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Roxanne Dean, preschool teacher [12-30-2009]

vivian bradbury, love old history [12-30-2009]

Deborah Stanish, Reading, PA [12-28-2009]

Nancy R. Garcia, I am 54 years old and live in Clovis California with a son serving in the Usa Army. He had completed a tour of Iraq and in September maybe going for a second tour. [12-28-2009]

I understand that Elizabeth, "Besty", also was a friend of Martha Washington, and visited Martha and George at Mt. Vernon...
Karen Schaaf, Olympia, WA [12-28-2009]

LINDA GARDNER [12-28-2009]

love American history
kc, taos nm [12-25-2009]

Thank you for being part of our great nation.
Cora Hinds, Tulsa, Oklahoma [12-25-2009]

Lori White, Tamaqua,Pa I'm 39 love history [12-25-2009]

Shorty Whitmore, Auburn, N.Y.13021 [12-25-2009]

studying about betsy ross
charis, futh grade student [12-19-2009]

Kerry Kirby [12-16-2009]

I heard about this site through a restriction on flying the U. S. Flag. I wanted to check it out.
William H. Jones, North Carolina, 66, Ret U. S. MARINE [12-16-2009]

It is so wonderful when I see the internet used for positive purposes. Any who read this and pray, pray for our nation to learn, or re-learn, the true original founding principles of our nation, and how those who SERVED, really were interested in true service, not a career on the public doles.
Sandy S. [12-15-2009]

Had a great time in Philly saw all the historical sites,hope everyone else enjoyed the tour.
Anne Todd, 70 years old .did a tour of the house above in 1997 [12-15-2009]

James V Anderson, Retired Aircraft Mechanic. Roseville, MN [12-14-2009]

Katherine, I am 7 years old, and play the piano. [12-12-2009]

I'm planning for and preparing a sewing station for a school-wide Colonial Fair. My area will be to share Betsey Ross' story and to allow the students (intermediate grades) to experience a form of education colonial students would have learned through sewing skills.
gabby, Teacher in KY [12-12-2009]

Terry Patrick, Techer [12-12-2009]

maerissa.L. SMITH, I.AM 12 doing this for my histroy homeschool goup\churchkids [12-12-2009]

we are studying the flag in our classroom.
MRS. KIM'S CLASS, manchester, ky [12-09-2009]

julie redling, teacher [12-09-2009]

Liz [12-08-2009]

went i was 10yr old my class took a trip to the betsy ross house i an hoping that one day i would bring my class there
cheryl a hutchinson, i am a teacher in brooklyn ny 11233 [12-07-2009]

I have read a book about Betsy Ross
anonymous, 9 yrs from Texas [12-03-2009]

Emilie [12-02-2009]

tiffany brunton, Teacher [12-01-2009]

Bre [12-01-2009]

tarja papap [11-30-2009]

slue, 110 [11-30-2009]

I've been reading about Mrs. Ross and it would be neat to see where she once lived.
Lizzie Holland, I'm 9 years old and doing a project on Betsy Ross. [11-30-2009]

alondra [11-27-2009]

Rebecca Person, Middle aged, red, white and blue American [11-27-2009]

Jennifer Youngs, 46 yrs, Santa Maria, CA. [11-25-2009]

shelly, 16 [11-23-2009]

shania, 10 [11-23-2009]

M. A. Scott, Sydney, Australia [11-23-2009]

HISTORY BUFF.Past and Present.
Normand Couture, 122 Ryan Court P O Box 703 Oaklamd Fl 34650 DOB 10/24/1935 [11-23-2009]

Annie, 10, Girl [11-23-2009]

I have always enjoyed visiting Besty's Ross House in Phila. Currently I am working on a web quest for a computer class, required for my degree. After graduation I hope I'm in a classroom, so I can broaden other students about Besty Ross.
Jeanne Choplick, Dushore, PA age; 42 [11-23-2009]

