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desearia conocer en persona esta parte tan interesente de los Estados Unidos
manuel arbey rojas gutierrez [12-31-2007]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross House when I was probably 10 or 11 years old.
Cathy Dingman, 45, Des Moines, IA [12-31-2007]

Lynn Stratton, Avid sewer [12-31-2007]

Betty Cotton, Eau Claire, Wis. Owner of the Quilt Yard, Osseo, Wi. [12-31-2007]

Love the site, come and take the tour at my house.
Patty Oliver, Southlake, Texas [12-31-2007]

G. McKinley, phillie area [12-31-2007]

thank you im sure this will help with my 7th grade history report
maggie [12-31-2007]

Patricia N. White, Chesapeake, VA [12-28-2007]

Sue and Everette Gilmore [12-27-2007]

michele spivey, Hopkinsville, ky [12-25-2007]

I love my country and the United States of American flag !
Karen Gail Munson Linton, age: 63 from Burt, Michigan. [12-25-2007]

larry weiss, age 57, [12-23-2007]

just on the site sons doing a class project and book report and i chose her to do one on
KOOKIE, 36 female [12-21-2007]

I'm doing an ABC book on Betsy Ross for school, a huge partof my grade. I've learned a lot.
Brittany, not gonna tell you [12-19-2007]

I love history and genealogy.
Mike Simmons, Ancestors Were From VA, Del., N, TN [12-19-2007]

Beth Gall, Weimar, Tx [12-19-2007]

kat [12-17-2007]

Jill A., Ft. Worth, TX [12-17-2007]

anna hickey, 6 yr. old 1st grade project [12-17-2007]

My students are currently writing Revolutionary War biographies and four are researching Betsy Ross. This site is one of the websites that I provided for them to explore. Thank you!
Vanessa Brown, Dallas, Ga., U.S. History teacher - 7th grade [12-17-2007]

I think Betsy Ross is amazing!
unavaliable, unavaliable [12-17-2007]

Ryan Bennett, Live in CO and i am 17 [12-17-2007]

betsy brown [12-17-2007]

paypay, 13 [12-17-2007]

Planning honeymoon, wish to see historical sites throughout Pennslyvania.
Eiric and Samantha Brown, California [12-17-2007]

Kristin Dannecker, Tempe, AZ [12-17-2007]

Doing a on Betsy Ross for school.
Morgan Kaye Winkler, usa 13 [12-17-2007]

Lily Sexton, I am getting married tomarrow [12-17-2007]

yamajine, 14 [12-17-2007]

a great place to visit.
rich rhodes, upland, indiana [12-12-2007]

I am using this website with one of my students during our study of Betsy Ross. We appreciate everything your site has to offer.
Lisa Czaplewski, Special Education Teacher [12-11-2007]

Diane Evertsen [12-11-2007]

Thank you for the website and the great information about a wonderful lady...Betsy Ross. How I wish I would have been born back in the day so I could have known her and been her friend.
Susana EuDaly, Indianapolis, Indiana, age 44. [12-11-2007]

I visited Betsy Ross' House when I was a little girl with my parents and siblings. History was given to me by my parents as we visited many historical locations in Pa and around the east coast. I hope to bring my children here one day.
Melissa, Freemansburg, PA/ 37 [12-10-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross at my school. I am going to say a monologue and dress up like Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross is really cool so far.
B Bassett, 10 years old, Texas [12-10-2007]

I hope some day to visit the historic city to get a real feel for what take place so long ago. The history of our country is so rich and yet few people know much about it. As for myself I am in all of what has happened in this country so that we could be free... God bless this country.
Chad Layman, Fairmont WV 32yrs. married man that loves American History. [12-10-2007]

Here to learn!
Chloe, Utah! [12-08-2007]

mikayla eppert, boone, iowa 8yrs. old [12-08-2007]

Been to the Betsy Ross House once, it was really cool, gonna take another vacation to Philly and spend a whole week discovering the history of the US. Husband is in the military, he'll really enjoy.
Kirstin, 20, Military, NC fornally of Illinois [12-08-2007]

i am interested in usa culture. thanks for this tour.
JULIAN, FROM: city: Lorca, province: Murcia, cauntry: Spain [12-08-2007]

Just looking I'm going to take my husband on a tour of our great cities history
Gloria, Born and raised in philly stationed in North Dakota [12-07-2007]

Sheila, Fort Madison [12-07-2007]

she is awesome
2nd bug [12-07-2007]

Hi, I rock out loud... Buh Bye
Bug [12-07-2007]

olivia quintana [12-07-2007]

Laura A. Noro, Pittsburgh, PA. [12-07-2007]

jenny [12-06-2007]

Everytime I hear news about other countries and their problems. I take a trip to Phila and visits the locations of all the building that were occupied by people who worked hard to make this country and keep it as the greatest country in the world
kenneth klline, nj [12-05-2007]

Jacob, n.c [12-05-2007]

I love our flag! To me it represents freedom of speech, religion, we are free to do as we wish as long as it does not infringe on others rights.
Josephine M. De La Rosa, Norwalk, CA., 60 Yrs. old. [12-04-2007]

Brenda Ozog, Wayne, MI [12-04-2007]

Shelley, 9 yrs. [12-03-2007]

my daughter did a book report on her. i learned some great things about Betsy ross.
elizabeth [12-03-2007]

Denice [11-29-2007]

I learned about Betsy Ross at school today!
Lauren Sperry [11-29-2007]

I just relized i signed this 2 years ago. want to do it again! p.s got an a+ on the project!
Kellee wehner, 12 [11-29-2007]

My children are reading a book about Betsy Ross. We found this page while trying to duplicate her 5 point star.
Tana Albin, homeschool mother [11-28-2007]

rebecca, 11 [11-28-2007]

Doing a project
kuttypie44, Columbus,Ga Teenager Female [11-28-2007]

Julia Simmons [11-28-2007]

Hi, thanks for letting us visit your home. We hope to find exciting things to look at here, since we are studying the American flag and Betsy Ross.
4th grade group 2, Chillicothe, IL [11-28-2007]

I am doing a project on Philadelphia and mom pulled up this website for me.
Brendan Record, 10 years old [11-27-2007]

This is a very reliable source!
Kylie Chavez, Whetstone,az 13 [11-27-2007]

Betsy Ross is an incredible person.I'm so glad that she hand-sown the flags. B/c that means that she did it with love, and honor to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
Katlyn Thomas, Dacoma,Ok/15 [11-26-2007]

Thank you for making this site about Betsy Ross. We have been studying the American flag and are visiting this site to learn more about the person who created the first flag.
4th grade, Chillicothe, IL [11-26-2007]

