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My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. She thinks we are related because of our same last name.
Tammy & Emily Ross, Gold Beach, OR Emily is 9 [03-31-2008]

Mary Tate, teacher looking for a webquest [03-30-2008]

Dennis D. Ryder, I live in Florida- I'm 56 yrs old-I'm an avid flag flyer [03-30-2008]

Priscilla Medrano, A student at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. 27 yrs old, wife and mother of 3 [03-30-2008]

Claudia Markley, 5th grade student in Myrtle Beach, SC [03-30-2008]

I am studing her!
anonymous, Age 10 [03-30-2008]

Natalie Angele [03-30-2008]

robin lanmon, valley mills texas 37 years old [03-30-2008]

We just finished reading the book, Betsy Ross, by Alexandra Wallner and wanted to see Betsy's house for ourselves. Thank you in advance for our virtual tour!
Joyce Mongeau, Homeschooler [03-30-2008]

cindy, Newark,Nj 15 [03-30-2008]

Freddie Peck, Cincinnati, 48yrs old [03-30-2008]

tim hall [03-30-2008]

Letitia W. Wenerd, 63 years young and had visisted the home over 60 yrs ago [03-30-2008]

jade [03-28-2008]

mikala goessman [03-28-2008]

Victoria [03-28-2008]

Hannah [03-28-2008]

Chase Ragland [03-28-2008]

Amber Dublo [03-28-2008]

Zach Mabry [03-28-2008]

Molly [03-27-2008]

im doing an oral presentation on Betsy and i think she is a very brave woman
Brittany, nj [03-27-2008]

Alex Huebner [03-27-2008]

Anna Bradley [03-27-2008]

Justin Hicks [03-27-2008]

Martrieal Spencer [03-27-2008]

Jane Kim [03-27-2008]

Thomas Passaro [03-27-2008]

Emma Santiago [03-27-2008]

Jane Kim [03-27-2008]

Hanna Brown [03-27-2008]

Michael Vivo [03-27-2008]

John Panos [03-27-2008]

Kristin Marino [03-27-2008]

Hailey Kingsbury [03-27-2008]

Martrieal Spencer [03-27-2008]

Paula Martinez [03-27-2008]

Shanaya Bedford [03-27-2008]

Emerald Coleman [03-27-2008]

Jack Jett [03-27-2008]

Vincent Luciano [03-27-2008]

Jonathan Kesler [03-27-2008]

Tejas Gajula [03-27-2008]

Ryan Dulaney [03-27-2008]

Alhan Sayyed [03-27-2008]

Riley Kowalski [03-27-2008]

Emma Morgan [03-27-2008]

Brittany Archer [03-27-2008]

Grace Cao [03-27-2008]

Adam Major [03-27-2008]

Matt Bludgen [03-27-2008]

Joseph Nutt [03-27-2008]

Samantha Noel Keith, 9 sherman like littlest pet shops [03-27-2008]

Erin [03-27-2008]

Showing the tour on an overhead digital projector to third-graders
Dr. David Brown, Tech Coordinator [03-27-2008]

i would likt to see your house
james, 56 smart [03-26-2008]

Celine [03-26-2008]

Rosie, Eatontown,NJ [03-26-2008]

tee hee
Lois, For homework :] [03-26-2008]

I recall visiting Philadelphia during an elementary school trip approximately 40 years ago. One of the sites I saw was the outside of Betsy Ross' house. I am excited to now see the inside.
Lynda Reynolds, I am a resident of Port Jefferson, New York, located on Long Island in Suffolk County. [03-26-2008]

Leo Vaughn, Slaton,TX, age 61 [03-26-2008]

Betsy Ross Rocks!
Betty Ross [03-26-2008]

I am working on a Quilt Challenge "Star Spangled Red White and Blue".
Vickie Lynn Casagrande, Nampa, Idaho, Quilter and student age 57. [03-26-2008]

Tina, Thank you! [03-25-2008]

SARA S., 10.pearland texas. [03-25-2008]

I went on this tour because, I wanted to see what was in her house. I thought that it would help me by giving me information for my project. I find her very interesting.
Jackie Kauffman, Lewistown PA, 9 years old, I'm doing a project on her [03-25-2008]

Chris Durkin, 3rd Grade [03-25-2008]

Riya Plakkal, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Kaylyn Cox, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

thomas Factor, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Kaitlyn Mc Quillen, 3 rd grade [03-25-2008]

Teghan Kuhl, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Kyle Waldusky, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Nathaniel Blowers, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Kiefer Chaudhari, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Brad Weil, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Eric Green, Third grade [03-25-2008]

Grant Sebring, 3rd grad [03-25-2008]

Abbey Wollnik, Third Grade [03-25-2008]

Nathan Boe, Third Grade [03-25-2008]

Kristoffer heinz, 3grade [03-25-2008]

Claire Lebamoff, 3rd Grade [03-25-2008]

Olivia Lau, 3rd Garde [03-25-2008]

