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I am currently searching thru my family history and ran across a clip that suggests perhaps my family is related to Betsy. Thought I'd have a look to see her life history here online.
Cheryl Hartley, Harrison, Springfield, Missouri [08-21-2005]

Jill Taylor, Kansas city Kansas [08-21-2005]

Roger Parkhurst, Westfield, Indiana. age 50. U.S. Hoosier here! [08-21-2005]

life long resident of Philadelphia....been there....did favorite is the Betsy Ross House. When you are standing in the house you can just feel the history...
Fran Lockhart, age 57 [08-19-2005]

Kim Woodworth, Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY [08-19-2005]

I hope this is a good tour of Betsy's house!
Danielle, 11 [08-19-2005]

Connie, ohio, 32, female [08-19-2005]

Sarah Tucker, Pensacola, Age 10 [08-19-2005]

tonya [08-18-2005]

i love this page it is in very good detail about
Morgan, Moulton Alabama [08-18-2005]

hALEY [08-18-2005]

anonymous, I am a teacher in Grant Co., KY. In looking for a lesson plan on Flags and Symbols, I discovered this "tour". [08-17-2005]

ineed to gave me vesa to the amirce
hishamsami abed matar, qatar-17 [08-17-2005]

Found this site courtesy of an article "If you go to Philadelphia..." in the Toledo Blade newspaper
Paula S. Hudecek, teacher of science to elementary students age 64 [08-16-2005]

Grandchildren will be going over this period in history this year. I plan to bring them all to Philly next week to see all this!
Paula, Lewes De RN [08-16-2005]

Eva, Indiana, 64, still working [08-16-2005]

Great informative website
Kathryn James, Vancouver, Washington, 52 [08-16-2005]

Kelly Belcher, Cuddebackville,Sullivan Co., NY [08-16-2005]

like to find old school photos of myself
audrey, daytona Beach Flordia [08-11-2005]

LESLIE ORR, reno,nv 60 [08-11-2005]

Linda Powell, Lancaster, Ohio, 47 years old, Registered nurse, DAR [08-11-2005]

peggy, jacksonville, fl [08-10-2005]

This was great, more should be made known about these types of sites. Thanks!
Tiffany T., Colorado,26 [08-09-2005]

Lone Wolf [08-09-2005]

would like to see how besty ross herself lived back in the 18th century!
Lisa Mercado, purchasing dept. [08-09-2005]

Alyson Girton, Seattle, Washignton age 13 [08-09-2005]

I was really impressed with this web site, so many interesting facts.
Char Scheller, I live in Green Bay, WI. [08-09-2005]

b rwraaandon, miami,66,whatever [08-09-2005]

iam homescooled & we just finished reading BETSY ROSS.
gracie waldrop, 10 girl [08-09-2005]

A new player on the Dallas Cowboys
Cameron Rushton, Las Vegas, 13 [08-09-2005]

Thanks for this great site! Fun and educational- YEAH!
Cyd, Spokane, Wa. 52 Teacjer [08-09-2005]

The site is wonderful! Thank you!
Kay Turner, Direct decendant of Betsy Ross [08-05-2005]

This is a great site. Very enjoyable.
Bev, I live on the space coast in FL [08-05-2005]

K. White, 52 years old [08-04-2005]

Stephanie, fl [08-04-2005]

natalie w., 9 [08-03-2005]

Marlene A. Bozeman, I teach American History Honors at Lakeland High School, Lakeland, FL. [08-03-2005]

sierra, philly, [08-02-2005]

I found this website very interesting
Fred Baumgardner [08-02-2005]

Judy, Mackay, Idaho [08-02-2005]

I had the opportunity and honor to research and play Betsy Ross in a musical. She is an amazing woman.
Becky Chissus, Portland, Michigan [08-02-2005]

I love to visit historic Philly. I bring out-of-town guests here, as well as visit on my own. Historic Philadelphia lets you step back in time for a little while.
Terri Register, I live in N.E. Philly. I'm 51 and love history [08-02-2005]

Patricia Poehlman, Niskayuna, NY [08-02-2005]

Teresa Norman, 3rd grade teacher [08-02-2005]

My husband and I are going to visit today. Have not been to betsy ross since grade school. looking forward to seeing our Philadelphia. Very proud Philadelphians.God Bless The USA.
kathleen roberts, I plead the 5th [08-02-2005]

pleased i found web site in american legion magazine,will use it for information needed. will visit next in philly.
RUDY SCHOEN, glastonbury,connecticut [08-02-2005]

Josie Renken, Texas [08-02-2005]

Our grand daughter (age 11) and I are working on history and geography over the summer via email and it is Philadelphia's turn. I don't think we will get through this state in a day. A lot of our history is there. Thank you for a great web site.
Richard & Carol Wenger, 64 & 55 [08-02-2005]

Also have oldest son in Air Force Reserves, Lt. Col. is pilot of C-5's in and out (safely) of Bahgdad.
John W. Bragger, Sr., Lewes, DE 72yrs old, Korean War Vet [08-02-2005]

Tina Renbarger, school teacher [08-02-2005]

I thank you for letting me on your website to look at Betsy Ross who slewed the American Flag for American Revolutionary War.
John E. Krawczyk, Columbia,South Carolina-age<55> [08-02-2005]

Samantha Sizemore, Princeton, WV; 23, Education Major [08-02-2005]

Elizabeth Griscom is my great, great, great, great grandmother. I look forward to the tour. ALoha Dr. L
George R. Harker, 62 live on Maui [08-02-2005]

I'll be going on vacation the from Aug 6-13, 2005. It's a family get together. Each person is responsible to perform - sing, dance - whatever. I intend to use Betsy's 5-point star and the history of flag as part of my presentation.
Harry Mundy, Martinsburg, WV 25401 - Age 60 - History Buff [08-02-2005]

Connie Wade [08-02-2005]

Cindy Strodtman [08-02-2005]

We visited the Betsy Ross house in 1973. Now we wish to take the virtual tour so as to remember a great time 30 some years ago.
Bob Haeny [08-02-2005]

Love this site.
Jhun, Stockton, CA. 30age [08-02-2005]

I'm a native of Philadelphia and have visited many of the historic sites. A friend is planning to take her 14 year old daughter to Philadelphia for a day and I decided to browse the web to see what interesting things they could do in one day. Betsy Ross' house is kept historically accurate, I believe and I hope they see it in person.
Susan Kline, Current resident of Reston VA [07-26-2005]

I will be in Philadelphia July 26 for a month and would really like to visit Besty Ross house. It is an honor to be where the first flag was established. Ruby York
Ruby York, Naperville, IL - Visitor [07-26-2005]

The Betsy Ross house virtual tour was GREAT!... I feel that this house is a very important part of our American History.
Mr and Mrs Tony C Ochoa, Ages Me 68 Wife67 from Houston Texas [07-26-2005]

DAVID HUGHES [07-26-2005]

Thanks for the information on line!
Donna Bradley [07-26-2005]

John Cramb, Age;41 [07-26-2005]

Linda, Tennessee [07-26-2005]

Robert C. Packard, Age 64 Live in the State Of Wisconsin [07-26-2005]

jordan, 10 [07-26-2005]

I live on Besty Ross Court in the city of Fontana in Califronia
A, Vanessa Peraza, I'm 25 years old [07-26-2005]

I was extremely pleased with the Betsy Ross tour (audio) when I visited July 12th.
anonymous [07-26-2005]

I registered a few minutes ago before actually viewing the tour (I checked on the flags and other connected sites). Now I see that indeed your gift shop sells Betsy Ross flags. Do you ship? I need a flag that's at least 8x10 so the audience can see it during The Spirit of America Show, preferably 16x20" or so. Please let me know if one is available. Thank you.
Lisa Manning, Near Boston, 50's, Entertainer [07-26-2005]

A wonderful & informational site! Thank you. I'm an entertainer and one of my theme shows is the Spirit of America which uses songs and puppets to explain our proud history. Does your gift shop happen to sell replicas of the flag? Part of the program is having children dressed as favorite Americans and the other kids guess who they are. There are very few colonial women who made a difference but Betsy sure did. If I had a flag I could also include it in a narration about what the stars and stripes represent. Thank you for any information you can forward.
Lisa Manning, Near Boston, 50's, Entertainer [07-26-2005]

fawn brewer [07-26-2005]

My dearly beloved and missed grandmother Gertrue Ella Ross, first told me about our family history when I was very young. I am so proud and blessed to be a decendant of the Ross family.
Narissa Weatherford-Mason, Florida [07-26-2005]

Pam Watson [07-26-2005]

Charles Murdock, Ohio 32 [07-26-2005]

when i was in grade school, we learned about betsy ross, she has always been one of my favorites
mary rountree, genealgist, missouri [07-20-2005]