Bobbie Moore, 1st Grade teacher [11-20-2009]

Betsy Ross is a good person
Nathan, I am seven years old [11-19-2009]

Macy [11-19-2009]

Larita Burnette [11-19-2009]

Geraldine Sands, I live in Georgia, very creative [11-19-2009]

Loved this! Makes me want to me to this historic city.
kerry kirby, consultant [11-19-2009]

What a Test!
Shaketta Jackson, Philadelphian [11-19-2009]

I am working on a school project.
Sharia Scott, Woodstock, GA 8 [11-17-2009]

Megan, 10 oklahoma [11-17-2009]

Jackie, Female, 30 from New York, Ny [11-17-2009]

Thank you for providing this informative site!
Jessica McArdle [11-16-2009]

Adam [11-16-2009]

Cierra Hendrickson, cincinnati,14 [11-14-2009]

i love the usa
walter stines, patriotic [11-14-2009]

Jan Lawson, I am 56 and I live in Albany Oregon [11-12-2009]

Michelle [11-12-2009]

Anthony Ralston, Iowa, 23 [11-12-2009]

debbie rodriguez, alhambra, california 37 [11-12-2009]

Lottie Slater, Columbia, MD [11-12-2009]

iris motley [11-12-2009]

Paulette Davis-Boley, Ohio, age 54. [11-12-2009]

Thank you for the visit. We are learning about the flag and flag etiquette.
Mrs. Shannons Reading Class, Deforest, WI 53532 [11-10-2009]

I'd like to make our first flag as a nation more meaningful to young children.
Rebecca Black [11-10-2009]

Fascinating page.
Dalia, Ciales, Puerto Rico, 39 years old [11-09-2009]

I LOVE Betsy Ross. And i would love to know more about her
paige, Texas,14 [11-09-2009]

paige [11-09-2009]

DeLores McInnis, 3rd Grade teacher from Las Vegas, NV [11-07-2009]

Nechama Reece [11-07-2009]

Melissa Cox [11-06-2009]

Hi Betsy Ross
Cody Mertz, 9yrs iowa [11-06-2009]

i love betsy ross!
mariah heinz, 12 [11-05-2009]

My grandmother, who was Quaker and attended Friends Select School, told me we are related to Betsy Ross. I now own a sampler that has been in my father's family for years. The claim was that it was stiched by one of Betsy's daughters, however, the date on it tells me that is probably not correct. The sampler is signed by Rebecca Claypool. It's very difficult to search, but I suspect it may have come from the fanily of Betsy's husband John Claypool.
Doris Klink Molettiere, Lived near Philadelphia all my life [11-05-2009]

anonymous [11-05-2009]

Wintress Choppi [11-03-2009]

I am doing a biography for a school project on Betsy and I wished I could have met her!
Theresa Tamburri [11-02-2009]

glynda butler sami [11-02-2009]

I love USA
Christophe Cador, 51 [11-02-2009]

I want to re-visit the Betsy Ross House...Have not been there for years..Currently cover Homeland security reporting in parts of United States.!
wesley rodgers, journalist-repoirter from Villanova [11-02-2009]

Brenda, Taylorsville, MD, 38 [11-02-2009]

Ashley is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her homeschool Thanksgiving program
Julie and Ashley Jolly, homeschoolers [11-02-2009]

Doing a LA report on Betsy Ross
Sarah, Oregon age 13 [10-28-2009]

Rachel Bunch [10-27-2009]

This is for my U.S. History project.
Shelby, Age- 13 [10-27-2009]

Annie Miller, Homeschool Mom [10-26-2009]

greatly helped her visualize the home for a class project
misty and enily collins, emily age 8 [10-26-2009]

babs [10-26-2009]

thank you for the tour
Noa [10-26-2009]

Darcie Alexis [10-26-2009]

Johnny, 22 [10-26-2009]

Amy FAng, nj [10-26-2009]

