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3 husbands /7 children/pew located next to george wash
ROSLYN [07-25-2008]

kathy regan, nj [07-22-2008]

Carol Hillman, Barrie, Ontario [07-22-2008]

clarissa [07-22-2008]

Heather Asher [07-19-2008]

Jennifer [07-16-2008]

MEAGAN MAYS, kentucky [07-16-2008]

John Moll, St. Louis, MO [07-16-2008]

KLS, Woodstock, IL [07-15-2008]

Big colonial history buff!
David J Degnan, new jersey 46 yearsold [07-15-2008]

glena nieswiadomy, I love to sew and so was looking to see a lady who also sewed. [07-14-2008]

katrina craig, northern ireland [07-14-2008]

erica garrett, 38 student [07-12-2008]

Dyanne Varga, roebling,NJ 38 years [07-12-2008]

What a wonderful example of a strong woman. May we all be so lucky to learn to be strong and self sufficient.
Annabelle Garcia-Ramirez, Houston,TX 35 yo wife and mother of 4 [07-11-2008]

tiffani scott, age 35 homeschool mom of 3 [07-11-2008]

My quilt class is studying Women in our Heritage and Betsy is one of those women.
Nancy, Colorado [07-11-2008]

Bob Kellet, Valley Center, Ks. [07-11-2008]

anonymous, elementary school teacher in Philadelphia [07-10-2008]

I have had a special liking for Betsy Ross, for over forty years, and have a picture of her in my living room, hanging above a colonial style cabinet.
Meg Schwanke, Cambridge, MN. A quilter, gardener, nature person, enjoy history. [07-10-2008]

deborah renich, Queretaro Mexico [07-09-2008]

Robert Wilson [07-09-2008]

I have been teaching children for years the beauty of our flag and want to keep alive how precious our freedom and country is that is symbolized (I believe)in our flag.
Ruth-Catherine Mink Rowe, Raleigh, NC, born in Phila., Pa. [07-08-2008]

Blaine Batiste, From Las Vegas, Nevada. [07-08-2008]

We would love to tour this house when we go out East to see New York, Philadelphia and Washington D. C.
Mike and Mariann Evans, and son Paul Sipes [07-07-2008]

I grew up outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey and have visited Betsy's house several times as a child. As a child I often did my biographies on Betsy Ross. I found her life very interesting.
Kimberly Gomez, 37 years old [07-06-2008]

Do you have a mailed catalogue of memorabilia about Betsy; children's books, sewing kits, adult literature etc...?
Lisa K. Morrow, Sewing Instructor, Decorator [07-06-2008]

Leslie R Pierce, Green Bay Wisconsin [07-06-2008]

Cheryl Long, 35 from Bristol, UK [07-06-2008]

Judy Anderson, Elmhurst,IL mother of four kids- two sons are in national air guard [07-06-2008]

thank you
lorraine frederick, NJ, 56, American history buff [07-06-2008]

i love usa, i'm from nicaragua
angel medina, miami florida, 41 years old [07-06-2008]

Thank you for this site.
Mary, Little Rock, AR [07-06-2008]

Thelma Devlin, Teacher from Guam [07-06-2008]

Wonderful opportunity for those who can not visit to learn about an interesting person of history.
Frances Midkiff, Retired Teacher [07-04-2008]

kimi, 41, south west philadelphia [07-04-2008]

Greg Buzzard [07-04-2008]

Tonya, Teacher - Oklahoma [07-04-2008]

I am portraying Betsy Ross on a Berean Church Float in the Dublin Ohio Parade tomorrow. I designed and sewed my costune. We just hope it doesn't rain on the parade!
Victoria L. Trachsel, Columbus Ohio, age 60 [07-04-2008]

Even though I am 80, I still get goose=bumps when I hear our National Anthem and Our Flag is STILL the most beautiful in all the world.
Blanche L.Pickering, Oregon, 80 yrs old [07-03-2008]

Beth [07-03-2008]

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in this great country of ours!
Virginia Feyerbend, I am a Georgia Peach. [07-03-2008]

Tiffany Wiley, 33 year old philadelphian, history PHInatic [07-03-2008]

Stephen Haehl [07-03-2008]

Cathy Lemmonds, Oak Ridge, TN [07-03-2008]

Saw this website, and wanted to check out the virtual tour. Thanks!
Sandy, 53 yrs old, Ga native, still here! [07-03-2008]

Toni Romias, teacher [07-03-2008]

anonymous, american history is my passion [07-01-2008]

Catherine Hellmann, Social Studies Teacher [07-01-2008]

