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Dessa Fisher, Des Moines Iowa; age 9; researching for school [09-07-2009]

I'm am doing this as an assignment for history. However, in 1996 I was there with my family and parents. It was a wonderful history trip of the United States. Taking us 6 weeks to see it all, and we still didn't have the time to see it all.
Julie Bradbury, Bountiful, Utah 52 year old college student. [09-07-2009]

As the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Californai Sargent-AtArms it is a pleasue to be able to see wher our flag got it;s start
Kathie Martinez, Inglewood Calif [09-07-2009]

AL Marengo, Old enough, state of Maryland [09-07-2009]

I'm doing this for school in constitiution and it is really cool. I can't wait to see what's next!
Cassie, 13 [09-07-2009]

brandi hughley [09-07-2009]

We are making a lapbook on the American Flag
Katherine and Lillian Markle, ages 7 and 6 [09-07-2009]

What a great site...I plan to visit ASAP...! God Bless
Diane Sullivan <><, Monroe, Louisiana [09-07-2009]

Diane R. Verdon [09-07-2009]

A beautiful home tour in honor of Betsy Ross. I thank you!
Bobbie House, Holland MI; 62 years old: Social Worker [09-07-2009]

christina, glenside, pa [09-07-2009]

We hope to visit this House on either Sept. 17 or 18, 2009.
Mike and Lorraine Samarziya, Lapeer, Michigan [08-27-2009]

As a teacher I think this is a wonderful resource for my classroom
anonymous [08-27-2009]

Sue Nolan, St. Pete,FL - 53 [08-27-2009]

Penny Austin, F age 60 I do genealogy [08-25-2009]

Dominique Herring, Harrisburg, PA age 16 [08-23-2009]

I visited the home of Betsy Ross back when I was just 17 years old. I wished I would of paid more attention! I'd love to visit her home of honor again, at sometime in my life.
Bev Jerden, 55 yr old female, Oregon [08-23-2009]

I so appreciate those men and women who were couragous leaders.
anonymous, Oklahoma City teacher [08-23-2009]

janet Jessup [08-23-2009]

aleya connor, i live in MD i am 9 I am a homeschooler [08-19-2009]

shanell west, phila [08-19-2009]

I thoroughly enjoy history and looking forward to viewing your website. I have always wanted to see the historic sites of Philadelphia. Maybe one day I will be able to
shirley west, crandall, texas age 58 [08-18-2009]

Leonard E. Brandt, Denver,CO. [08-17-2009]

Amy Smith, Hastings MN [08-13-2009]

brianna [08-11-2009]

We are learning about Betsy Ross, and we think we might name our new puppy after her because the puppy's mother's name is Miss Independence.
Jordan and Caleb Bopp, Jordan age 5, Caleb age 8 [08-11-2009]

anonymous, tampa,fl. [08-10-2009]

Serving overseas: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Operation Enduring Freedom
samual m johnosn, us navy, age 40, birthplace: nashville, tennessee [08-07-2009]

I am fascinated by American history. I admire Betsy Ross greatly. She is a model that women can succeed in business and create a piece of history.
Leasly Salazar, Los Angeles, CA, 16 [08-05-2009]

Celia Mathe, Pretoria, South Africa, 23 [08-04-2009]

anonymous, yorba linda, ca [08-04-2009]

Alex, 15, Minnesota, [08-04-2009]

James Federico, I'm 58 yrs old and live in Texas [08-03-2009]

Marjorie, georgia, 67 [07-31-2009]

Hannah [07-31-2009]

Audreia Caruthers, 32 [07-29-2009]

I'm about to take your virtual tour and visit a very special lady, Betsy Ross. Looking forward to this tour. Thank you for such an enjoyable and informative website.
Kathleen Mc Donald, Art Teacher from sunny California [07-28-2009]

I visited with my teenagers and sister in June. We learned so much and enjoyed our visit!
Cheryl Brown, California school teacher [07-28-2009]

i want a history about betsy ross . please send that in my email
djabir, 16 years old [07-28-2009]

big fan of America visited several times even got married in Vegas God bless
Bob Hebblethwaite, living in west midlands UK [07-27-2009]

Thanks for the tour- sounds neat!
Caroline DeMelio, 19 year old, from Salem, Oregon [07-27-2009]

anonymous, uk age 26 [07-27-2009]

Elizabeth DeMelio, I am 52 years old. live in Salem, Oregon and am married and have 4 children and kitties. I love American History. My cousin is at the Betsy Ross House just 3 days ago and sent a lovely post card. [07-27-2009]

