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Tammy Messmer, Clarksville,TN, age:33, teacher [12-29-2004]

Lindsay Dermer, Colorado, age 27 [12-29-2004]

David Kirkby [12-29-2004]

besty is cool
jacqueline alicia kosluk, 13 [12-28-2004]

YENHUNG CHEN, ny [12-28-2004]

Matt Tuggle [12-28-2004]

Enjoyed the tour.............
Erika Morris, I live in Florida, but originally from Colombia [12-28-2004]

Thanks for your precious conservastion of Besty's home.
Keith Alan Danley, Kauai, HI / 43 yrs./farmer [12-28-2004]

Emilys plan [12-28-2004]

In 1978 I was born into "One Nation Under GOD".My forfathers including my own natural father have bleed for on foreign and domestic soil. It is my pray and hope that GOD will agian bless this Nation with revival that there no longer be talk about our Pledge, The Ten Commandments,or Nativity Scenes on court house lawns. That this Nation agian will return to "One Nation Under GOD"! Keep up the good work porviding the information like this website. Fight the good fight that we all may say as Paul did " Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses,let us lay aside every weight,and the sin which doth so easily beset us,and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,despising the shame,and is set down at the right hand thorne of GOD.
A. Paul Couch, 26 years old Claremont, N.C. [12-28-2004]

hey what´s up? Anybody here?
Anna, I´m 16 years old and live in Germany [12-28-2004]

Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for a wonderful first-time visit; what excellent work! Truly, Kat
Kat Hays and Family, State of Illinois, USA [12-22-2004]

I am doing a school report .
Kristin, I am 8. [12-22-2004]

Cora [12-22-2004]

Cynthia Paterson, Canada [12-22-2004]

i am second child of six.i also have six children.
cheryl west, windsor me. 40 [12-22-2004]

i have no idea what to write lol
lillian fayver, 13 [12-20-2004]

Lois Ulmer, age 45, lives in Missouri [12-20-2004]

cind, history bluff [12-20-2004]

Studying Betsy Ross in school
Sara Noa Mark [12-20-2004]

for me is very impportant to now history about the meaning of the united states flag
blanca j. ibanez, NJ. 38 years old, [12-19-2004]

Married To Patricia Ann Godwin (Curley) and father of 2 boys Joshua P. Godwin & Wesley P. Godwin
Jeffery P. Godwin, Houston, TX ; 38 [12-19-2004]

hi ikant wait
amanda, 11746 [12-19-2004]

My husband and I hope to visit Philadelphia in the near future. So much to see!
Patty, Gainesville, TX [12-19-2004]

Hi, looking for Sarajane home fashion fabric
Lisa, Delta, BC [12-19-2004]

Wish I were there.
Patricia Brick, From Bellevue, Wa next to Seattle [12-19-2004]

abi, mand...14....female [12-19-2004]

I am excited about the tour.
Mary Hardy, Greenville, Mississippi [12-19-2004]

COURTNEY, school [12-19-2004]

Melisa, Columbus, Ohio [12-19-2004]

Allison Rice [12-19-2004]

michelle mendello, mmother [12-19-2004]

Joyce [12-19-2004]

I just read about this house in a history book.
Marcus, 9yrs old [12-19-2004]

Betsy Ross is so kool i ahve done 2 reports on her. she's the best! lol
IluvJesseMcCartney [12-19-2004]

Elizabeth Mijangos [12-19-2004]

Adrianna Rowry [12-19-2004]

anonymous [12-19-2004]

sturik [12-15-2004]

it is a helpful source for reports
cody sanders [12-15-2004]

I am going to write the best Betsy Ross report in history!
MonkP5 [12-15-2004]

Hailey Kazmirski, 11yrs., Doing Betsy Ross for a biography report [12-15-2004]

Linda Pendleton, Female/California/Psychology Secretary [12-15-2004]

Thank you for the opportunity to print historical information that my child can learn. Carmen
Carmen Aponte, NY, 47, Homeschooling grandsons - 6 and 3 years old [12-15-2004]

Hey, derrty, you are really cool, don't change
Avril Lavigne, 19 years of age, canada [12-15-2004]

Veronica Hyland, Pennsylvania [12-15-2004]

i visited the house as a child and wanted to know if it is still an attraction in the city.
Beverly A Russell, 56years old Machesney park il. born in Salem n.j. [12-15-2004]

I am so greatful to Betsy Ross. She has my love, gratitude, and thanks.
Madison Finn, 11, ney york, i love soccer [12-15-2004]

i did a report on betsy ross for my senior project
janine mayhue, 18 [12-15-2004]

ashley arapoff, school project [12-15-2004]

i relly admire BetsyRoss
Maria, im the older one of my brothers [12-15-2004]

Natalie Briggs, Belton, TX [12-15-2004]

My name is betsy too!
Blee, I'm 11 years of age [12-15-2004]

Calyn Johnson, 12 [12-15-2004]

Ed & Sheila Arnold [12-15-2004]

I am studying Betsy Ross and found this web site. My Dad is orinting some information out for me so I can use it in for my project. Meghan
Meghan Auer, 3rd Grader from Princessa Anne Elementary School in Virginia Beach [12-15-2004]

God Bless America
ed otrembiak, Illinois,53 [12-15-2004]

Jess [12-15-2004]

I have been in the Betsy Ross House many times over the years and wondered how anyone could live, much less entertain distinguished guests, in such a tiny home. I'm so glad Betsy's house has been preserved.
Nancy Lowe, Lancaster, Pa. [12-15-2004]

Shannon, I live in Alabama, 27 years old [12-09-2004]

Hello I want to learn a lot about Betsy Ross.I am in 4th grade.My age is 9 I am turning 10 in a few months.
Nick [12-09-2004]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross.I'm in 4th grade.
Bill [12-09-2004]

Hi' I am in 4grade.Hi am going to go on a tour Betsy hhouse.
Patrick [12-09-2004]

Hi my name is brian. Im from Philadelphia. I hope I learn lots about Betsy Ross' house. I hope I have a good time on the tour. I was at Betsy Ross' house before.
Brian [12-09-2004]

Hi im alexa . I am ten .I am 4 gred
Alexa [12-09-2004]

Whats up I wish to see you soon. hope your house is nice
Victoria [12-09-2004]

Hello my name is Billy. I am nine years old. I have to go. Sorry.
William, age 9 [12-09-2004]

Hello I'm from philadeliphia I'm glad to be on this tour!
Kalene [12-09-2004]

hi i am 10 years old. I have been wanting to see some pitchers of your house.
Brittany [12-09-2004]

Kylie, age10 [12-09-2004]

Hi i'm so happy to be here and i am in 4th garde.Its so fun!
Sarah [12-09-2004]

I'm glad that you will let me go dude
Alec, I am 9 [12-09-2004]

Hi! I'm in 4th grade me and my class looking at Betsy Rosses house!
Billy [12-09-2004]

Cody, age 9 [12-09-2004]

I have wondered if the ghost of Betsy Ross is troue.
Johnathan [12-09-2004]

I've been in the real house before I am in 4th grade
Andrew M. [12-09-2004]

Hi I am in forth grade and we are taking a tour.
DAVID [12-09-2004]

Hey dud whats your name.
Joey, I am 9 allright dud. [12-09-2004]

Hi I can not wait to see Betsy Ross' house.
Cheyenne [12-09-2004]

Amanda [12-09-2004]

Hi I am in forth grade and we are taking a tour.
DAVID [12-09-2004]

Im happy because im hear.
Dan, Im 10 [12-09-2004]

Hi I aolyes wonted to see her house.
Thomas, 9 [12-09-2004]

Hi! I'm in 4th grade me and my class looking at Betsy Rosses house!
Billy [12-09-2004]

steven, 41 10 semple st [12-09-2004]

Steven, 14 [12-09-2004]

I am doing a biography report on Betsy Ross. Gret website!
Urvashi, Atlanta,Georgia [12-09-2004]

Ross Jean Paul, Luxemburg (Europe) age 60 never been in the states [12-09-2004]

Reba Downs, homeschool mom [12-09-2004]

Thank You Betsy
anonymous, Kansas,28, [12-09-2004]

ana [12-09-2004]

Tarick Jones [12-09-2004]

Nay, i live in orlando fl. i'm 13 years old and don't feel like doing this right now, or anytime soon. [12-09-2004]

kymberli zuckert, 12, live in sebastian, florida [12-09-2004]

Visting your site to help gather information for a 3rd grade school project.
anonymous [12-09-2004]

Iam doing a report about Betsy Ross
Natyia, 461 ellis st., 10 [12-09-2004]