R Knuth, Old, Teacher [10-22-2009]

I am a College student and researching about Betsy Ross is an assignment.
Jessica Espinoza, Utah [10-22-2009]

J Garcia, Age 61, Florida [10-22-2009]

claire bonnassies, 12, from France [10-22-2009]

Jennifer Robles, fort smith ar [10-22-2009]

kerry kirby [10-19-2009]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross
Jenna, 5th Grade Student in Roseville, California [10-19-2009]

Freudenberg, Frank-Michael, D 25980 Sylt / Westerland, Friedrichstr. 44, 62 J. alt [10-17-2009]

We just finished learning about how the first American flag was made. Thank you Betsy!
Mr. Canham's Class, Independence Elementary, South Gate, CA. [10-17-2009]

maryann grant, az 40 [10-15-2009]

BRANDON, hanover, pa [10-15-2009]

Mr lilly [10-13-2009]

Thank you for such a wonderful website.
Students at JFK Middle School, Suffolk,Virginia [10-12-2009]

I love the preservation of history and its always fasinating to discover the story behind an old building and its former inhabitants. You feel like your back in time. xoxo
H Lemoto, Living in Auckland NZ [10-12-2009]

Sandra Hail, Plainfield, Indiana; age 60; working for the US Mint [10-12-2009]

Bonnie Carter, St Petersburg, FL [10-11-2009]

I feel close to her because my name is Ross too.
Theda Ross Patterson, I tell american history dressed as betsy [10-11-2009]

Micaela, Dumfries, VA [10-11-2009]

i cant wait to visit
colleen irvin, phila,25 [10-11-2009]

shelby, 13 years of age [10-08-2009]

shelby [10-08-2009]

Eileen W Trimble, Age 61, Lancaster, Pa. [10-08-2009]

Grace jencks, Ut, 9 years old [10-07-2009]

well i just want to go on a tour not sing these papers
rosa, 14 [10-07-2009]

sara, 12 [10-07-2009]

domineek, 12 [10-07-2009]

Jessica, 14 [10-07-2009]

My husband and I grew up in Philly. We have been to her house many times. The house is a true delight of history, and we should all be very proud to be an American, and that God so granted us people like herself to do our history in such an awesome, and inspiring way.
Marsha Veisz, Jacksonville, Florida 32210 [10-06-2009]

betsy ross,thanks for making the american flag!
Zack & Nick DeSanctis, 8 & 6 year old homeschool students [10-06-2009]

A nostalgic time after a visit sixty years ago.
George L. East, Berea, KY Age 80 [10-03-2009]

kelly [09-30-2009]

Carole Broadway, Needles, CA [09-30-2009]

Looking Forward to seeing the house in person some day. I love history of all types and congratulate the staff of this home in perserving a very important part of our country's history.
cheryl Robertson, 47yrs old, Live in Idaho. Love History of all typees [09-29-2009]

Madeline Beal [09-29-2009]

Misty Seay, Lubbock [09-29-2009]

I'm looking for famous women in history for my Cub Scout den Pack #155 Ft. Knox, Ky. and I want the boys to know about Betsy Ross and what she done for America.
Shannon L. Street, army [09-28-2009]

I love the USA and our flag! It brings a tear to my eyes when ever I look at it waiving in the wind high up on the flag pole - God Bless America God Bless Betsy Ross for giving us such a memorial of honor with the American flag
Antionette Fox, Orange County, CA - [09-25-2009]

robin turner [09-25-2009]

i really like history
karli bolish, swimmer [09-23-2009]

Lover of our American History and the brave people who made our freedoms possible.
Barbara McCune, Dallas,TX age 74 Still full time worker. [09-23-2009]

Barbara McCune [09-23-2009]

Keota 3rd grade, small town in Oklahoma [09-22-2009]

Hey people
bella, never [09-20-2009]

aaron white4, 16 go to university city high school [09-20-2009]

tysherah, 17 in high school [09-20-2009]

