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NJ, 14nbkuj [03-31-2005]

we are studying about the Revolutionary War.
keosha gadson, jones wheat 10 years old [03-31-2005]

I would like to be there
anonymous [03-31-2005]

would you be able to tell me why there is a fireplace in each room why is there no authentic record of what betsy looked like and where is betsy's work area and why is it there why is the parlor called the flag room or congressional room any help would be greatly appreciated thank you debbie
anonymous [03-31-2005]

Jeanne Pfeiffer, a Wisconsin teacher [03-31-2005]

tonya [03-31-2005]

Helping my daughter do research on Besty Ross for her own school project in the 4th grade
Elizabeth Midkiff, Mother of 3 ... First studied about Besty Ross when I was a young girl in Girl Scouts [03-31-2005]

I'm taking my children on a one day tour of Philadelphia on our way to Washington. DC. I certainly hope they enjoy their visit.
Rosemary Greeley, Massachusetts, 45 [03-31-2005]

rachel tice, ny19 [03-31-2005]

I hope I really like the tour and historic Philly!
Elaina, Age:11 I just got my pointe shoes in ballet! I love diving- I got a "Most improved Diver" trophy! I'm going to a feild trip to Historic Philly- I'm going here! [03-31-2005]

The Betsy Ross House is so cool! I really want to go there!
anonymous [03-31-2005]

I can't wait!
Calisa, 18814 Dillinger Rd, Newell SD 57760 age 13 [03-31-2005]

I think she played a big part in my future.
Lonicia, Las Vegas NV 11yearsold [03-31-2005]

cool website.
Takevia Walker, Rockwall, Texas 13 years old [03-31-2005]

just curiosity....
rita [03-31-2005]

Aimee Jennings, Visalia,CA 10 [03-31-2005]

Thank you for your site. I did a book report on Betsy Ross and I learned a lot.
Emiley Robinson, E.S. Maryland I'm 9 years old. [03-31-2005]

This is a terrific web site for U.S. history.
anonymous, Phila. 35 yrs. old [03-31-2005]

lezlee garvey [03-31-2005]

What is Philadalaphia like???
Ashley Jones, Age-11-Phone number-544-8173 [03-31-2005]

JOSEPH MCKELVEY [03-31-2005]

Joseph Di Sipio, St.Denis School,Grade3,Age8 [03-31-2005]

Michele, 10 yrs old love to read [03-31-2005]

Stephen Griffin, Ardmore,PA [03-31-2005]

What is it like to inside of a tour? I livein west union ohio.....!
Ashley Jones, Im 11 birthday March 28 born 1994 [03-31-2005]

We are studying the American flag. We just learned about Betsy Ross and wanted to visit her house.
Ms. Swope's Second Grade, Fairview Heights, Il Students are 7 & 8 years old. [03-31-2005]

Barbara Sigmon, Vevay, Indiana, 45 in Education [03-31-2005]

jordyn [03-31-2005]

My 8 year old is doing a report on Betsy's life. Nice website. Thanks for the tour.
maryellen oloughlin, 41 [03-31-2005]

I'm doing ascool report on betsy ross, so this really helps!
suzanne avery, 11, brown hiar and eyes. [03-31-2005]

Randi, Minnesota- 30 yrs old [03-28-2005]

hi, bessy
alberto, 32 anni, brescia italy [03-28-2005]

Una firma di presenza dall'Italia . Roberto
roby, Rivalta (Torino) [03-28-2005]

anonymous [03-28-2005]

nick [03-28-2005]

patrizia, impiegata,35 [03-28-2005]

anonymous, Philadelphia [03-28-2005]

Researching Betsy Ross for Women's History Month
S. Grignon, 12, Florida [03-28-2005]

I am researching Besty Ross for an assignment on Women's history month. Thank you for the information!
Anabel K., New City, NY, age 7 [03-28-2005]

melissa, 9 3/4 [03-28-2005]

anonymous, Florida, history report [03-26-2005]

As a little girl my mother would always stop in front of our local library and point out "Old Glory" -- she would tell me what that beautiful flag meant to her. That deep love for our flag resonates with me to this day. We have always flown her proudly in front of our home and passed that on to our children. While our son served in Irag we had many, many flags around our home, my faith and the American flag gave me much strength. There is no more beautiful flag in all the world!
Alexandria Monahan [03-26-2005]

My daughter is doing a report for 3rd grade on Betsy Ross
Anjanette Hance, Mansfield, MA [03-26-2005]

alex, 6 years old [03-26-2005]

Amor no es amor
anonymous, soifjd 22 aidniiaiodina [03-25-2005]

sharon [03-25-2005]

the flagmeans so mush to the people every house should fly a american flag on her birth day and on the day the flag was born.
tiffany love, 10years old .live in brooklyn new york [03-25-2005]

Kevin Armstrong, cmch, nj [03-25-2005]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and would like to see her house.
Mrs. Scott's Class [03-24-2005]

just looking for info for a report with my 9 yr old daughter.
michelle, ohio,36 yrs old [03-24-2005]

Thank you for having the information for my school report.
Kathryn, California, 9 yrs old [03-23-2005]

anonymous, 10 [03-23-2005]

Kimberly Griscom-Fauble, Council Bluffs, IA [03-23-2005]

I am writing a report about Betsy Ross.
Tatum Shepherd, age 9 [03-23-2005]

I need to do a report for school
Googlefroogle, I like pink [03-23-2005]

mariella, student [03-23-2005]

I am working on a project about Betsy Ross. Your website is very informative. Thank you.
Lindsay, 4th grade student in Hollidaysburg PA [03-23-2005]

i would like to thank the people who put a tour on the internet.So i don`t have to bug someone to take me there. THANK YOU!
danielle, 10years old, philadelphia pa,i have a bunny his name is puffer [03-23-2005]

Besty Play
naiby, 10 [03-23-2005]

anonymous, I have 4 young children in elementary and jr. high [03-22-2005]

Robert Toland [03-22-2005]

Thank you for the info. My daughter is doing a book report on Betsy.
KathyLovelady, 33 texas [03-22-2005]

This is so kool to take for A PROGET THAT I'M DOING IN MY CLASE THIS YEAR
Nicole Pachcoe, hyannis 11 ma 02601 [03-22-2005]

john, hommoie [03-22-2005]

I'd like to know your house. When I going to city, I'm visiting for you.
Elizabeth, I live in Brazil, I am 27 years old [03-22-2005]

Pam Cogburn, Walsh, Colorado [03-22-2005]

Stephanie Everittt, Lakehills,TX doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-22-2005]

Hi Im looking up a biography report about famous people, I wanted to do Betsy Ross, but when did she die!
Paula [03-22-2005]

Summer Anderson [03-22-2005]

i wanna talk to one person of other country and that like nickelback
katia cristina, brazil sao paulo 16 rock [03-22-2005]

Betsey Ross is a wonderful person!
Elayna Younker, St. Pall,MN age 9 [03-22-2005]

I am working on a class project about Betsy Ross
anonymous, Beaumont, TX [03-22-2005]

My 10 year old Grandson is interested in Betsy Ross and old history.
Lisa Croston and Grandson Jake, Waynesburg, Ohio 44688 [03-22-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I am trying to find information on her. Thank You!
Brittany Knighton, Age:11 [03-22-2005]

I;m a 9th grader I havd to do a report on a famous person and Betsy Ross was the one i took.
Jessica Binkley, Columbus Grove Ohio 15, 3-19-05 [03-22-2005]

Sarah Carlton, Senior UNT [03-22-2005]

I am doing a Social Studies Fair Project on Betsy Ross were i act like i go through the exciting journey of her life!
Ronni Lynette Yentzer, Ohio 11 years old [03-22-2005]

This Tuesday I plan on going to Philadelphia on a school trip this year in fifth grade.
Carlee, Allentown, NJ age 11 [03-18-2005]

Katie [03-18-2005]

Ffrancine, 10 Columbia,s.c [03-18-2005]

Nancy Croley [03-18-2005]

My Name Is Kevin Allen, I Am Looking for history on Great great great grandmother Cherokee indian Lucinda Martin born 1817 Kentucky Parents mother Pheoebe M Hudson Cherokee Native American Indian Born 1793 Father Elijia Martin From world Family tree vol 6 file 4469 Anything to confirm that I am cherokee Indian. I can't exsplain it but sense I was Child I love the indian and again today I am reminded of that If I can luive On reservation I would be very Hasppy
KEvin Allen, 47 Colorado Maitence Electrician [03-18-2005]

