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Cathy Nordman [08-31-2006]

I visited Betsy Ross' house last November and really enjoyed it. I am now using the information I got to do a project for school.
Susie Godfrey, Student at Mercer University [08-31-2006]

Andrea Ramirez, Steven Tobias, Farah Abubaker, Jennifer Nguyen, Gideon Elementary - 3 & 4 grade [08-29-2006]

Jennifer Le, Stephanie Galvez, Yvette Okoruwa, Gideon Elementary - 4th grade [08-29-2006]

Nancy Do, Monica Ramirez, Tiffany Le, Ugochinyere Nwarie, Gideon Elementary - 4th grade [08-29-2006]

Mark Duran, Gideon Elementary - 3 grade [08-29-2006]

i am very much interst in history.
dora, calif. santa rosa, 55 [08-27-2006]

Tammy Sturm, Ionia Mi 33yrs old mom of 2 boys 10 and 7 history is so cool and I want to show my kids how cool it is [08-27-2006]

visited in 1992
janet phillips, atlanta [08-26-2006]

I'm so glad that some of our heritage has been preserved for future generations to learn from.
Karen, Colorado [08-26-2006]

hilary, fort worth texas [08-24-2006]

I'm proud to be an American. Thank God we are free.
Carolyn Huff, 227 Huff Hill Lane FOREST, MS 39074 [08-23-2006]

great site.
Kim [08-22-2006]

Ryan Rozier, Georgia ;16 [08-22-2006]

Our school is using Scott Foresman's 2nd grade Reading Book which includes story about Betsy Ross. I am going to encourage the teachers to show this site to their students.
Sharon Haberstroh, Librarian at elementary school [08-22-2006]

Hi Betsy, Thank You for making the american flag for the United States of America. We really appreciate it.
Cami Danner, Natasha & Elizabeth Parker, cami-10yrs. Elizabeth-10yrs. Natasha-14yrs. [08-22-2006]

tamika piper, 12 [08-22-2006]

I haven't been to the house since I was in elementary school and wanted to check out the website to visit it again as an adult. I think the school trip I had as a youngster to Philadelphia historical sites was the best of all trips second to the senior trip to Washington D.C.
Sharron, Bensalem, PA [08-22-2006]

donna sanchez, secretary at private school galveston tx [08-22-2006]

i thank her for the 1st and beautiful flag of this great country....
CPL. GARY OLA, tennessee 38, [08-22-2006]

Nancy Wilson, Resident of Folly Beach, an island off Charleston, SC [08-22-2006]

my granddaughter is 11 and lives near Harrisburg. she has never seen old phila historic sites.
judith e holmes, age 63, live in glenolden, pa,, taking my granddaughter in town to see historic sites [08-22-2006]

My husband and I are visiting Philadelphia this weekend and may get to visit the Betsy Ross house. this will be my fifth or sixth time to visit.
Hester S Downes, Milford, DE 19963 Age 49, [08-22-2006]

My boyfriend is actually there right now and I am still here taking the tour with HIM!
Melissa Bowhall, Belmont, California; 22 [08-22-2006]

Elizabeth (Betsy) Ross, Inman, SC,35 years old [08-22-2006]

Great Pictures. Nicely done. Found this site after playing the "Treasure Hunters" Game on NBC. Would like to visit some day.
Bonnie Willson, Palmyra WI [08-22-2006]

Bonnie [08-22-2006]

may they continue to have quests where our history is sought after and learned!
harry, retired peace officer [08-22-2006]

Lori, Florida [08-22-2006]

I hope to visit the house very soon.
Gale Leary [08-22-2006]

donna [08-22-2006]

Wanting more information.
Patty Callahan, Batesville AR 42 [08-22-2006]

Alicia, tn [08-22-2006]

billyjo heath, towanda penna [08-22-2006]

Robin, Alabama [08-17-2006]

Claudette Alexander, readyville, tn retired public school teacher [08-17-2006]

Thank you for making this virtual tour possible.
Academy 5, Home Schooled in Indiana [08-17-2006]

Jeanna Magyar [08-17-2006]

Jessica, California [08-17-2006]

thank you for this opportunity to see the inside of her house. I think it's beautiful.
mrs. sharon lee holbrook, 30 essex road, camp hill, pa., 17011 [08-17-2006]

Thought I would take my girls on a visit to the Betsy Ross House. We will be making our own troop flag this year...and what better way to tie in our own American Flag.
christine, Brownie leader [08-17-2006]

my brother, sister and i discovered the claypoole family bible in the basement of the betsy ross house when we were on choir tour for our college back in the middle sixties. we were really excited. we really love our flag and think it's the greatest one around. it always stirs our hearts. sherry claypoole fautenberry
sherry elaine CLAYPOOLE fautenberry, Decent of the original Claypoole brothers who founded pennsylvania with william penn. born in armstrong co. pa. to alton boyd claypoole and velma esther shearer, july 26 1942. i am a teacher/writer by profession. i have lived in manaus, amazonas, brazil, sa. for 32 years. my husband and i founded the Calebe Association and we make children's textbooks for schools. i also travel brasil training teachers. [08-12-2006]

MarilynKelley, Atlanta ESOL Teacher Cobb County [08-12-2006]

I am going to be deployed to Iraq in less than a month, and I want to be able to spread the word about our flag. You would be surprised how many Americans, even military, don't know about the flag. You have a wonderful site.
SSG John L. Larson, Jacksonville, FL, 37M [08-07-2006]

SSG John L. Larson, Jacksonville, FL, 37M [08-07-2006]

Robin Couzens [08-07-2006]

Kathy, special ed teacher [08-07-2006]

just researching early american history for self.
REBECCA STEED-BARBOZA, massillon,ohio [08-07-2006]

janel woodhouse, Danvers, Ma [08-07-2006]

Barbara Machalek, Georgetown, TX [08-07-2006]

history buff (nut) haha
Dan Harmon, southeastern Virginia, Age 55 bus operator [08-07-2006]

Melanie Jones, Philadelphia, 46, [08-07-2006]

