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Working on my daughter's homework project.
Ginger Harris, Albemarle, NC - 44 years old [05-31-2007]

I am really excited about doing a project on Elizabeth Griscom.
Nikole Lynn Schoonover [05-31-2007]

Geneva [05-31-2007]

lynn Barney, Ogden Ut. age 38 history class [05-31-2007]

Mrs. Schlef's 1st Grade Class, Long Island, New York [05-31-2007]

I'm taking the tour to help my children learn American history while we are living abroad!
Michele Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia [05-30-2007]

I tried to make the 5 pointed star and it worked. I might use this for our reunion in july for a paper craft for the 4th of july theme.It is nice to know how the 5 pointed star came to be for the flag. I am proud to know that she is the one that did that.
Darlene L. Mullikin (Porter), 45, Live in Ohio, Related to Betsy Ross, by my Grandmother which was a Claypoole [05-30-2007]

thank you for the tour
Isaac lavender [05-28-2007]

Michelle Golder, Utah [05-28-2007]

I work for a bank in the safe deposit department, and try to create nostalgic displays for our patrons. I have a variety of many age groups who bank here, including many senior citizens who are very proud of America and the history of both our country, as well as, the numerous decades of their own lives. To create a feeling of nostalgia for our older patrons for the 4th of July, I would like to put together a Betsy Ross display to commemorate our wonderful flag and the special lady who gave us such a beautiful visual symbol. Can you give me any suggestions on how to plan it? I have no budget money, so I have to rely on things I may have in my own home or what I can borrow from others or print off the internet. My thoughts are to find an old fashioned chair or rocking chair, a flag with the circle of stars for the 13 colonies, a sewing hoop to put around a section of the flag with a sewing needle in it (with the flag draped across the chair), a picture of Betsy Ross sewing the flag, the signing of the Constitution, a side table next to the chair with a candlestick and any other period memorablia on it. Any suggestions? I would appreciate it and so would our senior citizens! Thanks very much. Jim Morrocco Safe Deposit Dept. 978-720-1105
Jim Morrocco, Male, age 54, 23 Neal Rd., Danvers, MA, 01923 (north of Boston) [05-28-2007]

i loved this tour. i love u betsy!
Tara, Kinsman, Ohio.. 14 years old.. [05-28-2007]

Cheryl Rizer, Somerdale, OH [05-28-2007]

love the site! God Bless
Tye Anderson, Utah, 28 [05-28-2007]

Marilyn Bringman, Holley,NY 36 [05-28-2007]

I LOVE this city and will one day reside here again!
Lisa Jenkins, 43, Joplin,MO [05-28-2007]

Thank you for your tour.
Trudy, Homeschool mom [05-28-2007]

Sarah Airmet, 20 yrs old. Layton, UT [05-28-2007]

This is a great page about History. Lothar
Lothar Mentz, Bremen, Germany, 45 [05-28-2007]

I have enjoyed visiting the home personally at least 4 times. When friends from out west it is one of the places we take them
anonymous, pa [05-28-2007]

As "Flag Day" approaches, we will be talking about Betsy Ross in my Kindergarten class. Just wanted to check the Betsy Ross website before my class starts our historical study of her!
Debbie Bigelow, Fredericksburg, VA [05-28-2007]

Mr. Kerry Perrine, 51, Williams, AZ (Gate Way to the Grand Canyon) [05-28-2007]

Elena Pendell, Roswell, GA [05-28-2007]

Would like to bring my grandaughters, ages seven and nine to see where Betsy Ross lived.
Fran Liddle, History Major [05-28-2007]

bettye [05-28-2007]

Sue Lemon, Northwest Indiana, 49, was just thinking about our country's history and our fallen brothers and sisters this Memorial Day weekend [05-26-2007]

anonymous, Phila., 55 [05-26-2007]

This was cool!
Mrs. Humphrey"sClass, KIndergarten clasfrom FrontRoyal,Virginia [05-26-2007]

Debbie Boles [05-25-2007]

Cody Johnson, I live in Ogden, Ut and I am 18 I am here to learn more about history of Betsy Ross for my History Class [05-25-2007]

will you marry me betsy
sadie bobady, i love betsy ross [05-25-2007]

Theresa Martin, Port Richey, FL [05-25-2007]

Who is betsy Ross's mom???
Celeste, 10 years old, odell [05-25-2007]

I remember visiting Betsy Ross' house on a school trip when I was a young child. I still remember today (I'm 58) how much I was impressed with the "curvy steps".
Beverly, I love American History [05-25-2007]

Lincoln School Room 13, Teacher's aide [05-25-2007]

Debra Dean, LaGrange, KY [05-25-2007]

Catherine, age 5 [05-25-2007]

heyyy.... I'm stoked to see Betsy's house!
mollie cook [05-25-2007]

Hayley Gunter, history buff [05-24-2007]

Mariah Holmes, I live in VT and I am to represent Betsy Ross in a Report and dress up as her. [05-24-2007]

Iwas readinga biogaraphay on Betsy and i was wondering if you can send me some real pictures of the house like on picture paper
Katie, 12yrs old,Lake George [05-24-2007]

Xela Arnold, Female, 36, Utah resident [05-24-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I need help finding info
anonymous [05-24-2007]

Betsy is one of the reasons America is a free country.
Samantha, 11, I'm being Betsy in a school play. [05-24-2007]

Lorrie [05-24-2007]

I am homeschooled and I am studying about our National Flag. Thank you
Noah Guerin, Huntington Beach, CA, 6 1/2 years old [05-24-2007]

June Wilcoxen [05-24-2007]

We are studying about the flag before Memorial Day
Northdale Middle School, Mrs. Wetzell's ILA class [05-24-2007]

John E. Martinez, Male, 47, Utah Resident [05-23-2007]

AMBER CANTLEBERRY, cleveland, ohio 9 yrs old [05-23-2007]

Jennifer Stevens, Ogden, Ut. 22, student and wife [05-23-2007]

i want to say hi to everyone.
AShley Gray, 13 [05-23-2007]

Claire Davies, 11 years old in the 5th grade [05-22-2007]

Mark Wiley, Idaho [05-22-2007]

deborah howarth, i live in walton,ky.have been interested in history since a young child. [05-22-2007]

anthony [05-22-2007]

Alli [05-22-2007]

Natalie [05-21-2007]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Grace Kierney, 8 years old [05-21-2007]

Parker Manley [05-21-2007]

gail nickerson, massachusetts [05-21-2007]

Richard Capone, 67.5 [05-21-2007]

i like betty ross
Catt, 16 [05-21-2007]

show me this tour
ashley ryder, 67 [05-21-2007]

This is a wonderfully organized and informative website from which teachers and students especially will profit.
PETER CAESAR LOCASCIO, I reside in southern California now, but am originally from tristate NYC/NJ/CT area. For many years I taught Art History and history. [05-18-2007]

I will love to visit this house with my family.
Linda J Lombardo, Historic Massachusetts, 59, United States Letter Carrier [05-18-2007]

Abigail Rodgers [05-18-2007]

I LOVE Philadelphia. It is full of HIstory
caren, I am 13 years old i live inthe Bronx [05-18-2007]

kristine cerami, rochester, NY [05-18-2007]

I'm interested in history. I like to be able to tell my kids all about the history of things. As well as the difference so that they can learn to appreciate things a whole lot more.
Karen J. Rodriguez Roman, I live in Altamonte Springs, Florida. I'm a 29 year old female. [05-18-2007]

Thanks for letting us take your tour.
Mrs. Southwick;s 6th period class, 5th graders [05-18-2007]

Each year my students do projects about Revolutionary War people and events. Sometimes they research and create booklets, other times they present information in a "talk show" format with one student being the interviewer and the other the famous person. Their scripts include the important information about their person's role in the Revolutionary War. I'm interested in seeing what information my students will get from your site.
Kathie Evans, teacher of 7th gr. social studies from NJ [05-18-2007]

Ana Shrine [05-18-2007]

we are doing a progect on betsy
julia and genna [05-17-2007]

kia [05-17-2007]

