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I think this website is amazing. I am going to use it with my students when we get to this portion os history.
Paige Chastain, Teacher, Green Isle CHildren's Ranch, Clermont FLorida [12-31-2008]

Mayra, Fremont CA ;age 15 [12-31-2008]

I've always loved the fact that the flag was made of silk. I think this is a correct fact. I'm sure I'll find out as I browse this website. I'm a 54 year old, happily married woman in Utah. No I am not a mormon. But, I am a seamstress and a therapist. I am excited to begin this tour, so I'll say Thank You in advance and be on my way!
Katy Hilton [12-29-2008]

I will be visiting Betsy's home this summer with a group of students. I know this will be one of the highlights of our trip.
Linda Hedges, Arizona, 49 [12-29-2008]

I just love our founding fathers and the interest is real as I love colonial williamsburg and pa. I love to read about history and the liberty bell and washington and ben franklin etc. So betst ross is terrific... God Bless you all.
velma witkowski, mother of three and a christian and love american history [12-29-2008]

I love history. I am a voracious reader of history books and love to visit historic sites.
Hector R. Martinez, 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Suite S1608, Philadelphia PA 19130 [12-29-2008]

Ed Glowania, 305 Louise ave Croydon Pa 19021 [12-26-2008]

Anita Schrott [12-26-2008]

Nuala, Age 9, Boston [12-22-2008]

In making a gift for my sister for Christmas I ran across this site. What an inspiration. I learned a lot and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Have a Blessed Holiday Season.
Judy williams [12-22-2008]

Thanks for letting us visit!
Mrs. Maples' Second Grade Class [12-19-2008]

i loved itnow i am doing resurch 4 school
liza frazier [12-18-2008]

hey mrs.ross
cristina, schoool 15 [12-18-2008]

Our first grade class is taking a virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house! Thanks for all the good information!
Lauren McClain, Oklahoma City [12-18-2008]

anonymous, teacher [12-18-2008]

Loved the visit we had to Philly and considering doing a social studies project on it!
The Sumpters, Jonesboro, GA [12-18-2008]

Kyla Welch, Mississippi, age 13 [12-18-2008]

BOB, age: 12 [12-18-2008]

Diane Prophet, I live in Alexandria, Indiana and am 55 years old [12-18-2008]

Love reading about Betsy Ross
Melody Hillman, Teacher, 2nd grade, Arizona [12-16-2008]

Beatrice [12-16-2008]

Students would like to use this site for their research on Betsy Ross. Looks like a great place for information.!:)
Ms Green, Teacher of gifted students studying Betsy Ross and the American Revolution. [12-15-2008]

i already visited, but i am doing a project, so i wanted to see more
Liza Frazier, age :13 location:conshohocken [12-15-2008]

Tess [12-15-2008]

Emma, Boston, MA [12-15-2008]

I'm doing some research with my daughter for a Girl Scout project.
denise, Richton Park, IL, 55 [12-15-2008]

This historical house is cool
Jill, Myerstown [12-11-2008]

Came to this site researching information for my Girl Scout Troop
Tracie, Albuquerque, NM [12-11-2008]

We are taking a tour of this site to learn more about Betsy Ross. Our daughter is doing a "wax museum" report for school and chose Betsy Ross as the character she wanted to portray.
From Utah [12-10-2008]

emilia [12-10-2008]

Shirley C Stevwing [12-10-2008]

alicia, I rock! [12-10-2008]

I really thank that betsy ross is the coolest thang ever.
jerrylofton, I'm in 7th grade,andi'm years of age. [12-10-2008]

I visited the Betsy Ross house with a tour group from West Virginia and we did a 10 day New England Trip. I noticed she had been married to an Ashburn and that was my grandmothers maiden name--It would be really neat if I could get some back ground on the Ashburn person she was married to---the home was very exciting to visit and I am still trying to figure out how she got up and down the spiral steps that are so narrow with a hoop on and her dress and how she fed all those children in one room and her bed and bedroom was very small--the house had to feel cramped even though it was a beautiful place.
Betty Jo Brooks, Weston, West Virginia---52 [12-09-2008]

Sandy, Maine, tech integrator [12-09-2008]

Leah Bishop, tn,13 [12-08-2008]

