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jake Trujillo [12-21-2005]

Erica Danielle Edwards [12-21-2005]

Jennifer Barich-Mooday [12-21-2005]

Taylor pomery [12-21-2005]

Jesse Wu [12-21-2005]

chris west fairbanks [12-21-2005]

jordan [12-21-2005]

natasha [12-21-2005]

Sara Anne Blecki, Erie, PA AGE 26 [12-21-2005]

I just want to see a history
wilaiwan, stamford, CT, usa [12-21-2005]

Angelica Antritt, Ohio, age 6 [12-21-2005]

Sheryl Gaye Michielson [12-21-2005]

I wish I could really meet Betsy......face to face.....
Melissa, 8 yrs, PA [12-21-2005]

It looks like a great place! I can't wait to visit next year.
scott holloway, portrait artist from MA. Painter of Franklin MA Town Seal. [12-21-2005]

charles G and Judith A Giles, central florida 57 [12-21-2005]

me gustaria ver la casa de betsy y la primera bandera que hizo
AGUSTIN GONZALEZ SOSA, cd juarez, 10 years [12-21-2005]

i am single
michelle, jeff city 19 class project [12-21-2005]

I did a report on Betsy Ross and wanted to know more information about her. She is a good thing to learn about and is really intresting to learn about.
kayla c, Des Moines age 10 [12-21-2005]

Clarissa, Atlanta, GA; 20; student [12-21-2005]

Chris and Zach Decandia, Seattle, Wa [12-17-2005]

lindsay [12-16-2005]

Danielle R. [12-16-2005]

Darcell [12-16-2005]

Angela Sickman, Philadelphia, Pa, 29 [12-16-2005]

nikki [12-16-2005]

Amanda Swango [12-16-2005]

betsy ross is the best!
alaina, 13 [12-16-2005]

Leigh, age eight [12-16-2005]

Rachael West, Teacher 4th grade, Wachula Fl [12-16-2005]

Betsy Ellis [12-16-2005]

I chose Betsy for my famous america report in school.
Deidra Wise, 10 [12-16-2005]

what do the 13 stripes represent please email me the ansewr
scott sneddon, scotland [12-16-2005]

Rachael West, Florida, 29, teacher and class [12-16-2005]

anonymous [12-16-2005]

Doing a school project and need good information and pictures.
Elizabeth Moser & Stephanie York, Nc [12-16-2005]

megan, spring texas, 15, i am doing a book report [12-16-2005]

Linda Carroll, 58yr old female from England [12-16-2005]

haleigh, age 7 in a betsy ross play at school [12-16-2005]

Debi & Charles Griscom [12-16-2005]

can you tell me her family life(birth,parents,siblings) and her education what school did she go to dreams and ambitions what she wanted to be her obstacles what she had to over come her adult life her family her children marriges her career jobs successes/acivements/awards contributiobn to socity why is she famus what is she famus for. please write back asap
ashley, 14 years old and am doing a project on besty ross [12-16-2005]

I am doing a reasearh paper on betsy and she is an amazing woman
Morgan Zultanski, Indiana doing research on betsy [12-16-2005]

just to know !
Ferber Léo, 64 years old,leaving in belgium,2 children [12-16-2005]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross and the War.
DeeJa Hoffman, Ky, age 10, [12-16-2005]

Aundrea [12-16-2005]

Elin M. Gordon, 7th grade social studies teacher [12-16-2005]

Brittney Tracy [12-16-2005]

I can`y wait to see the house.
Liana, 13 years old [12-16-2005]

rochelle [12-07-2005]

Nella Thompson, I live in [12-07-2005]

Zachary Rice, 99adams street Varna, IL 61375 13 yrs. old almost 14 [12-07-2005]

Looking forward to tour.
Mary Ann Gallegos, Columbia, MO [12-07-2005]

Catherine Grieb, Homeschooling parent [12-07-2005]

Melisssa Cervantes, 13, Anthony [12-07-2005]

I enjoyed reading about Ms. Ross Thanks.
Adrenee Williams, Washington D.C. 10, Shepherd ES [12-07-2005]

I am so excited to see the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's home! She is a terrific American and a great woman to make the flag.
Erica Eakin, Ledyard CT age 12 a girl [12-07-2005]

i would love to have a house like yours
John Brown, Arcadia Fla,16 [12-07-2005]

Amy Brokaw-Abbotoy, 31yrs old,born and raised in Buffalo,NY [12-07-2005]

ms.crosby [12-07-2005]

Iam going to do a report on Betsy Ross. PS.I took a tour of the house it was wonderful.
Megan, Sultan age 10 [12-07-2005]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross. I think its cool how she cut a 5 pointed star in 1 snip.I'm in the 4th grade,and a lot of people in my class are doing their project on her too. She's really cool.
terry, ohio [12-07-2005]

krystal, dunnelon fl [12-07-2005]

Getting History and information about our flag for a club program.
Mary Ann Williamson, Tennessee [12-05-2005]

elisa, 10 [12-05-2005]

we are taking a road trip in geography, and as one of my historical landmarks i picked here. i have learned a lot about betsy ross.
brooke bierhaus-riggins, 12 years old [12-05-2005]

Inkie Landry, female, 29 [12-05-2005]

Maricela Flores, Corpus Christi, Texas, 42 years of age, self-employed court reporter [12-05-2005]

Tiffani Miller, pekin il [12-05-2005]

ha ha ha ha ha ha
cam, funny [12-05-2005]

your website is great and it had really helped me with my projrct....thank you so much love jessica
Jessica, I am 12 years old I had to do a book report on american people who inspire me the most I picked betsy ross! [12-05-2005]

Im doing a report for school on Betsy Ross
alexis, 9 [12-05-2005]

This was soo cool! I used it for a report and got an A+ ! :)
jessjess [12-05-2005]