Doing research for college class and came across this website. Very interesting!
Amanda, Cleburne, TX 25 yrs [07-23-2009]

mist miller [07-22-2009]

KATE,GU, 40 [07-21-2009]

Ruth Turner, Lincoln, CA; 65 [07-21-2009]

I think Betsy Ross is a women of great importance and intrest, and should therefore never be forgotten.
Alexa V. [07-20-2009]

B.V. Nigro [07-20-2009]

I am looking for places to take my daughter.
Jon Schmidt, Middletown, DE [07-18-2009]

Debby Fox, Mother of 4 I am 45yrs old I am a receptionist [07-17-2009]

say a prayer for our troops and keep them in your thoughts. god bless america.
DOROTHY STEVES BRUDERER, orig from philly. now retired, live by camp lejeune, nc. [07-17-2009]

Gerry Gosk [07-17-2009]

Harry H Morrison Jr [07-16-2009]

Very interesting bit of history.
Roger Burris, Jasonville in. [07-15-2009]

elaine besty waite valdez, laredo, tx. age 27, 1982 [07-15-2009]

Maura Feeney [07-15-2009]

hola soy de chile, y agradesco a ud. me conceda en el favor de conocer más sobre su bandera y el origen y significado, de tan especial símbolo patrio. atte. fresia. saludos y gracias.
fresia hevia, chile, 40 años, [07-15-2009]

Annette S. Cole, 40 yr. old mother of 3 from Kokomo, IN. Work full time in the auto industry and go to school full time at Indiana Wesleyan. Am using Betsy Ross as a subject for a project in World History. [07-15-2009]

Autumn Russell, Dyersburg TN 33 [07-12-2009]

Just thougt it would be cool to see and hear about our country
Sarah S, Washington mo 63090/ 23years old [07-11-2009]

This website is inspirational. Thank you! Can't wait to take the tour.

by Colette Sasina

Betsy Ross lived in a quaint house,
239 Arch Street, with her spouse.
She sewed, did upholstery,
and enjoyed embroidery.

Her sewing talent was second to none.
Needle expertise impressed George Washington.
She sewed personally for this man by hand,
embroidered ruffles for his shirts and cuffs
using the finest notions and stuffs.

With church pews in close proximity,
their paths crossed every Sunday.
A social and family connection
inclined him in her direction when

in May, 1776, a Congressional committee--
Washington, General of the Continental Army,
Colonel George Ross, her husband's uncle,
Robert Morris, the colony's wealthiest citizen--
visited Arch Street, Philadelphia, on a mission.
to engage Betsy Ross with a flag commission.

They showed her a six-pointed star design.
She had an agenda, tried to be kind.
With scissors in hand, playing close to the hip,
Betsy cut a five-pointed star in a single snip.
Her efficiency sealed the deal and it would be
she would sew solo all the flags they would need.

The American Flag was endorsed June, '77--
a circle of 13 white stars in a blue heaven,
symbolizing a new constellation.
13 stripes, alternate red and white.

Betsy's daughter, heir to the commission,
eagerly carried on the tradition.
She sewed in the house her mom occupied
long after her famous mother died

A Memorial now, 239 Arch Street is preserved,
a unique honor Betsy Ross so richly deserved.

Colette Sasina, retired "sunshine state" grandma. [07-10-2009]

Gina Griscom [07-10-2009]

Valerie Ulmer, pre k teacher in Downingtown [07-10-2009]

I am very anxious to go go on the tour.
Judy Coll, Living in WV after retiring from OH. Back where I was raised. [07-10-2009]

I am working on a web page for a class assignment. Might as well take a few minutes and enjoy the research! thanks.
Marsha Kratzman, 52 years of age, from Indiana [07-10-2009]

Thank for putting all this wonderful history on line!
Marilyn M Hammon Rogers, Pullman, WA, age 57 [07-09-2009]

Kimberly Kucas [07-09-2009]

Keith L. French, California, age 56 [07-08-2009]

I visted Betsy Ross House in 1996 or 97. I enjoyed my visted very much.
Janice Pope, SaltLakeCity,UT 66yrs [07-07-2009]

June [07-07-2009]

Vicki L. Burch, Campbell, CA 53 years old [07-07-2009]

Rethema, Phoenix, AZ [07-06-2009]

Melinda Cox, 20,pa [07-05-2009]

Sue Eshelman [07-05-2009]