Alyssa Bowman, Age19 doing this for a project [03-18-2005]

anonymous [03-18-2005]

Yo! I am doing a report on the betsy ross house. some comments are you should have a lot more History but other than that everything is perfect!
Emily [03-18-2005]

Visiting your site as part of my home school homework.
Matthew, age 10, TN [03-18-2005]

Thanks for the easy access to our history !
Lisa Grady, Born, Raised and still Residing in Pennsylvania, Mother of 4 [03-18-2005]

Your A Bery Nice Woman thank you for making the First American Flag!
Cool Girl, Non [03-18-2005]

Crystal Deanna Newland, North Georgia; 35; Elementary school teacher [03-18-2005]

I HATE BETSY ROSS, but I have to do a bio on HER! ! ;o ;O
Alex, 13/m/cali [03-18-2005]

Tanya Skeens, Whitesville KY [03-18-2005]

Brandi, My age is 10 I have want to write a report about Betsy Ross [03-18-2005]

anonymous, I'm 21 [03-18-2005]

Suzanne Lees [03-18-2005]

Betsy is the woman.
Luke Turner [03-18-2005]

looking 4 a girl thats lives in dallas tx but lives in oakcliff
joe, tx/13/ [03-18-2005]

we are doing a report on besty ross
anonymous [03-18-2005]

Cool website, I am writing a paper about Betsy Ross.
Curtis Hohman, Hydesville, CA, 8 years old [03-18-2005]

I am doing a project on Famous women in history and I chose Betsy Ross.
Kegan Hacker, Indiana, 10 years old [03-18-2005]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a school project.
Jacqueline Regalia, Washington State, Age 9, 3rd grade [03-18-2005]

anonymous, 36 m [03-18-2005]

i think betsy is really cool. it's really cool to think she made the american flag.
anonymous [03-18-2005]

Chelsea P., age 15 [03-18-2005]

Ihope to learn about history
Karissa Murray, Fraizier Park Age 10 [03-18-2005]

My son (first grader) is learning about Betsy Ross and the flag and we wanted to do some extra research.
Kerri, Mother with first grader [03-18-2005]

joshua avalos [03-18-2005]

Dayelle, 10 [03-18-2005]

This is great. Thanks for preserving our history. I can't wait to show my son the house & grounds.
Vince Gallo, I live in Washington Twp., NJ. Born & raised in South Phila. & I am the biggest colonial history buff that evr lived. [03-18-2005]

I can't believe there are no pictures of Betsy Ross. We have historical paintings of George Washington and other historical people and still no one knows what Betsy Ross really looks like. Great site, wonderful tour!
Laura, Atglen, PA [03-18-2005]

Do a school project with my daughter and she choose Betsy Ross. Learning a lot myself. Thanks for the wonderful web-set to follow.
Debbie Holman, Champlin, MN [03-18-2005]

Thank You [03-18-2005]

Mallory Ammerman, funny [03-18-2005]

I am very interested in Betsy Ross. I am doing a biography research in my class all on Betsy.So I decided to take a tour of the house
Kimberlee Borden, I am very interested about Betsy's life. I am 9 years old [03-18-2005]

Elizabeth Anderson [03-18-2005]

Lynn Wos, Age 8 ~ book report [03-18-2005]

doug, canton,ohio [03-18-2005]

My daughter, Katelyn who is 11years old is doing a Social Studies report and has chosen to do her project on Betsy Ross. Your web page is absolutely perfect. It is filled with many ideas and info that she will be using. THANK YOU!
Deb Crotty, Loveland, Ohio [03-18-2005]

aisha [03-18-2005]

Mianda Love, Poquoson, 17 [03-18-2005]

Ileana is 6 years old and in 1st grade. She has chosen to write about Betsy Ross for a Social Studies presentation.
Ileana and Sandra Ogden [03-18-2005]

Lindsey Justice, ohio, 21 [03-18-2005]

Having grown up in Philaelphia, many class trips were to the Betsy Ross House. I enjoyed it then and I am enjoying your site just as much.
Ada Satterthwaite Brittingham, Elkins Park, PA, [03-18-2005]

Garett Scott, I am a third grade student at Harmar School, Marietta, Ohio [03-18-2005]

In researching for an oral presentation, I took this tour and found it very interesting and exciting to remember such an important part of history. My eight year old daughter, TinaMarie will be using this information for her school project. Thank you for providing it.
Clotilde Haskell, Chestnut Ridge, NY 39 [03-18-2005]

great site
erika hayes, kc.ks.33 [03-18-2005]

Doing a report for school
Whitesel, Derek, Lewisburg, PA 10 years old [03-18-2005]

I Love Betsy Ross!
Katelyn Harmon, T.X.,Witchita Falls,8,Love History [03-18-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Paige Mitchell, age 11 Quitman County Ms. [03-18-2005]

Amy Lawley [03-18-2005]

Cindy Riegel [03-18-2005]

Lloyd Jones, Fort Worth, Texas, age 53 [03-18-2005]

Cindy Williams [03-18-2005]

im doing a report on her.
laura anne, ormond beach, fl 16 [03-18-2005]

Lydia Sopp, 8 [03-18-2005]

A co worker was talking about her son learning about the flag and the question was posed as to what the stars, and stripes represented. All I could remember was that the original 13 stars represented the 13 colonies.
Gladys Browne, Rhode Island, age 57, office manager [03-18-2005]

thank you
patricia and elaine roper, mom and daughter doing a school project [03-18-2005]

Betsy Ross is my hero I have done so much reserch on her that she is my one and only hero.Before I became a singer in 2000 I had no clue who betsy Ross was but no I do. Love,JoJo p.s. Email me from : the singer gurl
JoJo, I am in 6th grade and we are doing a Wax Musuem tommrow and I have to star as Betsy Ross. [03-18-2005]

Christian, 15 [03-18-2005]

Mrs. Gillule's class, High School class [03-18-2005]

Plan to Visit in Person in September. Thank You for this site.
Keith G. Cole, 67yrs Old Retired I Love American History [03-18-2005]

Alexis Frayer, I am ten and a half almost eleven [03-18-2005]

this was my great great aunt
anonymous, grant park 13 [03-18-2005]

Kody, Lincoln Park MI [03-18-2005]

I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross and was wondering if I could find any information here.
Casey, I'm 11 [03-18-2005]

John Hess, Allison Park, PA [03-18-2005]

emily [03-18-2005]

gabriella schultz, 6 years old [03-18-2005]

Kathryn, I live in Cape Coral. I am 14 years old. [03-18-2005]

Rama Road Elementary School is very good for us.
Achbayar Erdenekhuu, 12 [03-18-2005]

Opps,did that already...
Doris Gregory, I am a 53 year old Kindergarten teacher at Berkeley El. school located in Spotsylvania, Va. We are doing a unit on Women in History this month and I am exploring the possibilities for finding unusal information that might hold a Kindergarten child's attention. [03-18-2005]

Lisa, 16, ohio [03-18-2005]

anonymous, Columbia City, IN 26 [03-18-2005]

Annie [03-18-2005]

I need to tour this house for a school project on Women's History.
Andrisell Martinez, My favorite color: Purple [03-18-2005]

betsy ross is cool!
Kelly, MBE, 11, sex:female [03-18-2005]

Betsy Ross is on our family tree on my Father's side. I am proud to know about my heritage and the this website has been remarkably done in such good taste. Thank you.
Linda Bleau, Pensacola, FL [03-18-2005]

I think Betsy Ross was a wonderful women.
Shayna McGehee, Ark City 14 I love horses [03-18-2005]

you were a wonderful person
Jessica, 13 [03-18-2005]

shawnna [03-18-2005]

Brye, Columbus,9,brown hair [03-18-2005]

besty ross is a good person to know about her life and where she lived/
erin, i like this site. [03-18-2005]

jessica garrett, i am 10 years old [03-18-2005]

austin walden [03-18-2005]

jeannie, I live in Los Angelos, 7,I like cats [03-18-2005]

I'm doing a Betsy Ross biography and it is due by tommorow. Hopefully I can learn about her childhood, adulthood, accomplishments, and more.
anonymous, 5 th grade [03-18-2005]

lesslie, age"9" [03-18-2005]

Betsy inspires me!
Brittany [03-18-2005]

Aaron, I am age 9 & a cub scout [03-18-2005]

I like u a lot and i am doing a report on you because you r me favorite person. Please wright back. THANK YOU CRYSTAL SMITH
crystal, leland,nc i am 11years old [03-18-2005]

brandy lovins [03-18-2005]

tiffany, i live in milptas [03-18-2005]

