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Veronica Armstrong, 60 [12-29-2010]

Joanne Naumann, Folsom, PA / 60 years young [12-29-2010]

a great American
stephanie micklon, salem n.h. [12-29-2010]

anonymous [12-28-2010]

Monica Williams Nicholson, Mother of 2 Daughters who loves education and teaching History to my children [12-25-2010]

Julie, United States [12-18-2010]

Looking at the tour to show my students in the future.
Cara Ressler, Napoleon, Ohio [12-18-2010]

we are doing a play called Yankee Doodles' Dandy Christmas and Betsy Ross is in it.
kaleigh wagner, Tennessee, Age 9 [12-17-2010]

Whatt Kindd Off Workk Didd Betsyy Doo Inn Thee Workshopp Off Herr Housee??
bERENiiCE [12-16-2010]

This is so cool!
Jimmy, 5, california [12-16-2010]

Pat Howard, Teacher in Central NY [12-13-2010]

i love betsy ross
Kanijha Holley, 13 years old [12-13-2010]

Mike Santore [12-13-2010]

I came to this website to learn more about the US and its history. Very interesting!
Marion, Saarbruecken, Germany. 26 yo [12-11-2010]

thank you for this oppurtunity
wendy fairbairn, louisville ohio, [12-10-2010]

I am doing this for a school project in North Carolina 2010!
Julie Smith [12-05-2010]

lyn martin, history buff [12-03-2010]

Thank you for providing the website.
Rebekah Martin, Amherst, VA, 35 years old [11-29-2010]

Thank you for this wonderful website :)
Gabriele, Oregon [11-29-2010]

mike devenney, secane pa..age 47 [11-29-2010]

Amber Opdyke, Turning 21 in January related to Betsy Ross...I'm a proud army wife [11-26-2010]

rosemarie geary, worcester, MA [11-24-2010]

Ann Mitchell, sheffield england [11-23-2010]

I choose to beleive this is a true event regardless of other reports
April Denney, I'm doing a wax character program at school [11-19-2010]

anonymous, 14 [11-17-2010]

Addie Carter, I'm a history buff [11-17-2010]

Robin Dunn, Conway,SC [11-17-2010]

Bonnie Carson, Rio Rancho, NM [11-15-2010]

Master Sergeant Carl Bisson, Cali, 37, US Marine [11-13-2010]

I love our American history!
Maria Garza, 36 years old from California. [11-13-2010]

Studing Betsy Ross for a American History Project.
Sofia G., Florida [11-13-2010]

class tour
anonymous, miami, 31, [11-13-2010]

this is cool! :)
allison riggs, im 13 [11-11-2010]

Darcy Anderson, Minnesota 51 years old [11-11-2010]

teacher of first graders
mary killen, killen, Al [11-11-2010]

Enjoyed the actualy visit last June with my g.s troop
Ruth Maille, Bristol RI g.s. troop leader. [11-11-2010]

Miss .Zega, art teacher. pinellas county .FL [11-10-2010]

lisa [11-10-2010]

aujanae, 16 [11-05-2010]

bonnie williams [11-05-2010]

Jessica, Andalusia, IL [11-05-2010]

anonymous, Brownie Leader, Santa Maria, CA [11-04-2010]

I grew up when our nation honored the FLAG as something VERY SPECIAL. To me it is next to the Holy Bible in importance. I pray our country returns the FLAG to where it once stood and the pledge of allegiance in once more said especially in schools and other venues where it's importance has been spoiled.
Marlene Krienke, I am 74 and have lived in San Diego CA all my life [11-03-2010]

Writing an essay.
Corey Cox, 10 Texas [11-03-2010]

We are learning about American Symbols. The American Flag is one of the symbols we are learning about.
Mrs. Deaton's First Grade Class, Cheyenne, Wyoming [11-03-2010]

May I come in?
anonymous [11-02-2010]

julie winslow [11-01-2010]

I like to explore Betsy Ross's house. Thank you for your tour! Love, Mitchell
Mitchell McCardle, State College, PA - age 7 [10-28-2010]

anonymous, Kentuckey,11 [10-28-2010]

anonymous, w [10-27-2010]

Love it! awsome tour!
Mariana Marrufo Estrada, Mexico (20 years old) [10-27-2010]

england bundy, millville nj, [10-26-2010]

