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victoria [04-30-2006]

Troy Ross [04-30-2006]

eric peterson [04-30-2006]

Hey awesome place isnt it? Holla back at me!
Ina Crossland, 23 yrs old, Texas! [04-30-2006]

joey delillo and mom, 9 years old am doing a report on pennsylvania [04-30-2006]

joeei benedict [04-29-2006]

Donna Kern [04-29-2006]

hi whats up! i hope i learn somethink.
aelizabeth, Phila. 10 [04-28-2006]

Mark, 10 [04-28-2006]

I'm doing research about how Betsey Ross Lived
Katherine Angus, Tulsa,Ok [04-28-2006]

Thank you
anonymous, Browns Mills, NJ, 53 [04-28-2006]

Cathy Rutherford [04-28-2006]

anonymous, am cool! [04-28-2006]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross and her life
Aliya, Maryville TN age 10 [04-28-2006]

corey [04-28-2006]

can't wait to see the house
nicole, ny [04-28-2006]

I am looking for a new way to celebrate July 4 this year. I wanted to see how our early flags were designed and the mindset of the people who made them.
Sandra Wheat, Little Rock, AR, 62 [04-28-2006]

Jenny, San Diego, 32, Betsy Ross is part of my family tree [04-28-2006]

Betsy Ross is an aaaaammmmmaaazzziiinnnggg person. If she was still alive today then i would be her biggest fan. haha. I LOVE BETSY ROSS! SHe is my hero and i would die for her anydayy..!
Emma Ferraro, I am 13 years old and looking up Betsy Ross because she interests me and i have to right a report on her. [04-28-2006]

Terri Sharp [04-28-2006]

ellie [04-28-2006]

makineti, age is 8 [04-28-2006]

carlee hoggle [04-28-2006]

kaylee lenners [04-28-2006]

Ross, 37 [04-28-2006]

We liked the tour!
Casey and Tabitha, Everett, Washington 8 and 10 [04-28-2006]

Shaylen Torres, Age 23, female, live in Colorado [04-28-2006]

I am doing a report for my third grade class and I have chosen to write about Betsy Ross. Thank you for having a virtual tour of Betsy's house.
Brianna Skutt, Menomonie Wisconsin Age 9 [04-28-2006]

We just read a book about Betsy Ross and we are excited to go on the tour. It will be neat to see the things we have studied about! Mrs. Ansley's class
annette ansley, teacher [04-28-2006]

Room 110, Wisconsin [04-28-2006]

Jerry Husky, 7 years old; Magnolia Texas [04-28-2006]

d taffe, Norman OK [04-28-2006]

Did you know,that Betsy Ross didn't design the flag they just say that because she sowed the flag together. And they also say that because they do not know the name of the person that designed the flag. So the easiest thing that they could think of was that they could just say that Betsy Ross made and designed it. But no doubt about it she is very, very famous,no matter what anybody says.
Abbey Elizabeth Gillis, Sykesville, MD / 11 years old / coming here 4 a field trip [04-28-2006]

I might use this for a G.A.T.E. project I hope it will help!
katelyn, 10 years old [04-28-2006]

darlene, dallas,tx [04-28-2006]

Besty Ross Rocks
Laurel Derania, 5th grade student working on a class project [04-28-2006]

Nikki lee [04-28-2006]

zoe, 9 years old [04-28-2006]

cassandra [04-28-2006]

Good site. Why also is not present?! (
Robert, united states [04-28-2006]

Hi As to me to create the same page?
Stiven, united states [04-28-2006]

Researching Betsey Ross and her home. I went to this home in Pennslvania when I was in grade school.
anonymous, I'm an elementary teacher in Kansas [04-28-2006]

I wish I was famas like Betsy Ross
sandy, 8 years old [04-28-2006]

I want a pic of the flag
Rayven, coppell [04-28-2006]

Hey! im brittany and i hope that you'll e-mail me!
Brittany, 12yrs [04-28-2006]

janeene bland, chesapeake va, kindergarten teacher [04-28-2006]

I like your website. Thanks for the good information and entertainment. Keep up this great resource!
Tehnik, united states [04-28-2006]

erin [04-28-2006]

Riley, I am 13 and am doing a Social Studies report about Betsy Ross [04-28-2006]

camille reader [04-28-2006]

I think this will be very interesting and "educational."
Gillian, Midwest, 10 [04-28-2006]

I was pleased and surprised to find this site online. What a great way for all of us, and especially school children to see such a historic site without leaving home.
Elizabeth Henderson, Arlington, Texas, DAR member Lucretia Council Cochran Chapter [04-28-2006]

Hi! And what became with others?
Kirill, united states [04-28-2006]

John Ross, the first husband of Betsy Ross, was a first cousin of the Great-Grandfather (James Ross) of my Great-Grandmother (Jane Ross Boys Jones). My Great-Grandmother, Jane, lived from 1844-1943, and I have a photo of myself as a child, sitting on her lap, hearing her tell the oral history which had been passed down through her family from her Great-Grandpa... whose cousin's last name continued on with Betsy's fame!
Jacquelyn Jones Gunnarson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota...69 years old. [04-28-2006]

vanessa, us,8, [04-28-2006]

hi my name is Amber I am 10 years old and I am doing a school project on the famous Betsy Ross. I go to school in Amarillo,Texas.
Amber Astle, 10yrs old [04-28-2006]

anonymous [04-28-2006]

Elizabeth is doing a report on Betsy Ross. This is her first "report". Thank you for all your info!
Elizabeth Ward, Amarillo Tx 2nd grade. 8yrs. [04-28-2006]

Brianna Treich, I'm 7 years old and in the 1st grade. I have 1 younger brother named Matthew. I live in Metuchen, NJ. [04-28-2006]

Ruth Ann Cooper [04-28-2006]

Jordan Newhall, Rochester, New Hampshire I am 10 yrs old [04-28-2006]

I'm using this to help me with a project about the colonial era
mm, 3rd grade student [04-28-2006]

mark wortman [04-28-2006]

My son wanted to learn more about Betsy Ross, they were talking about her at school.
Augustus Wightman, 6 years old Edinburg, Virginia [04-28-2006]

this is interesting because my social studies class is learning about the revolutionary war!
fiona, 13 [04-28-2006]

Terrific! Thank you for as job well done!
paul greenbaum [04-28-2006]

Madison Pollihan [04-28-2006]

It was the real thing to visit Betsy Ross` house and to know more about the American Flag history and American History too. Thank You very much for this great opportunity.
Rodrigo Tonetto, I`m Brazilian, 27 year-old [04-28-2006]

Caron E., Librarian [04-28-2006]

i just love to see her flags in real life not over computers but i will beat any body 6 millons dolliers she mad them perfect!
marreona collier, i am a good caring girl about betsy flags 10 [04-28-2006]

Kristi, Centennial, CO [04-28-2006]

I like your house
cody D. Norton, age 9 [04-28-2006]

John R. Morrissey, Residing in Monroe (Seattle) Washington [04-28-2006]

I am a 5th grade teacher at North Palm Beach Elementary in Florida. My students enjoyed touring the online Besty Ross House.
Mrs. Karen Rupar, 5th Grade Teacher [04-28-2006]

God bless America!
Ariunaa, Mongolia [04-28-2006]