Paula Degnan [12-05-2005]

your my hero Betsy Ross
Briana Tipton, I'm 11 and I live in Rusk,Texas [12-05-2005]

way like alsome peoples!
bri, i've got really long hair. [12-05-2005]

anonymous, Georgia, 52, history teacher [12-05-2005]

this makes no sense
Heather, Floridal,13 [12-05-2005]

ur house is very pretty one day i wish i can live in it.
karolina, its not ur business [12-05-2005]

Heather [12-05-2005]

it is good
jarret register, 13 [12-05-2005]

I'm happy that I am able to virtually tour a house of an important person in American history.
Andre Gaboriau [12-05-2005]

Thank you for the great history lesson to share with my class of second graders.
Crystal Hampton, Texas, 28 [12-05-2005]

Taylor, 10 [12-05-2005]

what washer real name?
shoni, 10 [12-05-2005]

Harold Bowlby, Age: 65 - Richmond, IN [12-05-2005]

Arlene Fischer [12-05-2005]

Toni Williams [12-05-2005]

Wats up homies!
Alejandra Bravo [12-05-2005]

Jaclyn Donovan, Alvarado,Texas 10 yrs. old [12-05-2005]

Thanks for hosting such a nice site and for sharing your knowledge with each of us. Bringing history to life brings much more appreciation for those that were here before us!
Karen Paddock, I live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and am visiting teh Philadelphia area for the Navy/Army football game [12-05-2005]

ran by during the Philadelphia marathon but did not get to look
Richard Hart, Columbiana, OH age 50 [12-05-2005]

ashley diaz, i'm 9 years old [12-05-2005]

Bob [12-05-2005]

i wanna go on betsy rosses tour !
melony, my age is 24 live on 224 23rd street huntsville tn [12-05-2005]

lived in Titusville PA for most of my life and never visited Philadelphia, so taking a tour via the internet.
Christina Brenizer, Little Rock, AR [12-05-2005]

Great web site and information!
Larry Best, Pulaski, TN. [12-05-2005]

hi betsy!
anonymous, bellevue [12-05-2005]

i studied the life of betsy ross for girl scouts.
katelyn, 8 years old, wetumpka,alabama [12-05-2005]

Thank you for the website. I love America, and those fighting to keep her free :)
Christy Mills, Lancaster, CA, 36 yrs. old, Help Desk Technician [12-05-2005]

I teach kindergarten and was unable to tour the House while attending a teacher's convention last spring. I'm excited to learn as much as possible about Betsy Ross so that I can share the information with my young students.
Vicki Andersen, Utah [12-05-2005]

Johannes Schäfer Bw. Mechernich, Mechernich 40 jahre [12-05-2005]

it is a honor to see her house
Paulina, 1189 Avon dale ct.,10 years old,like to learn [12-05-2005]

As a Philly native, I visited the Betsy Ross House a number of times as a child. While the home is charming and a boon for Philadelphia tourism, I do not really believe that Ms. Ross created or sewed the original American flag--Sorry!
Marianne Bonner, Philadelphia, PA [12-05-2005]

What an amazing stay I had in Philadelphia, and especially here, in Betsy Ross House. Thanx for all.
Jean-Roch, Nice, France [12-05-2005]

anonymous [11-23-2005]

sharlyne woodton, benfranklinhighschool/17/ [11-23-2005]

MaryClare Poland [11-23-2005]

Kristen Kelly Rodgers, Rancocas NJ, 19 years old, education college major [11-23-2005]

great great great family member
shannon allen, Texas, 23 [11-21-2005]

Suzanne, tn, 13 [11-21-2005]

Paige [11-21-2005]

Renee Wasniewski, Bloomsburg, Pa, 19 yrs. old, History major at Bloomsburg University [11-21-2005]

It is my understanding that she was a 6th cousin to me and a 5th cousin to my Dad. My dad did have a ring of hers, but it had gotten stolen.
Cynthia Martin (slack), 53 Flint Michigan [11-21-2005]

My daughter is doing a report on ms Ross
michelle hall, my age is 34 and my daughter is 13 [11-21-2005]

kaitlin [11-21-2005]

i really like the american flag and what it stands for and i think you should put more stars on it thank you
sidney wolford, im seven years old and interested in the american flag [11-21-2005]

jackie [11-21-2005]

Tamekia, Aurora,CO. 30yrs [11-21-2005]

Alexis Hendrichs [11-21-2005]

Shelley Snyder, 33 from Iowa [11-21-2005]

My daughter has an old Betsy Ross doll and I wanted to show her Betsy's house.
Dawn and Chelsea, PA, 36 yrs and 5 yrs [11-21-2005]

I loved the tour!
Cathrine, 149 Farway drive [11-21-2005]

i don't know exactly what to say but all i could say is i'm proud to be an american! hurray betsy ross!
JOYCE TORRES, chino, california. 10 years old, female, and are looking for information for a book report i have to do for school. [11-21-2005]

kayla, 11 [11-21-2005]

Kate Rothfus, Lancaster PA age 54 [11-21-2005]

I was born in Philadelphia and moved from there to Boston,MA. thirty years ago. I have a 13 year old granddaughter who I want to share the wonderful memories I have as a child growing up in Philadelphia. Philadelphia's history is so captivating that I can remember all the historical places I visited on school field trips. I am visiting the city in the near future and I want to share my childhood memories with my granddaughter.
Danyel Hunter, Female 46. [11-21-2005]

I love history!
Samantha, 15 [11-21-2005]

i am researching betsy ross for a school project
nikki, im 13 and i live in denison texas [11-21-2005]

mary reder [11-21-2005]

I am studying about the history of our country in school
Gabb;y, Age 8, 2nd grade, live in Idaho [11-21-2005]

erin bufford, i'm 12 [11-21-2005]

Gordon Johnson, Texas, 58 [11-21-2005]

Kiran [11-21-2005]

kristian kinder, 13 Harthern [11-21-2005]

We are going to visit Betsy's house on the computer since we can't go there in person.
4th grade computer group2, St. Edward School [11-21-2005]

Aishlyn Hannah [11-21-2005]

We are studying your site to learn more about Betsy Ross and the flag.
4th grade computer class, St. Edward School [11-21-2005]