Brandi, 16 [03-18-2005]

Thank you for the information, it really helped my second grade daughter, her school is having a wax museum and she is going to be Betsy Ross.
Michelle R. Matthews, Canal Fulton, Ohio [03-18-2005]

Aurea Gonzalez, 12, Puerto Rican, Lives in the Bronx [03-18-2005]

Lasha Philabaum, I am 12 years old [03-18-2005]

Max [03-07-2005]

Thanks for so much information and a great flag!
10 years old [03-07-2005]

I am a third grade teacher and I am helping a student do research on Betsy Ross. Thanks.

frackville pa, 17 [03-07-2005]

Jacksonville,Fl 45 [03-07-2005]

Fayetteville, N.C. [03-07-2005]

I am helping my daughter marlyn ortega. she is doing a report on betsey ross. she needs to know all about her childhood and what she went through in her life. Her report is do on march 15,2005 I am hoping we can find some information on her soon. thank you!
34, chino california [03-07-2005]

22 [03-07-2005]

How happy I am to see this. Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit many of these historic site.
Minnesota, age 85 [03-07-2005]

9 years old [03-07-2005]

I want to go to lijiang yunnan
quanzhou 20 [03-07-2005]

what's up!
22 [03-07-2005]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross for school.
9 [03-07-2005]

10 [03-07-2005]

I am interested in acquiring a BETSY ROSS DOLL and a few other items(They did not have one the last time I visited). I would be interested to know if I can order on-line. Thank you Carolyn Vogan
I reside in Pensacola. Florida. As I have family in Philly, I have visited Betsy Ross's Home when visiting and never tire of the history. [03-07-2005]

california [03-07-2005]

My school project is learning about a famour american
I am a 3rd Grade Student, I am 9 years old [03-07-2005]

Researching information on famous women with my 10 year old for his 5th grade report. Great site!
Pequannock, NJ [03-07-2005]


Love to know the history of my homestate.
Malone FL, 48, born in Canonsburg PA [03-07-2005]

25 [03-07-2005]


I am playing a part of Betsy Ross in a play [03-07-2005]

Dry Fork, VA Age 23 [03-07-2005]

teacher [03-07-2005]


I'm helping my daughter do a report on Betsy Ross for school
I live in Dillsburg, PA. a small town south/west of Harrisburg [03-03-2005]


dayton tennesse years old deaf interpreter [03-03-2005]

I am proud to be an American.I appricaite that Betsy Ross made our flag.(I like cats).Thank You Betsy! Signed Kiana
age8 live in Capistrano Beach,Ca. [03-03-2005]

my birthday is coming up soon so i hope this will last till moday to keep my occupied.
metuchen,N.J.,08840, 11 turning 12 [03-03-2005]

reserch for my sons homework in school.
nj 29yrs old [03-03-2005]

I am 10 [03-03-2005]

i am researching Betsy Ross for a report. I am really amazed in what she did. I can't believe she sewed that whole flag. That, i think is amazing.
PA age 13 [03-03-2005]

Picayune, 41, love history, I am a writer(well trying to be) and I have 2 poems published, and I sell on ebay. [03-03-2005]

Looking forward to learning more about this lady
Texas [03-03-2005]



Was Betsy's house big?
Hamilton M.t [03-03-2005]

God Bless America......Fantastic fact finding site!
Pennsylvania [03-03-2005]


I have a project about her that I need to do. [03-03-2005]

I am taking this virtual tour with my daddy. I am homeschooled and in the 2nd grade, and I am studying American History right now.
7, Nashville, TN [03-03-2005]

I am taking this virtual tour with my daughter, Rachel, who is in the 2nd grade and is homeschooled.
43, Nashville, TN [03-03-2005]

Stafford, Virginia [03-03-2005]

32 [03-03-2005]

I am doing a "Famous Women" project for women's history month. I hope this house tour helps! ^-^
13 [03-03-2005]


If I were you- Betsy Ross,I would make flags for schools.
8 years old California [03-03-2005]

6 years old [03-03-2005]

Betsy Ross Is my great great great great granmother.
92 [03-03-2005]

waz Up dudes
11 [03-03-2005]

Congratulatoins on the first flag! :)
Howard, PA 13 [03-03-2005]

wichita ks age:16 [03-03-2005]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross and her family/friends
I have a project about Bets Ross. [03-01-2005]

I am visiting this website about Betsy Ross and I want to learn about her on the website. I am a doing a school project on Betsy Ross.
7 1/2 years old from Denver [03-01-2005]

age 9 from Parkersburg, Iowa [03-01-2005]

9 [03-01-2005]

Thank you for your website. I am getting information about Betsy Ross for a report.
Tulsa,OK 11yr. old, Female [03-01-2005]

We are a kindergarten class from Albertville, Alabama. [03-01-2005]

15 [03-01-2005]

I was named after my greatgrandmother and Betsy's maiden name.
11 [03-01-2005]

I was named after Paul Revere.
11 [03-01-2005]

i am studing about betsy ross
natalie [02-28-2005]

I will like it if you can send me a picture (an actual one)of Betsy Ross Your friend, Ladesha Nelson
Ladesha Nelson, Aurora, Illinois 15 years old [02-28-2005]

Ladesha Nelson, Aurora, Illinois 15 [02-28-2005]

my aunt has a notebook that caares of family history back to betsy ross, which was written on a .02 note pad.
jewel Balkcum, 52 yrs old ocean isle beach n.c. [02-28-2005]

TAYLOR, 10 [02-28-2005]

This site was very good for my 7 year old neice who needed information on Besty Ross for a report.
Tammy Anderson, weedville, pa [02-28-2005]

AATOYYA WADE [02-28-2005]

I'm a girl it sounds weird But everyone calls me Benjy.
Benjamin Bettelyoun, 11 [02-28-2005]

May we never forget our godly heritage and the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom
Pat Morris, Elysburg, PA [02-28-2005]

I was named after Betsy Ross, but everyone calls me Bet
Betsy Jorgensen, 11 [02-28-2005]

We are studying Betsy Ross and were curious if her house was still standing. We were happy to learn more about it on this website. Thank you.
Mrs. Wyckoff's first graders, Cedar Falls, Iowa [02-28-2005]

hi. [02-28-2005]

I'm related to her.
Jack Harpster, 10 years old [02-28-2005]

Michelle, Jacob and Leah Hurd, Jacob 14, Leah 6 [02-28-2005]

judy alvarez, texas [02-28-2005]

amber, 8years [02-28-2005]

Valerie Alexander [02-28-2005]

i am doing a project on Betsy Ross
tigga bear, 14 8th grade popular and cute [02-28-2005]

I dont have a message, I haven't viewed the site?
Joy!, I live in Tiffin [02-28-2005]

visited Betsy Ross home Oct,99 and plan to visit again this Oct.05,Wouldnt miss getting the chance to visit again.
Connie Barbey, Desoto, Mo- Age 51, Female [02-28-2005]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross and I had fun coloring your black and white print out of the American Flag that Betsy Ross made. My mom printed out enough copies for me to hand out to my class!
Frederick Davis, 7 years old, student at PS 30, Staten Island, NY [02-28-2005]

Kaylie Petersen, age9, gymnast [02-28-2005]

I would love to know about Betsy Ross's house.I learned about Betsy Ross in school.Thanks for making this tour.
Skye [02-28-2005]

TABITHA KURTA, pgh, pa 13 doing report [02-28-2005]

Larisa Elliott, San Angelo, TX [02-28-2005]

I am Trying search for Betsy Ross's life for a presentation in my school, Thanks
larissa carroll, VBeach, VA ( 9 years old) [02-28-2005]

David Owen, Jefferson City, MO 37. [02-28-2005]

Visiting the house as part of a report on Betsy Ross. Will is in the 4th grade.
Cindy Cartwright and Will, Buford, Georgia (NE of Atlanta) [02-28-2005]

Elizabeth Griscom, 11 [02-28-2005]

I am writing a book and was searching family history and found out that Betsy Ross is likely to be a distant relative, it makes a good story. Fascinating website, especially for us so far away.
Charlie Ross, Located in the Isle of Lewis (N West Scotland. [02-28-2005]

God bless America
Eden Smith, Nashville, Tn. Age 34 [02-28-2005]

Sexy C, I'm 11, sexy [02-28-2005]

Khadija [02-28-2005]

My first grade daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross so I am learning so much. What an interesting person!
Jessica Soma, Murrieta, CA [02-28-2005]

Betsy rose [02-28-2005]