Isha Tyle, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Spencer Hua, 3rd Grade [03-25-2008]

Evan Carden, Third Grade [03-25-2008]

Henry cheng, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Amber Keahey, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Lindsey Gould, 3rd Grade [03-25-2008]

Alvina Waseem, 3rd grade [03-25-2008]

Nath [03-25-2008]

b [03-25-2008]

Sharon, age 58 [03-25-2008]

Jennifer Gerard, Olathe, KS age 24 [03-24-2008]

I like what she did and very happy she is nice and pretty
ayana, I am 9 years old and know bout ms.ross [03-24-2008]

Sally Spielberg, Barnegat Light, NJ [03-24-2008]

Thanks for keeping our history alive.
Sue Dial, age 69, from Indianapolis Indiana [03-24-2008]

god bless america
KAREN J., gray, ga. 41 [03-22-2008]

school project
Lydia [03-21-2008]

Thank you for the opportunity to view an important piece of history.
Pamela Jones, I am located in Arcadia, Florida. I am 35 years old. [03-21-2008]

Chery Kaul, San Marcos, Texas [03-21-2008]

Elba Luz Bousoņo, Paralegal 41 yrs. Philadelphia Resident entire life; interested in Philadelphia HX in the 17th and 18th Century [03-21-2008]

The Connollys, Ashburn Virginia [03-21-2008]

Phyllis Friesen [03-21-2008]

writing an essay on why Betsy Ross was an American hero.
ricky [03-21-2008]

David H Hernandez, 40 y/o, Dallas, Texas [03-21-2008]

I did a historic daytrip in Philidelphia and enjoyed it very much. I actually came to see the liberty bell but recieved so much more. I only saw a glance of Betsy Ross' home and that is why I am viewing it now.I will come again to visit the entire city next time.
anonymous, Florissant,Mo, 2006 [03-21-2008]

anonymous, speech-language pathologist [03-21-2008]

Rob Cahill, Richmond, Virginia, 42 [03-19-2008]

Vanessa Barajas, Palmdale,Ca 10 [03-19-2008]

Shang-Cheng [03-19-2008]

Kay Berven, Abilene Ks [03-19-2008]

ariana spencer [03-19-2008]

Mary Carufe, Naples Florida [03-18-2008]

Hi this looks like fun!
Jessie, 10 [03-18-2008]

michele [03-18-2008]

Julie [03-18-2008]

Annette Sclafani-Zamora, Holbrook, NY [03-18-2008]

Nancy Jensen [03-18-2008]

I need pictures of Main Street Matoaka, WV for an article I have to write for a geography class in college. I am having trouble finding good pictures of main street before 1950
Anna, Kegley, wv 54 years of age, [03-18-2008]

Molly McQueeney, 10 Goffstown, New Hampshire [03-18-2008]

Therese Mundo, Chicago, IL [03-18-2008]

My class is reading the novel, "My Brother Sam Is Dead"
ericakreiling, teacher [03-18-2008]

I am helping my granddaughter Rebecca Lynn (from Michigan) with a school project (Flat Rebecca) informing her classmates about historical sites and events in Philadelphia. I enjoyed a day out yesterday visiting many of these sites and picking up brochures, postcards and taking photos. I am so proud to have lived in this area full of such important history.
Lynn, former Phila. resident - now Drexel Hill, PA [03-18-2008]

i hope you really did sew the first flag
DIAMOND WASHINGTON, paramount,13, [03-18-2008]

Sabrina Carnesi, school librarian [03-18-2008]

Gloria Brandt, Grade 3 classroom teacher [03-14-2008]

dubose, from louisiana [03-14-2008]

Kathi Dangerfield, Dulles, Virginia, Girl Scout Daisy Leader [03-14-2008]

My husband is a descendant of Betsy Ross' cousin. The cousin was made a colonel by George Washington. I believe the Ross family story!
kd [03-14-2008]

jmoretz [03-14-2008]

Just finished reading Five Smooth Stones and curious to see what Betsy Ross's house looked like. Seems to be a remarkable person.
T. G. B., Louisiana, age 36 [03-14-2008]

Alice Nofziger, Denver, CO [03-14-2008]

Victoria Clark, Cape Cod, MA [03-14-2008]

Roberta Edwards, I am in Jeannette Paand 49 yrs old.I am told I am related to Betsy Ross [03-14-2008]

I am doing a famous person presentation, and Betsy Ross came immidaitly to mind!
Katie Gillette, 10, 5th grade, Riverside, CA [03-14-2008]

Hope Sawyer, Homemaker 52 [03-14-2008]

We live so far away and hope someday to be able to visit such a place full of such significant history. Thank you for this glimps and inspiring history on line.
jodi, texas, homeschool 11year old patricia [03-14-2008]

abigail jenkins [03-14-2008]

Devon [03-14-2008]

william [03-14-2008]

Leann Bernard [03-14-2008]