Kyrian, 13 years of age [11-26-2007]

gill, rogers, AR [11-26-2007]

great tour
Nick Barre, Philadelphia 50 [11-26-2007]

Manon Decarie Burt, Laval,Quebec, Canada [11-23-2007]

Jacqueline Barnard, Work at Bexley College in their Resource Centre [11-22-2007]

Maria Aragon, 23yrs. [11-22-2007]

Aqiyla, Paterson,15 [11-21-2007]

mary [11-21-2007]

Maria Greenland, Phoenixville, PA - 48 [11-21-2007]

Marilyn Brown, California, 52 yrs old [11-20-2007]

I'm viewing this site with my Grandaughter who is doing a report in school about Betsy Ross.
sandy lawson & brooke lawson, o'falll, mo [11-20-2007]

Joscelyn Zayas, Allentown [11-20-2007]

A descendant of Betsy Ross!
Terry Parker, Davis, Calif. 55 [11-20-2007]

Peggy Mullane, 8th grade US History Teacher [11-20-2007]

Laura [11-20-2007]

Linda Burns [11-19-2007]

Jenny Marti, Edmond, OK 25 years old [11-17-2007]

ada [11-17-2007]

My Daughter, Beverly, needed to learn about Betsy Ross for school. Thank you for a great site! Kari
Kari Hulien [11-15-2007]

that was pretty weird.....
Haley Wild-Sichi, California [11-15-2007]

Samantha, 18 [11-15-2007]

I am interested in the history of our Great Country, America.
colton Winters, I am a 6th grade student at Westar Elementary School in Goodyear, AZ. [11-15-2007]

John M Dolan, Fredericksburg Virginia [11-15-2007]

Heather and Maddy Hochstettler, Xenia, OH. Maddy-age 9 for home schooling [11-15-2007]

Nancy Anszis [11-15-2007]

shanell, southwest philadelphia [11-14-2007]

I am visiting the virtual tour as an assignment for Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom. This is my second "walk through" and I am finding it very interesting and useful - thanks!
Mary Ann Cosgrove, Pittston, PA, 25 [11-14-2007]

anonymous, From NJ...old enough to collect social security [11-14-2007]

for my class project
anonymous, age 8 [11-14-2007]

We are reading about Betsy Ross
room 217 afterschool program, Grade 4 Lawrence Public School, Guilmette School [11-14-2007]

susan wilkerson [11-13-2007]

Beth Redmond [11-13-2007]

Sandra Brown [11-12-2007]

I am reading the story of Betsy Ross and want a tour of her house. Thank You
Carl Cagle-Hinds [11-12-2007]

i am doing a report for school and wanted to know more about betsy ross. i think this will be very interesting. thank you
lauren [11-12-2007]

Hey ya'll! last time i was here i was in 5th grade. ever since i have LOVED Betsy Ross. this woman knows how to sew.
Karin Haski, I'm 14.5 and live in Matthews,NC [11-12-2007]

I really enjoyed the tour, would sure like to come to see it sometime. I kow I would really enjoy it.
Pearl Klein, Logan, Ohio - 62 - married [11-12-2007]

lexi is 6 yrd old and was betsy ross in her play at school. we were looking for her picture online. we live in holdingford, mn.
shelley & lexi ostendorf [11-12-2007]

We are touring for a school project.
T Stringer, South Georgia [11-12-2007]

Mr. james Anthony Moore [11-12-2007]

Shelly Peters, 40 yrs. in California [11-12-2007]

Sheri Roberson, Twin Falls, Idaho, 33, I am obsessed with American History [11-12-2007]

Salute to you Betsy Ross!
Anne Potts, alabama, 33, f [11-08-2007]

AL, 11 [11-08-2007]

jodi [11-08-2007]

My 8 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. I need a lot of info on her. For example a time line of her life. It would be very helpful. Thank you
Amy, Pennsylvania [11-08-2007]

Maritza, Jacksonville, NC [11-08-2007]

besty was my best friend i love her know matter what
maya, 26 [11-08-2007]

nicole [11-08-2007]

Adam Whitt, Hudson, NC 27 years old [11-08-2007]

i was her friend i am a goast cuming why take of our place excuse me hahahaha im coming to get you i would like more info on betse rose trhanks, love french fry
french fry, cicken,105,love her [11-08-2007]

I'm a student at Rose Tree Elementary school. I'm learning about Pennsylvania in Mrs. Norman's fourth grade class, and was given a link to your tour to learn about Betsey Ross.
Richard Hess Jr. [11-05-2007]

por favortraduscan su pagina al espaņol
rita reyes [11-05-2007]

pamela mcerlane, taylor,micihigan [11-05-2007]

Faye, Dalton, Ga., Absolutly love history [11-05-2007]

Sandra Monse, ut,23 [11-05-2007]

i love betsy ross!
jordi [11-05-2007]

Katia, doing a school report on Mrs.Betsy Ross [11-02-2007]

I've been 2 her real house, beat that suckerz!
Abbi Marshall [11-02-2007]

Taylor [11-01-2007]

Stephanie, College student, BYU- Idaho [11-01-2007]

Victoria Gonzalez, California, 15 [11-01-2007]

Isabel Surratt, Phoenix, AZ, 50 [11-01-2007]

Mary Carol Buseck, Erie, PA-70-Have always been proud of our country! [11-01-2007]

Tommy l. Clanton, Tuscaloosa Al, Male Age 56 [10-31-2007]

I like to learn about Betsy Ross
Maria, 532 Oakwood dr. Apt A202 Castle Rosk,Co 80104 Age10 [10-30-2007]

I wanted to know what the red white and blue means on the Americam flag. Sincerely, Morgan
Morgan Vantine, Victorvile, 7 [10-29-2007]

I have many friends from the States and have great respect for our American allies
Karen Kinsey, 46, uk [10-29-2007]

Kay Cameron, 61 years old, walking tour guide in Lancaster, PA [10-29-2007]

GOD bless betsy ross..a true patriot..
brian studnicky, boca raton,florida..age 46 [10-29-2007]

patti delvillan [10-29-2007]

looking for history to share with my children so they can understand the world we live in America
DORA DURAN, Adelanto Ca, 39 [10-29-2007]

who is dis lady?
alexius leday, beaumont,tx [10-29-2007]

My 6th grade class is reading NIE. It is about Mr. Dogwood visiting Washington, D.C.
Vicki Bess, ky [10-29-2007]

lou, from pa. 42 [10-29-2007]

Can`t wait to take this tour. I`ve heard it is wonderful!
Wanda Seegraves, Springfield, OH [10-26-2007]

betsy ross was an awesome legend. she will be missed.
kayla, 28792 [10-26-2007]

We are learning about Betsy Ross & t5he american flag at school.
Braedon Mills, Chesapeake,VA 5 years old I'm in kindergarten [10-25-2007]