Ashley Spagnuolo, I am 7 yr old and live in Shelby Twp, MI . I am doing a book report on Besty Ross. [02-28-2005]

Cherub [02-28-2005]

jay, abc [02-28-2005]

Hi I am doing a report for school and I think this is a nice site for information.I go to Hance Elementary in Rchland school district in Pennsylvania.
Brittany Hunzeker, 11 5th grade [02-28-2005]

I love your books
shekualia bacon, i am 12 years old [02-28-2005]

Doing a diroama on Betsy Ross
Missy, nj, 7 [02-28-2005]

anonymous, Bensalem, PA 41 yrs. old. [02-28-2005]

hi this site is cool
Brittney, 12,medford,hot [02-23-2005]

Could we have a tour, please?
Dorothu Jo Creekmore Kope, Married, almost seventy-yrars old. Mom corosponded with one granddauther of Betsy Poss,, she was tha tlafy's Grand .Crand to this Lady. [02-23-2005]

what was it like wen u were gronwin up? was it black and white or color? i am doin a great american projest and i picked u cause u sode the amreican falg. but i also think that u r cool. wat wlse did u do besides sow the american flag. please e-mail me talk to u soon mabe. ps.i think ur cool
AVERY INGRAM, 12 was born july . 30,1993 [02-23-2005]

thanks for the online imformation!
liz, 14 [02-23-2005]

I think that this is a neat website to go to during school. Because you don't have to tell the teacher a lie. If she/he says what are you doing back there. You can say just on that web you said to go to. It's neat when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend ya no. Because you can hang out together. I have 1 brother and1 sister. But they don't live with me now. There out of school. My bro or brother is 23. My sis or sister is 25. They both have 2 kids.I don't have a boyfriend right now though.I'm just on here for a stupied report i have to do about this Betsy ross person for school. So I hope you all know how I feel. Probabally not though. I have 1 dog also his name is Dusty. He is 5 now turning 6 this June.I like to talk a lot about stupied things as you can see. Well I don't know what else to talk about really .Well I gota go see ya later courtney norton.
courtney norton, I live in Troy. I'm 12. I'm coool in school not. [02-23-2005]

courtney norton, I live in Troy. I'm 12. [02-23-2005]

I am writing a report about Betsy Ross for my second grade project.. Thank you for all of the stuff I learned here.. Morgan Chain
Morgan Chain, 8 years old [02-23-2005]

anonymous, Oklahoma [02-23-2005]

Dod you like basketball or football?
Jake, sports! [02-23-2005]

Betsy's memorabilia room
Kristen, Blue eyes [02-23-2005]

I am 9 years old and I am doing a research on Besty Ross!
Luis Steuer, Africa Nigeria, Lagos [02-23-2005]

Briana [02-23-2005]

i loved your tour i wish i had your house its classical
miss Denise Princess, i am 13 i live in Clifornia [02-23-2005]

Honey, I'm 10 years old and my real name is Cotura. [02-23-2005]

CJ Oplinger, 11 years old [02-23-2005]

I was here at Besty Ross house and loved it the coolest part was that she had a musckit
Tyler Matthew Heubach, Manahawkin New Jersey 9 years old [02-22-2005]

found you by the etheme method that our school has just started using.
Richard Deardorff, I'm 53 - male - teacher- 5th G - starting my 30th year- Webb City Schools - Webb City, Mo. 64870 [02-22-2005]

Mrs. Robinson's Kindergarten, Kindergarten Class [02-22-2005]

we wish we could travel to Philadelphia to see this house
ann nelson, kindergarten teacher [02-22-2005]

Henry, 15mw [02-22-2005]

Paige Parker [02-22-2005]

Lydia Omori [02-22-2005]

Kristen, 10 years old [02-21-2005]

Emily Gay, 8 Patrick Drive Lagrangeville,NewYork [02-21-2005]

Jen K., 8 years old, live near Valley Forge, PA. [02-21-2005]

Carole Gerrity [02-21-2005]

hope to visit this summer
daniel burton, 10 yrs. old - florida [02-21-2005]

I am going to try to dress like Betsy Ross during a celebration of Women's History month at work. I needed a picture and some history. This is a wonderful site, I like the poems especially "The Flag" (author unknown), it was very, very, moving and so true.
Judy Mackie, Amesbury, Massachusetts. I'm 59 years old, I am married and work full time- management. [02-21-2005]

I`m doing a report on Betsy Ross. I found this site on Betsy Ross while doing my research.
Erin, 9 years old [02-21-2005]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and last year with my 5th grade class i took the walking tour of Philadelphia. Sadly we didn't get to go to Betsy Ross' House.
Bridget, Oreland PA, Age 12, Born in Philadelphia [02-21-2005]

Thanks Betsy for making our flag!
Hanna Wooden, 6 years old, live in Oxford, PA [02-21-2005]

Jennifer [02-21-2005]

i <3 betsy ross!
ninny, rhode island [02-21-2005]

hhey i will like you take me on the tour of you house and thank
roaquinda madison, 14 years old live in the united states of america [02-21-2005]

Kenny Hardman, Hudson, WI, 5 yrs old [02-21-2005]

i found this site while working on a web quest power point presentation for my masters in education class. I plan to use this web quest in my classroom also. Great site.
Amy Bratton, Dickson, TN [02-21-2005]

Just looking for information for my daughter's presentation.
Janny Augustus, San Pedro Sula, Honduras [02-21-2005]

It was an honor for the entire family and my guests from Germany to visit the Betsy Ross House. It will always be treasured in our minds!
The Reinaman Family Ottsville, PA [02-21-2005]

louise, looking for period decorating ideas [02-21-2005]

I saw the house last May 2002 it was neet.
Vonda Tanner, I live in Idaho [02-21-2005]

Kristen [02-21-2005]

s.lustgarten, pa. [02-21-2005]

Julia, Minnesota [02-21-2005]

Samantha and Lou Ann Roberts, kindergarten student and grandma (kinder teacher) [02-17-2005]

Lets see what you've saved.
TODDY, love history [02-17-2005]

Victoria Hill, Kansas City, Missouri, 7 years old [02-17-2005]

christine, texas [02-17-2005]

JONEA, dallas tx 44 yrs old [02-17-2005]

Betsy Ross, may she rest in peace.
Meghan, Michigan [02-17-2005]

We are studying the Betsy Ross flag and her life.
Edwards first grade class, dover, Ohio [02-17-2005]

Bob Corbett, Bridgnorth,Shropshire,UK. [02-17-2005]

Hi from the fifth grade class
Fifth Grade Gordy Elementary School, Chambersburg PA [02-17-2005]

2A, class [02-17-2005]

betsy ross is my total rep
alyssa [02-17-2005]

Bianca Jenson, i am 13 years of age [02-17-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.If you have any questions e- mail me anytime!I will always write back.Just inclose your e-mail address!
Jessica Elise Walton, I am eight years old,and in third grade. [02-17-2005]

im a kid doing a report for socal studies
kelso [02-17-2005]

Looking for Colony Diarama for daughters school project
Deborah, Ferndale, 35, [02-17-2005]

jazmine [02-17-2005]

Erika, I'm 7 years old. I live in Naples,Florida. [02-17-2005]

very helpful, thanks!
TRACEY BALES, michigan,24,student [02-17-2005]

Just taking pictures off the internet to send to a little friend in Michigan.
Rosemarie Devlin, Philadelphia, PA 34 years of age, [02-17-2005]

ashley, i love soccer, I'm 11 years old, & i love to dance [02-17-2005]

I'm reading a book about when she makes the flag. I like the book.
Kimberly, Omaha, NE [02-17-2005]

donald gallagher, phila.,46, Landscape Architect [02-17-2005]

anonymous, 13 [02-17-2005]

Pam Weiner, Los Angeles, California [02-17-2005]

Nicole will be doing a report on Betsy Ross and I thought it would be good for her to see where Betsy lived.
Lisa and Nicole Morales, I am 34 and my daughter Nicole is 8 [02-17-2005]

Elizabeth [02-17-2005]

kim, 15 [02-17-2005]

I'm researching Besty Ross for a project at school.
Sammi Iannucci, Age 6 Wilmington, NC [02-17-2005]

Kathleen Johnson, Chicago, Illinois [02-17-2005]

Dana Lambert, Pendleton, Indiana, 31, Media Specialist PHMS [02-17-2005]

Mrs. Morgan's Class [02-15-2005]

Lacey, 9 [02-15-2005]

I find it all intresting
Vickie Rogers, female, Levittown, NY [02-15-2005]

carol bellinger [02-15-2005]