I love to shop at Abercrombie and i enjoy to chill at the ice skatin rink lol <3
Cherrio, California<3,19,I love this site <3 [03-14-2008]

haha im pancake, on the betsy ross house tour
Pancake, hahaha <3 [03-14-2008]

sam, california,25,female [03-14-2008]

Rebecca Sanford-Bean [03-12-2008]

I love the USA
Kennedy, I love basketball ans softball [03-11-2008]

anonymous, special education teacher [03-11-2008]

Iby Hamdy [03-11-2008]

I am a history buff,especially American History,i would love to be able to live in your country and explore all the historical places there. Thanks for allowing me to experience the house tour
Lyn Nutley, Ipswich,Australia [03-11-2008]

I am looking forward to visiting your house.
Galaxy Elementary, Boynton Beach, 5, 6, and 7 year olds [03-11-2008]

Sandr Boehm, Franklin Park IL [03-11-2008]

Brenda, AR, 8 years old, School Report [03-10-2008]

Joanne Miller [03-09-2008]

This is an honour. Thank you.
Colleen Walsh, Newcomb NY [03-09-2008]

I got to this site by looking up Flag etiquette. Then the surfing brought me here.
Jacki, Washington State, 62 y/o female [03-09-2008]

Elleni, hi [03-09-2008]

im doing a report on Betsy Ross she was a very brave woman
Emily Brandon, 10 years old and in fifth grade [03-09-2008]

I'm with the DAR and doing Betsy Ross for our program this month. Thanks for a great web site!
F. Kelly [03-07-2008]

I am looking for information on besty ross for history day because i am writing a report about her!
Taylor, 17 [03-07-2008]

I am writing a report on Besty Ross and was searching for information.
McKenizie, 9 year old fourth grade student [03-07-2008]

Helping my daughter with a project about Betsy Ross.
anonymous, Philadelphia, 36 [03-07-2008]

Abigail Forbes, Age 8, North Haven, CT [03-07-2008]

Betsy Ross rules!
Alexis, 10 [03-07-2008]

I'm doing a book report for my 3rd. grade class. My topic is Betsy Ross.
Sami Stapleton, I live in Ohio and I'm 8 years old. [03-06-2008]

TABITHA, va, 7yrs old, writing about her for a social studies project [03-06-2008]

Chay Huddleston, Brisbane Australia [03-06-2008]

Camille [03-06-2008]

Bret Taylor, Afton, Wyoming 27 years old sevrved a 2 year lds mission to philadelphia from 1999-2001 [03-05-2008]

I had always a great interest in the history of the United States. The website is one of my most favored sites so I bookmarked it on my PC. I read it very often.
Ulf Koerner, age 50, male, living in Mainz, Germany [03-05-2008]

carley hunter, 10 years iowa [03-05-2008]

ABBIE B., g [03-04-2008]

Clara [03-04-2008]

dava, south carolina, 36 [03-04-2008]

Ashley Dickens [03-04-2008]

Derf Harrington [03-04-2008]

im doin a skool project of her!
ABBIE B., i love oreo pie!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!* [03-04-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I'd like to see her house
Alyssa, 9, GA, 4th grade [03-04-2008]

I visited Betsy Ross's home in the late 1980's. I have returned for a refresher course.
Jennifer, I live in Heavener, OK [03-04-2008]

Martin F. Collins, Brooklyn, New York11234 [03-04-2008] [03-04-2008]

e j andrade [03-04-2008]

anonymous [03-04-2008]

We're doing a 2nd grade class project on Betsy Ross.
The Beasley's, Irmo SC [03-04-2008]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross. I am going to tell why she is important to America. I also have to dress up like her and speak about her life.
Bailey Collier, Mobile, Alabama, 9 years old [03-04-2008]

i wish i could be betsyross
Darien, dance [03-04-2008]

MaryAnne, Las Vegas [03-04-2008]

We are looking up Besty Ross for my sons kindergarten homework.
Martha El-Bitar, Hillsborough, NC, 35 [03-04-2008]

The Umbarger Family, Homeschooling Family from Orlando, FL [02-28-2008]

Karen Elliott, Anderson, SC - 42 - Historian/Homemaker [02-28-2008]

margaret beady [02-28-2008]

I am a homeschool mom and was teaching my youngest son (9) about the history of our Flag and the person responsible for it. Thank you.
Carrie Warmoth, Female, 33, in Florida [02-28-2008]

c. robinson, 38 years old from northern ireland [02-28-2008]

Melanie Schulz, 57, Trenton NJ [02-28-2008]

I'm looking for information to share with my students about Betsy Ross. Thank you for providing this tour!
Cheryl Quesenberry, Auburn Elementary School, Riner, VA [02-28-2008]

daisy [02-27-2008]

wayne menezes, south africa 22 years old [02-27-2008]

We're studying the biography of Betsy Ross and I think this wedsite would really bring Betsy alive for the students. I plan to have the students visit the website.
Sandy Saucedo, Chicago, 33, 4th/5th Grade Teacher [02-27-2008]

