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Donna Earnhardt, Easley, SC, Echo Technologist at Baptist Easley Hospital, 51 yrs old, 3 children, 13 grandchildren [06-30-2010]

Kathy, California, tr [06-29-2010]

Sara Spencer [06-29-2010]

god bless the u.s.a.
ELSIE FIGUEROA [06-29-2010]

Theresa Hawk Price [06-29-2010]

MARY F. RIGGS, my name is mary riggs i've got two grown children and i'm a member of the woman american legion auxiliary and a member of the american legion hall hear in cleveland,texas i help on making on our vetrans parade float [06-29-2010]

susan cipolla, philadelphia, pa age at Jefferson Hospital [06-29-2010]

roy jacobson, lived in Colorado, and unemployment. [06-29-2010]

i pledge allegiance to the flag...
anthony, 14 years old i live un reeedley,Ca [06-29-2010]

We are studying Betsy this month at our assisted living facility. What a wonderful Pennsylvanian!
Elaine Campbell, Recreational Therapy Supervisor at a Pennsylvania Assisted Living Facility [06-23-2010]

Kate Robbins, Jefferson City MO [06-23-2010]

Visiting Philly next week (28 June 2010) for the international barbershop convention and sussing out the historic must-see places before I arrive!
Eryl Prytherch, British - born Wales, living in Lancashire [06-23-2010]

Cindy Noe, Indianapolis, IN [06-22-2010]

We also love the One true Living God and the Bible on which this beloved Country was founded!
The Giesen Family, Historians at heart and in love with our American Heritage! [06-22-2010]

Jessica MacNeill, 31, Upper Darby, Office Manager, LOVE PHILADELPHIA [06-21-2010]

Patriot from Washington state will see you this summer!
Stacey Gates [06-21-2010]

Robert Carlson, 73 yer old retired minister [06-21-2010]

My family was from scott Co Va most of them are living in other states now. I came to Ca in 1955.
Donald H Riggs, Age 76 Cypress, CA [06-19-2010]

Sandra McKinney, Strasburg, CO age 44 [06-18-2010]

Thanks for the tour
Linda Pritchard [06-17-2010]

Mrs. DiBello's 2nd grade class, Camden, NJ [06-17-2010]

Relative of Betsy Ross
Kayla Kraeger, Clarinda, Iowa [06-16-2010]

Christine Bishop, marcellus,ny [06-16-2010]

Kathy Whitmire, Missouri resident, age 48 [06-16-2010]

Liz [06-16-2010]

Ben Gosling, Suffolk, Old England [06-16-2010]

Miss Dybalski's Class, 6th graders in Warren, Michigan [06-16-2010]

We want to investigate things about flag
joanneHemingway, teacher [06-16-2010]

This is our first visit to Betsy Ross's house.
Second Grade Class from Beswick Elementary School, Tustin, CA [06-16-2010]

sandra n [06-16-2010]

We are learning about Flag Day
Ms. Mourer and her class, Monroe #1 BOCES a school in upstate NY [06-16-2010]

would love to come to Philly to take a real tour
Jody Wyatt, nc [06-16-2010]

Penny Thurmond and Class, We are second and third graders from Rose Drive Elementary School in Yorba Linda CA. [06-16-2010]

I teach kindergarten and i'm showing the students in my class.
Annette Zavala, Herrin, IL 62948 [06-16-2010]

Happy Flag Day!
Flacco's 3rd grade class J G Whittier Elementary, 3rd graders [06-16-2010]

I went there with a friend (a descendent of Betsy Ross) a few years ago. Since today is flag day (Betsy Ross Day) thought I'd take another tour.
Denise, Hagerstown, MD [06-16-2010]

tim maryfield, vietnam vet,writer of kilroy's corner,newspaper article [06-14-2010]

Hi from sunny Norfolk in the UK.Thank you for the tour
anonymous [06-13-2010]

Melanie Smith, Jackson MS [06-13-2010]

Dawn Wilson, History teacher [06-13-2010]

A fascinating time capsule
Marjorie Thompson [06-13-2010]

Mae Hofmeister, teacher [06-13-2010]

Love love love American history
Margaret Paduch, Plymouth Ma age 49 [06-13-2010]

Glad to know this website exists! Going to use it to help my Cub Scouts learn about the flag.
Kim Ferbrache, Mom to five children [06-11-2010]

Jeff Clouse, Spokane WA [06-11-2010]

jj, wv [06-11-2010]

Thanks, very important you web to my kids...!
Angie, Los Angeles, CA [06-11-2010]

I always wanted to go to Philadelphia and tour the area. Thank you for bringing it to me instead.
anonymous, Massachusetts, female [06-10-2010]

