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Mrs. Schmidt's Second Grade, We are a second grade class in Shawnee, KS. [03-31-2009]

isabelle pidgeon, 46 yrs old [03-31-2009]

Barbara Donnell, Girl Scout Brownie Leader, 60 [03-31-2009]

Thank you for this site; it's good for the kids.
Cara Miller, Female, Beaverton, OR, age 40 [03-31-2009]

Michael Sutherland, Troy, Illinois [03-31-2009]

I am doing a presentaion and book report on Betsy Ross. This site gives me lots of information.
Victoria Doukas, Avon, Connecticut, 7 [03-31-2009]

taylor bombaci, 10 years old, Moriches, NY [03-31-2009]

Albert Wharton [03-29-2009]

ZOE RANON, age 8 [03-27-2009]

i just want to say you are doing agreat job with this website.
bobbybartram, 47 yr old male from north ridgeville,oh [03-27-2009]

I am visiting Philadelphia in December.I didnt know anything about Betsy Ross until today. I am coming with a group of friends, and the house will definately be on our list of places to visit.Interesting and informative site which is well presented.Congratulations!
christine sheridan, Lancashire England [03-27-2009]

This is so great that we can come online to teach our kids history right from haome thanks!
Amanda, Bryan, and Nicholas Foubert, Adairsville, Georgia, 23, and was wanting to show my son about history. [03-27-2009]

KENNETH HIRST [03-27-2009]

abbie [03-26-2009]

Dot Alexander, from VA [03-25-2009]

Vada Montz [03-25-2009]

Connor Mahaffey, 7 from Castle Rock, Colorado [03-25-2009]

spencer [03-25-2009]

Grace [03-25-2009]

Apoorva [03-25-2009]

Julia [03-25-2009]

Calvin [03-25-2009]

Joseph [03-25-2009]

Ryan [03-25-2009]

Sarah [03-25-2009]

Connor [03-25-2009]

grace [03-25-2009]

Shannon [03-25-2009]

Rehma [03-25-2009]

marvin [03-25-2009]

sarah [03-25-2009]

Andrew [03-25-2009]

yanel [03-25-2009]

luke [03-25-2009]

Corinna [03-25-2009]

Leah [03-25-2009]

i gets fresh to death every one knows
amill, 9 [03-25-2009]

Loved coming to this place as a child :)
Shannon, Jmaestown, N.Y. [03-24-2009]

i want ot know who first tols betsy to make the flag
baby [03-24-2009]

Jackie, 19 Years old, TX [03-24-2009]

anonymous, Mrs. Jones' First Grade Class, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [03-24-2009]

will visit again tomorrow
Mrs Shields US History Class, Amesbury High School [03-24-2009]

TONY NASH, Wilmington, NC 38yrs old [03-23-2009]

we are visiting in person on April 11th looking forward to it!
heather curry, 38 san jose california [03-23-2009]

I am including information I learn on a project I am completing for class on the Revolutionary War.
Jade Ward, Ladson, SC 10 years old [03-22-2009]

Teresa Washington, Raceland, KY [03-22-2009]

We will be hosting a "Salute to America" children's fashion show where I work. The children will each be representing a state, to which they will dress up like. I am the presenter of all the children, so will be announcing them as they approach the stage. I wanted to dress the part, and chose Betsey Ross! I am actually doing my homework and getting a little background on my character!
Becky Simshauser, age 30 Waterloo, IL [03-22-2009]

rich swahlan, ballston spa,ny [03-22-2009]

I had the great privilige to visit the Betsy Ross house in 1975. God bless her and our Great Nation
Joyce Kolatosz, I'm about to turn 60, and live in Fl [03-22-2009]

Ms. Zengilani, teacher 3rd grade [03-22-2009]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and doing a play called "The Secret Flag>"
Mrs. Trueblood's STAR class, Ages 8 and 9 [03-20-2009]

Mrs. Trueblood's STAR class, Ages 8 and 9 [03-20-2009]

I am looking forward to taking a live tour through the Betsy Ross House this summer with the family.
Randy Vickrey [03-20-2009]