Looking forward to a personal visit in the near future.
DeLanah Huyett, Wichita, Ks/40's/Stay at home mom [08-07-2006]

ann woodrell, cleveland, oklahoma [08-07-2006]

Thankyou for the star pattern. I hope to use it in a quilt
Helen Allen, Perth Western Australia [08-07-2006]

anonymous [08-07-2006]

Tom Palazzolo [08-04-2006]

this is pretty cool mom
patricia cochran, 10 [08-04-2006]

alice sherer, zip code 42003 [08-04-2006]

I have always been told that Betsy ross is my great(x6) grandmother. if anyone knows more about her familt history please email me thank you
kelly Whalen, Columbus, ohio age 21 [07-29-2006]

My grandfather told me he was a distant cousin of Betsy Ross. I haven't gotten into the geneology that far yet to verify it though.
Cindy Riker Wenzel, Pensacola, FL [07-29-2006]

I did not know about the hardships that Betsy Ross endured during her lifetime. Even at that time, living in America made her circumstances better than living anywhere else in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than the American flag waving in the breeze. May the flag wave forever! God bless America!
Carole Ertl, Charleston, WV, 65 years old, retired coal miner [07-29-2006]

I am looking forward to visiting with my 9 year old twins! My daughter wrote a paper on Betsy Ross for school this past year.
Jeanne McGown [07-27-2006]

Shelli Spotts, Writer [07-27-2006]

Cindi LaMure, Corydon, Indiana [07-27-2006]

It was very helpful learning about the making of the flag and about Besty Ross.
Tammy Norwood, Marysville,Ohio 44 [07-27-2006]

Michelle Ritger, New Jersey- 32- Technology Coordinator [07-27-2006]

TERESA, 38 [07-27-2006]

God bless the red, white, and blue......(no matter how whacko the president may be....)
Heather Knisely, Location: Yardley, PA. Age: 21 [07-27-2006]

Lynda Goldsmith, Little Rock, AR [07-27-2006]

Jeff Gossard, Phoenix, AZ [07-22-2006]

Jennifer Hansen, Shelley, Idaho [07-20-2006]

DARLENE WHITTON IANNOLO, florida 41 [07-20-2006]

Joyce Knutson, Texas [07-20-2006]

just visitng getting info on famous women. always have been intrigued by their courage and determination.
chasity mcknight, girl scout leader 31 bluffton indiana [07-20-2006]

Angela M. Handy, Maine, 39, [07-20-2006]

Lucy McMillan, Gracemont, OK ( teacher) [07-18-2006]

John Quinn, PA age56 [07-18-2006]

proud of he red, white, & blue
DANA LAWSKI, waverly hall,ga [07-18-2006]

I love American History!
Maddie, 12, ct [07-18-2006]

In France at the moment, recording a song called "Family Tree"--it has a verse about my 2nd cousin 7 times removed, Elizabeth Claypoole.
Talitha (Claypoole) MacKenzie, Edinburgh Scotland [07-17-2006]

I'm writing a movie script that is set during the Revolutionary War. Looking at this house would help!
J. B. Duenweg, Age 18 [07-17-2006]

Betsy Bruner [07-17-2006]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross for school.
Logan New, Chesapeake, VA 8 years old [07-17-2006]

Sara Wooten, Wewahitchka, Florida [07-15-2006]

Kimberly Watson, teacher [07-15-2006]

This is very interesting site...
Melissa [07-15-2006]

Eager to see her house. Thanks!
Janet Lukehart, A recent Kansasan, avid about hand sewing. [07-14-2006]

Did Besty Ross fancy president George Washington
Beverly Peterson, I am a Beautiful African-American woman [07-13-2006]

merilea cain [07-12-2006]

Maria Gerke, Parkville Mo 33 [07-11-2006]

Julie [07-10-2006]

I just want to let you know that this information is amazing and very interesting. Something I can explain to my two young sons
Meissa Meekins, I'm 22 years old, I live in Philadelphia [07-10-2006]

I've been exploring this web site for a class about virtual field trips. I can't wait to take the tour!
Pam Locascio [07-10-2006]

brenda [07-10-2006]

megan, McPherson,KS 9 [07-10-2006]

i love american history!
MARY PATE, mableton ga 33 [07-10-2006]

kristina proulx, live in wisconsin, originally from penna. [07-10-2006]

will be there in september!
DEBBIE BEGLEY, kentucky [07-08-2006]

priscilla souvlation [07-08-2006]

Can't wait to see the virtual tour. Thanks for providing it! ~Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith, Arkansas; 48; SAHM; former homeschool mom [07-08-2006]

Calvin Wood, Rustburg, Va. age - 56 [07-08-2006]

Reid(6) wanted to know about Betsy Ross and how she make the flag.
Reid & Pat [07-08-2006]

renea, homeschool mom [07-07-2006]

July 4 fireworks reminded me of the story of the bombardment of Fort McHenry & Baltimore, during which Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem. E-mailing with Aussie relatives in Hobart, Tasmania, AU, I mentioned the battle & the flag. He sent me this web address.
Mary Ohlson, Morgan Hill, California [07-07-2006]

I was born in Concord N.H lived in Bow as well. Love N.H always will. You can move out of New Hampshire but, You can never take N.H. out of a person.
Barbara Colby-Zamora, Nevada City,Cal. 63yrs. [07-07-2006]

Samuel Brumme [07-07-2006]

I can't wait to visit the home of Betsy Ross. I love history and this should be very enjoyable.
Jenny K. Stucin, Teacher [07-07-2006]

Love American History
Louis Maresca, NYC Male age 43 [07-07-2006]

Will visit Betsy Ross house when I come to Philly in August.
Michael S. Sheaffer, 39 years old from Harrisburg, PA, 4 children. [07-07-2006]

I love the flag. I cry many times when I stand to salute it. I have a room with many flags and american red white and blue things.
jjodie hutchens, california female 63 [07-05-2006]