I from San Francisco, Ca. but my father Sam Pooner, family is from Philadelphia and when I was young may father brought my family from S.F, CA to Philadelphia we went by car... and visit my Wholly family and the only one that I keep-in touch is Gloria and Bob. and Cousin Dense Ann .. Hello from Cousin Ruby Romero Rivera.and Alvin Beatriz Alfredo Rivera and cousin Harry and Sammy Jr. and Esmerald and Pearl and Paul and Joushua
Ruby Romero Rivera, I liver in San Francisco, Ca [05-17-2007]

we had a great time.
anonymous, 12, new york and enjoyed the tour in philedelphia [05-17-2007]

Steffani Gibson [05-16-2007]

elizabeth, 98 [05-16-2007]

Sydney Doe, Savannah, Ga, Marshpoint Ele., 9 years old [05-16-2007]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and thought it would be fun to see her virtual house.
Gabby Cravener, Western PA,, Age 10. [05-16-2007]

i love the falgs of the world
KOURTNIE DUGGINS, cincinnati,10, [05-16-2007]

hi how ya doin
shawnte omalley, campbell [05-15-2007]

sally, colorado [05-14-2007]

The stars and stipes remain strong and the colors bold just like our country. we are a nation founded in the pursuit of happiness, freedom and peace just as intended by our forefathers and sewen within the flag for all to be reminded of daily.
Pamela Claspill, San Diego, Ca, 48 [05-14-2007]

Phil Massecar, Simcoe, Ont.,/53/Youth Services Officer [05-14-2007]

Michelle Benn, Germantown, WI 38 years old [05-14-2007]

Wes Oppenheimer [05-14-2007]

Jon Steinkraus, 10 picked betsy ross for report for school [05-14-2007]

well...I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross, that's why I'm here. I'm a girl.
Delany, 13 [05-14-2007]

Jalynn Johnson, Baltimore,Maryland, 11, [05-14-2007]

R. Bragunier [05-11-2007]

I am doing a biography book report on Betsy Ross. I like your website and thought it would be fun to see her house!
Miri Fried, Long Island, NY 9 years old [05-11-2007]

I like USA History,anything History...
William, 37 [05-11-2007]

Jenn [05-10-2007]

Paul Mann, 60, California [05-09-2007]

linda rockafellow [05-09-2007]

mattea, 23 [05-09-2007]

Jere Williams [05-09-2007]

L'tea Smith, funny,good friend. [05-09-2007]

Rick Pollen [05-08-2007]

Jon Hranek, Hopewell, NJ 11 Years old [05-08-2007]

Girl Scout Troop 76
Donna Chesebro, Edmeston, NY [05-08-2007]

mikr [05-08-2007]

Reed [05-07-2007]

blackdevil, Waynesboro Pa, 18 [05-07-2007]

Teri Stringham [05-07-2007]

timmy andrews, 12 years old [05-07-2007]

Dianna Phillips, Houston, Texas 58 years old Teacher [05-07-2007]

My grandfather is taking down and folding our American flag at the closing ceremonies for our softball league. We want to be sure he does it right. He was in the Navy in 1964 and he says he knows how.
Alisha Hernandez, 3rd grade Willis, Texas 9 years old [05-07-2007]

Judi, 10 years old [05-07-2007]

Julia, From Bethesda, MD [05-07-2007]

Samantha, age 13. Really into history. [05-07-2007]

let me see
lisa, mn 10 55811 [05-04-2007]

Samantha Parker, 2nd grade teacher [05-04-2007]

Bobbi Jo Marshall [05-04-2007]

betsy ross rocks!
Brianna, I am 10 years old and live in Philedelphia [05-04-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. She is soooooo great! I hope that anyone who learns about her would L-O-V-E her!
Samantha [05-04-2007]

kayley [05-04-2007]

D**n it
theo, 10 [05-04-2007]

Asheily, Westmont [05-02-2007]

**** up!
nico [05-02-2007]

theo, 11 [05-02-2007]

~!Well i visited because betsy ross is my favorite person in history i wish i could still meet her and ask all of my questions of how she did in the past life and in a book i read about her i always wanted to know who was THEE!~
alyson, happy kind girl in a very big city! [05-02-2007]

Joshua, 11 years old [05-02-2007]

I did a report on Betsy Ross for my school. I go to Turtle Lake School.
Caroline, I live in Minnesota. I am 9 years old. [05-02-2007]

cass [05-02-2007]

I like this font.
anonymous [05-02-2007]

Holly Perkins [04-30-2007]

christina porto vile [04-30-2007]

Wonderful website! Thank you!
Suzanne Wendover McLaren, I am the great great great grandaughter of Peter Hercules Wendover who helped Betsy Ross design and make the flag. My grandmother Rena Scobee Allen of Kentucky was a member of the DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. I am a visual artist and instructor in art, ESL, yoga and Special Education. I live with my husband, Dr. John McLaren, lawyer and professor of Criminal Justice at TSU, along with Dudley, a Smooth Fox Terrier, Gary who is part Pomaranian and Chihuaha, 2 enchanting felines and one catfish. We reside in the hill country near Austin, Texas. Our son, Ross, is a Communications major at Texas State University and an avid Basketball player. I was born in Boston, Mass. while my father attended Harvard Law School on a full scholarship. We enjoy vacationing in Taos, New Mexico but our hearts belong to Texas and all of our wonderful family and friends who live here! [04-30-2007]

Mishelle [04-30-2007]

lisa, ny, 42 [04-28-2007]

Arturo, Los angeles [04-27-2007]

this is for my third grade hero's progect.
SURESH NANDLAL [04-27-2007]

L Passet [04-27-2007]

thank you this a one i n a lifetime experience thank you very much and i wish i could see it in person
krissy, 14/mia/f [04-27-2007]

hello chickens
Gloria, i live in la la land [04-27-2007]

i love besty ross
kaitlynn, 8 [04-26-2007]

Hi betsy
Alexa, I am 35 years old i live in Califiornia [04-26-2007]

BETSEY ROSS, when they was born [04-26-2007]

laurie pulver, nurse 39 years old [04-25-2007]

My class read about Betsy Ross and we're taking a tour during our computer class!
Sherri Edelbrock, Ottoville School [04-25-2007]

Hello :] I'm Mikaela and I would like to learn more about Betsy Ross
Mikaela Ray, I live in Traverse City, MI. I am 11 years old. I go to Westwoods Elememtary School [04-25-2007]

Hello people!
Amy Brinkerhoff, I live in Traverse City, MI. I am 11 years old. I go to Westwoods Elememtary School [04-25-2007]

Diane Hollenstein [04-24-2007]

Judy Doucette [04-24-2007]

Hello I have learned a lot of Betsy Ross and i think it was so brave of her to nit this huge butiful flag with just yarn and nitting tools!Thank you for making this site!
Stephanie, I am ten [04-24-2007]

toma rabin, Washington dc 42 [04-24-2007]

milo, live in albany,or. born in anchorage,alaska.13yrs old.LOVE rock climbing&dogs. [04-24-2007]

Tina, Florence, MS [04-24-2007]

tyler kearfott, spring field oh im11 female [04-24-2007]

Viet Nam Vet, fly my flag proudly.
Rick Tober, Hamburg, NY [04-24-2007]

I'm Betsy Ross for Histical Character at my School.
Ronnie, 13 [04-24-2007]

I bet this will be sweet!
KARISSA, 10 [04-24-2007]

janet [04-24-2007]

Jennifer, 22, California [04-23-2007]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross for 5th grade.
Ian Desenberg, pa, 10 [04-23-2007]

Mike & Emma Rudolf, Philadelphia, PA [04-23-2007]

Thank you for providing this fantasic oppritunity. - Lauren
lauren [04-23-2007]

Claudia deveau [04-21-2007]

Rose seleska, Candler,NC work with Cub Scouts, doing day camp on Patrotic very good article [04-21-2007]

king, i am 0 years old [04-21-2007]

Mrs. Rakowitz's Second Grade Class, We live in Tucson, Arizona [04-21-2007]

Kelly McKinney [04-21-2007]

Let Freedom Ring!
Ann Marie, West Wyoming, PA, age 47 [04-20-2007]

i think besty ross was an amazing person i totally amire her
nikki, 12 [04-20-2007]