I love to visit historical places I have been to Williamsburg many times and of course to Washington DC
Joan Uphoff, Pasadena MD. 66 years old [03-20-2009]

tieuhoangtu, 123123123 [03-20-2009]

We are in great awe of her and her life.A true American hero.
Eric Murphy, 39 El Segundo, CA [03-19-2009]

Irene, Spec Ed teacher and President of the Bell County Tx Democratic Women [03-19-2009]

Alicia [03-19-2009]

i am doing a report on betsy and she is awesome
sydney baron, age 10 in torrance, Ca [03-19-2009]

Carolyn Frantz, Michigan, 53, married, [03-19-2009]

Jordan.Payne, Stanford, Ky 11 love history [03-19-2009]

krsitin DIsipio [03-18-2009]

I wanted some information on the American Flag
claudia williams, Camden, Arkansas [03-18-2009]

J. L. Taylor [03-18-2009]

I'm interested in very old stories that are true
Patricia Davis, I live in Indiana, New Salisbury, 47161 and I'm 38 years old [03-18-2009]

was watching ghost hunters and they were in the betsy ross house....
Carole Allen, California - 60 yrs [03-18-2009]

I'm working on a biography of Betsy Ross
Ana Hilton, I am in 5 grade [03-17-2009]

luke, 11 [03-17-2009]

I love this museum
kerry kirby [03-17-2009]

Hope Fisher, Wilmington, NC Age 9 [03-17-2009]

CIndy Freeman [03-17-2009]

I am very proud that she was such a woman to make history with the idea of the American flag
Tina Brooks [03-17-2009]

welfin, miami, FL [03-17-2009]

I am doing my accademic project on Betsy Ross. It is do on Maech 25th. I hope I do well. That is my mom's email
Luke Taylor, 11yrs old Gallia Co. Ohio [03-17-2009]

I`m doing a report on Betsy Ross
Jillian Araya [03-16-2009]

We are loving this project. We are learning so much about Betsy Ross. Thanks for all the info.
LynDee, Mother of a 9 yr old who is doing a project on Betsy Ross [03-16-2009]

doing report on Betsy Ross in school
makayla, 8 years [03-16-2009]

Lisa Harris [03-15-2009]

Thanks for making this possible.
Roberta Collins [03-15-2009]

Jeff Hardisty, Oregon [03-15-2009]

i enjoyed it
hana, san diego california [03-15-2009]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, thanks for having this web site.
Grant Brumback, 8 years old, Independence, KY [03-15-2009]

i wish i will become famuos
DIONNA, 9 [03-15-2009]

My son saw the episode about the house on TAPS and he started asking me questions, so we looked up more information online.
Annette Hernandez [03-13-2009]

Jennifer Moore, Anniston, Alabama [03-13-2009]

Just saw the Betsy Ross house on Ghost Hunters and was interested in looking at pictures of the house and teaching my daughter more about Betsy Ross.
Kim Harveston, Winnsboro, LA - age 42 [03-13-2009]

Cynthia Quintana, philadelphia,24 [03-13-2009]

I really enjoy history.
anonymous [03-13-2009]

This site should be sent to all schools. What a wonderful trip it was and full of knowledge.
Bonnie Roberson Cooter, Grants Pass, Or [03-13-2009]

I think betsy ross was amazing woman for making the american flag
angie woods, Palmdale, California 37 [03-13-2009]

M. Wineland, Beaufort, SC [03-13-2009]

Clarice Derviche-Guelfi, Brazil, 61 years old [03-13-2009]

AMBER COLLINS [03-13-2009]

your tatoly cool
justice, 12 [03-13-2009]

Mary E. Clark, Joshua, Texas. I'm 39 and I'm an ordained non-denominational minister [03-12-2009]

Just watched TAPS about the house, and was interested in learning more about Betsy is all. Thanks!
Paula Graves, Little Rock, Arkansas [03-12-2009]

Mark Stigers, 49 yrs old, Louisville Kentucky [03-12-2009]

Julie Cochrane, 41 yrs old, live in GA [03-12-2009]

I'll never make it out to see the house and take a tour,but this is the next best thing.
Rose Berwanger, Bloomingdale, IL [03-12-2009]