Reagan Childers, kings mountain nc 10 [04-28-2006]

grace, clarion, 10,am very cool [04-28-2006]

G.H.H. [04-28-2006]

Frootloop and Creampuff are my buds!
Teddy Gram, I Love Teddy Grams! [04-28-2006]

Your website is great and helpful! Every website should be as neat as this! Thanks!
Madisen, 11, doing a repot on the American Flag/Betsy Ross [04-28-2006]

hi Prompt how to get rid of advertising?
Makar, united states [04-28-2006]

Just thought of her, and thought I'd visit
steve mcIntyre, binghamton ny [04-28-2006]

Laura Brummer [04-28-2006]

rita [04-28-2006]

Aubree [04-28-2006]

Fatiah, ny 15 [04-28-2006]

Kamber, Age 11-NC [04-28-2006]

jean, 41 [04-28-2006]

shannon birdsell [04-28-2006]

Lauren, i luv broadway [04-28-2006]

kali, j [04-28-2006]

Hello my good buddies im very excited because welll idk y but if i did i would sooo tell u guys!
Lauren, I love pigs and im fron warsaw, poland! [04-08-2006]

hi Why I can not insert the image into my message?
Dobrinya, united states [04-08-2006]

for my children
anonymous, genealogy [04-08-2006]

I am researching your website because my 3rd grade students will be performing a play about Betsy Ross for the school and their parents.The school I teach at is Hickam Elementary on the airforce base.
Karen Broxson, Hawaii, 3rd grade teacher, [04-08-2006]

i want to see her house
kayla, 10 [04-08-2006]

barbra stacklies, bradenton fl.34210 [04-08-2006]

I'm doing a report on Betsy.
Heather, 5th grade [04-08-2006]

kirsten, i love pugs [04-08-2006]

Heather, Rochester, MN [04-08-2006]

CArol Smith [04-08-2006]

Good site. Me very much has liked.
Leonid, united states [04-08-2006]

Doing a school project on Betsy Ross!
Laura Brummer [04-08-2006]

I would like to get some info about our flag, what the colors stand for the stars the stipes. I thought I might find it here.
Mike R., NJ 47 yrs old [04-08-2006]

Angie Angel, Tampa resident. Born in Hagerstown, MD. [04-08-2006]

e [04-08-2006]

never done vitual tours
diana, 49 [04-08-2006]

Hey everybody! Love this website.
Elisha Deogracias [04-08-2006]

Sarah Moore, Houston, TX 27 [04-08-2006]

amber [04-08-2006]

what is the birthdate of betsy ross?
al [04-08-2006]

Many of my family have fought in the warious war. We are a family of Patriots. We are glad you give our whole country an opportunity to visit the "Betsy Ross House". Thanks!
Ann K. King-Hollins, Paul,Idaho [04-08-2006]

Hi To write the letter, it is necessary ...
Dmitry, united states [04-08-2006]

Cynthia Lozano, naperville il 36 [04-08-2006]

Ms. Bowser's 3rd grade class, A. M. Davis Elem. School, Chesterfield Co., VA [04-08-2006]

This year is my senior year and I haven chosen to do my senior project on Betsy Ross and the American Flag and i really find her interesting and would like to no more about her and i dont know how to contact anybody that knows anything i would appreciate if someone would email me somehting so i can learn more about her.
Samantha, I am 17 years old and from Rosman, NC . [04-08-2006]

Jacob Wise, Age 9 [04-08-2006]

kcld [04-08-2006]

I want mp3 player. What will advise?
Anton, united states [04-08-2006]

i wish i could be president of this countri and be kool
Sunny Sunville, 11 california [04-08-2006]

you stink!
Marissa, Cali girl! [04-08-2006]

I wish that you would know that Betsy Ross did not sew it but, o well so bibbi.
Alaina [04-08-2006]

Betsy Ross did not sew the original flag! Mary Pickersgill did !
Emily, 11 years old [04-08-2006]

Rachel [04-08-2006]

Enean Mattes, Sioux City, IA [04-08-2006]

i cant wait. i have an essay on her.
gianna, 11 [04-08-2006]

benkasea [04-08-2006]

Sarah Haase, Jones Valley Ca, [04-08-2006]

anonymous, salinas,13 [04-08-2006]

Loved the visit and especially enjoyed the story tellers in the front of house and the swordsmen on the big stage.
Joel Friedman, Brooklyn,NY [04-08-2006]

I think America's flag is very beautiful. I like Betsy Ross because of what she did for our country.
Danielle, TX, age 9 [04-08-2006]

Erin Harrison [04-08-2006]

Alysanne L. Williams, 1229 Chestnut Street [04-08-2006]

Diane Moore, Teacher, Allen, Texas [04-08-2006]

i love you
nicholas, school [04-08-2006]

Excellent job on the tour. The guides there are the most professsional in the whole city. Thank you
todd cardin, King of Prussia [04-08-2006]

anonymous, julia, 7 yrs. 2nd grade buffalo ny [04-08-2006]

doing a report about Betsy Ross
emma, student [04-08-2006]

Trininity [04-08-2006]

Pamela Tolley, Teacher [04-08-2006]

Will you please e-mail me I don't get mail. I only get mail from my mom and 1 of my friends about 9 times a month! I would appreciate it alout! thanks a lot!
Briana Dazell, 11 years old Stanley, ND 58784-9564 [04-08-2006]

Give me information!
Nina, Allen (town) [04-08-2006]

I am writing a report on Betsy
Morgan, 11 [04-08-2006]

Belinda Burton, From California and planning to visit in October, 2006. [04-08-2006]

i would like to see lots of pictures about betsy
bob, i love cookies [04-08-2006]

I am a teacher from Florida and our school will be visiting Philadelphia in April.
Stacy Gray, teacher [04-08-2006]

We are learning about Betsy Ross. Too bad we can't visit!
Mr. Holub's Third Grade, Teacher [04-08-2006]

i love derek!...
Kessa Johnson, Wellston, Ohio 17 [04-08-2006]

jayna kovel, springdale, PA [04-08-2006]

I recently purchased a 20 foot telescoping flag pole with a 3X5' old glory and POW/MIA flag. God Bless the World
Charles Mc Millan, Springfield, MO, 57, Retired Air Force Master Sergeant [04-08-2006]

We working on a unit "Singing Across America." This is excellent to share with the students.
Florence A. Armstrong, Elementary music teacher [04-08-2006]

Barbara Neff, Landisburg, Pa. [04-08-2006]

Marie Daaland, Norway, 26 years old [04-08-2006]

Very informative site thank you for the hard work you put into it.
Anna Soto, 40yr female, in OC, California [04-08-2006]

my daughter had to do a school book report on a famous woman. we chose betsy ross.
LISA.BALLWEG [04-08-2006]

Allison Feldbayer, Levittown, Pa Temple University student [04-08-2006]

anonymous, 33 [04-08-2006]

Angela O'Dell, homeschooling mom of 4 great kids [04-08-2006]

Vicki Burkitt [04-08-2006]

Kasey Noss, 13 [04-08-2006]

Isabella Furndas, blond 13 [04-08-2006]

Samantha Gonyea, Eugene O.R age 10 [04-08-2006]

thank you for the tour
Haley, im10 [04-08-2006]

hope your house is clean.
hunter, jennings [04-08-2006]