My family has been making flags since 1945 in Louisville, KY and we names our son Ross and we wanted to name our daughter Betsy but Kellie won out.....
Reggie Oates, I am a flag Mfg. located in Louisville KY [12-07-2004]

You make nice flags could you make me one with my name on it and a picture of Mario the R-BHip hop singer
Shaquana Lindsey, 13 [12-07-2004]

School report Due on Betsy Ross... Betsy didn't actually sew the flag, it was made by the men of the 16th Regiment of minutemen needing a flag.
Jeff Goldner, San Antonio, Texas, 13, Like listining to music when free... [12-07-2004]

dumb me [12-07-2004]

i really enjoy learning about betsy ross and i am doing a powerpoint on her. and i need some information on her
samantha stephens, 14 ohio [12-07-2004]

totaley asmome dude love history Kim
Kim, Keller Texas 13 [12-07-2004]

Mivvy Smity, 16 cuttie and love dogs [12-06-2004]

we are doing a web page on americn flag / reserch
ashlee /emily/paul, 13/f [12-06-2004]

This is our first trip.
Ms Fraley's Class, Virginia [12-06-2004]

I am currently writing a research paper on Betsy Ross and her historical site.
Dominic [12-06-2004]

catherine carlucci, live at laplata maryland [12-06-2004]

i'm doing a book report on betsy ross.thank you for the informations.
celina grace gernale, 9 yrs [12-06-2004]

Lucy Steller, Pennsylvania [12-05-2004]

kat [12-04-2004]

I am writting a book report on Betsy Ross because I love the American Flag and I wanted to lr=earn about the person who made it an I also want to learn how to sew now!
BreAnna Ratliff, 7 years old [12-04-2004]

Bayli [12-03-2004]

Thank you. I am doing research for assemblies at my school on the flag and all that it represents.
Adaire Leps [12-03-2004]

just looking at america history
LINDSAY, pa 10 years old [12-03-2004]

gabrielle, 13 [12-03-2004]

Marcy Rice, teacher in Tappahannock, Virginia [12-03-2004]

looking for info for a report on Betsy Ross
Janet, nj age 40 [12-03-2004]

This site was very interesting. i found a lot of info on Betsy Ross for my 8th grade project.
Amanda, Georgia [12-03-2004]

I wish she could still be here so we can meet her.
Laelonie, Hayward,CA., 11 [12-03-2004]

I'm doing research for history day.
Elizabeth, Fontana, California, 7 years old. [12-02-2004]

DONNA POLLARD [12-02-2004]

ould-yahia djamila, algeria;43; teaching american literature [12-02-2004]

I found this website by searching my name into google and I found that I have been here before when I was 11 and I was doing a report on Betsy Ross. So rock on Betsy Ross!
Cassandrae Kerr, Tucson, AZ 15 years old [12-02-2004]

Sarah Rowe [12-02-2004]

love, 11 [12-02-2004]

My class wants to see where Betsy Ross lived
Erin HESSENTHALER, teacher [12-02-2004]

Laura Rivers, Turtletown Tn. [12-02-2004]

Nice website - we have used it for school. Great for American history. We have made a lapbook about the flag with my 1st/2nd grader and my 8th grader used this website doing a lapbook about the election/election process.
Linda Goodrich, Nebraska homeschooling mom [12-02-2004]

cant wait
joe spencer, 21 [12-02-2004]

My 7 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We are just starting our search for information about her life.
Michelle McHugh, Woodstock, GA. . . over 30 :) [12-02-2004]

I am doing a report for school.
Adrianna Morris, age 11 [12-02-2004]

I am just researching on Betsy Ross for a school report!
Kristen, I am younger and I live in Florida. [12-02-2004]

lovin this
djuna [12-02-2004]

Brown, missouri 36, teacher [12-02-2004]

Robert B. Stewart, Hudson Co. 36 y/o Farmer very interested in our nations history [12-02-2004]

Research for a report
michael, elementary student [12-02-2004]

Thank you for letting us visit this historic site!
Mrs. Blesi, Philadelphia Teacher [12-02-2004]

We are excited to see Betsy Ross' house.
Mrs. Wellman's class [12-02-2004]

zachary self, n/a [12-02-2004]

clorissa torres [12-02-2004]

just a school sa but GO BETSY ROSS!
abby lee, school project [12-02-2004]

I am in 5th Grade in San Francisco. I included information about Betsy Ross in my report about Pennsylvania. I chose Pennsylvania because my grandmothers family is from Kennett Square. I like Pennsylvania and I want to visit there one day with my family. Thank you.
Greta, I am 11 and live in San Francisco [12-02-2004]

Sarah Jackson, Columbus, Ohio; 13 years old [12-01-2004]

I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross
Kristen Sundet, 9 years old [12-01-2004]

I have decided to do a skit on Betsy Ross for an audition for Destination Imagination. I chose Betsy because she is the person who made the first American Flag. A true American.
Paige Ronan [12-01-2004]

Jill West, 19, ma [12-01-2004]

Oge, 11 [12-01-2004]

I am going to be her today
nikki, 15 yrs [12-01-2004]

I never knew that the american flag was made by a woman. This is a wonderful piece of information, considering the flag which is a symbol of freedom, and women had none until much later.
jacquie, toronto, ontario, age 38 [11-29-2004]

erica patterson, im 12 [11-29-2004]

i enjoy learning about our history of this greta country!
candice, 13 virginia basketball player [11-29-2004]

Madeline Levinson, 9years [11-29-2004]

i fly the flag 24/7 on a 20' pole. i also fly st of ohio flag under the is rather a pretty center piece in my frt. yard.
v frank pittman, 72 yrs old,4 yrs service USN korean vet [11-29-2004]

Alexandria Herrera, age 8 [11-29-2004]

Hi its a great site!
FROILAN MOGOL, philippines [11-29-2004]

Awesome pictures. Truly a fabulous American woman and icon! She kicks royal booty! I wish there were actual pictures of her. I read there aren't any! Also, wasn't she the 9th child? Hmmm...
E. Welle, Ca. 30 (daughters 8 & 9- for report!) [11-29-2004]

am a very proud american. my mother's mom & dad came to my mom's parents came to the u.s.a. from scottland. i'm not sure about my dad's side except that gandmother sinks was part indian. i am not a scotts-american nor an indian-american. i am an american! and i fully support all our troops that go out & fight or die for my freedom.
UDONNA DENISE (SINKS) HENVILLE, i'm a retired accountant. i live in amarillo, tx,. i am 57 years old. [11-29-2004]

melody, 8- Penn Johns School [11-29-2004]

joshua foley, buena park CA. [11-29-2004]

i need to learn about the american revalion
casper, i3 [11-29-2004]

i would really want to see where the first flag was made at!
yeniffers, 13 [11-29-2004]

Ryan Jackson, Cassville, MO age 11 [11-29-2004]

becky, florida [11-29-2004]

I am doing a book report.
erin alexander, MA 8 years old [11-29-2004]

this is for homework stuff sorta
Sarah, Ohio, 12 [11-29-2004]

anel ramirez, quincy washington,10 years old [11-29-2004]

I'm going to protray Besty Ross in an acting preformance.
Elly Eibes, 10 years old, Burlington, IA [11-29-2004]

Natalie, 13/f/ohio [11-29-2004]

The reason that i am on the website is because i have to do a project for my social studies class. I am very interested in what Betsy Ross's house looks or looked like. I have always been interested in what things looked like in the past...... well anyway..... i guess that i better get started on this project!
Alex, south carolina, 13 years old [11-29-2004]

kaitlyn kelly, staten island ny 12 yrs old [11-29-2004]

Tara Jessee, Bristol, T.N, 18 [11-29-2004]

This is very nice. As an historical demonstrator I really love the way the house has been preserved and is bringing history to so many people now. That is one of my hobbies when I'm not doing my weaving demonstrations - looking up historical places and tracing my mom's family tree. Thanks for your care of our American women and history.
SHARLENE LANE, GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL - MID-50'S, Historical demonstrator of weaving (triangle loom, shawls & ponchos),quilting, cooking on open fire, 1600's Spanish - 1800'S, FL & SE GA. [11-29-2004]

I am looking for info. on PM Fishburn, an artist of oil on canvas. He painted Half Dome, Yosemite. I believe Fishburn was with John Muir.
susan [11-29-2004]

I broused Betsy Ross's House because it is a part of my report in my major subject WORLD TOURISM: GEOGRAPHY OF DESTINATIONS...This would be a great help! thank you very much...
April Carie M. Barbadillo, I am from the Republic of the Philippines. I am 18 years of age. A BS Tourism student in Negros Oriental State University, Dumaguete City Philippines... [11-29-2004]