Thank you for these wonderful historic records. Very interesting and educational.
Mary Dobson, 58/Fundraising/Monrovia,CA/Travel Agent/Music [07-01-2008]

Thank you for the work you have done on gathering information on Betsy Ross!
Denise Plappert, I'm a mother doing a program on American Freedom [07-01-2008]

Jan Calvaresi, Fayetteville, Gab 61, teacher [07-01-2008]

Scott Cheffer [07-01-2008]

Our 4-H club is using the history of Betsy Ross and our flag on our float. Stars, stripes,and 4-H forever is our theme. Thanks for all the great information. I have enjoyed the tour.
isebelle, omro, wisconsin, age 7 [06-30-2008]

My mom is bringing me to see Betsy Ross' house
Ryan Sharp, I am 6 I live in NJ, I love history [06-29-2008]

John Davis [06-29-2008]

Robin Matthews, ky,30 [06-29-2008]

Robert Gray, Florida. Retired teacher. [06-29-2008]

Heather Upchurch, 32, Texas [06-27-2008]

Girl Scout Troop 159, Carbondale, Illinois fifth graders [06-27-2008]

Carol Shamis [06-26-2008]

I teach a unit in the Open Court curriculum called Red, White, and Blue.
Esperanza Chavez, Kindergarten teacher of 23 years. [06-26-2008]

just preparing for a children's church class and wanted to include respect for our flag as well as god and the people who fight to keep her flying.
Billie Sue M, Clarksburg, WV age 52 [06-26-2008]

Sharon [06-26-2008]

Carol Giles, Longview, Texas [06-26-2008]

Steve McGarry, 49, Rochester Hills, Michigan [06-25-2008]

margaret a dosch [06-25-2008]

Valarie Little [06-24-2008]

Susan L. Medved, Hermitage, Pa. Age 58 [06-24-2008]

i liked it we are coming for a visit
katie, 10 [06-23-2008]

anonymous [06-23-2008]

Annette Johnson, Florida 47 [06-23-2008]

My students enjoy every year learning about Betsy Ross before our July 4th celebration. My students learn more about America's heritage through historical role playing. Thank you!
pam Bailey, acting and dance teacher [06-23-2008]

Independence Day Project
Diane Cancro, teacher [06-23-2008]

I have visited Betsy Ross home. Would love to live there and really enjoyed my visit.
Debbie Parker, Ft.Worth, TX., 56 years old, love history [06-20-2008]

Dena Rosenberg [06-20-2008]

lindel bradley, 618 Saint Francois Road, Terre Du Lac, Missouri - 68 years old [06-20-2008]

Gina Fellows [06-20-2008]

anonymous, someone who has been told her mother is related to Betsy Ross [06-19-2008]

This should be fun for my kids. They are decendents of Robert Morris, the man who went with George Washington to Betsy Ross's house to ask her to make the flag.
Tanya Brillisour, Northern California Homeschooling Mom [06-18-2008]

Kathleen Ruse, Assistant Curator, Joel Lane Museum House (1770), Raleigh, NC [06-18-2008]

Lido elementary,long beach NY 5th grade class coming to visit
pam [06-18-2008]

Sue Hagerty, Spokane, WA [06-18-2008]

Thank you.
Langevin family, Pensacola, FL [06-18-2008]

Kimberly, Washington State [06-18-2008]

I have been a teacher of American history for many years. I now work as an ESL teacher. I see our country's history eroding away day by day. I want to see American history take its rightful place in our schools. It is not seen as very important these days. I say a country without knowledge of where it came from is doomed. Thanks for a great site and a chance to see part of our American heritage.
Renee Harl, Bowling Green, KY [06-17-2008]

linda [06-17-2008]

The Moody's, homeschooling family [06-17-2008]

Mrs. Murray's Class [06-17-2008]

Jo Chandler, Reading teacher, Gulf Breeze, FL [06-16-2008]

kimberley fryer, punta gorda fl [06-16-2008]

This was very interesting for my 7 year old son. Thanks
Frances Lozano, Piru, California,42 years old. [06-16-2008]

JERRY LANE, Burgaw, NC teacher mother and student [06-16-2008]

With my mom we cut out five pointed stars we learned from a book about Betsy Ross.
Howie Smith, age 8, TN, homeschooler [06-16-2008]

Our family lived in Chester County from 1972-1986; our children and grandchildren have requested we hold a family reunion in Pennsylvania, which we are doing this year from 6/24 through 6/28, at Temenos Retreat in Marshallton
Connie W. Call, Bedford, TX [06-16-2008]