What do the star represent, I know about the colonys but would you please name them. I've had conversation about this but I didn't have a clue what the names of the colonys were.
Jo Cunningham, Los Molinos Ca. [07-20-2005]

Thank you for creating this tour for this American lady who made our first flag. Thank you for your trouble and work Ron Johnson Oklahoma City
Ron Johnson, Oklahoma City OK [07-19-2005]

mo mcgettigan [07-19-2005]

Rebekah Lundquist [07-19-2005]

I hope to use this in my classroom. Thank you for providing this site.
jennifer galloway, teacher in birmingham, al [07-19-2005]

My husband and I were there a few weeks ago. It was awesome and so much a part of American History and still is today. Our flag still waves all over America!
Janet, ca [07-19-2005]

Samuelle, 23 yr old femle from NY [07-19-2005]

doing research thanks for having me. I would like to know if any of betsy's needlework can be seen. Also are there and books that reference her entering contests as a youth?
cindy perry, baton rouge louiaiana, old, [07-19-2005]

My daughter will be assigned to learn about a famous person in her 3rd grad year. She has to tell about the person, dress up like the person. We are hopeful she is allowed to do Betsy Ross. I want her to know about her Flag and know how it came to be.
Denise Hamke, Lafayette, Indiana, Age 42 (introducing how the flag came to be to my 8 year old daughter for school) [07-19-2005]

Susan Marie Kelley, amarillo, texas-51-descendant of betsy ross [07-19-2005]

I'm researching Betsy to write about her for children.
Juliana LeRoy, Windsor, CA [07-19-2005]

Farah, MA, 39 yrs old [07-19-2005]

I think it's awesome that Philadelphia is keeping all this fantastic history alive. After all, this is where WE all started from.
Jessica Barone, 26 [07-19-2005]

A Great American
Ross Ortoleva, Jefferson Hills Pa [07-19-2005]

if i wish i will be a whole new person. i will wish that i want to be a graet peron that i was before.
beautiful, milwaukee age:9 Ib am so sweet and wonderful [07-19-2005]

I have never seen Betsy Ross's house. This will be an interesting tour for me. Thank you for having this tour available to those who may never see it in their lifetime, except for on this virtual tour.
Jennifer, Utah Resident [07-14-2005]

Debbie, I'm 41 [07-14-2005]

lenora handy, I am from Philly, but I live in Alaska now [07-12-2005]

Richard Davila, Northeast Philadelphia, 40 years [07-12-2005]

I have been told that I am a direct descendant of Betsy Ross on my mother's side of the family which are all from New England. My goal is to research and get as much information as possible.
Charlotte Stephens [07-12-2005]

Lisa Jenkins, Joplin, MO [07-12-2005]

Brenda Caine, Eldon, Mo teacher [07-12-2005]

My father, 2 brothers and I were born in Hanneman Hospital. I lived in a row house n Philadelphia until I turned 6 and we moved to NJ. My father was very interested in history, so I visited the Betsy Ross house at a very early age.
Dorothy M. Barth, 51 year old Tucson, AZ resident [07-11-2005]

Gail Gee, Garland, Tx [07-11-2005]

Since moving over here from Scotland I am very interested in how USA was born,the hardship she had to endure since it's discovery.
Robert Perkins, Living now in Indiana but formally From Scotland [07-10-2005]

benjamin, 4yrs [07-09-2005]

Deborah Halderman [07-08-2005]

I am in in the American Legion Auxiliary, and when there is a military veteran funeral, our Legion Men go and represent them selves, and fold the flag from the casket. I have been reading the saying of each fold, and I represent the Auxiliary 271, Rosenberg, Texas 77471
JOEANN FABRYGEL, reading at funerals of military veterans the meaning of each fold [07-08-2005]

Dorothy F. Brown, lived in Tucson, AZ, Roswell, NM, Limestone, Me, Choctaw, OK, Sunray, TX, and Bloomfield, NM [07-08-2005]

Dorothy F. Brown, lived in Tucson, AZ, Roswell, NM, Limestone, Me, Choctaw, OK, Sunray, TX, and Bloomfield, NM [07-08-2005]

Years ago, I walked through Betsy,s house on a field trip. At the time, I lived in Oakdale, Connecticut.
Kimberly, Washington, State [07-08-2005]

I really enjoy anything at all about our country's history. My husband and myself took a vacation trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. I loved it so much it was thrilling to me to visit homes where our forefathers once lived.
Jona Lloyd, Peoria, Illinois, I am 57 years old and love history [07-07-2005]

sylvia van vranken, centreville va, orig frn troy new york [07-07-2005]

Sandy Schroeder [07-07-2005]

I'm looking forward to my tour of Betsy Ross' home. I will probably use the website information for teaching my special ed students this year.
J. Oliver, High Island, Texas--teacher [07-07-2005]

My grandfathers name was John Ross. Became fascinated with Betsy Ross given her last name was similiar to my family history.
Patricia Fleming, Atlanta, GA 34yrs old [07-07-2005]

enjoyed the tour. I absolutely love american history. I cannot seem to get enough of it. I can loose myself in the biographies of our founding fathers and mothers of our country. Thanks, Terry Romani
terry romani, springfield pa age 62 [07-07-2005]

Marilyn Pegler, Florida, age 65 [07-07-2005]

Robert Watson, Biddeford, Maine, age 61 [07-05-2005]

Patricia Kreider, Olive Branch, MS I'm 59. [07-05-2005]

God Bless America!
Angela, El Monte, CA [07-05-2005]

We read about Betsy Ross today & wanted to see what her house looked like. Thanks!
Mrs. Miller's Summer School Class, Newark, Delaware [07-05-2005]

love history, want to share the joy with my kids
Laura Northrop, Georgia, 39 [07-05-2005]

This is cool. I know a family in my church here in california by the last name of Ross who are related to Betsy Ross directly.
christine curry, 47 year old from San Joaquin County, California [07-05-2005]

Thank you for having such a cool web site. It's nice to be able to pick up a few bits of American history by just looking online.
Alisha Rushing, 43, Johnstown, CO Quiter, and lover of America [07-05-2005]

Donna Wyckoff, Burlington, Iowa [07-05-2005]

Great site. I developed a great interest in history after my fiance introduced me to it.
Sierra, From: Washington Age: 19 Gender: Female [07-05-2005]

The American flag has always been in the prominent foreground of my life. My Grandfather taught me to fold the flag before I could even tie my shoes. I proud to say I fly the flag daily at my new home in Phoenix. When people ask me why I fly the flag they expect a political answer. I simply reply by saying that I am proud to be American and am proud of our heritage, regardless of current political events.
Nicholas Pegelow, Age 26, Phoenix,AZ [07-05-2005]

wendy hetland, New York Mills MN [07-05-2005]

i have received this page from a friend on the net! very nice! diane beckett(pennsylvania)
diane beckett, pennsylvania [07-05-2005]

Dave [07-05-2005]

Gretchen Smith, Colorado [07-05-2005]

GOD Bless America
Ralph F. Perry, Retired, Living In St. John's, Newfoundland. [07-05-2005]

Brenda Riley [07-04-2005]

Ray Matter [07-04-2005]

long may it wave
john cahill [07-04-2005]

Thank you for your commitment to our American heritage and history. May God bless you!
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Roman [07-04-2005]

Lois Thielen, Grey Eagle, MN 56336; free-lance writer and farmer [07-04-2005]

Great site--it will be part of my message to the congregation this Fourth of July!
Rev. Susan Holley, Pastor in Wisconsin [07-04-2005]

Just loved this site thanks
Carol [07-04-2005]

I am coming to Philadelphia and want a tour of Betsy Ross House looks very interesting I plan to visit her house.
johnette gaines, Killeen, Texas age 45 [07-04-2005]

Thank you for the tour.
Veronica Holman [07-04-2005]

A strong point of my teaching career has been to teach MUCH history to my elem. students. Having been to Colonial Williamsburg 11 times, I teach it during February. I visited Betsy's Home in Summer 1957 and have love this virtual tour! Thank you! :)
Linda Eldridge Greenshields, I live on our cattle ranch in Oklahoma, am 63 years old, and am an elem. school teacher [07-04-2005]

Suzanna Koziol, Home School Mother of 2 [07-04-2005]

lynda innis, san bruno, california [07-04-2005]

My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War( Captain John M. Stackhouse) and we've been in America since the year 1632.
John M. Stackhouse, Age:54,Papillion, NE [07-01-2005]

Veronica Kranz [07-01-2005]

how doing
Mrs.underwood, I'm good lokin [07-01-2005]

Kim, California, 38, [07-01-2005]

I always wanted a tour. Thanks I can't wait to go in person.
anonymous, Philadelphia, [06-30-2005]

The Brown Family [06-30-2005]