We study a unit called Red, White, and Blue and start with Betsy Ross creating the flag. So glad to know this is available to the public. Thank you.
Cheri Harris-McCaskill, Kindergarten teacher in Sacramento, California [04-08-2006]

email fast
betty [04-08-2006]

My daughter has to pick a famous perosn in history to write about. She chose Betsy Ross. We are researching about her and the first flag.
Cindy Thompson, Clinical Laboratory Scientist Age 39 [04-08-2006]

thank you for having this wonderful information available!
v gonzalez, covina, ca 35 yrs old [04-08-2006]

we are learning about the flag in second grade
anonymous [04-08-2006]

Cool sight
Mrs. Pero's class [04-08-2006]

Leslie McMillan, Teacher [04-08-2006]

Leah D kohn, 11, miami beach FL, 33141 [04-08-2006]

Don Gant, Newark, DE - Law Enforcement Data Coordinator [04-08-2006]

Josh [04-08-2006]

Max neyhart [04-08-2006]

James [04-08-2006]

Jacob Mrowinski [04-08-2006]

shayla [04-08-2006]

Douglas Smith [04-08-2006]

Mike Goering, Lyncourt School, Age 9 [04-08-2006]

KayLeigh Ingraham [04-08-2006]

Kaylee Trinca [04-08-2006]

Melissa Milea [04-08-2006]

Kevin Shaw [04-08-2006]

Courtney [04-08-2006]

Davis Kippen [04-08-2006]

Joshua [04-08-2006]

Theresa Girard [04-08-2006]

briana [04-08-2006]

Mat Lauro [04-08-2006]

Melanie Klisanin [04-08-2006]

Sheila Rollins, As a child I attended Betsy Ross school here in Chicago. Now, as a teacher candidate, I feel it apropo to teach my students aout Betsy Ross [04-08-2006]

Lori Bessasparis [04-08-2006]

I just thought, finding out about somebody with my own name would be interesting.
Betsy, 18 yrs [04-02-2006]

We have just finished reading a story about Betsy Ross making the first flag for our country. It was called "A Flag For Our Country"
Ms Wright's Kindergarten Class, San Antonio, Texas [03-22-2006]

Looking for information to teach to Sunday School children about the flag and Betsy Ross.
Dottie Palmer, Chula Vista, CA [03-22-2006]

Megan [03-22-2006]

LB [03-21-2006]

MY God Bless America
Carely Sciutto, 13 years old [03-20-2006]

Betsy Ross is truly an admirable person! I am doing a library research report on Betsy Ross. Well I am home schooled and have to get back to school ! Bye! Sincerely, Briana Dazell
Briana Dazell, Stanley,ND age 11 [03-20-2006]

Amanda K. Cramer [03-20-2006]

philip hartley [03-20-2006]

Renee Hartley [03-20-2006]

My daughter is doing a school report on Betsy Ross. History is coming alive for her through these pages. Thanks!
Lynch Family [03-20-2006]

Thomas James [03-20-2006]

Ashleigh, nc,14 [03-20-2006]

Paxton, 11 [03-18-2006]

Carol Minneker, 45 [03-18-2006]

Would like to know if there is any link with historic Loundon Town in
Michael Osborn, Edgewater MD. Age 40 [03-18-2006]

She is sooooooooooooooooooo cool!
Someone whos favorite person in history is BETSY ROSS!, I like her! [03-18-2006]

I have a report to do ln betsy ross and i need information
jennifer, 10 years old [03-18-2006]

Bryan Smith, Elkhart,IN. [03-18-2006]

Bobbie W., Diboll, Tx 33 [03-18-2006]

Kandace Johnson, Chicago, IL 23 [03-18-2006]

Robertson Family [03-18-2006]

LaMonica Foster [03-18-2006]

Matthew Montgomery, Monmouth, IL age: 19 [03-18-2006]

Laisha [03-18-2006]

I was trying to find out if my father was related to Betsy. He had a certificate making him a member of the American Flag House and B. Ross Memorial Association. I found the answer - his parents just donated to the association in his name.
Beverly Knapp [03-18-2006]

Rhonda Brumley Nichols [03-18-2006]

i love betsy ross she is such and insiration she is the best love me sarah
llalalala, loser [03-18-2006]

thank you betsy ross that was a wonderful flag you created and we really appreciate what you did for creating the first flag and your a women and that means a lot thanks a million.And to all of her family i know a little bit about her.
anonymous [03-18-2006]

thank you betsy ross for creating this wonderful flag for us.An we appreciate what you did to create such a wonderful flag for us thanks a million.
anonymous, indianapolis,16 [03-18-2006]

tee, 32 [03-18-2006]

I am interested in the history of light houses
rita, 40 new york [03-18-2006]

thanks for doing this.
Charissa Lucien, I'm 11 years old and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-18-2006]

Mary Rose Morales, Stockton California,43 [03-18-2006]

kelley Cervantes [03-18-2006]

anonymous, Trenton, New Jersey [03-18-2006]

Teaching about American Flag and Betsy Ross' role in American History.
Kimberly Santoscoy, Victoria Texas Sarah 8, Jen 6 [03-18-2006]

lisa qsar, san diego, ca [03-18-2006]

Karissa, 8 [03-18-2006]

Ruth Navedo, Staten Island, NY (40) [03-18-2006]

Awesome Stuff! Its incredible to come here
Becca [03-18-2006]

Cathy Courtney, Indianapolis, IN. [03-18-2006]

Erin Beauchamp, Meredosia IL age 11 [03-18-2006]

Mandy [03-18-2006]

lyndsay bleeker, 12 years old [03-18-2006]

Jack Tyree, Visitor from Union, Ohio [03-18-2006]

At my school the fourth graders are having a wax museum and I'm going to be Betsy Ross. I think that she is an incredible person.
Pandora Baily-Gould, I live in Massachusetts and I'm in fourth grade. [03-18-2006]

michelle, canton,michigan age:28 [03-18-2006]

Richard Williams, Oil City Pa 16301 [03-18-2006]

Kelsey [03-18-2006]

I hope that Liberty Bell will sing the sound of freedom over the world
Alessandro Di Gregorio, Italian, 43 years old, cartoonist [03-18-2006]

I am in the 3grade. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
MELISSA HURLEY, I live in Tazewell, VA. [03-18-2006]

Granddaughter has assignment
Mary Louis Evans, 81 [03-18-2006]

looking for info on betsy ross for a project
becky stevers, pembroke va 37 [03-18-2006]

andrea Tepperman, massachusetts [03-18-2006]

Megan, 7 [03-18-2006]

Great site, thanks for the tour
Dionisio Herrera, Guatemala, 42, president of a flag manufacturing company [03-18-2006]

Friends are visiting you from Iowa upon my recommendation when they are in Philly 3 weeks from now
anonymous, Living in Iowa but I am from Philly [03-18-2006]

In scrolling through your list of visitors, I noted the people were not so impressed with our flag(s) and what they represent. This is a great country we live in. Let's keep it free. Betsy Ross did a great thing, but she did not invent the ideals that the flag represents. She made the representation of those ideals. As important as she was, let's try to keep it all in perspective.
b j mcnab, pa [03-18-2006]

anonymous, yorktown,va [03-18-2006]

you've done a great job!
Diane Bacon, nc [03-18-2006]