I really enjoyed touring the Betsy Ross House and learned a lot more about her than I ever knew.. Your tour guides we exellent and really gave a great insite to Betsy and also the history of the Home.. Two thumbs up and Thank-you!
Peggy Troxell, Alpena Michigan [03-12-2009]

I saw the episode of the Betsy Ross house on the Ghost Hunters show. I was interested in more about the house.
Debbie, Minnesota, 39 [03-12-2009]

Love history I visited Philly when I was young went to class trips was brought up in new jersey
Candace mcduffey, Live in oklahoma [03-12-2009]

beth [03-12-2009]

LINDA, texas,30 [03-12-2009]

Catie Devine, Raleigh, North Carolina [03-12-2009]

Chinae Lloren-Calica, Pittsburg, CA, 43, single mother of brilliant teen son. [03-12-2009]

David P Buttram, Age 44 Years,Location Independence, MO [03-12-2009]

Tammy Remiker, Albuquerque, NM [03-12-2009]

Sarah Amacher [03-12-2009]

wqnted to see the house that Ghosthunter's investigated
Sandra Colby, Est Bridgewater, MA [03-12-2009]

Working on a report for my daughter's social studies project - thank you for the information.
kristen Canady [03-12-2009]

denise, live in michigan [03-12-2009]

Sara-Jean Kurtz, Erin, TN 20 [03-12-2009]

Traci Sorokanych's second grade class, teach 2nd grade at Aston Elementary School, Aston, PA [03-12-2009]

I want to know if it`s really haunted by her spirit.
Kandyce Cortez, Riverview,MI 32 [03-12-2009]

Is this house really haunted?
Angela Frazine [03-11-2009]

Kathleen Everette, Chesapeake, Virginia [03-10-2009]

I heard about the house on the radio this morning and they were saying how small it is. I live in Olde Towne Alexandria and we also have small houses, one special one on Queen Street measures 7'x40' and thought it would be interesting to tour this house, but I do not travel.
Bea Porter, Alexandria, VA [03-10-2009]

betsy ross [03-10-2009]

Dawn [03-10-2009]

David, 5th Grade, California [03-10-2009]

Cheyenne Perling [03-10-2009]

the reason im taking this tour is for school
chynalyn, 13 [03-09-2009]

This house is a wonderful treasure.
Irene Brown, Proud Grandmother who is planning to take her 6 yr old Grandson for his first visit to the Betsy Ross House [03-09-2009]

michael [03-09-2009]

Sally Crockapits, 575 Rose St. Park Ridge,NJ 14637 [03-09-2009]

My daughter is in 3rd grade. She has to do a report on a famous person. She has chosen Betsy Ross and is doing her project in a scrapbook form.
Michala Robb and Summer Summers, Antioch, TN. [03-09-2009]

St. Francis Xavier School Grade 2 Students [03-09-2009]

Jessica Osmundson, Buffalo, Mt [03-09-2009]

Kathleen Starr, El Maton, Texas - old enough not to tell! [03-09-2009]

Julia Rae Foust, 9 years old, live in Coventry, Ct., play violin, excellent artist, love to dance, interested in learning about Betsy Ross [03-09-2009]

I am a 2nd Grader at Cassingham Elementary and wn e are studying Notable People. I picked Betsy Ross and will be making a time capsule of items she may have put in one. I am also dressing like she may have with my costume purchased in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Jayne Host, 2nd Grader in Bexley, Ohio [03-09-2009]

Ms. Wright's Kindergartners [03-09-2009]

I visited Betsy Ross' house in the 50s with relatives from AL. and we enjoyed it tremendously.
samuella woodrow, lancaster county, pa [03-09-2009]

Janet Pietzold, Eugene Oregon [03-09-2009]

We talked about Betsy Ross and wanted to learn more
Miss Hill's Kindergarten Class, New Jersey [03-09-2009]

I hope I'll like this place.
?, Bay Area [03-09-2009]

Emma Green, 56, 7'9 [03-09-2009]

Mrs. Jula, teacher-3rd grade [03-09-2009]

caleb mobley, schoolproject, age10. alabama [03-09-2009]