I am planning lessons for a first grade class. This tour will be a great addition.
Mandy Giddens, Lakeland Florida 32 [06-16-2008]

This is a great service! Thank you very much.
Britt Franklin, Columbia, MD, Vietnam Veteran, retired USAF [06-14-2008]

Barbara Leibendgood Costello [06-14-2008]

Thank you for making it possible for us to go on a field trip like this for Flag Day!
Heidi and Katarine B., homeschoolers [06-14-2008]

Debra Cramer, Bordentown, NJ, 52 [06-14-2008]

We visited on flag day 2008 Thank you
Mrs. McElroy's 1st grade class, Oswego NY KPS 1st grade class [06-14-2008]

Debbie, Blaine, MN (northern suburb of Minneapolis), aged 44. [06-13-2008]

tinkerbell, 11 [06-13-2008]

im related to betsie ross
rose, 13 female, phelan california [06-13-2008]

Tami Gonzalez, Lockhart, TX [06-12-2008]

anonymous, San Diego, Ca [06-12-2008]

Lois Kruse, First Grade Teacher in Tucson, AZ [06-12-2008]

Devrun Ellerman, Lithia, Florida [06-12-2008]

kathryn davis, 41 yr old female minnesota [06-11-2008]

Danielle Robinson Lariscy [06-10-2008]

Polly Van Doren-Orr, Springfield, MO [06-10-2008]

I am learning more about the American flag this summer. I know that today's flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars.
Josh Pfeffer, Topeka, Kansas Age 11 [06-10-2008]

I'm learning more about our American flag this summer. I am proud to be an American!
Kyle Fuller, Topeka, Kansas Age 10 [06-10-2008]

melinda gibbs [06-10-2008]

Fourth grade students are doing a study of the American flag and are curious about Betsy Ross.
Marty Rosa, Topeka, Kansas [06-10-2008]

ANGEL VERA, san jose california [06-08-2008]

just looking up information for extra credit for school
ritchie, buffalo, new york 9 years old [06-08-2008]

Neel verma, 11 [06-08-2008]

Lynne Everett, Retired [06-07-2008]

Rose Vazquez, new jersey, 37 y/o, mom of 2 [06-07-2008]

wendy London, originally from NJ, now MN, may come there someday [06-07-2008]

I have also loved history and the American Flag. I am researching to do a bulletin board for the Elementary School that I work in. I think that it is important to know facts and etiquette about the American flag.
Nancy Middleton, utah [06-05-2008]

Harold A. Fletcher, Butler, PA Age 60 Viet Nam Veteran [06-05-2008]

tami, live in pa age 48 [06-05-2008]

Kiah, 7 years old, live in Iowa [06-05-2008]

bob, wallkill 27 [06-05-2008]

We are studying symbols of the United States of America. Thank you for this web display.
Trevitt Elementary School, First Grade [06-05-2008]

nayeli, mexico [06-04-2008]

thank you for this opportunity.....i may never get to visit philadelphia
asa minchew, beaumon tx. 41 year old postal worker [06-04-2008]

just educating my children on the country of their birth
Melissa Elmore, female 37 [06-03-2008]

Tammy Dorsey, Rainelle, WV Age 39 [06-03-2008]

irasema alvarado, CT 43, elementary school teacher will. my school will be visiting Philly on june 14 [06-02-2008]

Alexis, Phila, PA,10 [06-02-2008]

Thank you for making this website an educational resource.
Michelle, Willard, Utah, 25, College Student [06-01-2008]

I'm enjoying learning about the beginnings of our wonderful nation as I'm taking an online history course. I'm excited to see this virtual tour to honor Betsy Ross.
Chandra, Utah, 20 years old [06-01-2008]

Dan McEntire, Ogden, UT. Age 21. A current student studying history today. [06-01-2008]

Shelly Humble, Hahnville, Louisiana [06-01-2008]

Alexandria Monahan, Reading/After School Program Coordinator [05-31-2008]

guest [05-31-2008]

My son is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We are looking for pictures.
Teresa Busby, Teacher [05-31-2008]

Taylor Garcia, Utah, 19 [05-29-2008]

the story of betsy ross is amzing that she made the american flag shes like a hero eny way I got to go
kayleigh, 8 years old [05-29-2008]

Mackenzie, age9 Grand Caman [05-29-2008]

JENNIFER HALL, been here [05-29-2008]

daughter conducting research for 2nd grade class assignment.
Emma & Vicki Harris, central pa 8 year old and mom [05-29-2008]

David veglia, Utah Age 29 [05-29-2008]

