymous, Savannah, TN 39 [09-16-2011]

Miguel [09-16-2011]

Karen, New Hampshire resident [09-16-2011]

Mary, Layton, Utah [09-14-2011]

Heather, Spokane,WA, 7 [09-14-2011]

Teresa Pentz [09-13-2011]

Thank You for bring Betsy Ross's house to our classroom.
Sunny Long, 6th grade Special Education Teacher in Maryland [09-12-2011]

I am trying to locate a photograph of the exterior of the Betsy Ross House ~ perhaps you could assist me?
Harriet Sesen [09-12-2011]

Cindy Ruby, pa [09-12-2011]

Crystal Edwards, Mississippi [09-12-2011]

Tamica, Layton, Utah. 26. [09-09-2011]

Ashley, Ogden Utah [09-08-2011]

Kris Carmody 3rd Grade Social Studies Class [09-08-2011]

kailee, 7 [09-08-2011]

Bonnie Hadlow, Utah ~ age 50 [09-08-2011]

Central Elementary School, Wartburg, TN music class [09-08-2011]

we homeschool and are studying betsy ross. this is a really good site. thank you.
shandi hall and piper hall, greensburg kentucky 38 and 9 [09-08-2011]

Hello from Comanche Elementary 2nd/3rd grade students, we would like to learn more about Betsy Ross and our Country and the American Flag. Thank you, 2nd/3rd grade Kidsplace Students at Comanche Elementary, Comanche, Okla.
Dorothy Pitts, 3rd grade kidsplace teacher, Comanche Elem. Comanche, Okla 73529 [09-07-2011]

I was in Philadelphia in May and I visited the house while I was there. I enjoyed it very much. It is really good that the American people are proud of their heritage. You look after it very well. Thank you again
Maria, The Netherlands [09-07-2011]

Joyce van Someren-Coker, Camarillo, California [09-05-2011]

Dale Erickson, Alta Loma CA 53 years old [09-05-2011]

I love our grand, star spangled, red white & blue, Old Glory! If the field of blue has thirteen stars or fifty, I love them all!
Begian., Detroit, MI [09-02-2011]

Amy Church, Hawaii [09-02-2011]

I have to dress as Betsy Ross for our Fall Festival and this has given me excellent information
Patricia Phillips, Nashville, TN [08-31-2011]

Lisa McIntosh, Forset City, NC [08-26-2011]

Mrs. Miller's 3rd and 4th grade class [08-26-2011]

Sharon Bell [08-24-2011]

Mrs Thompson, 45 years and very interested in American History [08-23-2011]

howlong have you been famous
melinda, 56shilling,13 [08-22-2011]

Diane, Author [08-20-2011]

We truly have an outstanding history. Preserving it, and keeping it interesting for all future generations is paramount!
Ms Enid Chavez, Native New Yorker, reside in Calif. 59 yrs of age [08-19-2011]

cindy harris [08-19-2011]

Debbie Feger, Amherst, New York [08-17-2011]

C Phillips, Iowa [08-17-2011]

Reading the new biography about Betsy, and am very interested in her life.
Juie Power, I am 48, live in Yardley, PA. [08-17-2011]

teresa crandall, 45, owensboro, ky. [08-16-2011]

I have had a passion for US history (1607 - 1865) since I was ten years old. Everything about it is fascinating!
Mary Duval, Maryland [08-13-2011]

linda dailey, pittsbrgh pa [08-09-2011]

I have always had a love for history
Evangelina W., Miami, Florida [08-08-2011]

Penny, NJ 43 Montessori School teacher [08-06-2011]

I am looking forward to this tour. Being an avid fan of American History I read and watch all I can. Thank You Julie
Julie Fleming, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada [08-04-2011]

Memi is learning me about history today.
Gavin Preston Parker, 2 years [08-03-2011]

I am visiting this site to prepare for a lesson plan I am putting together for 1st grade students. It is my hope to instill a sense of allegiance to all students I teach. We need to remember where we came from and what our Great Country stands for. GOD Bless America
Brian Keeney, Tracy, CA, 48, Currently working on my Masters degree [08-02-2011]

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