Jonathan, caguas pr,im14 [03-18-2006]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross we found your site and since I can't go in person to see the house this will be the next best thing Thankyou
rachael wallace, cincinnati, ohio 9 yrs old Vangorden elem. school [03-18-2006]

It was awesome then.
darlene ricotta, I live in Loleta Ca but did visit the Betsy Ross house as a child [03-18-2006]

gary leggs [03-18-2006]

I use to visit this house every year with my family as a kid and now I am taking my 2 daughters for a tour through the house.
Kathy Thayne, Stratford, NJ 49 today [03-18-2006]

Teaching my grade 3 & 5 sped students about the flag
Allison Ford, female, sped teacher, 45 years old [03-18-2006]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school, it is due 3-2306
megan krueger, i am 11 years old from berea oh [03-18-2006]

Betty Cook, Wells,13, [03-18-2006]

wayne eddings [03-18-2006]

Grace [03-18-2006]

This is for a project I'm doing with my friend in 7th grade. This has been really helpful, thanks.
Kaylyn, 12 [03-18-2006]

thanks for the tour!
Brittany, Beaumont Texas 17 [03-08-2006]

Personality of Betsy Ross
anonymous [03-08-2006]

Mrs. Baker's First Grade Class, Galloway, New Jersey [03-08-2006]

sharon, teacher [03-08-2006]

Dalton [03-08-2006]

Debra Cramer, 50 years old from Bordentown, NJ [03-08-2006]

Don Rozanski [03-08-2006]

thanx for letting me take a tour!
lester, hawaii,28,i love to read about besty ross [03-08-2006]

This is cool!
Sierra Gray, Cypress, Ca age 11 [03-08-2006]

I am doing a visual and physical report on Betsy Ross for school. She is a wonderful and amazing woman!
Briana, Massachusetts [03-08-2006]

i inspire Betsy Ross.She is a anzing pirsen.
Grace, ( 3rd grade [03-08-2006]

Riley [03-08-2006]

thank-you for this great website!
mrs. gunter's 2nd grade class [03-08-2006]

Marge Betts, 50 Technology Teacher [03-08-2006]

The Grants Todd, Jennifer, Josh, Grace, Faith and Josiah, We are a homeschooling family studying the American Revolution. [03-08-2006]

haja, 21 [03-08-2006]

Hello, Betsy Ross
Ned [03-08-2006]

TIna Pierce [03-08-2006]

We love learning about Betsy and her life.
Jason Magid, age 8 born on Jan 30....same day Betsy died [03-08-2006]

Ruben G. Prado, I´m a mecican 57 years old, living at Mexico City [03-08-2006]

Sri Lanka Tillery [03-08-2006]

caty [03-08-2006]

Phillip Wren [03-08-2006]

my name is john..and i am an alcholic
anonymous, 42 [03-08-2006]

Rebecca Smith, New Jersey, 7 years old [03-08-2006]

Bridget Cosentino-Kunz, Chicago,IL. USA 29yrs old Mother of two children ages 9 & 12 [03-08-2006]

Thanks for so many nice pictures and information.
Maria, 1st grade project [03-08-2006]

Kassaundra [03-08-2006]

my name is irene ashmead buch 717 fairway drive, lancaster, pa 17603 i wish to know the names that were written on the wall at the betsy ross house.
Irene Ashmead Buch, lancaster, pa 17603 age 81 [03-08-2006]

I teach third grade and we are getting ready to do a unit on biography and present a play to our school.
Janice Stiens, Sylva, NC, age57 [03-08-2006]

I am doing my first report about Betsy Ross
Megan, age 7, Brimfield OH [03-08-2006]

thanx for letting me take a tour!
anonymous [03-08-2006]

im doing a report on betsy ross for school. she's so inspirational!
danielle [03-08-2006]

Cassy, 10 [03-08-2006]

Am [03-08-2006]

jan green, teacher [03-08-2006]

anna hueter [03-08-2006]

Angela Knicely [03-08-2006]

I am coming here to learn more about Betsy, because she is my person for wax museum [ a school project]
sydney dean, 10 [03-08-2006]

catherine stewart [03-08-2006]

Mike, 40 [03-08-2006]

Very good site, will definitely recommend!
Laila [03-08-2006]

Donetta Bryson [03-07-2006]

I want to know about the first American Flag.
David, 10 yrs [03-07-2006]

i'm doing a report on you
brianna galloway, brookhaven 11 [03-07-2006]

Linda Russ, San Diego, California looking for ancestors of RUSS [03-02-2006]

Cecilia Harris, Tucson, 33 [03-02-2006]

Jonathon Waychoff [03-02-2006]

Lori Calabrese, mom [03-01-2006]

sally [03-01-2006]

lori bessasparis, 37 [03-01-2006]

shelby [03-01-2006]

We were in Philadelphia in October, but didn't make it to tour the house in time. We are now reading a book on Betsy Ross and are interested in learning more about her.
Pam, Julia & Jessica Harvey, Granite Bay, California [03-01-2006]

jasmine, glenwood 12 [03-01-2006]

We are doing a project about Betsey Ross in second grade.
lschaeffer, 8 years old [03-01-2006]

mary diamond, delanco nj 40yrs old [03-01-2006]

I am glad to be on the tour even though it's not in person. I would like to see it in person. That would be interesting, and really neet. Thank you for putting this in your website for people to enjoy! Thanks Kristin (student currently in jr high at a IN school)
Kristin, 13 [03-01-2006]

Joe Warwick [03-01-2006]

Justine Mamrol, 6 years old, Ashburn VA [03-01-2006]

I AM 7 YEARS OLD AND I am doing a project on Betsy ROSS FOR MY 2ND GRADE CLASS.
Carlie [03-01-2006]

Kellie, 11 [03-01-2006]

zoie, 10 [03-01-2006]

i love you
jane [03-01-2006]

mandy [02-26-2006]

can not wait to see the house in person
LINDA L HATTER, schuylkill haven pa. coming to philadelphia and love american history [02-26-2006]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Kayleigh Heard, Inola, OK age 9 [02-26-2006]

Nicole Kretzschmer, Michigan 10 yrs old [02-26-2006]

I was doing a report and this place is great.
jamie, age 11 gymnist [02-26-2006]

morgan is doing a school report on besty ross. we are planning a visit to her home tomorrow.
LINDA & MORGAN NUTILE [02-26-2006]

Bob Johnston [02-26-2006]

Mackenzie Blithe [02-26-2006]

The Traci Family, New York [02-26-2006]

anonymous, loves green day [02-26-2006]

Lloyd Gauthier [02-26-2006]

i am doing a project on Betsy ross and i thinl she is extrenely interesing
Teresa Cal, Age 11 [02-26-2006]

We are doing research for ou thinking day project. We chose Betsy Ross as the woman from the United States we admire most.
KateLinn Smith & Chloe Papanicolas, Brownie Girl Scouts Troop 4502 Nation's Capitol, ages 5 &6 [02-26-2006]

i am doing a project in school picked Betsy Ross
Emma, i am 8 years old [02-26-2006]