With our diverse Country,on special days regarding Our Flag. at work I put up information about The American Flag. I am from the Sixth Colony that joined the States. I am from Mass. My daughter who has passed away always thought the American Flag was flown on our flag pole for her birthday. Of course,as she grew olderwe explained she shared the birthday of OLD Glory. I love history and Ilove The American Flag for what it stands,and freedom is not free. God Bless the America
Barbara Gill, So. Calif. [05-29-2008]

im gonna be betsy in a wax museum at school
Alysha, 10 [05-28-2008]

Teresa Cobb, Corbin, KY 47 [05-28-2008]

I am distantly related to Betsy Ross
Ayden, Illinois age 9 [05-28-2008]

AM [05-28-2008]

Faye Fairley, Los Angeles, Calif. 58 years old [05-28-2008]

Chris Hesterberg, Utah [05-28-2008]

Rachel Sears, 22, From Atlanta Georgia [05-27-2008]

kaylee jackson, 6 [05-27-2008]

Monica Mullikin, Goose Creek, SC [05-27-2008]

Al Barnes, Sebastopol, California, Married, 3 kids, 5 grandkids [05-27-2008]

I've always loved the story of Betsy Ross. I'm 50 years old and have only ever met one other "Betsy"'s a grand old name and I love it.
Betsy Joy Taylor, lifelong resident of California [05-27-2008]

Today is memorial day and I just attended a beautiful service honoring our veterans. There were over 460 American Flags on display and it takes my breath away. My daughter asked me, "Where is the first American Flag? Is it in the White House?" I wasn't sure of the answer, so I decided to do research to try and find the answer. Always remember, Freedom isn't free.
Lori Kimm, Sacramento, CA Teacher 38 years old [05-27-2008]

Anna [05-27-2008]

Mike O'Brien [05-27-2008]

this is so neat especially for people who are unable to travel for whatever reason. especially neat for children who are doing there history homework. thank you
dorothy bryan, fla 68 [05-26-2008]

God Bless the United States and all that she stands for. And may God Bless her Presidents now and in the future. Let Freedom ring.
Jan Malecke, 50 year old female that loves her country. I am proud to be an American. [05-25-2008]

i like besty ross and i would like to take a tour and i think its gonna be a good tour and you can tell me some of the stuff about besty ross
brooke spaziani, 7 [05-25-2008]

Sue, San Diego, CA 50 [05-24-2008]

David Griffin [05-24-2008]

Grace, Tucson, Az USA Citizen [05-24-2008]

Pam Johnson, Denton, Texas 41yr. old [05-23-2008]

Sarah [05-21-2008]

Melissa Berg, Cranberry Twp. PA, 29, Reading Specialist [05-21-2008]

The reason I am looking at this website is because I have a project due over the history of the American flag.
Crystal, Indianapolis, Indiana [05-21-2008]

nayeli, 19 years old, mexico [05-21-2008]

Ava Van Vechten, First grader from San Diego [05-21-2008]

bb [05-21-2008]

cherk, school [05-20-2008]

third grade students are doing reports on american heroes.
TAMMY MURRAY, bell elementary school [05-20-2008]

I want coco.
H2O, brown eyes [05-20-2008]

bob, 23,vaavanoo [05-20-2008]

Erin [05-19-2008]

Karen, 50 year old school librarian who is tired of chilfen disrespecting the flag because no one has taught them how to be respectful [05-18-2008]

Susan Ross Sumner, Laurel, MD [05-18-2008]

Nancy Winborne, teacher [05-18-2008]

Facinating information and should be included in one of Ken Burn's documentaries.....
Vincent Smith, Fernandina Beach, Florida, originally from Upstate New York, now 69 years old and definately a Patriot [05-18-2008]

Madi Koenig, Haslet Tx., Age 14 [05-18-2008]

Admiro su cultura y las ganas de construir un mundo mejor para todas las naciones de la tierra.
Carolina CortÚs, Colombia [05-15-2008]

Tour was fascinating. Who was the Widow Lithgow with whom Betsy Ross lived?
Pamela Lithgow Briggs [05-15-2008]

b.Lea [05-14-2008]

God Bless America
Gina, Las Vegas, NV [05-14-2008]

anonymous, Chula Vista Ca,30 [05-14-2008]

Susan Gillihan, Michigan, 46, Eastern Star honoring the American Flag [05-14-2008]

Seth and Evan Williams, Crestline, CA Age 8 and 6 [05-14-2008]

Maddie [05-14-2008]

McFlurry Man, :) [05-14-2008]

Honor this Flag
Allan Kenobbie [05-14-2008]

Bobby Joe [05-14-2008]