Victoria [03-09-2009]

I am doing a book report and presentation on Betsy Ross.
Ursula, Paradise Valley, AZ Age 8 [03-03-2009]

Doris Charmasson, I am 44 live in Woodward, ok, And I love history Thanks to Dr. Deena Fisher a college professor [03-03-2009]

Sanaa, ca, 34 [03-03-2009]

Hi im back for more information i had lots of fun last time
Destanie, Age 11 liv in Indiania [03-03-2009]

Kaholy Vasquez, 7th Grade English Teacher [03-03-2009]

i have found in my grandmothers house one of these certificates # 107956 betst ross memorial association. issue 1913. series k made out to my great great grand father ward m eichelburger.this is neat
paul hendrickson, cumberland md 55 YEARS OLD [03-03-2009]

Sheri Pulido, St. Joseph, MO [03-03-2009]

I feel so happy to sign the Betzy Ross book.
Emma Pinzon Dyer, Panamenan ( N.Y. Queens Rosedale, 51 [03-03-2009]

Kathleen, 14 [02-27-2009]

Im doing a report on betsy ross and if your doing one use this web page.
Destanie, age11 live in indiania [02-27-2009]

Thank you for the tour!
Luz Legra, Tampa, FL [02-27-2009]

barbara stone, i am a director of a child care center [02-27-2009]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Catherine Brooks, 5th grader in Alabama [02-27-2009]

I am doing a living wax museum for a history project at school and I will be Betsy Ross!
Sofia Philo, Age 10, Detroit, Michigan [02-27-2009]

hi hi hi
aleiah [02-27-2009]

kathy carroll, Garden City Michigan, 39 year old female [02-27-2009]

Olivia, Chloe, and Morgan [02-27-2009]

shantel, 14 michigan [02-27-2009]

Love history! Thanks for the tour
Whitney Holt, little town in Texas [02-27-2009]

ashton, i am 8 yo [02-27-2009]

I am writing a book report for my 4th grade class on Betsy Ross.
Brittany Owen, Kankakee, IL age:10 [02-26-2009]

i go to baker elem. school, we are going to do a history probe, i will be betsy ross. so i have to find all imformation i can. thank you, hannah
HANNAH AURANDT, altoona pa. age10 [02-26-2009]

Betsy we are studying your life for a presentation for my daughter's home school group. Women in History is a fascinating topic for me. You have been traced back genealogically to be a relative of mine.
Cassie, Roseville, IL female 32 [02-26-2009]

Mrs. Harris's Kindergarten class [02-26-2009]

tori mathes, Williamsburg,Va-29-school progect [02-26-2009]

anonymous [02-25-2009]

Tessa Eberhard, Live in Sylmar, CA, Age 10 [02-25-2009]

Touring site for a school project
Haley Roccaforte, 16 years old [02-25-2009]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and are happy to visit her home.
Mrs. Robinson's Kindergarten Class, kindergarteners [02-25-2009]

This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than homework!
Susan Bonds [02-24-2009]

I am doing a bigorfey on Betsy Ross
Ashton Clark, 7 yo [02-24-2009]

Hi, everyone I am doing this for school. Bye!
Caitlyn Schuette, Virginia Beach, 8 years old [02-24-2009]

Louann Gobea [02-24-2009]

Lauren Ade [02-24-2009]

My 4th great-grandfather was a captain in the Virginia Militia, who was killed in 1777. I have great pride in my country and what freedom stands for. In these times of political unrest, it is comforting to visit these historical sites. Thank you.
Linda (Tarrant) DeGuise, Michigan, age 51 [02-23-2009]

Carolyn Richardson [02-23-2009]

I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Olivia [02-23-2009]

c, teacher [02-23-2009]

Bonnie Rogers [02-22-2009]

I would like to know why did betsy ross have a lot cob webs in her house before she died?
sharon gibbons, 46 yrs old phenix city,al [02-22-2009]

We are learning about Betsy Ross at school.
Connor McCarver, 7 [02-22-2009]

im doing a report
anonymous [02-22-2009]