Alisia Leas [12-08-2008]

Michael Griffith, TEach 7th Grade Geography [12-04-2008]

I am a student teacher and was looking for places to take kids on a virtural field trip. With this being an election year it only seemed appropriate to visit patriotic sites. I really appreciate the time and effort that your staff went through to put this together. You will never know who much sites like these help the classroom teach. Thank you very much.
Ashley Easley, Texas [12-04-2008]

I like the way she sewed the flag.
Joanna, 8 years old [12-03-2008]

im doing a project on betsy ross
angela, 13 [12-03-2008]

KAren [12-03-2008]

desiree brooke mallory, 8 yr old mo. [11-30-2008]

This website helped me with my 3rd grade project. Thank you so much!
Savannah Stewart, Marietta, GA Age 8 [11-30-2008]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Aria Rosemarie Walker, age 7 [11-30-2008]

tom [11-26-2008]

came to see betsy ross house on 11/24/ was closed. we were dissappointed.
angela colonna, live in staten island age 61 [11-25-2008]

lexi [11-25-2008]

Matthew's mom grow up in the area, and was able to enjoy not just this but other great treasures of Philly. Mommy was so glad to find this and explain extra to me. Thank you.
Mommy/Matthew [11-24-2008]

Dorothy Hartman, Middle school teacher, Springfield, MA [11-24-2008]

i would love to see her house
Alah [11-24-2008]

My 9 year old daughter just did a History project/report and she was Betsy Ross.I wished we could've had this website for information and pictures.She was to dress-up,Bbut we had no pictures in our encyclopedia.
LMOMumberton,N.C., mom [11-21-2008]

KC Laub, i am 17 [11-21-2008]

YO Bestsie!
Bree Wilkins, 13 [11-21-2008]

Brittney B. [11-21-2008]

Kim [11-21-2008]

Wandalyne McClure [11-20-2008]

i hope its cool. :D
jessica [11-20-2008]

Jennifer Lewis, Mobile, AL [11-20-2008]

Sammy Graves [11-20-2008]

I am so very proud and Thankful to be born and raised is this amazing and very Important city...
Andrea Suarez [11-20-2008]

Like to visit sometime.
Ken Klinker, Houston, Tx 43 [11-20-2008]

did you make the flag
anonymous [11-19-2008]

Ann Piro, New Mexico, 35, My son is doing a projecton Betsy Ross. [11-19-2008]

Corrado Del Rosso, New Jersey [11-19-2008]

Zoe Johanni, Westlake, Ohio, 10 [11-19-2008]

Ms. Morgan's Room 14 [11-18-2008]

We are learning about the history of the flag.
Punxsutwaney 9-12 History Class - Rydbom, Class range from 9-12, LS History [11-18-2008]

Alejandra Contreras [11-18-2008]

Melina Velleman [11-18-2008]

Linda, Cumming, GA [11-18-2008]

Vanessa Jackson, Texas, 37, female [11-17-2008]

anastasia, sicklerville [11-17-2008]

Go Betsy! She was a modern woman in not so modern times!
Brenda Dutton, Student, age 35, Newman Lake WA [11-17-2008]

Roberta Moore, MWF/36/withchildren/ Williamsport, PA [11-17-2008]

KELLY [11-17-2008]

I wasn't a member of the Military, however I have 150% complete respect and love for those who have fought for our freedoms. Those that sacraficed and continue today, from the men and women to their families. GOD BLESS US ALL!
Amy Broich, Palm Springs, California, 44 [11-17-2008]

michelle [11-17-2008]

Teaching my daughter about Betsy Ross
Michelle Detwiler, Mom and history buff [11-17-2008]

Mrs. Sanders' 1st grade class, Arthur W. Edwards Elem. Havelock, NC [11-14-2008]

I was born and raised in Philly. My granddaughter is studying about the American Revolution in 2nd grade. I told her I actually visited Betsy Ross' house many times, as well as Independence Hall, and that Benjamin Franklin is buried in Philadelphia. Makes this all the more real to her.
Celeste Brodeur, Clarksville, TN [11-14-2008]

charlie wills [11-13-2008]

This site is cool.
Nicole Beckmann, Grand Rapids, MI. Age 7. [11-13-2008]