Amber, virginia/8 [02-27-2008]

It will be for my project!
Ariana, Tucson 12 [02-27-2008]

Amy, I'm 9 years old and I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross for school [02-26-2008]

ANDREA [02-26-2008]

marcy lyon [02-26-2008]

daisy [02-26-2008]

I was born in pennsylvania,where Abraham Lincoln made his speech in gettysberg and I wanted to learn more about betsy ross,as we are working on a project about her so I wanted vist her house.
Shashank Rao, 7yrs old new jersey [02-26-2008]

Thank you for bringing history to life in such an interesting, engaging way>
Elisabeth Bergan [02-26-2008]

The thing about how to make the star is very complicated. Took me man times to try and I still don't have it.
Dominique Colton, LaGrange, Ga-18 [02-26-2008]

katie, chicago-11 [02-26-2008]

I am working on a school project about Betsy Ross.
Carolyn Siegler [02-25-2008]

i think hate is a very strong word!
something and something, place in us [02-25-2008]

My Husband's Mother gave us a Betsy Ross antique Sewing Machine. It was purchased aproximately 85 years ago. The machine belonged to his grandmother. It was given to her on her first Christmas with his Grandfather after they were married. I am trying to find a belt for it. It is a peddle machine in its own wooden table with four drawers. Do you have any idea where I could find a belt?
Charliott J. Rodgers, I was born and raised in Kentucky I am 55 [02-25-2008]

Am interested in knowing more about Betsy Ross
Patricia, teacher from Wi [02-25-2008]

JESSICA JOHNSON, age 9, maryland [02-25-2008]

My first graders learn about how we became the United States of America. We study Betsy Ross and make 13 star flags and 50 star flags. We also present a play to our school called "The Little Country That Could" at the end of our unit. I thought this year my first graders would enjoy seeing the virtual tour of Betsy Ross' home.
Lillie Fay Young, first grade teacher - Bramlett Elementary School Oxford, MS 38655 [02-24-2008]

Howard Stevens, Tulsa, Ok 51yo [02-24-2008]

thank you for providing this website.
Alicia Williams, I enjoy learning anything about history. [02-23-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in my class at school
ashlyn griffin, 7 yrs old [02-23-2008]

researching for a school project
Brayden M. Arledge, 7 years old from Lancaster,Ohio [02-23-2008]

MR.Koller [02-23-2008]

paul wessels, staten island ny, performing research of american women in history [02-22-2008]

TEYA BI\LYTHE, 7years old;doing a report on betsy for school [02-22-2008]

Maggie [02-22-2008]

Linda Cummando, Live in New York [02-22-2008]

Brytnee [02-22-2008]

Thank you
Jeanette Petrosius, Dallas, TX U>S>A> [02-22-2008]

lisa ross [02-22-2008]

Carmen Flores, age 31, abington PA [02-22-2008]

Kim Mitchell, Lafayette, IN, 3rd grade teachet [02-22-2008]

Pulaski [02-22-2008]

felecie akerman, New York city [02-22-2008]

My daughter is playing the part of Betsy Ross in the wax museum in her class. We are researching information. Thanks for sharing with us!
Doris Hansen & Hope Moore, Fishers, Indiana [02-22-2008]

I am doing a research project on Betsy Ross and the tour will help me learn a lot about her. This will be great!:-)
T [02-22-2008]

my daughter Paige is doing a school project and will portray Betsy Ross
Deborah Chase, from Maine [02-22-2008]

Betsy, 28, Sherman, Texas Mother of two girls [02-20-2008]

Erin [02-20-2008]

Cassandra M., Live in Pennsylvania [02-20-2008]

Courtney, a kid [02-20-2008]

what did betsy ross were?
ariana, spokane washington [02-20-2008]

Bob Kellete, Valley Center, Ks., age 66 [02-20-2008]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and wanted to see her house.
Mrs. Robinson's Kindergarten Class, Ages 5 and 6 [02-20-2008]

rachel, 11 [02-20-2008]

dakota [02-20-2008]

Doing class project on famous people and I chose Betsy Ross.
Sydney Wolfe, 7 years old Weaverville, NC [02-20-2008]

The last time I visited the home was in 1964. I was still in high school then. I liked how my small stature fit right in with the low ceilings and staircase.
Carla Lindemann [02-20-2008]

We are studing a reading unit called Red, White & Blue. We just finished reading a story about Besty Ross and the first flag.
Mrs. Thames' Kindergarten Class, Baskin Louisiana [02-20-2008]

Kristin Crees, California,33 [02-19-2008]

Jeannie Sons, 10 yrs. old, VA [02-19-2008]

When I was a young girl, my family and I visited the home of Betsy Ross. Now, I write for children's magazines and am presently working on an article about Betsy Ross.
Nancy Craddock, Atlanta, GA [02-19-2008]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross.
savannah, Tallahasse, FL - 61/2 [02-19-2008]