We are a first grade class close to Dallas, Texas, and we are studying about the flag this week.
Mrs. Colquette's Class, Texas [02-26-2006]

gfh, 99 [02-26-2006]

just showing this to my students
anonymous, Teacher [02-26-2006]

cj, miami 16 [02-26-2006]

Mrs. Mann's Kindergarten Class, Fredericksburg Virginia [02-26-2006]

Kresa Mikal Whitaker, Live in San Diego California, I'm 10 years old and in the fifth grade. I am doing a Bio on her for a class project [02-26-2006]

If i had a famous mother who would she be? I choose Betsy Ross and needed information.
katelyn strom, rock island,illinois 9years old [02-26-2006]

A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!
Jeniffer, united states [02-26-2006]

Mikala Williams [02-25-2006]

bailee Jones [02-25-2006]

Morgan [02-25-2006]

jake [02-25-2006]

Jordan [02-25-2006]

Rachel [02-25-2006]

matthew, 11 [02-25-2006]

blake, 10 [02-25-2006]

nathan, 10 [02-25-2006]

Zach Webb
anonymous [02-25-2006]

justin [02-25-2006]

Tanner Osborne [02-25-2006]

Kyle Britton [02-25-2006]

justin [02-25-2006]

Preston Worthy, 9 years old [02-25-2006]

Laura Beth Sallas, Florida - Book Report [02-25-2006]

I'm planning a trip and I'm looking forward to visiting the area. I'm a member of the James Blair Chapter-DAR and love history.
Cindy White, Texas,58 yrs. old, [02-25-2006]

I like our flag.
Melonie Edwards, 10 [02-25-2006]

Nice.. Helping my daughter BriAnna with her school project.
Rachel Foutz, Goldsboro,NC 33 years old.. [02-25-2006]

kehdg [02-25-2006]

I'm glad I chose Betsy Ross as my Waxless museum person.
Jenny He, 11, Plano, Texas Skaggs Elementary [02-25-2006]

anonymous, mn [02-25-2006]

I wanted to learn about someone in American History that I was not as well versed in. Betsy Ross seemed like a perfect candidate.
Adriana Fuhrer, Age 9, 3rd Grader Wolftrap Elementary School, Vienna VA [02-25-2006]

Donna, PA Resident [02-25-2006]

Bethany Hayre, 4th Grader [02-25-2006]

Ed Hunt, retired from Missouri [02-25-2006]

Im doing a report on the first american flag and I think it was a great idea to have a vitural tour of Betsy Ross's house. Thanks for the makeing the site.
Katelin Hood [02-25-2006]

I was looking for something else and ran across this site. I really like the layout and colors you chose.
Janet, united states [02-25-2006]

Betty Bauer, teacher [02-25-2006]

Thanks for sharing a little bit of history with my students.
C Truntich, teacher [02-25-2006]

Todd Ross, Kentucky, 38, teacher [02-25-2006]

Greetings to all! Excuse for this message, but at you excellent design of a site! Very much it was pleasant to me, I shall come here very often!
Bill, united states [02-25-2006]

God bless America, my home sweet home.
Karen Driscoll, Female, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, age 53 [02-25-2006]

i am helping a little sister becuase she is doing a wax mueseum on betsy ross.i am also interested in thiswoman that made the first symbol of the united states of america.
cassandra, 11 [02-25-2006]

This is really interesting to me as I am a descendant of Betsy Ross! We had our families geneology done and discovered the "truth of the rumor". Very interesting!
Genni Smith, Orange County, CA 26 years old [02-25-2006]

zoie, age 10 [02-25-2006]

We are visiting Philadelphia this week and I was just browsing for things to do.
Patti Williams, Chesapeake, VA [02-25-2006]

Zandy Boyett, Dublin, GA, Age 10 [02-25-2006]

John Chastain, Monrovia, In, age 38 Proud American [02-25-2006]

looking foward to a great tour
melanie, new york [02-25-2006]

anonymous [02-25-2006]

Teresa Payne, Nurse Educator [02-25-2006]

cool site you have here, very interesting
GARY W BENDER, 54 kansas city kansas [02-25-2006]

Joan M Boyajian [02-25-2006]

lockwood [02-25-2006]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy ross!
Rachel, 8,Tennessee [02-25-2006]

amy [02-25-2006]

ann laird [02-25-2006]

Helena, Reside in New Zealand, age 34, Married mum of 3 [02-25-2006]

Terri-lynn [02-25-2006]

Kim Newman, 35 [02-25-2006]

this is at school. i am very bored here in class.
lainie, 13 school [02-25-2006]

Teaching special needs children about our country and those who help make it the great nation that it is.
Tricia, Carver Middle School, Teacher [02-25-2006]

Carina [02-25-2006]

i am doing a report on betsy
haley, i live in texas [02-25-2006]

Melinda Menke [02-25-2006]

David Alan Coonrod-, St.Louis,Missouri,47 years old [02-25-2006]

Mikala Lee Williams, Sesser Ilinois 10 [02-25-2006]

Morgan Stubblefield [02-25-2006]

Jordan Scott Gunter, Valier, Illinois 9 [02-25-2006]

shelby [02-25-2006]

Dustin [02-25-2006]

Maty Garner [02-25-2006]

Brandon [02-25-2006]

I am helping my daughter with homework assignment.
teresa, il. 39, [02-25-2006]

ash, i'm cool [02-25-2006]

diane kirk, I just love the land I live in and love to learn anything historical, [02-25-2006]

Lynda Blount, Portsmouth, OH [02-25-2006]

I am looking up stuff for a school assingement .
Carlton Legg, kerhonkson NY age 10 [02-25-2006]

randy sorenson [02-25-2006]

School assignment
anonymous, 9, Washington State [02-25-2006]

Katie Causey, Northport, Alabama [02-25-2006]

Victoria [02-25-2006]

Luke Mangiameli, Syosset, NY 13 [02-25-2006]

Kelcy M., Ocean County, age 9 [02-25-2006]

Natasha Bartolo & Rebecca Bartolo, 9 & 47 [02-25-2006]

sue white, uk resident [02-25-2006]

john [02-25-2006]

cheyenne, ohio,6,gda [02-25-2006]

thany you
chandlor croom, my first report i am 8 [02-25-2006]

D Nihart, I'm 48 years old and a student teacher. [02-25-2006]

Exploring Early American Architecture. Thank you for having this site on line for all of us in the West.
Karla Gustafson, Granite Bay, CA [02-25-2006]

what is her house like?
Dinora, 11years old [02-25-2006]

vanessa patterson, age 8, lexington ky [02-25-2006]

Teddy Hoffmann, Virginia Beach, Virginia [02-25-2006]

My family plans to visit on February 17 since my grand neice will be Betsy Ross in a "Wax Museum" at school.
Frank Luther, King of Prussia, 65 [02-25-2006]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross because i think she is a great women.
Ashley, i'm a 8 year old girl [02-25-2006]

My daughter has to be Betsy Rosas and do a report for school
Cris Ann Noel, Mom [02-25-2006]

Susan Lutz [02-25-2006]

Barbara Riley, Bushnell, Il; 35 [02-25-2006]

I was learning about Betsy Ross for a school project and came to this website.
Samantha, age 9 [02-25-2006]

Jennifer Milhiser, I'm 8 years old, and will be pretending to be her at school [02-25-2006]