We are going to be "Betsy's Brownies" at the Star-Spangled Girl Scout Day Camp next week and are her to learn more about her. Thank you, Renee and Kalina Anderson
anonymous [06-10-2010]

anonymous [06-09-2010]

Thank you
Mike Dodds, From Isle of Skye, Scotland [06-09-2010]

anonymous, green valley az 56 [06-09-2010]

My social studies teacher (roger conningford) told me to look up a random historical figure so i chose betsy ross. she is sooooo cool! i totally luv her. thanks for all the info.
lizzy emma dashwood, I am 14 in NH [06-09-2010]

margaret capulet [06-09-2010]

I visited the Betsey Ross house most Flag Days growing up in New Jersey. Now I live in Taiwan so it's a little hard to get there, but it's fun to re-live it on-line. Thank you for putting it here and making this bit of history available to everyone wherever they are.
ELIZABETH CLARK, Betsey Ross's great-great-great-great-great granddaughter [06-08-2010]

annette jones [06-08-2010]

Kaylah [06-08-2010]

ginny, Teacher in AZ [06-07-2010]

debbie harding [06-07-2010]

To my delight, thru family history, I am related To Betsy Ross. actually colonel George Ross. My great great grandmtoehrs maiden name is Georeg was her family. so cool! Thank you of rthis great site. It gives me the ooportunity to otuch my fmaily history even more! God bless....
Debbie McCormick, christian [06-07-2010]

Beverly Reynolds [06-05-2010]

Taylor Huff, female age 9 years. grade 3 [06-05-2010]

Virginia M. Ward, Spotswood, NJ [06-04-2010]

Madison [06-04-2010]

Sandy Durham, Houston, Texas [06-03-2010]

I am making a crocheted flag for my 35 yr. high school reunion (graduated 1976) and I feel a kindred with Betsy Ross
Kay Smith, 52--PA near Gettysburg [06-01-2010]

Vanessa Coulter, midwest [06-01-2010]

Linda Mae Hewitt, Harrisville, UT Age 52 [06-01-2010]

Brenda Magee, Historian, educator, concerned citien, volunteer [06-01-2010]

Marge Scott, 74 years old living in Vermont [06-01-2010]

DANIELLE, philadelphia,39 [05-29-2010]

Teresa Winegar [05-29-2010]

Planning on a visit on Memorial Day! I love history and will do anything to help preserve it. To see and touch history, makes me that much more appreciative of what I have today.
Sabrina Allen, Hamilton Township NJ 35yr [05-29-2010]

thank you for or flag and all it means.
cfdk, malden, ma [05-29-2010]

sheryl satzman, teacher [05-27-2010]

Laurianne Kimball, Sanford,Me I'm 44 in gathering info on the up coming Flagt day [05-27-2010]

anonymous, chesapeake, va,6, [05-26-2010]


I did a report on Betsy Ross when I was in second grade. I got an A on it. It was very interesting learning about her.
Debbie Raska, Fresno California 43 [05-26-2010]

Attending Weber State University in Ogden, Utah and think its great we can do a web-site tour of Betsy Ross's House!
Anne Venditti, Bountiful, Utah [05-26-2010]

Thank you Betsy Ross. I have visited your home, but it has been many years ago.
Jean Theiss, Born in Phila & raised in DE County, PA & have lived in PA a great par of mylife. Now retired in NC (near the shore). Having a ladies lunch & celebrating Flag Day. [05-25-2010]

Mikaela and Rachel Pawlowski, Mikaela- 8 1/2 years old [05-25-2010]

I am doing a video on the american flag
Victoria [05-25-2010]

Erlinda Garcia [05-25-2010]

Heather N. Plastow, i rock [05-25-2010]

Ann Marie, Auburn, NY [05-25-2010]

autumn, lawton ok,17, [05-25-2010]

Our 2nd grade class enjoyed the virtual tour of Betsy's house. We are reading the story "Red, White, and Blue" by John Herman. Our school is located in Claremont, North Carolina. We are approximately 50 miles northwest of Charlotte.
DEnise Arndt's 2nd Grade Class [05-25-2010]

Budge Money [05-22-2010]

Alice Lovelace, I live in Lynchburg VA. [05-22-2010]

lisa, student [05-22-2010]

Felicitie, age 8 from El Cajon California [05-22-2010]

I enjoyed your web site. I am doing a program at my mom's adult day care center on flags. Your web site help me a lot. Thanks again for your help.
Elizabeth Butterfield & Sarah (mom), DEenver, Co [05-22-2010]

designing a float and wanted some background material on Betsie Ross
Tawnya Carbone-simmons, Chappell, NE 46 [05-22-2010]

We are learning about Betsy Ross. Thanks for the tour!
Mrs, Steber's Kindergarten Class, Stafford Virginia [05-22-2010]