Proud to say that my children are 10th generation great-great grandchildren of Betsy Ross. I have last of the set of eight silver spoons that belonged to her. Supposedly, one of the spoons was stolen at a World's Fair many years ago. I hope to bring my grandchildren to visit one day !
Angela Fogle, 60 year old grandmother & administrative secretary in Columbia, SC [10-24-2010]

One of the things I inherited from my mother was a torn piece of paper showing " American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association" issue 1899. My grandmother was born in the USA, and her father worked at the Winchester factory. When they moved back to Sweden, they took the paper with them, and I remember as a child I used to look at it trying to figure out what it was all about. Kind Regards Torsten
Torsten ┼kerblom, From southern Sweden, age 60 [10-24-2010]

Torsten ┼kerblom [10-24-2010]

Joseph Koehne, Cincinnati, Ohio 37 [10-22-2010]

School project.
Amelia Arnold, Ca. 8 years of age [10-22-2010]

Amanda Berg [10-20-2010]

looking up information about the flag and Betsy Ross for a Girl Scout Troop patch
Maryann Owen, Boston, MA 37 [10-20-2010]

stacie, sped teacher in MA [10-20-2010]

Thank you for the wonderful informative information you have provided. All very balanced and appreciated.
Michelle Berry, Lebanon, OH, 40, American Heritage Girl Leader [10-18-2010]

Eric Schneck, Athens, AL [10-18-2010]

Thank you for having the option for people to tour the Betsy Ross House. God knows I'd love to visit one day, but it pry just won't ever happen, so this is the next best thing. Thanks again.
Terra Miller, I live in Queen Creek AZ, Im 24yrs old, have one child, and one on the way, both boys. [10-18-2010]

Saw a print of the Charles Weisgerber painting earlier today and wanted to learn more about it. A little learning turned into a lot more about this remarkable woman and now I have arrived at her historic house which the artist was instrumental in preserving!
Michael Dinnegan, age 64, living in New Jeresey [10-15-2010]

Tringalu [10-15-2010]

nack loco, smart [10-15-2010]

Thank you for preserving the memory of Ms. Ross
James F. Bowen, I am 52 and am a Artillerist with the 2nd Continental Artillery [10-14-2010]

I wish that all people of every walk in life can learn from history in stead we repeat it.
benjamin Olivera, my name is Ben.I have always enjoyed American history.I am from philadelphia where we have a lot historical sites. [10-12-2010]

I discovered your tour of Betsy's house through "Hartcourt" Schools website. I was having students explore Hartcourt website in computer class.
jeannie rivas [10-12-2010]

beth jordan, mom in AZ [10-11-2010]

I've been on the tour in person about 7 years ago. Just checking in to see if its the same experience.
Gerard, Jersey City, New Jersey [10-11-2010]

I am an American woman. I believe that we should stand beside one another as they used to in the days of our forefathers. We have a world today that is grossly ununified. I believe we as Americans can conqer anything!
Dee, 35 year old female. [10-11-2010]

The very interesting things one can find when searching for flag etiquette. Thanks
Phyllis Knutson, Minnesota 70 years old [10-07-2010]

Kaitlyn H., 8 year old student in Florida [10-06-2010]

Kim Casero [10-05-2010]

Gianna DiNofa [10-05-2010]

J kelley, 44 [10-04-2010]

Linda Grant, grew up in Philadelphia a long time ago [10-04-2010]

Look at this site with my daughter. She is doing a report on Besty Ross for school. She will also dress up like her and give the presentaion to the entire class, then for Halloween the school has a wax museum. She will then tell Betsey Ross's story for the entire school. She is really looking forward to learn all about her life. If you have any suggestions for her outfit I would greatly appreciate it.
Erin Ibarra, Owosso, Mi [10-02-2010]

Thank you for making this available!
anonymous, Student age 8, Western Pa [10-02-2010]

julie a mills-harvey [10-01-2010]

Olivia Cowart, 8 years old, attending Veritas Academy [10-01-2010]

vicki moore [09-30-2010]

Linda Frey [09-30-2010]

Cheryl, Boston, MA [09-27-2010]

Thank you for providing a virtual tour and historical facts about Betsy Ross and our country's history. We live in rural Arkansas and have little opportunity to travel to Historical New England.
Mrs. Walker's 5th Grade Class, We study American History and Language Arts [09-24-2010]

anonymous, mass. [09-24-2010]

anonymous, Over 21 [09-24-2010]

Ted Sieck, Age 70, Irwin, Iowa [09-23-2010]

Lauren King [09-23-2010]