Ruthy, MI age 13 [11-29-2004]

I am doing this tour so I can learn a bit more about her for a school project.
Henry R., 12 yrs [11-29-2004]

thank youfor letting people like me that can't afford vacation see these sites.
Ana, mother of2 I'm 37 Kids (m17)(f12) [11-29-2004]

I took the tour because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my fourth grade class.
Catherine [11-29-2004]

My daughter is doing a Betsy Ross report for American Herritage Day at her school.
Gabrielle Morrison, Catawba NC, Female, Age 36 [11-29-2004]

candise, born ocober 28 1989 [11-29-2004]

HAiley [11-29-2004]

this is awesome!
Chelsea [11-29-2004]

Donald Leonard, tampa fl 31 [11-29-2004]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and need to find information about her and how she dressed.
Kristyn, 11 yrs old, in 5th grade @ Cedar Creek School in Ruston La [11-29-2004]

Betsy McCune [11-29-2004]

Will visit soon!
KC, 7 years old, Austin, Texas [11-29-2004]

Stephanie Byram, age 14 [11-29-2004]

hailey [11-29-2004]

I am proud to be a 3rd generation American born from Lebanese decent. There were no prouder Americans than my parents and their parents. My father fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam (3 tours). Thank you for providing this site.
Theresa Holsten, Lawton, OK; 52 years of age [11-29-2004]

I picked Betsy Ross's House to visit as part of my 10-stop "Electronic Tour" for an American History class project. I'm eager to take the virtual tour!
Kim Dietzel, 13, in 8th grade [11-29-2004]

thak you so much! this helps me with my project
parker p, student [11-29-2004]

Emily Barajas [11-29-2004]

this will be cool
briana yon, 15 1/2 panama city fl [11-29-2004]

hi betsy
bob, coolio funny [11-29-2004]

S. Palmer, teacher [11-29-2004]

what kind of games did besty ross playwhen she was little?
tanya, tanya age9 [11-29-2004]

hey ya !
Jessie, 14 [11-29-2004]

i am doing a report on betsy ross i hope i like it
Sandy Theim, I am 12 yrs old [11-29-2004]

I just saw the picture of Besty Ross...Do you think she made her dress also??? I would like to get a hat like hers, I'll check the Mall tonight
Maria Bellome, Sitting at my computer,old enough to know better [11-29-2004]

learning about her
Angel [11-29-2004]

Our class is learning about Betsy Ross this week and we are taking a tour.
JoAnn Becker, florida; teacher for 1st grade. [11-29-2004]

I was watching a show called Smallville. A character made a statement that Betsy Ross did not design the American Flag. I believe I learned in Elementary School that Betsy Ross made the American flag. Did she design the flag as well as sew it?
Karen A. Sowers, Lerna Illinois 45 yrs old mother of four [11-29-2004]

i love betsy ross thats why i chosse her.
brianna, 9 for historey fair [11-29-2004]

I found your website through a girl scout badge program and was thrilled. I'll tell the troop to come and visit also. Many Thanks, Carol
Carol Keegan [11-29-2004]

Bob, dallas, 25,im dumb and need to learn about her [11-29-2004]

I want to see her house!
Crystal, 16 [11-29-2004]

Doing this for AP American History Class
Meaghan Leigh [11-29-2004]

I hope this tour is as much fun in reality as it is on the computer.
Kaylee Dee [11-29-2004]

Alex Wisniewski [11-29-2004]

I was their when I was little and wanted to see it again
Jeanne, Ellwood City, PA 45 [11-29-2004]

Great tour, loved the pictures
Shannon Henderson [11-29-2004]

Nancy Blank, San Francisco, CA [11-29-2004]

MELVA HOWELL, knoxville [11-29-2004]

I'm writting a report on Betsy Ross and need a picture of her the way she dressed back then. Please send a Copy E-Mail To me. Hailey Blankenship.
hailey, WV> age9 Milton Elementry School [11-29-2004]

Alyss Noe, Hendersonville, NC; Age 8; Doing a report for school on Betsy Ross [11-29-2004]

Douglas W. Keene [11-29-2004]

I love my coutry and when I get old enough I am going to join the Navy! I can't wait to serve my coutry!(:
Sierra, age:10 location:Flintstone,GA sex:Female [11-29-2004]

I am related to Betsy Ross
Nick Betz [11-29-2004]

Kendall Albright [11-29-2004]

Keatha Palmer, Post,Tx 18 [11-29-2004]

hey all of the hotties out there
Racheal, im 15 years old [11-29-2004]

I am here with my granddaughter ariel, age 6, because she was just studying about betsy ross in school.
Georgia Perring, wisconsin rapids, wi. 55 [11-29-2004]

i am a major history buff!
Jennifer, 17, wv [11-29-2004]

Sheryl Rooks, Memphis, Tennessee [11-29-2004]

Patricia Ray, Barboursville, WV age 68 [11-29-2004]

hear santa claus lane from hilary duff
alessia, 10 years old [11-29-2004]

mickayla smith, 8 years old [11-29-2004]

Betsy Ross rocks
Racheal, 15yrs old [11-29-2004]

i want to be and the navy when i get older but i want to learn about the navy at the age of 13 years old. i want to do something at my age .because when i get older i will already know some of the work to do .thank you and can you write me back. thank you soooooooooooooooo much
DELISA, 13 years old [11-29-2004]

Rebecca, Indiana, 13 [11-29-2004]

Astrid Gonzalez, 11 [11-29-2004]

keonn phinizy, 8 years old from philadelphia pa [11-29-2004]

Mrs. Ariail's Second Grade Class
Fair Ariail, Camden Elementarty School [11-29-2004]

thank you for taking me on the tour
nadine harrington, okmulgee, age 44 and i am a student [11-29-2004]

Checking out the site, daughter is doing a social studies project depicting Betsy Ross life
Lisa Taylor, 40 yr old mom of 2 [11-29-2004]

Dorothy Gerheauser-Speer, Arnold, Mo age 36 [11-29-2004]

Simply had my curiosity piqued when viewing various historical/tourist sites om Wheel of Fortune!
anonymous [11-29-2004]

Hello, my name is Rebecca Z. and i live in Holland, MI and i am 14 doing a project on Betsy Ross thats why im here.
Rebecca, I live in Holland, MI [11-29-2004]

Harold Stevens, East Tenn. [11-29-2004]

I wanted to find out more about Betsy Ross and found her here on the internet.
Wayne Mitchell, I live in Blackstone, VA, age 52, US Postal employee [11-29-2004]

Betsy Ross sewed the first Ameriacan flag.
anonymous [11-29-2004]

I just thoroughly love history and enjoyed this tour of Betsy Ross's home. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
Shirley west, Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Have lived in Crandall, Texas since 1990. I am 54 years old [11-29-2004]

Seth, 14 [11-29-2004]

Iam interested to understand the US history regarding the US FLAG.
ARNIE F. SANTIAGO, Philippines, 47 male [11-29-2004]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross. This site is a big help
Thuy, asian, student [11-29-2004]

JERRY LEFLER [11-29-2004]

Cynthia Hanson, Teacher 5th Grade [11-29-2004]

I liked your site, I got lots of information for my report.
Bella [11-29-2004]

Sabrina, 15, florida, female. Strawberry Blonde hair, Blue eyes [11-29-2004]

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about our flag through this tour of Betsy's House.
crockett elementary, Students studying on Veterans Day [11-29-2004]

camrobnm zamnzkl [11-29-2004]

Elizabeth Innis, Austin, TX [11-29-2004]

Sue Jostad [11-29-2004]

Victoria Alfieri, New Jersey [11-29-2004]

Martinez, teacher [11-29-2004]

shalom aleihem !
PRINCESS SOFIA-MAKKIE DE LA WELLSKIE, jewsh lady from hollywood, ca [11-29-2004]

caren brown, tx 40 doing school research [11-29-2004]

TAYLOR STANLEY, greensboro,n.c. i'm 10 and i go to greensboro acadamy [11-29-2004]

My children and I enjoy learning about her and her life.
Sherry Wilson, Home school parent and Home and Garden Designer [11-08-2004]

i would love to see her house!
kaylyn, 14 years old, Illinois [11-08-2004]

isabelle [11-08-2004]

Coleen Mejia, CA 40 yrs Homemaker [11-08-2004]

what does the American flag mean to you
sandy, Conway,S.C 10 years old [11-08-2004]