Dylan Beckmann, Grand Rapids, Michigan - 11 - 6th grade [11-13-2008]

rose [11-13-2008]

Bill and Kelly Linsky [11-12-2008]

god bless america
VOYCE DRYDEN, age 63 jacksonville fl [11-12-2008]

i wish i was metting her
rebecca, i am 12 years old [11-12-2008]

Pamela Munson, Spokane, WA Age 36yrs [11-12-2008]

erikah [11-12-2008]

Ryan Dauss, Student at Concordia University [11-12-2008]

Dean Packer, York, Pa, 50 [11-12-2008]

studying betsy ross during freedom week wanted to see betsy ross's house.
hodgson's 2nd grade class, shawnee, OK [11-12-2008]

I was looking for educational resources for Flag Day. This will be great!
Helen Crawford, Teaching Assistant Computer Lab [11-12-2008]

julian french, barre 15 [11-12-2008]

kayfox [11-10-2008]

i recently took a real tour of betsy ross house and it was incredible
jasmine mcrae [11-10-2008]

Jeanne Malone [11-08-2008]

donna yelvington, 52 [11-08-2008]

Thank you for preseving a part of our history
Steven Wright, Seattle, Wa. 61 years old Navy Vet [11-08-2008]

Priscilla Higuera, 33 years, Mexico City [11-08-2008]

jon konokers, alberqurqe arizona [11-07-2008]

Thanks for sharing!
Justin, age 8 [11-07-2008]

amy Goodman, kuansas [11-06-2008]

Terry Hite, kansas [11-06-2008]

Hayley Marr, Kansas [11-06-2008]

Brandi kile, ksansas [11-06-2008]

hannah sheppard [11-06-2008]

Ben Olswfski [11-06-2008]

grichardson, teacher, Arkansas [11-06-2008]

anonymous [11-06-2008]

Brian Keyeck, Lilburn, GA [11-06-2008]

Tristan E Ladd, im 9 years old and i did a report on a betsy [11-04-2008]

Cindy, 58, librarian, Ulysses, KS [11-04-2008]

my teacher told me that betsy ross made the first american flag
gabriela, student in pasadena [11-04-2008]

JOHN BRUNGER, Teacher in Hurst-Euless-Bedford, Texas [11-04-2008]

Michaela Chasse, nothing [11-04-2008]

John Wallace, New Orleans, LA., 33, United States Marine Corps [11-03-2008]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Kate Lantz, Hattiesburg, MS Age 11 [11-02-2008]

David Maurer, Hammond, La [11-02-2008]

Thank for allowing me to tour, it for a history class.
Tangela, 18 [11-02-2008]

Hailey Raynor [10-31-2008]

Richard Sutherland, Liverpool UK [10-31-2008]

Charles Robertson [10-31-2008]

students are reading "Our Flag" for guided reading
anonymous, teacher, 2nd grade, new jersey avenue school, nj [10-30-2008]

I am giving a presentation at school about Betsy Ross and I wanted to see her house. She is very interesting and seemed to be a woman of great courage.
Kelsee Foote, Casper, Wyoming 10 [10-30-2008]

Angelia Shaffer, I am 13 and in 8th grade. i am doing a project on Besty Ross.. [10-30-2008]

Falker, beaumont texas 31 [10-30-2008]

Jimmy M Thomas, Fort Worth, Texas 44 years old [10-29-2008]

Lee Ann Kirby [10-29-2008]

creece [10-29-2008]

Touring with my first grade class.
Kelly Marini [10-29-2008]

anonymous, teacher [10-29-2008]

maggie, 5 yr old girl from western, pennsylvania [10-29-2008]

Carter Taylor [10-28-2008]

Sophia Elisech, I'm from Freeland Michigan and im 10 yrs old and i am doing a report on her. [10-28-2008]

Thank you for this information. My class really enjoyed it.
Ms. Fant's Class [10-28-2008]

anonymous [10-27-2008]

I'm so pleased that this house has been preserved. In some ways, it is irrelevant whether or not this is the actual house in which the flag was made. It stands as a testament to a patriotic and brave woman who deserves to be remembered.
Dana, West Chester, PA [10-27-2008]

elisabeth rogers, orange park [10-27-2008]