Edward Kinney, live in Pendleton, OR age 48 [02-22-2009]

I just love history
paula furches [02-22-2009]

Hi Just wondering if the 5 point star was a concept of the day because it was used as a ritual piece in pagans hay-days as the perfect form of a human and the circle around it was the pentacle was the symbolic man in complete harmonious being with the universal powers. I wonder if good old betsy hasn't been telling us something all these long years. Have a wonderful day.. Ray in Sacramento, ca
Ray Gutierrez, Born In The USA Male 58 / Red Bluff, CA [02-21-2009]

I have been assigned a history project, and at the time, I thought it would be stupid to be a flag designer for Project History. When I started to look up Betsy Ross's biography, I was inspired. This amazing woman grieved, had kids, and STILL designed a flag for our country and ran a business. We think our lives are hectic, but when you actually open your eyes you see that the people back then had the same problems we do now. Betsy Ross is amazing and I wish she could see this. She has totally inspired me to work hard, and not to give up. Thank you Betsy, and thank you everyone that has kept this website up and going. I really appreciate it!
Jessica Burton, Davison, Michigan. 13. 8th grade. Davison Middle School. [02-21-2009]

anonymous [02-21-2009]

Our kindergarten class has been learning about Betsy Ross and the flag this week. We thought we'd see what Betsy Ross' house was like.
Terri DuBose, Macon, GA [02-21-2009]

rita alessandrini, Philadelphia, 52 [02-21-2009]

Whitney, Kentucky 21, Student Teacher [02-20-2009]

Melissa Busch, nj, usa [02-20-2009]

Elizabeth Bailey, Temple, TX [02-20-2009]

My daughter is doing a school project
Stacey Tolson [02-20-2009]

Alisha, I live in Michigan, I am 27 and we are working on a school project for my daughter, Hannah. She is in the 2nd grade. [02-19-2009]

I am doing a school project about Betsy Ross (a sixth grade project) please If you know of any other good sites to find information send it to me. Please do not E-Mail to much.TMS (Titusville Middle School) project.
Tonya frame, Pleasantville,12, [02-19-2009]

rebecca, 10 [02-19-2009]

Looking for a school we think our mother attended after high school in LaCross Wi It had sasign over the porch that said Betsy Ross school, are mother was a very good seamstress and she has neen gone for 30 yrs and we just found the picture. I hope you can help me
sharon, Berlin WI age 64 [02-18-2009]

i have to do a book report
taylor, rayne,la im 11 years old, i go to school [02-18-2009]

Gabi, 8 years old [02-18-2009]

We will be in Philadelphia on March 2, 2009 and hope to visit Betsy Ross's house in person.
The Harbers, Tucson, AZ [02-18-2009]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and her first flag of The United States of America.
Katelyn Tate, 7 yrs. old, from Alabama [02-18-2009]

Kristine Licata, Mission Viejo, CA [02-18-2009]

teagan clark, odessa,tx [02-17-2009]

Tyler, Walnutport, PA - Age 8 [02-17-2009]

Ava Borskey, Louisiana [02-17-2009]

anonymous, 43, married mother of one daughter, raised in Southeastern, PA - have never seen Betsy Ross house! [02-17-2009]

Caroine, brandon fl [02-17-2009]

Teagan Clark [02-17-2009]

I am doing a school project.
Allie, Elizabethtown, PA- 5th grader [02-17-2009]

History is great!
angela frost, chatt., tn [02-17-2009]

anonymous, coming to Phila. in May [02-17-2009]

Terri [02-17-2009]

kiley [02-17-2009]

1st grade teacher...unit study of USA
anonymous, St Louis, MO [02-17-2009]

christy wagoner [02-17-2009]

Doug Short [02-17-2009]

kara and david thompson, Rogers, Arkansas, 32 and 43.... [02-17-2009]

isakimi offutt [02-17-2009]

Elizabeth [02-17-2009]

mayra, 17,ca [02-14-2009]

Danarose Kiser-Geberin [02-14-2009]

Deborah Lundeen, Farmville, VA; 18th century living historian [02-14-2009]