Sara [02-15-2005]

hi waz^
grace, usa [02-15-2005]

William, 8 [02-15-2005]

Rose Rambo, Ft. Pierre, SD, [02-15-2005]

jazmine, npn 12 [02-15-2005]

Lisa Longenecker, Dallas, Texas- age 9 [02-15-2005]

lindsey [02-15-2005]

my fav color i sred
baby gurl, 11122221 [02-15-2005]

Our troop is coming to Philadelphia 1st weekend in March.
Margaret M. Bender, Hamburg, Pa. (Northern Berks) Jr. Girl Scout group aid. [02-15-2005]

I was born at 338 Buttonwood Street in 1944, not too far from Betsy Ross's house. That block of Buttonwood Street does not exist anymore. Betsy Ross's house was the first historic place that I visited. I went with my older brother, George and my older sister, Margaret. I was probably about five or six years old. The thing that was striking to me was the small size of everything. Paul
Paul J. James, 60 years old, Born in Philadelphia, Living in California [02-15-2005]

Caitlin A. Bankowski, 9 year old - doing a report on Betsy Ross. [02-15-2005]

I am here to do a report for my Social Studies class. We have to make a brochure of a historical place.
Brittney Daugherty, I am in the Eighth Grade. [02-15-2005]

Torie [02-15-2005]

this is a great way to see history
kristy hunter, from missouri 43yrs.mother of 4 wife of 25yers. [02-15-2005]

We are using this site for a report for my 5th grader.
Connie MacTough, Philadelphia, 40 [02-15-2005]

i am the littlest.
allison, 6 [02-15-2005]

I am in 3rd grade & chose Betsy Ross to do my report because she made the first American flag. And I found that to be very interesting.
Caitlyn Zindroski, Age 8, Los Angeles County, CA. I am doing a "Women in History" report on Betsy Ross [02-15-2005]

We will be visiting your area in June. Cant wait to see the house in person.
Steve & Connie Murphy, Baltimore Ohio [02-15-2005]

Danielle, im 15 [02-15-2005]

Planning a trip to The new England states from California in August!
Carol LeFaive [02-15-2005]

Phillip Lake, Brandon, MS, 56 [02-15-2005]

Karen Ross [02-15-2005]

Am doing research on the flag for fun, knowledge. In the process of joining the D.A.R. Also in the process of making a quilt with designs of the flags.
Susan McDonnell, Bellevue, Nebraska, age 47 [02-15-2005]

Dr. Norma Jean Coon, a descendant of the Mahurin family which is part of the Ross family [02-15-2005]

April Bittle, Boise, Idaho [02-15-2005]

Barbara Migliaccio [02-15-2005]

you're cool for making the flag~!
us, indiana [02-15-2005]

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. I am now an Instructor of Interior Design in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. One of the classes I teach is called "Study Tour". In this class the students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with places of interest outside of our state and interntionally. I choose The Betsy Ross House as one of the places I wanted them to become familiar. I have decided to have them become very familar with Philadelphia this semester.
Debbie Christianson, LaCrosse, Wi age-50 [02-15-2005]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House and what a great feeling that gave me.
Robert D. Pennington, Gainesville, Fl...Age 55 [02-15-2005]

gay ina, homemaker-brownieleader [02-15-2005]

I have print no#190 The Birth of Old Glory by E.Percy Moran in its original frame, dated 1917. Would you know the value?
dusti [02-15-2005]

payton [02-15-2005]

Thank you for this site I'm working on a school project.
Rain Foley, Female, 11Yrs old, Knoxville TN [02-15-2005]

Looking for information to do a school report.
Madison Tinus, Berlin, MD age 7 [02-15-2005]

hi my name is Kierstin I am in the Patriots Program. I am in fouth grade. I have to do a brochure on something or a person and I picked the Betsy Ross house. So this is why I am looking through here and gathering information.
kierstin [02-15-2005]

good job, betsy
yvonne gomez, from san diego [02-15-2005]

Mrs. Bower's Third Grade, Central PA [02-15-2005]

We enjoyed seeing Betsy's house. We are reading about her in our class. Thanks for the visit.
mrs. strawser's third grade, rural indiana [02-15-2005]

Thanks for the tour. Chelsea is doing a report on Betsy Ross and she thinks this tour will be interesting!
Mrs. Dobson and Chelsea, Teacher and student [02-15-2005]

Dusty [02-15-2005]

me [02-15-2005]

Teresa Peden, Culleoka Tn. Age 39 [02-15-2005]

I was doing research on the American flag for Boy Scouts
RYLAND SADLER, 10 year old boy, Plainview, Texas [02-15-2005]

Betsy Ross is an awsome seamstress wish I was as good as her!
lexi, I love learning about the Revalutionary War [02-15-2005]

I love Betsy Ross! She is soo amaizing! I wish I could time-travel to the time she lived and I wish I could have met her!
Katerina, A BIG fan of Betsy Ross [02-15-2005]

Samtamina, 1623 [02-10-2005]

HEATHER GRIEPSMA, i,m a girl age 11 [02-09-2005]

jordyn [02-09-2005]

Found this site this morning after talking with my grand-daughter on the phone. She home schools and was doing some extra work. She chose to read about Betsy Ross and our flag.
Beverly Junkin [02-09-2005]

Trista Head, Enterprise Al. 7 years old [02-09-2005]

betsy rose made the first flag with 13 strips and stars on it and i most sertunly like her and if she were here i wood want to learn even more about her
SHELBY, lindsy drive i'm 8 and i like ponys [02-08-2005]

Great site. Helping daughter with school project.
Angie & Christine Schroeder, 46yrs., daughter 12 [02-08-2005]

Renata [02-08-2005]

Hedy Eckel [02-08-2005]

Barbara Griffith, easly sc---63years [02-08-2005]

CArlee [02-08-2005]

Nicole B., 10 years old [02-07-2005]

AMBI, tx,8,wedgewood elementary [02-07-2005]

this is a great site, i've been to the house in person. and the site is just like being there.
Jennifer Harkins-francis, new orleans,La.,32 [02-07-2005]

kathryn, 8 [02-07-2005]

Sandra Wright [02-07-2005]

Ciara Sullivan, Niota tn 11i visited becausei love betsey ross [02-07-2005]

I am in fifth grade and doing a biography on Betsy Ross. She is a wonderful person!
Stephanie, Harlan Iowa,, 11 years old [02-07-2005]

Avery, iowa [02-07-2005]

Pat Quam, Minnesota 38 [02-07-2005]

i love betsy!
billy bob joe, south carolina, 44 [02-07-2005]

I plan to visit the Philadelphia area this year. I haven't been to the Betsy Ross house since I was a kid, but even then I remember the house being tiny - low ceilings and tight steps. Am I imagining this ?? Thanks for the virtual tour. This is a very informative site. Sincerely, Arlene Castro
Arlene Castro, 46 [02-07-2005]

i was born and raised in philadelphia and moved to maine when i married in 1955 but my heart will always remain in philly,although my family is all gone now i still return to visit old school friends and neighborhoods.
JEANNETTE BORIS ALLEN, age 68- i live in kennebunkport maine but spend winters in n.fort myers florida [02-07-2005]

Stephen McFall, Student [02-07-2005]

Amber Jamison, student teacher, age 23 [02-07-2005]

anna kessler [02-07-2005]

more info
lexa, 9/f/nj [02-07-2005]

LISA DINKEN [02-07-2005]

lin fan, well 20 [02-07-2005]

I was in Philadelphia in August 2004 for a poets convention and I visited Betsy's house. I loved the guys out front perrying and thrusting. My daughter is going to give a biography report and presentation ("Chautauqua") and she has chosen to be Betsy Ross. This is very interesting to her because in addition to being a poet I am also a seamstress. So we are looking for a picture of Betsy Ross so that I may make her an accurate period costume, to help make her more believable to the audience. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated as I wasn't able to take pictures when I was there (your rules). Thank you Leisa D.
Leisa Davidson, Currently in Logandale, Nevada [02-07-2005]

OTIS L. JAMES, Age, 38 [02-07-2005]

Mary Massarelli, columbus, ohio 7 years old [02-07-2005]

Miranda, 9,Drums [02-07-2005]

Cathy Wallis [02-07-2005]

kassa, i'm 12 years old, I live in [02-07-2005]

allegra brown, 7 [02-07-2005]

Thanks for the opportunity to take this tour.
Gerri, Florida [02-07-2005]

jodie norris [02-07-2005]

I visited here on a class trip from Edison NJ when I was in elementary school. Now my Daughter Kellie and I are taking a virtual tour! Awesome!
Patti McCourtney, Atlanta GA [02-03-2005]