I visited the betsy ross house in 2003, and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
carly sabella, age 7 [02-19-2008]

Amy Cunningham [02-18-2008]

I am doing a paper on famous americans and I chose Betsy Ross. She was an interesting person and I can't wait to see her home.
Katheryn A. Parrish, Goochland, VA age 9 student at Randolph Elementary [02-18-2008]

i just visted this website in honor of Elizabeth Ross and, because i am doing a report on her(she is my hero).
hannah sherrick, 11 ohio in the fifth grade [02-18-2008]

krystalynn newbury, phx az 8 years old [02-18-2008]

anonymous, New York, 9. [02-18-2008]

Donna Katzfey, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 43 [02-18-2008]

Ronda Frantz, 41 homeschool mom [02-18-2008]

alexandra, eight [02-18-2008]

I am 6years old and I am doing a school history report and I chose to write about Besty Ross.
walker kershaw, 6 [02-18-2008]

Debora Samarco [02-18-2008]

we want to see her house
ms. hickeys class, we are a kindergarten class in nashville tn [02-18-2008]

i"m doing a project on the first american flag.
dolsin [02-18-2008]

billy, fghedhg [02-18-2008]

Nancy W. Grigg [02-18-2008]

as a the forth grade...I played the role of Betsy a school play...ever since...I've always stopped to learn more about her...I just recently got online...and look forward to learning as much as I can
stephanie lyn wilson-crossman, ct/f/40 [02-15-2008]

i am working on a project..
animelovur [02-15-2008]

alex [02-15-2008]

katln [02-15-2008]

brad [02-15-2008]

doing a report on betsy and this info was very helpful thanks
Gwen [02-15-2008]

olivia singleton, DYESS,11 years old. [02-14-2008]

Hannah Page [02-14-2008]

Am very excited to see Betsy's house
beth crehab, tutor [02-14-2008]

i am a big fan and need info for a project.
anonymous [02-14-2008]

Joseph [02-14-2008]

Alex [02-14-2008]

Currently planning a trip to Philly with my students.
Bruce Brown, Teacher, Fort Lauderdale, FL [02-13-2008]

kassie, I like dogs [02-13-2008]

I am trying to find out as much about Betsy Ross for my school assignment. I will be memorizing a few paragraphs about her and also dressing like her. Do you have any other pictures and books that you can recommend? I love to read!
Arielle Merrick, I am 8 years old and I have the wonderful assignment of being "Betsy Ross" for my History Class. [02-13-2008]

Katie [02-13-2008]

i lov betsy
holly [02-13-2008]

Lacey, live in South Carolina [02-13-2008]

I'm very pleased to see that you've created a virtual tour for people who can't come see the house in person right away.
Sumayyah A., Westchester Ohio, age: 14 [02-13-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross because I think she is one of the most amazing people in the U.S. I mean...she did make our flag. :)
Faith, age:12 [02-13-2008]

Jennifer Trenka, Ohio, 33 [02-13-2008]

I visited the betsy ross house in the fifth grade in 1986
kristy, lancaster, PA 31 [02-12-2008]

Taylor, 13 [02-12-2008]

My grand-daughter Emily Ross Bishop is related to Betsy's third husband. Her dad wrote a play about Betsy Ross. He is a writer in Burbank, CA.
Sharon Ohnmeiss, Stow, Ohio [02-12-2008]

Madison Caster, Portland, Oregon, age 11 [02-12-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my school. I will dress as Betsy Ross and present a report on her life.
Alex McNulty, Age 9, third grade [02-12-2008]

christy, knoxville, tn 34 [02-12-2008]

I like tomeet about everything about her life.
Sissy Sanchez, Miami,Florida [02-11-2008]

I am doing my report for school about Betsy Ross. So I thought it would be neat to see her house.
Amy Phelan, 7 years old, Irvine, Ca. [02-11-2008]

I'm visiting because I chose to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Sophia Cooprider, Indianapolis, Indiana 2nd grader [02-11-2008]

fernholz [02-10-2008]

Hello, I just want to say that Betsy Ross was my great great great great Grandmother!I got to learn a lot about her in school. And my mom's great grandpa sighnted the Decloration of Indipendence.
Sheri, Alaska,12,1995 [02-10-2008]

Hello, I just want to say that Betsy Ross was my great great great great Grandmother!
Pacanda, Alaska,12,1995 [02-10-2008]

I find that Betsy Ross is very interesting.
Lorryn Petty, McMinnville Oregon, grade 5 Grandhaven Elem School. Doing a report on Betsy Ross. (Paul Revere was already taken) [02-10-2008]

Jen Keena [02-10-2008]

anonymous [02-10-2008]

Helga [02-08-2008]

hi people
brandon, im ritch [02-08-2008]

morgan, linton 13 loves joe jonas and cats [02-08-2008]

