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Fred Harper, Ft. Lauderdale, FL [07-30-2011]

Sierra Rainwater, Female, 24, California [07-26-2011]

Hi! We visited Betsy Ross House yesterday. This was my second visit (first was long ago).
Maria de los Angeles, parents and sons (2), Puerto Rico [07-25-2011]

Jamelle Chesney [07-25-2011]

I visited the house in 1978 when I was in the area on a mission trip (NJ). I had to rush through seeing the house, but I liked having had the experience. I'll look at it again here on the site. Thanks.
Zell [07-19-2011]

RUBY SOMERVILLE [07-19-2011]

E White (The Old Gray Mare), Born in Philadelphia, age, you don't want to know [07-15-2011]

I love history & learning about my ancestors.
Tracee A. Simmons, Washington, DC [07-13-2011]

Stopped in philadelphia today as we traveled from fla to ct. We ran out of time to tour house. Thx to technology we are taking the virtual tour from the car in traffic.
anonymous, Ct resident [07-11-2011]

tom, 44 [07-11-2011]

M. Shirts, slc, ut [07-11-2011]

I was so elated to find this website today! How wonderful to have so much information so relevant in our Country today. THANK YOU! (I did visit the Betsy Ross house MANY years ago; I am so thankful I had a patriotic Mother!)
Linda, Sadly, NYS. F 67 [07-07-2011]

Great site! I hope to visit in person one of these days.
Ronald Quinn Pettus, Athens, AL [07-06-2011]

The Snelsons, Georgetown, Texas! [07-05-2011]

Annie Plamondon, Montreal, Canada [07-05-2011]

My wife, Denise, is a descendant of Betsy and we were excited about visiting her home.
Patrick Perry, Perry [07-05-2011]

Cherie Banks, I'm 63 years old and live in Sioux Falls, SD [07-02-2011]

So thankful to live in the USA! Thank God for our forefathers!
Rita Ritter [07-02-2011]

tatiana Scheerer, I live in California we will be visiting phill in late July [07-02-2011]

There was a Nephew of Betsy Ross that was a mayor of New Richmond. I done some research and I can't find anything. I thought maybe you could help.
Michael Ross, From New Richmond, Ohio [07-02-2011]

Patti Hauk, Plainview, TX [07-02-2011]

Thanks for keeping history alive!
Andrea Mabey, San Antonio, TX [07-02-2011]

Tank you it is great to have access to this important part of the US History. I would suggest that you include links to share the tour on Face Book, or You Tube. If I didn't find it please let me know. Thank you.
Luis F. Ruiz, Cochabamba, Bolivia. [07-02-2011]

Dodgeland Elementary Summer School, Juneau, WI [06-30-2011]

Melissa [06-30-2011]

Gwynne Elliott, Richmond, VA [06-29-2011]

i always hated my nickname now maybe i will appreciate it.
elizabeth (betsy) glogowski, alden ny age 61 [06-29-2011]

I am exploring Philadelphia, and my family tree.
Gabriel Cornette, I am a decendant of John and Besty Ross, Arizona, I am 8 years old. [06-29-2011]

Steve F, A true patriot and lover of the USA [06-27-2011]

I love history. Especially American History.
Wanda Liford, Lubbock, TX, age 65, widow [06-24-2011]

Neil Wasserman [06-24-2011]

I am hoping to spark an interest in how our flag came to be. This seems like the perfect time of the year to learn about Betsy Ross!
Tamara Short, I am a homeschooling mother of two daughters. [06-24-2011]

God bless our American institution.
+Dale Carpine, turning 50 in September [06-22-2011]

Jamie Davis, Fort Belvoir, Va [06-21-2011]

Patricia Autry [06-21-2011]

Brenda may, Clearwater florida [06-20-2011]

Dorothy Johnson, Rockledge, Fla. [06-17-2011]

People are saying that Betsy Ross didn't sew the American Flag.
Toni Martin, St. Pete Fla 58 [06-17-2011]