HEY dis house is amazing
Rosalie Cullen, 16,Forks, Washington [05-22-2010]

Alice Cullen, Forks,17 [05-22-2010]

amy jones [05-22-2010]

Bob Street II, Teacher,49, born and raised in Philly! Breed Golden Retrievers with my wife Joanne. The momma is Liberty Belle, her children that we have from her are Flyer, Patriot, Spirit, And Toby. Soon we will be adding to our family of pups, Freedom! [05-22-2010]

Nathan Rogers, ca, 32 [05-20-2010]

In 1973 I was able to visit the house while in the us navy
martin wilson [05-20-2010]

I watched an episode of Ghost Hunters about the Betsy Ross house and thought the house would be a great place to research. I would love to visit someday.
Sarah Harmon, Louisville, TN [05-20-2010]

anonymous, maryland [05-20-2010]

I will be visiting Historic Philadelphia with my students, along with our Distance Learing friends from Manchester England. Two teachers and three students will be with us on Monday, May 24, as we visit Philadelphia.
Francine Eisenmann, Teacher- Carson Elementary Pennsauken, NJ [05-20-2010]

I'm reading a biography of Betsy Ross and I saw it.
JOAO GUALBERTO DE MOURA, Belo Horizonte, Minas gerais, Brazil, 52 years, [05-20-2010]

K McCoy [05-20-2010]

we appreciate this site
Branson Family, homeschool family [05-18-2010]

I was researching the lineal lines of the Asbell and Ross families and came across your sight for Elizabeth Griscom, known as Betsey Ross. Thank you for the enlightning history.
Rhonda Dalton Parker, Cincinnati, Ohio. I am 54 years old and I love genealogy. [05-17-2010]

We are reading a biography of Betsy Ross and love your website! Thank you
Julie and Peyton Riley, 43 and 8, Oakhurst, CA [05-17-2010]

Mrs. Sears, ADC Teacher Midway isd TX [05-17-2010]

Originally born and raised in N. Philly. Went to JW Hallahan. 1st job was at 4th and Walnut. Loved to walk the historic area back then.
Diane, Florida. Age 69 [05-16-2010]

matthew [05-16-2010]

Natisha Pierce, Utah [05-16-2010]

Favorite part of history!
Cindy Grenier, Cumberland, RI [05-16-2010]

david, okla 46 i live in house built 1892 [05-16-2010]

Rebekah campbell, missiouri, age 9 [05-13-2010]

Ms. Horrey, teacher [05-13-2010]

one of my ancesters picture use to hang in betsys house i believe he was a general mccrossin i was wondering what happened to it and aa the other artifacts that where hanging in her house and if i could get info and a copy of the picture thank you bernadette cheng
bernadette cheng, i'm a family member with deep roots in philly. and very proud of it [05-12-2010]

Erik Motter [05-12-2010]

anonymous, phila,57 [05-12-2010]

I am actually researching this tour dfor a group in July. These would be a group of women who are here with their veteran husbands at a reunion of the 7th Army Soldier's Chorus. There would be aprox. 15-25 women.
Patricuia Owens, Springfield, PA [05-12-2010]

Looking forward to my first trip to Philadelphia this summer
Lou Scarboro, Age 71 from Dahlonega Georgia [05-11-2010]

Mary Speigle, Utah, 24 y/o, touring for a history class. [05-11-2010]

Donald Pearce, 9977 Station Road, North East, PA 16428 [05-11-2010]

mmilliken [05-11-2010]

im looking up facts for my trip tomorrow
maegan, 9 years old [05-10-2010]

Ellen Caputo, Silver Lake, NH [05-09-2010]

We are learning about flag etiquette. We thought this would be the best place to start.
Mrs. Atkinson's Third Grade Class, Most of us are 8 or 9 years old (not the teacher!) [05-09-2010]

raiza, 11 [05-06-2010]

Mary E. Mowery [05-06-2010]

anonymous, I'm 16 from Bloomington, Illinois [05-06-2010]

We are studying about Betsy Ross in class and wanted to know more about her.
Mrs. Fouch's Second Grade Class [05-06-2010]

i think besty ross did a very good job at making the flag . and then it changed after a while but its pretty cool when you get to see all the flags after the years
jean-yves ortiz, 13 [05-06-2010]

Megan Farmer [05-06-2010]

I really like history
Harley Ann Sullivan, 13 [05-06-2010]

Bev and Tom Carr, San Jose, CA [05-06-2010]

christina epling [05-04-2010]

Thank you for letting us visit your home. We are reading a story called "Red, White, and Blue The Story of the American Flag"
Carol Mullens 2nd Grade Class, Cowen, WV, In the classroom at Glade Elementary School [05-04-2010]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a History Class and Writing Class i am taking
Abby [05-03-2010]