Our Tucson morning newspaper ran an article about Betsy Ross and found it to be very interesting. Gave this website so looking this up. Also interesting. Love history. It's too bad that we don't preserve our historic places like they do in Europe.
Rev. James Modeen, Tucson, Arizona-60 [07-05-2006]

Wonderful way for our children to learn about our flag and our history. Great site. Will pass it on to my grandkids and gr-grandkids. I'm in florida so I don't imagine I will be able to visit the "House" but some of the children at least will know that it is there.~~Good Luck
Mary t. Hoyt, 80 years of age, love our flag [07-05-2006]

Reggie Burch, I live in Knoxville, TN and I was born in 1947 [07-05-2006]

I'm looking forward to the tour!
Marilyn Willsey, From Maine, 73 years old, female [07-05-2006]

i't relly cool that you cant do this,thank you
anne moreschi, i live in gerogia [07-05-2006]

Diane Barker, Santee, Ca. [07-05-2006]

anonymous, Portland, Oregon; age 14; female [07-05-2006]

kamiya, humble texas [07-05-2006]

Thank you! A most enjoyable and informative site.
Marlene N, Wollaston [07-05-2006]

Diane Oravec, Phoenix, 52, Military Mom, Daughter is purple heart recipient, Operation Enduring Freedom [07-05-2006]

Madeline Fair [07-05-2006]

I have been to her house and it is very interesting. :)
Jenna Zack, California, 19 [07-05-2006]

love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
JIMMY, history buff [07-05-2006]

Loretta Sue Stollings Moore, McMinnville, Tn. Age 67 Grew up in WV [07-05-2006]

Thank you for this tour! I would love to visit all the historical sites in Philadelphia someday.
Julia Sawhill, I am a 5th grade Social Studies/ Writing teacher [07-05-2006]

Happy 4th of July!
Marybeth Fondonella [07-05-2006]

Norma Cascio, Medford, NY (Long Island) [07-05-2006]

Michael R. Lopez, El Paso, Texas. 48 years Old. [07-05-2006]

brandon hughes, ballard wv [07-05-2006]

Happy Fourth to you all drive safely it was my wedding day 1999 in Cairns Queensland Australia Howzat?
Tricia Nancarrow, Australian lady interested in history&where we're going [07-03-2006]

I like history because it's fun!
savannah nine, 6 years old, live in Toledo, Ohio [07-03-2006]

Linda Harwood [07-03-2006]

Al Rosenberger [07-03-2006]

Linda Kay French, Fort Worth, Texas 56yrs. old [07-03-2006]

I visited the house in 1954
William Mitchell, Age 68, now live in texas [07-03-2006]

Hello, I am doing research for a Folklore class through Community College of Vermont. I hope to gain many intresting facts about Betsy Ross and share them with others in my class. Thank you. Phyllis
phyllis [07-03-2006]

Cathy Pfeil, Waterloo, IL - homeschooling mom [07-03-2006]

Frank Bonora, Male, age 59, business owner West Palm Bch. Fl [07-03-2006]

Betsy Short, 32 [07-03-2006]

DONALD CULKIN, currently serving in the U.S. Army. Current duty station is IRAQ. 29 years old and a father of 4. [07-03-2006]

My daddy always boasted to us kids that some of our blood line comes from Betsy Ross. At bedtime every night he would tell stories to us kids about the American frontier.
Thomas K. Law, Conservative Democrat [07-03-2006]

This is the first E mail message from my next door neighbor's new computer. How fitting that it is a large part of the United States History on this soon to be Independance Day. Thanks for creating this web site. carl
Carl E. Hudson, N. Little Rock AR, Age 68, [07-03-2006]

Linda Krehbiel, I grew up in Chicago, but have lived in North Carolina for over 20 years. [07-03-2006]

i get to be Besty Ross for the 4th of July parade
Amanda brooking [07-03-2006]

Colby [07-03-2006]

Annette Treutlein [07-03-2006]

Cheerful Long, Fort Worth Texas Preschool Teacher [07-03-2006]

Mary Mielke, I am a Pre-school teacher in Texas [07-03-2006]

We cant wait to learn about Betsy Ross!
Janine, Homeschool mom & kids [07-03-2006]

Bonner Family, Scottsdale, Arizona [07-03-2006]

Wanted to know what the first 13 states were and flag trivia.
Chiquita Hutchinson, Richmond, VA - 55 [07-03-2006]

Proud to be an American!
Tanya Mathews [07-03-2006]

I am grateful for the internet for all the wonderful interactive tours and information I can share with my children, when used in as a positive resource enhances their education and their perception of their world. I hope one day we will actually visit the home of Betsey Ross, maker of our country's beautiful flag.
Evelina Acosta, 43 year old mother of 2 homeschoolers [07-03-2006]

Mr. Willson [07-03-2006]

it's a crying shame that people are aloud to burn our American Flag!
michelle brown, jackson, n.j. [07-03-2006]

Sara Gronas [07-03-2006]

great for 4-h history program thank you
kathy johnson, 4-h leader [07-03-2006]

Stephen J Letsky, North Carolina, 36, paramedic [06-26-2006]

My husband and I are planning a history vacation and are exploring the sites that we would like to see..Thank You
Sandi Reandeaus, Las Vegas, Nv 37 [06-26-2006]

Dana, Honey Grove 10 [06-26-2006]

Teddy Rosenblatt, A San Francisco financial consultant [06-26-2006]

Jacob [06-26-2006]

Thomas, Timothy, Cami, Brecca Cleveland [06-26-2006]

anonymous [06-26-2006]

We just learned how to make the Betsy Ross 5 pointed star and they all turned out perfect! Thank you!
Wautoma Homeschoolers, Wautoma, WI ages:14, 13, 11, 10 [06-26-2006]

thanks for the tour
sandi lawrence [06-26-2006]