Susan Chakkender [11-21-2005]

Are there any certificates from the american flag house and betsy ross memorial association available and if so are they available for display?
Joseph Morse, jr. [11-21-2005]

jackie sosnoski, 13 [11-21-2005]

I loved Betsy's house when I saw it.
Megan, 9 years old [11-21-2005]

Wendy Fogelstrom, Bishop, calif. [11-21-2005]

Blanca [11-21-2005]

caitlin, 8 [11-21-2005]

Lydia and Sandi S., technology for school [11-21-2005]

anonymous [11-21-2005]

maddie [11-21-2005]

rebecca handler, 8 from nj [11-21-2005]

I'm doing a live report on Betsy Ross at my school. I have to dress up and tell about her life. Thanks for this website.
Evalyn Lucero, From CA, Age 8 [11-21-2005]

anabel lopez [11-21-2005]

Jamie Foster, Troy Michigan 28 years old 2005 [11-21-2005]

This is 1 way cool & awesome site! God Bless you all!
Mrs.Sunny Noll, I'm a house-wife,I'm 37 yrs old & my husband Brian works for the Montana State Prison & has for 4 yrs now .We have 2 sons under school-age [11-21-2005]

I am here because my 7 year old is fascinated with Betsy Ross and colonial times.
Terri Buck, Burlington, IA [11-21-2005]

Good work, nice webpaqe.
William Jacobs [11-21-2005]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross so visiting her house would be cool.
Stephanie Dromerick, 4th grade student [11-21-2005]

anonymous, Springdale, AR [11-21-2005]

diane schock [11-21-2005]

I really love and enjoy this site. I am here to learn more about the importancy of some places in philadelphia. Thank you, Lyzsa
Lyzsa Alsevido, 28, philadelphia,pa [11-21-2005]

I come in peace!
Melissa Cervantes, I'm 13, I live in New Mexico [11-21-2005]

Linda Everett, Lawrenceville, GA [11-21-2005]

I visited the Betsy Ross House twice and was so impressed and I will never forget the feeling of being in the exact place where our Flag was born. So Proud to be an American!
Jeanne, 56, Torrington, CT. [11-16-2005]

Bea, ca [11-16-2005]

Kelly Nonemacker [11-16-2005]

Carolyn Roberts, educator interested in history of flag, etc. [11-16-2005]

uMMMMMMMM really dont know what to say
Rebecca, Fresno California, 13, bored [11-16-2005]

anonymous, 10 [11-16-2005]

Kara, tx, 14 [11-16-2005]

carrie moyer [11-16-2005]

Sarah, 42(age), 14611 Dalmatian Dr. Grass Valley CA [11-16-2005]

I recently visited the BRH in Philly 11/13/05. I returned on Mon. 11/14 to make a purchase and found you closed. Can I make purchases on line?
Albert Najera, San Diego, CA [11-16-2005]

i want to see the house in the olden days
M, age 13 [11-16-2005]

This tour was spectacular. I am going to use a lot of this information on my National History Day 2005-2006 project because of all the helpful and sourceful.
Tara VanKanegan, Kinsman, OH 44428 13 years old [11-09-2005]

Betsy Ross was a great woman.
Cinthya, 13 Perth Amboy, New Jersey [11-09-2005]

hi, i hope this is good
anonymous, 13 [11-09-2005]

Renee Escobar, Dallas, TX - 25 - 6th grade social studies teacher [11-09-2005]

mrs ross house is nice as it was 30 years ago. i visited the house as a child and i will soon take my child to visit history.
kim lee, 38 [11-09-2005]

Shirley Bertrand [11-09-2005]

Laura Cronin [11-09-2005]

Staxy, Arkansas [11-09-2005]

Jenny E. [11-08-2005]

Mrs. Rivenbark's First Grade, Fairhope, Alabama [11-08-2005]

School project
Brianna, 8 in North Carolina [11-08-2005]

kelsey [11-08-2005]

Garrison, I'm 11 years old [11-08-2005]

my elementary school in culver city ca was named after her besty ross elementary.
teri, lancaster, ca 33 female [11-08-2005]

Susan Phoenix, Illinois [11-08-2005]

Wow this is so cool! ;)
anonymous [11-08-2005]

Dawn Palen, 46, femal, R.N. [11-08-2005]

Pam, former philadelphian now in new mexico [11-08-2005]

I have been studying Betsy Ross for a book report at school. Betsy Ross has really inspired me. I am in the 3rd grade.
Brittany Catallo, Dayton, Ohio, Age 9 [11-08-2005]

i think betsy ross so good at the flag and i hope someday icould be like her . Betsy Ross was happy to make the flag everytime i see the flag it reminds me of her. i have some questions for you can you send me some of the stuff Betsy Ross made like the flag. my teacher will give me some credit.Thank you very munch i bet i am was your wasing your Jaclyn Powell
jaclynpowell, iam10 and i live in nashville [11-08-2005]

whats up
kelly, bensalem, 14, female [11-08-2005]

I am so excited!
Sarah, oklahoma [11-08-2005]

Donna McLaughlin, Scranton, PA [11-08-2005]

Sarah Torres, 12 San Antonio Tx. [11-08-2005]

chloe, 18 [11-08-2005]

We currently live in Hawaii where my husband is in the Navy. We are homeschoolers and love to see all kinds of things, especially concerning history! Thank you so much for posting this on the web, for we are able to see this when otherwise we would not be able to! Its not the same as actually being there in person, but it will suffice until we are stationed on the mainland again!
Kristopher and Lori Wiemann, 9 year old son and mom on a virtual fieldtrip for homeschool! [11-08-2005]

I have visited Betsy Ross house several time, bringing history alive for my grandchildren and also showing visiting friends and relatives this wonderful area.
Norah Strang, Looking to bring a group of people from work to explore the City of Philadelphia and all historical and interesting places within the city. [11-08-2005]

billly [11-08-2005]

cierra strub, i like the flags [11-08-2005]

courtney, iIIiII [11-08-2005]