Marcela Senior [04-19-2007]

Brianne Holden, I am 9 yrs old and have picked Betsy Ross to do my third grade speech on. [04-19-2007]

Karen Helmeke [04-19-2007]

I am so excited to see this old house!
Nicolette retallick, Pennsylvania [04-19-2007]

halli [04-19-2007]

thi was a really nice website
Sloane Perry, i like to read,8 and i love school [04-19-2007]

jacob, Las vegas,12, [04-19-2007]

Sully Smith, pagosa springs colorado [04-19-2007]

minerva, 14,for school project [04-18-2007]

Lesley Nunez, 19 years [04-18-2007]

anonymous, Carrollton, 13, [04-18-2007]

Homeschool- Learning about Pennslyvania
Hutchins Family, Spanish Springs, NV [04-18-2007]

I asked my 2 stepsons (ages 11 & 13) if they knew who Betsy Ross was...they didn't! What a shame the history of our country is not as important as who our sports stars are. God bless the USA...
Diana Crowell, Salina, OK, age 53 [04-18-2007]

I'm a homeschooler and I just read a story about Betsy Ross and the first flag.
peter crosby, washington state, grade 3 [04-18-2007]

catherine murawski, 12 [04-18-2007]

Nicole [04-18-2007]

hi plez write 2 me some time!
Vickie [04-18-2007]

Tina Randle, 11 [04-17-2007]

Class field trip
Cooper Class [04-17-2007]

As a child, I can remember going to Betsy Ross's house on a school field trip. I was very young and don't remember what grade. I grew up in Blackwood, N.J. which was only about 30 minutes from center city Philadelphia.
Karen Filan, Paraprofessional at East Freedom Elementary, East Freedom, Pa. [04-17-2007]

Betsy Ross died 29 days after her 84th birthday
Maris, I live in CA [04-16-2007]

Using this to help build a virtual library of resources to help support our Grade Level Objectives for our Social Studies Curriculum
anonymous, 2nd grade teacher in St. Joseph, MO [04-16-2007]

I want to see Betsy's room please
Marissa, ca [04-16-2007]

Will be visiting here in July, 2007 and look forward to seeing this place and others in person!
Jennifer Eck, Marble, Minnesota [04-14-2007]

Rathnam, Mclean VA,22102 [04-14-2007]

Amber Bennett, I am doing a report about Betsy Ross, I live in Indiana, I am in 3rd grade. [04-14-2007]

i am going to try out for a part in the play for betsy ross and i think i should know a little about her
Sierra Skye Phillis, california [04-14-2007]

The Marth Children, Hannah 9, Elijah 7, homeschooled in Washington State and learning about our country. [04-13-2007]

My mother and I are hoping to visit the Betsy Ross House in Sept.
Robin Evans, Bandon, Oregon [04-13-2007]

Taya, Columbia Heights,MN,19 years old [04-13-2007]

jade, moreno valley,8 years old [04-13-2007]

hey cool man!
Samantha Sheehan, I am 66 years old. [04-13-2007]

emily marklowitz, age 8, Minnesota [04-13-2007]

Henry nutsucker [04-13-2007]

Claire [04-13-2007]

jackie, 24 ohilly [04-13-2007]

Jessa mogan, 16 [04-13-2007]

Amber, 11 [04-13-2007]

Daughter is doing a 3rd grade report on Betsy Ross, interesting things I did not know about.
Jill Gohl, Ramsey, Minnesota [04-13-2007]

jackie dimatteo, philadelphia, 23 [04-13-2007]

Darci Mays [04-13-2007]

kacie, 8 years old [04-13-2007]

d day, phila 55 [04-13-2007]

I am in frist grade and I am writing about betsy on my homework.
triana, poolesville [04-13-2007]

I have just bought a small vase depicting Betsy Ross in an antique shop and was intreiged and wanted to know more., Thorpe Bay,Essex, UK [04-13-2007]

researching for 2nd grade daughter's school report
Holly Perkins, Roseville, Ca age42 [04-13-2007]

Taylor Swanson, 10 years old, New York [04-13-2007]

Hi everybody!
becca Thulin, 12 [04-13-2007]

audrey warren [04-13-2007]

hi this is fun
anonymous [04-13-2007]

Sharon Martin [04-13-2007]

We just visited your fare city April6-9.We were very impressed with the tour of the house of Besty Ross.The actors made us feel as if it were 1776. Thank you!
Darlene H. Alexander, I live in Suffolk (old Nansemond County section) Virginia. [04-13-2007]

Can't wait to see the house; didn't get to while I was in PHILLY for about 2 months for training on my job.
wanda, nc; 55 [04-13-2007]

Alexis Schuldt, 12 years old, I am in a night of the notables. I choose Betsy Ross and have to dress like her and create a report. [04-13-2007]

Am watching a documentary about the Smithsonian and there is a segment on Betsy Ross and I wanted to find out some more information about her. I love our American History.
Barbara Hilfman, Coleman, MI [04-13-2007]

I was taught Betsy Ross was a black female
Ramona Tate, Davenport,IA,52 YOA, CURIOSITY [04-13-2007]

I want to see Betsy's House
Mary Oswald, from Minnesota [04-06-2007]

I like BestyRoss.
italy, 7 [04-06-2007]

tamara hawkins, MO, teacher, 36 [04-06-2007]

I m doing a report on betsy ross's life.(a power point presentaion)
abbi e, 11 [04-06-2007]

Julia Stinson, Denton, Tx, 20yrs old, Female [04-06-2007]

When I was in third grade attending Kinsey School in Philly we made a trip to Betsy's house. That was 44 years ago and I remember it like yesterday. When you are in third grade and see where the flag was sewn it makes you proud to be born in Philadelphia like I was. I still have the minature minute men and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and currency. Philadelphia is beautiful!
Fred Beebe, 52 years old, 30 yr Navy Veteran, Born In Philly [04-06-2007]

you are so cool and im glad you made are flag
madison ottinger [04-06-2007]

Teresa Major, live in australia age 60 [04-06-2007]

I chose Betsy Ross as my topic for an oral report for history class
Lucresse Aidee, 29 y/o married, 2kids (boys), nursing student [04-06-2007]

Morgan, age 12 [04-06-2007]

Dani Bowser, Lecompton, KS [04-06-2007]

Kathleen Brenner, 40 yrs old mom of two. I visited as a child and would love to take my children to Philadelphia. [04-06-2007]

Gabi Cooper, Vernon Fl. /11 years old [04-06-2007]

lisa, florida,19, [04-06-2007]

Jennifer, teacher [04-06-2007]

Dawn And Mary Stitt, Hesperia MI 39 11 [04-06-2007]

Jenny Gibbs, I am 10 years old and I am going a book report [04-06-2007]

Plan to take the kids, ages 5 & 7.
SUe Weintraub, 40 [04-06-2007]

MB Nelson, 43 F Michigan [04-06-2007]

linda santiago, elementary school teacher [04-06-2007]

I like how you explan everything
Sonia, I am 12 [04-06-2007]

Darlene H. Alexander [04-06-2007]

Cindy Fernholz [04-06-2007]

Chyle Nimmons, 32, Philadelphia, born and raised. [04-06-2007]

Mikayla Wales, 9 Years old [04-06-2007]

ronequa [04-06-2007]

Alyssa Sohns [04-06-2007]

Corey Douglass [04-06-2007]

Tailor Walmer, Quincy, CA, age 9, doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-06-2007]

Today we studied about the American flag & Betsy Ross. We came here to learn more Betsy Ross.
Grace & Nathan Derden, Texas, ages 7 & 9 [04-06-2007]

Melissa, Teacher [04-06-2007]

Mrs. Crouthamel [04-06-2007]

Drew [04-06-2007]

Margarita B. Fierro, 3rd grade teacher in Midland, Texas [04-06-2007]

anonymous [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a paper on a famous person and I chose the maker of our American Flag that stands for are freedoom. The woman that I picked was Betsey Ross. I am a little like Betsey Ross because I am 1 out of 5 kids.
Angela House, I live in Dayton, WA I'm 11 years old,and I love Histery. [04-06-2007]

andrea shelby [04-06-2007]