Cecilia Quiroz, 8 Hillside, NJ [02-03-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Katherine [02-03-2005]

My daughter and I are looking Betsy Ross information up for a school project. My daughter was assigned to be Betsy Ross.
Carrie Wilson, Toledo, Oh. 26 yrs. [02-03-2005]

Katie Paszkiewicz, 12years old Winona MN [02-03-2005]

Patrick and Robin, Valparaiso, IN residents, home school, operate a golf supply business [02-03-2005]

Faßke, germany, 24 [02-03-2005]

wendy conrow, Thirty-nine year old single mom. College students/Sales &Marketing [02-03-2005]

I will be learning about the contributions of well-known people to our country and the world. I have chosen to report about and portray Betsy Ross to my 2nd grade class at Wedgewood Elementary in Friendswood, Texas.
Michelle Cabler, Friendswood, TX, 8 years old, attend Wedgewood Elementary, 2nd grader [02-03-2005]

Cheyenne Contreras [02-03-2005]

Josh, utah [02-03-2005]

Asia Hunt, N.Y. 10years [02-03-2005]

Robert Larson, Layton, Utah [02-03-2005]

Emily Daamico, 1457 Indpendence R.D Halmi; TE AGE 10 [02-03-2005]

Rose Mary Lopez, San Antonio, Tx. 5th grade Dual Lang. Teacher [02-03-2005]

Im doing a report on the life of Betsy Ross and this sight will be helpful. God Bless Americia!
Emma Lawless, I'm 10 and live in New Jersey [02-03-2005]

rina [02-03-2005]

Ms. LaFosse's first grade class, Conroe, Tx [02-03-2005]

Marta West, Morgan, Utah age 47, college student, mother of 8 [02-03-2005]

I am in the sixth grade and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. The information on this website has been very helpful.
Amber Lark, 12 years old [02-03-2005]

Hannah Lupton, Palmer IL age 8 [02-03-2005]

I am doing the Social Studies Fair project at my school on " The Legend of Betsy Ross "
Betsy Holbert, 12 years old, live in West Virginia, school, Walton Elementary /Middle school [02-03-2005]

this really good for a report i had to do on Betsy Ross. Thank you
Amanda Coggins, i live in Twin Falls Idaho i am 14 years old and i love to dance [02-03-2005]

Thank you so much for the tour of Betsy Rosses house! I thought that it was something that everyone who believed that she had made the first flag should tresure it. Thank you, Chrisitne Sitman
Chrisitne Sitman, 11 years old 21860 Indian Spring Ct. Amberson Pennsylvania [02-03-2005]

Roxanne, age 11 [02-03-2005]

Chrisitne Sitman, 11 years old [02-03-2005]

Jammye Scott, Teacher- Oklahoma City, OK [02-03-2005]

megan nugent [02-03-2005]

elizabeth, 10 [02-03-2005]

michelle\ [02-03-2005]

This site has given me lots of information just like what I needed. I chose her bacause she has so much. Thanks Lots!
megan, Texas 11 doing a book report on Betsy Ross [02-03-2005]

Michelle [02-03-2005]

Margaret, Duluth,GA 8 years old [02-03-2005]

erica m kraus, Akron Ohio age 7 2nd grade [02-03-2005]

Gary Snell, Springfield, Pa; 47 year-old male [02-03-2005]

Betsy Ross is a relative. On family tree as a aunt.
Jerri Geer, Betsy is a relative on our family tree. [02-03-2005]

tarin cox, 18 Indiana [02-03-2005]

thank you
elaine, manhaton,15. [02-03-2005]

Mrs. Harris' Fifth Grade Social Studies Students, Penderlea School Penderlea, NC [02-03-2005]

Marissa, Wheeling, IL 8 years old; doing extra credit on betsy ross [02-03-2005]

Heather Carpenter/Haley, Female age 10 [02-03-2005]

Amanda, Age 8 [02-03-2005]

Cheyenne M,, I'm 11. [02-03-2005]

michelle [02-03-2005]

Julia Morocco, age 9 student [02-03-2005]

Heather Turner, Tennessee, 23 [02-03-2005]

Cheyenne M,, I'm 11. [02-03-2005]

Browsing this website for History class
Darren Dickson, from Utah [02-03-2005]

My ggggrandfather Pierce Dant Hamblen quartered with the Continental Army in 1776-1777 fought in both battles with George Washington at the battles of Trenton, NJ, Long may our flag wave. I served to give all Americans the right of liberty and protest.
Tom Barrett, 52 yr old USS America CV66, Navy veteran [02-03-2005]

Jennifer Blodgett, Vernal, Utah; 30 yrs old, student [01-30-2005]

Adam Lattin, Liberty, Utah 23 years old [01-30-2005]

Darby [01-30-2005]

Marisa Arce, 9 [01-30-2005]

shasta, 13,pa [01-29-2005]

David Stark, Morrison, CO. Born Erie, PA 1944 [01-29-2005]

Ross Richardson, Michigan, 28, male, Let Freedom Ring. [01-29-2005]

destynie, age9 [01-29-2005]

Olivia is studying about Betsy Ross because she will be portraying her in her second grade class play.
Olivia and Isaac Yarborough, 8 and 6 [01-29-2005]

Would like to take a trip out east and would like to stop in. Thanks
Chester Kanitz, Madison Wisc. Retired from U.W. Madison [01-29-2005]

I am a third grade teacher and our class will be coming here in the spring via Duck Boat. Any suggestions?
Christine [01-29-2005]

Danielle, orlando,fl [01-29-2005]

Betsy Ross is the best needleworker I have ever heard of.
Rachel Troxell, md 8 [01-29-2005]

Hila Watson, Utah [01-29-2005]

Thank you for such a wonderful web-site. As a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Watauga Chapter, and a Bible teacher, in my church, I'm asked to do patriotic programs from time to time. This is a favorite.
Mary B Yarbrough, Memphis TN [01-29-2005]

Maresa Crossley, Live in Utah. I am 21 years old. I am a full time college student. [01-29-2005]

David Keller, Finksburg, MD [01-29-2005]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross., Teacher [01-29-2005]

I am doing this for an assignment in a history class. But, I am finding it very interesting as well.
Anna Petersen, Utah, 49 [01-29-2005]

Esher [01-29-2005]

rachael [01-29-2005]

Deborah Bosarge [01-29-2005]

wats up homies?
Darren Everhart, I"m in a gang [01-29-2005]

Deborah Bosarge [01-29-2005]

I am going to my whole school project on you
Betsy Rocks [01-29-2005]

anonymous, High Point,NC.,age 30 [01-29-2005]

My daughther and I are doing a diorama project for her school project. I noticed that there is a gift shop with memorabilia. How can I preview the available items for sale and can I purchase them over the Internet? thanks, Lorenzo & Sienna
Lorenzo and Sienna Hidalgo, Whittier, CA [01-29-2005]

i think betsy ross left a big impression on the world... we just dont know it yet!
Caitlyn Faria, i live in mass, in 13 yrs old and i like to hang with friends [01-29-2005]

looking forward to taking the tour in person in May, 2005 when I visit Philly
Cam Schafer, El Paso TX 51 [01-29-2005]

Venessa Ybarra, 20, SLC, UT Student [01-29-2005]

Lisa Gonzalez, 41 years old, I live in Los Angeles, CA. [01-29-2005]

Juana Ochoa [01-29-2005]

I want to tour because I am intrested in it.
Francisco Meza [01-29-2005]

hi I am your biggest fan.
Brianna, i lke Betsy Roos [01-29-2005]

Ariel, maen [01-29-2005]

Ihope that you can make movies about you and others.
tiannamcintosh, ageis11and i love school Russellville middle school [01-29-2005]

Christine Howell [01-29-2005]

I am doing a report on the American Flag
Vic, 8, New York [01-27-2005]

I need some info for one of my class's
Michele, I'm 28 I have been married 10 yrs. I have two daughter's age 7 and 9. I'm a full time college student [01-27-2005]

i'm doing a reachsearch project on betsy ross
anonymous, 11 [01-27-2005]

i'm glad i found this. it is a school project
sarah, 11 [01-27-2005]

brittany, im 14 and i live in loachapoka,alabama [01-27-2005]

Amanda [01-27-2005]

Karen Baumann [01-27-2005]

Hi i'm erica1
Erica, at school right now [01-27-2005]

samantha, hhtehyte [01-27-2005]

hi! i am doing a report!
Jessica, nm [01-27-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is awesome! I was researching her for a report I think she was very brave! If you could I would like you to send me some brocheres or something like that
katelyn deweese, 11 [01-27-2005]