God Bless America!
Tiffany, Tulsa, OK, 27 years old [07-05-2009]

Just revisiting the house again.
Bruce Galory, Sarasota [07-05-2009]

Looking for information about the Flag for a 4th of July Sunday School lesson.
Orbie Von Tungeln, 70 [07-05-2009]

Stephen Dixon, Indiana, 56 [07-03-2009]

Sandra C Eschelbach, Kalamazoo, MI [07-03-2009]

I went to visit the home of Betsy Ross when I was very young. It was so awe inspiring to me.
Carolyn Wolf, I currently live in PA.. am a proud 30 yr old nother one a 6 yr old, Robbie. [07-03-2009]

denafernberg [07-03-2009]

Mr. Baluyot's ESL 2B Class Virgil Middle School, Los Angeles, California [07-03-2009]

Cynthia, Location:Georgia, Age:50 -- Event planner [07-02-2009]

Nancy B. Bucio [07-02-2009]

elizabeth stonefield [07-02-2009]

Lori Ward, from upstate NY [07-02-2009]

Nori Tolson, San Francisco, CA [07-01-2009]

Judy Jones [07-01-2009]

Will like to find a pattern of Betsy's dress to make one and wear it during the 4th of July parade.
Ruth Kelly, 66 yrs old Retired Army Veteran,born in Puerto Rico, now living in NMnow [06-30-2009]

ESL for adults teaching this summer
anonymous, 57 [06-30-2009]

i love history so i'm glad you can tour the house without spending all your money to get there.
amanda, i am 23, and live in florida [06-30-2009]

This is really wonderful for teaching kids about history. We may not get visit all of the important places in America physically, but sites like this help tremendously. This is great for homeschoolers. Thank you.
kesha heffron, Heffron Family in Grifton, NC with a 5 and 2 year old [06-30-2009]

Kelly Thompson, Homeschool teacher [06-30-2009]

Marshia, Liberty,Maine age 52 [06-29-2009]

Sherry Chiesa [06-27-2009]

thanks for the was awesome and helped em learna lot more then i didnt know...THANKS
Brianna Yount, 12 years old. bday 4-10-1997 [06-27-2009]

Angela Hamby, Taylorsville,NC, 39, homeshool mom of 4 [06-27-2009]

Teaching my daughters about Betsy Ross
mindy [06-25-2009]

Betsy Ross is synonymous with the American flag. I am writing a poem, Savvy Betsy, for our Writers' Bloc group in Summerfield, Florida.
colette sasina, retired, summerfield, florida [06-24-2009]

i love history, i can't wait to see this great historical monument
kaity marie, 15, Nevada,IA [06-24-2009]

anonymous, music teachier in Everett, Washington [06-23-2009]

Hay Rossetts I have something to share with you all and everybody else too.I have the long lost ORIGINAL "firstflag" drawing by George Washington,dated june,14,1777 on parchment in that house.Please help me share it with all interested parties.You may authenticate.
Bob McMahon, Las Vegas,62, love current events [06-22-2009]

jaque [06-19-2009]

EDDIE BURNS, bensalem, pa, age 13 [06-18-2009]

We'll be back soon.
Jennifer Hall, Etowah, TN. I'm 36, fam of 5 [06-18-2009]

Amos Graham [06-17-2009]

Rhonda [06-17-2009]

Stacy Dorais [06-17-2009]

Martha Schroyer [06-16-2009]

I love God First and the U.S.A
Teresa Gonzales, age:44 Amarillo, TX [06-16-2009]

Michelle Randall, Proud mother of 5 and grandmother of 2 [06-16-2009]

I will be visiting Philadelphia with a teacher group at the end of June and will be touring Betsy Ross's house.
Karen, From KY, teacher [06-16-2009]

Jennie Thompson [06-16-2009]

Annette Saulsberry, monroeville, AL [06-16-2009]

Logan, 46 yrs old mom of one from SC [06-16-2009]

IN GOD WE TRUST May this great nation never forget the foundation that started it. May we continue to be blessed.
anonymous, Indiana [06-16-2009]

chris, Gap,Pa., 55 yrs. old, love sewing and quilting -- raised 9 children ---homeschooled the last 4-- have 3 grandchildren [06-16-2009]

Lilia Jaime, Hawaii, 45 [06-16-2009]

Karla Rainville, Buffalo, NY 38 YOA [06-16-2009]

Christina McDonnell [06-16-2009]