Mary Angel [06-30-2005]

JUNE MILLER, haw river, north carolinia,age 59 [06-30-2005]

Nice site so far.
D. J. C. Shafer, 46 in Indiana [06-30-2005]

Sulama [06-30-2005]

vitality [06-30-2005]

Henry [06-30-2005]

Jehoon [06-30-2005]

We are learning about American heroes this week and about the history of our American flag.
Little People Day Care School Kindergarten [06-30-2005]

thanks for the time it took you to do this much work.
Kylene Sharpe, nursing student,58,gathering infro for July 4th game at hospital [06-30-2005]

Amy O'Hala, New Jersey [06-30-2005]

un grupo de maestros de historia de puerto Rico tuvimos una agradable visita a Philadelphi y a la casa de Betsy Ross. GRACIAS.
Carmen M. Arocho, San Juan, Puerto Rico [06-30-2005]

I find this information interesting and expect to learn a lot to share with the rest of my troop so they to can learn about the flag and Betsy Ross.
Victoria Thompson, I am 8 years old and a girl scout who is earning my wave the flag try it badge. [06-30-2005]

Kitty B. Hoffman [06-30-2005]

My family and I visited here in 1972. I am scrapbooking pictures that I took when my family was there!
Debbie Agee, I live in Houston, Texas and I am a retired Kindergarten teacher. [06-28-2005]

Dennis Widman [06-28-2005]

Sarah, Teacher who visited the location 10 years ago! [06-28-2005]

Teresa Leedham, Millington, TN [06-28-2005]

I think history is COOL
Rodney, 8 1/2 tennessee [06-28-2005]

At age 9 my gr'ma, then 60, took me on a 'history tour of the east. We never saw Betsy's house, but Gettysburg, and lots of stuff; went to the top of Wash. Monument!
Sydney Heimericks, age 63, female, Ca., born Ka. [06-28-2005]

Alan Yates [06-28-2005]

i love reading and touring stuff from history.IT IS SO AMAZING TO ME.
LINDA HANSEN, ball la. 53 [06-28-2005]

paul olihovik, 65, retired pharmacist, living in massachusetts [06-28-2005]

jean ansbro [06-28-2005]

Thanks for the site - very detailed, just great!
Alice Fant, Roanoke, VA, Age 52, StoryTeller [06-28-2005]

Enjoy your website very much. Look forward to comeback to this site for information.
Bill Engel, Cleveland, Ohio [06-28-2005]

Betsy ross has created a beautiful piece of art.
joseph macisaac, american north stephenville,newfoundland [06-28-2005]

I visited the Betsy Ross home in March 2005. Loved it.
Mrs. Joel Sanders, 36 yr. old married, working mother of four children [06-28-2005]

Mary [06-28-2005]

Kasse Foster [06-28-2005]

would like other info on Phil tourism. might take our vacation there this summer - if possible - please send info
Helen, Montoursville, PA age 53 [06-28-2005]

This kind of History is interesting to me, and I don't believe the younger generation is learning about these thing of our Country the way they should. Donna H. French
Donna H. French, Irvington, KY I am 50 yrs. old, and I am going to do something special to do with Betsy Ross for program in our Church on the 4th of July Weekend. [06-28-2005]

Very interesting website. Hope to actually visit one day.
Karla Stafford, Milton FL 32570 [06-28-2005]

Tatum [06-28-2005]

Although recently in Philadelphia, I didn't get to see the house in person (indeed I missed all of Center City due to some unexpected changes in travel plan) so I am very happy to be able to take this virtual tour. Thanks
Karen Corbett, Albuquerque, New Mexico [06-28-2005]

laura, VA, 44 yrs.old [06-28-2005]

Planning a visit next summer
anonymous, New Mexico- age 85 [06-28-2005]

Marnie Woynowski, Assistant Principal, Christ the King School, Terrytown, La. [06-28-2005]

Josephine DeVoe, I live in Jefferson Township, NJ, and I'm a Teacher. [06-28-2005]

nicole, 20yrs old [06-28-2005]

i am registering for my son who is 8. he has shown an interest in american history. we have planned a family vacation to pennsylvania this summer and i would like for him to see some of places that we are taking him to visit on line.
ANN JACKSON, fort payne, al [06-28-2005]

I lived in South New Jersey and loved visiting Philly and I visit often with my family. Since I am teaching second grade, I have set-up web sites for my students and their parents to visit. This is a GREAT web-site for them.
anonymous, Live in the state of Georgia, age: 38, teach second grade [06-28-2005]

Tresa Matlock, Cleburne,Tx-age 47 [06-28-2005]

God Bless America.
Doris Jory, Pasadena,Md. [06-28-2005]

ellen barton [06-28-2005]

I love learning about Americas history and the people who helped change America.
twinkle, r.i.25 [06-28-2005]

Eleanor Layman [06-28-2005]

We visited the Betsy Ross house in 1970, and I enjoyed the tour, and would have liked to spend more time there.
Doris M. Mulkey, I live in El Centro California I am 76 years young [06-28-2005]

trying to find the family tree. trying to find how I'am related to her and general robert ross
allen, grandson of robert allen ross [06-28-2005]

I love American history and i'm sure i will love this!
Johnna, tx/13 [06-20-2005]

kewl site!
Laura, Colorado [06-20-2005]

love the grand old flag and what it stands for
KATHLEEN STUDDARD, talladega al----age 63----female--- [06-20-2005]

I love studing about history!
Dallas, 10 [06-20-2005]

Missy, Ashley, Natalie and Shelly
Ruth Berrett [06-20-2005]

One nation under God. He has given us all things including this nation.
Hilda Santana, California, 52 [06-17-2005]

Scott Corum, I am a 34 year old male that lives in Winslow, Arizona and teaches social studies. [06-17-2005]

previewing for a homeschool assignment for the grandkids
sandra potts, fircrest, washington [06-17-2005]

Kathleen, baca! [06-17-2005]

I enter to honor a great woman! Juanita Boyce
Mrs. Juanita L. Boyce, Local DAR regent 2004-2005 [06-17-2005]

I searched the net as someone gave me a doll clled Betsy Ross, and I did not know much about her. I have really enjoyed your site, thank you, and appreciate the little doll more for it!
Wendy-Sue Wilkinson, uk [06-17-2005]

Rev. Lydia A. Leon [06-17-2005]

have enjoyed bring many groups to your homw over the last 10 years. I hope it will be their for many more.
Jeff Willer, tour coordinator [06-17-2005]

Jo Ann Recktenwald, Louisville Kentucky [06-17-2005]

Beth, Denise, and Joey, Homeschool family [06-17-2005]

Praise God for our Country!
anonymous, Louisiana, 52 yrs. old [06-17-2005]

We loved visiting The Betsy Ross House online. Everyone in the class liked the tour. Mrs. Hales and Third Grade Class Cantara St. ES 17950 Cantara St. Reseda, Caliifornia
Mrs. Hales and Third Grade Class, Cantara St. Elem. School, Reseda, California [06-17-2005]

Actually heard about your website thru one of the answers/questions on "Jeopardy".
Rhonda, San Diego, CA [06-17-2005]

Chrissy Tobin, 24 [06-17-2005]

I am from Chile I have 11 years old and I have 4 brothers Giancarlo, Maria luisa, Antonia,and Agustin and I by maria Jose Ramello
María José Ramello [06-17-2005]

Consuelo, whatever [06-17-2005]

Josefina Matte, Chile, Santiago, 11 years old [06-17-2005]

Hi!I´m Augusta, age 11.I´m from Chile, South America, and I study at the Villa Maria Academy School in Santiago. I go to the U.S. pretty often, sort of twice a year, but I´ve never gone to Betsy´s house.
Augusta Quiñones [06-17-2005]

catalina [06-17-2005]

Vero, 11 years old [06-17-2005]

Josephine MacKenzie, live in Scotland age 51 studied American History, visited New York loved it going back sometime soon. [06-17-2005]

Cathy, Age 35, Kansas [06-17-2005]

Cheryl Hanron [06-17-2005]

Happy Flag Day 2005!
Linda Symons, Louisiana [06-17-2005]

i think our country has come a long way and we wouldn't be here if not for the men and women who fought and stood up for what they believed in. i'm proud america is my home. let freedom ring.
anne, nd 53 was raised in nj and love the area around it. was only 15 mins from [06-17-2005]

Elizabet R. [06-17-2005]

What a cool idea... a virtual tour. More of America's Landmarks should do this!
anonymous, Florida [06-17-2005]

This is a great service I'm a single homeschooling mother and we could never afford a trip to see the "Real Thing." Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to view history.
kandyce, Arkansas 35(tomorrow) Homechooling mother of two we're viewing together [06-17-2005]