I am a 4th grade teacher in Texas looking for a great place for my students to learn about the american Revolution.
Sarajane Hodges, 34 [11-08-2004]

I went to visit the house last month. Unfortunately we were only able to go the gift shop. I was interested to share with my students some info on the house.
sandy, monroe Connecticut 37 teacher [11-07-2004]

i loved betsy's house when i was in kindergarten and its still just as great!
tracy ebner, philadelphia pa 25 yrs old, student at temple university [11-07-2004]

Please I need any information about Howard Mc Lean family's I wanna know how can you help me,because they were been my sponsor but we have lost contact a long time.they live in canada I believe you could help me contacted them. thank you I'm waiting for your answerimpatientely. __________________ Élisée Wilfrid
Wilfrid Élisée, Cayes (wi) Haïti, 28ans [11-07-2004]

anonymous, illinois [11-07-2004]

Joan Shinnick, Elementary School art teacher [11-07-2004]

Hey everyone! :)
Marissa, I am 17 years old doing a report about Betsy Ross [11-07-2004]

I would like to clarify this for myself.I have some of my families names and want to find where we come into the family tree. Where can I locate Betsy's children's marriages and and their children. I hope to follow the line up to ours. I always thought she was my Aunt with a few greats attached, but my mother thinks she is a Grandparent. This is something I would like to pass on to my children. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Sincerely Jennifer Jane Gordon. :)
Jennifer Gordon, I am 43 years of age and have been told by my mother that Betsy Ross was my grandmother. It would be about 4 or 5 generations back. [11-07-2004]

The tour of Betsy Ross's home was nicely done. Thank you.
Evelyn L. Pierce, Savannah,GA [11-05-2004]

zachary, 10 [11-05-2004]

Debra, 15 [11-05-2004]

i really like the house
joanna jaysura, 15, in school project [11-05-2004]

claire dilemmo, doylestown, pA [11-05-2004]

I'm doing research for a flag project.
Maria Burton, I attend Dacusville Elementry in Easley S.C (5th grade) [11-05-2004]

danielle, I am 8. [11-05-2004]

johanna jacobi [11-05-2004]

Dani, i live in phx, az. im 15 years old. and love history and sports. [11-05-2004]

Alison Flanagan [11-05-2004]

Samantha Cerda, Im 13 and im doing a report about Betsy Ross becuase I think she mad an big statement about women in the wars I amier her. [11-05-2004]

Flame, 16years old from Philly [11-05-2004]

Sherry G and Dolly [11-05-2004]

Cheryl, Cape May Court House, NJ [11-05-2004]

Gina Fashano [11-05-2004]

Loved the tour! I am using it for my 3rd grade report on an american hero. Thanks!
Claire Harvey, Austin Texas [11-04-2004]

anonymous, Arkansas [11-04-2004]

shay [11-04-2004]

I am 9 years old and I am homeschooled. I have been reading about the Colonial Days for my Reading Class. I read about Betsy Ross and we decided to research more about Betsy Ross online. Thank you for this site. Sincerely, David Benjamin McLatchie
David Benjamin McLatchie, British Columbia, Canada, age 9 [11-04-2004]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross and i was wondering if i could get some information on her just send it on my email
Kaitlin Fiddelke [11-04-2004]

History is alive and thriving here in Bama
Betsy McCausland, New York born, raised in New Jersey, live in Alabama [11-03-2004]

Noel Esquibel, Colorado Springs, Co [11-03-2004]

This is great I like it I'm doing at project for in to put in my shop I;m an eye doctor
Ella Frell, near old married [11-03-2004]

hi my name is mitzi chavez i am a nice person i enjoy loking at betsy rosses stuff i ador her!#1 #1 #1
mitzi chavez, i am a good person, 8 yrs old [11-02-2004]

Im glad Betsy was alive
Tabbatha, 17 [11-02-2004]

blaine welstad, newburg n.d. [11-02-2004]

kenzie [11-02-2004]

jay, i loveto dance aand sing [11-02-2004]

hey i'm in social studies getting info on besy ross
p. the third, age 75 [11-02-2004]

thank you for your support and letting me tour your house love, candace
candace tripp, lexington,10,am girl [10-31-2004]

I visited Philadelphia a month ago and it was great to be there. A historic place where I could see how everything began in your great nation
Angelika Kleiber, German, 25 years old [10-31-2004]

Kreg R Wolfe, port richmond,42 [10-31-2004]

Sarah, 10 [10-31-2004]

Hi. My husband and I bought a house in Fort Madison, Iowa, which was built in 1857-1858 by 2 men from PA, who settled in Iowa with their families. Their names were William George and Jacob Wm. Albright. Mrs. Jacob Albright (Rachel) was a granddaughter of Betsy Ross, and is buried in the Fort Madison City Cemetery, with her mother (Betsy Ross’ daughter, Clarissa Claypoole Wilson), who came from Philadelphia in 1858 and died in Fort Madison in 1864. We would so appreciate hearing from anyone who is or may be a descendant of Clarissa Claypoole Wilson, and/or Jacob W. Albright. I believe they came from Reading, PA originally. Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon.
Carol Davis, Palatine, IL [10-31-2004]

Dan Geringswald, fl [10-31-2004]

Gregory Bowman, 63, American Male, Newark Delaware [10-31-2004]

Kelley D.Vannatter, architectural modelbuilder [10-31-2004]

kameron verner, 22 pennsylvania [10-31-2004]

Vernon Moore Jr., Denver CO., 8 years old, [10-29-2004]

this helped me a lot on my report because i got extra credit because i used this thanks yo what da hook gonna be i don't need no hook on this beat your truly Anna
Anna Marafioti, I am 14 years old [10-29-2004]

Savannah Baer, ne...16 [10-29-2004]

Shannon Boyd [10-29-2004]

Morgan Platt, Surprise Arizona, 9 Using this information for a book report [10-29-2004]

Part of my college geometry project was to go to Betsy Ross's 5-Pointed Star page and make a star in one snip! How interesting! I will probaby use this in a future US history lesson plan. I graduated from high school in 1776 outside of Philadelphia and remember visiting all the historical locations in Philadelphia thoughout my childhood. Thanks for creating this website! P. S. Have you seen the musical "1776"? It is both educational and entertianing at the same time. I highly recomment it!
Susan Lipscomb, Catlett, VA age:46 [10-29-2004]

sarah hendricks [10-29-2004]

I chose to be betsey ross for halloween. i dressed up like her. tried to look like her. i wrote about her. amber sousa
amber sousa, 8 years old, minnesota [10-29-2004]

LOUISE JAMISON, I wou [10-29-2004]

Was always curious if i was kin to Betsy Ross
Heidi Ross, 25 yrs old [10-29-2004]

courtney [10-29-2004]

I am doing an oral report on Betsey where my teacher will video me. I have to make a costume and try to be interesting.
Haley Wild Sichi, California/ 11years old [10-27-2004]

Amber, 15 [10-27-2004]

Lauren, Tennessee, 15 [10-27-2004]

I hope this is exciting my family is looking foward to it
Elizabeth Alvarez, 10 [10-27-2004]

thank you for letting me tour your house...
calissa, i'm a girl. [10-27-2004]

morgan Johnson, erie 10 [10-27-2004]

hi betsy ross. im amanda.
amanda pitts, 8 i like to dance [10-27-2004]

I am doing a cereal box report on Betsy Ross.
Breanna Utt, 4th grader [10-27-2004]

kool [10-27-2004]

I want to see your house from the inside to the outside
anonymous, 10 years old [10-27-2004]

Danielle, Brown hair, age 13, cute [10-27-2004]

darlene davis, history teacher, 54 yrs old [10-27-2004]

Betsy Ross rocks (rocked)
jessica, glad to be in the house. [10-27-2004]

Great site to teach our youth about the flag and patriotism.
Regina Carlton, Girl Scout Leader, Florida [10-27-2004]

my grandparents say Betsy Ross is an ancestor of ours and they she is an aunt not sure which. But my great grandmother Rossana was named after her, which is said she is her aunt.
Candice, Florida, age 33, married [10-24-2004]

Hi, I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross and this website gave me all the information I needed thanks, Grace
Grace [10-24-2004]

I have enjoyed this web page the most. The information is great and easy for me to research. I loved your home very much. I wished I could have lived there.
Savannah Griggs, I am 6 years old and I am doing a research project of Betsy Ross for my first grade project. [10-24-2004]

Allison, 19, California, student at California State University at Northridge [10-24-2004]

Seena Edgerton [10-24-2004]

Anne Sargent, Alabama [10-24-2004]