Ralph Lownsbery, 60 years of age [11-08-2005]

anonymous [11-08-2005]

Kimberly Alcocer, homemaker in Texas [11-08-2005]

i love you Betsy Ross!
ashley lamendola, im 13 a girl and i love learning about history! [11-08-2005]

Love this site - so much history. Wish younger people appreciated it more.
Gloria Emmel [11-08-2005]

Linda Reager, New Jersey [11-08-2005]

Amy and Graeson Reyes [11-08-2005]

Thanks for the site! We learned a lot!
Mrs. Sanders' 3rd Grade Class, Longest Elementary - Greenville, KY [11-08-2005]

u have insper me to make the flag.
tyisha edwards, i love betsy ross [11-08-2005]

Kerry Scales [11-08-2005]

anonymous, Colorado history class [11-08-2005]

I would like to see the dolls for sale if they could be e-mailed to me. I want to see if there is something I forgot to get on my last trip.
lorna buckland, simi valley, california age 60 [11-08-2005]

Larry J. Graber, Topeka, KS [11-02-2005]

Ryan Shaffer, Sunbury, PA age-11 [11-02-2005]

student [11-02-2005]

Learning about Betsy Ross for my daughter's Fall Festival costume.
Tammy, age 35 [11-02-2005]

Stephanie, Gulfport, FL, USA Age:19 [11-02-2005]

This is a wonderful site and one day I hope to bring my future classes to visit the home of Betsy Ross.
Diane Curran, I am an intern twho plans to teach in an elementary school as of next year. [11-02-2005]

When I was in the sixth grade we had a personality contest. My older sister made be a Betsey Ross outfit from two old linen tableclothes and a sheet. She dyed one tablecloth red and another blue. Then she sewed a blue long sleeved blouse with white stars, a blue bonnet, and a long white skirt with red stripes for me to wear. I was very proud to wear that outfit and have become very interested in Betsey Ross. A few years ago I made myself an outfit similar to the one my sister made me. I cherish it and feel as though I am back in the time when Betsey Ross lived and constructed the flag. I really enjoy this site and hope to come to Philadelphia soon to visit it in person! Thankyou. Elaine Beal,Family and Consumer Science Teacher,Rutland High School, Rutland, Vermont(formerly a dairy farmer from Maine and a sewer of most of my clothes)
Elaine Beal, 52 years old, seamstress and teacher, mother of 4 [11-02-2005]

Katherine Ellis [11-02-2005]

june [10-29-2005]

Wanted to know who Betsy Ross was . I herd it in a Bob Dylan song!
Alana Crum, 24 Corydon,Indiana [10-29-2005]

Victoria, Tallahassee [10-29-2005]

Beverly Dry, pascagoula ms [10-29-2005]

Breanna, i love boys [10-29-2005]

I am doing a report for 3rd grade about Betsy Ross and am going to dress up like her if I can find out what she really wore.
katie lingle, 9 [10-28-2005]

researching for daughter in 6th grade about betsy ross
STEPHANIE OLMSTED, coos bay oregon, 33 mother of two daughters [10-28-2005]

Doug Codog, Stockton, CA. Age 41 [10-27-2005]

This is a useful tool when teaching children at home.
Natalie Johnson, St Petersburg, FL [10-27-2005]

I hope to enjoy the tour.
zed, 15 [10-27-2005]

I am a distant relative of the Ross Family. I toured the house in July. I loved the tour. Thanks
Nancy Gustafson, Edina, Mn [10-27-2005]

amanda uithoven [10-27-2005]

I totally love betsy ross. she is like my icon and stuff
brad pitt, ohio [10-27-2005]

We are reading about Betsy Ross in reading class.
2nd grade at Concordia Lutheran School [10-27-2005]

Thank you for making this site for us to learn from.
Mrs. Whitmer's 4th Grade Class, Longest Elementary School in Kentucky [10-27-2005]

i am doing a assighnment for JROTC it helped a lot!
erika, 15,Dallas Texas [10-27-2005]

brenda Martin, 10 Yers Old [10-27-2005]

way to go Betsey!
anonymous, teacher [10-27-2005]

this was a nice place
Mark, pa [10-27-2005]

My, my, my! So many people "related" to Betsy Ross. Can't wait to see how many related to Washington
FS [10-27-2005]

Gay Oberste, Oklahoma City, Girl Scout Leader [10-27-2005]

Sarah Bouton, Age 11 from Topeka Kansas [10-27-2005]

I'm doing a report on Ms. Ross.
Ashlee Haney, 10 [10-27-2005]

sam, 14 [10-27-2005]

trey merrero, Texas [10-27-2005]

my students really enjoyed your website and making the star. thank you
orussell, lecturer, essex, englan [10-27-2005]

Katie Meyerink, Nebraska, age 22 [10-27-2005]

I was doing a project on five historical Pennsylvanian sites.This was my favorite of all the historical sites I had to write about.
Alana, Philly, 14 years old, 9th grade, gospel of grace christian high school [10-27-2005]

cinthia [10-27-2005]

kskskskskks [10-27-2005]

debbie znaniecki, new york [10-27-2005]

Deniquea Rayyinah Monk, 6 grade go to franklin alternative middle school smart student [10-27-2005]

my g-mother was a member from 1922 and her name is Amanda C. Johnson just like me. I would love to be a member like her..I just dont know how.. some one please let me know..
Amanda C Johnson, Houston, TX age 31 [10-27-2005]

Daneen Tatum [10-27-2005]

Kristina Turner, Ocoee, Florida; age; 13&3/4 years old; Doing a history project for 8th grade. [10-27-2005]

Jessica [10-27-2005]

I'm tracing my Ross lineage and who knows what I'll find? My great great great great grandfather was apparently around new york in Betsy's time.
william ross, lee's summit, missouri [10-27-2005]

Homeschool single mom of 10 year old daughter!
Lori Briggs, Spring Hill, Florida [10-27-2005]