Grace Rodriguez, Portage, Pa. 48 Married I am a photographer [06-17-2005]

Taking the tour with my grandson Noah Roswell age 7
Connie Gillespey, Troy, Ohio [06-14-2005]

steven minkle, i am 18 i am a dundalk football player [06-14-2005]

wish i could sew.....
Allison, Randolph, Massachusetts.......40 yrs. young [06-14-2005]

I believe in the Flag and what it stands for. I just wish all Americans would feel the same. Some Americans need to remember what it is all about and keep the respect that it so fondly deserves. I salute the Flag and Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth D'Angelo, Gulfport Beach Florida. 57yrs young [06-14-2005]

I have enjoyed your homepage on Betsy Ross. I love history
Judy Phillips, Outer Banks, NC. age 63 [06-14-2005]

glenda ortiz vazquez [06-14-2005]

Took several of the grandchildren to visit the Ross House, but found it closed that day. To bad for them, as I have been there several times before with some of my children. Hopefully, they (my children) will take their children there to see for themselves. It's a great experience.
Jack Bradley, Live in Suburban Phila. Have 20 grand children all over the east coast. [06-14-2005]

Terry Arpan, Alzada, Montana age 50 [06-14-2005]

Sue Alexander [06-14-2005]

myhriah young, Vancouver, Washington, [06-14-2005]

Taking this tour around Betsy´s house is really nice.Thanks for the great idea,especially for the ones like me who can´t afford paying a trip to the US.
nohemi ruiz, I´m an ESl Mexican teacher [06-14-2005]

wonderful, that this house and history is perserved for all to see. It is just amazing to sit and look at history and know who was here and the amazing assest she gave to america.....
Jan Davis [06-14-2005]

Deanna Cabal, Garland, TX [06-14-2005]

This is the most interesting place in the whole trip.I came with MLkschool.
Adaoha, 10 [06-14-2005]

Abby [06-14-2005]

Jojo, 11 years old, mn [06-14-2005]

haylee [06-14-2005]

Migdalia Roldan, I live in Bronx, New York,, I'm 34 years old. I enjoy learning about our history. [06-14-2005]

Joana [06-14-2005]

Thank you for providing this interesting, historical information!
Anne and children, homeschooling family [06-14-2005]

Donna Evans [06-14-2005]

Christene Borders, Center,Texas I teach pre school & kindergarten [06-14-2005]

Thank you for the wonderful resource. I actually have twins born on Flag Day, who will love this information.
Ana Eubanks, Tucson, AZ, homeschooling mother of 4 [06-14-2005]

Tami, Laguna Niguel, CA [06-14-2005]

Barb, Nebraska, 5th grade teacher [06-14-2005]

Rebecca Flannery, Suwanee, GA [06-14-2005]

Great Website!
Keith Patton, Phoenix, Az. Age 37 [06-14-2005]

Thank You so much for making this available.
Nellie R. Lopez, Stockton, CA [06-14-2005]

Bridget, Jacksonville,IL [06-13-2005]

I love all history and like useing the Internet to find it. I read a lot of stuff about the American Civil War especially people's private letters between each other during the war in the south.
Bill Murphy, I am Irish, aged 67 and I live in England [06-13-2005]

Carla Kimrey, Mebane, NC; 33 years old; Home Schooling mom of 3 [06-13-2005]

Katrina M. Reigelman [06-13-2005]

Brenda [06-13-2005]

Tanya Mitchell, Wichita, KS [06-13-2005]

I'm a totalBetsy Ross fan
Laura, 12 NC In the 6th grade [06-13-2005]

Pennie Disselbrett, North Dakota [06-13-2005]

matthew hill, Tidewater Virginia born and bread, colonial history nut age 50 retired miliatry [06-13-2005]

Thanks! for making this available!
LB Vestal, Rural Hall, NC [06-13-2005]

J, wa 28 [06-13-2005]

Thank God for Betsy Ross.
Othello Gipson, Los Angeles, Ca [06-13-2005]

Christine Whitebread, Shawnee, KS, 36, Married, 1 daughter [06-13-2005]

I am PROUD to be an American! and I think that this is a wonderful info page!
Becca Odenwalt, Idaho [06-13-2005]

Lucy Campos, Educator [06-10-2005]

Amanda, Port huron mI [06-09-2005]

History is where we as Americans seem to take for granite, each day the lessons, games, affairs, activities are what make up our history. If you sit down with your child, or a freind or a loved one, then your making history of your own, whether you think about it or not. Especially for thoughs that don't particularlly enjoy the class offered in high school. Don't take histpry lightly, for what you fail to take is also history in itself..?
Frederick Hill Jr., Virginia Beach, 33, I enjoy and appreciate all of our American History and stories they tell and lessons we can and should learn from them. [06-09-2005]

A tour of Betsy Ross' house sounds really fun and educational! I can't wait!
Christina Barth, I am 10 years old. I think studying and learing about the American flag is cool. [06-09-2005]

Margaret Springer, Member Daughters of the American Revolution [06-09-2005]

Have visited many times, now renewing the experience through your wonderful web site. Thank you.
Ginnie Carey, age 63, live in Fla, originally from NJ [06-09-2005]

Diane, costal NJ, 45, bringing 3 others with me in two weeks from PA & KY [06-09-2005]

JEAN KINNEY, proud grandma [06-08-2005]

I can not wait it sounds cool!
Isabella judge, 9Years old I live in West des moines Iowa [06-08-2005]

Think of making the site interactive for primary children. As a teacher we are always looking for ways to make history come alive to the kids because typically everyone "hates" history. I love it, but this generation needs something they interact with.
vera jacks [06-08-2005]

Annelle King, Little Rock, Arkansas [06-08-2005]

Sethulingam, india,25 [06-08-2005]

any information you have you can email it to
brian mc cormack, 60 last september married tomaura fitzpatrick [06-08-2005]

garitte long [06-08-2005]

anonymous [06-08-2005]

Gwen Goodnight, Dallas, Texas [06-08-2005]

nate, 8 [06-08-2005]

Gretchen Corner [06-08-2005]

Andrew [06-08-2005]

It has been an honor to tour your house and to learn more about your life.
Steven Zollinger, 51 Years old [06-05-2005]

Rob Dagagan, utah 32 college student [06-05-2005]

Mike Tuttle [06-05-2005]

Thank you for letting me take this virtual tour of the Betsy Ross House.
Lisa Shaw, North Carolina [06-04-2005]

K. Berven, Abilene Kansas [06-04-2005]

Growing up in Massacheusetts, I found history exciting, real, and just footsteps away from today to yesteryear....
Elizabeth Falkowski, Florida, 51, Sweet Adeline's [06-04-2005]

I am doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. This is really cool.
Samantha Cahill, 8 years old [06-04-2005]

Ronald Nixon, philadelphia, 23, student [06-03-2005]

Tracy Anderson, 33, Lititz PA [06-03-2005]

Thanks for the tour
Beth, pre-servce teacher [06-03-2005]

carmen [06-03-2005]

i really think that this is a really cool site and i like the fact that we can see her house. i like the fact that we can go on all these different links.
Courtney, Raynham, Massachusetts 12 years old [06-03-2005]

I really think Betsy's house is cool. It's very historical and interesting. I thinks it is very cool how they showed her dolls and most prized posessions. I wish I could visit her house one day.
Emily, Raynham, Massachusetts, 12 years old [06-03-2005]

thnk you for this site, i read about it in the boston globe--a patriotic visitor-
lillian johnson, a 75 year old from saugus, massachusett 01906 [06-03-2005]

anonymous, Oceanside, CA [06-03-2005]

Kelly Cucinotta, Mt. Laurel, NJ, Helping my daughter with aproject [06-03-2005]

Pam Ingram, ABE/Reading Teacher, Eastern Idaho Technical College [06-03-2005]

Thank you for the Tour!
Constance, Philadelphia native [06-03-2005]

cara [06-03-2005]

May God forgive America for leaving her first love.
Wayne Fry, I live in Illinois and am 47 years of age. I am born again, fundamentalist Christian : o ) [06-03-2005]

Wyatt Hill, Ogden, Utah 23 years old [06-03-2005]

chris borisb [06-03-2005]

destiny [06-03-2005]

to bettsey rose here, now, here, now
kaylin norman, nevada,12,young [06-03-2005]

LAUREN, 13 [06-03-2005]

sheri walker, conneaut ohio [06-03-2005]

Jody, texas 32 [06-03-2005]

jeanette campbell, student- nurse [06-03-2005]

I'm 11 years and I love seience
Hana, Minnetonka MN [06-03-2005]

Eden Workman, I'm a student interested in history. I'm 31 and have a three-year-old son and one-year-old twin boys. [06-03-2005]