Brenda Jones, Charlestown, Indiana, 48 [09-23-2010]

GO BETSY! Also some sites imply that you had and affair with washington and morris.
Chloe, I am a student at a stem school [09-21-2010]

Laura T, SC elementary teacher [09-18-2010]

Kylee Wilder [09-16-2010]

My grandmother took me here numerous times as a little girl when I would visit her during summer vacation. I have not been back since, and because today is my birthday, I would like to take a trip down memory lane.
Diane Hannum, New Jersey [09-16-2010]

I hope to see it in person someday!
S Temple, 43 - Trenton, MI [09-16-2010]

I'm doing this to learn a little bit more about history, and for my college class.
Jeison Carrillo, Tremonton, UT .24, [09-16-2010]

Mishelle Zito, Brigham City, UT..84302 age 35 [09-15-2010]

i am doing a report
Ricky Capistrant, 17 [09-15-2010]

Am researching and previewing sites and sources for my daughter
Jane, Japan [09-15-2010]

Jennifer Jones, Utah, 34 years old, studying American History [09-14-2010]

Lisa Hillier, Layton, UT, 26-years-old [09-13-2010]

Andy E, Utah [09-13-2010]

Leo W Langer [09-13-2010]

anonymous [09-13-2010]

Brenna Hennefer, Henefer, UT 23 [09-13-2010]

Jennifer Hutchinson, Raleigh, Mississippi; 30-year old Elementary Music Teacher [09-11-2010]

mary pirckersgill sewed the american flag
L Brass, Ohio, 52 yrs old fireman for Parma Oh [09-10-2010]

Victoria McKernan [09-10-2010]

Natalie Condra, 9 years old, California [09-10-2010]

Learning about her and the wonderful flag she made for History class.
Stephanie and Rachel, Tulsa OK [09-10-2010]

We are studying United States symbols
Mrs. Rakowitz's Second Grade Class, We are a second grade in Tucson, Arizona [09-10-2010]

anonymous, dc [09-09-2010]

My grandmother, Louise Stewart, was assistant custodian at The Betsy Ross house in the mid 1940's into the 50's. I have such fond memories of visiting there, many, many times. I actually have clippings from the Philadelphia Inquirer 1952 when they interviewed my grandmother. She also was a resource for Ann Weil, as noted in her book, was the author of Betsy Ross, Girl of Old Philadelpia. So many memories...glad you have a web site.
Beth Stewart Zanelli, Originally from Philadelphia. [09-08-2010]

Sharon Nasworthy, Living in Layton Utah, [09-07-2010]

Looking for a virtual field trip for my third grade class!
Amy Casey, Land O Lakes, FL [09-06-2010]

Bonnie Ward, teacher of 32 years [09-02-2010]

Mrs. Ward's 2nd grade class, Helena, AR [09-02-2010]

Pam Locklear, de [09-01-2010]

Knight family, Cocoa,FL [08-31-2010]

Jeremy R. Johnson, Weber state university history student [08-31-2010]

I am researching Betsy Ross for college.
Tonua Rubell, Fort Worth TX [08-30-2010]

i have been homeschooling for 4 years. i thought we would learn about betsy ross this next week, and found nothing at our library for my 5 yr. old. a friend of mine has used this site before and told me about it. so here we are!
sophrona wright, athens, al age 30 [08-28-2010]

HK Hunt, Manassas, Va. [08-27-2010]

Debra Ward, Crocker Missouri [08-24-2010]

That was my favorite part of history that I have remember
Melissa Hope kaspszak, have a 7 yr old and working tooward a medical career [08-23-2010]

Martin Moraitis, Miami, Florida 32 [08-23-2010]

jan barker [08-21-2010]

USe to live in Philly and just loved coming on trips there but my school can not make it there so this is the best I can do for them.
Curt Green, 62, teacher from Columbus, Ohio [08-21-2010]

Bette Wynn [08-21-2010]

naomi hammon, age 45 [08-19-2010]

thru Mary B Mills of the Ross Clan
fay wagner, related to John Ross [08-19-2010]

Alexandria Monahan, Wasatch Elementary Flag Corps Coordinator, Provo, UT [08-19-2010]

Amanda Brown, Reno Teacher [08-17-2010]

Interested to hear or the relationship with Samuel Griscom, who was instrumental in the formation of some of our township
LeeanneDyson, Pocono's, Pa. age 71- archivist for a local hist. soc. [08-12-2010]

my trainer gave me a task to know about first flag of amrerica and who is design it
melyn valenzuela, im from phillippines 27 yrs old caregiver graduate and ng english profiency in tesda bicil philippines. [08-10-2010]