Sarah Farmer, age 10, Savage, MN [05-03-2010]

Barbara Matson, Michigan 66 Mother, grandmother, nurse cancer pt. [05-03-2010]

I have a progect with my class for a wax musem and I'm Besty Ross!Thanks!
Arianna andrade, 8yrs.old 1brother only daugther 3rd grade [05-03-2010]

Speciall thanks to my daugther Arianna who got me interested in Betsy's Life and that's how we found you and decided to take the tour. Thanks a bunch!
veronica andrade, 35 hispanic san diego, ca resident, mother of 2 (8 & 7) [05-03-2010]

i visited betsy ross's house when i was a very little girl and thought it would be great fun to do this tour.
KATHLEEN wALLING, queensbury, new york [05-03-2010]

Sand-me news about Betsy Ross House
Mario GOTTALDI, Latina-Italy, 60, Engineer [04-30-2010]

We are learning about the Flag and decided to take a virtual field trip to Philadelphia and visit Betsy Ross' house!
Dr. Timmerman's Class, J. B. Atkinson Elementary, Louisville, KY [04-28-2010]

Reshonda Walton, Tn, 34, Elementary Teacher [04-28-2010]

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri living there untill entering the military I was in the Air Force for 26 years. Our Flag and its history mean a great deal to me. I fly it proudly every day.
Raymond Schultz, 64 yrs old, from Longview, TX [04-28-2010]

It was awsome
katina schebella, kingsford heights indiana age 38 [04-28-2010]

Wow, this looks like a great site for my Flag Day/ Betsy Ross presentation!
librarian, teacher at Jackson Center School [04-28-2010]


savannan, dgtrh [04-28-2010]

This is part of my school work, and I find it real cool!
Sara Murphy, Londonderry, Ohio : age 6 [04-28-2010]

Mrs. Keglovitz's Computer Class, Teacher of computers and class, Marlin, PA [04-28-2010]

I am a founder of the Minooka Quilt Guild Log Cabin Quilters. I am giving a presentation on Patriotic Quilts.
Kimberly Herzog, Chicago, Age 40 and an avid Quilter [04-27-2010]

Stephanie Rogers, teacher [04-26-2010]

My second graders are learning about the flags of the US and the history of our flag.
jackie Koonce, teacher [04-26-2010]

Jane Daigre, R,N. from Lake Charles, La [04-25-2010]

anna [04-25-2010]

Jacky Petrocy [04-25-2010]

Marquette Elementary SChool, Class 21 Gary < Indiana [04-25-2010]

K. Lewis, 13 years old [04-23-2010]

betsy ross was an important person in our time. I'm doing a report on her at my school, she is a very facinating person. I would like to see some more photographs and entry's from her lifetime if neccasery, thank you.
madison jade [04-23-2010]

Ms. Moore's Kindergarten class, We are a Kindergarten class [04-23-2010]

Nancy Joyner, teacher in Woodstock, GA [04-22-2010]

Anne Gilbert, Atlanta, Ga. [04-22-2010]

Tomorrow we are having aout 100 children visit our courthouse in Bartow, Florida to learn about the legal system and being an American. One of us is dressing up as Betsy Ross and reading to the children. This tour will help us get into the spirit of the venture! Thank you!
Angela, Coordinator for Bring Your Child to Work Day [04-22-2010]

dale heintz [04-22-2010]

Becky Shaw, Bluffdale, Utah born in Whittier, Calif. [04-22-2010]

Checking this site to use with a flag lesson for first grade
Pam Bontekoe [04-20-2010]

avannah [04-20-2010]

April Patterson, 2nd Grade Teacher [04-20-2010]

Mrs. Swift's second grade class [04-20-2010]

I love school
jaylynn, Virginia Beach, VA 9 years old [04-19-2010]

tyree [04-17-2010]

brandon taylor, 14 [04-17-2010]

Eleanor Kelly, 11 [04-17-2010]

sean the seal and coco puffs [04-17-2010]

brooke + megan, fun, outgoing, beast, and loves justin bieber [04-17-2010]

mazzy + samantha [04-17-2010]

Being born on the 4th of July, The colors of red, white and blue are special to me . We have always had a party and it keeps growing . You can find plenty of these colors in my home,
Peggy Bunner, I live in Michigan, will be 70 on July 4th [04-17-2010]

Hi, Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Allen's 2nd grade class, Maysville, OK 73057 [04-17-2010]

Maria, America. [04-16-2010]

Stephanie Longfellow, Maiden, NC 28 years old, mother of 3 [04-16-2010]

Dee [04-14-2010]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross social studies.
m. tamborello, texas, 7 [04-14-2010]

nadia, 27 [04-14-2010]