Tara Glasford, South Dakota [06-16-2009]

Karen [06-15-2009]

My parents grew up in Philadelphia and went to Betsy Ross's house when they were kids. It is great to do something they once did years ago, even though I am doing it virtually! ;)
Sara, age 10 [06-15-2009]

Norma Nelson, Homeschooling grandmother [06-15-2009]

Stephanie McCoy, Seattle, WA [06-15-2009]

My students are so interested in our great country. Thank you!
Pamela Weeks, South Korea [06-15-2009]

Patrick Kelley, Conifer, Colorado 62 DAV [06-15-2009]

kathleen trout, i am 58 years old [06-15-2009]

Lucinda Kowatch, Auburn NY [06-15-2009]

Visiting the Betsy Ross House is a favorite childhood memory.
Lynn Presnal, College Station TX [06-15-2009]

jim &kay tracy, omaha ne 66yrs retired [06-15-2009]

Saw the house outside, was with a structured group so could not tour, I sure would have liked to though.
Mary Gray, Cape Charles, VA, 52 years old, was in Philadelphia on 6/14/09 [06-15-2009]

Justin Friday [06-15-2009]

Mrs. B. W. Hodges, FreeSoil, MI [06-15-2009]

Lela Shidell, Oklahoma [06-15-2009]

Love my country and want to learn all about the history of our great nation from our founding fathers!
Shally Ia, Conservative Republican, Christian homemaker & homeschooler [06-15-2009]

Jennifer McGuire, VA, Reading teacher [06-15-2009]

Paula, Biloxi, Mississippi [06-15-2009]

Pat Casteen, homeschooling mom to be [06-13-2009]

Marlene Eskine [06-13-2009]

Retired secretary from Cedar Cliff Local Schools in Cedarville, OH. (for 27 years). Thanks for this informative site.
Delora Lemaster, Cedarville, OH [06-13-2009]

Miller Family, currently in Guatemala, home state= NC [06-13-2009]

VIckie Drohan [06-12-2009]

class 5-311 (PS102 Q) [06-12-2009]

We are a homeschool family studying the American Flag to celebrate Flag Day
The Adamson family, Roseville, CA, children ages 9 and 6 [06-12-2009]

Thanks for the tour! A great way to visit!
Shauna, Wisconsin, homeschooling mom [06-12-2009]

Gail, music teacher [06-12-2009]

j camaleri [06-12-2009]

Thank you so much for putting this information out for all to see and remember our Nations history. It is a great Homeschooling site. Take care and God Bless all who are involved in loving our Country.
Lisa [06-12-2009]

Karen and Betty Jean, Otntario Canada and visiting from Oregon [06-12-2009]

Thanks for the virtual tour! Very nice.
The Koch family (4), Pensacola, FL [06-12-2009]

Susan Martinez, I am 49 yrs. old, live in Ohio and enjoy history [06-12-2009]

I love history!
Susan, 57 years old, Texas [06-11-2009]

Thanks for this tour!
Natalee Ziebro, Homeschooling family, mom of 7 [06-11-2009]

Nicole [06-11-2009]

Love History of the US
Jennifer, Las Vegas, NV [06-09-2009]

David B. Peterson, Live in Cumberland Gap,Tn area, An educator for 40 years [06-08-2009]

Thank You for the virtual tour. The children love the educational activities we do before and during our outings.
lura francoeur, age 50, live in Florida, Planning a trip with the grandchildren [06-08-2009]

Lois Hansen, Nebraska [06-08-2009]

I'll be visiting Philadelphia next month for the first time.
Lisa Perry, Charlotte, NC [06-08-2009]

Charlene main [06-08-2009]

Eloisa Casanova, 41yrs old and live in Houston, Texas [06-08-2009]

Jaime, West Point, Utah [06-07-2009]

Karen Nelson, I am from Utah, 23 years old, and a University Student [06-07-2009]

Brandie Dyson, Utah, 24 years old [06-07-2009]

Just visited June 3 this year....very interesting...reviewing on line...thks !
E Harold Combs, Ky....66....married [06-07-2009]

At 13yrs.old was with parents on vacation to Gettesburg and seen all the sites and cemetery. Left a great impression on me and was the beginning of my love for our country's history. Thank you.
Elaine Warden, Springfield,Ohio female 62yrs.old [06-07-2009]

T Frazier, Utah, 46 [06-06-2009]

cindy [06-06-2009]

sam, fun stupid crazy [06-06-2009]

julia [06-06-2009]