Pat & Lindsey, Stigler, Ok, my daughter has to do a report on Besty Ross, she is in the first grade [02-14-2009]

anonymous, 57, education writer [02-14-2009]

just for study skillsabout history !
evanne, virginia [02-14-2009]

Zoe, Memphis [02-14-2009]

Very interested in histroy. Thank you for an opportunity to tour the house.
Whitney Holt, From Texas Age 15 [02-12-2009]

heather, 9 school report [02-12-2009]

anthony deaton, age 17 [02-12-2009]

Joanthan Mcgee, age 15 [02-12-2009]

Susan Streight, Morris, OK, teacher [02-12-2009]

i am doing a report on her and i would like to see her house
Beighley, 10 girl cute funny [02-11-2009]

anonymous, 24 [02-11-2009]

Nicole Barber, Woodbine,GA [02-11-2009]

i like going on tours to historical sites in our country ect...
corina valdez, madera c.a. 41 years old [02-11-2009]

I going to do a hisorical fiction about betsy and the first flag. thanks for the info.
MB [02-11-2009]

I was looking for information to use with my class and came across this site. I plan to let my class take a virtual tour here.
Karen Atkinson, 5th grade history teacher [02-11-2009]

Grace Banta, Lou. KY. age6 [02-11-2009]

Karmen Burrell [02-10-2009]

Fannie Lloyd, I'm 64 years old helping my grandson with school project [02-10-2009]

Arnetta Osborne, Nashville, TN [02-09-2009]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, She was a wonderful person and did a great job on the flag.
Britani, AGE 11, LIVE IN Vermont [02-09-2009]

rachel pratt, bryan, tx i am 9 years old [02-09-2009]

rebecca heath [02-09-2009]

Kira, I am visiting from Germany [02-09-2009]

i need to know a lot of information about betsy ross and the first american flag so i can make the flag for a project and i also need to know how the house/shop where betsy made the flag looked like before so i can make that aslo.can you please help me??
jessica inga, 12 yrs old [02-09-2009]

Polly Matthes, Calf. teacher [02-09-2009]

abbey [02-09-2009]

Gabriella, age !5 [02-09-2009]

I love to learn of the past and everthing that happen back then. This helped me a lot for school in my Government class. Thank you for making this to help us that like to learn of the past. Also on the first flag of the United States made by Betst Ross. Thank you!
Angel, Fl, 16 [02-06-2009]

this is soooooooooooooo cool
kaitlyn, age(9) [02-06-2009]

Thank you for this opportunity!
The Millers, Scottsbluff, NE homeschoolers [02-06-2009]

teresa, new jersey [02-05-2009]

Natalia Elementary Second Grade [02-05-2009]

Jennifer Dement, Kindergarten Teacher in Whittier CA [02-05-2009]

l love u
bug, america [02-05-2009]

jr. class - montessori children's academy [02-05-2009]

Bryan Kirchoff, michigan [02-04-2009]

mary oakley [02-04-2009]

estrada, woodburn [02-04-2009]

Doing research on her for school
Morgan Tate, 7 [02-03-2009]

Maryellen Montpelier [02-03-2009]

Cassandra M., Avella, Pa.,Age 10 [02-03-2009]

im doing a social studies project on her and i also want to learn more about her and how she made the first flag
sandii, im 13 years [02-03-2009]

catrina gillis, Georgia 35 single mother of 5 and seeking employment [02-03-2009]

Bernie pena, Hispanic, from south texas, 43, Loves history. [02-03-2009]

Some of our students are reading biographies of Betsy Ross and doing presentations. They will be viewing the site and may use the tour in their presentations.
W Evans, Texas [02-03-2009]

Julia Richard [02-02-2009]

My students are researching people who contributed to the American Revolutionary War effort. I am researching Betsy Ross to use as an example. What a great site!
Mrs. M. Louise Gibson, 60 year old Humanities Teacher from Sonora, California [02-01-2009]

kellie, 22 female, Freeport Grand Bahamas. From ogden, Utah taking a history class. [02-01-2009]

Sara Shine, Las Vegas, NV, 23 [02-01-2009]