Bob Thompson [06-15-2011]

David Espinosa, Denville, NJ [06-15-2011]

flag day
diana, nj [06-15-2011]

Carlene Cantrell``, I live in Va. and I am 67 years old [06-15-2011]

I wish to enjoy seeing sthe home of the famous Betsy Ross. She is such a wonderful inspirer for peoplr of all ages! I
mia, 12 [06-15-2011]

We are excited to be celebrating Flag day. We feel it is important to learn the history and that means learning more about the woman who made the flag. THANK YOU for this tour and giving us an opportunity to place ourselves into a piece of history many of us might never get to visit!
Lifeskills Class, Idaho [06-15-2011]

We visited on Flag Day, 2011!
Room 34 Students, Third grade class in Pomona, CA [06-15-2011]

Thank-you for working to preserve our national heritage! Can't wait to bring the children and see the house in person!
Stacy McIntosh, Mobile, Alabama [06-15-2011]

Young Achievers 3rd grade, Mattapan, MA, Room 106, Bond 3 [06-15-2011]

Thank you for the tour.
Kingsley Elementary School, Pomona, Ca, Second and Third Grade class. [06-15-2011]

happy flag day!
Mrs. Osborn's Class, New Jersey [06-15-2011]

lynn, lynn in atlanta 49 [06-15-2011]

I visited the Betsy Ross house went I was a kid.
Bill Humphreys, JerseyCity 62 [06-15-2011]

My grandmother brought me here when I was a child. My grandmother was also a widow, raising children alone.
Debbie, 51, Jacksonville, Florida [06-15-2011]

america sotelo, paterson nj [06-15-2011]

Elena Myers [06-15-2011]

I just enjoy experiencing history. So, here I am. :)
Chazz Johnson, Rexburg Id, 23, Like pigeons. [06-13-2011]

Thank you for this site.
anonymous, teacher [06-13-2011]

I visited there in the late 60's
Frederick Ruiz, new york city, 53, [06-13-2011]

Shirley Oswalt, Bellville Ohio,62, [06-12-2011]

Steve Dwyer, phoenix az, 46 [06-12-2011]

My Birthday falls on Flag Day, I want to some day visit Betsy Ross' House.
Nelida B Garcia, I am 55 I live in Homestead Florida [06-12-2011]

THis is awesome - thanks so much!
Jacqueline Meyers, Teacher [06-12-2011]

THSC is a great help to me an others and I'm still learning a lot of the things THSC offers. Thank you.
jeannette seaman, Lytle, Tx, 6 children all homeschooled, one granddaughter, son in-law now in Afganistan, And I have worked at feast for years now an love it. I also have just finished Pharmacy=tech school [06-08-2011]

I am the Women's History Chair for Sutter District - General Federation of Women's Clubs. I am looking for info on Betsy Ross and the flag to do an e-mail to all for Flag Day. Also, other women involved with our flags.
Elise Spleiss, Nr. Sacramento, CA age 60 [06-08-2011]

Newport News Kindergarten Class, Virginia [06-07-2011]

John Mosley, South Philadelphia, 29, School Teacher 4th Grade [06-05-2011]

Linda Castorina, Texas, 57, [06-05-2011]

When I was a little girl my grandfather drove the trolley that passed Betsy Ross' house and never failed to point it out to me and my little sister.
Eileen Bannach [06-05-2011]

We are learning about our nation's symbols
The boys and girls of the Beehive, Kindergarten -6 years old [06-03-2011]

Denise [06-01-2011]

Wren Knight, Perry, GA [06-01-2011]

Roberta Slipper, Vallejo, CA, 51, [06-01-2011]

I'm writing a report on the attractions in Philadelphia and Betsy Ross House is one of them.
madison taraska, Philadelphia, 9yrs old [05-30-2011]

Have been to the house in person with my family. We loved visiting the area with all of it's historical sites.
Nelson Terwilliger III, Ithaca, NY; 66; retired [05-30-2011]

robert fauver, 71 yrs / 8 year USAF vet [05-29-2011]