Judy Jensen, Jackson,MI [05-13-2008]

My son, who is 8 years old, has been learning about the American Flag.
Janna Canpbell, Fort Worth, TX age 39 [05-13-2008]

Thank you for the tour.
Anne Marchello, Age 8, Floral Park, NY [05-13-2008]

Maddie Dugan [05-13-2008]

Jade [05-13-2008]

Maria Fernanda Duran, Chula Vista, Ca age 9 Sacred Heart School [05-13-2008]

betsy ross was very important thanks so much for making this part of your website all about her
Megen, flordia [05-13-2008]

I am doing some research on virtual tours that I can use with my students as I teach them about American Patriotic Symbols.
Marie, Teacher, Special Education, Hawaii [05-12-2008]

Dakota [05-12-2008]

Following US historical facts&events. Regards.
ArcResearch, Poland, EU. [05-12-2008]

Anna, 9 [05-12-2008]

Kate Christiansen [05-12-2008]

The Room 3 Kindergarten Class at Orchard Hills School in Milford, CT is very excited to see the Betsy Ross House! We are learning about different Americans in history. Room 3 would like to thank Betsy for sewing our flag. Have a great day!
Cathlee Steinau, Kindergareten Teacher Milford, CT [05-12-2008]

Debbie Thornton, Second Grade Teacher [05-12-2008]

tina bodor [05-12-2008]

Josh Fraley, Ohio, 26 [05-12-2008]

My dad is from Philadelphia and when I was little we would visit all history spots and everytime we would visit Betsy Ross's house it was always closed.But,I have seen it once.Thanks for the internet.
Mary Kyle, Lincoln,AR,29 yrs-old [05-12-2008]

Stephanie Fobes, age 10, I am doing a report on Besty Ross [05-12-2008]

We are descendents of Betsy Ross. She is our Grandmother - "eight generations removed". The name Ross has been passed down as a middle name
Nancy Welton Bacome, I live in Fresno, CA - central CA [05-12-2008]

susan hankinson, newark ohio [05-09-2008]

Caleb Egger, Student at Concordia University, NE [05-09-2008]

besty ross is great person.from steven M. verbitski
Steven Verbitski, 9 [05-08-2008]

Alejandra Escudero [05-08-2008]

Kristie Orozco [05-08-2008]

Terry Price, San Dimas, Ca. [05-08-2008]

I love historey.
anonymous [05-08-2008]

anonymous [05-07-2008]

My decesended came from Puerto Rico and Africa. My grandmother live until the age of 107. She past many years ago. and I remember that back them we poor people used to watch the body at home and pray for 7 days and wore black and pray. I remember my grandmother telling stories about when she grew up and how hard it was for her as a slave.
Danessa Cruz-Porter, I'm 35 years old hispanic and black female. Living in Philadelphia, Pa [05-07-2008]

studying the civil war period
belinda, student [05-07-2008]

Our class is enjoying this website.
Mrs. Selvage's second grade class [05-07-2008]

My family and I will be visiting in person later this month.
Margaret Finley, Sachse, TX [05-06-2008]

My great grandfather William Carpenter was according to family history supposed to be related to Betsy Ross. He was a great grandson. Have never proved this as I know very little about him. A postcard found last year from a Clarence Carpenter (possibly an Uncle or brother?) dated 1907 said "The first American Flag was made by my Great Grandmother Betsy Ross at 239 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA. Copy made by me. I presented to Charles ? Smith of the "Sons of the Revolution and Pioneers" in saving the home. Ass. Superintendent of Sarah M Wilson Independence Hall. dated 6.14.96 (1896) The card itself is copyright 1906. As I know nothing about my great grandfather I thought I would send this and hope that someone may have some info on what was presented and who Clarence Carpenter might be. Thank you Jeanette Burt.
Jeanette Burt, live in New Zealand [05-05-2008]

i think the betsy ross house will be good to visit.
maddy hasson, media, pa 10 years old [05-05-2008]

I have always loved reading and learning about the history of our country. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.
Doris Van Vranken Corbett, FromTroy,, NY [05-05-2008]

Steffanie Hawks [05-05-2008]

Writing a paper on the history of the U.S. Flag. Informaton on this site was very useful
Rick Gregory, Aliso Viejo CA 45y [05-03-2008]

Hopefully one day I could take my kids to visit Betsy Ross house.
brenda edwards, teaching my girls the history of betsy ross [05-03-2008]

I have been reading about Betsy Ross and think she is cool.
Mary, South Dakota, age 9 [05-03-2008]

Laura Webb, Athens, Alabama [05-02-2008]