Wish you would update your pictures to get a clearer view of the interior. Chances are in my life time I will never see Betsy's house in person. Would love to see more of the decor. thank you, Jean
Jean [10-27-2005]

anonymous, Tx. 10 [10-27-2005]

i am doing a report on Besty Ross
bk [10-27-2005]

anonymous [10-27-2005]

I havent seen the site yet.
Crystal Tyll, Fenton, Mi homeschooling mom of four. [10-27-2005]

I live in the Thetford, The home town of Thomas Paine, and I have a great interest in America.
Vernon Wyndham, Thetford, Norfolk, England [10-27-2005]

GREER DENNIS, dayton, age6 [10-27-2005]

i think that this is a wonderfull place. iwas in this city and this is beautifull.
jorge gonzalez, miami, florida [10-27-2005]

I am doing a History Project and I chose to do it on Betsy Ross. I wanted to do my project on her because in my opinion i think she is a wonderful woman who made a BIG difference in America.I am a student at Ocoee middle School.
Jodi, 13 years birthday is on Nov.2. I live in Florida and the reason i vivsited this site is because im doing a history project and i chose to do it on Betsy Ross [10-27-2005]

ZAHRA MAKKI [10-27-2005]

lucia gutierrez [10-27-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and will be doing a wax museum.
Victoria Miller, I am 10 yrs. old. I live in Minocqua, WI [10-27-2005]

lindsay, i love basketball,knitting,history [10-27-2005]

I really think it is amazing what she did and how it all happened. According to my research she had a very interesting life.
anonymous, eighth grade, interested in Betsy and what she did for our nation. [10-27-2005]

jorge, miami, 44 years old [10-17-2005]

i love the house that betsy lived in. i was doing a project for Dundee Middle School.
Charlotte, Im in the 8th grade and i was doing this project for Mr. Cole [10-17-2005]

I love Tler Borchardt.
ashley holland, biloxi, MS. 14 pretty [10-17-2005]

mrs. vrablik's class [10-17-2005]

Kelli Porter, Teacher at Curry High School --Jasper Al [10-17-2005]

I wish all the best !
Donna-Lynn, Vancouver, British Columbia, 55 years young [10-17-2005]

SAMUEL MACDONALD, ca. 64 [10-17-2005]

i been to philly 5 times i love jims stakes . im comin agina july 1-4
shannyn t, 10 i been to philly 5 times i love jims stakes [10-17-2005]

D. Falzone [10-17-2005]

Kaitlin Maloy, student [10-17-2005]

i really need to see how betseyross died
samantha, 8 [10-17-2005]

Joe, Michigan [10-17-2005]

I'm from Holmesberg and visited the Ross house quite often while a kid. Loved it, still do.
g.j hufman, estacada, oregon [10-17-2005]

lauren [10-17-2005]

i need to here all the deatails of how betsey ross died. pealse and thank you.
SAMANTHA, 15 [10-17-2005]

what hfknbv
anonymous, la 11 [10-17-2005]

Carmela Mullet, Nashwauk,MN age 11 [10-17-2005]

Angel Moxley, 34 yrs. old; Washington [10-17-2005]

michael piper, 36 [10-17-2005]

I visiting page becauce, my son needed his history lecture for first flag of United States picture.
jarmo lehtonen, finland [10-17-2005]

marla chasteen [10-17-2005]

Amanda Adams [10-17-2005]

jajing, ny 83 [10-17-2005]

Jennifer J. Woyak, Plainfield, WI 30: years old [10-13-2005]

Ebenezer Academy Kindergarten and First Grade Class [10-13-2005]

homework is on Betsy Ross
gina gardner, Plant city Fl. 10 [10-13-2005]

We were in Philadelphia last year but was to late to tour Betsy Ross's house. It closed to early.
vivian brandal, marion, MI 58years old, [10-13-2005]

Tia [10-12-2005]

Diane Hunt, 36 yrs old, Northern California, looking up info for a report on Betsy Ross [10-12-2005]

Destani Hernandez, I Love U.S. History [10-12-2005]

Daughter and I are researching the Flag for her Brownie patch.
Dana, Mom of 3 in Illinois [10-12-2005], am planing a visit in 7 mos [10-12-2005]

Theresa (Ross) Baker, Bethany Mo [10-11-2005]

Catie, 18 school project [10-11-2005]

anonymous, tracy age 38 from ellicott city, md. via California [10-11-2005]

jasmine [10-11-2005]

annie [10-11-2005]

We've just finished a book about Betsy and wanted to find out more!
Angela, Teacher at a school in rural Missouri [10-11-2005]

I am coming to Philadelphia this weekend with a friend and I am touring the Betsy Ross House online to see if we should make a stop there while visiting. I think we will!
Karen C. Bolton, I live in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan I am 45 years old and I have a husband and 3 daughters named Jim, Candice, Tara and Haleigh [10-11-2005]

Sydney [10-11-2005]

Ilyssa [10-11-2005]

Kaylor, INDIANA age 85 [10-11-2005]

Thanks for a great website about Betsy Ross!
Sue, Meredith & Andrew, Homeschooling family in Indianapolis [10-11-2005]

BILLIE BLAND [10-11-2005]

I am studying to be Betsy Ross for our Social Studies Fair. I wanted to see what her house looked like. Thanks!
Kameryn, Florida, 6 yrs old [10-11-2005]

Cheryl Corbett, Gaffney, SC [10-10-2005]

I have to dress like Betsy Ross, for school. Just trying to find out a little about her, so I can understand her.
Faith Erb, Mechanicsburg, Pa. age 47 [10-10-2005]

victor firtion, 13 years old student in parsippany nj [10-06-2005]