One of my anceastors founded Wood bury in NJ.I thank god that the UK and the USA stand always side by side. God save us all.
Peter Wood, I am a 71 year old grandfather and I live in the UK [10-24-2004]

I am Betsy Ross for a school project. I need a lot of information about her.
Jana Branham, 6 [10-24-2004]

Chantelle Aguilar [10-24-2004]

Connie McDonald, Magnolia, Ar. 25 years old [10-24-2004]

My students are making a gingerbread house and we chose Betsy Ross House :^)
Rudolph Zotter, Bakery Teacher 39 [10-24-2004]

love betsy clothing line.cute fashions
pamela rice, greenbelt M.D,12,love betsy clothin line [10-24-2004]

Krystal Phillips, I'm 15 and live in GA and AL [10-24-2004]

very interesting piece of history presrved. great!
NANCY LADD, seminole ok 44 [10-24-2004]

i'm looking for a family tree? my husband grand father's name is reason g ross, an his grand mother is etta may elliot, if anyone would know anything about them please email me. tyvm Ann
Ann, 39, ms [10-24-2004]

Amelia Davis, I live in Maryland, am 51, and plan to visit Philadelphia this weekend. [10-22-2004]

besty ross rox
jasmyne griffin, 4219 m street 19 [10-22-2004]

This website is very educational
Priya [10-22-2004]

We are going to a Halloween Party and I am going as Betsy..
norma dean, Louisvillee, Ky 66yrs [10-22-2004]

I really enjoy all these educational websites! keep up the good work
elaina haviland, 15 years im a distance learning student [10-22-2004]

mattie pringle, georgetown, south carolina [10-22-2004]

Kelly, Houston, TX [10-22-2004]

Tracie, united states [10-22-2004]

Jane C, i'm 15, from Lebanon, PA [10-22-2004]

I think that what Betsey ross did graet.
Erica Cleveland, I'm 16 [10-22-2004]

shantele, billings, mt age 15 [10-22-2004]

Visited this house as a young girl,I livied in N.J. The House held a special signicants since I am a decented of Elizabeth Ross through the Griscombs. I always love my memories of the dolls shown in the house at the time.
Donna Fidler, Show Low, Az.,60 years old [10-22-2004]

Jim Landers, Midwest, 43,Software Engineer [10-22-2004]

Marissa Czarnecki, I am 7 learning about famous women in history [10-22-2004]

amy walls, i'm studying Betsy Ross for a Government class i am takeing in the 10th grade [10-22-2004]

Taylor Lee, 9 years old - studying history [10-22-2004]

I wish I knew the names of Betsy Ross's brothers and sisters.
Alex Graeter, I am 9 year old girl in the 4th grade in Louisville, Ky [10-22-2004]

hi im doing research on betsy ross! haha! go cms!
Tanya, 12 [10-22-2004]

mrs. glasgow, teacher [10-22-2004]

Dan Guzman, az,44 [10-22-2004]

leah herron, grandmother [10-22-2004]

Wonderful information for my granddaughter who is dressing as Betsy Ross for her Halloween Parade and History project at school. Thank you
Rhonda, Lake Isabella, CA [10-22-2004]

Kelsey, Hammond, LA 11 and I go to Slu Lab Shool [10-22-2004]

Are you dead
Rebecca Lynn Waydelis, What is my location? [10-22-2004]

hi how are you
michele hamilton, 229 julian ave lansing mi 48917 [10-22-2004]

So happy I found this site on my computor I had my doubts that I could find out anything about the certificate I have framed and have hanging on the wall in my home. My grandmother, from Connecticut, is (was) a member of the AMERICAN FLAG HOUSE & BETSY ROSS MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION 1899. She of course has been gone for many years (born in 1877). I was surprised that blank forms are available...I would have thought it was something historical rather than still being available. Is it humanly possible that you would have HER signature in your register ? and that I could somehow see it ? her number on the lovely certificate is 57265. Her name at that time was Maude E. Hooghkirk. Would sure appreciate a response...thank you for your time... Nancy E. Bruno
anonymous [10-18-2004]

God Bless the internet! Wish that I had access to the internet as a student. Great job in helping to educate our youth and aging youth!
Dianne M. Heiler, Born in NY, now live in CA, Age 35 [10-18-2004]

thank u for a delightful history lesson.
millie leone [10-18-2004]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross and have to tell why I feel Betsy Ross would have been a good President.
Jacqueline Lindsay, 8 years old [10-18-2004]

I know that this tour is going to be very educational and interesting to see.
Carol Rose Bayens, 709 - 79th St. #308, Darien, Il 60561 [10-18-2004]

how did betsey ross make the flag?
mia giannattasio, 7 yearsI LIKE DOGS [10-18-2004]

god bless america land of the free and the home of the brave
Gary Francis Tokash, age 50 born stump creek pa [10-18-2004]

i had to do a homework project on besty ross. she is cooler then i that.
carly, 11 [10-18-2004]

i am doin a report on betsy ross and i have found all this info very helpful
mike, 14 [10-18-2004]

Gaylena & Wesley Teckemeyer, Mother & Son from Slater, Mo [10-18-2004]

Kat, 15/nj [10-18-2004]

my motto cheerfulness is contagious. dont wait to get it from a carrier.and always smile:)
hasita, 13 years old from indonesia [10-18-2004]

Thanks for the site it's great..
Joy Logan, Tampa, Fl [10-18-2004]

Jim Coyle, New York [10-18-2004]

Amy Landsee, Milwaukee,WI 32 [10-18-2004]

Eleanor, 8 years old, Washington state [10-18-2004]

Judy Davis, Newark, DE [10-18-2004]

My best friend Jane is related to Betsy Ross.
Sarah, Ohio/ age:13 [10-18-2004]

Karolajna_1984, I am 20 years old and I come from Poland.I study English Filology and I like it much. In the future I want to be a translator or an interpreter. [10-18-2004]

We are learning about the 13 colonies and I came here to see if you have where Betsy Ross was from
Samantha, South Carolina, age of 13 [10-18-2004]

I am in the United States Air Force stationed in Germany. I love our country, our flag, our freedom, what we stand for. I visited this site for research on my college history paper. I pray I get the chance to visit the Betsy Ross house in the future.
Brandi Ray, 24 yr old Christian, Kansas Jayhawker (born and raised in Hutchinson, KS) [10-18-2004]

emma, 13 years [10-18-2004]

Great site! Enjoying myself and learning a lot!
Arlene, Poway, CA [10-18-2004]

Betsy Ross is one off my heros, but my mom is my number one and I love her a lot.
Joanna, I am go to Ambler,age 9,live in Pickens,have a boyfriend. [10-18-2004]

Madeline Pollan [10-18-2004]

Patricia Hampton, Columbus, Georgia, Paralegal, History Lover [10-18-2004]

Our class is studying about the American Flag and Betsy Ross. We decided to visit this site and we're sure glad that we did because we really leared a lot!
Mrs. Ball's Second Grade Class [10-18-2004]

Marie, San Antonio, Tx, i'm 24 yrs old f. in school doing a project. [10-18-2004]

Milinda Medrano [10-18-2004]

Becci Eckstein, Chandler, Arizona [10-18-2004]

Kate McNinch, 6 years old and ver y interested in history. I plan to be Betsy Ross for Halloween this year. [10-18-2004]

star greene [10-18-2004]

Sheila & Max Rodriguez, Wisconsin, age 35 and 3 years old. [10-18-2004]

sites cool
Bakr Nasser, Guthrie, OK 14 [10-18-2004]

hilary, im 13 years old,i live in a little town in iowa [10-17-2004]

I am so excited about this tour!
lory, Denverco 36 years old. [10-17-2004]

i am doing a project on her
lizzie, i am n panama city,baby [10-17-2004]

Beverly Rama [10-17-2004]

proud to be american.
stephen paul romaine, born 6-13-1956 elpaso, texas [10-17-2004]

courtney [10-17-2004]

Alexa Tracy, Germantown,TN, I am 10, doing this for Girl scouts [10-17-2004]

Stacey Adcock, Killeen, Texas [10-08-2004]

ashley farr [10-08-2004]

My granddaughter is in a school production and she needs to dress like Betsy Ross. She's 7 yrs. old and has knowed her Betsy Ross was since she was 3 yrs. old. She's so excited about doing this...
Debra Smith, Memphis, TN [10-07-2004]

Eric White, Lompoc Ca 93436 14yrs [10-07-2004]

Cassie [10-07-2004]

Bertha Flynn [10-07-2004]

Mike Werner, Elementary School Principal [10-07-2004]