Love history Now.Just think we should all look back at what Our for -Fathers-want thru for us and this county and Thank them ALL!
Larry G.Johnson, Indiana,46750 age 57 divorced [05-28-2011]

i am doing a project on betsy and just felt like looking in her house !
reagan likes, i am 14 [05-27-2011]

Lilliana Haroglitch [05-27-2011]

Lois Gilbert [05-27-2011]

hi did the king kill her or did she dead on her own
sonia, pink [05-27-2011]

Anna, Clearfield, Utah; 26 years old [05-25-2011]

Michael Crippen [05-25-2011]

God Bless all that gave so much so I can sit here free.
Rory S. Augustson, Dallas Texas, age 54 [05-25-2011]

sonia gibson, i have a face book [05-25-2011]

Second Grade Prairie View Elementary, Holmen, WI [05-25-2011]

Alex Woolsey, Farmington, Utah, 27 [05-24-2011]

Bonnie L. Harris, Galesburg, over 50, [05-24-2011]

Stephanie McDonnell, Denver, CO [05-24-2011]

Patricia Button [05-23-2011]

So excited to actually see this house!
Peggy, Utah [05-23-2011]

nicole smith [05-23-2011]

Mindy Thatcher, I live SLC, UT. 38 yrs old, [05-20-2011]

I am going to Philadelphia soon, so I am very excited to see Betsy Ross' house!
anonymous [05-20-2011]

james, Utah, 28 [05-20-2011]

Our granddaughter has known about Betsy Ross since she was 2 years old, she is now 4 years old. What are the times and prices of the tours for Betsy Ross House?
Linda Ney [05-20-2011]

Hours: 10am-5pm daily: April through October. Closed Mondays from November through March. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays in January and February. Admission Fee: Adults $4, Children/Students/Seniors/Military $3. $2 extra for audio tour.

samantha [05-20-2011]

Kelli, Utah, age 29 [05-20-2011]

Marcy Madigan, South Ogden, Utah 38 yrs. [05-20-2011]

donn [05-20-2011]

you were so famous I wish I could have seen you in person.My last name is ROSSitto .
Jacob Rossitto, N.Aldrich st. [05-20-2011]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and her contribution to the United States flag.
Mrs. Holland's Second Grade class, Lewisport, KY [05-20-2011]

Mrs. Wallace Class, Second grade class studying the flag. [05-20-2011]

annie henderson, cleveland ohio [05-18-2011]

Karen Nelson, Morgan UT 38 [05-17-2011]

Stacey, Utah [05-17-2011]

i have always enjoyed learning about our american history and now being able to impart this knowledge to a new generation gives me pride.
diane k. gasper, aurora, co.age:60, preschool teacher-3-4years of age [05-17-2011]

Doris M. Bryan [05-15-2011]

school project
Khalil Nickens [05-14-2011]

Kindsey Godsey, Grand Junction, Colorado, age 11 [05-12-2011]

Lorrie Simmons, Quilter and history lover from Butler County, PA [05-12-2011]

thank you
anonymous [05-12-2011]

My daughter Alejandra is writing a report about Betsy Ross. We are blessed to have this virtual tour. Thanks.
Tiffany Perez [05-11-2011]

Nicole James- La Roque, Baltimore, Maryland. 34yrs old immigrated to the US when I was 19yrs old [05-10-2011]

Katy Boese, MN age 11 [05-10-2011]

Betsy ross is my favorite revolutionary woman!She was so brave and worthy.
madison cooper, 11 years old, texas [05-10-2011]

Very Interesting. It is nice you have something like this available for us to enjoy.
Jane Kuhlmann, From Glencoe, Minnesota [05-10-2011]

denise davis, fort worth texas 47 yrs old [05-10-2011]

Sheila, I live in Anchorage, Alaska and will be visiting Philadelphia in August. I hope to visit Betsy's house in person [05-10-2011]