We are learning about Betsy Ross. She is a VA State SOL for Kindergarten.
Mrs. Rumsey's Kdg Class, Winchester, Virginia Frederick Douglass Elem. [06-03-2005]

I'm a teacher with a student who has a report due on the flag!
Melissa Share, ESL Teacher [06-03-2005]

Great resource for kids
Lorraine Curtis, Teacher [06-03-2005]

Pam Wolfe, Dearborn, Michigan [06-03-2005]

Caleb West, I'm 18 and a student at Weber State University in Utah [06-03-2005]

I am trying to find any information on Pattie Field Van Meter,born April 10, 1865, Charter member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, born in Denver Colorado, great great grandaughter of Col. John Hardin, Revolutionary War hero. I would like to find information on Col. Hardin. birth place, etc.
mary gabbert, lexington Kentucky, 50 female, married, 3 children, [06-03-2005]

She inspires me! This is my 2 time researching her! I've all ready saw her house up close and personal!
Kristin Stolzenbach, I'm a 12 yearold. Researching Betsy Ross. [06-03-2005]

Thank you for the information regarding the correct display of the flag- it came in handy on Memorial Day - 2005
Maggie Murphy [06-03-2005]

mandyhone [06-03-2005]

Toby Stephen [06-03-2005]

MissMary Pettis, Third grade teacher- Inglewood, CA [06-03-2005]

I Love the greatest symbol you you created for our Country ! The AMERICAN FLAG
Christopher G. Kless, Willowick, OHIO 31yrs old [05-28-2005]

Linda Newman, NJ teacher [05-28-2005]

I have always wanted a tour of the Betsy Ross house
Mandy, New Jersey [05-27-2005]

I,m 8 years old and I am a homeschooler. I really like art.
Cecelia, Boulder Creek, CA. [05-27-2005]

Susan, Tx [05-27-2005]

Mrs. Steele's Third Grade Class, Wayne Elementary, Wayne, WV [05-26-2005]

How long did it take her to make the flag? How did she make the flag? How did she find out how to make the stars in one snip? Was she rich?
Mrs. Hjelmar's Class, We are in first grade. [05-26-2005]

Thelma Barnette, retired health field [05-26-2005]

Beth MEllon, Richland, PA [05-26-2005]

Brooklynne Ybarra [05-26-2005]

I am a social worker at a long term care facility. I will be playing Betsy Ross on Flag Day June 14th. We will be retiring our old flag and introducing a new one along with our state flag. The residents are excited about this!
janette j. spade, Columbia Falls, MT [05-25-2005]

Plan on visiting Phila. this summer and I am looking for tourist attractions.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

tyler, va [05-25-2005]

Sari, Philadelphia, PA [05-25-2005]

How old would she be if she still lived?
Sarah, 10 [05-25-2005]

Visited as a child before the internet. Refresher course!
Lori Ulmer, Greenville, TX [05-24-2005]

Could you, please, provide me with a map of Betsy rosses home town. Thank you kindly

lisa, 20, baltimore [05-24-2005]

idk again...haha o well
becca, umm idk... [05-24-2005]

Betsy, I am a proud American, but even prouder while I pledge to your flag everyday. ~ Niki Willard ~
Niki Willard, I am 11 tears old [05-24-2005]

Sandy G, Phila.,Pa. [05-24-2005]

Veronica Smith, I'm an 11 year old doing a report on Betsy Ross. [05-24-2005]

Jeannette Colbert, Memphis, TN [05-24-2005]

she was a woman with a determined mind and when she was set to do something no matter how hard it took all her stregnth but she made sure it was done and done right
britny, 12 [05-24-2005]

BEth [05-24-2005]

WhoOp !
Blakerrz, CT,14 I love Napoleon [05-24-2005]

Cindy Cox, Lansdale PA [05-24-2005]

bestsy [05-24-2005]

Deane and Linda Koster [05-24-2005]

This site will be used to homeschool my Kg and 2nd grade children. How wonderful!
Jeanny, St. Louis, MO USA - Homeschooling Mom [05-24-2005]

AJ [05-24-2005]

Iam the dummest one in my class!
Amanda Candelario, 9years old Santa Maria,CA [05-24-2005]

Well i'm in 6th grade andh ave to do a research paper.About people who've changed history and I was assigned to rosa parks but i picked betsy ross instead i mean she made the american flag she united us to have a symbol of what we stand for... shes such a instperation
Briitnéy, I am 12 years of age [05-24-2005]

i really would like to see the betsy ross house tour book because my name should be on there
alyaha, Scheaffer Elementary in lancaster [05-24-2005]

Wants to know more about her.
Edward Tay [05-24-2005]

Chris, California [05-24-2005]

Research for a school project.
Susan Volpi [05-24-2005]

Karen Becker [05-24-2005]

Troylynn Brown, Poplar Montana 15 [05-24-2005]

im you in school
Lisha, Female [05-24-2005]

monika, california 13 [05-24-2005]

MISS EDELMAN, collingdale community schoo;l [05-24-2005]


Larissa [05-24-2005]

Breanne [05-24-2005]

Jean Gilronan [05-24-2005]

If it werent for Betty Ross we would not have the American flag today. And with out the American flag, millions of americans today would not have the honor of saying the plege of aliegence every day, we would be roaming around school knowing that we are just americans and we are not showing our divition to others. And it is proven that the American flag is known as the third most important thing in the United States of America. I per say am Mexican American or 50/50 and I still take it as an honor to have the american flag today. Thank you Anthony Moreno
ANTHONY MORENO, well im 11 almost 12 and I am really into the betty ross story and how she is the one that made the american flag [05-24-2005]

okay you as most people betty was a kind old women we prey to her grave cause we all know that she was a bomb and she knew how to sew really good thats why she did the flag for our states okay bye bye cause i am smart
Destiny martinez, well I am 12 and I love to sing the star spangled banner [05-24-2005]

This us cool
sarag [05-24-2005]

Hi this is cool and interesting and imformational and very helpful in a websearch
Shayla Rushton, Las Vegas Nevada, 12 years. Computer class [05-24-2005]

This was a really cool site and we used it in computers class it was very helpful and fun.
anonymous, 12 Nevada Loves to dance [05-24-2005]

Emily shiflet, Conroe, TX [05-24-2005]

Our Second Grade class is studying the American flag and Betsy Ross.
Ms. Kitchen's Social Studies Class [05-24-2005]

Jennie [05-24-2005]

rt, 46 [05-24-2005]

Janet [05-24-2005]

Karl L. Ware [05-24-2005]

dawn hass [05-24-2005]

Patty [05-24-2005]

Thank you very much for all the information. I have shared this with my 3rd grade class.
Dorothy Moe, Foreston, MN - teacher [05-24-2005]

Monica [05-24-2005]

This is a very informative site. I have enjoyed it.
LISA VALCOURE, Kansas, [05-24-2005]

William Young, 8 years old-2nd grade student doing research [05-24-2005]

Brenda Miller, Winston-Salem, N.C., 33 years old [05-24-2005]

Mary Ann, Florida, 67, Irish [05-24-2005]

lex [05-24-2005]

its for research
annette, 13 [05-24-2005]

Annie Taggart, Age 8, homeschooler [05-24-2005]

We are studying about George Washington, Betsy Ross, and the Colonial Period. We are doing a play about all of you next Tue. at our school. I am going to be a sea captain. Nice to visit this page.
BRITTON, Chico, Ca Age 7 BD=8 /7/97 [05-24-2005]

I'm doing a report on Betsy and she rocks!
anonymous [05-24-2005]

I'm planning a unit of study for my students and believe they will be just as thrilled, as I am, to experience this privilege and adventure. Thank you for making this possible.
Abby Cano, 2nd grade teacher, Duarte, CA [05-24-2005]

Erin Tiger, age 7, lebanon twsp NJ [05-24-2005]

How old is betsy ross now even know she is dead. Are any of her children alive if they are how old are they.
ShaKirah, ks,11,report [05-24-2005]

trish, hershey,pa 34 [05-24-2005]

VIRGINIA, i am eight years old [05-14-2005]

Judy, Central Point, Oregon [05-14-2005]

This is the most fun I've had learning about somebody who changed America! !
Vanessa Candelario [05-14-2005]

anonymous, 5th grade class [05-13-2005]

zach, student learning about betsy ress [05-13-2005]

it is never to early to be patriotic.
ken mcpherson, san diego ca age 43 [05-13-2005]

Justyce, summerville,ga,11, [05-13-2005]

Want to learn all a can about Betsy Ross. Can you help?
Isabella Camacho, I am 11 years old. [05-13-2005]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross because my school is doing a living history museum and I picked Betsy Ross. At first I thought it was boring but now I know I know how much Betsy impacted history.
Meagan Pace, Fave Food: Pizza [05-13-2005]

hi! i'm shyann weber and all the 5th grades in rivervew came there on May 9th and we seen betsy's house. and today we are haveing besty ross day we got to make a star in one snip. it was fun.well see you latter.
shyann, 10age, pennsylvania marietta [05-13-2005]