Terry Montgomery, educator [10-27-2008]

carla baker [10-27-2008]

R Scott [10-24-2008]

Brenda Appleton [10-24-2008]

angela degroat, nj [10-24-2008]

We were discussing the AMerican flag and found this site!
Mrs. Smith's Class - Third Grade,, Teacher for third graders [10-24-2008]

everett r. mansfield, jr, a New York Knickerbocker from Troy and now lives in NYC [10-23-2008]

As a Seamstress myself I think I can appreciate the talents of Betsy Ross also I often use her name as a screen name on web sites to raise the awareness of her moniker.
Kathleen Cox, I am 52 I visited this site when I was 17 years old this month I shall return with my 17 year-old daughter to visit once again [10-22-2008]

Darlene Carter [10-22-2008]

I might possibly do a history day report on Betsy.
Rissa Sanchez [10-20-2008]

i will soon be the state madam president of the arkansas fraternal order of the eagles. we pick certain things to be our symbols and iam going red,white,and blue so i thought i would get some history.
margaret kapelski, midway arkansas 47 [10-20-2008]

yolanda rolax [10-20-2008]

god bless america
Jeffrey McGow, Reading, Penna. [10-18-2008]

I'm working on a research project ion Betsy Ross. So I'm hoping this will help me with some information and I may tell my teacher we should come visit her home.
Katelyn Goodhart, 13, Towson MD. [10-18-2008]

I visited the Betsy Ross house back in Fall of 1992 at which time I attended college at Northestern Christian Jr. College which has now closed down and merged with Ohio Valley College in 1993. I have always been fasinated with the Betsy Ross house and the Revolutionary War!
Sussie Slaugenhaupt, I currently live in Cana, VA. [10-18-2008]

Hayley [10-18-2008]

becca [10-18-2008]

Love and respect our history and price paid throughout our history for freedom.
Sue Harris, Waukegan, IL [10-18-2008]

I wanted information on Betsy Ross. We are celebrating United Nations Day at our Local Lions Club, and my Lion and myself are in charge of the U.S. pavillion on this activity to be celebrated on October 25, 2008. I will be dressing up like her..
Elizabeth Morales, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, 55 years young [10-15-2008]

thank god for this country may not forget the ones who died for our freedom.
jerry kiser, kingston tn age 47 [10-15-2008]

Dude this thing is awesome!
Melissa [10-14-2008]

Elaine Browning, Member of DAR in St. Charles, MO [10-14-2008]

hope to understand that period of age
anonymous [10-14-2008]

Mallory Cradit [10-14-2008]

hi! this is cool
justine [10-14-2008]

I stayed a month in Philladelphia in the 1960's and have a number of collectible souveniers from there. I have just received a small model of Betsy Ross House and am interested in knowing the history of it behind it.
Raymond Probert, Bushey,England, UK. 65 year old englishman! [10-11-2008]

The Betsy Ross home page is a treasure!
Don Linton [10-11-2008]

Tricia Ashcraft, anchorage alaska [10-10-2008]

I love Betsy Ross! I'm going to be her for halloween! thanks for this website
Johanne [10-10-2008]

doing research for second grade class
Jack Studier, Cedar Rapids, Ia, 8 years old [10-09-2008]

Paula SheaCalvert [10-08-2008]

Eugina [10-08-2008]

Emily Rose Bellacomo, age 7 [10-08-2008]

Kathy Nenadovich, Richfield, Ohio Aged 50 years old [10-07-2008]

TALIA ALOSI, atlantic city, 10 [10-07-2008]

I am a relative of Betsy, the Griscom side and was looking for information. Thanks!
meghan, Barnegat, NJ, 34 yrs old [10-07-2008]

Michael Scott [10-06-2008]

our flag flies so high it circles the earth daily,dream on and wave to the moon our flag will wave back.
faina silber, happy american [10-06-2008]

Just visited PA and loved it. Really interesting
Cindy, 51, Chicago, IL [10-06-2008]

michael eldridge, alabama, 29, [10-04-2008]

janet [10-03-2008]