Pilar [05-10-2011]

Sue Johnson [05-06-2011]

I still find the history of Philadelphia so fasinating even after living here for 33 years. My husband and I come to the historic district at least every other summer just to see what has changed, and to reflect on our great country's history.
Penny L. Hermann, Morton, PA, Age 51, have lived here for 33 years [05-06-2011]

Mrs. Oleksy's Class, 5th graders, age 10-12, Hannibal, MO [05-02-2011]

Ms. Sanders 5th Grade Class, Oklahoma [05-02-2011]

Erin [05-02-2011]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so i decided to check the tour so far i've got a lot of information and i think Besty Ross is very cool you should do the tour and learn about her.
Athena Bryer, Im ten [05-02-2011]

I am doing a report for school about. Mrs Ross. I am in the 3rd grade.
Paige, Live live in WV and am 8 yrs old [05-02-2011]

We are curious to see the house of the lady who made our flag!
Mrs. Preston's Class, 2nd grade Lexington,KY [04-29-2011]

jane, austin [04-28-2011]

We enjoyed our trip!
Mrs. Campbell's Class, 7 [04-28-2011]

I love betsy ross last halloween i dress up as betsy ross I would like to learn more about betsy ross!
kendaLL, staunton V.A. age 9 [04-27-2011]

s.a.i.l. class student, michigan [04-26-2011]

My granddaughter, that I am raising, had to pick off of a list of women provided by her school, a woman who made a contribution to our country. Among those on the list were show biz celebrities, sport figures and such. There were very few, in my opinion, women listed who fit the topic of the project. Betsy Ross was at the top of the list as far as I am concerned!
Beth Sementelli, Jupiter, FL [04-26-2011]

Mrs. Smith's 2nd grade [04-26-2011]

Christie Murray, gloucester, nj [04-26-2011]

anonymous, 11 [04-26-2011]

loveing it
Perw p. [04-26-2011]

Mrs. Cloer's Class, We are a second grade class. [04-26-2011]

kinnedi thacker, 9 [04-24-2011]

I'm currently reading "Besty Ross and the Making of America," by Marla R. Miller. My neighbor is from PA and has been to the Betsy Ross house. I want to see it too. I love history.
Honorable Jeanine Notter, NH State Representative [04-24-2011]

Looking forward to see her house.
Rhonda Boyer, 45 from Van Nuys, California [04-21-2011]

Denise Soto, Deer Park, Texas [04-20-2011]

Amy Harrell, classroom activity [04-20-2011]

Ms. Reeves 2nd Grade Class, Geneva, Alabama [04-20-2011]

We are learning about the American flag. Thank you for your tour guide.
Mrs. Russell's class, Alabama [04-20-2011]

Tavie, 8 years old/Denver [04-19-2011]

Lily [04-18-2011]

We are reading a story on the origin of the American flag and wanted to learn more about the facts surrounding Betsy Ross and the story of her creation.
Jamie Wilson's Second Grade Class, Ardmore, OK 73401 Ages 7 - 9 [04-18-2011]

I'm excited to learn about Betsy Ross.
anonymous, Eden, age 6yrs old in Spokane Valley, WA [04-17-2011]

Kelly, 51 [04-17-2011]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and what impact she had in history.
Ashley, Colorado age 9 [04-15-2011]

Brenda [04-15-2011]

Dedra K, Kansas, 35 [04-15-2011]

anonymous, Lake Mary Elementary School, Florida Second Grade [04-14-2011]

Carolyn Scharboneau [04-14-2011]

betsy ross rocks!
Awesome Person, im awesome [04-13-2011]

im doing a report on her
bailey [04-13-2011]

Thank you for making this site available to elementary school children to complete their reports. This site is interesting and informative! Thanks.
anonymous [04-13-2011]

I want to see Betsy Ross's house.
Juan Alvarez, School library, 25, [04-13-2011]

Karen Pickell, Topsfield, MA [04-10-2011]

Mrs C Grade 1 [04-08-2011]