Thank you for keeping our history vital.
Juliet Bush Madsen, Born in Philadelphia serving in the US Army in Iraq [01-27-2005]

Ethaniel [01-25-2005]

Looking for piture of Washington smiling
sherrie Cunningham, Oregon,48 [01-25-2005]

My grandson is doing a project for Cub Scouts, on the flag. To do that he has to find out about Betsey Ross. This is a wonderful web site.
Sharon Svopa, Moses Lake, WA [01-25-2005]

Leslie Cantu, 12 years old. Elementary Student. [01-25-2005]

I use this information for classroom projects and activities.
Janet Alspach, SpEd Teacher for 9 years [01-25-2005]

Josh Bray, High School Sophomore doing a biography on Betsy Ross [01-25-2005]

Daniel Young, Oroville, California [01-25-2005]

visited in 1998
jean badger, new hampshire [01-25-2005]

bill [01-25-2005]

I just read a book for a report in my fourth grade class. I enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross
kailey, 10 [01-25-2005]

Cool site!
Dean F. Valenski, Roy, Utah [01-25-2005]

Cailey is writing a report on Betsy Ross. They are having a wax musuem at school where they dress up as someone and give a report on them. Thank you for your wonderful website.
Connie & Cailey Haynie, Cailey is 10 1/2 years old Pleasant Grove, Utah [01-25-2005]

teri zen [01-25-2005]

Patricia Sexton, Cheyenne, Wyoming - originally from Philadelphia [01-25-2005]

trevor [01-25-2005]

betsy, 12 [01-25-2005]

i think being able to tour the home of betsy ross with a computer is wonderful!
David W. Mays, Live in Virginia. [01-25-2005]

Trying to find sites for unit. Finally found Betsy Ross info. Thanks
Linda Mautz, Coordinator of Gifted Services [01-25-2005]

Kristen Foxx, Kissimmee, Florida, 30, [01-25-2005]

Robert R. Mattern [01-25-2005]

grace brown, 8 years old from California [01-25-2005]

Judy Gebo [01-25-2005]

I am doing a project on besty ross at school
hannah staib, 6, greenlawn ny [01-25-2005]

Nice web site. Very informative.
Cynthia Beaver, Ohio, I enjoy learning about American History. [01-25-2005]

y0o...wuts crackin peepz? wh0 eva reads this and needz a friend im here! so you can h0la at im g0nna g0..s0 Later! I L0VE YA NICO! <3 haha
*JeSs*, Dirty 15 and i rock! [01-25-2005]

could you give me any info on betsy???
Reasa Dulany, South Dakota, 11, I am doing a report on betsy ross and i wanted info on her [01-25-2005]

kimberly mcgee [01-25-2005]

vanessa lee, I am almost 9 years old and will be playing mrs. ross in a school play this year [01-25-2005]

This article will help me a lot in my Project
Jenine Arias, 11 years old [01-25-2005]

Dena Campbell [01-25-2005]

We love learning about our country's history and heritage!
Jimmy and Danielle N. [01-25-2005]

Thank you!
Kaitlin Cook, I am 10 years old and doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. [01-25-2005]

Iam a desended of Betsy she is my Aunt. My granmother Martha Croall,Ross She told me that she was. Her sister"s aunt Mary & aunt Sara. said she was my aunt when I was about seven. I might add every time I salute the Flag I am proud to be an American.
Donald H Croall, 28Meadow La, Newark De. [01-25-2005]

chelsi [01-25-2005]

destiny, 10 [01-25-2005]

Tiffany Sprishewsky, 31 from Lakewood NJ [01-25-2005]

Leigh-Ann Nicole Bradley, 11 years, school progect [01-25-2005]

i love the websites
frank, ca, 10, [01-25-2005]

Jennifer Hamblin, Syracuse, Utah, 28 [01-25-2005]

Bailey short, blue eyes,brown hair [01-25-2005]

olivia, ummm cant say [01-25-2005]

i love bessie i mean betsy ross...!
rachel gummpy, tha rez,47,whatever!,a chic. [01-25-2005]

please email info to the above
courtney roth, 11 year old doing a school report and bio on betsy ross [01-25-2005]

Kendra Clauser, history graduate student [01-19-2005]

Lacey, 9 [01-19-2005]

hilary i like you more that enithing
teph. [01-19-2005]

Mrs. Rawson's second grade class, Arlington, Texas [01-19-2005]

Nicole Sauceda [01-19-2005]

Alicia [01-19-2005]

Meredith, I loke dogs! [01-19-2005]

virginia carew [01-19-2005]

used site for a home work assignment. thank you
natalie [01-19-2005]

we are homeschooled and was interested in learning about Betsy Ross along with other historical sites.
Shelly and Amber Kisselburg Griffin, Georgia, 13 & 12 years old [01-19-2005]

Smarsh's [01-19-2005]

ashlee, edinboro [01-19-2005]

kyle, ten and weird [01-19-2005]

El [01-19-2005]

thank you for letting me do this
alison ruonavaara, 12 in calumet,mi [01-19-2005]

lisa [01-19-2005]

I am doing an oral book report on Betsy Ross for school.
Alex Keller, 9 years old [01-19-2005]

I have visted this website because in school we are doing a wax musem and I am Betsy Ross.
Lauren, almost 11 years old and I like dolphins [01-19-2005]

Makenna Smith, Oklahoma, age 8 [01-19-2005]

Arthur Blankenship [01-19-2005]

that is a beautiful register mamm i wish i was a living union man during this the main time thankyou for the delicate kindness .. i can note no more a blessed handshake
timothy minor, brothers domain illinois [01-19-2005]

Terry KIlian [01-19-2005]

kim and paige lawson [01-19-2005]

Bailey, i am 10 and i am related to Betsy Ross [01-19-2005]

I love the directions for the 5-point star. It is so easy! Thanks.
Laura Robertson, Louisiana [01-19-2005]

rockstar8345, 10,i live in tennessee [01-19-2005]

LYNN COBLE [01-19-2005]

i cant wait to see the house betsy ross lived in and i cant believe my sister has been inside it!
sierra baker, im sierra baker im 9 years old and im very inteligent ( LOL this is her sister mackenzie typing this and she really wants you to know that! shes watching me research for a school project, i wrote in here yesterday) [01-19-2005]

mary carroll, toledo 42 [01-19-2005]

hey! im doing a report for my class on betsy ross. i chose betsy ross because i have visited her house and i had gotten a broshure on the house. i also chose betsy ross because one of my familys good friends is benton penn, a relative to willaim penn.thank you so much for all this info. its really going to help me! i cant wait to come visit again! P.S. betsy is a really strong chick! she married a non quaker when her family strongly disaproved, shes got major guts and i admire that!
MacKenzie Baker, im 141/2 i live in lansing michigan. ive been to the betsy ross house once [01-19-2005]

Sou apaixonada por tudo dos Estados Unidos, principalmente o oeste americano com a sua história de colonização. Acho que n aoutra vida fui de alguma família irlandesa que foi morar no oeste americano. Leio muito sobre o pais e, o engraçado, é que sou nascida a 04 de julho. Descobri esta página porque vivo pesquisando histórias do velho este na internet.
arles maria de oliveira peter, journalist - 57 anos [01-19-2005]

i like to spend my nest vacation in geogia as a tourist
james idinye, 50 thomas street ebute meta west,lagos.nigeria.i am 24 years old [01-19-2005]

cody banks [01-19-2005]

erica, bryan,tx [01-19-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsey Ross
Tegan Berry, 8 years old -live in NJ [01-19-2005]

egan, 10 years old school project [01-19-2005]

bonnie hopper, 44 years old [01-19-2005]

TAMMY FARMER, hamilton,oh [01-19-2005]

Betsy Ross is a great American hero
Katrina Clements, 13 years old, Albuquerque, NM [01-19-2005]

rachelle, im really nice talk like a black person have a lot of friends i'm 13 [01-19-2005]

I think this site is great. I love reading and learning about Betsy Ross and History as well. Watching the American Flag wave is the greatest. United we Stand and ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Thank you for this interesting Web Site.
Sherry, 38/F/Georgia [01-19-2005]

My three children and I cut out the Betsy Ross Star with one cut. We had a blast trying it, and finally, after 3 attempts, had a five point star. Thanks.
Christina Bradford, Arizona [01-19-2005]