Julie [04-12-2010]

Mrs. Beggs' Class, Texas [04-12-2010]

Terri [04-12-2010]

I am putting together a unit on patriotic symbols in the US and my unit will begin with the Flag!
Tammy Kamin, I am a "mature" college student earning my degree in Elementary Education [04-12-2010]

We are studying our flag and was excited to find this website. It makes the lessons much more real for the children.
anonymous [04-12-2010]

I am writing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Christian Leidholm, 8 years old [04-12-2010]

carlos, filadelfia,56, [04-12-2010]

ziska phillips, im 21 from jamaica [04-12-2010]

my relatives donated furniture to the ross house. my grandmother phebe blair-maiden (thomlinson). i will visit soon to see the bedroom and other items my grandfather and great grand built. see you soon, bonnie
Bonnie J Poller, Middletown, N.J. AGE56 [04-12-2010]

Andrew, new jersey age 7 [04-12-2010]

Patti, California, 65 [04-12-2010]

My parents brought me to visit the Philadelphia historic sights when I was 8 years old. Of all I saw then, Betsy Ross' house and the Liberty Bell I remember the most. (I never could cut the star the way Mrs. Ross suggested.) I must return to Philadelphia once more.
anonymous, St. Augustine, FL; 77; mother of 2 sons [04-10-2010]

i love betsy ross!
autumn gomberg, utah/8/boutiful [04-10-2010]

We are studying the flag this week. We visited Ft. Mifflin, and we had a speaker talk to us and show us a flag signed by Bob Heft.
Mrs. Childers' Second Grade Class, Tennessee, 7 or 8 years old, [04-10-2010]

Richard Leonido, Bartender 45 years old [04-08-2010]

We are studying famous American women. Someone in our class will report on Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Sharon Woodruff, Houston, Texas (2nd grade class...Stuchbery Elem.) [04-08-2010]

Esther Mary, Miami, FL, 52 years old [04-08-2010]

Personally, I feel that they should have let her sign the Declaration of Independence also! I am thoroughly surprised the Thomas Jefferson did not insist.
Karen, 42 years old, Colfax, NC [04-08-2010]

Mrs. Childress 2nd grade class [04-07-2010]

Hi my name is Shannon. i live in maine. I picked the American Flag to be my project for the final project of the year. Im a freshmen, Im 16 years old. And im intrested to learn a lot about the American Flag other then the stuff that i already know. Thank you. And i love the pictures that are added on here. very nice. very nice in deed.
shannon, Maine, 16, Female [04-06-2010]

Dean Giatas, 7 Virginia [04-06-2010]

I like Betsy Ross's house, because I think it is a symbol of patriotism.
Rebecca Bastian, I am 14 and I am from Oregon [04-06-2010]

Stacey Moser [04-02-2010]

I'm entering this website for a school paper.
Toni Elizabeth Tate, Woodbridge, VA 12 [04-02-2010]

rodney whicker [04-02-2010]

Found lots of links for you guys at the library in "Virtual Field trips, Internet Resource Dictionary K-12"
Heather Pfeil, homeschooling parent-teacher [03-31-2010]

marcelo [03-31-2010]

Maryjo Uveges, grandmother helping with book report [03-31-2010]

Maria Antonia Echevarrial, Student, age 20 [03-31-2010]

Shery [03-31-2010]

Kenny, I am 10 years old and live in California [03-31-2010]

hi this is ......i cant tell you my name.
s [03-31-2010]

Mary Ann Davis, TN Teacher [03-25-2010]

We are studying about Betsy Ross and the legend of the first American flag.
Mrs. Stowe's Kindergarten Class [03-25-2010]

This virtual tour has helped me a lot with Betsy Ross, cause I am going to be her in the play!
anonymous [03-25-2010]

Rachelle Vraniak, Lombard, IL 44, married, 1 son 20 years [03-23-2010]

Bernard Spilman, Teacher, Los Angeles [03-23-2010]

looking forward to visiting the house in october
P DUFF [03-22-2010]

we were there in 2004
estela [03-22-2010]

Jim Plummer CPO USN-RET, MO, 76 years young. I have started my own scrap book of American flags. [03-22-2010]

A student in our classroom is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We're looking for more info. on her.
Tina, Rosebud, S.D. 34yrs. old [03-19-2010]

I visted Betsy Ross House 10 years ago really enjoyed the tour i went with my daughter and son inlaw who were living in Washington at the time,i enjoy america very much.
susan metcalfe, england,61, [03-19-2010]

thanks for the tour this will help me on my report thaks for the info
richie cook, 5 th grade stundent at south amboy elmentary [03-19-2010]

destiny jefferson, im 12 im doin a report..victoria virginia [03-19-2010]