Stephanie [06-05-2009]

anonymous, California [06-05-2009]

I love learing about Amercain history,
Mary Crow, Lawton Ok, 52 years Young [06-05-2009]

Mrs. Florey, Summer School 2009 [06-05-2009]

Braden Webb [06-04-2009]

Chevy Huffaker, Age 24 live in Wyoming [06-04-2009]

bestsy ross was mgggggrandmother
Gloria whaley, washington state age 67 [06-04-2009]

My daughter is writing a library research report. She has chosen Betsy Ross among the many on the list.
Sherri Huddleston, Homeschool mom, Bowling Green, KY, 46 [06-04-2009]

anonymous, farmington, ct [06-04-2009]

Thank you for keeping alive the story of our nations history. It is the people that run places like the Betsy Ross house that remind us all what we had to go through to gain our independence as a people. Thank You!
Kim Baxter [06-03-2009]

anonymous [06-03-2009]

I was required to do a research project in my language arts class and I chose the question, "Who created the American Flag, when, and for what purpose?" I enjoyed learning about Betsy and the Flag.
Emily Allen, Michigan, 13 [06-03-2009]

Maria [06-03-2009]

Belinda Flucket, Newport News, Va. Kindergarten Teacher 30 years [06-02-2009]

Iam told by my family(Ross's), that I am a desended of betsy Ross. I read some history of her in school and I thought I would read up on where my family came from and see if I could find some facts on it.
Tiffany Ross, Bangor, Pa. I'm 23 years old. [06-02-2009]

Stacy [06-01-2009]

michelle tanner, Utah [05-31-2009]

Look forward to actually coming and touring in person.
Elizabeth Logan [05-31-2009]

Chrissy Horton [05-31-2009]

anonymous, 10 [05-31-2009]

Thank you for the opportunity of taking this virtual tour.
Diana, loves history [05-29-2009]

my son is researching philadelphia.
MISTY, san diego ca. age 11 [05-29-2009]

Michele Rivera, mother of 3 [05-29-2009]

My first ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War.I made my own flag with the 13 stars and was a member of the 1976 Bicentennial celebration with the Mahoning Valley Colonial Brigade.
Linda Sarver, Youngstown,Ohio, age 70,retired [05-29-2009]

lorraine frederick [05-29-2009]

My daughter is researching Betsy Ross' life.
Kristy [05-28-2009]

Debby Carter [05-28-2009]

Linda V, Sayville.N.Y..29yrs old [05-28-2009]

Nancy Harrison, I live in Parsons, Kansas [05-28-2009]

amanda morgan, student [05-28-2009]

Kim, teacher [05-27-2009]

anonymous, 46 y old working on daughters report [05-26-2009]

Jessica B., Grade 2 teacher [05-26-2009]

Looking forward to this.
Carol, Nebraska, 62 yrs. female [05-25-2009]

I believe Betsy Ross did sew the flag!
Amanda [05-24-2009]

JOAN [05-23-2009]

Cindy Bermel [05-22-2009]

Liz Ramos, 38 [05-22-2009]

Holly Tracy, Salt Lake City, Utah [05-22-2009]

Came here to see more learn more. Thank you. Blessings!
Sayed Ahmad, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 29 years [05-22-2009]

melaie [05-22-2009]

We are learning about the American flag.
Mrs. Hicks's second grade class, Concord, NC. 7-8 years old [05-22-2009]

HERMAN SAYRE [05-20-2009]

This is an amazing women and I'm glad my daughter did a report on her other wise I would never have found out what a great lady Betsy was.
Laura, S.L.C, Utah, I have been helping my daugheter who is 11 with a book report on Betsy Ross [05-20-2009]

Thank you for this web site!
Reverend Claudia Anne Robinson [05-19-2009]

brussell [05-19-2009]

M. Schmalzle, Hawley PA - teacher [05-19-2009]

Scotty & Misty Paul, Ephrata, Washington (state) 30 & 32 yrs of age [05-19-2009]

I studied Betsy Ross for school and I am making a lapbook about her. I liked learning about her, she was very polite and was a good friend and she knew how to sew very well and I am learning how to sew too now.
Alexandria Blair, Age 9 Homeschool student from MI [05-18-2009]

thank you
carrie mckenzie, teacher [05-18-2009]

anonymous, Manheim, PA 10 yrs old [05-18-2009]

Thanks for the virtual tour of Betsy's house. It is cheaper then a plane ticket to Philly.
Donna Lilly, California, educator and women's rights leader [05-18-2009]