I go to Eisenhower School
Student [05-02-2008]

Mrs.Tanda's Second Grade, second grade in Gainesboro, Tennessee [04-30-2008]

I Want to see the vitual tour!
keneasha, Baltimore, 11, [04-30-2008]

grace j [04-30-2008]

anonymous [04-30-2008]

Iam learning about the flag
diego Jimenez, I am 9 years old [04-30-2008]

cheri, valley school [04-30-2008]

Donna, long islandnew york [04-30-2008]

kim, Cheney Washington [04-30-2008]

allison, i am doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-30-2008]

Ellese [04-30-2008]

Miss Unkefer's Second Grade Class, Salem, Ohio [04-30-2008]

Tiffany, 8 [04-30-2008]

Actually touring the home was amazing. It was one of the best tours of old Philadelphia.
Francine, Tucson,Az [04-28-2008]

Sarah Dillon, From Minneapolis, MN [04-28-2008]

i had to do a report on betsy ross for school i got a A on it thanks so much
juliauna, 13 [04-28-2008]

I love reading about U.S. American History and learning how events developed in its making.
L.B. Wallace, Age 40 [04-28-2008]

i really want to learn more aboyt betsy ross.
helen [04-28-2008]

Hilda Stoneman [04-28-2008]

hannah [04-28-2008]

Emma Lee, Gainesville, Florida. Age 9 [04-26-2008]

Cool Website!
Rose Pae, Manassas, VA [04-26-2008]

enrique olavarria, new jersey 39 year old male who loves american history [04-26-2008]

Hi. I'm livin' in Germany. But I always had (and still have!) a great interest in the history of the USA! Perhaps I'm taking a longer trip to your interestin' nation in the near future!
Mr Ulf Koernrer [04-26-2008]

Thank you, for letting us tour online. Good for home schools.
Casi and Parker Rice, denham springs, la. [04-26-2008]

I am gathering information to assist my 8 year old to do a school project regarding the history of our flag.
Debbie Easterly, Woodruff, SC [04-25-2008]

Brooke Wilder, New Albany, Ms, Age 11 [04-25-2008]

My class and I really enjoyed this site. Great job!
ted lamb, portsmouth va [04-24-2008]

Sarah jonas, im cool [04-24-2008]

Im excited
Vinny Morales, Walhalla, SC 29691; 19 years old. [04-24-2008]

Amber Blanton, age6 Girlscout troop [04-24-2008]

Kathy, Kansas City [04-24-2008]

rena [04-24-2008]

We're studying the flag next week and I wanted to take the tour. Thanks:)
Beverly Richards, Reading/LA Coach in WV [04-23-2008]

homeschoolers taking a tour
Jolena Rich, Massachusetts [04-23-2008]

lillian claire mcfarland [04-23-2008]

i love you besty ross and i am so thankful for the us flag......
ashhley [04-23-2008]

kathy key, teacher [04-23-2008]

Thalia Warde, 8 years old, doing report on Betsy Ross [04-22-2008]

emily is doing a report on betsy ross and we are very interested in finding out the exciting life that she led.
LAURA AND EMILY EDWARDS, virginia, 36 and emily 9 [04-22-2008]

Thank you
anonymous, 55 year old female from NJ [04-22-2008]

Kacy Hawins, 10 [04-22-2008]

Richard Ayers, Veteran Navy 61 [04-22-2008]

sara, oshkosh, wisconsin [04-22-2008]

courtney [04-22-2008]

Lorretta Ramsey, Iowa, 49 female, recently visited while attending 2008 Phi Theta Kappa International Convention [04-21-2008]

star riga, 10 yrs old learning about betsy ross [04-21-2008]

We appreciate the effort and detail of this site. My daughter is doing a school project and this has been a really good starting point for us.
Rebekah and Brianna Rosario, Chesapeake VA [04-20-2008]

awesome dude .but one thing make it a moving picture kind of virtual thing.
court, F.C.Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

Shawna Blake, 31 year old woman from Cleveland Ohio [04-20-2008]

Beth Colijn [04-20-2008]

For my fifth grade social studies project i had to dress up as Betsy Ross
Jessica, I love Hannah Montana [04-20-2008]

courtney- [04-20-2008]

I am so proud to be a Philadelphian. I tried to live in Navada,I didn't last a year there, my heart was home sick. So I moved back, I will never leave this city again. There is no place like my home town "Phildelphia,PA".
Patricia Fortuna, I'm a 55 year old Philadelphian, born and raised. [04-20-2008]

kelsey [04-20-2008]

dakota [04-20-2008]