Lauren G., 2nd grade [04-06-2007]

Thank you for this tour, I learned a lot.
Kylie Simmons [04-06-2007]

i love dominic grassi!
Kylie Simmons, age 7 Coral springs Pine Crest [04-06-2007]

andrew [04-06-2007]

Will be visiting in a couple weeks.
RuthAnn, North Carolina [04-06-2007]

my teacher told us to go to this website 4 reaserch i hope it works
alexandra and her mom, we live in maryland and im 9 [04-06-2007]

im dong a project about betsy roos so i nedd info
michelle kutsyk [04-06-2007]

Jennie Farmer, Kindergarten teacher, Hemet, CA [04-06-2007]

Katie Harrison, 9 [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a report of sorts on Betsy Ross and want to look through her house.
Taylor Smith, 2nd grade student in Lexington, KY [04-06-2007]

We do homeschool and have been learning about US history
Sandra & Tobey Johnson [04-06-2007]

i been here before in real life
katy [04-06-2007]

liam wheeler [04-06-2007]

hi. i'm doing this for a school assignment.
kelly bostwick, havertown, pa, age 9 [04-06-2007]

i am doing a project abput betsy ross what where there names mom and dad name
brooke, mi 12 [04-06-2007]

This is for a school report.
anonymous [04-06-2007]

paulette divet, pennsylvania [04-06-2007]

catherine [04-06-2007]

Laura, usa [04-06-2007]

I had to choose a person to do a living museum project on and i chose Betsy Ross. Thank You for all the information. Randi M age 10 5th grade.
Randi, Leander, Texas [04-06-2007]

elaine cooper, Denver Colorado [04-06-2007]

We have the American Flag on our porch of home in the country and it is a privilage to think of the men & woman that uphold our countries values & freedom. We pray everyday that God watch over our country & his people, for we are so very thankful for this life we are expirencing together here on earth. Thank you for your efforts to share the American history & vision with all those interested in the courage from the very beginning of our great nation. May God bless you & America :}
Patricia L. Curtis and my husband John C., born in Md. a daughter of the American Revolution, 50 years of age, wife, gardener & artist [04-06-2007]

nancy [04-06-2007]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross for my famous American report for school.
Madison Alcalay, I am 7 and I live in California. [04-06-2007]

Betsy Ross is an amazing woman. She made the first american flag. She convinced George Washington to change the desige from a 6 pointed star to 5 pointed star. She cut a 5 pointed star in one snip of the sicorrs
Hannah, I love math,drawing,reading,and painting [04-06-2007]

KAT, Wood River 11 [04-06-2007]

Haley Reed, Arkansas, 9 yrs. old [04-06-2007]

BOB, 15 [04-06-2007]

Second graders at St. Frances Cabrini [04-06-2007]

Moya, Camden NJ 26 yr. [04-06-2007]

Violet [04-06-2007]

Sarah, Oregon, 14 years old. [04-06-2007]

hi betsy
matt, 15 [04-06-2007]

Jackie Watts [04-06-2007]

We are doing a book report on Betsy Ross
anonymous [04-06-2007]

leon chisum [04-06-2007]

zack grimes, age 10 [04-06-2007]

marguerite hiller, houton texas 41y/o history student [04-06-2007]

hi whats your name
anonymous [04-06-2007]

Hello everyone enjoy your tour
Monroe Bus Dispatch, i am a dispatcher for the monroe bus corp. [04-06-2007]

Do you think I should be Betsy Ross for my social studies class for histical costoum day?
Ronnie, 12 going on 13 .love to ride horses [04-06-2007]

Debbie Hubenak [04-06-2007]

rachelslack [04-06-2007]

anakin [04-06-2007]

Bobby Paul, Nashville,Tn. [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a biography book report on Betsy Ross!
Mia Scarpa, Middleton, Mass, 9 years old [04-06-2007]

Morgan, 100 this year [04-06-2007]

Marie, Brookhaven [04-06-2007]

I LOVE betsy ross!
bob, age:54 i love eggs [04-06-2007]

Cassie VanEpps, I live in Jamestown, ND. I am 8 years old and I am homeschooled and just read a story about Betsy Ross. [04-06-2007]

sierra, 12 [04-06-2007]

we are doing a class report
rosie, cALIFORNIA, 6, [04-06-2007]

My family and I are coming to Philadelphia in May to see the King Tut exhibit and can't wait to learn more about American history while we are there!
Cathy Royal, North Carolina, 47 years old [04-06-2007]

i am doing a book report
JASON STALES, phila 8 [04-06-2007]

Sarah, I am 7 years old and I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. I am from New York [04-06-2007]

I hope that one day I'll be able to go see this tour, in person. Thankyou for letting us visit
Ana, 17 year old from Arlington,V.A [04-06-2007]

My 6 yr old daughter was talking about the first flag so we decided to look up what else we could find out about Betsy Ross.
Lisa House, Ridgecrest, CA, 37 [04-06-2007]

Wow I think this is going to be great!
loren, 12 [04-06-2007]

Lisa C. Madden [04-06-2007]

rachel slack [04-06-2007]

Showing my grandson the house
Rose Batchelor, 49 [04-06-2007]

michelle, maine [04-06-2007]

I enjot to learn history, and hello peeps
Sheanoa Matherson, 25 years old [04-06-2007]

anonymous, Kindergarten Teacher P.S.29 Jersey City, N.J. [04-06-2007]

ya'a'teeh shi ei nesbah wilson dah shijini hello iam nesbah wilson
nesbah wilson, navajo,13, and i speak navajo ya'a'teeh [04-06-2007]

Gina, Southern California,38yrs old [04-06-2007]

Debbie Free's class, 4th grade class in Turner Co.,Ga. [04-06-2007]

my 2nd grade daughter is doing a book report on betsy. i never knew betsy was such an important american.
KIM HARRINGTON, 29yrs old, white american, from boston mass [04-06-2007]

AMANDA MCCLUNG, a marine wife--very proud of her country [04-06-2007]

Wendy Mitchell [04-06-2007]

Barb Piper class 203, teacher St. Luke School 4th grade [04-06-2007]

bryanna enokian [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a paper for school
Diana, Oklahoma [04-06-2007]

Looking at my lineage I have found that I am a descendent of Betsy Ross' first husband. So we are sort of related by her marraige.
Deborah Biscardi, nyc [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross and this website was really helpful! Thanks!
Sara, I'm 13. [04-06-2007]

i really am interested in u betsy ross
bryanna enokian, im 11 [04-06-2007]

Felicia [04-06-2007]

Kristin, Dover NH age-8 1/2 [04-06-2007]

renee pitts [04-06-2007]

shawn a williams [04-06-2007]

GOD Bless America
Jeffrey A Wegs, Missouri [04-06-2007]

it was really cool
gianella, from ny 11 years old [04-06-2007]

i am doing a class project about betsy ross.
cassandra salcido, 10 years old [04-06-2007]

charlene brown, 51 year old teacher [04-06-2007]

zach [04-06-2007]

Jeffrey [04-06-2007]

Have a great day.
Donna Bender, Deep in the heart of Texas [04-06-2007]

Tina Catrambone, Cherry Hill New Jersey [04-06-2007]

love of learning, home schoolers! [04-06-2007]

Dawn Ingrassia, from Cherry Hill NJ [04-06-2007]

Wanted to visit but it was closed
Mary Cordaro, Tonawanda, NY, 42 yrs old [04-06-2007]

I am researching Besty Ross for my school project.
Braelyn, 9, Mi [04-06-2007]

Doing a report with my 8 year old
Elizabeth Perex, SI NY 38 Female Mom [04-06-2007]

Kathy Morgan, Teacher in Limerick, PA [04-06-2007]

we visited the Betsy Ross house in Philly and enjoyed it immensely. It was cute to see a groom and his groomsmen having pictures taken there as well.
Dee Dee and Jery Collins [04-06-2007]

sharon, 38 [04-06-2007]

I'm doing a book report and like to learn more.
Cece, Third Grade [04-06-2007]

I am 8 years old and studying american history in school. We are doing a play on the liberty bell and I want to be Betsy Ross in the play.
Nicole Verbits [04-06-2007]