My 7 yo son, Jerret, and I just finished a biography about Betsy Ross, and are checing out this website for more information.
cheryl, I am 47, and live in Temecula, Ca [02-01-2009]

Love this sight. History notebooking and doing reports on great women in history. Betsy definitely was that! Thank you.
Lori and Maisy Ruble, Homeschool mom and 3rd grader [02-01-2009]

I'm studying Betsy Ross for a biography project in History and will make a Betsy Ross puppet.
Isabel, Colorado, 9 yrs old [01-29-2009]

nakia, 10 [01-29-2009]

Fiona, I am 7 and I am doing a report. [01-29-2009]

i am doind a history report on betsy ross
Elena Diaz, Michigan age 9 [01-29-2009]

Kallea Jo Vandersteen, 21 years old in UT. Weber State University History assignment. [01-28-2009]

Andrea Vandehei, West Haven, Utah 45y. [01-28-2009]

Visited the Betsy Ross House when I was about 12 years old .
Maggie, 51 years old [01-27-2009]

Grace, age 7 [01-27-2009]

Having sons in the military makes the American flag and the National Anthem so much more meaningful! God Bless America,and our Military!
Nancy Lawson, Born and raised in Ohio,Proud mom of son in the Navy and one a Marine. [01-27-2009]

I remember learning about Besty Ross in history class years ago. My daughter is learning about her and other historic events such as the Liberty Bell, Paul Revere's Ride, Bill of Rights and so on. Thank you for the opportunity to show her history and about what I also got so see and learn about when I was a little girl.
Joy DeLand, Jackson, Michigan [01-27-2009]

Jodie Stoddard [01-27-2009]

paige, ny,11.singer [01-27-2009]

Hi I am visting this website for info on Betsy ross for a school report thank you so much your friend anisha
Anisha, Newark, Ohio 8 years old [01-27-2009]

My 2nd grader is writing a report on a famous American....we are researching Betsy Ross....
Kelli Eaton, Orlando, FL 40 years old (7 year old daughter) [01-27-2009]

florence [01-27-2009]

Thank you for providing this website.
lvasquez, L.A. 47, teacher [01-27-2009]

Carolyn, age - 45, college student [01-27-2009]

Absolutely fascinating! When one thinks about it, what the founders of the United States accomplished is mind-boggling, especially without any type of technology. I stand in awe of Betsy Ross and her contemporaries.
Barbara Brafman, New York, NY [01-26-2009]

Hannah Smith [01-26-2009]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House Tour with my family during a summer vacation 2 years ago. I am researching Patriotic badges to do with my Girl Scout Troop and thought I would visit again (virtual visit)
Janet Skokowski, Girl Scout Leader in New England [01-26-2009]

david colton [01-26-2009]

I'm doing my school report on Betsy Ross for UNF
Jacob Voros, Ponte Vedra Beach Fl I'm 13 years old [01-26-2009]

Brittani, 11 [01-26-2009]

Missy, History student at Weber State Univ. in Utah [01-26-2009]

Paige Nowag, nv [01-26-2009]

Derick Turner, Utah, 30, Student [01-26-2009]

My class is having a wax museum. Christa Ford, a student, is Betsey Ross and our class is touring Betsy's house.
Mrs. Watt, Rich Pond Elementary [01-23-2009]

Morgan Hamil, Woodstock, Ga 18 [01-23-2009]

alex [01-23-2009]

Linda Fussell, ny, ny [01-23-2009]

Sue Mender [01-23-2009]

Kendra Kerney, Washington state / 9 years old [01-23-2009]

TIFFANMY [01-23-2009]

amanda [01-23-2009]

I am looking at your site as part of a research project that I am doing. So far it looks really interesting.
Andrew Cross, 20 years old, college student [01-23-2009]

sonya [01-21-2009]

Jaimee Moffit, I am a 33 year old mother of 4 and a returning college student from Utah. [01-21-2009]

Sonny Johansson, Sweden [01-21-2009]

anonymous [01-21-2009]

April Wilson, Parkersburg, WV [01-21-2009]

deborah allen, bethany, oklahoma 46 [01-21-2009]

anonymous [01-21-2009]