Tiffany Warthan, I live Indiana I am 14 years old [10-07-2004]

Ashton Walker, Crosby, TX 9 years old [10-07-2004]

hey this was cool
nicole, 14 [10-07-2004]

hey every body wus up im about to take a tour of betsy ross's house or is it really her house ? no one knows
janet simon, 16/f/PA [10-07-2004]

what was Betsy Ross's fire place made of?
anonymous [10-07-2004]

what color were the tiles of Betsy Ross's fireplace?
anonymous [10-07-2004]

This sounds good
anonymous [10-06-2004]

Saoirse Walton [10-06-2004]

Kathy Broskin, Home, PA, teacher at Marion Center [10-06-2004]

I am writing a lesson plan for kindergarten students on the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance. This site is wonderful!
Barbara [10-06-2004]

Kiara Clarahan, I live in Iowa and I am 5 years old. [10-06-2004]

Kylee, Jeanna, Kale, Josie, Gina, Jolene, Nash and Jet, Oklahoma [10-06-2004]

I'm trying to find a list of persons who worked on the restoration in 1898. I understand my grandfather was one of the carpenters involved. been told his name was on the original sign in front of the house. Can anyone help me?
karen bausch [10-06-2004]

this is cool!
andrea, seattle, 17 [10-06-2004]

Judy [10-06-2004]

Blaire Morrow, Prairie Grove Ar. age9 [10-04-2004]

Nancy, I am a creative writer, and have always been fascinated with Betsy Ross for undertaking such a large task [10-04-2004]

Mitzi Johnson, Russellcounty virginia [10-04-2004]

Shell Bell, Ashville Ohio 17 [10-04-2004]

It has been fun!
Juliette Lovice Butler, I am doing a "book report" the Betsy Ross biography! [10-03-2004]

Laurie, WA State, 45.... [10-03-2004]

this is a 5th grade project to be honest i didn't even know betsy ross exsisted!?
jazmin thadani, 10 years old [10-03-2004]

carolyn chambers, female,55,ahricanamerican [10-03-2004]

My children were curious about the first flag and we visited here to tour her house.
Robin Pierce, Louisville, KY 30 [10-03-2004]

I am writing a novel about three brothers who arrived in Philadelphia in the early 1700s. One went to Canada as a Loyalist, one stayed in Philadelphia, and one went to the mid-west.
John H. Ristine, Son of F. P. Ristine, Jr. [10-02-2004]

i love this site
jessy [10-02-2004]

Gloria Stanley, South, age 62, Mother and Nana [10-02-2004]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross and i wanted to see where she lived.
Sierra M., Atglen PA,9 years old [10-02-2004]

Thank You
Kitty, homeschool teacher [10-02-2004]

Kim, Homeschooling my daughter [10-02-2004]

greg [10-02-2004]

get smart (opitional)
anonymous [10-02-2004]

visiting for homeschool
Lisa Skinner [10-02-2004]

It must have seemed strange, for a band of rebels to want such a complicated, time-consuming flag design! But it has accomplished its purpose, with its 'Liberal Sprinkling of Stars & Stripes' and waves more proudly than Betsey could ever have imagined it would.
Eleanor Pickron, Philadelphia Girl [10-01-2004]

Nicholas [10-01-2004]

I am a third grader at School #8 in Clifton, New Jersey
Nicholas Veltre, Clifton, NJ Age 8 [10-01-2004]

Your website is very interesting! I have to dress like Betsy Ross for Halloween! It is a historical Halloween.
Anna Blair [10-01-2004]

From FL..... On work assignment in Center City for 3 months and loving every minute of it!
Kristen [09-29-2004]

Thanks for the wonderful site.
rhonda lavalley, Rochester NH, age 41, mom of 6 [09-29-2004]

awesome sight and very interesting history
Laura Ball, Kismet KS [09-29-2004]

I am taking a tour for school.
Caleb Jordan, Indiana [09-29-2004]

danielle, arizona, work at BK [09-29-2004]

This site has useful information.Thanks for sharing!
Roxanne L.Salazar, Texas [09-29-2004]

Take me on the tour plezae
Elizabeth Madden, Pa 12 Langhorne [09-29-2004]

I've been here before!
Shannah [09-29-2004]

Lauren Meyer, In school 11 [09-29-2004]

Robert Joshua walker, mertztown,12,Surving the web here! [09-29-2004]

We are studying Betsy Ross. We are excited about touring her home! Mrs. Humphrey's Third Grade Class
Shannon Briley Humphrey, I am a third grade teacher in Burgaw, North Carolina. [09-29-2004]

Lori, Ks [09-29-2004]

NANCY DALTON [09-29-2004]

Scott Telesz, Bayville, NJ [09-29-2004]

I am working on my Brownie Wave the Flag Try-It and am searching for flag facts.
Kate, New Jersey [09-29-2004]

anonymous [09-29-2004]

I am here for history class
Brreanna [09-29-2004]

Thank you ... Everybody i need your help... I looking for Mrs Helen I dont remenber his Second name She work in Elementary School in Killen,Tk she work to in YMCA info... please to my E-mail Tanks...
adolfo [09-29-2004]

Amy Trinkle, I am 14. I live in lawrenceville [09-29-2004]

Spencer Westall, 13 [09-29-2004]

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Kaitlyn, 11 age [09-29-2004]

graham morris [09-29-2004]

Great tour maybe I can see it one day. Great website for children learning about Betsy ross in school.
Donna Thibedeau, Malad city ID 83252 37 [09-29-2004]

Yeah for online classes, with online vertiual tours as part of them
Carmony [09-29-2004]

Mandy KNoll, 20 years old [09-29-2004]

I am attending weber State College, located in Ogden, Utah. I am a Mother of three kids, married, work, and I have a great appreciation of Betsy Ross. Thank-You for having this web site available to those of us who can't exactley get down towards yall. Thank you, Amy B. Brown
Amy B. Brown, I am from Clinton, Utah. [09-29-2004]

Stefanie Hauenstein, Hooper, 27 [09-29-2004]

I am a 9 year old girl, attending the 4th grade at Prairie Grove Upper Elementary School. We have started learning about American history and Betsy Ross. This is my first visit to a website, thanks to my Grandmother. Thank you for your website and all the information available to me. Sincerely, Beth
Beth Rinker, Prairie Grove, AR [09-29-2004]

i'm in kindergarten and am learning about the american flag.
DESIREE, 5 years old, las vegas,nevada [09-29-2004]

James Humphreys Sr, Ogden Utah 54 [09-29-2004]

Assignment for my American Civilization class at Weber State University
T. Davis, Brigham City, Utah [09-29-2004]

Jackie Poon, From Mississauga [09-29-2004]

Jodi Haas, Utah [09-29-2004]

Chantell Parker [09-29-2004]

we're doing research on Betsy Ross /famous people signed, Ms.H's fifth G/T group
Ms. Humphreys' fifth grade grade G/T class, 9-10-11 year olds [09-29-2004]

I am so surprised to take a tour of Betsy Ross' House. I am studying her in fourth grade.
Jessica Lobron, Newtown, PA 9 years old [09-29-2004]

betsy ross rules! shes #1
ashleigh, 10 [09-29-2004]

I had to do a project for school on Betsy, and I had to dress up like her for my presentation. I found out that Betsy's real name is Elizabeth, and since then, all my friends call me "Betsy" as a nickname. LOL.
Elizabeth Richer, Madison, WI [09-29-2004]

DALE ROBERTSON, Clinton, Md 20735, age 46 [09-29-2004]

Chandler Overton [09-29-2004]

Mr & Mrs Basil M. Ross [09-29-2004]

What qustons would you ask betsy rosss about her house
Nichole, asdfjkl; [09-29-2004]

Patty Blue, Colorado,14 [09-29-2004]

Mrs. Connie Wilson, I live in Council Bluffs, IA. I have been married for 33 years and have 2 stepchildren, 3 children and 9 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. [09-29-2004]

Taking the tour for a college history course. Thanks for the great website!
Cindy Carter, Utah, 40 [09-29-2004]

Marie Steck, Lansdale Pa, 59 years of age Love all the historical sites in Plhiladelphia [09-29-2004]

Matthew [09-29-2004]

I have always been told I am related to Betsy Ross. I am currently doing research, but to date cannot find the connection. I believe it is through the WEAVER, CRANE, ROSS side.
SUSAN RUSS, missouri 57 years [09-29-2004]

Jetta, Ogden, UT [09-29-2004]

Thanks for the informative site. well done.
Ross Young, Canadian [09-29-2004]