Mrs. Geraldine Gurik-567 SunsetBlvd.--Mansfield, Ohio--Mrs. Gurik-my aunt--(I grew up seeing her daily fly glag in her home front yard--she is near 85 yrs now--a widow and puts her flag up and down daily by herself--past girl scout leader--and ONE PATRIOTIC LADY--neighbors know her flag will be there daily - Ohio-weather permitting--half the town of Mansfield, Ohio knows her, too--busy and helping volunteet work often--and the flag --she loves it!
Anne Lara, previous sign in--preschool teacher--also niece of my Aunt Gerry Gurik- [06-26-2006]

At our school we are teaching respect of the flag to 2 yr olds on up to Jr. High students--as we staff feel there is need now to teach little ones --respect that flag!
Anne Lara, 63yr. old preschool teacher-St. Olaf Preschool, Garden Grove, Cal. [06-26-2006]

Sara and Eddie Christensen, State of Idaho [06-26-2006]

My maiden name is Griscom, and I am a direct descendant of Betsy's brother George. I have visited the Betsy Ross House several times. I am very pleased that it has been maintained so lovingly. It is an important part of our country's heritage.
Katherine Dykes [06-26-2006]

Thank you for let me see the Betsy Ross House. I love History! I'm working to made a lesson plan about 4th of July for my special kids and I funded this page. It's very interested. I will be include in my lesson plan the Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Zulay, I'm teacher for Special Education. I'm live in Florida. I'm 42 years old. [06-26-2006]

Lori Cooper, Houston, TX [06-23-2006]

I just got back from a tour to the East coast and enjoyed seeing the Betsy Ross house.
Janice Robbins, I'm from El Cajon, CA [06-23-2006]

Patricia, 38yrs., Homeschooling mom of 4 [06-23-2006]

love history of women
mary garrett, 57 yrs. old female bishop, tx. 78343 [06-23-2006]

We're coming to visit in late July...Can't wait to enjoy the tour and "Joke & Dagger"
Ilene Greising, Exton PA age 62 [06-22-2006]

Kari Linn, Portage, Michigan [06-20-2006]

Cynthia Miller-Higdon, St. Matthews, KY [06-20-2006]

Visited the house on a school trip when I was in Junior High School.
Fee Chan, Westbury, NY Age 58 [06-20-2006]

Susan Earp, Abington, PA [06-20-2006]

Donnie Ruyle, Burlington,WA [06-20-2006]

I can't wait to go on this tour. Thanks!
Becky, florida [06-20-2006]

Lori, New Hampshire, 44 [06-19-2006]

gharib [06-19-2006]

How interesting. Can't wait to get started!
Cynthia Albright [06-19-2006]

I love history!
Claudia Zuniga, Texas, 8 years old [06-19-2006]

Trish and Jerry Hopfer, Johnstown PA [06-19-2006]

Pam Morton [06-19-2006]

Teresa [06-17-2006]

Sehr nützlich, informativ und anschaulich!, [06-17-2006]

bobby bartram [06-17-2006]

Geri Scarvie, Teacher [06-17-2006]

Donna Bruce, Live in Mount Morris Michigan and work in the local elementary school, my position there is Media Specialist. I've lived here since 1978. [06-17-2006]

Kathleen Wirtanen [06-17-2006]

I wish that schools would tell the colorful story of how Betsey Ross made the first American Flag. I learned (when a youngster) that she had a red petticoat andk took it off and cut it into stripes. What is the real story. I also wish that people singing the Star Spangled Banner would sing it as written. It is a spirited song and should be sung with energy and hope - not the slow vibrato that seems to be so ppopular today with certain groups. JJ
Julie Jeffery, Senior [06-16-2006]

While visiting Philadelphia, I managed to see many historical sights, but unfortunately Betsy Ross' home was closed. I did stand outside the front of the house, it was quite late and marveled in the fact that so much history existed here in this exact spot. Thank you for the opportnity to see it this way.
Elizabeth, I live in California, but fly to Philadelphia once a month. [06-16-2006]

3 years ago I visited the Betsy Ross house, and it was a delight. I still remember in detail all the artifacts available. It is a piece of Americana we can never lose. Tod Jonson
Tod Jonson, Ajijic, Mexico, 77, retired. [06-16-2006]

Linda Oliver, Decendant of the Ross Family [06-16-2006]

I am a naturalized American and I love this Country and the American Flag, of course. In my work place I have little American Flags, I am a Chemist and one the flags is a magnet attached to a muffle furnace. I make arrangements with American Flags, one is a tiny mug with 5 American Flags that stands on my work bench. The American Flag means a lot to me. I have a very large, embroidered American Flag in my patio and I don't let it fade I replace it very often. Anna
Ana Leticia Amaya, I live in California, 62 years old, Mother of a Marine and an Air Force Pilot [06-15-2006]

Johnson Kids [06-15-2006]

Bruce Barrett, Duxbury, MA [06-15-2006]

Sam Hazel, Ellenwood, Ga. [06-15-2006]

Very good tour, to see a house and items from that era was a wonderful, I really enjoyed the tour..Thank You
Victoria L., Duryea, Pa, age 59, [06-15-2006]

Ann, Carroll, iowa [06-15-2006]

TESSA REED, Texas [06-15-2006]

Tammy Smith, Blackwell, Oklahoma, age 32, 5 children [06-15-2006]

R. Smith, nv [06-15-2006]

Happy Flag Day!
Evea Traxler, Arlington Minnesota Daycare provider [06-15-2006]

N. Boyles, Pennsylvania [06-15-2006]

Mrs. Chulla's Class, First graders at John Paulding School Tarrytown, NY [06-15-2006]

Alex Butler, age 9 Tooele, UT [06-15-2006]

We are learning about the American flag.
Meredith Elementary, first grade class [06-15-2006]

The Bennett Family, Shelton, WA [06-15-2006]

Scott Giordano, Civil Designer [06-15-2006]

Stacie [06-15-2006]

Karen Seaton, 39 yrs old, live in Tulsa, OK, home school our children [06-15-2006]

Jo Ann Chow [06-15-2006]

I can't wait to go on the tour. I have studied numerous info on Betsy and our flag. I recently taught a class of preK - 2nd grade on the history of our Presidents/money/flag. Thanks for helping me with this info.
Michelle Jackson, White Bluff, TN; homeschooling family [06-15-2006]