Being from NYC, I remember Philadelphia as a child visiting my dad's aunt whom I loved and adored. At the age of 8, I was sick with a stomach ache and wasn't allowed to visit this famous, historical house. At 52, I will get a chance to visit in person since I am going back east and boarding a cruise ship from Philly. Finally, after all these years, I will get to see the Betsy Ross house.
Susan Broe, Seattle,WA. Age 52 [10-02-2008]

julie [10-01-2008]

I learned about her this week in school. I wanted to know more on the internet.
Alexander Josue Aguirre, Kansas City, Kansas / 6 1/2 years old [10-01-2008]

Cheryl A Navarrette [10-01-2008]

I believe that she was ordained by God to help design the flag according to God's plan for its design. She was instrumental in the star being five-pointed instead of six-pointed and I believe that God used her to change Washington's mind (unknowingly) to the design of God's choice.
Martha Nell Minor Martin, Birmingham, AL, Born 1946 [10-01-2008]

Cathi Belcher, New Hampshire, age 54, Innkeeper [09-28-2008]

Michelle Coats [09-28-2008]

Kathlyn Rogers, 51 years old, ancestor of John Ross last chief of the Cherokee Nation [09-28-2008]

Thank you for the tour. I have a very inquisitive 7 year old that has been asking about Betsy Ross and her flag today. Thank you for allowing us into her home. I think he has learned a great deal, as have I!
Brandi Emsley, Atlanta, GA [09-28-2008]

Great for Homeschool. We are studying about the American Revolution and enjoyed the tour! Thanks!
Mary Leichter, Cincinnati, OH [09-28-2008]

jamie walker [09-28-2008]

Jacalyn Cormier, Claremont, NH age 35 [09-26-2008]

We are learning all about the flag today!
Ms. Squier's second grade class, We are a second grade in Tucson Arizona [09-26-2008]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the first flag. We really liked looking at Betsy's house and her flag.
Mrs. Rakowitz's Second Grade Class, We are a second grade class in Tucson, Arizona [09-26-2008]

laura boentges [09-25-2008]

Rebecca Deini, california [09-25-2008]

I want to know where the original flag, sown by Betsy Ross, is at today.
Shirley Searcy, Houston, Texas (60) [09-25-2008]

anonymous, i live in ebensburg pa [09-24-2008]

The Borger's, Nampa Id [09-24-2008]

anonymous, port orange FL, 9 years old [09-23-2008]

Michelle H, 30 yrs. young Tennessee [09-23-2008]

Joanne, 30 [09-23-2008]

Connie Kiehler, I am a retired teacher after teaching 35 years in elementary education. [09-23-2008]

Sandee Thompson, 62 [09-21-2008]

bre, 25 [09-20-2008]

faith, hawii,22 [09-19-2008]

AES 5th grade class [09-19-2008]

Thank you!
Laurie Myers, Live in Utah [09-19-2008]

James Nielson [09-19-2008]

ashley [09-19-2008]

Thank you for the photos-- they are an invaluable teaching tool for me!
Cara Kaufman, Richmond, VA -- Kindergarten Teacher [09-19-2008]

just thinking about come to visit.
Liz [09-19-2008]

LINDA YATES [09-18-2008]

Jace Ropelato, Utah [09-18-2008]

Denise Roccia [09-18-2008]

Mike, Student, 21, Weber State University [09-17-2008]

i am very interested
alanis, 11 [09-17-2008]

Some time ago I did visit this house, and love it!
Laurie Myers, 44 year old female, live in Utah. [09-17-2008]

Lexie Obray, Perry, Utah [09-17-2008]

sherri huddleston, homeschool mom, 46 years [09-17-2008]

Lynn Tuggle, Educator [09-17-2008]

lexi, 7 [09-17-2008]

It is very interesting to read about our U.S. history. I am a Cub Scout and part of our Den meeting was to learn all we could about our American flag. It was fun to visit and go on the house tour of Betsy Ross.
Kelly Zeller, Penn Yan, N.Y. age 9 [09-16-2008]

anonymous, Little Rock, AR [09-16-2008]

holt, teacher [09-16-2008]

Knapp, Philadelphia Pa [09-16-2008]

Greg Turnbow, Utah, 23 [09-16-2008]

David H Eeister, Intercourse Pa for the last 72 yrs, was a farmer until I retired after the cow fell on my left leg and I could no longer tend to my tasks. Bessie is my heart light. I was born in Russia and came to USA at age 2. I am a US citizen [09-16-2008]