Around 1932, a boy classmate and I did a little skit on the song that Anne Dreisbach submitted in the quotes and notes. I have been looking for this song for quite sometime and I am desirous of getting a copy of it. My mother was a kindergarten teacher and it was in a music book that she used in kindergarten. Over the years it has gotten lost, but "George Washington" and I (Betsy Ross) are still living and he called me from Massachusetts this year and sung it to me. I was absolutely thrilled. Can you locate the song for me or tell me who I can contact. You sure would make a couple of old people very happy if you can help us locate it.
shirley a nielsen, Living in California. I am 81 years. [10-06-2005]

ken young, Georgetown, DE, 45yr's old, came with our homeschool group [10-06-2005]

this site helped me very much on my report about betsy ross! thank u soo much this is a great site!
Kimberly, 13 years old Yakima Washington usa. [10-06-2005]

Joan Weaver, Fayette, AL [10-06-2005]

lucia, evertt wa 15 [10-06-2005]

kathy wade, 4th grade teacher at East Park Elementary, Fairmont, WV [10-06-2005]

I am doing a report of Betsy Ross. We leared about her in English Class, during Cultural Literacy. We now have to right a paper, on the topic of our choice, from a list of choices, and I picked Betsy Ross because she has something to do with my birthday.
Katie, I am 16, and I go to high school. [10-06-2005]

avneet, old bridge,nj [10-06-2005]

kathy taylor, I live in New York, and I am 58 years old [10-06-2005]

Sandra E. Barnard, Albuquerque, New Mexico [10-06-2005]

I enjoyed the tour.
Vinnie [10-06-2005]

Interesting site! Thanks!
Teresa Duke, Thomaston, GA [10-06-2005]

very inspirational!
rita motta, designer in miami firm [10-06-2005]

I love th story of betsy ross althhough my visit this time was a school assighnment
Shannon Neary, I'm 13 and live in Lodi Wisconsin [10-06-2005]

Victoria, i'm 19 and a freshman in college [10-06-2005]

anonymous, Toms River NJ /41/male /planning a Philly visit [10-06-2005]

Kim Shrum, Westland, MI [10-06-2005]

Renee Vandale [10-06-2005]

nice to have web to help educated our childern in our school education program
karolyn korner, florida, newjersey, and baltimore area is my home [10-06-2005]

stacy pasch [10-06-2005]

Mark E. Morley, Northville, MI; lawyer [10-06-2005]

This is cool
Stevie Rae, Flordia(13 years old) [10-06-2005]

went to the house yesterday but after seeing independence hall, the constitution museum and the iberty bell we were to late to get in(5:30)Since we saw and took pictures of the ouside this virtual tour was nice so as to see the inside, be it online
Deanna Brown, age 12, Milford Pa [10-06-2005]

Veronica, Pasadena, MD [10-06-2005]

Tonia, Illinois [10-06-2005]

thank you for your tour
john, wisconsin [10-06-2005]

Desiree, 18 [10-06-2005]

Liane Emery [10-06-2005]

Josh Galer, Utah, 20 [09-30-2005]

Jacey Castro, Florida; 10 [09-30-2005]

Imari [09-30-2005]

I'm doing a book report/panorama on Betsy Ross!
Lindsey Sims, 3rd grader in Alabama [09-30-2005]

Christi Snyder, El Paso, Texas, age 8 [09-30-2005]

A grand dame of our country she certainly had a full plate from life with multiple marriages and loss of husbands, to children and a business. Hurrah!
anonymous, Eugene, Oregon, 55 years of age, reserarching the American flag for jewelry design purposes [09-29-2005]

i interest all history of philadelphia. i want to visit this houseand the other interesting ara.
Ana Isabel Ortolaza, live phia.about 2 years, interest to visit betsy ross house before returnd to puerto rico [09-29-2005]

My husband I was in Philly last week to attend the Paul McCartney concert. While there, we took to Trolley Tour but did not stop at every attraction. I love Philadelphia and hope to return again soon. I had a wonderful time.
Ellen Ford, Montgomery, WV, 50 years old, recently visited Philly [09-29-2005]

Harley stracener [09-29-2005]

HEY! Betsy Ross...are you related to Micheal Ross? Or this kid in my school, Kyle Ross..???
Erika Thompson, im doing this for a school project. [09-29-2005]

Brenda Ririe, Washington State [09-28-2005]

Denise Brunk [09-28-2005]

I live in VA.
Emily W, 7 years old. [09-28-2005]

destiny johnson, 9 fmale nice and mean [09-28-2005]

holly, 10 fmale nice [09-28-2005]

Jaclynn [09-28-2005]

brittany kelly [09-28-2005]

Susan Eisenhauer, Madison, WI age 37 1st grade teacher [09-28-2005]

I Would love to see the virtual tour!
sarah, nice,pretty [09-28-2005]

your web site is great and easy to read & understand i will be visiting offten. thanks aiko 13yrs.old
AIKO GONZALEZ, stockton, ca [09-28-2005]

susna [09-28-2005]

One of the most important figures of America's past time.
Kimberly Koehn, McHenry, IL [09-28-2005]

My 5th grade class is studying people in american history and I have chosen Betsy Ross as my subject. If you have any information that may help me please feel free to send it to me. Angeliah Stover
Angeliah Stover, I am ten years old from Parsons, Ks. [09-28-2005]

betty [09-28-2005]

This is cool
colleen [09-28-2005]

I enjoyed being in Betsy Ross' home and am looking forward to seeing it again, virually.
Marla Davenport [09-28-2005]

John Peppes, Rochester Hills, Michigan; Cub Scout Den Leader researching on topic of the U.S. Flag [09-28-2005]

Rebecca read about Betsy Ross in Reading class. This gave all of us to see where Betsy Ross made the flag for Gen. George Washington. Thanks for this opportunity!
Mary, Aaron & Rebecca Melvin, Illinois-40,15, 8years of age [09-28-2005]

celeste cox and cameron, 1 st grade report [09-28-2005]

Madison meredith, Age 8 [09-28-2005]

Gail Gertson, Eagle Lake, TX - age 53 [09-28-2005]

beth greer [09-28-2005]

Our class is studying about Betsy Ross.
Shannon Humphrey's Third Grade Reading Class, I teach third grade language arts/ reading classes at Burgaw Elementary School. This school is located in Pender County. This is in the state of North Carolina. I am thirty three and I have taught school for 12 years. [09-28-2005]

byron smiht [09-28-2005]