M. Reid, Brooklyn, New York. 50yrs Assistant Teacher [05-18-2009]

I am giving a report on Betsy Ross. I am enjoying learning about her on your website. I'm so happy to be able to take the virtual tour of her house!
Leah M., I am 8yrs. old and live in Illinois [05-18-2009]

Gorzel, Missouri [05-15-2009]

first grade flaggers [05-15-2009]

i love history almost as much as math.
darelle lowery, 13 [05-15-2009]

Margo Morrison, lewiston idaho 42 [05-15-2009]

Doris Russell, Wilmington De 58yrs old And I bring my sister-in-law tomarrow for a tour of Philadelphia and hope we make it to this house. [05-14-2009]

My class will be there on Friday
Jill V. Murray, Teacher [05-14-2009]

LisaMarie K. Harry [05-13-2009]

Valeri White [05-12-2009]

Georgianne O'Connor, Arlington, Virginia [05-11-2009]

I enjoyed everything about Besty Ross that I read, I am also a seamstress and can appreciate all the time and work that was put into making it.
Jennifer Kaetzel, Amelia, Ohio 45102 [05-11-2009]

Patsy Byrd, Teacher, 60 yrs. old live in Florida, teach 2nd. grade [05-10-2009]

I am doing a project about BETSY Ross and I am glad she did the AMERICAN FLAG.
Stephanny, CT, I am 8 years old [05-09-2009]

Susan, mn [05-09-2009]

go betsy
taylor, 10 az [05-09-2009]

Kelsi [05-09-2009]

We will be going here later today or tomorrow!
Danielle and Ruth, 14 and too old [05-09-2009]

Kelsi [05-08-2009]

Michele Kress, Michigan, 37 [05-08-2009]

this is fabulous
Deb Bean and family [05-07-2009]

Carley Beshaw, 4th grade studeny in Kokomo In. [05-07-2009]

Betty Pex, California Member of DAR and other patriotic heritage societies [05-07-2009]

Our history must be maintained vith vigilence in order to maintain the true meaning of liberty and thus, protecting liberty.
Phillip Ramsdell, Live in Arizona, age 49, married to Cathy [05-07-2009]

Kelsi [05-07-2009]

Cindy Doebele, Kansas [05-07-2009]

I'm using this site for an oral presentation. Great info!
Ashley, Chesapeake, VA [05-06-2009]

Denise Carter, Chatom, AL [05-06-2009]

El [05-06-2009]

Our school is Shawswick Elementary in southern Indiana.
Mrs. Koch's class, 2nd grade class in Bedford, IN [05-06-2009]

Sister Meaghan Patterson [05-05-2009]

Lori Perry, teacher Rock Branch Elementary [05-05-2009]

Lisa Adame, kansas, [05-05-2009]

Bridgette, Erwin Tn [05-05-2009]

rachel, favorite color is baby blue [05-05-2009]

you are a really nice person
Harley, kaitlyn is my friend [05-05-2009]

Katie Wisniewski [05-05-2009]

Carol Smith, Lima, Ohio [05-04-2009]

Linda Cummando [05-04-2009]

I am doing a written and oral project on Betsy Ross. I am visiting this website to get information and learn as much as I can about her. Thanks.
Eliza Statesir, Virginia Beach, VA, age 8 1/2 [05-04-2009]

elizabeth, i am smart [05-04-2009]

Anthony Creta, New york [05-04-2009]

Madison, Pittsburgh age 11 [05-01-2009]

Mrs, Sanzo's class [05-01-2009]

This website is wonderful! I work at our city's large museum as a costumer and historical interpreter. In one of our literacy outreach programs to inner city schools, I arrive in class in full costume "as" Betsy Ross, and proceed to tell the children about her life and story. They get so much more out of history this way! Your website has provided me all the information I need, and we give out the link to this site to the teachers and kids. Thank you so much!
Wendy Batchelder, Grand Rapids, Michigan [05-01-2009]

We are studying about the flag and Betsy Ross and we are so happy to be able to take this virtual tour. Thank you for the opportunity.
Mrs. McAfee's Third Grade Class, Greenwood, Arkansas [05-01-2009]

in Betsy's bedroom, the flag is touching the floor. This is very disturbing and disgracful to America. I am very angered
tasia, 14 [05-01-2009]

watz up:)
alexis, 14 [05-01-2009]

Tasia, 14 [05-01-2009]