Great job Betsy Ross, I think you did magnificent work on the flag! We all thank you!
Nora Pearson [05-13-2005]

we toured the house may 9
coralie anderson, marietta,pa 11 years old [05-13-2005]

today is betsy ross day in my classroom- we took a feild trip to philly and we went in betsy rosses house
brooke swarr [05-13-2005]

hi besty me and my classwent to your house and today it is besty ross day
Zach Gusler, 11 [05-13-2005]

Betsy Ross is cool. Betsy made the flag, did you know that?
Jon Sager [05-13-2005]

Brittany Renee Moody, nc [05-13-2005]

julie campbell, st louis mo 42 [05-13-2005]

What is there to see in Bloomsburg PA and Dansville PA
anonymous [05-13-2005]

Optician with a deep interest in America's colonial history specializing in 18th & early 19th Century reproduction eyewear.
Philip J. Ritchie, Hammonton N.J. [05-13-2005]

I will be doing a book report about Betsy Ross at my school. I'm learning and having fun.
Quelddy M. Castaneda-Mendoza [05-13-2005]

anonymous [05-13-2005]

anna [05-11-2005]

Krista [05-11-2005]

My 9 year old dauaghter is doing a project for school on Betsy Ross and we are trying to gather as much information on her as possible.
Kim Infantino, Hudson, MA 42 years old [05-11-2005]

hey you all rock!
m [05-11-2005]

anonymous, 10 [05-11-2005]

Andres, miami 25 [05-11-2005]

christina, 11 loves horses [05-11-2005]

Thank you for putting this online!
Molly [05-11-2005]

This is so cool
Anna [05-11-2005]

haha [05-11-2005]

I am a single mother of two,and Betsy Ross has inspired me for as long as I can remember.She has inspired me so much that I am now a seamstress and iam working to become an upholster.
Kathryn Wagner, Chattanooga TN. [05-11-2005]

Sarah Lindner [05-11-2005]

Samantha Ferlisi [05-11-2005]

I want to know so much about you please write me back. Your friend, Jaelyn
Jaelyn, Arizona 12 [05-11-2005]

iris [05-11-2005]

My children are doing a report on important landmarks. I'm using notes I've taken from this site to show them how to do note-taking and turn their information into a good report.
Linda Spohn, I am a teacher in Maryland. Aged 60 [05-11-2005]

Jorge Perez Crespo, I'm 11 years old and a student of 5th.grade [05-11-2005]

i want a picture of Betsey Ross for a project i have to do
Kailtyn [05-11-2005]

when was she born
betty, ohio,9,personality of a hamster [05-11-2005]

H Weber, elementary school student, Michigan [05-11-2005]

lamuzinda [05-11-2005]

Sup dudes!
anonymous [05-11-2005]

Thank you so much for sharing!
Melanie Butler [05-11-2005]

Kathy S. [05-11-2005]

Great Historical Tour!
John, Winston-Salem, NC [05-11-2005]

Kris [05-09-2005]

Hayley Cole, 9 years Old San Ramon, CA [05-09-2005]

I grew up in the suburbs of PA and recall visiting the house as a child.
Elizabeth, 46 [05-09-2005]

betsy ross is a great person
Dahlia, Marietta Ga 11 my nickname is lola [05-09-2005]

skip Munisteri [05-09-2005]

Go Betsy!
Paul, I am 14 yrs. old and interested in history. [05-09-2005]

Shirley [05-09-2005]

Found a Betsy Ross thimble and found your site--it is wonderful.
Freida Bensch, Thimble Collector [05-09-2005]

Colleen Velez, 2nd grade teacher, Coral Springd, FL [05-09-2005]

Lianna Marshall, 14 years old [05-09-2005]

Planning week long camping trip to French Creek St. Park. While there will visit Valley Forge and other historical sites. How close is the Betay Ross house form French Creek?
Marilyn Peterson, East Berlin,PA 55 RN Grandmother of 10 and mother of 5 youngest 10 & 11. [05-09-2005]

I am doing an historical figure report for school. I have chosen Betsy Ross. I have learned a lot of interesting things that I didn't know.
Kaitlyn Gall, Bucklin Mo. age 9 [05-09-2005]

God bless America!
Dan Watson, Tucson, AZ. [05-09-2005]

where you lived when you was whit your familie
yorelis garcia, not thing [05-09-2005]

This is Tiffany and Tyler and we go together.
Tiffany Roberson, 18 [05-09-2005]

Imari, LA,Bogalusa [05-05-2005]

Christel, New Hampshire [05-05-2005]

I am helping my niece with a report on Betsy ross & the History of Philadelphia...this site was extremely helpful; it is very informative.
Andrea, Philadelphia, PA - 24yrs [05-05-2005]

what did her room look like?
anonymous [05-05-2005]

charlotte [05-05-2005]

land of the free home of the brave
lynette jones, philadelphia 2o [05-05-2005]

I' learning a lot about Betsy Ross in my social studies research project
elizabeth chung, 9 years old, Blair Mill Elemen. Horsham, PA [05-05-2005]

anita spelmon, philadelphia,pa. 45 yrs old [05-05-2005]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross for a project
Allie Sander, Cincinnati [05-05-2005]

MARTHETA BOYD [05-05-2005]

i'm studying her at conant elamentary
nichole lewis, 10 [05-05-2005]

Ruth Spickler [05-05-2005]

anonymous [05-05-2005]

Jensen [05-05-2005]

I was doing a report on Betsy Ross and thought it would be neat to look at her house and see some of the thing that she had in her house.
payden simpson, pickerington, ohio 8 years old [05-05-2005]

Kathryn Favale-Silva [05-05-2005]

Besty Ross is an important woman.
Destany, Dallas 13years old Texas [05-05-2005]

Albert Purdy, phila. was my home now i live in fla I went to go home [05-05-2005]

justin crihfield, n/a [05-05-2005]

Emma, 9 [05-05-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class.
Emily Antonucci, I am 8 years old and I live in Anaheim California. [05-05-2005]

marquia, marysville,age 11 [05-05-2005]

TIFFANY KERNER, Texas, 12yrs, am writing a history report on her & flag [05-05-2005]

Debbie, Erie PA [05-05-2005]

Jessica [05-05-2005]

chyna [05-05-2005]

We looooove flags!
Ms. Crossan's 4th Grade, Folcroft, PA [05-05-2005]

Proud to be an Americian
Nikki Cervantes, Las Vegas, Nevada / 11 yrs old [05-05-2005]

chris [05-05-2005]

cheri & ross fjermedal [05-05-2005]

Bettye Pattie Dykes, Tennessee, age 75 [05-05-2005]

Divya [05-05-2005]

trevor welsh [05-05-2005]

Helping Son with the Homework assignment on Philadelphia, You are number one on our list
Sharon, Mom,Fla. Homework Assignment [05-05-2005]

Diana Elizabeth Campos [05-05-2005]

rebekka largen, NC, 8 yrs old, for school project [05-05-2005]

amanda krueger, ny [05-05-2005]

Miguel A Gonzalez, 44 years male from Puerto Rico [05-05-2005]

born and raised in Philadelphia I left philly 20 yrs ago and I never went to the Betsy Ross House. I will be visiting soon, so I want to take the opportunity to visit.
Cynthia Valentin, Florida age 41 [05-05-2005]

Susan Werner [05-05-2005]

corey deluna [05-05-2005]

Imlove soccer!
Brittany, 12 [05-05-2005]

this is awsome my class is doing a play about the flag and we have betsy ross in the play! and now we get to look on here for ideas of the back ground!
monica, na [05-05-2005]

Hey this is so cool. This is my first time ever on this website. I was suprised that they had all this cool stuff! It is awesome!
Lauren, Na [05-05-2005]

hope i like the tour!
molly hoolty, 12 bosten love the color blue [05-05-2005]

sara [05-05-2005]

im a huge fan of you besty ross
becky, im 13 and im a huge fan of you [05-05-2005]

Thank's for a tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Alyssa, 7 [04-28-2005]

This is a good site and had all the info I needed for my report on Betsy Ross
Miranda Ochoa, Phoenix, Az Age 14 [04-28-2005]

jenna [04-28-2005]

i love betsy ross
megan, age 10 [04-28-2005]

Danielle, Philadelphia, age 29 [04-28-2005]

lulu, Md, 13 [04-28-2005]

I`m doing a report about her
sam, 8 years old ohio [04-28-2005]

Maria Rivas, Houston, Texas 38 [04-28-2005]