Amanda Salzillo, Battlefield, Mo [02-09-2006]

I wanted to find out more about Betsey and her life. I resently was told by a very popular phychic that Betsey Ross is one of my guides.
Rebecca Salyer, I live in GA. at this time I was born in Mi. [02-09-2006]

Amanda O'Toole, Pittsburgh PA; 16 years old [02-09-2006]

Martha M. Smith, age 50 [02-08-2006]

Mrs. Dotson's First Grade, West Burlington Iowa [02-08-2006]

We are learning about the American Flag in school and I am interested in American history
alex taylor, South Wales, age 7 [02-08-2006]

just wandering if our family may be related in some way.
VERNETTA ROSS [02-08-2006]

I remember visting when I was younger with my mom and plan on taking my kids there someday. Seeing the virtual tour brought back so many memories, so thank you for putting this up.
Stephanie, 20, Las Cruces, NM [02-08-2006]

Vance Mays, Engineer, Published Author, Political activist, husband [02-08-2006]

It was the next best thing to being there!
Naomi Miller, Age 10 [02-08-2006]

I like to know stuff and looked at pictures of what important states use to look like in the past and I like to look at pictures and read stuff on my own city's past.
Cortney, Tennessee, 14 years old [02-08-2006]

Kristi Forbes [02-07-2006]

I think that this will be the bestest tour in the whole world.I love the flag.I homeschool and this is one of the things my mom and I are doing for school.
Alex Barber, 8 years old [02-07-2006]

Shannon Harman, Lexington, SC.....Age-32 [02-07-2006]

Alex Barber, age 8 [02-07-2006]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for class, and want to see her house.
Danielle Krause, Inola,Oklahoma 7 years old 1st grader [02-07-2006]

christi, i am 10 years old [02-07-2006]

jackie [02-07-2006]

michelle grant, this is goana be cool [02-06-2006]

Scott Munday [02-06-2006]

My daughter is doing a project on Betsy Ross, and I remember as a young girl living in NJ going to the Betsy Ross House for a school trip. I was looking for pictures to show my daugher and found the website.
Anna Devan, Powder Springs, GA [02-06-2006]

I am visiting this site to explore the possibility of bringing a group of 3rd graders here in the Spring
Barbara Essington, Carneys Point, NJ [02-06-2006]

John S. Diehl, Fishertown,Pa. age56 transportation engineer [02-06-2006]

Emily Turner [02-06-2006]

sharon, North Carolina [02-06-2006]

i'm can't wait till i can actually do there!
Helena [02-06-2006]

anonymous [02-06-2006]

In my school, I am going to be you.
Cheyanne, 6 years [02-06-2006]

Hey, i love the history of betsy ross. I did a project and i did relly good and i enjoyed it. i am so glad i get to go on a virtual tour of her house. thank you, clara
Clara Ennis [02-06-2006]

Ellie Ennis [02-06-2006]

Thanks for your help. I am studying the American revolution. Best Regards, Matt
Matthew Gloer, Candler, NC, Age 11, Top Fifth Grader [02-06-2006]

Hi! I learned about Betsy Ross. I think she is a great woman and she did a great deed by making the first American flag. Someday I will visit Philadelphia and see her house.
Sarah Rung, age 8, second grader, Austin, TX [02-06-2006]

brooke [02-03-2006]

JODI KLINE, michigan [02-03-2006]

gabriel & Kelsey [02-03-2006]

It is cool that you made the flag.
collin, 9 [02-03-2006]

doing a project
brandon, 10 [02-03-2006]

Jacquie B, Michigan, age 50 [02-03-2006]

brenda, neyyork 13 [02-03-2006]

I entered one in on January 31,2006 and on February 1,2006.
Payton Garnes, Ohio,10 years old,blonde hair,blue eyes [02-03-2006]

Keith Baker, wagoner ok, 49 [02-03-2006]

kimberly, i like momkeys [02-02-2006]

olyvia nicholson, I am 10years old and doing a proect on Betsy Ross [02-02-2006]

elaina, history franatic [02-02-2006]

Levi Oleson [02-02-2006]

Mrs. Miller's Second Grade Class, Douglasville, Georgia - second grade students [02-01-2006]

Danielle Brissey, burlington,Iowa 13 [02-01-2006]

I grew up near Philadelphia and enjoyed it's history. Now I am sharing it with my granddaughter who lives in Minot, North Dakota. I am sharing with her the story of how Betsy Ross talked George Washington (and his friends) into a a five point star and how to make one. I learned this one time when I went to Besty Ross's house and thought it was a fun and interesting story. Hopefully my grand daughter can pass it on to her friend in her second grade class. I think this may be a good web-site to tell the children about
Kathleen H. Williams, San Diego, California [02-01-2006]

Amanda Rodriguez, Southern Calif. 8yrs old [02-01-2006]

Marie, work [02-01-2006]

Betsy Ross is my hero she is in my essay
anonymous, 10 [02-01-2006]

We are doing a living biography on Betsy Ross. We learned how to cut a five pointed star.
Elizabeth & Catherine, 9 year old twins in Florida [02-01-2006]

I am betsy ross for our wax meuseam at school!
julia, 9 [02-01-2006]

Doing a project with my 3rd grader on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the tour and other valuable info.
Nancy (and Riley), Anderson, SC 36 and 9 years old [02-01-2006]

Lori Meyer [02-01-2006]

I think Betsy Ross deseves to be very famous.I am so glad that she made the American Flag,because other wise we would not know who won the Revolutionary War.I think she is a very amazine person. Sincerily, Payton
Payton Renee Garnes, Ohio,10 years old,blue eyes,blonde hair [02-01-2006]

anonymous, I live in VA and I'm 6 years old [01-31-2006]

I am a music teacher putting together a unit on the Star Spangled Banner. I think this tour would be great to show my students to add to our studies.
Deb Fraser, Wilton, NH 35, [01-31-2006]

morgan king [01-31-2006]

I lived in Philadelphia and use to go to Betsy Ross's house. I've been down that way several times after moving but have never stopped in. It's nice to be able to take this nostalgic tour online. Thank you for the thought.
Michele Margaret McGarvey, Portland, OR, 43 [01-30-2006]

I am doing a project on Besty Ross for my Social Studies class. I am in the first grade. I live in South Carolina.
K. Lusk [01-30-2006]

Lact Bolin [01-30-2006]

Leslie Johnson, Park City, Ut [01-30-2006]

Alan Zwiebel, South Orange, NJ [01-30-2006]

G Fox [01-30-2006]

Jonathan Arrington, 24 year old student in Ogden, Utah [01-30-2006]

Tracie West, Military Wife, AFTB Program Manager Hohenfels, Germany, 42, [01-30-2006]

Just stopping in via a link from One day, my husband (also a history buff) and I hope to travel to Pennsylvania to see the Betsy Ross House along with other things such as Independence Hall, Christ Church and the Liberty Bell. Thank you SO MUCH for maintaining this website to keep my appetite whetted until we can afford the trip! :)
anonymous, History Buff ~ Spicewood, TX [01-30-2006]

Katie, Baltimore, Md, 11, a reaport i have to do for school [01-29-2006]

Morgan, Florida; I am doing a project for Geography on Betsy Ross [01-29-2006]