Thanks for the great information on Besty Ross. I am researching her for a speech and dressing up for American Heritage Day at our school Valley Christian Academy in Oct.
Megan Brown, 8 yrs old, Vandenburg AFB, CA [09-28-2005]

i cant wait to see this!
Sarah beth, 13 years old in 8th grade [09-28-2005]

aaron Fraher, Boy. 8th grade [09-28-2005]

I have known I was related through marriage to Betsy Ross. My great grnad father Ephraim Evans married his first wife Flora Ross who was a descendent of Betsy Ross. I have ionly begun to uncover my family's history and I have learned I am alos related to Henry Wasdsworth Laongfellow, and John Alden and Priscilla Mullins two of the first people that came to America on the Mayflower. I am so appreciative of those who have made it possible for me to trace my family back to so many years ago.
Anna Miller, I live in Whapeton North Dakota, I'm 24 and I 'm a student of NDSCS in Wahpeton. [09-28-2005]

Kelli [09-28-2005]

anonymous, college [09-28-2005]

My husband is working in Philadelphia and I am visiting and would like to see the Betsy Ross House.
Sherry Harbal, Minnesota, 46, mom with 6 kids [09-28-2005]

Tyson Schmidt, boise [09-28-2005]

SIS, i am 34 [09-28-2005]

Natalie Sivil [09-28-2005]

I used this site with my class, and they loved it!
Cara Kaufman, K Teacher in Virginia [09-28-2005]

I am learning about Colonial History right now. I think that going on this tour of Betsy Ross' House sounds very, very cool!
lita, 7 years old [09-28-2005]

Elizabeth Hill [09-28-2005]

I'm happy to have a tour of Betsy Ross's house. This was for schoolwork, but I'm very excited! I hope this tour is a good one!
Therese Marie, I'm 9, I have 6 mice and 2 dogs, my favorite color is purple [09-28-2005]

Michele Martin [09-28-2005]

jean estallo, 39 [09-28-2005]

This will be an interesting source for my 5th graders report!
Brigid Novacek, Hartland, WI age:33 [09-28-2005]

Shanna Ingram, Homeschool mom of 2, we're learning about the US and will enjoy devouring this site. [09-28-2005]

Jessica, Arizona [09-28-2005]

I have always wanted to see this house. Thanks for the chance.
Kathie Woelfel [09-28-2005]

betsy gorman, indianapolis 31 [09-28-2005]

Michael Elliott, Willingboro NJ age 12 class project [09-28-2005]

Cheryl Bennett, Wesley Chapel, NC [09-28-2005]

We can't wait to tour the house. We have been learning about Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Green & Mrs. Minton's Class, t hird grade class Crooked River Elem., St. Marys, GA [09-28-2005]

Scott Reynolds [09-28-2005]

Marge Rifenburgh, Wilmington, DE [09-28-2005]

hi my name is mayra & i want to learn more about Betsy Ross!
Mayra Flores, i am 10 years old [09-28-2005]

i just think it is cool what betsy went through to make the flag. SHE RULES
Jodi Opferkew, Jamestown ND 13 years old [09-28-2005]

debra widder, canton,ohio age 14 [09-28-2005]

anonymous, Fall River MA [09-28-2005]

LaRay Ratledge, Michigan [09-28-2005]

Sheila Scanlan, FL, 27, Teacher [09-28-2005]

Liliana Patricia Rich, Long Beach, CA. [09-28-2005]

Margaret Phillips, Valley City, North Dakota college student age 21 [09-28-2005]

Brenda Cottrell, Utah [09-28-2005]

I will visit in person this house on October 4, 2005.
Sherrie Cardona, San Jose CA, 63 years [09-28-2005]

I love Besty Ross. She is my Idol.
Cordelia Zhong, Ten [09-28-2005]

Great source of information for my scout troop. We are working on the "Wave the Flag" Try-It badge and the girls will enjoy this resource.
Linda Brownie Girl Scout Leader, Chattanoog, TN [09-28-2005]

I really like History and I read a lot about it. Sarah Kissling (Homschooler!I Love It)
anonymous [09-28-2005]

Nadirah [09-28-2005]

Ashley Sepulveda, Clearfield Utah [09-16-2005]

Catherine [09-16-2005]

I need this for school.
anonymous [09-16-2005]

Amanda Highfill, Live in Utah, my age is 20, and I attend Weber State University full time. [09-14-2005]

Christy Martin, Naperville Il [09-14-2005]

anonymous, muncie, in [09-14-2005]

ray [09-14-2005]

hi whats your name
branden neal, in a cardbboardbox [09-14-2005]

We are learning about the flag in honor of Constitution Day.
Mrs. Erbland's class, second graders [09-14-2005]

Mrs. Erbland's class, second graders [09-14-2005]

Toya [09-13-2005]

Jill Martin, Riverdale, UT [09-13-2005]

Vinnie Watkins, student [09-13-2005]

Taking a history online course.
Heather Graves, age 36 Utah [09-13-2005]

hi i'm jeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bob
Jessy, a student [09-13-2005]

Hi! I'm a kid.
A. Student, Caldwell Middle School [09-13-2005]

Debra Hagy Vlahakis, from PA but live in western NY [09-13-2005]

Doris Mumford, Barre, VT, 44, Student and Homemaker [09-13-2005]

Studying famous things in history. Wanted to add her to my list.
Cole W., 8 years old - Georgia [09-13-2005]

She was my GREAT---------------Aunt
Brad Collins, 28 m from Muncie Indiana [09-12-2005]

Tandy Oleson, West Haven, Ut, 24, [09-12-2005]

Thank you Betsy! We really don't know what it means to have to fight for our freedom. You've proven that freedom isn't a state of mind. It's a state of the heart.
Barbara Hall, Atlanta, GA [09-12-2005]

J Stubbs, My visit is for a class [09-12-2005]