D. Randall Pierce, Norfolk, Va. 23502 [10-25-2007]

yamajine williams, im a female im 14 yrs old i live in north philadelphia [10-24-2007]

Blair Weaver [10-24-2007]

chelsie looper [10-24-2007]

dave baker, illinois 44 [10-24-2007]

Kera, New Mexico, 34 [10-24-2007]

Ms. Gregg's Class, Kindergarten [10-24-2007]

Nick DeMarco, lewiston,ME,12 [10-23-2007]

Jennifer [10-23-2007]

heddi, Maple Ridge BC Canada 53 [10-23-2007]

Denise, 44 yr. old mother of a child [10-23-2007]

april McEnery, burbank,ca. 53 [10-22-2007]

One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL. What has happened to all of the good values The United States used to stand for under this president? We are so far away from what the United States core values used to be.
Virginia A. Farlin-Nelson, Northern California [10-22-2007]

Erika Hofer, Tea, south dakota age 9 [10-22-2007]

brianna kennedy, 8 years from Arizona [10-22-2007]

Faye Haney, Jonesboro, AR [10-22-2007]

Donna Songer, 36, Athol, MA [10-22-2007]

Barb Moynihan [10-22-2007]

I how you doin
ashley, Danforth maine 15 [10-22-2007]

life is like a box of chocolates, and i hate chocolate.
Aaron Henn, un nuh [10-22-2007]

I was in Philadelphia recently and walked to Betsy's house. Time wouldn't afford us to tour the house. After visiting this website and viewing the pictures, I will make sure I see it first hand on the next visit.
JEANNE EASTON, I live in upstate N.Y. close to the Canadian border. [10-19-2007]

Taking a virtual tour with my mom for school
Katherine, I'm 6 years old and live in Maine [10-19-2007]

tom, east moline il 28 [10-19-2007]

John T. Belt, bor in Abington but live now in Potter County and am interested in archetual design. [10-19-2007]

kelli dewittsmith, sparks NV,I'm 39 [10-18-2007]

I am able to trace my ancestors way back and I know that Betsy Ross was like a fourth great aunt to me. I am also related to George Ross who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Tracy, IL, age 30 [10-18-2007]

catherine l. morgan, Lindbergh Middle School - Peoria Illinois [10-17-2007]

Fernando Barrios [10-17-2007]

Michael LaCovara, New York City, 49 years old [10-17-2007]

idk watev
suzy, student, 8th grade [10-17-2007]

I am researching The American Flag for a Social Studies Unit. I have to have Betsy Ross' information to complete the unit.
Linda Hatchett, Keller, Texas, 57, Elementary Teacher in Keller ISD [10-17-2007]

I'm checking your site out to see what I may be able to use to enlighten my troop of Brownie Girl Scouts
Karen M Meek-Shew, Kansas [10-17-2007]

class, 11 [10-17-2007]

We are from a school learning about Pennsylvania. We hope to visit her house soon. We are in 4th grade.
Miss Carbone [10-17-2007]

Kimmy [10-15-2007]

Sandra Kelish [10-15-2007]

Keaton, 7 Year Old Boy Scount [10-14-2007]

Karen Gingrich [10-14-2007]

i hope i like the house
katie, age 11- home town belington wv -school BES [10-12-2007]

Im doing a project about betsy ross and i will have to dress up a pretend to be betsy ross. I like her.
Allison Carroll, from Texas, im in college [10-12-2007]

Just checking the site out
John E. Livezey, Brigantine, NJ Educator [10-12-2007]

I am very interested in the time of our first flag and sewing and quilting. Also I am interested in the Civil War and the happenings of that time. I think that we should all learn more about the start of our country and try to learn from the past.
Mary Landis, Crystal Lake, IL [10-11-2007]

Mrs. Larrick [10-11-2007]

God Bless the USA and all her friends around the world.
anonymous [10-11-2007]

I am going to do a biography presentation and dress up as her. This is for a fifth grade class in Deer Park Washington. I would LOVE to go and visit! Thank You for a great web site! Hope i enjoy the tour!
Anna Cartee, I am 11 [10-11-2007]

Robin Sheridan [10-11-2007]

Thank you.
Jessica O'Brien, im 14 i live in philly hobby:traveling [10-11-2007]

sup people
tiffy fernandas, 23 [10-11-2007]

Georgia Watson, southern california second grader [10-10-2007]

Kathryn M. Prochnow [10-10-2007]

I have been to Betsy Ross home amny of times. I am doing a book report on her fir my college paper.
Amanda Lawrence, Meade County, Kentucky [10-10-2007]

KaleeshaBaker, Suffolk,VA,age:13 [10-10-2007]

John Rohner [10-10-2007]

Hope to visit in person someday.
Cyndi, California [10-09-2007]

sarah, oregon, 15 [10-09-2007]

Deborah Stevens, Cincinnati Ohio, recently visited Philadelphia, but missed this :( [10-08-2007]

My daughter, Grace, has chosen Betsy Ross as the subject for her History Fair in School. Grace, who is Learning Disabled, is in 2nd Grade.
Karen and Grace Murray, Jacksonville, FL [10-08-2007]

i would love to learn more about betsy ross.
mikayla, i an ten years old and i was born in 1997 [10-08-2007]

My dad was stationed at the Naval Base in Philadelphia from 1965 to 1967. We lived in the suburb of Folcroft. Dad was big on history and used to take us for weekend visits to all the sites around town. I remember Betsy Ross's house very well even though it's been over 40 years. Thanks for the site! And the virtual tour!
Rex, San Diego, Ca., son of a career MARINE [10-07-2007]

Kathryn, Texas [10-07-2007]

D McCracken, Washington State [10-07-2007]

hi i wuold love to go on the tour
anonymous, im black and white [10-07-2007]

laurie, New York State, age37 [10-07-2007]

KIZZY PENN, tampa, fl - 30 yrs. [10-07-2007]

I think this is a fantastic web site. We really enjoyed the tour.
Karen Rodrick, Mobile, AL, 36 mom of 1 son whom we homeschool [10-07-2007]

Connie Williams [10-07-2007]

ASHLY BRYANT, lafayette,in. 11yrs. [10-05-2007]

Susan Reynolds [10-05-2007]

annette robinson, Phila, 37 and female [10-04-2007]

Thinking of taking a day trip and walking tour of some historic sites in your fair city. Am not a native Pennsylvanian, but have live here for many years.
Linda J. Boring, Lancaster Pa [10-04-2007]

jill davis, san jose, ca [10-03-2007]

Thank you for this history. That we were not around for but are very interested.
Crystal Chavez [10-03-2007]

Kasey, Michigan [10-03-2007]

Alexandra, I am 24 years old and I am am from Bucharest, Romania. [10-02-2007]