Cayla Ellingson [01-29-2006]

Cayla Ellingson [01-29-2006]

Denise Lesko [01-29-2006]

rick, 40, arlington, tx [01-28-2006]

i live just a few blocks west and a few blocks north. i was looking forward to visiting the house in person but unfortunatly it is closed. this will have to do for now but be sure that i will be out to walk through in person.
stacey, philadelphia, 23, female [01-28-2006]

Hello, Me and my brothers were told growing up by my grandmother and great grandmother, that betsy ross is our GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandmother, or somewhere along there. We have a book entitled the Ross's and my great grandmother is in it and so is Betsy Ross.
Teresa Sonsalla, Independence, Wi 36 [01-28-2006]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross! I think she is a Great women in American History...
Marissa, 8 years old, Sacramento, California [01-28-2006]

I would love for you to send me some pictures of you or information about you. I need it for my report.
antonela, sacramento,17 years old [01-28-2006]

hello you are very amasing
hollymartin, 10 [01-28-2006]

hi funny guy BETSY ROSS I KNOW
Kyle, 21 [01-28-2006]

i'm in the 2nd grade doing a project on betsy ross
TAYLOR HELMS, marshville nc 8 years old [01-28-2006]

kerry, mass. 32 yrs old [01-28-2006]

Kate Tate, At boarding house in New York, I meet Josephine March. [01-28-2006]

Ms.Prince's Kindergarten Class Group 2, Manassas Park Cougar Elementary School VA. [01-28-2006]

Kindergarten Class Cougar Elementary School, Manassas Park VA. [01-28-2006]

Tiffany [01-28-2006]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. It is fun to find this information about her. Thank you.
Emily C Barnes, elementary school [01-28-2006]

I think that Betsy Ross was a great woman who will never be forgotten.
Danielle, I live in Jacksonville N.C. and I am a student doing a paper on Betsy Ross. [01-25-2006]

wanted to know more of her
SHARON HOUSE SHAVER, logansport,louisiana 51 maiden name house [01-25-2006]

Visited the house last September loved it looking forward to the tour Thanks Daisy
anonymous [01-25-2006]

I chose to do Besty Ross for my school book project. Checking out her house.
Mindee Goodrum, 10 years old [01-25-2006]

I really need to know some stuff about Betsy Ross for a school report.
Holly, age 8 from Claremore, OK [01-25-2006]

Diane Marzano, Parent [01-25-2006]

Cynthia Schultz, Omaha, NE [01-25-2006]

Love American History
b barker, 41 yrs Texas [01-25-2006]

Ms. Corder's class, Kindergarten teacher and students and intern [01-25-2006]

Michel Marion, Montreal, Canada, 43 Y/O [01-25-2006]

Hailey, Knoxville, Tn, nine years old, in the fourth grade, doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-25-2006]

I am doing a S.S. project on a person of character. And I have chosen Betsy Ross.
Meghan Lichauco, I am 7 years old [01-25-2006]

Sabrina Guffey, I am a 24 year-old female, preservice teacher [01-25-2006]

this is a cool website. it will help make history fun
cady lexi [01-25-2006]

Peggy McDonald, Brownie mom [01-25-2006]

Jake Tobin, Student, WSU History [01-25-2006]

i'm pulling the imfromation for my niece she is doing a report at school on betty ross
teri pearce [01-25-2006]

Mt. Zion Kindergarten Group 3, Suffolk, VA kindergarteners [01-25-2006]

Mt. Zion Kindergarten Group 2, Suffolk, VA kindergarteners [01-25-2006]

Mt Zion Kindergarten - Group 1, Suffolk, VA kindergarteners [01-25-2006]

kaitlyn baker [01-25-2006]

William Stermel, age 9 [01-25-2006]

Kayleen Finn, Virginia, 12 Female in school [01-25-2006]

Anastasia Brumley, Spartanburg, SC 10 years old 4th grade gymnast [01-25-2006]

Thank you for the tour! Ricky
Ricky Bednarczyk, fran and joel, I am here with my anunt fran and brother joel. I am in the fifth grade doing a project on Betsy Ross. [01-25-2006]

Chrisanne Alber, Cedar Rapids, Iowa [01-25-2006]

Candice Baer, Cleafield, Ut, 26 [01-25-2006]

I'm taking this tour of Betsy Ross house because I'm doing a report on her.
Kristen Fleming, Lancaster, PA age 12 [01-25-2006]

Hello Betsy!
Chantal Perez, Yolosuka Japan 14 years old [01-25-2006]

erica, im 10 and doing a report about mrs.ross. [01-25-2006]

Visiting web site for a history project.
Laura, Utah, 24 [01-25-2006]

BellaireEle., 2nd gr., Bellaire, Mi. 49615 [01-25-2006]

I am doing a bio on Betsy
Amabda, age 10 [01-25-2006]

I m doing a book report on Betsy
amanda, 10 age [01-25-2006]

it was great
syd, 11 [01-25-2006]

I am president of the SCI History Club and looking for helpful information for our site. The site's link is listed below. It makes me glad to know that such valuable places still stand.
Arlene Louise Humiston, 25, f, il [01-25-2006]

I am during a report
ashley kirkwood, 5 grade,10 years old,AR, [01-25-2006]

JANICE SHANER [01-25-2006]

I'm doing a biogrophy on Betsy Ross and it would be very fasinating if I could see her house.
Amanda, Connecticut and 10 years old . [01-25-2006]

God Bless The U.S.A.!
Michael W. Fuller, San Antonio,TX Age:14 [01-25-2006]

debbie kain, raymond ms, rn [01-25-2006]

Michickia Howe, School, 12 [01-25-2006]

You Rock Betsy Ross
Pam Goss, Polson Montana, 42, Medical Technologist [01-25-2006]

I am preparing for a unit on this revolutionary war.
Pamela Petrillo, Seattle, WA, 3/4/5 Multi-age teacher [01-25-2006]

Tecumseh, in school [01-25-2006]

planning to visit historical Philly next week
June [01-25-2006]

SHavonnie Rossell, 12 112 [01-25-2006]

Tommy tom tommctom [01-25-2006]

Interested in checking on history of famaily member's back in 1700's, ie: Peter Crowding, married @ Christ Church, 1796, to Elizabeth Emory, December 29th, by Rev. C. White.
Bryan W. Crowding, Collingdale, Pa. 19023, age:61 [01-25-2006]

I don't if Ican give all the info you ask for. So I just pressed buttons. Oh, and Hi Betsy Ross!
kat napoli, cddsfs [01-25-2006]

Hanah Ratliff, age 7, South Windsor, CT [01-25-2006]

Tamara Becker, Utah,28 [01-25-2006]

I enjoyed touring your Bettsy's house about 5 years ago.
Sandy Prigger, Teacher [01-25-2006]

s [01-25-2006]

I am doing a social studies project on Betsy Ross
Teresa Cal, fr.monroe,VA age 11 [01-25-2006]

Marilyn Rice [01-25-2006]

Diane McGahan [01-25-2006]

A kindergarden teacher asked me to come as Betsy Ross to speak to her class. I'm looking for information for 5 and 6 year old children would enjoy hearing, maybe something from her childhood.
Ann Kerkove, Sigourney,Iowa I live on a farm [01-25-2006]