We came to the USA and wanted to visit all historic sites. Thank you for your hospitality. Dave and Carole
Dave & Carole, New Zealand [09-15-2008]

Judy Maher, Cedar Rapids, Iowa [09-15-2008]

ltruman, Librarian [09-12-2008]

Julia Regalado [09-12-2008]

Melissa H., I am 28 years young. [09-12-2008]

I like the virtual tour concept. Very innovative.
Mike Rackham, Ogden UT. 24 year old male. [09-12-2008]

I am country i luve this toor
billy-sue [09-10-2008]

Pete, 44 [09-08-2008]

Craig L. Miller / Edward H. Miller, Arcadia, California [09-08-2008]

Richardson School, Illinois [09-08-2008]

Karen Allen [09-08-2008]

Christina DeJesus [09-08-2008]

I wish Lee could have been there. He is such a history buff
Luana Thrmos, Chicago [09-08-2008]

Love histoy, and would like to have the money to visit real sites of histoy.
Ana Rita Roman, Born in in Phila, live in Puerto Rico 46 years old [09-08-2008]

joe, 26 m md [09-06-2008]

Jordan Denny, 18 [09-06-2008]

Standing ground agianst the invasion from south of "The Rio"
Sam Houston, Old as Texas and still here [09-05-2008]

Adam Clough, im 18 and i attend Earle. C. Clements jobcorps in Morganfield, Kentucky [09-05-2008]

homeschooling mom looking for history ideas
Leanne Hollenbeck, Salem NH [09-04-2008]

Kaisha Elphick, Syracuse, UT [09-04-2008]

Roman Irizarry, Maumee, Ohio 47 [09-04-2008]

Amy Marshall [09-04-2008]

I am studying about the U.S. flag and the National Anthem.
Maggie Neal, student, Oklahoma [09-04-2008]

Jack Heller [09-04-2008]

anonymous, california, 2nd grade teacher [09-04-2008]

Renee Bustos, Houston, Texas, 11 years old, I am currently in the 5th grade and we are learning and reading about the United States Flag and its history. [09-04-2008]

Connie and Meg Sailor, Illinois [09-04-2008]

Thanks for providing the information on your site.
Mitchell W. Manning Sr., Washington, North Carolina [09-04-2008]

jenny, Northern Kentucky, 25 [09-04-2008]

This flag is hanging proudly in my classroom.
Nicole Simmons, 8th Grade U.S. History Teacher [09-02-2008]

Sherri Deitrich, Sunbury Pa. 42 [09-02-2008]

Alexandria [09-01-2008]

Jody Schmidle, teacher, Angola, New York 48 [09-01-2008]

karen sidorsky, college history course brought me here! [09-01-2008]

Russell A Gay Sr, San Diego CA age 61 [08-31-2008]

Heather Altman [08-31-2008]

Leonna Bayless, texarkana ar. im 37. and love history [08-29-2008]

Writing a story about flag day. I thought Betsy Ross angle might be a good way to go.
Susan Lynn Swann, 59, writer of children's stories [08-29-2008]

I was in Philadelphia on August 1 but I did not get to tour the inside.
Denise Marsden, Houston, TX [08-29-2008]

We are learning about American Government
Gina, Charlotte, NC [08-29-2008]

Jennessa Leathermon, Havre, Montana age 9 [08-28-2008]

What a wonderful web site.
Sandy Riggen McGill, Connellsville Pa [08-28-2008]

melissia, 12 years- old [08-27-2008]

just wanting to take a look :)
Ilda Ramirez, San Diego, CA [08-27-2008]

I once fell down the stairs on a field trip to the Betsy Ross House
Whitney Kelly-O'Hara, Age 41, native of Philadelphia, now Connecticut [08-27-2008]

nicole [08-27-2008]

cathy chase, 57, Independence, MO [08-26-2008]

Michelle, Virginia [08-25-2008]

paula hoffman, Albany georgia [08-25-2008]

Kate mary olsen wendy johnson Ashley olsen Book moneypealse new one 1 like you Love me you and you people kate ashley Twims with you time soom back
anonymous [08-25-2008]