I'm from Connections Academy and we couldn't drive that far and I wanted to see the house.
emilie wilson, connellsville, pennsylvania, age 13 [10-01-2007]

Denise C. Boyd [10-01-2007]

Mrs Cokers class [09-29-2007]

Cindy Besser, Albany, Indiana [09-28-2007]

jenny, denver,calorado 36 [09-28-2007]

Ashley [09-28-2007]

Dakota Watts, Exeter,California [09-27-2007]

I think it is pretty cool that she made the American Flag I also think it's pretty awesome that she knew General Washington personally
Makayla Kiser, Helena OH [09-27-2007]

Betsy Ross is someone that I thank for my flag.
chealsey, toledo [09-27-2007]

Carlin, 20 years old, Southern Illinois, College student studying to be a high school history teacher [09-26-2007]

Josh, im 18 [09-26-2007]

amy, 12 [09-26-2007]

alicia, im 190 yrs old [09-25-2007]

Thanks so much for this website. We are homeschoolers, studying our American heritage. It's been a great source of information for us!
A. Dunlap [09-25-2007]

Becky, Phoenix, Arizoan [09-25-2007]

Nina Gregory [09-24-2007]

jj coffey, mooresville nc [09-24-2007]

We will visit Phil. soon, the Betsy Ross home is a must see while we are there.
Robert P Young, Middletown, Ohio 72 History Buff [09-24-2007]

Laurie Kelly [09-24-2007]

I'm visiting as part of a history assignment at Weber State University. Thank you for having this tour online. This is awesome!
Carrie Waldrop, Ogden, Utah [09-24-2007]

amy, utah [09-24-2007]

skye peterson [09-24-2007]

Toni Nixon, Centerville, Utah [09-24-2007]

Dawn Fielding, Student, Weber State University, Ogden Utah [09-24-2007]

We are excited to visit on September 30 2007. Looking forward to a fullfilling and informational history experience.
Melissa and Raymond Armstrong [09-22-2007]

Lelaine Barlow, Clinton, UT 34 yrs old [09-22-2007]

Ben Scothern, Salt Lake City, Utah - age 29 - Part of a History assignment. [09-21-2007]

Beverly D. Fulmer, Zephyrhills, FL, 56yr. [09-21-2007]

Home work about the original flag.
anonymous, Plymouth Ma age 12 [09-21-2007]

Tiffany, Utah, 24, looking at this as part of a college history course. [09-20-2007]

Dorothy MacClennen, I am a mother of 5, I live in Phoenix Arizona and work for Wigwam Creek Middle School as a receptionist and love any thing to do with our history [09-20-2007]

4b, teacher in SD [09-20-2007]

one of my reading groups is studying george washington and one of my students asked about how betsy ross designed the flag
cathy beelman, reading teacher, st. joe, mo [09-20-2007]

Thank You-for letting me/us tour Betsy's house, even though we cann't be there in person. Just like the lady very cool.
Linda Smith King, Huntsville, Al / age 50 [09-19-2007]

Destiny Wallace, Utah [09-19-2007]

I visited this house on 18 sept. 2007
STACY BEASLEY [09-19-2007]

Fran Porten, visiting Philadelphia soon [09-19-2007]

Zack Deason, Layton, UT [09-18-2007]

Hello, we are a Special Needs VE Self-Contained Middle School classroom from Doris Sanders Learning Center in Lakeland, Florida. We were very interested in the life of Betsy Ross and the contribution she made to our great country. Thank you for this wonderful, informative website.
Timmon's Class, middle school class Lakeland, Florida [09-18-2007]

L Nielson, Utah [09-18-2007]

Ruth Laroche, 32 years old. homemaker. Franklin, Vermont [09-18-2007]

bri [09-17-2007]

Ivy A, Utah [09-17-2007]

Thank you for allowing me to visit locations that I do not have easy access to.
Barbara Wenner, Loves American History! [09-17-2007]

Melissa Ethridge, I am a 33 yr. old school teacher of 5th grade Social Studies from Kingsville, TX. [09-17-2007]

hay que velar y conservar estos momumentos nacional.ya que es parte de la historia de los estados unidos. y reconocer como heroina y combatiente y patriota a betsy ross.
SR.FRANCISCO SANCHEZ, box 23123 u.p.r.station,san juan, p.r. 00931 [09-16-2007]

I have to learn about my ancestor for Brownie Scouts and my ancestor is Betsy Ross. I have the same name as her
Betsy Ross Henderson, 7 year old descendent of Betsy Ross [09-16-2007]

My birthday is June 14, Flag Day, so the flag and Betsy Ross have always been influential in my life. I am a librarian and teach historical quilting. Currently I am teaching a class called "Remember the Ladies" and will be recreating quilt blocks that represent some of the more influential women in US history. Abigail Adams and Betsy Ross are the first two women I will be discussing. I am very excited about your website. Thank you. L. Nagel
Laura Nagel, Apple Valley Minnesota 58 [09-15-2007]

Janda, Moncks Corner, SC, 51 [09-15-2007]

Thank You this is nice lots of information history WSU 1700
Rick Matthews [09-15-2007]

doing a biography project
anonymous [09-15-2007]

Cinda Conner [09-15-2007]

Carolyn Edwards [09-14-2007]

thank you for doin this i whish more people sis this it is like MTV cribs lol
Kirstyn N [09-14-2007]

1st time visit here..because of my history 1700 homework
Ying Ying Chu [09-14-2007]

I just did my homework about Besty Ross and I wanted to find out more information about ms. Ross. Thank You.
anonymous [09-14-2007]

Matt Francisco, Montgomery County PA [09-13-2007]

Bj Seigrist, Ut, 28, student [09-13-2007]

zach, im fat [09-13-2007]

Michele Nerland, Librarian [09-13-2007]

Mary Ellen Koblens [09-13-2007]

Jaime A. Garcia, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 9; Humble, TX [09-13-2007]

Lori J. Ross, Grass Valley, CA [09-12-2007]

Jarred McCarty [09-11-2007]

I want to see what her house looks like.
Hannah Mo, 8 [09-11-2007]

Tiera Rigby, Ut. [09-11-2007]

mariah, I am 6 and learning about the American flag. [09-11-2007]

Amy Moffett, Texas, Mom, homeschool household [09-11-2007]

LAUREN, age 8 [09-11-2007]

Mrs. Barnett's fifth grade class, Fifth Grade Social Studies [09-11-2007]

Marilyn Johannesman, 70 zip code 63376 [09-10-2007]

Betsy, Lincoln, Nebraska [09-08-2007]

Pamela Miller, Fort Worth, Texas - Special Education Teacher [09-06-2007]