Regina Knapp, IL, 50, teacher [09-29-2004]

kevincressley [09-29-2004]

c dozier [09-29-2004]

I love history!
Kayla Wright, CA, 10, girl [09-29-2004]

Just looking for facts and history for my american history project... :-)
Jocelynn, 11th grade [09-29-2004]

winter deer [09-29-2004]

Elizabeth Griscom [09-29-2004]

I think betsy is awesome!
dani, hi [09-19-2004]

Jack Wagner, Virginia, age 9, doing research [09-19-2004]

What a wonderful website! I've been doing some searches looking for patriotic things to share with my 1st graders. Thank you for providing such a well done site.
Kathy Garcia, League City, TX ; 1st grade teacher [09-19-2004]

Cynthia Robison-Hanchett, Utah [09-19-2004]

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Justin Sanchez [09-19-2004]

angelia [09-19-2004]

Crystal Correa, springdale Arkansas 12 [09-19-2004]

Esther Kilada, Clackamas, Oregon, 7 years old [09-19-2004]

Deborah Walden, I am a 28 years old college student from Weber State College. [09-19-2004]

Chanda Sales, Utah 38 [09-19-2004]

Kathleen Cervantes, Hood River, OR [09-19-2004]

Renee Turner, 50 years old, Colorado Springs, CO [09-19-2004]

We are really enjoying your web site. We happened upon it because we are trying to map out a visit to Philadelphia about a 1-1/2 hour drive- our children are studying American history in 4th and 5th grade. Thank you!
The Fairfield's, Randolph, NJ [09-19-2004]

Hanalei Eggman [09-19-2004]

Cody Hosfelt, Age11 [09-16-2004]

millie coomes, Owensboro, KY. female, flags [09-16-2004]

Kristin Spradlin, Soldotna, AK 35 [09-16-2004]

i like this house
avia, im 13 [09-16-2004]

I am interest in famous people, live in or visiting places in Gloucester County, NJ
Kay Woodrow, Mantua, NJ [09-16-2004]

Steve Shields, Keller, Texas [09-16-2004]

I came upon your site accidently while searching for information on the American flag. I enjoyed your site so much! Thank you and God bless, Rev. Erin T. Purcell
Rev. Erin Teresa Purcell [09-16-2004]

Dawn Metcalf, KY, 40, interested in historical needleworks, quilts [09-16-2004]

Lisa, Utah, 25 years old [09-16-2004]

I want to pay my respects to Betsy Ross.
Fran Hartman, Glendale, California [09-16-2004]

I am working on my Brownie "Wave the Flag" Try-It badge. I like the story of Betsy Ross and the flag pictures, especially the one with the snake on it!
Maddie, Age 6 1/2, from Wisconsin [09-16-2004]

Laura Bush visited a flag store in Columbus yesterday. We thought we would visit the original flag store. Thank you.
anonymous, Columbus, OHio [09-16-2004]

PTG of Woodlynde School, We are a Lower School classroom [09-16-2004]

Donna Bailey, 53 years old [09-16-2004]

Trista, I live in Canada in Saskatchewan, I was doing a teeth project when I came across a wabsite that said " Betsy Ross was born with fully formed jaw of teeth and so the next day the teacher said who is Betsy Ross so after school here I am! Oh, and I almost forgot I'm ten. [09-16-2004]

I had the pleasure of visiting Betsy Ross House around September 1984 while studying flag and banner manufacturing methods at Humphrey's Flag Co; just across the street. A memorable experience and an excellent museum. I clearly recall signing the visitor book. Wonder if it's still retained after 20 years?
Clifford Newton, The Bishop Tozers Chapel, Middlemarsh Road, Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire, England, PE24 5AD. [09-16-2004]

Taking my grandmother on a tour of her first internet experience. Found this site helpful in getting her to talk of family history. Thank you
heidi-lynn, white pine, mi 35 [09-16-2004]

Elfia Presta, Long Island, NY [09-16-2004]

Since I do genealogy I will share this: I am descended from William & Jane (McCoy) Ross of Washington Co., PA. William was b. in Scotland and immigrated to America in 1772 and we did have a family history that we could be related to Betsy Ross until I found out she was a Ross by marriage. My Great Grandmother is Nancy Jane (Ross) Kendrick and her parents were William & Catherine (Barnes) Ross. They were both born in PA and married there as well and are buried in Hand Co., SD after 1900.
Edith (Kendrick) Gomez, I was born in WA State in 1939, live in Burkesville, KY [09-16-2004]

Janine Oberg [09-16-2004]

I am visiting this web-site for a class assignment. So far I am really enjoying everything it has to offer. Thanks for the History.
Kathryn Bonney, Location: North Platte, Nebraska Age: 27yrs old [09-16-2004]

jusr seeing of we were family my father was Jack Victorino
jaye victorino Lacopo [09-16-2004]

Ronald E. Layman, Realtor, Stockton, CA -- Cub Scout Leader [09-16-2004]

Have lived in the area all my life, unfortunately, have not saw the "local" texture& history since school days. I will be using my vacation time to change that this year. See you in person soon!
Monica I, True blue American gal [09-16-2004]

charlies ross and betsy ross are both relatives of mine i have on my family tree documentation. all the way back to the bare foot family. nice to vist my late aunts web site. very nice job. thank you. kirk bender
KIRK BENDER, a relative of betsy ross [09-16-2004]

I was just seeing if we are related? but I can really find family history on desendants leading up to her or John Ross?
Vicki Ross, age 30, live in Sandy, Utah [09-16-2004]

it is so neet
callie lane, crawford 39 [09-16-2004]

Lynn M. Smith, Nanuet, NY -- Proud mother of a Army National Guardsman serving in Iraq 2004 [09-16-2004]

I am a writer, and more often than not I use Philadelphia in my novels. In fact My book that came out in July begans in Philadelphia. I love this city. Check out my book if you have the time. Leaves Of Change, isbn 0595324622 I hope you enjoy it .
Elysia Hill Robertson, An hitorical romance writer [09-16-2004]

anonymous [09-16-2004]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross.
Krystina, Texas [09-16-2004]

Lori Lundell, Utah, 24 yrs [09-16-2004]

your website helped a lot with my report on mrs. ross. thank you
Sarah Kay McDaniel, cosby, tn, 17 [09-16-2004]

Edina Kopic, I'm 10 years old [09-16-2004]

Thank you for the flag.
Loren [09-16-2004]

Someday I would like to take a real "life" tour of this home and the flag. I have enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross in my reader.
Jacob Thomas Sims, from Mobile, AL I am 7 years old. [09-16-2004]

wlodarczyk Lauren [09-16-2004]

I really like Besty Ross. I am writting a report on her and was wondering if you could send me some information about her. I got a lot of information on here from your website. So please if you could will you send me some information on Besty Ross. Casandra P.S. Would you please send me some information on her husband also. Thank you.
Casandra, I am 12 years old. [09-16-2004]

anonymous, megan 6 [09-16-2004]

I am doing a project in which I am playing Betsy Ross. I need to see what kind of dresses Betsy Ross would wear so I can make myself one & be in character.
Nicole, age 11 [09-16-2004]

Raymond E. Joseph [09-16-2004]

EDWARD MAHONEY, age 40 helping daughter with homewok [09-16-2004]

Hi as you know my name is nick adn Betsy Ross is an ancestor of mine. My middle name ross was named after her. I htought if you knew that you thought it would be pretty cool.
Nick Moran, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 14 yrs [09-16-2004]

I find that the more that I research into the past our history keeps getting more interesting, the things that was done where done for us all making the place that we call home a much brighter and happier place .(Thanks To All)
Sandena Runyon [ 09-07-2004 ], West Virginia, 38 [09-16-2004]

Was doing resource to find out why Best Ross was chose to sew the Flag and what year she sewed it. I am helping my 4th grader(daughter) with her research
Juanita Kendrick, Gaston,South Carolina, Female [09-16-2004]

sabrina [09-16-2004]

Molly Chapman, I am 6. [09-16-2004]

Jason Kaplan, School Teacher Estero Florida [09-16-2004]

im in possesion of a vest that my grandfather had that belonged to Bill Jackaway, there is supposed to be some connection with betsy ross, though im not sure how. i was wondering if there was any interest in it? please phone me.
ken mitchell, blackwood nj ( 609)330-6221 [09-16-2004]

Thank you for the tour. We are homeschoolers, and this site was very helpful and appreciated. If there is anything that you guys send out, we would really enjoy it. Let me know about the shipping or price, if you do this sort of stuff. God Bless---Tamara Petterborg
Tamara Petterbprg, 530 U Rd. Palco, Ks, 67657 [09-16-2004]

tyu [09-16-2004]

terry delasanta, first trip tyo philly [09-16-2004]