My class of K and 1st graders are learning about Betsy Ross and the first flag. We are excited about visiting Mrs. Ross' house.
Brenda Olschlager, Tallahassee, FL [04-18-2008]

Paige, I love to eat [04-18-2008]

tt, 10 [04-18-2008]

Mrs. Tonkin, kindergarten teacher [04-18-2008]

david sanchez, 13 years old [04-18-2008]

miranda [04-18-2008]

Debbie Tanner [04-18-2008]

Tami Rater, Dallas, Texas [04-18-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I get to dress up like her the day I bring in the report.
Megan, 8 [04-18-2008]

ty kattenbraker [04-18-2008]

kayla [04-17-2008]

my word is i am amazing.
Sheri, 11 years old [04-17-2008]

i have a cat and his name is hershy and my dogs name is bingo
zero, im a gangsta so shut up [04-17-2008]

This house is amazing!
Sydney [04-17-2008]

smitty [04-17-2008]

cassandra, philadelphia 26 [04-17-2008]

Ms. Payton Dockus, St. Clair Shores, MI, 8 yrs old [04-17-2008]

corey benites [04-17-2008]

We are bringing our classes down to historic Philadelphia in May.
Ms. Clime, Teacher [04-16-2008]

sophia, i like pink [04-16-2008]

i am doing a report on besty ross so i decided to take a virtual tour of her house
Ashley [04-16-2008]

vharris [04-16-2008]

bob, i like besty ross [04-16-2008]

Victoria Stirling [04-16-2008]

My 8 1/2 year old is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her 2nd grade class. This is a wonderful site!
Stephen May, I am 43 year old Dad of two awesome kids. We live in Placerville, CA, just six miles from where gold was discovered by Marshall. [04-16-2008]

Ashley, California,14, [04-16-2008]

i am doing a report on betsy ross
brianna [04-16-2008]

JORDYN [04-16-2008]

mackayla [04-14-2008]

We are great fans of Betsy Ross!
Linda & Brianna Olejniczak, Brianna is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her 2nd grade class [04-14-2008]

Janet B Foster, NC social studies teacher of 27 years [04-14-2008]

Laura Applebach, Quakertown [04-14-2008]

Charise, Antigua W.I. [04-14-2008]

Tom D, Boston, 37 y/o male, student/professional [04-14-2008]

L. Barbara Marsh [04-13-2008]

My Father was from Coatesville, Chester, PA. I'm researching our Genealogy. I visited this house when I was 14. The antique low boy in the Flag Room is similar to one of my Grandmother's pieces...I was so surprised! I don't know if ours is a reproduction, or what. Thanks for having a great web site!
J. Handwork, Texas; 61. [04-13-2008]

reading Red, White, and Blue
Theresa Roudebush, teacher 2-1 [04-13-2008]

Casey Holdcroft, Age: 9 [04-12-2008]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Isabella [04-12-2008]

I'm writing a report about Betsy Ross.
andrea, 11, california [04-12-2008]

willoughby, utah [04-12-2008]

Jared [04-12-2008]

Kodymiller [04-12-2008]

thomas [04-12-2008]

Holden [04-12-2008]

Jasmine [04-12-2008]

Rita, Karns City, PA, 48 [04-11-2008]

Alyssa LaFage, I like dogs [04-11-2008]

Looking for a tour for school class.
dar van Engen [04-11-2008]

2nd grade report on betsy ross thank you for the great info.
kira, 8yrs [04-10-2008]

I bet Ms. Betsy Ross was just a common human being wanting to do whatever she could to help the cause. And now centuries later, she has got to be one of the most, if not the most, famous women in American History. Go Betsy! Go Betsy!
Donna Schuyler, NJ - mental health counselor - 39 years old [04-09-2008]

Naomi [04-09-2008]

Transplanted in Florida from Philly 37 years ago but Philly is still HOME!
Ginni, Jacksonville, Fl [04-09-2008]

Donna [04-09-2008]

Kody miller [04-09-2008]

Jared Leslie [04-09-2008]

mallory [04-09-2008]

anonymous, teacher [04-08-2008]

My daughter just did a project on her
anonymous [04-08-2008]

mallory [04-08-2008]

Siara [04-08-2008]

Alissa Martinez, im 12 years old and i am doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-08-2008]

Linda K. Guy, Waterford, MI age:56 female [04-08-2008]

very interesting website and very easy to navigate
Phillip Witt, southwestern PA 20 [04-08-2008]

Betsy Ross is soooooooooooo cool. :)
Cleo, 15 [04-08-2008]

Julie Hudson, Illinois [04-08-2008]