Hi, Found you, looking for downloadable powerpoints on Betsy Ross and the Flag.
April Doornwaard, El Paso [09-06-2007]

I am learning about Betsy Ross and the flag in my homeschool.
Chloe Fodor, North Florida [09-06-2007]

I visited Betsy Ross's house 34 years ago. Philadelphia ignited in me a strong interest in early American history.
Ruth Hakes, GED instructor for teenage dropouts: Moline, IL [09-06-2007]

What a great lady to not think only of herself but all America in creating the Flag.
Tracy Jadernak, Crown Point, IN - Age 16, project for U.S. History class [09-06-2007]

alex niswonger, 14 [09-06-2007]

Dennis, 41 [09-06-2007]

I hope I find what I'm looking for. I want my doll house to be as autentic as possible. Complete web sites are hard to find. I even want my family to do the same things as the families of the period. Thanks I hope this cite is good.
Linda, looking for ideas to recreate a georgian style doll house [09-04-2007]

MARTHA CURRY [09-04-2007]

I'm related to Betsy Ross!
Sarah Garner, 34/f/IN [09-04-2007]

Gregory Gibson, San Francisco, CA (moving to Boston, MA) 43y re-enactor [09-03-2007]

Martha Sapp [09-03-2007]

Missa, 25. 30127 [09-03-2007]

lisa pritchette [09-02-2007]

To the American people; let me be breif for when one has a calling to change a world, there are many words to say. Speaking to Americans first and the world second; we were all given a charge: "to be fruitful and increase in numbers; to fill the earth and subdue it, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creaure that moves on the ground. this is the charge God gave to every man[read genesis 1:28 niv]. Now to God's his people; to those he has called to be the children of God he gave them this command: Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."[read matthew 28:18-20 niv]. I have seen, heard, have relized in this world and in my studies that everything is meaningless; there is nothing new under the sun. taking words from my brother in Christ Solomon, I understand what he means; and it hurts me as I sit in a house of mourning in hopes and in rejoicing when Messiah returns. I understand why Jesus wept when he looked over Jersalem that day as he walked on this earth. We have a call and a responsibility to our fellow man[our neighbor] and to God[our Creator]. I see the world as a big puzzle to be put together...but it will never be because the pieces[ the nations] are divided and the builders that place the pieces in place are not wise[the people]..for they attempt to build without the builder and strive to acheive without the sustainer of all things. Therefore the house is build on sand and it crashes to its own peril. If we as Americans and as the peoples in the world do not choose to use the one and ONLY solid foundation given to us freely in Jesus Christ, then how do we expect to stand at all?!....We won't... as generations have tried and failed, as history has shown and recorded it for our learning, and as the LORD himself has told us. My question? will we ever take wisdom to heart and acknowledge that we are inferior, we are but a grain of dirt from the grounds created by the lord; or will we continue to be like Satan, who claims to know all and be all alone and apart from his own Creator God who created him beautiful and named him Lucifer? God made a statement to us all and gave all of us a choice:"I place life and death before you...choose Life". What will you choose and really it is not your choice for noone has sought the LORD, God has said" you did not choose me but I chose you". There is noone that does good, no not one![he who has an ear, let him hear]. ..all a mans ways seems right to him but in the end it leads to destruction. So in conclusion what is the answer: "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" and "in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight"[proverbs 3:5-6]. America has done many evils as other nations have done and it will not go without reproach! REPENT and be cleansed is our ONLY hope of redemption with a righteous and holy God. END....mark richardson "we all have something to do before we die here and go into eternity there!" heaven or the lake of fire[which is the second death]. selah God do not bless america...have mercy on it!
Mark B. Richardson Sr., Philadelphia born american, a US Marine Veteran, a 1984 graduate of Abraham Lincoln HS in Phila., a student of Cheyney & West Chester Universities, a Bball, Football, Track & Cross-country athlete, a 2000 & 2003 Mayoral candidate in San Antonio, TX., a son, a brother, a friend and a father, the God of Abraham, Issiac & Jacob chosen man of God[sealed with the Holy Spirit], a possible candidate in 2008 for the office of the President of the United States of America if it is the LORD's will alone, not mines! [08-31-2007]

Camille Franklin, Orange, TX. [08-30-2007]

Libby Green, Primary school teacher [08-30-2007]

Emma Daniel [08-30-2007]

Erin Bufford, I'm 13, and I love history [08-30-2007]

samanthashouse, 13illinois iliketoeat pickles [08-29-2007]

hey how are you? i really like to go to school? Have you ever just over the summer just kept saying man i can't wait to start school?
cathy billiter, illinois 13 my favorite food is chili [08-29-2007]

My Family and I were in Philadelphia on August 18 and 19 for our family vacation. I enjoy the Besty Ross house so much I went looking for more information for our scrapbook. When we were there my children Hailey 8 and Makenna 5 talked with the lady inside who portray's Betsy Ross. They were so fascinated by her. She provided them with so much information with so much enthusiasm. You ask them their most favorite part of the trip and it was her! Thanks for such a wonderful experience. We will definitely return soon.
Desiree Macmillan, Boyers, PA [08-29-2007]

I really look forward to visiting The Betsy Ross House again because I haven't been there since I was in elementary school!
anonymous, Teacher living in Phila PA studying museum education [08-29-2007]

Roxanne Sotelo [08-28-2007]

dallas, nc [08-28-2007]

I am interested in a tour for my Cub Scout Den, if possible. Please contact me with information.
Nicole Christine-Marie Rockmacher, Cub Scout Den Leader in Medford, NJ [08-27-2007]

lucette [08-27-2007]

I do miss my home town and may visit soon.
Liz, I'm a native Philadelphian who moved to Northern CA 3 years ago. [08-27-2007]

I am researching Betsy Ross for my daughter who has to dress up as a Revolutionary War character for her history banquet at school.
Leah Smith, Springfield, MO age 35 [08-27-2007]

this is a great site 4 this old timer.
j. matier, new york 67 [08-27-2007]

Kavita Chitale, Waxahachie, age 35, studying to be a teacher- always fascinated by people and their lives! [08-27-2007]

Kathy Miller, library/media specialist at Baldwin Junior High, Baldwin City, KS [08-27-2007]

p k roonan chest, possibly 17th century, like one in B R bedroom
ken ruhl, retired engineer [08-24-2007]

Darlene Du Pont, Hawaiian, 53. [08-24-2007]

Amanda, Easton PA 27 [08-23-2007]

It is a great joy to see that the Besty Ross house is maintained as part of our nation's heritage. My family has been there several times.
Frances DeGregorio [08-23-2007]

God Bless America...Pray for the Troops all over the World.
Nancy Bell, Location is NJ, over 60 yrs, Married, Female [08-22-2007]