I am excited to learn about Betsy Ross and want to see the house tour.
Michaela Grace Vogel, Duluth, GA age almost 9, going to be Betsy Ross in school [04-06-2007]

marissa collins, i live in baker,fl and i am 12 years old [04-06-2007]

your stupid heads
nicole, i'm 29 and i love horses i live in tennesee [04-06-2007]

samid, 18 [04-06-2007]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in SS class.
4G [04-06-2007]

We are in SS class learning about Betsy Ross.
4M [04-06-2007]

Kelly Sterling, 40 years old Oceanside, CA. [04-06-2007]

hi see the tour
sofia [04-06-2007]

britney [04-06-2007]

brianna [04-06-2007]

matthew [04-06-2007]

sawyer [04-06-2007]

devin [04-06-2007]

cheyenne [04-06-2007]

savannah [04-06-2007]

Kaleb Miller [04-06-2007]

andrew [04-06-2007]

Plan to take a tour late this Spring.
Kathy Fraser, Cordele, GA [03-08-2007]

dan [03-08-2007]

Britney [03-08-2007]

Mickey [03-08-2007]

shelly [03-08-2007]

ali webb [03-08-2007]

ethan hamburger [03-08-2007]

Jeffrey Laurence Bailey [03-08-2007]

Jeffrey [03-08-2007]

jordan, age 10 [03-08-2007]

sheri, greensburg pa [03-07-2007]

I will be visiting Philadelphia in May and am researching sights to visit. This is a very informative and interesting website. thanks!
Lori Steadman, Fredericksburg, Virginia [03-07-2007]

Addison Terry, 79 [03-07-2007]

stacy oliver [03-07-2007]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the first flag, and enjoyed visiting your website and seeing her house!
Mrs. Stowe's Kindergarten Class, ages 5 - 7 [03-07-2007]

Hi [03-07-2007]

Doing my report on Betsy Ross for My Famous American Report for school.
Emily DeCasas, I live in Yorba Linda CA [03-07-2007]

ingrid, 9 [03-07-2007]

stephanie, 15 [03-07-2007]

This is the best website i've visited about Betsy Ross!
anonymous [03-06-2007]

I'm an elementary school teacher and always looking for virtual tours to bring soc. stud. live to the classroom.
Josť Aguilar-Batres, houston, TX, 36 [03-06-2007]

i hope to come vist this place soon. i think it will be a very good think to exspeance how fun!
shelvie, joshua,im 16,and from texas [03-06-2007]

hoot, hoot [03-06-2007]

Jana, 17 [03-06-2007]

Tirzah K, Montoursville, PA [03-06-2007]

Mrs. Nagy's Class, Trenton NJ [03-06-2007]

Peanut [03-06-2007]

this site gave me great info when i picked Betsy Ross for a school report thanx a lot!
anonymous, age 11 Hopie [03-06-2007]

anonymous, I am 14 [03-06-2007]

james jorgensen, 10 [03-06-2007]

Thank you.
Mike DeOrio, Teacher [03-06-2007]

Melissa Ortiz, Pennsylvania, 37 [03-06-2007]

Ricky B., Barcelona Spain [03-05-2007]

My daughter is doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and wants to know if Betsy Ross had any pets through out her life. If you could help us with this, it would be great. Thank you very much
anonymous [03-05-2007]

Alexa Clark, Manhattan Beach,CA. 8yrs. old [03-05-2007]

marie, 12 [03-05-2007]

Scott and Rene Parsons, Blicklick, Ohio [03-05-2007]

Angela Beitler [03-05-2007]

Carolyn Lyons, married [03-05-2007]

We`re going to have family coming this summer so I`m trying to get a sight seeing plan together for them.
Milton Phelps, Philadelphia suburbs, 55 yers old, Pennsylvainia resident all my life [03-05-2007]

Michael Lee, Cypress, California. 9 years old. [03-05-2007]

Barry L. Monsell, Teacher at Centre County Christian Academy, Bellefonte, Pa [03-05-2007]

Presley, Illinois 10 [03-03-2007]

Presley [03-03-2007]

we're learning about Betsy ross for a school report
verena hanson [03-03-2007]

I still enjoy this very informative website.
Chelly Robles, San Carlos CA [03-03-2007]

where did you live in your life
katie, 45 [03-03-2007]

Pamela, native Kentuckian [03-02-2007]

I am doing a wax museum at my school were suposed to do a report on an American hero and dress up like them we make paper buttons and put them on are desks and the 4th grade comes around hits the button and we tell them adout the person we are and I am Betsy Ross .By the way this web site has the most information that I've seen and I've been looking for a long time! Thanks (at least some one cares!)
Lydia M., Utah age 10 [03-01-2007]

me [03-01-2007]

paige, greenville OH, 9 [03-01-2007]

I am doing a research on Mrs.Betsy Ross,and I know this will be fun.
Tia Murray, Monroe, La age 13 [03-01-2007]

Tien Le, ESL student, 15 [03-01-2007]

THank you!
Ypol Nie, ESL student, 17 [03-01-2007]

Ms. King [03-01-2007]

banessa serrano, ESL student [03-01-2007]

Rachel, il,age 10 [03-01-2007]

kayla, 11 [03-01-2007]

my daughter is making a project on betsy ross and i think this would be a great experience although we don't have enough money for the flight, so if you can give us money for the flight that would help out a great deal
Suzi McCall, euless texas 40 [03-01-2007]

Sara Gaston, Alabama, 29 years old, just looking at the website really interesting [03-01-2007]

Happy to take the tour.
Alyssa Denise, Texas [03-01-2007]

I have enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross for my school project.
Hanna, Age 8, Williamsburg, VA [03-01-2007]

Martha Gindorf, West Hills, CA Lived in Springfield, Pa when I was young and visited a lot. Good memories [03-01-2007]

Miss Brown's second grade class, Cooleemee Elementary School in Cooleemee, North Carolina [03-01-2007]

janise [03-01-2007]

hello how you doing i washington not D.C
erica, 13 [03-01-2007]

Skylyn [03-01-2007]

Katie, I am 17. I love Betsy Ross for somereason. When I was younger I did a report ion her and I loved it! I am also orriginally from Russia. [03-01-2007]

Anna Glickshben, 24 [03-01-2007]

we are doing a 2nd grade report on this famous American woman. we are excited to learn more about Betsy and the history behind our wonderful flag.
briana, 7 years old [03-01-2007]

Mariana Garcia, California [03-01-2007]

anonymous, union CT. 9 [03-01-2007]

I enjoyed the tour very much.
Stephanie, Pennsylvania, age 9 [03-01-2007]

katie Corrigan [03-01-2007]

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Campbell Sr. and Family, Charleston, SC [03-01-2007]

KIMBERLY KONG, las vegas, nv 30 years old [03-01-2007]

I am doing a story on Besty Ross for school
chelsy Boggess, Dunbar wv. age 11years old [03-01-2007]

My 6 year old grandson needs to do a Historical Figure report. He has chosen Betsy Ross. He needs to make a poster and tell about it at school. Thank you
Donna Sterbenz, I'm a Grandma helping my 1'st grade grandson. [03-01-2007]

masha, va [03-01-2007]

We are excited to learn about Besty!
Mrs. Mora's First Grade Class [03-01-2007]

Beth Blackburn, Newark, Ohio [03-01-2007]

halie, 11 [03-01-2007]

Thanks for the great photos!
Darryl Scot, school director and a dad [03-01-2007]

kahdeejah kuntu [03-01-2007]

Kristy Mangus [03-01-2007]

Cynthia Dee Wilson, The first member of my family was born in Bucks County in 1681. [03-01-2007]

Johnathon [03-01-2007]

Andrew Swisher [03-01-2007]

Britnt Lee Sutton [03-01-2007]

S. McCrina [03-01-2007]

There is a lot of people in this Country that don't know how to display our flag and it is bothersom to look at.I like to see it displayed properly,I was born in Norway and was used to tespect the flag.Thank's for the time.
Eva Nelson [03-01-2007]

We are studying about the American flag and our Godly heritage in school. Thank-you for this site.
Jon Kelleher, Birmingham, Al. age 7 homeschooled [03-01-2007]