Julia Morales [04-07-2008]

My class is doing a research project on famous people. One child is writing a biography of Betsy Ross and will then dress as her and tell why Betsy Ross is a heroine, and a little about her life. I'm looking for 3rd grade level information.
Becky, Nevada 3rd grade teacher [04-07-2008]

sally, 52 [04-06-2008]

Betsy Ross was a great woman who made history!
Joan Schaefer [04-06-2008]

I am writing a report about Betsy Ross for Social Studies at Wynot Public School in Nebraska. I am anxious to learn about her.
Brittany Schaefer [04-06-2008]

Angela Justen, Teacher in Ohio [04-05-2008]

April Merrifield, LaGrange, IN [04-05-2008]

Cassidy Preston [04-05-2008]

Awesome site!
A.N.M. [04-05-2008]

god bess america
CONNIE BARNES, 56 year old female from florida [04-05-2008]

Kennedale High [04-05-2008]

We were in Philadelphia on the 27 of march. It is amezing been in a place were our fathers of this country lived. I'm proud of this country even do i was born in P.R. but i feel more american. GOD BLESS AMERICA
ileana castro, miami, florida, 45 [04-05-2008]

John Streeter, Vincennes, Indiana [04-04-2008]

I'v been here at this house and here I am again on this website. I love it so much that I came back again it's so wonderful. I come again and sign in once and a while I LOVE this website it tells you great info about Betsy Ross.
Marty Howe [04-04-2008]

Terry Petrosky, I live in Pittsburgh,Pa. A mother of one. And I love history. [04-04-2008]

Wonderful idea, needed in these turbulant times.
njm, Newburgh NY. 73yrs old. US Army Ret'd [04-04-2008]

I just visited the Betsy Ross House this past weekend - wonderful! I would have liked to take non-flash pictures to put together a slide show to have shown my students.
Marcia Savage, 35-year teacher in Mt. Vernon, Ohio [04-04-2008]

Robert Lee Gutelius, Abington, PA 45 years of age [04-04-2008]

I can't wait to see Betsy's house!I'm doing this for a report in school but we chose what topic we were going to do.I did choose J.K. Rowling but my teacher said it had to be someone whos dead or a thing like baseball, so I chose Betsy Ross.This website with help me see if shes my rolemodel.
Kyra [04-04-2008]

have been at the house...was enthralled with the detail... was my daughter's highlight of the trop to philadelphia..use the website at least once a year with my classes plus all my pictures from our trip
lora mount, victoria, tx computer lab teacher [04-04-2008]

Lisa Bradley, nc,29 [04-04-2008]

emily [04-04-2008]

Eric Berg [04-04-2008]

Betsy flag was beautiful.
MARIA I SERRA [04-02-2008]

auria, staten island [04-02-2008]

Hey guyz lol im doing a project on beetsy ross i need to know bout her edukayshin
Meg, Im 10 and i have long brown hair and dark brown eyes and thats about it i consider myself un pretty o and im egyiptian [04-02-2008]

I am doing a report and this is very usefull for me! Thank You!
Ariana Weinstein, 9014 N. Clover Way age-12 [04-02-2008]

doing a school project on betsy ross
julianna howlett, 10 years old [04-02-2008]

madison phelps [04-02-2008]

Mrs. Lesser's Fabulous 1st grade [04-02-2008]

Brenda Kramer, teacher [04-02-2008]

Jade [04-02-2008]

Hannah [04-02-2008]

Chief Shikellamy Elementary 2nd grade [04-02-2008]

Carrie Wallinger, Pekin, Illinois [04-02-2008]

jessie, i like pizza [04-01-2008]

I'm proud to be an american. I am truely thankful to the men and women that lived and fought for our liberties and freedonm both in the past, and during current times. The price of freedom was and is paid with a heavy price. Let us keep all those frighting today for that freedom in our prayers, that they see home safely and soon.
Kamille L. Tortes, California, 48, University Law Enforcement [04-01-2008]

My First Chatauqua in 2nd grade. I will be Betsy Ross. My real mom is a quilter and she thought Betsy would be a good match for me to do my project.
Carly Williamson, 8 California [04-01-2008]

Jim Stewart, North Carolina, 43, USSS [04-01-2008]

Did one of my term themes on Betsy Ross. This type of info wasn't available "back in those days." Interested to see what I could have used in my report (which was typed on a real typewriter!)
Rita Tong [04-01-2008]

anonymous, i like horses [04-01-2008]

David Capron, homeschool class [04-01-2008]

Jericho Elementary, 5th Grade Trip [04-01-2008]

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