Will be visiting Philly in November and can't wait. It's my first trip to the city of Brotherly Love.
Debbie Aymond, Houston, TX,50, [08-22-2007]

Tammy McKinney, Haleyville, Alabama - 38 years old - Athens State Universtiy student [08-21-2007]

thanks for providing this wonderful site.
james mackie [08-21-2007]

Planning to visit Philly next weekend and wanted to get information on the different sites there. My son is entering the American Idol Auditions and Sunday will be a day to play tourist.
Patti Confer, Born and raised in Erie, Pa [08-21-2007]

I loved her house... I will be back again someday!
Harvey, Minneapolis, Minnesota [08-21-2007]

fred thelen [08-21-2007]

I just discovered 2 certificates from the Betsy Ross Memorial Association dated 1921. One belonged to my grandfather, William Irving and the other my mother, Helen Irving Manson. What a wonderful piece of family/national history to have for my children.
Sally Carlson, St. Petersburg, FL [08-19-2007]

Jessica Obray, North Ogden UT [08-19-2007]

Jan Lang [08-16-2007]

E LA Pia, Jonkers, NY m 35 yrs young and eternally kurious [08-15-2007]

LInda, 57 [08-14-2007]

Dawn Reino, Allentown, pa [08-13-2007]

I am prrparing biographies of famous Ameicans for Adults who are recovering from brain injuries. People love to learn about our American Heritage.
Kelley, San Jose, CA [08-13-2007]

Nice website. I came here because on a blog I saw that most of the respondents actually did not know what the stars meant on the American flag! I wanted to give them a reference.
Jeaneene L Nooney, A proud American, who grew up where God impressed his hand (Michigan), and am now living in the boot! (Louisiana) [08-13-2007]

Bethany Reynolds, Staunton, Va [08-13-2007]

MICHELE BEELER, pierre sd [08-10-2007]

I teach American Literature so I was curious as to how I might fit this tour into one of my lessons.
Lisa Richards, Ohio teacher of English [08-10-2007]

Evelyn Gonzalez, New Jersey [08-10-2007]

Thank you for providing this tour. I pray that one day I can come and see it in person. This is a great website. Thank you.
Brenda Schupbach, 58 [08-09-2007]

John Klouser, Northeast Philadelphia [08-07-2007]

Looking for a message
Reverend Brother Michel D. Ethier, Minister/fouder Tree of Life MIssion [08-07-2007]

Karen Kreck [08-07-2007]

mairead flynn, i'm 11 and i live in wandana heights [08-07-2007]

Therese Harms, Adult from Minneapolis, MN [08-07-2007]

Charlotte Borgersen, Age 10 [08-07-2007]

Virginia Ackerman, Lee Center, N.Y. Town Historian [08-01-2007]

Carole Zanath, Seven Hills, Ohio, age 67. [08-01-2007]

Marty Bailey, Colorado publisher Spanish books [08-01-2007]

Walter Vennell, Monroeville, NJ 59 [07-30-2007]

Angela Mc Laughlin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [07-30-2007]

Larry Fowler, Dearborn Heights, MI [07-27-2007]

haley, 10 years old [07-27-2007]

I am excited about this site and i know my students will be as well! Great JOB!
Beas Hutchison, 30, Professional educator of History [07-27-2007]

I love going to Philadelphia, a keeping my history passions actice
judy haney, florida 20s [07-27-2007]

Doreen Pagliaro, Northern Va. teacher [07-26-2007]

JoAnne Suglia, NE PA resident [07-23-2007]

I just wanted to know more about this remarkable patriot.
Larry Leistikow, Waterloo Iowa, Age 56 . Retired John Deeres and Military [07-23-2007]

God Bless America!
Mrs. Donna J. Myers, Woodbridge, VA - fourth grade teacher who likes to make history come alive for her students by dressing in costume and writing songs [07-19-2007]

I have been to the Betsy Ross house before and wanted to see it again. I am reading David MCCuullough's 1776.
Gretchen, Greenville,s.c. [07-18-2007]

Edna, Ammon and Ezri Felix, We live in Richland, WA [07-17-2007]

Jerri MIze, Caddo Mills, TX 75135, 37, mother of 4 [07-17-2007]

JOJO [07-17-2007]

Raymond Greth, Will be in town aug 17 2007 [07-16-2007]

cristina, 14 yrs [07-16-2007]

anonymous [07-14-2007]

Janelle Ramberger [07-14-2007]

Debbie Stephenson, N. E. Philly [07-13-2007]

Bobby, Oklahoma [07-13-2007]

I visited Philadelphia and the B/R home for the first this month and felt lucky to see the July 1st events at the home. I stayed at a hotel on Front street and walked all of the old streets, and some of the new ones. What a thrill to be in the place where our country's government came to life. God bless America
Beverly Baumann, I am 70 years old, live in Sugar Land, TX [07-13-2007]

God Bless America
Michael Malone, Houston, Texas 44 [07-12-2007]

Grace Smith, Age: 12 Louisville, KY [07-12-2007]

I am learning about the flag for Brownies
Gretchen Bigelow, Age 8. Live in Ca. [07-12-2007]

My husband George and I are looking forward to visiting Philadelphia next week as we travel to celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE!
Annette Ford, I live in Quincy, FL, and I'm 67 years old. [07-11-2007]

Donald Wilkerson, Georgia,43 [07-10-2007]

Sara Gronas [07-10-2007]

Erika, 30 years old. Lives in Holland [07-09-2007]

anonymous, jersey [07-09-2007]

Hisstory lover
Anna L. Long, Church Hill, TN [07-09-2007]

Rose, Louisiana, age 4 [07-08-2007]

I am currently doing research about admired American women who's lives have had a positive impact on the progress of our country and who are positive role models for girls growing up in today's society. Betsy Ross was the first person I thought of as I have always loved learning about her life.
Ginny Cavnah, Children's author in Atlanta, Ga [07-08-2007]

Mary Kay Nies [07-07-2007]

Lore Wagener, I am 77 years old and live in Duisburg Germany [07-07-2007]

Thank You Betsy Ross!
Liz Ebersole, California [07-07-2007]

I love anything to do with our beautiful flag! I am very interested in "touring" the house of the one that sewed the first flag!
Alexis McClellan, Louisville, Ky. Age 60 [07-07-2007]

Julie [07-06-2007]

maria [07-06-2007]

Bill Martin [07-06-2007]

Shenaya, Indiana University of Pennsylvania [07-06-2007]

rhona, florida [07-06-2007]

thank you for making the Amerian flag
destiny kelley, 49 years old [07-06-2007]

wanting to do interesting American history activities with our kids
jane [07-05-2007]

Robin O'Rourke, Cameron NY age 31 [07-05-2007]

Leticia, las vegas, 26 [07-05-2007]