Ronnir LeMaster, Portland IN 38 [08-03-2010]

looks interesting!
Linda Wernette, michigan, 58, [08-03-2010]

L. Girard, Live in Sarnia, ON, Canada [08-03-2010]

Jeanette Dankworth, California female [08-02-2010]

cathy bronson, 58, mckinleyville, calif. [07-30-2010]

Richard Mahoney, Elkton MD, 52 [07-28-2010]

proud to be an american...and thank you betsy ross for your contribution.
Helen Jenkins, Phoenix, AZ [07-28-2010]

Wendy Harcourt, California, age 55, [07-26-2010]

Marcia Marcantonio [07-24-2010]

Employee of the Hennepin County Library, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joyce Pettis, Minneapolis, Minnesota [07-24-2010]

Deborah Wing-Leonard, teacher from Texas [07-22-2010]

patrizia milazzo, Italy, 46 years old, english teacher at Italian Middle school [07-19-2010]

Virginia Whitmore [07-16-2010]

We decorated our boat in honor of Betsy Ross for a boat parade on July 4th in Lewes, DE
Alexis and Barbara Brown, ages 6, 45,from Rehoboth Beach, DE [07-15-2010]

brooke, teacher [07-13-2010]

My 2nd time on this virtual tour. Very interesting! Taking my daughter on it again since she has just read the book "Betsy Ross Designer of our Flag" by Ann Weil. This supplements our series on the American Revolution through home-schooling. Great to make it come 'alive'!
Melinda Calhoun, American history enthusiast [07-13-2010]

darlene, 53 [07-13-2010]

Alan Meeker [07-12-2010]

Trying to learn more about family history in early Philly and just found the new Betsy Ross biography-fabulous.
Mary Lindsey, Zachary LA [07-12-2010]

My parents came to the USA in 1925 from Germany, learned the language and became citizens. They were very proud to be Americans. Thankyou "Forefathers and Foremothers"..
Margaret Allison, Beverly Hills, Fl. [07-10-2010]

Margaret Allison, Beverly Hills, Fl. [07-10-2010]

god bless america ! ! !
Richard Franklih Hawthorne Jr., I live in Mexia Texas I am 57 years old and Chief of Police here in Mexia. I consider myself very patriotic and a "flag nut" as I am called. [07-10-2010]

I'm enjoying learning about our flag.
Marti Suddarth, age 46 - from Indiana [07-10-2010]

Hedy Rogers Niblack, San Diego, CA [07-10-2010]

Pam bruckler [07-07-2010]

ian prescott [07-07-2010]

I am relearning American History and what a privilege to be born in this country. I pray for this nation and we that we maintain the freedom our founding fathers worked so hard for.
shirley follo, LI, NY, 65 yrs of age [07-06-2010]

Sharron Peninger, 52 years, I love my United Stated of American [07-06-2010]

Gricelda, Arizona,29. [07-06-2010]

Martha B Hendley, Georgia 58 [07-06-2010]

Deborah Bryant, Ann Arbor, Mi. [07-06-2010]

James King, Prospect, Ky, 59 [07-06-2010]

Taking this tour on the fourth of July as part of our patriotic study. Thank you for providing this.
Seth and Levi Adcock, Homeschooled, age 10 and 6 [07-06-2010]

belinda sullivan [07-06-2010]

raul pina [07-04-2010]

Our family wishes all Gods blessings, in his great nation.
Dr.A.&S.Rundio jr., We are from N.J. [07-04-2010]

I am related to Betsy Ross Claypoole by marriage...however...she has helped to shape the patriotism in our family. I am PROUD to have her as a relative.
Jennifer Wills, Descendant of John Claypoole [07-04-2010]

lisa hughett, wife,mother,oneida tn,age45 [07-04-2010]

Susan, Columbus, Ohio [07-03-2010]

Thank you Mrs Betsy Ross. You helped pull 13 colonies into a country.
Gloria Musgrove Nelson [07-03-2010]

Happy birthday America!
Amber, Florida [07-03-2010]

Thank you for the tour
TC, Texas - 51 yr / Female [07-03-2010]

I may never make it to Betsy's in reality so I will enjoy this virtual tour instead !
Julie Klum, a happy needleworker from the Northwest [07-03-2010]

Joan Grady, Merrimack NH [07-03-2010]

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