I just made my own flag. It has 13 stripes and 50 stars. It's different from Betsy's flag. I'm proud to be an American and I'm proud of my flag.
Anna Victoria Muse, Guayaquil, Ecuador 10 years old, [06-15-2006]

Maxine Westmoreland, Ogden UT, age 67, working in education at Weber State University [06-15-2006]

Susan Quinn, West Chester, PA [06-15-2006]

Robert,Stewart, Dona, Klamath falls, Or [06-15-2006]

kim [06-15-2006]

My Mawmaw is from Philadelphia. She has toured the house.
Colin Arabie, 8 yrs old, I live in Louisiana and am in 3rd Grade [06-15-2006]

anonymous, homeschooling family [06-15-2006]

My name is Carole and today I am taking my granddaughter to a Flag ceremony in which she will take part in along with the rest of her Girl Scout Troop. So I was looking for information that would help her to understand what our flag stands for.
Carole Fagundes, Antioch, CA 59 years [06-15-2006]

Tammi Rivers [06-15-2006]

america rocks!
Candice Vines, Kingman, AZ [06-15-2006]

janine greco, elizabeth, nj [06-15-2006]

great web site ! thanks
JOE HALL [06-15-2006]

janine greco, elizabeth, nj [06-15-2006]

Ms. Latrano's ESL class, Phila.,Pa [06-15-2006]

looking forward to showing my sons the web tour!
April Butler, Tooele, UT [06-15-2006]

Barney Bornhoft [06-15-2006]

Janet Ciccione, Sunrise, FL [06-15-2006]

Judy, Northeast US [06-15-2006]

Rebecca, teacher in Bridgeport, CT [06-15-2006]

Janine Greco, Elizabeth, NJ ESL Teacher [06-15-2006]

Want to show this site to my children, ages 10 and 7. Both are homeschooled and I wanted to teach them about Betsy Ross on Flag Day! Thanks for providing this wonderful site!
Katherine, Las Cruces, NM [06-15-2006]

Vicki Everett, St Louis, MO [06-13-2006]

Just curious.
Amy A. Morgan, Baltimore, MD, 51 [06-13-2006]

Lynn Caudill, Elementary Teacher [06-13-2006]

We are coming tomorrow to take a tour of Historical Pa., we are from Rockland CCounty, NY...can't wait
Maria Pia, parent, [06-13-2006]

crystal n govoni, florida [06-13-2006]

sabrina, 9 years old [06-13-2006]

i am a naturalized american, my son is 7 yrs old and today he asked me who made the first american flag? my search resulted viewing this page.
chitra, la, ca, 36 yrs old, mother of 2 boys [06-13-2006]

Emma Salcido, Ca, 32 [06-13-2006]

janet gage [06-13-2006]

Great informantive and educational website. Thank u
becky, Bartlett TN, 40, occupatio-police officer [06-13-2006]

yesenia, 11 years [06-13-2006]

I was doing a report for my school and I sure did find a lot to write about thanks.
yesenia, 11 years old [06-13-2006]

Carol Loiko [06-12-2006]

James Brosious, Age 45, Connecticut [06-12-2006]

Cathy Koerner, Champaign,Illinois, 49y, [06-12-2006]

I'm working on my Historically Speeking Pennsylvania Patch for Brownies. This will be my start. I will visit, Betsy Ross's house when I visit my Uncle in Philadelphia.
Madison Ney, I live in Maytown Pa...I'm 7rs old.. [06-12-2006]

Larry [06-12-2006]

George Y. Hirano, California, age 78 [06-11-2006]

Sean Caviness [06-11-2006]

John E. Krawczyk, Columbia,South Carolina Age:56 [06-11-2006]

It was a great tour! Thank you.
Cathy Conahan [06-10-2006]

Meredith, 10 [06-09-2006]

Great idea for web site
anonymous, Florida k teacher [06-09-2006]

I am a first grade teacher. Any information you have about our flag and the Betsy Ross house would be great.
Janeen Kime [06-09-2006]

Jonluke Glenn, Fresno, CA [06-09-2006]

Cheryl Stiver, Parkview Elem. School (Teacher) [06-09-2006]

We are doing research about Betsy Ross.
sue miller [06-09-2006]

Edward G. Moore, Age 39, Baldwin New York [06-09-2006]

Suzann, Murrieta CA, 33, Mother of 2 [06-09-2006]

Karyl Grosso, Naugatuck, CT [06-09-2006]

Anne Marie McEvoy, ESL/Citizenship Teacher, Bridgeport (CT) Adult Ed. [06-09-2006]

Was looking for info. for son's classroom, but now I'm looking because I am interested.
Teresa, New York, 44, [06-09-2006]

I will visit in July and plan on taking my grandchildren. I am originally from Phila.
ruth a ward, Belton, MO [06-09-2006]

anonymous, 56 memphis tn [06-09-2006]

Preston Poll [06-07-2006]

Thank you for preserving this wonderful treasure.
Julie Aamot, 49 yrs. Washington State [06-05-2006]

I am doing a report on betsy ross.
KRISTINA SUTERA, 10 years old [06-05-2006]

I have not been exposed to history in this manner,however I,ll never forget this experience. Thank you Sincerly.
John A. Aiken, Orangeburg SC (63) Yr Young (SGM Ret) Army. [06-05-2006]

Thanks for the brief history. Interesting facts of your country. May God bless you and your work.
Jackie Human, Windhoek, Namibia, Housewife-crafter, 34 [06-05-2006]

Ellen [06-04-2006]

ERIC LOVE, 28 from murfreesboro, tn 37128 [06-04-2006]

evelyn christensen, Ogden, Utah [06-04-2006]

Thanks for the brief history of Betsy Ross and the claims of the birth of the Stars and Stripes.
Anthony Mata, Ogden UT [06-04-2006]

Kandice, Student, writing a report on Betsy and her role as a women devoloping our country [06-04-2006]

hi [06-04-2006]