I have always been told by my family, that I a decendt of Betsy Ross family line in some fassion?
Robert K. Ross, Moberly, Missouri, 55 years [09-16-2004]

Margie Hoffmann, 42 [09-16-2004]

Lupita P., Ensenada B.C. Mexico, 44 years old [09-16-2004]

yeah its her birthday!
zanna patterson, hawaii 20 [09-16-2004]

Its my B-Day wooo
mel Patterson, Hawii 20 [09-16-2004]

hope to visit in future. mothers name was betty ross
R. L. ROSS, evansville in. age 51 [09-16-2004]

esha james, myrtle beach south carolina [09-16-2004]

Frank W. Freeman, Katy, Texas [09-16-2004]

I am a college student studying Early childhood development. I chose to do research on Betsy Ross, because I love the American Flag for the meaning iof freedom, which so many times we take it forgranted.
anonymous, asheville,nc college student [09-16-2004]

I love little childern ages 6months-10 yrs old I will do any to help please give me a job just have me doing something thank you.
Rakita Harper, enfieldN.C, 15007 highway 481 west 13 yrs old [09-16-2004]

Ernie Barcia, Hialeah, FL. age:13 [09-16-2004]

Bekah Ru Myers, I live in Wynne, Arkansas. I am 9 years old. [09-16-2004]

ashley jenkins [09-15-2004]

I'm researching information about patriotism to present in a lesson to 12 year old girls in our church.
jane bianucci, Salt Lake City, Utah, age 46 [09-15-2004]

love her or leave her
JIMMY COPELAND, 61 [09-15-2004]

alan, 8 [09-06-2004]

Betsy's first husband John Ross is an ancester of mine. My ggrandfather's name was Thomas Taylor Ross. I'm still doing work on them. I certainly did enjoy the tour. I visited Philadelphia and had no idea the liberty bell was so close.
Carrol Tuzzolino, Omaha, Ne 80 genealogy for a hobby [09-06-2004]

Debbie Moore, Idaho Falls, Idaho [09-06-2004]

virginia witten, north myrtle beach, sc 50 years old [09-06-2004]

Lisa, High Point, NC [09-06-2004]

sheryl walker [09-06-2004]

Rozella Rice Ramsey, Madison Middle School, Marshall, NC 28753 [08-31-2004]

Very interested in this because of my affiliation with the American Legion Auxiliary
Lois Lester, Western New York [08-31-2004]

Entertained by learning about famous women in our history.
The Lairson Family, New Jersey, ages range 13 to 37 [08-30-2004]

meredith purdy, 11 fort worth tx [08-30-2004]

amanda, houston [08-30-2004]

Colleen Shellenberger, 36, Denver CO [08-30-2004]

I was just interested on the evolution of the flag and found this website.
Rebecca Sanders, Winter Haven, FL - 33 yrs. old [08-30-2004]

Shelley Herzog, Minnesota [08-30-2004]

Paula A. Messick, Philadelphia resident [08-30-2004]

I'm a Boy Scout Leader looking for historical moments to share.
Terry Dietrich [08-30-2004]

Alison [08-30-2004]

Bea. M. Palmer, age 72,near Elmira NY near to Mark Twain's residence. [08-30-2004]

My class is learning about American Symbols. They will be going on a virtual fieldtrip in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.
Mrs. Smalley, 2nd grade teacher, Riverdale, UT [08-30-2004]

Sara Swift, Charlotte, NC [08-30-2004]

I was forunate to have been able to tour the house in person two years ago. It was a real treat for me.
Robbin Weiner, nj [08-29-2004]

Melody Wilkins, 55 yr old history teacher (middle school) [08-25-2004]

Would love to come to see this house, I am trying to make plans to come their next August
Michelle Schultz, Commerce City, Colorado- 42 years old [08-25-2004]

I did a biogrophey of Betsy Ross and had a lot of fun learning All the facts about her and used this website! :) I haven't done the tour before but I'm about to right now!
MGirlkid, 8 almost 9 [08-25-2004]

Great Tour!
carrie [08-25-2004]

I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Stan Davis, WWII vet Occupation of Germany [08-25-2004]

I have a pencil drawing of Betsy Ross. It looks quite primitive. The flag is somewhat different from the one in the web picture. I was just interested to read about her. Thank you for letting me visit.
Fern, Texas-Age 65 [08-25-2004]

cassie, hi... [08-25-2004]

I like U.S. history and baseball.
Jarred Jenkinson, 7 years old [08-25-2004]

Thanks for the in depth info. For those of us who may never get a chance to see these things first hand, this is a great alternative!
Cheryl, homeschool teacher [08-25-2004]

I am taking a course on writing children's literture. I am doing a story on Betsy Ross;one of my favorite people in history.
Emma R. Brooks, New Jersey [08-25-2004]

searching for Peter Deluca age 58 from Philadelphia, Chicago, New Jersey area.
JAMES I MECKLEY, age 59 US ARMY Veteran Centennial, Colorado [08-21-2004]

Karen White [08-21-2004]

i have always admired betsy ross for making the flag that we respect so much today and i wanted to pay my respects.
kristan simpson- herbig, dallas tx. 23years old [08-21-2004]

When I was young I used to live in NJ, and for a family vacation one year the whole family visited PA to see all the historic sites. Years later with three kids of my own and living here in the South West, it's nice to have a virtual tour to show my kids. Though we would love to visit personally...this is the next best thing. Thank you for all your hard work. Kindly, Cookie
Cookie, Tucson, Arizona [08-21-2004]

I was impressed with all the photos of the house, and the information on the site. I wish I was able to see it in person. Maybe someday.
Amy, Pocola, Oklahoma [08-21-2004]

Laura Parker, Virginia, 7 years [08-21-2004]

Debbie Pinson, Charleston, SC 49 [08-21-2004]

Love women in history!
Marilyn Hayes, 53 yr. old, mother into genealogy and quilt making [08-21-2004]

Chantelle, South Africa, 27, [08-21-2004]

I am looking forward to visiting this house in Feb. with my class!
Liesl, CA, Grade 8 [08-21-2004]

susan litchfield [08-21-2004]

I did a report on bretsy ross
Kendall [08-21-2004]

Nancy Mosher, Age 42, Phoenix Az [08-21-2004]

Very interesting tour. Great history.
Oon Keong Leong, 48, Malaysia [08-21-2004]

jodi wagner, florida,age 39 [08-21-2004]

lonnie [08-21-2004]

Learned about Betsy Ross as a child, am old lady now but would like to see her house,
Martha Combs, From Atlanta GA [08-21-2004]

Laura, Rochester, Washington [08-18-2004]

Lauren Pera, 45 years old/Tucson az. [08-18-2004]

just looking
anonymous, from Arkansas [08-17-2004]

Roger J. Crout, 1581 Flintown Road, Boonville, NY 13309; 54 years of age [08-17-2004]

Christina Herring, I'm 18 yrs old. I live in Forest City,NC. [08-16-2004]

Hazel Daley, Macomb, OK [08-07-2004]

A very posative and informative link for our web site. Thank you
VFW POST 3912, Litchfield, Illinois [08-07-2004]

MaryEllen Flynn, NJ grandma who takes 14 year old drummer boy to battles where he drums for EITHER the 2nd PA OR 43rd Reg't of Foot [08-07-2004]

This is a great opertunity to explore such things I would have never been able to get to see. Thanks
Stacy Livingston, Murray, Utah, 22 [08-07-2004]

If you could send me any information on the style and the archtecture of this house I would greatly appreciate it. It is for my school project. Thank you
Celia Solderich, I am in school trying to get my High School Diploma at the 1199c and this is one of my projects to find five buildings in Phila. and there architectural style and who built them. [08-07-2004]

kc [08-07-2004]

laura [08-07-2004]

This is a great way to teach children of any age. Thanks for your dedication and initiative.
Denise Lopez [08-07-2004]

janine mayhue [08-07-2004]

My family line goes back to one of Betsy Ross' siblings. So information about her intrests me.
Nathanael Underhill, 5th grade Teacher in St. Charles Illinois [08-07-2004]

Homeschooling family of 1 Pre-K, 2 1st graders, and 2 parents/teachers
The Frost Family, West Chester, PA [08-07-2004]

I've been to the Betsy Ross house many times and I make it a point to vistit whenever I get the chance!
TODD S. SANFILLIPPO, 25 year old male enjoys history [08-07-2004]

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