Great Tour - Thank you!
Ellie [04-08-2011]

My daughter is in 5th grade and doing a report on Betsy Ross
Tania Kennedy, from Sioux Falls, SD [04-08-2011]

Marcia [04-08-2011]

Kelly [04-08-2011]

I LOVE AMERICANA Items & love the AMERICAN REVOLUTION & Those who made our COUNTRY Strong against staggering ODDS !
Prophet Garry Alexander, Republican V.P.Consideration /President George W. Bush [04-08-2011]

We are learning about the history of the American flag this week in class.
Ms. Tonia's Second Grade Class, 2nd grade class @ Parsons Elementary School [04-08-2011]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and am learning more about her.
Jordyn Glenz, Verndale, Minnesota, 13 [04-08-2011]

I will be Betsy Ross in my school's Living Wax Museum!
Rachel, Missouri, Age 9 [04-08-2011]

The Shaw's [04-06-2011]

My class is taking the tour because we are studying about the American Flag.
Mrs. Galloway's Second Grade Class at Fifth Ward Elementary, teacher [04-06-2011]

Michael Taylor, 52 yrs old Love true history [04-06-2011]

i am playing betsy in my school play

Fredericka Brown, teacher [04-05-2011]

CLG [04-03-2011]

God Bless our "Beautiful America" and God Bless our "Beautiful Flag"
Mary Helen Muradanes, 47 year old born and raised American Woman [04-03-2011]

anonymous, Colombia [04-02-2011]

Joanna Riegert, Grantsville, Utah [04-02-2011]

Chris Hertz, Balt Md [04-01-2011]

LYNDA Zimmer, philadelphia [03-31-2011]

Helen Pero, teacher [03-31-2011]

Learning about the American flag at school.
Morgan, Michigan [03-31-2011]

We are studying the American flag and its history today. Thank you for offering this tour.
Castle Family [03-29-2011]

Margaret Walshe, Ireland [03-29-2011]

michele burick, massillon,oh age 59 [03-28-2011]

Taylor Dockery, Georgia, 9yr [03-28-2011]

Kathryn, Chesapeake, Va age 10 [03-28-2011]

Kathy Strong, Modesto, CA [03-28-2011]

God Bless Freedom
ANGEL, Lawyer, from Canary Islands, Spain,38 years [03-28-2011]

Louise [03-25-2011]

I did a project at school about Betsy Ross
Emerson Guggenbiller, 7 years old [03-25-2011]

louise scaffidi [03-25-2011]

I enjoyed learning about betsy Ross. I read a book about her.
Robin Baber, Cape Girardeau, Mo 9 years old [03-24-2011]

marsha [03-24-2011]

Christ the King School - Kindergarten - A Mrs. Hahn, Kindergarten class learning about historical figures. [03-23-2011]

Delaney Elliott and Dana Elliott [03-20-2011]

i love history, the true history not from the books that they have so changed now.......
brenda, interested very much in history [03-20-2011]

John Porter [03-18-2011]

t sullivan, va 47 age [03-18-2011]

littlewolf, natv/Amer/Fort Worth Tx/61/ [03-17-2011]

Have visited the house. Enjoyed it very much.
Diane Sviatko, Ohio - age 54 - teacher [03-17-2011]

Madisson Karjala, Grand Rapids, MN 11 years old. [03-15-2011]

I'm giving a presentation on Betsy Ross and this website has been really helpful. Thanks!
Sage, 12 [03-15-2011]

jacob, oreanna [03-14-2011]

We found this site while researching Betsy Ross for Joey's class project. Joey choose Betsy Ross and he has enjoyed the things he has learned about her.
Karen And Joey, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca Mom and Joey 11 years old [03-14-2011]

anonymous, kenner la age 68 [03-12-2011]

Karen Anderson, Missouri, 32 years old [03-12-2011]

The students in my class enjoyed learning about the flag and are anxious to learn about Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth Anne Beaver, Special Ed. Teacher [03-11-2011]