Thanks for the tour. We are learning about Symbols of the US and Betsy Ross making the first flag.I shared with the kids that I have been to her house. They asked what she was like:)
Gemma, 1st grade teacher Faith Lutheran Academy [02-08-2008]

i love betrst everyday i look at my flag and think how wonderful it was for her to invente a symbol of the american civilazition
daniqua, Doctor [02-08-2008]

Tamara, I live in the great state of Montana [02-08-2008]

I wanted to visit the Betsy Ross house this week while I was visting in Philiadelphia but it was closed.
Angela Baker, Originally from Charleston, South Carolina--now live in England [02-07-2008]

Nadia Hartman, Age 8 - Valparaiso IN [02-07-2008]

Abby Stoner, 6 years old from Blue Springs, MO...doing a 1st grade project! [02-07-2008]

tanya [02-07-2008]

Jennifer, Mason, Ohio [02-07-2008]

anonymous, 11 [02-07-2008]

First Grade at Chesterbrook Academy [02-07-2008]

Thank you for this tour.
Elizabeth Cobb [02-06-2008]

I am doing a report/historical head on Betsy and would love to see her house
Olivia, 13 [02-06-2008]

God Bless America!
Brittany, 37 [02-06-2008]

anonymous [02-06-2008]

I am still doing my school work you are a big help
Mikayla Zubke, 13 years old at deuel school in CLear Lake SD [02-06-2008]

Gina Wheeler [02-05-2008]

Gabrielle Howard, project [02-05-2008]

Our second grde class is enjoying the tour!
Allison Shepherd, park city ky [02-05-2008]

Stephanie [02-05-2008]

I am using this site to research for English project.
Mikayla Zubke, 13 years old [02-05-2008]

I am being Betsy for a class wax musem
Kate, 11 [02-05-2008]

Jeanine Faicco, Blue Point NY [02-04-2008]

Liliana Patterson, Alexandria, VA, 3rd grade, almost 9 [02-04-2008]

Marisol, Spain [02-04-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
ROSE LOOCK, 8 [02-03-2008]

Scott Spelbrink, Age:44 Florissant, Missouri [02-03-2008]

grandma tried to find betsy ross gravesite but the site we recieved was a virtual man talking about finding anyones public record grave it was frightful.
Isaiah Mcmanus, Chicagoland grade1 classwork [02-03-2008]

Jerald A Brief, Mayville Mich. 45..... [02-03-2008]

Arika [02-03-2008]

Nicole Wingard, My name is nicole. I'm 8 years old. I am a good singer. [02-03-2008]

Sam [02-03-2008]

this is a great site
mandy [02-03-2008]

jo, 60 [02-03-2008]

Drew Tubbs [01-31-2008]

Sadrina S, I am in the second grade and am trying to do a good report on Besty Ross so my grandmother can be proud of me Can you send me some information abut Betsy Ross please [01-31-2008]

Robynn and Sydney Hora [01-31-2008]

Camryn, 9 [01-31-2008]

DC Henry, Utah,32,student [01-31-2008]

Stacie Coombs, Paradise, UT [01-31-2008]

PHILLIP EARL WHITE, Abbeville,SC 67yrs old Retired Love history [01-31-2008]

Iam studing the awesome Betsey Ross for a school project
sunny, Michigan 28 [01-30-2008]

Chad Roper, Layton, Utah 26 [01-30-2008]

Thank you for the opportunity to tour her home via web. Great experience right from the comfort of our own home.
Sandy and Victoria, Illinois, 29 and 9 [01-30-2008]

i am betsy ross for my school wax musame.i need info on betsy.this tour will help. A LOT!
anonymous, glen burnie,md 10 years old [01-30-2008]

Courtney [01-30-2008]

My daughter is doing a report on the life of Betsy Ross
anonymous [01-30-2008]

dallas is doing a second grade researchpaper on famous americans and has chosen betsy ross as the subject.

wow i think this is awesome!
amanda k. [01-30-2008]

Nikki Zang, Logan, UT 25 yrs. old [01-30-2008]

Lilliane [01-30-2008]

Recently learned at a family gathering that she may be an ancester of mine and i'm trying to do some research.
andrea clark, bend, oregon, 31 year old [01-29-2008]

Erin, Baltimore, MD 30 years old [01-29-2008]

I've never been to Philadelphia, so I appreciate the opportunity to tour Betsy Ross' home on-line.
Alice Roche, Albuquerque, NM [01-28-2008]

anonymous, austin,TX [01-28-2008]

Eva, Woodbridge, VA, mother of 1st grader who learns about Betsy in school [01-28-2008]

doing a project on Betsy Ross.
Graci Francis, Van Buren, Arkansas [01-28-2008]

Christina Juvera, 30 [01-28-2008]

NATALIE, im 18 years old [01-28-2008]

Daniel Pearson, Coulee Dam,WA 7 [01-28-2008]

Kuni [01-28-2008]

Kimberly Daugherty [01-28-2008]

teaching my brownie troop the respect that our flag deserves that so many people have forgotten today
c gullett, kentucky age 36 [01-28-2008]

christopher james davis, las vegas nv [01-26-2008]