Donald Guss, Delaware, Oh..a 67 yr old history buff, [07-05-2007]

cynthia, Ca [07-05-2007]

Was never real interested in History in school, but now its very interesting and enjoy finding out all I can about those before us,, thank you for this site!
Lenora Challender, Jasper, In female 66 yrs,, retired, but care for grandchildren [07-05-2007]

I've been to the house in person, It is a great tour and I enjoy all of the history Philadelphia has to offer. It is truly my favorite city.
Chris Oslar, Shenandoah, PA age 29 [07-05-2007]

Patrick [07-05-2007]

This is a very interesting history of our flag's beginning. Thank you for making it available. It has been many years since I have read about it.
Clara Kuespert, Live in Texas. 72 year old grandmother. [07-04-2007]

Nancy Hyink, I live in Aurora, Illinois. It is a joy to see the celebration of citizens with respect for the flag. [07-04-2007]

Kelly C, 37 yr. old mother of 2. Covington, Louisiana [07-04-2007]

Planning Independence day crafts and stories for my grandchildren
peggy, washington state, age 56 [07-04-2007]

Shirley, Fl, 67yr [07-04-2007]

thank you for the chance to tour the lovely home of betsy ross.
ericka gray, mother of 2,loves animals. [07-04-2007]

thanks for placing photos on the web.
Mrs. Phil Endacott, Anchorage, AK [07-04-2007]

I think this is a fantastic thing that you have done. Our history needs to be preserved and treasured in the right way. God Bless and thank you.
Pam [07-04-2007]

Suzannah Lloyd, Louisville, KY. [07-03-2007]

Great site! Thank you for answering some of my questions. I'll be telling the story of Betsy Ross this 4th of July
Suzanne Hudson, Utah mother and grandmother [07-02-2007]

Thank you for saving me the air fare this time. :o) I will spend it later when we plan a trip to this great city!
Tensie Palmer, Southern California, Mom, Grandma, history lover [07-02-2007]

Jodi, 30 [07-02-2007]

Iwas looking for things for july 4
elizabet, mo 10 [07-02-2007]

Thomas Yerby Family, Phoenix, AZ [07-02-2007]

Angela Hall, Sioux Falls, SD [07-02-2007]

Sally Knox [07-02-2007]

I'm honored to tour this house. I love history and think that very colonial home should be able to be toured through. I LOVE YOU BETSEY!
Amanda Knox, I'm from Massachusetts, age 14 (will be 15 in August), love American History! [07-02-2007]

I think you made a beautiful flag. Thank you.
Chrissy D, 5 yrs old who LOVES the American flag [07-02-2007]

Jennifer Simmons, Central Il, 41,homeschool our 3 children [07-01-2007]

This is a really interesting site, i now I will enjoy the tour.
dawn ann Fowler, 29 palms California [07-01-2007]

katie and marilyn [07-01-2007]

I am portraying Betsy in a 4th of July celebration
anonymous, Gail Winters [06-30-2007]

Irene L. Carrll, Iowa [06-30-2007]

Diana, Houston, Texas -- Age 65 -- Researching for costume for 4th of July [06-30-2007]

Richard Newstrom [06-30-2007]

Third graders from Topeka, Kansas put on a play about Betsy Ross during summer school. We wanted to visit her home and "get to know her better".
anonymous [06-30-2007]

Thank you for letting me tour Betsy Ross' home as I live in Iowa and will probably never get to see it.
Linda Paisley, Wife, mother and grandmother, retired but enjoy history [06-29-2007]

I love history and am excited to visit.
frances rose, chandler az 54years old [06-29-2007]

Catherine Clark, Educator [06-29-2007]

I am excited to visit Betsy Ross' home.
Karen Tuttle, educator, seamstress [06-28-2007]

I am actually a distant relative of Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross, Wichita, KS age 51 and yes, Betsy Ross is my name [06-28-2007]

do [06-27-2007]

Mark Drejza, Delaware, 37, married father of 3, mechanical engineer [06-27-2007]

David Clark, Native of West Virginia, presently living at White Post, VA and am retired. [06-27-2007]

am patriotic instructor at V.F.W. and am interested in more history
lisa bond, ohio [06-27-2007]

Nancy Shewmaker [06-27-2007]

What great information. I was looking for information to help my brownie troop earn the Wave the Flag Badge.
Marguerite Pongrass, Texas [06-26-2007]

Laura Osborne, Auburn, NE [06-26-2007]

mark russell, age34 [06-25-2007]

I just want to let you know that I appreciate what you do with our country's history and the hard work you do preserving it.
Jason Terry, Van Buren, AR, 26, enjoy history [06-25-2007]

wanda moore, female [06-25-2007]

Jiana Saigh, location-U.S.A & age-11 [06-25-2007]

Denise, Nebraska [06-22-2007]

Layna Jaresh, Pilot Point, TX [06-22-2007]

thank you for this website and this tour
Marcia, student teaching [06-21-2007]

Sandra Vaughn, Sugar Land, TX, 61 years, College instructor and librarian [06-20-2007]

I visited the Betsy Ross house back in 1975. I enjoy history and just wanted to refresh my memory of the house. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the historical sites in Philadelphia.
Kay Cole, Retired teacher, living in a 108 year old Victorian house in Bay City, Michigan [06-19-2007]

Tania Laboy, Im from Puerto Rico [06-19-2007]

Paw [06-18-2007]

Janet Ellis [06-18-2007]

Ashley Bennett [06-18-2007]

Remembrance of Flag Day brought about discussion on Betsy Ross....Thanks for having the tour available
Jimmie Sinquefield [06-15-2007]

Elsie Mooney, We lived in Phila. for many years and appreciated its historical treasures. [06-14-2007]

Somehow, I think the flag and its inception has been unclear in its origins. I am visiting your site to make sure that the Flag Day I remember is an honored day for all the right reasons.
anonymous [06-14-2007]

Louise Crump, Jonesboro, AR, 51 years old [06-14-2007]

Treasure the Flag - she holds our hearts.
Virginia Linneman, 56 [06-14-2007]

Omar, Bushra, Azra, Jeanne [06-14-2007]

Michael Holm, Zephyrhills, FL - age 45 - pastor [06-14-2007]

Mrs. Lisa Simmons, Teacher in Joplin, MO [06-14-2007]

Karen McElhaney, Canton, Ohio, 49 yrs. old, visited Betsy Ross home thirty-some years ago. Would like to go with my children and grandchildren. [06-14-2007]

K Pyne, Utah [06-14-2007]

Deana L. Tietjen [06-14-2007]

I consider visiting your site a privilege. Thank You and God bless you and your family.
Russell A. Wentz, Bothell, Washington, 40yrs American of English decent [06-14-2007]