Elizabeth Anne Beaver [03-11-2011]

Our class is interested in learning about Betsy Ross and her acheivements.
mrs. oheir's classs, teacher [03-10-2011]

i'm doing a project on betsy ross, this sight looked interesting
emma [03-09-2011]

I am looking up information that I can use on my report that I am doing on Betsy Ross. My last name is Ross and that is why I wanted to do my report on her.
Makayla Ross, North Carolina, 8 years old [03-09-2011]

Connie Blankenship [03-09-2011]

Willie, Las Vegas,NV 67 yrs young [03-07-2011]

ann everett and susan are here with me!
David Pruet, I am 7.I am a boy. [03-07-2011]

Ellie, Girl Scout leader [03-04-2011]

katie [03-04-2011]

Ross [03-04-2011]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and what an honor it is for me to enter this house tour.
Emily Smith, Canyon Country, CA, 9 yrs old [03-04-2011]

I visited the Betsy Ross House in November 2010.
Rene Jena, Monaca, PA [03-04-2011]

Dave Myers, new york [02-27-2011]

Larry Lance [02-26-2011]

I am going to be Betsy Ross on our Living Museum day! Your site is very helpful.
Gigi Chaon, 7 [02-26-2011]

I am doing a Social Studies project on Betsy Ross so maybe this will help!
Julianna [02-26-2011]

Sara Cutshall's ESL Class, We are seven students from other countries, reading about Betsy Ross. [02-24-2011]

Doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Ruby Moley, 8 yrs. old [02-24-2011]

anonymous, teen [02-24-2011]

anonymous, Houston, Texas [02-24-2011]

Sunridge Middle School, Pendleton, Oregon [02-24-2011]

monica [02-23-2011]

Thank you for the tour!
Kenwood First Grade, We live in Kearney, Nebraska. We are a class of 25 first graders learning about Betsy Ross. [02-22-2011]

For my students
anonymous [02-22-2011]

Gracie Olinde [02-22-2011]

alex, 9 [02-22-2011]

Deanna Rusch, Claremont CA [02-21-2011]

Writing a report on Betsy Ross.
Hannah Wiggins, age 7, Springfield, IL [02-21-2011]

Walt Everly, 58 [02-19-2011]

My class is studying Betsy Ross and thought they would enjoy seeing where she lived. Thanks.
anonymous, third grade teacher [02-19-2011]

Patti [02-18-2011]

Kathryn Dilbeck, Daughters of the American Revolution [02-18-2011]

Mrs. Bright's First Grade Class, North Vernon, IN [02-17-2011]

Josetta thompson, Librarian [02-16-2011]

Frank Prez [02-15-2011]

P Faikel, Chicago, IL [02-14-2011]

marge jennings, teacher [02-14-2011]

steven roberts, 13 yrs. [02-14-2011]

Taking History class and teacher recommended taking the tour.
Shana Fleming [02-14-2011]

Katie Moreno, I am 8 years old (3rd Grade) and live in Stockton, CA. I am doing a book report for school on the life of Betsy Ross. [02-14-2011]

We would love to learn more about the American Flag made by Betsy Ross.
Holt Elementary 3rd Grade, Clearfield, UT [02-11-2011]

Greta Wendorf, Margate, FL [02-11-2011]

anonymous, Austin,Tx 17 [02-11-2011]

layla ping [02-11-2011]

joe deatails [02-09-2011]

anonymous, doing a report for school [02-09-2011]

Thank you for the opportunity of a virtual field trip. We are Ross in history in our homeschool.
Pam, Abbie, and Bess Powers, Gainesville Mo [02-09-2011]

gigi, mastic 15 [02-07-2011]

ann, i go to thoreau [02-07-2011]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross & her part in the American Revolution for my 5th Grade class :)
Jules, Age 11 in Northern CA [02-07-2011]

mary diskin, ridley park, pa 59 years old [02-06-2011]