Sherry English, teacher [09-20-2009]

Thank you for an awesome opportunity for my students! I am excited about Constitution / Freedom Week!
Georgia Crews, Social Studies TAG Teacher [09-20-2009]

Cindy, Roy, UT [09-18-2009]

Thank you for making the US flag.
matthew phillips, I am 8 years old [09-18-2009]

Blythe, Tempe, Arizona 10 years old [09-18-2009]

Tristyn, Chandler, Arizona 5 years old [09-18-2009]

Eva, Tempe, Arizona 4 years old [09-18-2009]

Caitlyn, Tempe, Arizona 7 [09-18-2009]

Bethany Visage, Ogden UT [09-18-2009]

I found Certificate no.2764 of American Flag House and Betsi Ross memorial association,the member was my grandfather Uhac Andrea of New York City
Svjetlana PaviŠeviŠ, Croatia Europe,30 [09-18-2009]

TH, Utah, Age: 24, College Student, LDS [09-17-2009]

Visited from link in my history class.
Jeff Parker, South Weber, Utah, 46 [09-17-2009]

Amarilys Espada Miranda, Cidra, Puerto Rico [09-17-2009]

I am writing an essay on Ms Betsy. This site is of great help and I am looking forward to taking the tour.
Greeneyes, Ireland, over 21 [09-17-2009]

One of my ancestors, a patriot,Col. John Bayard, lived on the same block - Arch Street between 1st and 2nd St. He was a member of the Pennsylvania Militia and Continental Congress and fought at Brandywine, Princeton, Germantown and other battles.
Susan Drake-Johnson, Age 64, Vancouver, B.C. Canada [09-17-2009]

Doing a history research paper and I would like to do it on Betsy Ross
Daniel, San diego, CA age 46 [09-17-2009]

My son is five years old and in Kindergarten learning about Betsy Ross and the first american flag. he asked me so many questions that we decided to do some on-line research together.
Abram Rhea [09-14-2009]

Steven Reid, Kaysville, Utah, age 26 [09-14-2009]

i wish to see this house because i read a book about her
sarah linly, 3792walnut creekway [09-11-2009]

This was very interesting
kerry kirby [09-11-2009]

Margaret Lawson [09-10-2009]

Greenville Elementary School, special ed. teacher [09-09-2009]

Michelle Williams, mo 37 [09-09-2009]

I am doing this tour online with my son who is in 6th grade. I am a homeschooling parent and this is part of his history.
Joy Meadows, wv [09-08-2009]

Jennifer Hunziker, 29 years old. Eckerd College Senior- Tampa Florida [09-08-2009]

Jane Mjolsnes, Seattle, Washington [09-08-2009]

I saw the House on Ghost Hunters so sence I can't see the house in person I'm doin the next best thing.
Angela Graham, Knoxville, Tennessee / Age 35 [09-08-2009]

I was watching the Ghost Hunters series and saw the Betsy Ross episode and researched the comment they made on the show "As told by Betsy Ross the stories stating she made the first American Flag." I found it interesting the way it was stated. I was surprised the statement was true and it is not documented any other way. I am going to try to visit her home someday.
Sonni Scolastice, Triadelphia, WV 58 yrs [09-08-2009]

Saw this amazing house on The Ghost Hunters and I thought I'd take the virtual tour.
sallee o'dwyer, I am 60 yrs. old and live in Petaluma,CA ( north of San Francisco, CA [09-08-2009]

Rebecca Young was the woman who made the first American Flag. Betsy Ross might have made flags but please get your story RIGHT. i learned this in grade school. it pissed me off when Ghost Hunters was there and you say Betsy Ross made the first flag. that is fiction. Go visit the Smithsonian they will give you a history lesson! I will never come there to visit if you are going to lie.
anonymous [09-08-2009]

Lauretta Leaper [09-08-2009]

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