My class is doing this thing on famous Pennsylvanians, and of course, I chose Betsy Ross.
Una Koh, I am a Korean-American, I am ten, I live in Conshohocken. [03-01-2007]

Brianna watson, 8, Broomfield, colorado [03-01-2007]

When my daughter was 8, I took her out of school to tour the BR house. We are descendants of the Benjamin West family; noted by painting John Adams picture hanging in Independence Hall. She had to write a report for school about her trip. Did she write about the flag, etc.? No, she wrote this is where my "great-great-great-great-great grandmother used to play with Betsy Ross when they were little. they were best friends." She had innocently asked me if our relatives knew Betsy Ross, and I thought, well, he painted John Adams, lived in Philadelphia, it was a small town, so chances are yes, they knew each other.
CJ [03-01-2007]

i was kidding about what i said before sorry. hope you can forgive me.
kristen, 19 [03-01-2007]

We are studying our SRA Red White and Blue unit!
Mrs Thigpen's Kindergarten class, Franklinton, Louisiana [03-01-2007]

im doing a project in school on betsy ross in willis school
adaline woodruff, delaware ohio 11 years old 14 catherine street [03-01-2007]

Chryse Terrill, 40, From Southbury Ct [03-01-2007]

daughter is doing a report on betsy ross
tammy [03-01-2007]

Ellen Carlson, Principal of Lafayette Elementary in Albany, OR [03-01-2007]

I am using this sight for research on Betsy Ross and her home for school.
Julia [03-01-2007]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
danielle, virginia beach, 10 [03-01-2007]

edward c [03-01-2007]

Thank you for letting me view this tour.
Kenny Ring, I live in the United States, in the state of Califorina, I am 13 years old, and my favorite sport is basketball. [03-01-2007]

Bryan [03-01-2007]

Thank you for such a wonderful tour.
Jan K., Corning, New York [03-01-2007]

Brook Ward, Davie County,North Carolina, 25 years old [03-01-2007]

Norma Machen, teacher, 2nd grade [03-01-2007]

Paul Guy [03-01-2007]

Melissa Brown [03-01-2007]

lindsey melendez, 8 years old [03-01-2007]

Kate lacey-Gotz, St. Paul M.N., I'm 11 [03-01-2007]


britny long, florida, 13 [03-01-2007]

Grace Ettinger, age 6, dressing up as Betsy Ross to make a home movie for President's Day [03-01-2007]

Dorothea Harokopos, Florida [03-01-2007]

We are doing a Report for school.
Alexis Johnson, North Prairie, WI [03-01-2007]

Brooke [03-01-2007]

Angie Higgins, My daughter, Dylan and I are writing a report about Betsy Ross for 3rd grade class. [03-01-2007]

I am proud to be an American, it certainly is the greatest nation on earth.
Tom Ferraris, I am a retired telephone central office technician. I am 61 years old, married with 4 children. I live in Whitestone, New York. [03-01-2007]

katheleen, 31, southern illinois [03-01-2007]

Marilyn Dippel [03-01-2007]

I wish I could take the tour in person but this website with photos of the Betsy Ross Home is wonderful! Thank You. Peggy
Peggy D. Childress Gilkey, Married, Age 60 yrs. - Four grandchildren - a member of the General John Caldwell Chapter, DAR also W.O.S.A.R. (Wives of Sons of the American Revolution) Ohio Valley Chapter, S.A. R. Ladies Aux. & Color Guard - Asso. member of the MOPH (Military Order of the Purple Heart) [03-01-2007]

@ what date did she get married?
anonymous, Go betsy [03-01-2007]

Charlotte Brooks Cribb [03-01-2007]

sarah, lancaster PA [03-01-2007]

rat [03-01-2007]

sarah [03-01-2007]

i'm doing a research project on you for a class i'm taking because i decided to go back to school
Alexis, age:96 [03-01-2007]

newk [03-01-2007]

Christine Billetdeaux, Married, senior citizen [03-01-2007]

I am working on designing historical finger puppets and crocheted Americana. Thanks for this great web site!
Betty Waldbieser [03-01-2007]

sally [03-01-2007]

deana [03-01-2007]

remember visiting the house when I was around nine years old. I love the visit and the memory has stay vivid all these years.
Michelle Mary Warner, Live in Flint MI 51 years old [03-01-2007]

I am studying Betsy Ross in school
Abby Army, I am 9 years old [03-01-2007]

Charlotte Brooks Cribb [03-01-2007]

I think that this site is awesome
Tracy Groves, 37 Tennessee [03-01-2007]

I am working on a class project on Betsy Ross and am looking forward to learning more about her!
Tori Woods, Roanoke, Virginia age 7 [03-01-2007]

i am a porn star and i love history
amir mohammed, i enjoy [03-01-2007]

ms.willaims [03-01-2007]

Some students and I are looking forward to the tour. Andrew age 4 Leah is almost 7
Elizabeth A. Harding, I live in Hammonton, NJ and I teach kindergarten, I am 47 [03-01-2007]

Debra Countryman, Texan by heart and seamstress [03-01-2007]

Ed Martin, San Antonio, TX [03-01-2007]

Elise Griffin, Educator [03-01-2007]

Jina [03-01-2007]

what up homies how you been? hook me up with a tour of the house
Furreisha, 25, Norfolk, [03-01-2007]

Kristi Sosnowski, Rockford, IL [03-01-2007]

Catanna Stroughter, Huntsville, Texas 30 [03-01-2007]

Carol Patrick [02-13-2007]

tina [02-13-2007]

irene [02-13-2007]

Angela Galyon, Seymour, TN age 8 [02-13-2007]

lorraine wurth [02-13-2007]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross.
Courtney Shapiro, New Jersey, 9 years old, [02-13-2007]

I am doing a report for school, Winchester Academy on betsy ross for.
hunter ritter, winchester va age 8 [02-13-2007]

Tom, Cincinnati [02-13-2007]

Bob the Builder, i heart building im 30 [02-13-2007]

I've return to college at 41, am writing an essay on patriotism,Can't help but to recall growing up in the city of brotherly love,B. Ross was one of my favs, among many i'seen everything there is to see in historical Phila.My city instilled in me a sense of pride and patriotism I will take to my grave. Thank you,Barbara Mangano P.S. I return every chance I get. I feel Fortunate to have been born there.
Barbara Mangano, Phila. native,living in so. jersey,mom to 4, g-mom to 2 [02-13-2007]

i'm curious..
ana, 35 [02-13-2007]

carlie [02-13-2007]

Allen Sumner [02-13-2007]

Thank you all so very much for sharing this bit of history with all of us
jackie simpson campanelli, manasquan nj age 68 [02-13-2007]

kelly sanabria, nj [02-13-2007]

chris, I am a teacher and about to take my students on a trip to Philly [02-13-2007]

I am doing research for a school report.
Christopher B. Case, 8 years old [02-13-2007]

This is soooo kool! its just like the real thing!
amber kempf, 13 [02-13-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Cydney, Anchorage, Alaska 11 years old [02-13-2007]

Mary Alice Aguilar, teacher [02-13-2007]

i was betsy ross in the 1976 parade and i always loved her
francine, trenton nj age 37 [02-13-2007]

Ed Wentz [02-13-2007]

You are really good at sewing, Betsy. I think you're a great hero.
Jessica [02-13-2007]

Researching information on the American Flag.
Michelle Reyna, Texas [02-06-2007]

My granddaughter, Ashley Rose, wanted a doll dress like Betsy Ross. I wanted to make the flag for the doll, also. Since she has a sister, Cora, I am also making a Martha Washington dress and purse. Her cousin, Anna, will get one or the other for her doll, too. Ashley Rose's daddy is a history professor, Dr. Sean Busick, so I wanted to know a bit more about Betsy Ross than just what I remember from second grade!
Sandy Boone, Greenboro, NC--Gramma [02-06-2007]

Sandy Boone [02-06-2007]

this is the most boring site ever and you people should think about making it a cooler site so younger kids would think it's cool.
Kristen, 19 [02-06-2007]

Jane Carpenter [02-06-2007]