We absolutely love American History! We hope to some day visit Betsy Ross' residence. We have briefly visited Washington and loved it! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful history and a beautiful, free country thanks to so many who have fought and given their lives for our freedom! Jane & Tammy Roberts
Jane and Tammy Roberts, Euless, Texas, 63/36 Retired/Artist [03-17-2010]

This is a great site for my children to view and learn from. Thanks so much for doing such a great job!
Tracy Hawkins Newton, 39 yrs old live in weston mo [03-17-2010]

erica larijani [03-17-2010]

Teresa and Lillianna Harner, Woodbridge, VA [03-16-2010]

My mother was Marjorie Delight Ross, descendent of Betsy Ross by marriage into the Ross family.
Timothy Ecord, Joshua, TX [03-16-2010]

Marilyn Snyder, Atlanta, GA [03-16-2010]

I plan to use this virtual tour as an introduction to a unit on American Symbols for most levels of my ESL students.
anonymous, 53--yr. old ESL teacher [03-16-2010]

Debbie Harris, 2nd grade teacher, live in California [03-16-2010]

Rose Parks, Tangier Island,VA [03-13-2010]

Elizabeth (Betsy) American patriot... Our country is blessed by her knowledge and General Geo. Washington seeing the need for a five pointed star.
Richard Casteel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 63, Retired US Army [03-13-2010]

tracy minerly, age 42 [03-11-2010]

I think my tour will be very intresting!
anonymous, Watkins Glen [03-09-2010]

checking out this site for students
cheryl, computer teacher [03-09-2010]

Will be visiting the site on March 28, 2010
Mr. C.R. La Berge Jr, Liberty Middle School, Aurora, Colorado 80016 [03-09-2010]

We are learning about the American Revolution. I toured Betsy Ross's house and discovered this virtual tour on the Internet. I thought it would be neat to show my students. Thank you, Holly Morris
Mrs. Morris's Fifth Grade Class, We are from Union City, Indiana [03-09-2010]

I choose to learn more about Betsy because it is important that she made the first flag.
sophia webster, First grader doing a report [03-09-2010]

Karen Smith, greene, ny [03-08-2010]

An interesting page from the story of American history
Lee Perkins, Sarnia, Ontario Canada [03-08-2010]

Brenda Marlin [03-08-2010]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Ocean Atchley, I am 7 years old and I live in Riverview, Michigan. [03-08-2010]

Kasturi, Norristown, PA [03-05-2010]

Roberta Anne McCaw, I live in Artesia, NM and I am a caregiver for my Mom. [03-05-2010]

alessandra buttini, teacher [03-03-2010]

Lulu is a big fan of Betsy Ross!
Lulu [03-03-2010]

I was impressed when my 6 year old told me one day who had made the first flag of the United States.
L. Gorman, Texas, 38 yrs [03-03-2010]

Arlon Barker [03-02-2010]

Looking up information of Betsy Ross for the biography I am doing.
Maike Zipp, Fond du Lac, Wi, 9 years old [03-02-2010]

Dominic [03-02-2010]

Breanna [03-02-2010]

Grant [03-02-2010]

Sandy [03-02-2010]

I'm signing in to find out if the house is really haunted
Jay Molina, Age 11 [03-01-2010]

Aubrie Lee-Lenz, New Albin, IA [03-01-2010]

Suzanne, Largo, Fl 42 [03-01-2010]

Debby Fox, I am 46 I live in Phila PA [03-01-2010]

I'll be there in April!
Lorie, 42, Springfield,OR [03-01-2010]

Thank you for educating people about the American flag and about Betsy Ross.
Gaye, Wa. 51 [03-01-2010]

shannon, age 8 [03-01-2010]

thomas [03-01-2010]

I really want to see Betsy's house!
Citlalli Hernandez, age:9 Location: 7601 St Lawler Ave. [02-26-2010]

just interested in history and this is important history to know
Irene Caudill, Mckinleyville,Ca, 31 [02-25-2010]

I'v been working on resreach report on her for over three weeks and still CAN'T FIND ENOUNGH ABOUT HER CHILDHOOD
_R_S_I_A, 11 [02-25-2010]

My daughter is working on a project at school where she has to dress up as Betsy Ross. It will be a Living Wax Museum. It has been interesting learning about Betsy Ross with my daughter.
Melanie H. Burton, South Carolina Age 42 [02-25-2010]

anita [02-25-2010]

mckenzzie jacksoneirr, utah [02-25-2010]

Michelle, Virginia [02-25-2010]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Sarah Sarrouf, 7, Massachusetts [02-25-2010]

Michael Manning, Born in Delaware County and enjoy our history in Philadelphia [02-25-2010]