MARGARET CARMICHAEL, emma [04-28-2005]

you are cool even thogh you are dead.
anonymous, giglop,fl [04-28-2005]

She was a wonderful lady sitting around all day sewing each little stitch. Thank You
Taylor Matz, 10, Washington [04-28-2005]

i am at school now researching american history! yeah!
Rachel, maryland, 12 [04-28-2005]

I was at the house on April 20, 2005
Tory [04-28-2005]

Laurie Hilliard, Orange Springs, FL [04-28-2005]

Have you ever heard of this poem? My grandmother taught it to me when I was little. Maybe you know the author? Who made the first flag? Betsy Ross, Betsy Ross. She made it with linen, cotton and floss. Who taught her the way? 'Twas our first president. He planned it. She sewed it. For she new what he meant. The thirteen stripes were for the thirteen states that into the Union first came. For each new state there was added a star but the stripes remained the same.
Becky Peterson, 55 years old, Yorkville, Illinois [04-28-2005]

where was she born?
anonymous [04-28-2005]

mark, 23 [04-28-2005]

I think Bettsy Ross is so cool! I mean she made the first american flag that is awsome.
Taryn Snell, 11, Washington state [04-28-2005]

learning about famos pepole that lived in pa.
kristen hain, 9yrs old croydon pa [04-28-2005]

Jasmine Allen, Age 10 from New Mexico [04-28-2005]

Hannah, I am 9 years old. I like Betsy Ross. [04-28-2005]

i am sooooo excited
misha, 11 [04-28-2005]

what was Betsy Ross's childhood like
anonymous, ohio, age 10 [04-28-2005]

caroline and maggie [04-28-2005]

This is a great sight. I Home school my children and teach every Monday and the knowledge you have here is a great reference. Thank you for your continued effort to keep what is left of American Pride. It is an Honor to be able to see such beauty so far away.
Tami Olson, Washington State, 33, Mother of 3 [04-28-2005]

betsy ross is so cool!
millie, 11 [04-28-2005]

Jeanna, 10 [04-28-2005]

i thought betsy ross was very intresting to learn about when we had a biography for school i thought betsy ross was boring but surprisingly not!
kaylee, 12 [04-28-2005]

We are doing a class assignment for my 3rd grade class
The Passey Family, We liive in Draper, UT [04-28-2005]

Betsy Ross is someone I admire and I'm doing a report about her at school. This information was very helpful. The way it was presented was very user friendly. Thank you for the time and effort that was put into this. Thanks again, Alli.
Alli Hopkins, Kentucky, 10 years old, Female [04-28-2005]

delma irene sola, 40 años [04-28-2005]

I luv searching for things that people dont think of this stuff is ssssssssssooooooo cool i know i sound like a nerd but watever soo this was so fun luv yoou all b yeeezz
shaboobaliantae saners, california 14 waz up [04-25-2005]

betsy connolly, a ross descendent [04-25-2005]

I love Betsy Ross she was so amazing I'm doing her for a school report.
Brittany Knighton, I love to twirl baton. [04-25-2005]

Maria L [04-25-2005]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross, so this info. was very helpful!-Jen
Jen, Tennessee 13 [04-25-2005]

im doing a report on betsy ross.i love to do stuff like this.
olivia wares, north arilington [04-25-2005]

I'm doing a report on Betsy!
Abby [04-25-2005]

Connie Denton, Florence,Alabama...40 yrs old [04-25-2005]

Kathy Jones [04-25-2005]

dana, ashland city tn [04-25-2005]

Donna Ervin, 3rd Grade teacher at E. T. Steel School in Philadelphia [04-25-2005]

Kaitlin Nicole Johnson, I am 10 1/2 years old [04-25-2005]

I'm really happy you made the flag of the U.S.
Laura Byerly, Houston TX 8 years old [04-25-2005]

Why is there a sign on Race street going to I95 that say's Betsy Ross House?
Chris, Delanco N.J. age 61 [04-25-2005]

Cori Blosser, wELLSVILLE, oh [04-25-2005]

raymond spath [04-25-2005]

I visited this web site because a few friends and i from the senior citizen house i live at were very intrigued to know more about the lifestyle of Betsy Ross. Also to have a better knowledge of the first American Flag.
Barbara jenkins, 70 year old f Female,from cleveland Oh [04-25-2005]

I love Betsy Ross
madison, age 8 for a book report [04-25-2005]

Greg Williams [04-25-2005]

i dont know ok
kassie elliot [04-25-2005]

jessica hollister, age10 [04-25-2005]

im goin in c ya
nicole kelce, West Des Moines,Iowa [04-25-2005]

Rich Drinkwater, Mechanicsburg, PA; Age 45, born and raised in Phila. Past visitor to Betsy's house. [04-25-2005]

Vicki Gavalas [04-25-2005]

did you make the frist flag
eva, iloveyou [04-25-2005]

Thanks for letting me visit, I hope to visit in person someday soon!
Sophie Kirkpatrick, Age 10, Visalia, CA [04-25-2005]

Ariana Staton, Chino CA. 9 years old this is for a biography report [04-25-2005]

samantha, age 11 [04-25-2005]

Jennifer, 17 [04-25-2005]

Wow! I never knew you could be able to take a tour of Betsy Ross's house! THat's amazing... and online too!
Jenn Kim, 13 years... asian american... (~korean pride~) [04-25-2005]

mckenzie, age11 [04-25-2005]

alicia, age 9 [04-25-2005]

jessica makemson, danville,Il.-8years old,book report on mrs. Ross [04-25-2005]

I am a member of the American Legion, Dept. of Kansas. I'm the 5th District Flag Education Chairman working to promote Flag Education in the public schools, churches and other organizations. I'm requesting permission to use information from your website to make a report to District Convention this weekend. Thanks for the tour, very educational.
Gary Rogers, Augusta, KS; 56 yrs. old; Vietnam Vet. U.S. Navy [04-25-2005]

i am doing a report on betsy ross
andrea carmer, 11 years [04-25-2005]

I'm studying the flag in class and I wanted to know how many flags Betsy Ross sewed.
Ryan, Florida [04-25-2005]

I am a big fan of Betsy Ross
lupita, i'm 9 years old [04-25-2005]

meagan aldridge, clay, alabama 14 [04-25-2005]

We have been learning about America's past. We were very excited to be able to see Betsy Ross's house. Thank you very much. Mrs. Brown and her 1st graders
Mrs. Brown and 1B, 1st grade at Christ the King School Omaha, NE [04-25-2005]

Julia Lewkowicz, 2nd grade Coral Springs F.L [04-25-2005]

britta, im 11 years old and im trying to get information for a school report. [04-18-2005]

Katie Taylor, indiana, age 11 [04-17-2005]

I love learning about this kind of stuff.
anonymous, San Diego, California, age 7 [04-17-2005]

Seqoya, az/15 [04-17-2005]

Hi bob.
daniel zur [04-17-2005]

it is a very informative tour.
sydney rutledge, michigan 9, [04-17-2005]

I am ralated to betsy ross
anonymous [04-17-2005]

One Good woman!
Grant Sitta [04-17-2005]

Jason [04-17-2005]

anonymous, i love history on presidents,and famous people [04-17-2005]

M Donnelly, Newtown Square, pa [04-17-2005]

maggi, i'm 42 [04-17-2005]

david grant, south carolina [04-15-2005]

We travel with Dad's work. Mom homeschool's us. We have seen many historical places including Washington D.C., Fredericksburg, VA (Civil War Battlefields).... as well as fun trips to Niagara Falls, and even Florida Beaches. With these days of travel, we have a new respect for the history of our great land. God Bless the United States !
David and Michael, homeschool students will tour Philly for historical field trip [04-15-2005]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I read a book on her and I got really in to it when I read it. I really liked the story about her life. It was really interesting. Thank you, WHITNEY LOWE
Whitney Lowe, Age 9, from Buchanan County, VA [04-15-2005]

Betsy Ross's house is a lot of fun for everyone!
Lael Hoegen, I live in Kingston, PA ! [04-15-2005]

Tori Cobb, 11 Roda Drive [04-14-2005]

dylan doran, age 11 [04-14-2005]

take me on the tour please! i love you all so much!
Melanie Finckbone, 13 years old and doing research [04-14-2005]

Hi betsy what up. I really like all the items in the museum thing! Bye
Jessica, 13 [04-14-2005]

Hi betsy are u there i hear u are very very veryvery very very very very very very very very very very ver yvery very very Haunted but besty i love u luv ur pal, missy Keep it real grandma
Missy Denk, Im a girl in my little world [04-14-2005]

hi! !
anonymous, student 2 [04-14-2005]

anonymous, 1 Student [04-14-2005]

Roxi Geiger, Poplar Grive, 13, Blonde hair [04-14-2005]

Cool Website!
Betsy [04-14-2005]