Ms. Russell's 4th Grade Class, Phoenix, AZ [08-25-2008]

Looking forward to visiting this weekend. I Wanted to get a taste of what we will be seeing. Loking forward to bringing two 12 yr olds too
Bobbie Peters, Long Island, NY [08-22-2008]

Kimberly Showalter, Baltimore, Maryland [08-21-2008]

Teresa Toupal [08-21-2008]

MaryAnn Weed [08-20-2008]

i love history but i live in arizona. thanks for putting this omn the web for people like me!
alicia molinar, im 12 [08-20-2008]

Toured today for our home school lesson:). God Bless America !
Gohal, Jamestown, IN [08-20-2008]

Tabitha Hamby, music teacher in TN [08-20-2008]

i loved the tour and learning about the history behind the red,white and blue.
Veronica Wiliimas, Valdosta, GA/21 [08-20-2008]

Irma Lucinda Pina [08-19-2008]

er bambl, calif 57 years [08-18-2008]

Thanks for this wonderful site to enable those who can't travel to Philadelphia to still be able to see this historic treasure and learn about Betsy Ross.
Cheryl, Des Moines, IA [08-18-2008]

Late father,Bernard Gregory Kordelski,flew and fought in the S.Pacific,in WW2....2 brothers were in Nam, as I would have been....
Gregg Alan Kordelski, now of Kingman,Az formerly of Walnutport, Pa. 18088....54 yrs.....disabled [08-18-2008]

My mother told me and my 3 siblings that Besty Ross is our 6th grade aunt
Cheyenne Richards, Im 16 years old, i live in Redding Ca [08-18-2008]

David D Claypool, Ramsey County Mn Surveyor. Live in Hampton Mn. [08-18-2008]

John Meredith Doyle, 31 male, Christian, League City, TX [08-18-2008]

josephine rule, female, age 65, live in tennessee, 1 grandson in military.2nd tour in iraq [08-15-2008]

matthew laroche, windham me age 19 in united states marine corps stationed in ca [08-15-2008]

Jerina Edwards, ky [08-13-2008]

Rachael [08-13-2008]

Robert Miller, 58 [08-13-2008]

We plan on bringing our children to Philadephia in the near future and Betsy Ross' house will be tops on the list.
Steve Demateis, Jackson, NJ [08-12-2008]

Judy Reyes, Fort Mill, SC [08-11-2008]

b micciche [08-11-2008]

rebekah momoh [08-11-2008]

Thank You So Much for being there at the right time in such great distance's love from all
Juan Martinez Sr.and Family, Appreciating Age in A Great Country [08-09-2008]

Susan Volinkaty [08-09-2008]

I am going to the 5th. grade at Mayo Elementary School in Mayo, SC and I want to learn more about Betsy Ross.
Morgan Sawyer, Chesnee, SC Age 10 [08-08-2008]

Lisa M Maiville [08-07-2008]

TIMOTHY HUTCHESON, AGE:55,silver spring md. [08-06-2008]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross House as a child, a great part of our nations history.
Christine Diaz, N.philly,33,mother of 3 [08-05-2008]

Cheryl Tallman, from nj interested in history [08-05-2008]

We didn't have time to tour the house. We wish there were more hours in a day.
Betty Affatati, We were there on our vacation with a tour group. [08-04-2008]

Thelma Slaughter, Las Vegas, Nevada [08-04-2008]

Valerie, Philadelphia 20 [08-04-2008]

heather riekert, 33 lives in pittsville md [08-04-2008]

Kathy, visiting PA from Oregon. Lover of history! [08-04-2008]

love the virtual tour awesome idea
marline sexton, charleston south carolina 48 years old [08-04-2008]

anonymous, fsu [08-04-2008]

RAVEN, age 13 [08-04-2008]

I feel very proud of our flag as I am from a family of Armed Service Men! I also had a job through my school days to fly the flag daily for the American Legion in Indiana. I was just a kid doing this!
Criss Family, Southern Indiana around Holiday World [08-04-2008]

Marilyn Pierce [08-04-2008]

Was outside of her house in 1999, but not inside.
Claire Fairchild, Highland, Mi Age 64 [08-04-2008]

God Bless America!
Lynda, 2nd Grade Teacher [08-04-2008]

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