I visited the Betsy Ross house last September and now I'm writing a composition about what I saw.
Joseph DuBois, student in fifth grade [06-04-2006]

KATHIE HAYDEN [06-04-2006]

Kandice, Student, writing a report on Betsy and her role as a women devoloping our country [06-04-2006]

Heather L., Provo, UT, student [06-04-2006]

Janna Wikoren, LaPorte Indiana [06-01-2006]

whilst doing my daughters project i came across this about the u.s.a flag and thought it real interesting. thank you
anita watts, 37 year old from england [06-01-2006]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in PA when I was in high school.
anonymous, Richmond, VA, 52 years old [06-01-2006]

maria [06-01-2006]

Excellent Porgram!
Homer C. Smith, Jr., Sumter, SC; 53; Retired Military [06-01-2006]

hi,everyone in philly.i was born/raied in philly. even though im longer liveing there it will always be my home town,GO,FLYERS
John J Durning, 56 yrs old,northwest newyork [06-01-2006]

SANDRA GRAHAM, i'm her great great great great grandaughter [06-01-2006]

Casey Hales, 29, Ogden Utah.. researching this for class assignment [05-31-2006]

RaNell Coleman, Salt Lake City, Utah [05-31-2006]

Hi everybody!
James Reed, confidential [05-31-2006]

Sounds cool, I think I'll like it.
Stefan Specht, Age 11 [05-31-2006]

Crayton Kelly [05-31-2006]

Rebecca Sandoval, utah, age 21 [05-31-2006]

Chris Delehanty, great, great, great, great grandaughter of Betsy Ross [05-31-2006]

i think its cool that there are new fun ways to learn about our countrys past and how it got to where it is now
deanna wesley, im 10 going on eleven [05-31-2006]

I did not know this information was availble online until I took a History Clas at Weber State University in Ogden. Thank you for allowing me to provide this message and for preserving an important landmark.
Evelyn Christensen, Ogden, Utah [05-30-2006]

My 2nd grader is doing a report on Betsy Ross and came across this informative website...Thanks!
Laurie Griggs, Fairfax,VA [05-30-2006]

CJ Hartwick, Corpus Christi, age 8 years old [05-30-2006]

This is great. I have books on Betsy Ross. Love reading about history.
Donna Evans, West Haven, CT, Age 47 [05-30-2006]

Thank you so much for this web site, your information is so helpful in many things that I do in conection with the American Legion and the VA Hospital at which I volunteer.
Mrs. Nancy K. Duvall, Age 63, Vice Pres. American Legion Aux., VA Hosp. volunteer [05-30-2006]

Dorothy, from Newport TN [05-30-2006]

Kayla Bourque, Texan, 35 yrs. homeschool teacher [05-29-2006]

Thanks for letting me have this opportunity. Dorian Stapleton
Dorian Stapleton, Berea,Ky,16 [05-29-2006]

Erin [05-29-2006]

Passed by the house on Arch St. in May 2005 while on an Elderhostel, but did not have time to take the tour. Lived in Hamilton Square, NJ for 34 years and have been to Philadelphia many times. Now relocted to Maine.
Judy Muller, Have been asked to portray Betsy Ross at a local event. [05-29-2006]

"Betsy,...Betsy is that you...BETSY!?!?"
Parker Adams, Lucerne Valley, CA 26 y.o., Male [05-29-2006]

Rebecca Rose, Stevensville, Montana [05-29-2006]

Happy Memorial Day to all! God Bless the USA!
Bob Costa, Unity, Maine [05-29-2006]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for 5th grade. This is a great website and the tour was wonderful. Also, my daughter's birthday is Flag Day, 6/14, so we feel a close connection to Betsy Ross!
Joan Bloedel, Fullerton, CA, age 44 [05-29-2006]

patricia, greensboro,md I apprciate our u.s. history [05-29-2006]

i've loved this house ever since i was a little girl.
sakeenah williams, 26 camden, nj [05-29-2006]

Thank you for making this tour possible, it is an important piece of our countries history.
Lerenda Hans, Brooksville,Fl. [05-29-2006]

Laura Lancaster [05-29-2006]

iam really interested in besty ross since i was born.
claire seifert, i am 10 years old [05-29-2006]

Eulalio Carlo [05-29-2006]

seen this home when i was about 15 and wanted to see it again
kelly, scranton pa [05-29-2006]

Thanks for an outstanding web site.
Jeff LaChance, Great Interest in early american history [05-26-2006]

MARZETTA R. FIELDS, altamonte springs, fl [05-26-2006]

Jean Swan [05-26-2006]

hi, hi [05-26-2006]

Serena, hiiliveinafrica [05-26-2006]

Kerry Zahn, Member of the DAR, and member of the decendents of the Mayflower [05-26-2006]

Jim Donecker [05-26-2006]

i betsy ross i love u and the flag u made a long time ago.
anonymous [05-26-2006]

I've been by, on a tour bus. I'm looking forward to going inside, virtually and actually.
Beverly Divany, pa [05-26-2006]

God bless America and our glorious flag.
Diane West Laird [05-26-2006]

I am working on this as a project and i really like the house!
Carli [05-26-2006]

Stephanie Shellenberger, Raleigh, NC, 49 yrs. old [05-26-2006]

Hi Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again!
Dori, united states [05-26-2006]

I'm playing the part of Betsy Ross in a play we're doing at school.
Emma, 2nd grader from Waukesha, WI [05-25-2006]

David Richtmyre, Memphis, TN [05-25-2006]

M T Gollhofer, 3rd grade teacher, Herndon, VA [05-25-2006]

Silvia Castillo, I live in Herndon, VA. I am 8 years old and I am working on a biography of Betsy Ross. [05-25-2006]

Gail Adams, Central Ohio [05-25-2006]

did a speech on betsy ross,wish i found this site earlier
cant tell, 13, like the color blue [05-24-2006]

Thank you for such a great site!
Christine, Flag Day organizer at BCCC School in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania [05-24-2006]