Interested in seeing Betsy Ross' house.
Evan, 7 years old - living in Auckland NZ [01-26-2008]

Angela Yarbrough [01-26-2008]

I teach gifted and talented children part-time. I am always trying to find new ways to teach my students about the past. Wonderful websites such as this, bring history to life instead of a stuffy old book.
Christy Frazier, Syracuse, Utah, [01-26-2008]

Leslie Mock [01-26-2008]

Dawn, Pennsylvania [01-25-2008]

im am doing Betsy Ross for my biography for the 4th time.
chelsea, San Diego,California 12 [01-25-2008]

I have to dress like Betsy for school.
Sierra Dean, kindergartener [01-25-2008]

Candice Lutz, 33, Utah [01-24-2008]

Thomas Randall Wilson, Porter Tx. 53 yrs----Proud American [01-24-2008]

The family book of Ross ancestors and decendants was passed on to me in 2005 and I wanted to know about Betsy Ross.
Sandra Blacksmith, I am a decendant of Betsy Ross, 53 years old living in Red Oak Iowa was born in Independence Mo. [01-24-2008]

Rhonda Meahl [01-24-2008]

anna stockreef [01-24-2008]

P. Commons, teacher [01-23-2008]

betty, 65 [01-23-2008]

Hi Betsy Ross!
Sruthi, Texas [01-23-2008]

Gianna, Lloyd Harbor, New York [01-23-2008]

I liked it.
Kate Bearden, 7 yrs [01-23-2008]

very interesting stuff, about the flag and besty ross
MURPHY, florida,52 year old [01-23-2008]

kathy sorrentino, providence, ri love history [01-23-2008]

We'll be visiting the east coast for a tour sometime this year.
Lori Budnick, Milwaukie, Oregon 47, Nurse/Realtor [01-23-2008]

kayla simon [01-22-2008]

EmilyPerry, Massachusetts age 14 [01-22-2008]

This is very interesting experience.
Caroline, Davis County, Utah [01-22-2008]

I have always enjoyed history particularly early US, so am looking forward to a May trip to Phila and a visit to the home. Susan Walker RN, Indianapolis
SUSAN STURGON WALKER, oncology nurse [01-22-2008]

Stacey Putnam, Age 9 Greensboro,NC [01-22-2008]

I'm always eager to learn more about our nation's history and the great people who came before. I was directed here by a professor for a college history assignment and am interested to see what is available on this 'virtual tour.'
Ethan J., Layton, Utah. Age 27. [01-21-2008]

Thanks for making the 13 colonies FLAG I wish you could teach me how to make the American flag with the fithy states
jacquline davis, marion, 14, [01-21-2008]

I am learning the new information about American History and like it very much.
Rada, Layton, Utah [01-21-2008]

Besty Ross is a great women.
Marty Melton, i'm a guy .i want to learn about betsy ross. [01-21-2008]

La [01-20-2008]

I am a non-traditional student teacher. I have two sons in college and one graduated. The school I am in is having a spirit week. Tuesday, we are supposed to dress us as someone famous. I was thinking of dressing us as Betsy. I have a Betsy Ross flag.
LuEllen Epperly Klimmek, from Missouri/ non-traditional student teacher/ sons in college [01-20-2008]

Lynette DeAtley [01-20-2008]

Kelly Kurtz [01-19-2008]

Robyn Marietti [01-19-2008]

KEITH MORRIS, 35 years old salesperson living in lancaster pa [01-18-2008]

Teresa [01-18-2008]

I'm reseaching a for my daughters school project.
Carol, Ohio [01-18-2008]

Allison Mongold [01-17-2008]

anonymous [01-17-2008]

i love to study about Bety Ross!
sunny aka Betsy [01-17-2008]

i love betsy ross
Elijah willams, I have a big head 10 [01-17-2008]

kelley Rutledge, Brownie Scout leader [01-17-2008]

Norma Meincken, senior citizen, Western Ky, very active in sewing and embroidery. [01-17-2008]

Tylar [01-16-2008]

Great place to visit!
Tim Jinks, Charlotte, NC 44 year old [01-16-2008]

Im doing a report on Betsy
anonymous [01-16-2008]

Great place
Mrs. Bodette, 55 [01-16-2008]

Antonio Smyrnis, Tijerina Elementary School, Houston, Texas [01-16-2008]

i am so inspired to visit her house i was freaking out when i was at school looking at her house i love betsy ross she is my favorite person to rescher i love all the information on betsy ross
jordyn, toledo,OH [01-16-2008]

We are here to learn more about Betsy Ross and how she lived...
Maria, Grade 3-3 St. Peter,Paul, Micheal P.S. St. Cloud, MN [01-15-2008]

Peyton, 8 [01-15-2008]

I will be visiting Philly on the 8th February can not wait!
Kelly Moore, Leicestershire,aged 28 [01-14-2008]

Sister Stephanie [01-14-2008]

I need help on book report
cloressia, 14 smyrna [01-14-2008]