We're studying this topic
Diana Rippy, teacher, second grade [05-01-2009]

Wonderful information for my online storytelling newsletter. Thank you. Karen Chace
Karen Chace, Massachusetts [04-30-2009]

I'm doing a class report on Betsy Ross. This website was very helpful!
Claire Musson, Student 4th grade [04-30-2009]

SAMANTHA ROSS [04-30-2009]

A Martens, Montg County PA [04-29-2009]

tanner [04-29-2009]

allison mock, 10 [04-29-2009]

We plan to visit Philadelphia this July. Looking forward to a great visit!
Teresa Dillinger, Cincinnati, Ohio, 46 [04-29-2009]

Betsy Ross Rocks!
Dvorah Southland, 10 [04-29-2009]

We are studying American symbols and how the flag was created.
Mrs.Townsend's 2nd grade, We live in Waleska, Ga and attend R.M.Moore Elementary [04-29-2009]

Carl Turner, 36 y/o b/m,1 child,phila police officer [04-28-2009]

I would love to visit, and plan to within the next 6 years.
Stacey Rook, Wyoming [04-27-2009]

Alma Miller [04-27-2009]

Ali Dominick, Pennsylvania [04-27-2009]

Thanks! Most interesting.
Barbara, Clearwater, FL -- [04-27-2009]

My wife makes afghan flags and gives them to service members. Last summer she gave on to the Commandant of the Marines Corps.
Ken Morris, Richmond, KY; 62; retired United States Marine with 30 years service. Inow teach leadership at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training and The History of Terrorism at Easten Kentucky University. [04-27-2009]

cant wait to begin the tour!
claire, 9 yrs [04-27-2009]

Julie Johnson, Native Phillorida [04-27-2009]

Joe, pa [04-27-2009]

also taught american history,grades 5 thru 12 and have always been a student of history.
STUART F. KOZEK, 63,new jersey,retired probation officer [04-27-2009]

Samantha Statham, Smithville, Missouri, 9 [04-27-2009]

My grand daughter is doing a project on Betsy Ross
Judith, Blythe California [04-27-2009]

Mariah [04-27-2009]

Liz Cochran [04-27-2009]

kenny [04-24-2009]

james, 15 [04-24-2009]

Terry Bendickson, Washington State [04-24-2009]

I liked learning about Betsy Ross & Mary Pickersgill
Lily Ezersky, age 5, Baltimore, Maryland [04-23-2009]

Brian Buckheit [04-23-2009]

We just learned about Betsy Ross.
Saint Timothy Grade 4 Room 15 [04-23-2009]

ashley [04-23-2009]

dear beasty ross i like your book's i hop you have more boo's i hope you have more books thank you
tramondna, im 11 tears old [04-22-2009]

Melissa, pa, 33 [04-22-2009]

i remember taking a class trip to the Betsy Ross house when i was 10 years old and seeing how beautiful the place is and to know that her house is in Philly.
emma gonzalez, philadelphia,20 [04-22-2009]

Allie, 10 [04-22-2009]

tina Hall-devine, washington state [04-21-2009]

georgia rogers [04-21-2009]

The Bradys take a tour
anonymous [04-21-2009]

jenkins' third grade class, powell, tennessee [04-21-2009]

Tania Navarro [04-21-2009]

parker [04-21-2009]

tanner [04-21-2009]

SShuttleworth, Virginia [04-21-2009]

Julia Leffel, Bay City MI [04-20-2009]

I am visiting her house online and next weekend in person. I am writing a research memo on Betsy Ross.
Patty Klin, I am from Philadelphia, currently attending Millersville University. [04-20-2009]

Laura Pesula, Ohio 45 Mother of soon to be Miss Ross in school play [04-19-2009]

helping my daughter get some info on betsy ross. shes doing a book report on betsy daughter is 9 y/o
EVELYN HERNANDEZ, parent of two,living in florida [04-19-2009]

I am doing a bioagraphy on betsy ross!
anonymous [04-18-2009]

ashley [04-18-2009]

kylephillips [04-18-2009]

We are visiting April 30th, 2009
Mrs. Haff's class, 5th graders in Westminster [04-18-2009]

Nikki, Teacher [04-18-2009]

aly, 10 [04-18-2009]

Lisa Karlich, Paramus, NJ [04-18-2009]

I am looking for a virtual tour for a project for my class.
Karen [04-18-2009]

i am visiting philadelphia in june 2009 as part of my holiday in the states and i will be visiting the betsy ross house, hope to see you soon
michelle holden, england,uk, [04-18-2009]

katrina shreeve, 14 yrs old [04-18-2009]