I am planning a trip to Philadelphia and I can not wait to visit the Betsy Ross House.
Tricia Newville, Pikeville, KY - 33 yr old single mom [05-24-2006]

andrew [05-24-2006]

betsy, 168hilltop dr. 11 [05-23-2006]

kaytlin, i am 8 [05-23-2006]

ahola qumosta
anonymous [05-23-2006]

Phyllis Stamey, Charlotte [05-23-2006]

just browsing for some place to take my granddaughter

Andrea R. Olson, Teacher, elementary music [05-23-2006]

mike zier, History Teacher, Beach North Dakota [05-22-2006]

My friends and I were wondering if we could go on a tour of Betsy's home. I have two and my friend has a couple. How old is Betsy's house? Were is the house located? Did she have any pets? Is someone living in her house and is the house still up? How old was she when she died? Because in a book it said that when she died she was 78. Is that true.
cleo, maryland, 9, [05-22-2006]

cleo [05-22-2006]

Leah Feliciano, Quaker Hill, Connecticut [05-22-2006]

Ancious to see the tour can't remark on my experience till I take the tour. Have a good day!
Kath, From Massachusettes [05-22-2006]

We are winding down our school year and I had some time to look up Betsy Ross on the internet. Lots of interesting facts about her. I would love to tour her home in person but for now this will have to do. Thanks for giving us all this possibilty. B.Zeilman
Barbara A. Zeilman, I am a S[pecial Program Teacher's Aid at High School in Nevada [05-22-2006]

took the visual tour. Great pics of history in the making!
debbie, Venice, Fl. [05-22-2006]

carolyn, i am cool [05-21-2006]

i am doing a project on you
carolyn, i am cool [05-21-2006]

Jeannine Allen, formerly of Drexel Hill, PA now of Southgate, MI [05-21-2006]

is my second time getting a tour and i still find the expirience very interesting and educational!
Ruthy Plaza, 20 years old [05-21-2006]

Sherry Ulmer, Coolidge, Arizona [05-21-2006]

kasey collins, 14 [05-21-2006]

mindy, 11 [05-21-2006]

i am working on a school book report about betsy ross and am interested in taking the virtual tour of the betsy ross house and one day hope to see it for real.
RACHEL MATTHEWS, 8 yrs old girl from new york state [05-21-2006]

Would sure love to visit in person........
Jeanette Bordelon Roy, Mansura, Louisiana 71350-age 67 [05-21-2006]

anonymous, ridgeway va [05-21-2006]

Marjorie Brown [05-21-2006]

Shaniqua, 28 [05-21-2006]

Elizabeth Soule [05-21-2006]

hi Who today saw Fils. Whether there will be it still here today?
Vadim, united states [05-17-2006]

Lynn VanGorden, NY, looking for VanGorden family history near Hortonville, NY [05-17-2006]

Lori Means, teacher [05-17-2006]

I'll love to see besy ross house. I'am doing this for a school project. Thank you for helping me out
anonymous, I'm 9 yrs old [05-17-2006]

Emily K [05-17-2006]

anonymous, Pittsburgh, PA 36yrs old [05-17-2006]

Ican't wait to see how Betsy Ross lived
Troy Daugherty, Ohio [05-17-2006]

Joanna Quick, Coon Rapids MN [05-17-2006]

Bob, united states [05-17-2006]

Diana, East Providence, RI [05-17-2006]

Carol Burnett, California [05-17-2006]

Very nice web site
Becky, Port Orchard, WA. 47 yrs. od [05-17-2006]

Just found your site. Will share this with my class next year.
Yvonne McCutchen, Northwest Elementary, Brownwood, Texas [05-17-2006]

beth moore, Mom who loves history [05-17-2006]

Delaney McKalson, school student doing research on Betsy Ross [05-17-2006]

buszinski, carol [05-17-2006]

Emma and Rachel, ages 11 and 10 from California [05-17-2006]

Julianne Krahe [05-17-2006]

With the recent depiction of our flag by others in our own country. Betsy is probably turning over in her grave notto mention our forefathers.
Denise Leeth, Proud American 44 yrs old [05-17-2006]

anonymous [05-17-2006]

Donna Busch [05-17-2006]

My father visited this house in July, 1952. I found his Kodachrome slide of that moment recently, 19 years after he passed away. I thank all of you, and all who contributed to keep this house up until this moment, for enabling me to make this virtual visit to this historic site.
George Sakasegawa, a freelance photographer in Japan [05-17-2006]

I would like a grand tour of Betsy Ross's house. I have a few questions. When Betsy sewed the american flag, did she sew the stars in a cicle or in lines like it is now? Did Betsy really ge t married three times? How old is Betsy's house? In books that I am reading, they say that Betsy had three cildren. Is that true? How old was Betsy when she died? Sincerly, Cleo
cleo, age 9, live in maryland in town with history about the Revolutionary War [05-17-2006]

rachel shelton, erwin tn,37650 [05-17-2006]

I'm just doing this for a school project
Lisa-Anne, i'm 9 yrs old [05-11-2006]

Thanks everyone this really helped me on making a "head" on Betsy Ross! (Burnett School Student)
anonymous, Hawthorne, California age 11 [05-11-2006]

Alexis Nichols, ohio [05-11-2006]

DARLENE TIPTON [05-11-2006]

Johnna Stieber [05-11-2006]

I recently found out that my great Grandfather did some work on the Besty Ross Home and received a certificate signed by John Quincy Adams.
Elaine Jenking Brown [05-11-2006]

I am a 5th grader at Sabal Point Elementary. I chose to do my social studies report on Betsy Ross. I have found good information about her adult years but am not finding much on her early years.
anonymous, Longwood, Florida, 11 years old [05-11-2006]

We are visiting this website after reading a book from our reading series titled, A New Flag. Thank you
First Graders at Galax Elementary School, 6 and 7 years old [05-11-2006]

Very honored to take the tour - thank you
Colleen MacArthur, New Hampshire [05-11-2006]

interested in Pennsylvania History
Mark Scholtes, Richmond, VA, 15 [05-11-2006]

im going to be betsy ross for my school report.
yela pejanovich [05-11-2006]