Was attending a conference in Philadelphia this week and the Betsy Ross House was the only attraction I was interested in seeing. Was very sorry to find it was closed until Jan. 15th for renovation ...
Mechael D. Charbonneau, Indiana [01-14-2008]

Thank you placing this on internet where folk from far away may have the privileg eof seeing some of your great country's history
Iain Wylie, Northern Ireland United Kingdom [01-13-2008]

MollyMccormick [01-13-2008]

Samantha [01-13-2008]

Marlowe, Thoren, Ahnika Lexvold, Minnesota [01-12-2008]

kellina, 11 [01-12-2008]

I have admired Betsy Ross because she made the American Flag. Everytime I see the flag, it reminds me of her making it.
Evangeline, 10 [01-11-2008]

marla turner, alabama [01-11-2008]

4th Grader is doing a report on Betsy Ross
Alicia McCallum, 40 [01-11-2008]

We have a song that includes Betsy Ross, so I thought I ould teach a little history to my 2nd graders.
Nancy Standafer, Music Teacher K-5 [01-10-2008]

crystal aquino [01-10-2008]

CAROLYNE V. FORD, bedford hts ohio age 50 [01-10-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and came in to learn more about her and get some pictures.
Brianna Pallo, Jessup, PA 8 [01-10-2008]

Susan Baker, Bountiful UT, age 67, preparing Patriotic materials for ladies group meeting. [01-10-2008]

Danielle, 4th grade [01-10-2008]

Jessica Frey, 9 [01-10-2008]

besty is interesting
Sunny-momey, i love history age10 [01-10-2008]

my grandfather 7 generations back was henry george ross
louise Goldberg [01-10-2008]

My great-great aunt was a member of the "American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association" and I have her certficate, No. B46443, Issue 1899. The image of Washington, Morris, Betsy and Mr. Ross is colored.
Grant Dyer, 52, from Indianola, Iowa [01-09-2008]

Grace Wong [01-09-2008]

Eileen Sanders [01-09-2008]

This is very interesting i like pie
anonymous, live in Florida, 11 years old, likes pie [01-09-2008]

Pj Gorman [01-09-2008]

Sean Lerkvikarn, Quincy, MA [01-09-2008]

Jeanette M Wellinger, I live in Merrimac ma and LOVE history. [01-09-2008]

Wesley and Alyssa Mathisen, Corpus Christi, Tx, 6 & 8, homeschooled [01-09-2008]

Lauren Brittany Tropea, I am 16 and enjoy the history of Betsy Ross and Philadelphia so much. [01-08-2008]

CAROLE FAGUNDES, 61 years old antioch ca. 94509 [01-08-2008]

We look forward to the tour.
anonymous, jackson,mi [01-08-2008]

Kayla, Florida [01-08-2008]

I am writing a report on Besty Ross.
Taylor Doughty, 8 years old [01-08-2008]

I have to visit for a school project, but after researching the house and Ross herself, I believe I may enjoy this. Take me on the tour!
Michaela Walker, Quincy, MA 13yrs old [01-08-2008]

Phil Riddle [01-08-2008]

george ross [01-08-2008]

thank you
Juan Campos [01-08-2008]

Lisa Schobert, Home School parent [01-08-2008]

kat [01-08-2008]

jenny, 29 [01-08-2008]

Mrs. Galligan, Elementary Educator [01-07-2008]

talia, teacher in alabama [01-07-2008]

I would love more info on all things historical i can use for my classroom. Thank You!
Gretchen Hughes, fourth grade teacher [01-07-2008]

Elizabeth Brito [01-07-2008]

love the stars been making them since i learned how.thank you
anonymous [01-07-2008]

I was visiting the webcite of Philidelphia relating to the Murmers parade. I'd never heard of it. I happened to watch it on New Years Day on T.V. The Betsy Ross Home caught my interest. I'd never heard of any controversy as to her being the original flag maker. I boggles my mind that you just never stop learning!
Mildred Gale, I'm 67 years old. An African American female. [01-05-2008]

Mildred Gale, I'm 67 years old, [01-05-2008]

Claire M. Roman, Student [01-04-2008]

Ryan Crosslin, Eastern MA [01-04-2008]

rhonda [01-04-2008]

thnaks for opportuniyy
Tina Smallwood, 38 [01-04-2008]

Sheldon School [01-03-2008]

I am working on a social studies assignment for school and I wanted to know more about Betsy Ross.
cora, Janesville WI, age 10 [01-03-2008]

Kathleen E. Dawkins [01-03-2008]

nancy [01-03-2008]

stacy kastein, fond du lac wisconsin, teacher with students [01-03-2008]

carole, antioch co [01-02-2008]

JCS, Art Teacher [01-02-2008]

Sandy Skribiski, quilter,mid 40s, from Hudson NH [01-02-2008]

Betsy Ross rules!
Adrienne Allen, 5th grader [01-01-2008]

anonymous [01-01-2008]

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