Barbara Haskell, 73 [02-06-2007]

marchael bristow, coatesville,pa 10 yrs old [02-06-2007]

Dishaliek, Georgia [02-05-2007]

Caroline, Champaign IL 61821 [02-05-2007]

Marianne Warnick [02-05-2007]

I am stuying about her
Zoey Gleason [02-05-2007]

I am studying Betsy Ross with my unit study of Revolutionary war. I liked cutting out the perfect 5 point star here!
Morgan Gunn, Homeschool, 10 years old [02-05-2007]

Dana [02-05-2007]

Kim Brown, wv age 28 [02-05-2007]

Laura-Brooke Banks, I'm located in Lafayette,LA, i am 11yrs. old. [02-04-2007]

gaby hernandez [02-04-2007]

Enjoyed the tour. Will show grandchildren how Betsy Ross made the 5-point star.
Pat Schliep, age 64 [02-04-2007]

I am doing my first book report on Betsy Ross. I think she was an incredible lady with a lot of talent.
Dara L., New Jersey, Age 9 [02-04-2007]

warden vidda, wsu [02-04-2007]

Emma Mikkola, MA, age 10 [02-04-2007]

cynthia s waldron [02-04-2007]

Tessa, Pennsylvainia [02-04-2007]

Karen Summers, 56 years old, married, mother of three plus spouses. Own a quilt shop doing research for a quilt. [02-04-2007]

Layda M. Lebron [02-04-2007]

i'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Megan, girl [02-04-2007]

melissa dean [02-04-2007]

Helping my 6 year old granddaughter with a first grade report on Betsy Ross.
anonymous, Grandmother, 69 years old [02-04-2007]

katie, 56 [02-04-2007]

betsy ross was my grandma,and im proud to say doing a social studies project on her so i need to find some research on her
myriah hines, im 11yrs old and i live in keyser West Virginia [02-04-2007]

hadley hutchinson, 7 yrs old [02-04-2007]

Thank you for letting this be possible.
stacey cupit, 30 yrs, Texas [02-04-2007]

I'm presenting a speech on Besty Ross to my class. Thank you for providing good information :)
Allie Ames, clarksville, in 47129 age 8 [02-04-2007]

sarah vucina, 9 years old and researching betsy ross [02-04-2007]

Paula Iles Restrepo, Dallas, Texas, 55, lover of American History [02-04-2007]

Thanks Betsy - An Amorican
Jay Maurer, 33 m nj [02-04-2007]

CHRIS, virginia,13,tired [02-01-2007]

Hannah Wright, 12 [02-01-2007]

Katherine Johnson, In my 60's- Live in OH [02-01-2007]

Camille Shumway, Ogden, Utah Jan 31, 2007 [02-01-2007]

I like history; was introduced here from my professor.
Laurie Everett, UT, 37, student [02-01-2007]

Thanks for letting us visit!
Mrs. Strawser's third grade, Topeka, IN [01-31-2007]

marissa drummond [01-31-2007]

Harriet S. Sharp, Santa monica CA [01-31-2007]

I am working on a biography project about Betsy Ross. I have to dress up like Betsy Ross.
Isabella Ross, 8 years old Wilton CT [01-31-2007]

james morgan, arkansas, age 7 [01-30-2007]

im doing a history report, and i was bored.
karli, 26, oklahoma [01-30-2007]

ann, 1123 clevenad [01-30-2007]

Jami Schwieterman, Germantown, Ohio [01-30-2007]

katiy, cali 20 [01-30-2007]

I'm doing a biography for my school due in March and I'm getting started w/ all the information I need. Thank you for this site and thank you for the information I'll get from it.
Bayli Malone, Michigan, 9, love Betsy Ross history [01-30-2007]

i am doing a report on betsy ross for school.
SAMANTHA TOOMES, 9 yrs.old-faith christian school [01-30-2007]

Theresa, 39 years old, Texas [01-30-2007]

Amanda Perkins [01-30-2007]

We have been learning about Betsy Ross and we thought this would be a great website to visit. Thank you.
S. Rose [01-30-2007]

samantha [01-30-2007]

Lorrie, 32, nm [01-30-2007]

LynnDowdy, Arkansas [01-30-2007]

love philadelphia!
donna melle, teacher [01-30-2007]

Rachel Johnson, Minneapolis, MN [01-30-2007]

shirley lopez [01-30-2007]

kathy neal, poca,wv [01-30-2007]

Michelle Wright [01-30-2007]

We will be visiting Phila. early March. Thanks for this information website!
Barbara Ward, Lewes,DE - 77 yrs [01-30-2007]

I remember my Dad taking me here when I was a little girl. I always loved the spiral steps.
anonymous, 51 /Southampton, NJ [01-30-2007]

i am 7 years old and we are learning about Betsy ross. thank you.
Hannah Smith, Cincinnati,ohio [01-30-2007]

I love betsy Ross esspecially her flags!
Tyler, I live in hampton, I am 7 and I have a younger brother [01-30-2007]

s clark, day care teacher [01-30-2007]

MOLLIE [01-30-2007]

hello Betsy Ross, I am doing a report on you!It is quite fun learning about thee! I went on the Internet at my school and I think your house is the prettiest thing in your life but not except the flags you made! I think those flags you made are splendid! I would really like to know when you and John Ross got married. When did you get married? Also what year did you die? I am asking these questions because I have to do a biography report and do you know who I chose? I chose... I chose you! Well I have to go now. Ilove you Betsy Ross!
Caitlyn, Hampton,my age is 9 [01-30-2007]

I love Betsy Ross!
Amanda Latour, Hampton,10 [01-30-2007]

Tracy Harrington [01-30-2007]

her adress a picture of her house.
bug, 9 years old, [01-30-2007]

Michele Konsker, Monroe, New York. 27 yrs old female [01-30-2007]

Amber [01-30-2007]

lynn, I like to read [01-30-2007]

Maggie Lester, Sharples, WV 11years old [01-30-2007]

Erin, 10 [01-30-2007]

We purchased a painting or Litho?, at a flea market, the picture is by Dean Corwell. It shows Besty sewing the flag surrounded by a teacher and his students watching her sew. I am trying to find out a little more information about the picture. If you have any info, I would love to hear back. Thank you
Patti Kishineff, Lincoln Ciry OR (Central Oregon Coast) [01-30-2007]

One of my students did a report on the American Flag. We wanted to find more information and found your website.
marla wise, teacher [01-30-2007]

Thank you! We enjoy being able to take this field trip!
Bellaire Ele. 2nd grade class [01-30-2007]

My wife and I plan to come see it in may of 2008. It will be our 25th wedding anniversary.
Rodneys Smith, 44 years old, from NC. [01-30-2007]

i have a report about her how she helped in the revolutionary war due on friday Also im in the 5th
Vanessa, Hawthorne 10 [01-30-2007]

j-dog, 11 is my age [01-30-2007]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross in school. She is pretty cool.
Emma Morton, Indiana, 7 years old [01-30-2007]

great site
Dorothy Kennedy, teacher [01-30-2007]

kim knoke, 42 [01-30-2007]

Kimberly M. Jones, Colonie, New York [01-30-2007]

emily [01-30-2007]

paige, 13 [01-30-2007]

thanks for all this info! im doing a wax musem in school and this info will help me a lot! thanks again!
maya, wisconsin [01-30-2007]

brett, age 9 [01-30-2007]

Morgan, 9 [01-30-2007]

mike shiner, na [01-30-2007]

Brenda Powell, Milford,UT [01-30-2007]

N Weaver [01-30-2007]

michele, 32 [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
kayla oshea, 8 years old [01-30-2007]

Betsy Ross Information
anonymous, 45 [01-30-2007]

whatdass betsy ross dressa
Cierra [01-30-2007]

I am taking an American Civilization history class at Weber State University.Taking this tour is part of my assignment.
Monica Christensen, 39-year-old college student [01-30-2007]

i'm doing a report for my English 5/6 class on Betsy Ross and the history of our nation's flag. I'm curious about the topic and am eager to see her house via virtual tour [and possibly real-life] thanks much!
Heather Bolen [01-30-2007]

patricia d'andrea, Homeschool mom [01-30-2007]