I am doing some research, my husband and 13yrs old daughter are going to be in Phily next week. My daughter has never been outside of the mid-west area.
Doreen Hargraves, Carpenter, Wy 42yrs old [06-13-2007]

Thankyou for this website it helped me with my project. I just wish I lived close enough to visit it.
Tatiana Rodriguez, Arlington,MA, age 9 [06-13-2007]

He dude dude hey bay bay
Chicken, portland [06-13-2007]

I am proud to remember in print on your site that the motto of the American Constitutional Army (who defeated the then world's strongest army of British King George) was "No king but King Jesus". After "Jesus Christ is Lord", that is my motto. As a US Army veteran, I am still acting under that oath which I took in 1958 to "Protect and defend the United States Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic." I shun "political correctness" which is really cultural marxism and anti-christ. I will be flying the 13 star Betsy Ross American flag on this Flag Day, June 14th. In 2nd Chronicles 7:14, God's Holy Word states "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Is Lord, Alan Hagerman <><
Alan Hagerman, An elder Christian US Constitutionalist [06-13-2007]

Guy Gold, N. Fort Myers, Fl. 69, [06-13-2007]

Priscilla, Irvine, California [06-13-2007]

Kristina, I love history! [06-13-2007]

jordan, 10 [06-13-2007]

tommy, 9. [06-13-2007]

zack, 12 [06-13-2007]

jeremy, 8 [06-13-2007]

Tamara, Minnesota [06-13-2007]

Denise Whye [06-13-2007]

Someday I hope to visit in person.
Cherry Payne, AZ, 50 yrs old [06-13-2007]

Rhonda Thomasson [06-13-2007]

Ronald Dolde, Born in Philadelphia, veteran of Korean conflict, graduate of Temple Univ. Received a Betsy Ross flag with its circle of thirteen stars as a gift from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation some years ago an will be flying it again this year at my home. [06-12-2007]

sacura [06-12-2007]

Kristie [06-12-2007]

Heidi Diener [06-12-2007]

I want to sew And maybe some day I can sew a flag like Betsy Ross.
Caitlyn Bowen, Im a ten year old homeschooler [06-12-2007]

Starlet Harp [06-12-2007]

Yancey Family [06-12-2007]

Kristi Wilbanks, Waco,tx, mom of 4, homeschoolers [06-12-2007]

Toni Fontaine, Colorado Springs, Co. 43, [06-12-2007]

We would like to physically tour the home. Are Tours Available?
Elaine, Mother of two boys Arl., TX [06-12-2007]

Kristin Seneker, 11 years old, Freeport, PA [06-12-2007]

Wendy, Ohio, 30 [06-12-2007]

jesse quintero, pearland,texas [06-11-2007]

Kerry Barksdale, 56 years old, Past President Alabama Society Sons of the American Revolution,Tuscaloosa, Alabama [06-11-2007]

Karen Lacefield [06-11-2007]

This is a facinating piece of history which I've just started exploring. Thanks for the opportunity to visit the birthplace of our American flag.
Lila Buen, Billings, MT age 59 [06-10-2007]

V Freeman, 66 yr old retired school teacher from GA [06-10-2007]

DeMoura -Richman, born on Flag Day! [06-10-2007]

Barbara, I Live in PA and I am 58 years old [06-09-2007]

Wanted to see my aunt's house, but came when it was closed for remodeling. I live in Kansas so if I can't see it in person this is the next best thing.
Julie Burley, I am a descendant of Polly Griscomb, Betsy's sister. I have the lineage. [06-09-2007]

Nice web-site!
Lisa Anderson [06-09-2007]

I am so grateful for betsy ross.our grade had a play/choir about her and all the patriots like ben franklin and we held up a flag that she made it was a wonderful experiance for us!
Deana Zavala, I live in CO and im 11 yrs old and in 5th going on 6th grade [06-09-2007]

We live in Eltopia, Washington. Because of the distance and finances, We have never been able to visit the Eastern United States. Virtual tours such as this enable us to see a part of America we haven't been able to see before!
Dale and Vickie Jones, Disabled laborer. 48 yrs. old, Historian. [06-08-2007]

cindy quinton, 42, Palmdale, CA [06-08-2007]

most enjoyed your connection is that I live 5 miles from penn in buckingshire and as a boy went to william penn secondary school,so as you can imagine had quite a few lessons on william penn. great work very interesting.
rob carter, english age 63 [06-08-2007]

Jeanne Smith, Texas 51 [06-07-2007]

Shirley Mathews, Lakewood, California [06-07-2007]

I am a retired soldier with 20 years services in the Army. Now, I am a teacher, and my students are very interesting in Betsy Ross history. Please send me more information, as soon as possible. Thank you, and God Bless You.
jose ramon, puerto rico, 40, [06-06-2007]

Adrienne, Las Vegas, NV Age 23 [06-06-2007]

SANDRA L. PARADY, Southern CA, over 50, raised on the East Coast [06-06-2007]

Brittany, nc, 13 [06-06-2007]

Carissa Calhoun, California, 7 years old, writing a report for 1st grade. [06-05-2007]

We took a group of 8th graders here last month and we all had such a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice to us and informative. Thanks for helping to make our trip so awesome!
Mark and Julie, Grantsville Junior High School [06-05-2007]

Returning in July to introduce my Grandaughter to Philadelphia's rich history.
Sandra Mason-Ovens [06-04-2007]

anonymous, Teacher [06-04-2007]

William C Lamberton [06-04-2007]

Pam MacDonald, elementary school teacher [06-04-2007]

Thank you for making this available.
Stephanie, Norristown,PA [06-04-2007]

I Love U.S.A
Lina [06-04-2007]

Sharon Gatrell [06-04-2007]

Jordan Anderson, Ogden, Utah 21 [06-04-2007]

james edward loftis [06-04-2007]

Love History
Julene Cartwright [06-04-2007]

David Crabtree [06-01-2007]

Thanks for having this site for my granddaughter to view.
mickie, Kodiak Alaska [06-01-2007]

Heather Marie Carlson, Ogden, Ut. Age: 22 [06-01-2007]


luv B.R. <3mwah<3
tia, pa [06-01-2007]

I am preparomg a tour of Philadelphia for my sixth graders in April 2008. Please send me info! Thanks, Tami Low
Tami, Oklahoma City [06-01-2007]

this is cool
Matthew, 11 years old [06-01-2007]

this is so cool
Abagail, 10 years old [06-01-2007]

Kindergarten teacher
Melissa Brooks [06-01-2007]

I remember going to the house when I was little. I really like that you have the virtual tour so I can show my children. Thank you. Stephanie Payne Boseck
anonymous, Right now, Pahrump NV. Born Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2007]

Mrs. Mills' Kindergarten Class [06-01-2007]

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