Elaine, 71 Southern Michigan [09-12-2005]

Sheree Halin, Knoxville, TN [09-12-2005]

Halie Kendra Smith, age8 [09-12-2005]

Betsy was my great, great, great grandmother and it nice to see all of the information about her. You really never know when or where you are going to learn something new. Thanks great job
Dawn Forbes, Woodward Ok 73852 30 [09-12-2005]

hey girl what is it up there
kim lindsey, 12 [09-12-2005]

Vicki Patten, Ogden, Ut [09-12-2005]

catching up on history, and am pleased to find Betsy Ross's home. A great woman of honor! I'll be visiting soon...
virginia toledo, bronx, NY, 40 yrs old, [09-12-2005]

cristina [09-12-2005]

Karen Van Vyve [09-12-2005]

Courtney [09-12-2005]

i really like the tour cause when i saw this site i lerened moer stuff of molly pitcher and made an exact replica and got an a plus so i would like to thank you guys for the facts! thanks agian -Carmen Guerrero
carmen guerrero, california 12 [09-12-2005]

Heather Chevalier, Long Island, NY [09-12-2005]

Lisa, Cali [09-12-2005]

K. Jackson, Orlando Fl [09-12-2005]

I am doing this for homework and i decided to take this tour.
Brianna, charleston, south carolina Usa 10 yrs. old [09-12-2005]

Had the pleasure in summer of 1954 to upgrade some of the electrucal lighting in the Betsy Ross House. Do anyone of you remember that upgrade??
Charley, retired, living in Colorado [09-12-2005]

Besty was an amazing woman Reading about her and sharing her with my students is wonderful! The kids do not hear about many women in history and Besty is a wonderful role model.
Victoria Nicholson, 2nd grade teacher [09-12-2005]

i hope to enjoy a virtual tour of Betsy Ross home
deisha brown, baton rouge,LA 12, [09-12-2005]

Amy [09-12-2005]

Elizabeth W. Schiller, Philadelphia senior citizen [09-12-2005]

Emma Finton, Valley Center, CA age 91/2 years [09-03-2005]

marjorie hevener, teacher [09-02-2005]

I will be visiting today with my 11 year old daughter and her friend. They are interested in seeing this historical site they have learned about. Looking forward to it. aiaerduan
Lea Zacharka [09-01-2005]

Hi Mom!
Adrianne Chissus, Portland,17,I read a 300 page book on her and my mom, Becky Chissus, played Betsy ross in a church play [09-01-2005]

Devin [09-01-2005]

I'm bringing several elementary students on a tour--approximately 150 students from Colorado Springs School District 11.
Deborah Ellis, Library Technology Educator [09-01-2005]

Harry Tam, 10 yearsold, Hong kong loves sports [09-01-2005]

I saw the big flag in Washington, DC earlier this month. It was awesome! I learned a lot about history at the museums. As my mom always says: if you dont learn history your doomed to repeat it!
gwenivere, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-01-2005]

brooke, 18 [09-01-2005]

Edwin E. Laboy [09-01-2005]

I love history (now that I'm out of school!) and am a sponge to anything that has something about it! Wow, this is really amazing stuff! Thank you very much!
Kelly Crissman, Fenwick, Michigan [09-01-2005]

betsy was a sweety pie.
beth, ashville north carolina, 23,I love America [09-01-2005]

Betsey was a good woman
sammy, nc [09-01-2005]

shelby [09-01-2005]

kathleen, Kentucky, 51 years old, realtor [09-01-2005]

Sara, DeQuincy, LA [09-01-2005]

Just visited this past week. Very interesting!
Marge Hendricks, Strongsville,OH [09-01-2005]

Beverly Black, Quaker from Abington Meeting [09-01-2005]

Sarah, 10 [09-01-2005]

Been to the house several times over the last 45 years. Absolutely LOVE IT every time.
Sophia, nyc 52 [09-01-2005]

gene a king, michigan, 43 [09-01-2005]

while watching the movie "national treasure",i decided to search the stow-declaration of independence as they did in the movie and went from there to end up at this site...great information
Sherry Smith, Anderson,S.C./47/textile worker [09-01-2005]

Amy [09-01-2005]

Susan Cox, Easton, Maryland [09-01-2005]

I am 9yrs old and I love all kinds of history.Mom lets me go on her laptop computer to look up history so I can be ahead of the game b4 I go into 4th grade.
Allen Hart, Madison Hgts,Mi 9yrs old [09-01-2005]

Jeanine M. Zaccara [09-01-2005]

Julie [09-01-2005]

tifany, 42 age [09-01-2005]

Tifanie [09-01-2005]

Maryrose D'Annunzio [09-01-2005]

Katelyn Henry, im 16 [09-01-2005]

I am being home schooled and I wanted to learn about Betsy Ross and how she made the flag.
Farah Renshaw, student 11 [09-01-2005]

Storie Fisher, 30 years old, Arlington, TX [09-01-2005]

I love the history of America, expecially the Revolutionary period and WWII
Rhonda Brockman, Fall River MA [09-01-2005]

Cheryl Butler, 8th grade teacher of United States History [09-01-2005]

Robyn Ely, 13 Florida [09-01-2005]

jessika osman, 11 year old [09-01-2005]

On July 1, 1876, Milton Hershey started his first commercial candy business at 935 Spring Garden Street. In 1880, because of expanded business, he purchased two adjacent buildings, 925 and 927 Spring Garden Street. The presewnt owner of the properties, Mr. James Colosimos, and I are in the process of completing the forms for the erection of a historical marker for Mr. Hershey. Secondly, we are investigating, with The Pennsylvania Historical Preservation, the designation of 935 Spring Garden Street as a historical building. Respectfully, Adam Wm. Fisher, Ph.D.
Adam William Fisher, Ph.D., P. O. Box 1345, Dover, DElaware 19903 [09-01-2005]

I love histery it all way fasned me I love lrun much as i can,
Tamitha, Hopkinsville Ky .35 [09-01-2005]

Debra White [09-01-2005]

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