Dorothy, santa ana, ca senior [02-06-2011]

jenny fox, Age 61, Long Eaton Nottingham Egland [02-06-2011]

Mrs. gaston's kindergarten class, We are interested inlearning about our flag. [02-06-2011]

Enjoyed the tour, She has been a favorite since first grade.
meg schwanke, cambridge Mn [02-04-2011]

thank you for the tour
halie [02-04-2011]

I am doing a report on the Betsy Ross House. Thanks for the tour!
Alicia Carpenter, Dayton, Ohio [02-04-2011]

History is fun :)
lupe, homeschool mother [02-04-2011]

madeline [02-02-2011]

cheney, 10 [02-02-2011]

Patricia ross, Widow of John William Ross,Jr. Norfolk, Va. [01-31-2011]

I am planning a vacation to Pennsylvania with my husband, sister and her husband on the last week of April 2011 thru May 2011. Philadelphia is one of our stops and we can't wait to see all the history. Seeing this video of the Betsy Ross is only getting me more excited to go and see it in life and not just in the internet. Very informative and can't wait.
Silvia Santana, Live in Corona, CA [01-31-2011]

Matilda Lindgren, utAH AGE 37 [01-31-2011]

I am studying American Civilization at WSU
Jodi, Ogden, Ut., 34, [01-31-2011]

Sophie Escandor, Clearfield, UT. Age 23. [01-29-2011]

Jillian Mularchuk [01-29-2011]

Trish [01-29-2011]

I chose betsy ross as the person in history to give a report
morgan weikel, cincinnati ohio; 9yrs old; 3rd grade [01-28-2011]

frances Talton, age 55, Graduate student in CJA [01-26-2011]

I was working on a school project.
Nakii Tsosie, 11 years old Albuquerque NM [01-26-2011]

GINA BREWER, History student in Utah [01-25-2011]

My oldest daughter Peyton is writing a research paper on Betsy Ross. We would like to know everything there is about Betsy.
Rite DeBell, Port Huron, MI, 26yrs old I have 3 Daughters Peyton 10, Morgan 5, and Logan 2. [01-25-2011]

}hi betsy
anonymous [01-25-2011]

I a a special ed teacher. I visited this site while planning my lessons.
Lisa Bashore, tabernacle nj [01-25-2011]

Allyson Christesnesn [01-22-2011]

Sandra Lett, Columbus, MS [01-22-2011]

crystal [01-20-2011]

B J holmes, Male 60 Bargoyed South Wales [01-18-2011]

A friend of mine in England and I were discussing what determined the colors of the USA flag.. found this most interesting...
Carol Kauffman, 73 yrs,,, Elyria, Ohio USA [01-18-2011]

Sean Anwalt [01-18-2011]

Marissa Souza, Indiana [01-17-2011]

doing a report on Betsy Ross
annalynn, 2nd grade [01-17-2011]

Sandy Rick, Madison, Wisconsin [01-17-2011]

Brandon, 7 yrs old [01-15-2011]

how old is betsy ross
Ginni, Eagle River [01-13-2011]

Bethany [01-12-2011]

Robert Osterdock, Hayward, Calif. [01-10-2011]

Linda, Teacher in Poulsbo, Washington [01-10-2011]

grace, madison, wi [01-09-2011]

Love the U.S.A.
D. Honour, Present: Sowerby Bridge, England. [01-06-2011]

Homeschooling my oldest, Abigail, age 6. Teaching her about the American Flag.
Sandra Frisbee, Mother of 3 [01-05-2011]

terri [01-03-2011]

It is indeed a pleasure to tour the house that Betsy Ross once lived in. I am helping my daughter with a George Washington project and this info came up. I just learned some interesting facts about Besty Ross, like she didn't own the house she lived in. Her house was also used as a business for making other products besides the creation of the American Flag.
Ms. Denise Alleyne [01-03-2011]

Happy birthday, Betsy.
Lisa W., Colcord, OK [01-03-2011]

Jamie Loveland [01-03-2011]

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