C. Benjamin Smith, Richvalley Indiana [01-24-2006]

Lindsey Duber, Wilmington Delware 23 [01-24-2006]

Helping my niece with her home work.
Athena McNeill, Owasso, Oklahoma [01-24-2006]

Anastasia Martin, Clearfield, Utah [01-24-2006]

Cindy [01-24-2006]

Carlos [01-24-2006]

Victoria Nelson, Cypress, CA-8 y/o-chose her for my historical hero [01-24-2006]

i want to see your house.
daisia [01-24-2006]

Our oldest was doing a report and learning about Besty Ross and we came upon this website....
The Richard Newcomer Family, Brighton,IL 42,30,11,8,5,2 [01-13-2006]

Reasa [01-13-2006]

I wish to go on a tour through the Betsy Ross House
Madison Buck, 10 years old pennsylvannia [01-13-2006]

matthew [01-13-2006]

Alyia Bradford, 10 [01-13-2006]

I have to make a flag in my class because we are studying Betsy Ross and creating a biography doll.
daisia, I am seven years old [01-13-2006]

I love our history, am planning a trip to Ph. spring of 2006, this will give me insight of what I may expect.
John R. O'Brien, Casper, Wyo. Age 66 [01-13-2006]

Thank you for letting me share this tour with my students.
Renata Teter, teacher [01-13-2006]

Melissa Boutte, Lake Charles, Louisiana [01-13-2006]

I think it is ridiculous that we are not permitted to take any pictures within the museum. I understand some things must be preserved, but I am a citizen of the USA and I have just as much right as you to have pictures of our nation's heroes.
Sarah Seashock, Student at lake-lehman high school [01-13-2006]

tw corby [01-13-2006]

Katelyn [01-13-2006]

Jessica, I'm doing a project. Iam 9. [01-13-2006]

wow i luked out! now i can skip class! thanks!
emy, pa 11 [01-13-2006]

CARRIE, Salt Lake City, Utah [01-13-2006]

Kaysi and Kelly, 7 and 41, Huntington Beach, CA [01-13-2006]

don vanschoyck [01-13-2006]

Dana Polowy [01-13-2006]

ian, Santa Rosa [01-13-2006]

Meredith Mustard, Home schooling Mom, 57 yrs. old, Phila area [01-13-2006]

A must to see when my family comes to visit Philadelphia.
Thomas Carr, Fredericksburg, Virginia [01-13-2006]

Thank you! This will be very helpful for my report on Betsy Ross. I get to portray her in our school Wax Museum!
Allison Acton, Lindon, Utah 8 years old [01-13-2006]

Regina, Sandi and Randy Eskew [01-13-2006]

Melina Pate [01-13-2006]

Katherine Bradley [01-13-2006]

am 10 year old during my book report on mrs.betsy ross.
SHAQUAN DOTSON, student at victory k-8 [01-13-2006]

mary dale [01-13-2006]

Katie is doing a report for school on famous Americans. I wanted her to learn about Betsy Ross and our American Flag. I hope she learns the importance of our flag and what it stands for. Thank you for your website.
Katie and Frances Godoy, 8 and 43, Florida [01-13-2006]

Great site very informative !
CHRISTOPHER UZZO, Coconut Creek Fl,7 y/o [01-13-2006]

I am a Revolutionary War Historian.
John Bruno, 42 Pioneer Circle, Attleboro, MA 02703 [01-13-2006]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
ashley, 07 [01-13-2006]

loved the tour
Katrina Stogo [01-13-2006]

jordan, georgia 8 year old girl [01-13-2006]

Hannah Atkinson, I'm 9 [01-13-2006]

juli smith, 10 [01-13-2006]

Even though I live in Philadelphia I have never been to the house.
Jennifer Sanborn, Philadelphia Mother of 3 [01-13-2006]

I visited the Betsy Ross house when I was in the 8th grade, on a class trip. I may have even signed the register personally. I am 69 inches tall, and was amazed at how small people were back in the 1700's. To be in this historic building, and to be in the same room and breathe the aged air, I can feel the presence of our forefathers, and our foremothers in Betsy's house. I feel my roots as an American. If anyone ever reads this, please know in my heart I am a patriot. I am a veteran, I also am the first female in my ancestry to enter into the military. The world has changed so much, that I feel no one cares anymore about where we came from, Americans are too busy looking good, and too materialistic. I feel "true Americans" are looking toward where we are going as a nation. To be in the same room as the woman who made the American flag, herself, like me, a freedom fighter for civil liberties, well, I am a nobody. I am not famous, nor am I rich. I am much like Betsy Ross, I work hard, I'm poor, but I have a passion. Betsy hads passion and it overcame financial hardship. I pray every day to have the strength Betsy did as I stumble through this disposable, political life Americans have to deal with daily. I am very rustic, I drive old cars and I believe nothing deserves to be is this caring, passion and belief in freedom for all, especially animals, senior citizens, and those that need our help. We took a wrong turn as a nation. Let us stick to our freedoms and vows and be allowed to say the pledge "one nation under God"! Some things are not up for amendment, and our pledge is one of them!
Kathy Novak-Truchon, I am a veteran, raised in Wilkes-Barre, I am the first female in my ancestry to enter into the military [01-13-2006]

Michele Holbrook, Camp Humphreys, South Korea [01-13-2006]

Research for a classroom presentation
Elizabeth Cleveland, Teacher in Upstate, New York [01-13-2006]

I am interested in having students tour this site.
Jay Holman, Hampton City Schools, librarian [01-13-2006]

Besty Ross is very intersting all ready!
Anna-Leigh Shelton, age 10 state KY [01-13-2006]

james [01-13-2006]

I'm learning about flags today.
Keegan Jauch, 6 1/2 years [01-13-2006]

betsy ross
lala [01-13-2006]

Karla K. Malouf [01-13-2006]

Samantha Romero, ca,10yrs [01-13-2006]

I visted the web sit because I had to do a report on a famous Pennslvanian for a 4th grade report. I picked Betsy Ross because she I thought she was interesting.
Frankie Lamoreux [01-13-2006]

jake, 28 [01-13-2006]

It is a site, it I understand, have tried.
Gosha, [01-13-2006]

Keenly interested in American history. Lots of fascinating characters. Truly wonderful. Thank you for making these things available to us. Wouldn't be able to see it otherwise!
Sandra Smith, British, aged 57 [01-13-2006]

I'm Planning a visit in July 2006
Susan [01-13-2006]

i love besty ross i love the preident i love this country very much.
JACENTA, my age is 8 i am smart and i love the american flag [01-13-2006]

hikari moshonia [01-13-2006]

katie dunnis maryed to andy
mary collins, katie dunn michagn 22katie dunn yourgetmaryedyes [01-13-2006]

Hello from France
Bournas Nadège, I am a teacher of English in France [01-13-2006]

Jamie Dougherty, Millbrae, CA [01-13-2006]

Hi! And what became with others?
Bogdan, [01-13-2006]

It was wonderful to find all this information about Besty Ross. I know my children will have fun going to visit Besty's House next year. Now that they know more about her and who she is and the importance that she is in our history.
Sylvia Hernandez, Los Angeles, California 29 years old. An educator. [01-13-2006]

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