Mindy Evenhuis, Missouri, 25, Homemaker [01-30-2007]

Ramie Parry, Ogden, UT [01-30-2007]

Lori Weyant, DeBary, FL [01-30-2007]

olivia, 8 yrs, old form California [01-30-2007]

emily [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report at school on Betsy Ross.
Debrah White [01-30-2007]

Sandra White, teacher [01-30-2007]

This is a volunteer project. Thank you for information and pictures.
Ann Kerkove, I am impersonating Betsy Ross for a First Grade class, have also presented to hospital patients at Sigourney, Iowa [01-30-2007]

Excellent, go on!
Luz M. Soto Arocho, History Prof [01-30-2007]

Leticia Kohnen, San Jose, CA [01-30-2007]

In years previous, I have researched every aspect of Betsy's life. Not knowing how much is true, I set out to write a report on a women that many know so little about. I believe that her courage to make the first flag of the United States of America was extraordinary. I hope that one day, I shall do something as amazing and awe inspiring as that. Betsy Ross is the ultimate heroine of her time. She deserves a place in all of our hearts!
Cindy Featherly, Age 14 Minong, Wisconsin [01-30-2007]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Emily Salsberg, Long Island,N.Y. 8 years old [01-30-2007]

Alana Hubbard, age 9 [01-30-2007]

Lori J, Love American history [01-30-2007]

i love history !.
scott, 41 [01-30-2007]

mike maynor, Cave Spring, Ga 37 [01-30-2007]

Kelcee, Utah, 19, learning of B. Ross for history class at WSU [01-30-2007]

My Sherman ancestors have been in this county since 1633.
Mel Sherman [01-30-2007]

jessica [01-30-2007]

hi i`m cool
anonymous, PA,8,moooy [01-30-2007]

We are third grade students at Our Lady of Mr. Carmel Catholic School in Herrin, IL. We are studying the flag.
Mrs. Haake's Third Grade Class [01-30-2007]

I am visiting this site for my digital academy, TRECA. I am in Kindergarten.
Abigail Langley, Lima, OH 5 years old [01-30-2007]

As the newest keeper of our flags for our company, it has renewed an interest in this country's greatest symbol
Mary J. Hammack, Seminole, TX, 28 [01-30-2007]

Heidi Cutrubus, Utah [01-30-2007]

Studying Betsy Ross in my class.
John Miller, Warrington, PA Age 55 [01-30-2007]

MindyLee, 22 years old [01-30-2007]

Taylor McDowell, I am in third grade [01-30-2007]

Stefie, 9, I am from Pgh Pa and doing a study page about Betsy Ross [01-30-2007]

marena, i love dog. i am 10 yeras old. i love my dog aly . [01-30-2007]

amy Hiller-White, Utah, age 42, student of history [01-30-2007]

I visited this site because Last night I had a dream about Betsy Ross. Her life with her two husbands and her two children whom I had no knowledge about who they were untill now.
Daniella Louis [01-30-2007]

anonymous [01-30-2007]

Researching US symbols with student who has autism
Lynn, Burling School, Roanoke Va [01-30-2007]

We would like to view her house
school [01-30-2007]

Debi Kydland, Lacey, Washington [01-30-2007]

this is cool
racheal, i live in maryland [01-30-2007]

Summer Albritton [01-30-2007]

Terry Smith, Woerner Elementary School Library Assistant [01-30-2007]

Sandra Leckerman, I live in Philadelphia [01-30-2007]

My grandson has to memorize a poem about the flag. I can write a poem for him to memorize and I wanted to look up Betsy Ross and research her sewing the flag to see if I could put something about it in his poem. Thank you for having this web site for me to do some research.
Pamela Payne, Bossier City, Louisiana; 47; ex-military. [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross
Ally Wimberly, 8 years old [01-30-2007]

Madi Fetherolf, 9 years lod, Wyomissing, PA [01-30-2007]

Brownie Troop 1611 from York, PA is learning about the flag and Betsy Ross. What a wonderful help you have been. Thank you.
Christine Nicholson, York, Pa [01-30-2007]

My husband is going to Philadelphia in 2 weeks for a chiropractic seminar and hopes to visit. I wish I could be with him but we have 2 small children.
Sarah Schumacher, Harlan IA age 29 [01-30-2007]

sondra cooley [01-30-2007]

We are researching Betsy Ross for a 5th grade American History project. We found this wonderful website. Thank you!
Sam & Jackie Marcucci, 11 yrs. old & Mom, Winter Haven, FL [01-30-2007]

L Nelson [01-30-2007]

Marcella Valenti, age 8,New Jersey [01-30-2007]

Sarah, Michigan, age 13 [01-30-2007]

mackenzie [01-30-2007]

Besty Ross is my hero!
Megan Rockhold, Macomb,IL [01-30-2007]

Thank you for letting us visit!
Mrs. Hill's second grade, @nd grade at Ehrhardt Elementary, Spring, Texas [01-30-2007]

l want to enter your academy
kiyegarogers, iam 15 years my locatiion is uganda, lwant enter your academy [01-30-2007]

Irene LaTour [01-30-2007]

anonymous [01-30-2007]

paula tibbott, Morris Il age 43, teacher [01-30-2007]

sarah williams, 8 [01-30-2007]

betsy, new york, new york [01-30-2007]

Im playing Betsy Ross in a school project. Thank you for all the information.
Kindle, 14 years old [01-09-2007]

D. Dyck, Elementary Teacher [01-09-2007]

I would love to know more about Betsy Ross's house
Rhisha Harris, I'm 12 years old [01-09-2007]

this tour is really amazing!
Gabriella Gomes [01-09-2007]

Emily, 9 [01-09-2007]

Betsy, Thank you for all your dedication to our country and the beautiful flag you created.
Robert Ludgate, St Paul, MN 46 [01-09-2007]

Michelle Kennedy, 9-Berwick, Me [01-09-2007]

Paul E. Patton [01-09-2007]

samantha [01-09-2007]

I am collecting information with my mom to use in a class project on colonial times. Betsy Ross was the assignment given to me and I need to be able to impersonate her.
Naomi Schmidt, Springport, Michigan 5th grade [01-09-2007]

I'm doing an assignment for a class on the historical markers to show the Prime Minister of Mozambique (not real tho) and this was the assignment.
Billi Jo Davis, Minnestoa, 31, Paralegal student [01-09-2007]

May God Bless The United States of America
Kelli L. McFarland, 37 y.o f. from Jeffersonville, Indiana who loves the American Flag and what it represents [01-09-2007]

Mrs. Crowley's Class [01-09-2007]

This is the frist time for am really excited about this of tour Betsy House.She was a great lady .Yours Truly Ruby Hatcher
Ruby Hatcher, Madisonville.Tn.Age56,married.2daughters5 G.C [01-09-2007]

i just found out that im a relation to betsy ross...this is very important to me. we take great pride in keeping the united states flag a proud our town.
VIKKI MEYERS [01-09-2007]

My daughter, Katherine Elizabeth DeWitt is working on her school project for her fifth grade class and she has chosen you for her project and she has chosen you as her hero. I proudly and respectfully tell you this news. Sincerely, Varsha DeWitt
Varsha DeWitt, 41 years old Lenexa, Kansas [01-09-2007]

C.J., California [01-09-2007]

R Reed, Librarian [01-09-2007]

Dear Mrs. Ross: I enjoyed being at your house this summer. Now I am doing a report about you for a school history fair.
L. Brink, 11 y/o [01-09-2007]

amy rosin, from fl in philly on work contract. [01-09-2007]

Lisa Weren [01-09-2007]

lee & fran pease, simpsonville sc [01-09-2007]

I think this is an awesome opportunity for students to be able to tour Betsy Ross' house from their own classroom. Thanks!
Juanita McFadden, Sumner, TX [01-09-2007]

Kevin Leece [01-09-2007]

I am originally from Mexico City and this site will help me have a better knowledge of the USA history. Thank you.
Tanya Carmona, San Diego, CA 28 years old. [01-09-2007]

Tammie Brannon [01-09-2007]

James McConnell, San Francisco, CA [01-09-2007]

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