R. Darrington, Teacher [02-22-2010]

I am doing a social studies report on Betsy Ross and the first American flag.
rachel newcomb, 9 yrs old [02-22-2010]

Leisha Baker [02-22-2010]

Elisabeth Ray, 9 yrs old Tennessee [02-22-2010]

Michele Jarrell, Johnstown, OH [02-22-2010]

patty, 54 [02-22-2010]

Patricia Fanucci, I live in Bellingham Wa. I am 59 years of age. I'm very well known as Grandma Honey. I and my husband have four [02-22-2010]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I wish I could see her house in person!
emily, Arizona, age 8 [02-22-2010]

I proudly own a an original donation certificate dated 1904.
Mike, Fordland, Mo. Age 62 [02-22-2010]

used site in Social Studies class in 5K classroom
Mary Hiller, teacher [02-22-2010]

I do a presentation of the Betsy Ross incident with George Washington where she shows him how she can make a 5 point start instead of a 6 point star that Washington wanted on the first American flag.The children love watching me make a perfect 5 point star with one snip of my scissors.
Mrs. Mary Lou Kline, A retired school teacher, age 62 [02-22-2010]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 1st grade class.
Hannah Black, Age 6, Joliet, IL [02-22-2010]

sarah estavanko, school project on betsy ross [02-22-2010]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a book report and our wax museum display.
Mara, Age 8, Gr. 3 WI [02-22-2010]

We are learning about Betsy Ross.
The Kindergarten College-K5, We are in kindergarten at Hening Elementary. [02-17-2010]

Julie Lewis, Jasper,Al. [02-17-2010]

My daughter is writing a paper on Betsy Ross.
Jennifer Cox, Trinity NC [02-17-2010]

love this website
cheirsh, love ths website [02-17-2010]

Sarah Martin, Wytheville VA [02-17-2010]

Donna Maria Bailey, 40,riverside ca [02-16-2010]

I want to learn how to sew like Betsy Ross.
Olivia, Chugiak, Alaska, 7 years old [02-16-2010]

EARLINE F. DAY, mobile, alabama age 53 [02-16-2010]

My Grandmother "Ella Hermann" was a member. I have her certificate from 1899. She was 13 years old and her father paid the 10C to join. Exciting!
Dianne C avender, St. Louis, MO - 56 - Mom just pulled this out of her closet ( Grandma's certificate). [02-15-2010]

Wonderful website! I have been to Betsy Ross' house many times and am very glad to see a virtual tour available.
Joni [02-15-2010]

I hope the historians can put the critics at ease and prove within reason that Betsy Ross really was the designer and seamstress responsible for the creation of our beloved Stars and Stripes.
Theresa Gray, I am from Bridgeton Missouri. I love history and sewing. I have always been interested in Betsy Ross. [02-14-2010]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, and I love doing it.
erica presson [02-14-2010]

Gail Pacheco [02-14-2010]

Jane Williams, retired teacher [02-14-2010]

Susan Presba-Morris, Teacher [02-12-2010]

Thank you for this web page.
Pamela & Charlotte Hurley, Mom and daughter-writing a report on BR [02-12-2010]

i love you
steve, calir]fonia 5 [02-12-2010]

Amy R. Kostos, I am a First Grade Teacher [02-11-2010]

Jacky Petrocy [02-11-2010]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross.
Betsy Balster, Age 10, Lakeview Elementary, Lakeville, MN [02-11-2010]

We are learning about Betsy Ross!
anonymous, first grade class [02-11-2010]

Raegan bruce, i am 10 [02-11-2010]

Aubree [02-11-2010]

Thank you for sharing about Betsy Ross; an important American woman who I consider part of our country's Founding generation.
Kristine, I am 7 years old and live in Fullerton, California. I am researching information about Betsy Ross as I will be Betsy Ross in our school's patriotic assembly! [02-08-2010]

Lourdes Carmona, Richmond, TX, 40 years, teacher primary and I love history, especially American History! [02-08-2010]

History has always fascinated me.
Eileen Cavanaugh, Trenton, New Jersey [02-08-2010]

Garrett McMillan, Los Angeles, Age 6 [02-05-2010]

Lindsey Smith [02-04-2010]

hi! i was just thinking that this is cool that you have an online tour of betsy's house for those that can't go ang see it in person!
lynn [02-03-2010]

Tiffany Laeoes [02-01-2010]

Brinkley [01-30-2010]

Ruth Jones, Utah [01-29-2010]

Jason Covington, Fountain Green, Utah [01-29-2010]

Thanks for letting my students take a tour!
Beverly Hamasaki, teacher [01-29-2010]

Mindy Miller, Farr West, Utah [01-29-2010]

KEN ROSS, london.ontario 47 yrs old [01-29-2010]