Thank you for letting us register in the book
Dorinda & Dasha Nkembe [01-21-2009]

Thank you for having this available.
S Wallace, clearfield, UT, 32 [01-20-2009]

Tamera [01-20-2009]

john, NC, second grade [01-20-2009]

marquita wallace, concord n,c 28025,25 [01-20-2009]

Doing a book report
Bailey, 7 years old, CA [01-18-2009]

We toured Philadelphia in the Autumn of 2008,and visited the Betsy Ross house while there.We fell in love with the city,and will certainly come back.
Shari Grant, Scotland [01-18-2009]

Laurel Larramendi, Bossier City, Louisiana -- age 5 -- Learning about the history of the flag. [01-18-2009]

Ciara Ward, 13 [01-18-2009]

thank you for your site
Jenn, homeschool mom of three [01-18-2009]

asdeava [01-16-2009]

no comments yet.
Dawn Cherry, student [01-15-2009]

Janice Ross, my real name is ross I m a grandma who's granddaughter victoria ross want to do besty ross [01-15-2009]

Kimberly Overmeyer [01-15-2009]

hi, hi [01-15-2009]

you are very popular
anonymous [01-14-2009]

Sierra, 8 years old [01-14-2009]

Rachel Butler [01-14-2009]

Jade Fusilier, Louisiana, age 11 [01-14-2009]

helen myers [01-14-2009]

Gloria Mckenzie, Murrieta, California [01-13-2009]

My daughter is doing a History report on Betsy Ross. I can't wait to take her on the virtual tour!
Angela Carey, Cedar Hill, Texas (just south of Dallas) history buff [01-13-2009]

Coleen [01-13-2009]

Elisabeth [01-13-2009]

My fourth grade class and I are taking this tour. We're curious about Betsy Ross.
Doreen Kabot [01-13-2009]

My 6 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross so we thought this would be helpful.
Mary Decker, Glasgow, Ky. [01-12-2009]

J [01-12-2009]

Olivia and Isabelle, 6 and 3 [01-11-2009]

theda brown [01-11-2009]

Oumer Reshid Nassir [01-10-2009]

bree [01-10-2009]

I enjoy touring interesting cities, such as Philadelphia, and then writing stories about them to post on an online writing site. I am including the Betsy Ross House in my Philadelphia tour story.
anonymous, Arlington, Virginia - age 66 - student of American History [01-10-2009]

hi, hi [01-09-2009]

checking out to see if appropriate for first grade.
JaneEllen, teacher-first grade [01-09-2009]

We use calendar events to support our social studies curriculum and Betsy Ross is January 1st. Our classes enjoy the virtual tour.
Mrs. Weibley, 2nd grade teacher in Central PA [01-09-2009]

Brooklynn [01-09-2009]

Alyssa Weast, caldwell, Id [01-08-2009]

Susan and Lyndsey Bottoms, Age 7, live in North Carolina [01-08-2009]

I'm doing a report on famous women in history and picked Betsy Ross.
Emily, Kinsgston Pa age 9 [01-08-2009]

Mary Benson, St Louis, MO 28 [01-08-2009]

Dear Betsy, Hi! How did you make the flag?
Kallyn, Aidan,Ethan. Joe, second grade students [01-08-2009]

My husband toured the home last year. My daughter is now writing a second grade essay on the life of Betsy Ross. I probably visited the house in 1975, but I don't remember it (only the Liberty Bell). I am eager to see it once more.
Amy Elder [01-07-2009]

Kerry Kirby, I have visited this museum in Boston and it was wonderful! [01-07-2009]

Emma Ross, age 8 Shoreview MN [01-07-2009]

I am doing my History project on Betsy Ross and so far I have found this site VERY helpful! Thank you very much!
Susanna Carver, I live in Acworth, GA and I am in the 7th grade at North Cobb Christian School and I am 13 years old [01-07-2009]

Barbara Hughes, Middleboro Massachusetts [01-03-2009]

susanpatterson [01-02-2009]

Betsy Bruner, Dallas, TX [01-02-2009]

Chris Henry, St Albans WV [01-01-2009]

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