Charles Murphy, History buff. Love touring new places! [04-14-2005]

We are studying Betsy Ross in my class. My mom is helping look up information on Betsy Ross. I think she is very interesting. Taylor Clough
Taylor Clough, 2nd grader at Eura Brown Elementary [04-14-2005]

anonymous, I am a Girl Scout [04-13-2005]

Hi Betsy!
anonymous, 11 years [04-13-2005]

anonymous, 22 [04-13-2005]

you rock! I have reshaerch to do on Betsy so buh bye
Daniela Guzman, 13 [04-13-2005]

shelby, powell wy. 11 5th grader [04-13-2005]

brianna [04-13-2005]

I am doing a history thing to learn more about American pride . Are theme for our fourth of july celebration is American pride so I thought the history of the flag and betsy Ross was a educational thing that people can read about and learn also. so thank you for all the wonderful things I can read about and learn.
Jill Ames [04-13-2005]

How are you?
Erik Capilla, I'm 21 years old [04-12-2005]

Betsy Ross is hot 0-8-<
Anthony Fizer, Park City Utah, 14, or whatever, optional [04-12-2005]

I am a teacher adn this will help me with my curriculum.
Rachel Gliske, St. Paul, MN [04-12-2005]

betsy ross is the bestest ever
Casey heinbaugh, 10 [04-12-2005]

we are related to John Claypoole, Betsy's third husband!
mathias, california [04-12-2005]

We checked your site & tour for Betsy Ross info. that my daughter could use for her class project.
Heather McHugh, Cinnaminson, NJ, 40 yrs. old [04-12-2005]

Aylassa Tafoy [04-12-2005]

Jeanne Glover, Yuma, AZ 62 yrs. Related to Betsy Ross [04-11-2005]

Thank you for letting us take an internet tour. We are learning about Betsy Ross in our class. Our teacher showed us pictures and books about her.
Mrs. Monroe's Class, Ages 6 & 7 in Rustburg, VA [04-11-2005]

I think Betsy Ross was a very beautiful women and had very much paitence to sew the flag of america
Kat (my nick name), I am creative and love adventure. [04-11-2005]

visited the "home" years ago, loved it, the cats, the courtyard, and ALL of Phillie.
pam kutz, ND - 53 - RR USA - hobbies/sewing/decorating/gardening/cats [04-11-2005]

I want to learn about betsy ross, the designer of our flag
alexandria, Coluumbus, Ohio [04-11-2005]

Beverly Davy, Student [04-11-2005]

Alyssa, California [04-11-2005]

love it
nikki [04-11-2005]

Looking for information for a school project.
Janet & Jennifer LeMay [04-11-2005]

Emily [04-11-2005]

Sarah Gambell [04-11-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, and I go to Granite Falls Midle school, I have to dress up as Betsy. This report is worth 700 points!
Samantha Larsen, I am an 8th grade student at Granite Falls Middle School who is doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am 14 yrs. old, and i live in Granite Falls. I have to dress up as Betsy Ross! [04-08-2005]

Get me some tickets!
Gayan James, New York [04-08-2005]

Erin Ferguson, Richmond, Tx. age: 11 [04-08-2005]

Laura Ratzel, Richmond, Tx. age: 11 [04-08-2005]

i luv america let freedom ring yall i am white i like rap
Victoria DiLuzio, Philly 10 years old [04-08-2005]

Judy, 18,Senior,New Braunfels [04-08-2005]

I would like to know more about a U.S.Army camp that my Father was at around 1920-1922 it was called Camp Pike at Pike County, Ark. I can't find it any where. Iwould like to get it's history I just love to read or see pictures of things done thur out history Iam doing a report on Besty Ross right now and found a lot of things that I didn't know about her and her house
OLIVE HICKS, Lafayette, Ind. born 1936 in Pike county Ark. [04-08-2005]

Wendi, 31 [04-08-2005]

Hey Betsy. I was just doing a report on the american Flag and how it was such an importance to our lives. I learned that you made the first flag. GREAT JOB BETSY
Jennah Dalton [04-08-2005]

amanda [04-07-2005]

nick stoff [04-07-2005]

john, 9 [04-07-2005]

justin [04-07-2005]

research famous Americans
deb Kasberg, teacher, Colorado [04-07-2005]

Hi Eveyone America Rocks!
matt, I am crative [04-07-2005]

Thanks sooooo much for recommending this website... it's perfect 4 my project fair!
anonymous [04-07-2005]

alllison sermo, berkley,mi 10 [04-07-2005]

Thank you for this website!
Pat, 72 [04-07-2005]

Tera Venne, Chicopee, MA 19 yrs. old [04-07-2005]

nicki [04-07-2005]

I am writing a report for social studies. We had to pick a famous woman - I chose Betsy Ross. She is very fascinating. I am going to visit her house, for real, soon!
Shannon Henry, 4th grade student [04-07-2005]

I am doing a "Famous Person" report for school.
Marnie Powell, Midwesterner 4th grade student [04-07-2005]

Zoraida Perez, philla,18, female [04-07-2005]

Randy G. Arnwine, Luttrell, TN [04-07-2005]

Vadnais Heights Elementary School, We are Mr. Theissen's first grade class [04-07-2005]

hey i love betsy ross and she was a great canidate for my report
Haylie Scholting [04-06-2005]

Samantha Keller, Eodn,Ohio, 15, and eager to laern about you1 [04-05-2005]

Teresa Jones, Sugar Land, 50, [04-05-2005]

Thank you for all your help with my school project. Megan Hartenstein
Megan Hartenstein, 10 [04-05-2005]

Sara [04-05-2005]

Adele Brannan, 1521 Saint Charles St. #C Alameda, Ca.94501 [04-05-2005]

betsy ellis [04-05-2005]

Junius, Pottstown 12 [04-05-2005]

The House is in Good Shape After All of the Year
Taniesha Alllen, 1865north Willington st [04-05-2005]

Thaks for help me with my investigation about who made the frist american flag.
Juan Garcia, San Diego, Cima High School I'm a 9th grade student [04-05-2005]

i've been there in person
Tiffany, 12 [04-05-2005]

Finding info that these kids will understand and appreciate
Margaret Guthrie, chaperone for special needs students in May 2005 [04-03-2005]

NicholAS [04-03-2005]

Joe Reuss, Cuero, Texas [04-03-2005]

This is so cool. Thanks for the chance to see Ms. Ross's home!
Sheena Kennedy, Age 20, from Virginia [04-03-2005]

Charles Donnelly, age 8; St. Denis school Havertown PA [04-03-2005]

Charles Donnelly, age 8; St. Denis school Havertown PA [04-03-2005]

I was there yesterday. What a wonderful piece of history.
Sheila Felber [04-03-2005]

I will be visiting this house for real on April 7th on my 3rd grade class trip.
Richie Giuliani, 8 yr old boy [04-03-2005]

Emily Wilson, Fayetteville 12 years old in the sixth grade [04-03-2005]

Our fifth grade class has to do a learning fair project and the grade will be 40 percent to our finals and thought it would be fun to learn about Betsy Ross and since I can't see her house I thought that maybe a could take a tour of her house on the Internet so i'm ready now to take the Virtual Tour of her house.
Peyton, Indiana [04-03-2005]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross. I wanted to learn about her.
veronica ellis, age 8, pacific palisades, california [04-03-2005]

Researching a Third Grader's paper on Betsy Ross. Thank you!
The Howe Family, Bristow, VA USA [04-03-2005]

I love this country !
Cristina, live in florida-aventura- 33 years old- born in spain [04-02-2005]

I'm interested in the detailed life of Betsy Ross and her life because I want to create a program to share with other historical organizations. I also think she may have married my ancestral relative as her third husband.
valerie hamilton, older adult in Santa Clara, CA [04-02-2005]

Dorothy Malinkey [04-02-2005]

Juliana Conti, Philly girl [04-02-2005]

I'm doing a report on her
Alexis, 11 [04-01-2005]

this is awesome!
Desirae [04-01-2005]

thanks for the info it really helped on my project!
Shana, love sports [04-01-2005]

I am very intrested in this tour. My class and my Social Studies teacher's classroom are going on a field trip to Historic Philadelphia. We want to know know more about Betsy Ross and all of the other adventures!
Andrea Baric, I am 8. I am in the third grade. I am doing a project for school. [04-01-2005]

Adra Ann, 11 years old, middle TN, learning about Betsy in our homeschool [04-01-2005]

Dear Sir please i will like to be part of the tour that is coming up so i will be very happy if you invite me to participart in the tour. Thank you hope to hear from you soon
NICHOLAS NII AMASAH, a student,ghana 21 be part of the tour [04-01-2005]

marcel minter, philadelphia 17yrs old [04-01-2005]

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