Excited as all get out for this tour! Let's get it on!
Rob, Clearfield, UT. age 27 [01-28-2010]

Renae Hiton, Age 57. Home: Layton, UT [01-28-2010]

Curtis Logan, Utah, 25 [01-28-2010]

betsy andreu, dearborn, MI [01-28-2010]

sarah [01-28-2010]

why do you need to know all this info about someone that you dont know
keyonna, 14 [01-27-2010]

Elizabeth Higgs, Full time college student. Mother of 5. I live in Utah. [01-27-2010]

Shannon Conner, Nursing student at WSU [01-27-2010]

crystal massie, ogden, utah, 20, female [01-27-2010]

Lydia Schubkegel [01-27-2010]

Royal Ann Spencer, Clarksdale, MS [01-27-2010]

Tammy C Catania, 32 Long island NY [01-26-2010]

I am visiting Philadelphia in a week for the first time and I look forward to visiting the Betsy Ross House
Lavonnia Arbouin, I live in Queens NY, and I'm 25yrs lod [01-26-2010]

I have to do a report
Megan [01-26-2010]

Mrs. Weiss [01-26-2010]

thank you.
lori toone, 49, tucson, az [01-25-2010]

Megan Mireya Keyes, South Ogden, UT I'm 26 and 6 months pregnant. I am a Junior at Weber State University studying Clinical Laboratory Science and taking this online history class., [01-25-2010]

I saw the tour on Gost Hunters, and would love to take a tour in person.
Margot Soulliere, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. [01-25-2010]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. She is very interesting.
Megan Rizzo, Weymouth MA age 9 [01-25-2010]

CLARA CORY, 57 years of age female residence chillicothe ohio mother of one son wife of self-employed farmer [01-25-2010]

I am doing a project on Besty Ross
Daria [01-25-2010]

Melissa Ruple, Ogden,Ut age 25 [01-25-2010]

Tiffany [01-25-2010]

i wood like
anonymous [01-22-2010]

hi there
celissa parker, olive hill 11 and hi [01-22-2010]

Barbara Perlmutter, Ca. 69 [01-22-2010]

Thank you
Sonya Montemayor [01-22-2010]

Jasmaine Griffin, 14 [01-22-2010]

Kalethia Gines, 14 [01-22-2010]

Just saw Ghost Hunters investigating her house, so would like to know more about the house
elizabeth, belfast, northern ireland [01-21-2010]

jorge geronimn, bloomfield [01-21-2010]

I am here to do a biograpghy about Betsy Ross
Lesley, North Carolina im 13 almost 14 [01-19-2010]

Katie Scoville, 24 years old, from Ogden, Utah [01-19-2010]

My daughter is doing some research for her Washington DC trip this Spring and we were interested in the history of our flag and its many 'faces'.
Sara Ferreira, Massachusetts [01-19-2010]

very nice house.
Melody Markert, 10 yrs old [01-18-2010]

my daughter is gathering information for a school project
daleene ercanbrack, looking for my daughter [01-16-2010]

Camille, 27 [01-16-2010]

Bradley Mack, I live in Ogden, UT. I am 22 years old and I am in school studying nursing. [01-16-2010]

Devin bob, bobville bobteen bob [01-16-2010]

i love history
katy, 17 madison [01-15-2010]

Delpha Bleeck [01-13-2010]

i wish i was a singer
Deja, 10 [01-11-2010]

jessica raminger, 15 years old [01-10-2010]

jessica swanson, NY,NY age:21 [01-09-2010]

Just browsing to help our Kindergartener learn a little about history
Horton Family, Richmond, Virginia [01-07-2010]

Tonya Bagley [01-07-2010]

Mrs. Keiley's class, Albuquerque, NM - 4th and 5th graders [01-07-2010]

Mrs. Lee's first grade class, teacher - Presbyterian School, Houston, Texas [01-07-2010]

Emily Kennedy, 10 years old [01-07-2010]

thank you for making this available!
Gale da Rosa, Home Educator in California [01-07-2010]

i know i wiil enjoy it!
hannah miller [01-04-2010]

thank you for this tour
levi hinkley, 6 years [01-04-2010]

May send my 2nd grade class here for a tour. Thanks for you information.
Pam C, Anaheim, Ca [01-04-2010]

I'm originally from South Jersey & our school trips included the Betsy Ross house as well as all the other Philadelphia buildings that are so full of our early history.. This morning I was reading an e mail about the stamp that was dedicated to her on 1/2/1952 & it started my online journey & found this virtual tour. I remember the stamp when it came out. Thanks for the tour.
Gwen Watts, Turner, Maine 04282 [01-04-2010]

Kristie and Josielyn Chase [01-04-2010]

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