I am doing a biography of Betsy Ross and want to learn all about her and the first American Flag!
Grace Douglas, California, age 8, [04-16-2009]

I am excited to be visiting in September 2009 and look forward to seeing this historic location
Graham Burch, Isle of Wight, England [04-16-2009]

Mariah [04-16-2009]

Nancy, retired teacher [04-16-2009]

Emberly [04-16-2009]

Wow! Just Wow.
Julia DeLaney, Florida, 18 [04-15-2009]

Great show on Ghosthunters
Donald, Deptford,NJ age 38 [04-15-2009]

Jo [04-15-2009]

Emma [04-15-2009]

Bryce, Minneapolis, age 8 [04-14-2009]

i love it
ally, 12 [04-14-2009]

Jeannette Kitlan, Female, age 53, quilt shop owner located in north east Pennsylvaina, interested in patriotic themed quilt patterns [04-14-2009]

Cheryl, Hamilton, Ontario 27 years old [04-14-2009]

anonymous, homeschool teacher [04-14-2009]

I am wondering if somehow I am related to Betsy Ross.
Emma Ross, Dallas Center, IA. 12 years old [04-14-2009]

diana [04-14-2009]

justin hyde [04-13-2009]

Cindy Riscart, 30 F, Summerville,SC [04-13-2009]

Beth Cook, Bellevue, NE [04-13-2009]

fiona, aged 45 living in germany [04-13-2009]

I started collecting postcards when I was a child and have several thousand, which are cataloged and stored in picture albums. I have a few of the Betsy Ross House...sharing the name, "Betsy" has been inspirational to my study of history. My own son attended "Betsy Ross School" in California. Hopefully, we can visit the home someday.
Betsy Edwards, I just turned 60 and after travelling and living in several places, I now reside in south Texas [04-13-2009]

Carole Agosto, history buff [04-13-2009]

I am looking for a Flag Day program for our chapter. Jean Wickham ( Regent )
Star of the North Chapter NSDAR, New small chapter of 18 [04-13-2009]

Gail Ocampo, Philippines, 27 [04-13-2009]

We are doing a research paper on an important person in American history for a second grader.
Jennifer & Jessica Gasser, Arizona [04-13-2009]

Brenda Dauphin, Second grade teacher, Opp, Alabama [04-13-2009]

samantha [04-09-2009]

we are studying american history
anonymous, second grade teacher [04-09-2009]

natlie [04-09-2009]

Lakeidra Ramsey [04-09-2009]

Pat Fernandez, texas, 10, 4th grade [04-08-2009]

Carol Claypoole Hummel [04-08-2009]

I am visiting in june.
anonymous [04-07-2009]

Joshua, 11, lives in Houston [04-07-2009]

We have been studying the flag as part of our Reading lesson.
Mrs. Arp's 2nd Grade, Charleston Elementary Charleston, TN [04-07-2009]

I would like to know as much as possable about Betsy Ross and i think that this tour of her house would be very benafishal to my education. I am doing a project about Betsy in my school. Also I am very courirous to know what it was like to live in her time period.Also have to dress up like her and wish to know what she used to where, and even her religon would be good to know.
Grace Chilly, I live in Waterville Maine I am 14 years [04-06-2009]

I just love Besty Ross House Tour
Stephanie, 11 years old CT [04-04-2009]

doing a report on betsy ross.
marybeth and christian, nj 10 yearls old [04-03-2009]

i learned a lot on the tour i just wish i wouldve been in philli
Darryka [04-03-2009]

i have found betsy extremely interesting
Amanda Gleason, Shullsburg Wi [04-03-2009]

MAISEM SOOFI, iran .24 age [04-02-2009]

Jen, Location: New Castle, Delaware. Age: 22 years old [04-02-2009]

I'm doing a biography of Betsy Ross.
Aidan Barton, 7 [04-02-2009]

Bettie A. Fleming [04-02-2009]

god bless america
ADRIAN & LUCY [04-02-2009]

reba [04-01-2009]

Bailey Summers, 10 [04-01-2009]

Helen Pero [04-01-2009]

Love the website!
anonymous [04-01-2009]

cornelius jackson [04-01-2009]

Antonio, Zaragoza, Spain [04-01-2009]

tiffany evans [04-01-2009]

cornelius jackson [04-01-2009]

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