We visit the historical sites every spring break. My daughters are looking forward to again visiting Philly, especially the Betsy Ross House, Franklin Museum, National Constitution Center, Liberty Bell, etc...
Rick Savakinas, Albuquerque...48 [01-19-2005]

Tengey christopher kofi, Ghana age 36 [01-19-2005]

Im a big fan of Betsy Ross and of history for that matter. Anyway, I apprietiate what you guys do to bring her life real to each person who chooses to take the adventure.
Haley Andrene Taylor [01-19-2005]

Barbara E Lee, 74 yr Retired Civil Servant [01-19-2005]

I am writing a book report on Betsy Ross and I have to present it to my class dressed up like Betsy Ross
Grace Granados, California, age 9 [01-19-2005]

Erin Asbury, I am 7 I live in Tifton,GA on Shephan Court. [01-19-2005]

Thank you for showing us the pictures. We read the book by Alexandra Wallner and published by Hampton-Brown books.
Mr. Cox' ELD Class, Scott-10, Lupita-10, Celica-11, Mariana-10 and Mr. Cox [01-19-2005]

Thank you for showing us the pictures. We read the book by Alexandra Wallner and published by Hampton-Brown books.
Mr. Cox' ELD Class, Scott-10, Lupita-10, Celica-11, Mariana-10 and Mr. Cox [01-19-2005]

chelsie [01-19-2005]

Very interesting!
Brenda, Michael & Meg Warren, Granbury, Tx Homeschool teacher & children 9 & 11 [01-19-2005]

tesla bridges, 10 [01-19-2005]

heather, 16, dothan- northview high [01-19-2005]

no thanks
Anabelle, nj [01-19-2005]

Pam Sellers, 50, teaching students about Betsy Ross [01-19-2005]

Dan [01-19-2005]

Thomas Gilman, 10 [01-19-2005]

hey hope this is fun
khailey [01-19-2005]

i am learning the history of the american flag and betsy ross in school. i will be presenting my class a oral presentation on betsy ross
BRITTNEY EIDEM, california--9 years old [01-19-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Briana Lucas, Age 10 [01-19-2005]

Denise Phillips, FT Bragg NC wife of a soldier [01-19-2005]

Denise Phillips, FT Bragg NC wife of a soldier [01-14-2005]

I'm learning about Betsy Ross.
Alexandria Lewis, Virginia, 5 [01-14-2005]

This is sooo cool
Nicholas, 11 years old [01-14-2005]

Loree Morse, Colorado [01-14-2005]

chelsea codd, 13 raleigh,n.c. [01-14-2005]

Stacey Teer, Texas, 37, Teacher [01-14-2005]

I want to see the house in person, but the Internet will do.
Amy, Slinger, WI [01-14-2005]

Candi Saladine, Yulee,Florida [01-14-2005]

Sam, Doing studies for school [01-14-2005]

I am related to Betsy, she is my 5th great aunt. My husband toured the home last year and brought back a Byers Betsy doll and some pictures. I can't wait to visit the house myself when we fly there next spring! If you have an email list I would love to be on it. Thank you so much for preserving our heritage!
Chris Hough, Sacramento, CA [01-14-2005]

I'm homeschooling my daughter and we are going to take the tour!
christy, I'm 53 and I'm from Illinois [01-14-2005]

i am here because i want to learn about betsy ross and the flag cause i'm writing a story aboout it
Ashley N. Edwards, 11 [01-14-2005]

Caroline Roddy, Denver, CO9 [01-14-2005]

Studying Betsy Ross for a school biography project.
Sophie, California, 8 yrs old [01-14-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and she is very interesting.
Darcy, Ohio, 11 [01-14-2005]

Chelsea, 12,ny [01-14-2005]

Ed Ellege, 46 Asheville nc [01-14-2005]

Researching Betsy Ross for a school project
MacKenzie Ann Wright, Houston, TX 8 years old [01-14-2005]

I am doing a school report on Betsy Ross.
schoolchild, age 11 [01-14-2005]

kristen Wood, Silver Cliff Colorado 14 [01-14-2005]

Shantell Patterson [01-14-2005]

Katelyn [01-14-2005]

Jenny [01-14-2005]

Torianna, 7 [01-14-2005]

ellen [01-14-2005]

I have personally visited the house in the past, and take my students there each year -- via Internet. Thanks so much for maintaining this site, and making this special place available to those of us who are far away.
Lorie Balman, classroom teacher [01-14-2005]

stephanie cardinal, age 14 i live in dayton oregon [01-14-2005]

With my mom Kelly, I am completing my first grade biography assignment.
Alexander Sprecker, Erlanger KY age 6 [01-14-2005]

I came across this site by accident and found it very interesting. I will incorporate this in my classroom.
Christine Mistos, teacher [01-14-2005]

Lauren Holey, 7 years old. I live in Florida and am studying Pennsylvania. [01-14-2005]

Plan to visit this building today.
Clare Braham, 11 Harwood Road, Marlton, NJ [01-14-2005]

god bless the u.s.a.!
Sara Moore [01-14-2005]

lauren kowtun, i like history im 20 years old [01-07-2005]

DAWN DENNIS, STUDENT ( middle school) [01-07-2005]

Mariam Snider, Am a distant descendant of Betsy Ross and am 70 years old. [01-07-2005]

anonymous [01-07-2005]

jessica, 27, female [01-07-2005]

Christopher, 13 [01-07-2005]

Nick Pera, great soccer player [01-07-2005]

courtney walker, interested in history type of person [01-07-2005]

I love America!
Emily, Arizona, 18 years old [01-07-2005]

Kelyn Bihm, 9 [01-07-2005]

Ashley Pitt [01-07-2005]

sandra, ca,41 [01-07-2005]

Happy New Year!
Alicia Christiansen, Lake county Florida [01-07-2005]

Tericca Rigney, AJ Lloyd Middle... 14... [01-07-2005]

Betsy Ross is a American hero in some ways! SHE MADE OUR FLAG! hUrRaY!
Tommi Day, Age 14 [01-07-2005]

Betsy Ross is a hero in some ways. She made our flag.
Rhonda Burnette, Age;13 [01-07-2005]

Hey! I can't wait to tap into this to see if it is boring or interesting I really don't know who Besty Ross is I thought she flew a plane.Oh well time will tell.
Jasmine, Atlanta,Georgia 13 [01-07-2005]

i likey da flag, yyyyeeeessss ccccuuuuzzzz!
Lesedi Chambers & Doug Caulfield, Lesedi- age 12, female Doug- age 12,male....both live in MS..... BOTH HAVE ISSUES! [01-07-2005]

Ii hope this is a fun tour.
Destiny, Greenville,12, [01-07-2005]

charlie dishman, monticello ky 13 [01-07-2005]

We are using the info you have provided for our 2nd grade report. Thank you!
anonymous, ohio [01-07-2005]

Nikky, san diego, 13, female [01-07-2005]

krisitna gomez [01-07-2005]

Tamaria Taliaferro [01-07-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
shea fuller, Heart of the valley christian school/ Age:9 [01-07-2005]

I am excited about the tour.
Branden W and Stormy G [01-07-2005]

ja'Nautica [01-07-2005]

anonymous [01-07-2005]

We are studing the flag and Betsy Ross in school. I'm learning a lot about our American History. I love it!
Molly Day, I live in York, Pennsylvania, I'm 7 yrs. old. [01-07-2005]

Austin S. [01-07-2005]

CHRISTY RAINEY [01-07-2005]

Liliya, wa, 14 [01-07-2005]

I'm going to teach my grandsons about the American Flag.
Monica, Racine, Wisconsin, female, age 62 [01-07-2005]

Carol Clark [01-07-2005]

Maura [01-02-2005]

Ingrid Gibson, Philadelphia [01-02-2005]

My last name is Ross. My father always said that we were related to Betsy and John Ross. I never really believed him. He used to joke about a lot of things. But, recently I talked with my brother about it, and he said that it is true, and evidentally George and John Ross, who we were also related to, of course, signed the Declaration of Independence. What a hoot!
Katherine L. Ross, I was born in 1951, two hundred and one years after Betsy was bornlive in Colorado Springs, CO. [01-02-2005]

Ray Contreras, Seguin,TEXAS [01-02-2005]

Ellen, Colchester, Connecticut [01-02-2005]

elizabeth, age 9, new orleans [01-02-2005]

Michael L. Schifano, 40 Year Old Paralegal from California [01-02-2005]

anonymous, 18 [01-02-2005]

I am looling for information about Betsy Ross for a bullitan board. The house tour was great.
vicky brashier, library tech. @ watson branch library 65yrs. [01-02-2005]

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