Eileen Botello, Redlands, Ca., 33yrs. [05-11-2006]

Meghan, 11 also a semsretrest [05-11-2006]

Thank you for the tour
anonymous [05-11-2006]

Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten Class, Meadows of Dan VA [05-11-2006]

alyssa, i dont know, i enjoy hanging out [05-11-2006]

hello philly
ben dolloff, 14 [05-11-2006]

zachary, nice [05-11-2006]

LINDSEY [05-11-2006]

Autumn Bowie, Carthage, ME [05-11-2006]

hey whtz up?
colby, south carthage maine, 15, [05-11-2006]

This is cool... I am leaving for a trip to Philly tommorow
Kaitlyn Francis [05-11-2006]

alyssa, i dont know, i enjoy hanging out [05-11-2006]

hi yea
shalee, 14 [05-11-2006]

kayla robbins, im 14 [05-11-2006]

Brittany Merrill -Virgin, 14 [05-11-2006]

noelle, 14 [05-11-2006]

this will be cool
shaun dame, ima kid [05-11-2006]

sam, Maine [05-11-2006]

hi .... this is a very interesting site.....
tricia [05-11-2006]

Tracee, Me,usa. 14 [05-11-2006]

Katrina Pulk, Maine. 13 yrs. old [05-11-2006]

nice house
david guildford, 14, canton, me [05-11-2006]

I would like to someday come and visit this house.
Elizabeth Scrivner, me, 14, [05-11-2006]

Hey people....rock on at the house of Betsy Ross! she is the koolest chica in history...well i mean besides me!
Kayla, Peru Maine, 14 years old and I love Benji Madden! [05-11-2006]

It's an Honer To view this site!
Stephen Zadakis [05-11-2006]

Mary, Maine, 14 [05-11-2006]

WOOOO HOOOOO Besty Rox my Sox!
Katie Edwards, Canton, ME 14 [05-11-2006]

Brad Payne, Maine, 58 years old,Educator [05-11-2006]

kathleen, 14, maine [05-11-2006]

hey yea im just visiting the site now and yea
Morgan Hutchins, 14 [05-11-2006]

hey dude whats up
brandon, im male [05-11-2006]

Holt McCollister [05-11-2006]

John Winter, 14, Dixfield Maine [05-11-2006]

i want to see the betsy ross house tour
Hannah, Mississippi 14 [05-11-2006]

Shazidah Zamirudin [05-11-2006]

Erich Allen, Kansas City,Ks 11 [05-11-2006]

Hi all! I want to establish the same guest book. Prompt as?
Li, united states [05-11-2006]

ahf215, learning about philadelphia [05-11-2006]

i liked the house of besty Ross
anonymous [05-11-2006]

necro [05-08-2006]

anonymous [05-08-2006]

Brian Davis, Age 10, Bremerton,WA [05-08-2006]

kohn, 11 [05-08-2006]

I lived in Philadelphia about 12 years ago and I miss it dearly, With this tour I will feel right at home, although I will be visiting this coming June as I plan to take a vacation to take my children the wonderful landmarks Philadelphia has to offer, especial the Educational landmarks . They can't wait to visit Betsy Ross's House ... Well Til we meet in person ........ ta ta !
Margarita Padilla Serrano, Puerto Rico, 42, Im an English Elementary Teacher [05-08-2006]

Sharon Meschter, Douglassville, PA,, [05-08-2006]

Michelle Bowers, teacher [05-08-2006]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross And getting information and pictures for my project
Amanda Larivee, Salem Mass 11 years old [05-06-2006]

I would like to recieve more info for a projet that im doing for my seminar... thank you
Camila Mota, Philadelphia PA 21yr old [05-06-2006]

we are searching for school for philidelphia
micah, 10 [05-05-2006]

Para, 18, u.s [05-05-2006]

hi im on a book report
kayla, 10 years old [05-04-2006]

Mm [05-04-2006]

I want to know more information on Betsy Ross for a book report.
Teanna, I am 8 years old [05-04-2006]

logo [05-03-2006]

I am touring to get information for a school project. Thanks for the information.
Brittney Ellis, 9 for elementary school project [05-03-2006]

Room 33 Ms. Heather's class, East Los Angeles [05-03-2006]

betsy [05-03-2006]

jeremy, lebanon 20 [05-03-2006]

i need info on betsy ross
anonymous, hi [05-03-2006]

We just visited historic Philadelphia on AQpril 27 with Cornwall elementary school 4th grade. We toured the Betsy Ross house and we loved the women dressed as her telling the story of her life. Keep up the good work.
Ethan and Sheree Motiska, Cornwall, PA. Ethan - age 10, Sheree - age 30 [05-03-2006]

Shawn [05-02-2006]

i am 14 year old boy eager to work to earn some money to help buy my own school clothes
devon, wilminton, delaware age 14 [05-02-2006]

I LOVE American history especially Philadelphia's. I recall a school trip there in the early 1960's and will tour again as I relocate back to the area in the near future. I have an even greater appreciation for our great city's history as well as our country's.
Priscilla Young Holloman, Georgia resident via Philadelphia (born and raised), age 52 [05-02-2006]

Tommy [05-02-2006]

allie truett, 9 [05-02-2006]

sarah, Michigan 59 [05-02-2006]

I appreciate all the imformation that you have given on this website. I'm sure it willcome in handy. Thank you for all your work.
Meg E. Nation, I'm 11 and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross [05-02-2006]

wilma burden, Houston, TX 54 [05-02-2006]

moshoo likes it here moshoo rocks!
moshoo, moshoo [05-02-2006]

Monique Claveau, Montreal 58, [05-02-2006]

Stephanie C. Hale, 8 vancouver wa [05-01-2006]

i cant wait to see her house!
aya nimer, tinley park 9 [05-01-2006]

lisa, wilmington delaware 11 [05-01-2006]

allie truett, 9 [05-01-2006]

I want to visit Betsy's house
Donnelley, 11 years [05-01-2006]

madeline, 11 years [05-01-2006]

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